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^ [ANN] LittleCoder
244205 [hhausman gma] What is it?
244250 [bob0linus gm] Should throw up some specs of installing DirectX, where to get it,

^ Another RegExp question
244219 [joaomiguel.p] what I want now is to replace chars from a string with empty spaces
+ 244221 [dblack wobbl] Use gsub instead of sub.
+ 244222 [ruby.hardwar] Will this work ?
+ 244223 [sepp2k googl] Use gsub instead of sub.
+ 244225 [shortcutter ] You can find it in the docs: http://ruby-doc.org/
+ 244227 [ruby.hardwar] Harry
+ 244285 [ruby.hardwar] But, wouldn't it be easier to do something like this?
  244453 [doug.meyer s] If you want, you could tell gsub to replace everything that is not a-z

^ SciTE Alternatives
244229 [pythonusr gm] Are there any good SciTE alternatives that are mainly for Ruby editing
+ 244235 [stefan mahli] This may be the same problem fxri has. fxri does work though, so if you
| + 244236 [pythonusr gm] Heh, I know... I usually use SciTE, but it hates me, now. It freezes
| | + 244263 [perrin apoth] What platform?  You may be able to get SciTE working properly again, and
| | + 244391 [stefan mahli] Can you show example code - I never had problems with SciTE.
| + 244295 [a99.googlegr] I'm curious: Why normally SciTE, not jEdit?
|   + 244296 [sonoflilit g] I for one don't like jEdit.
|   | + 244297 [perrin apoth] Vim?
|   | | + 244308 [arjun4ruby g] i recently shifted to RoR and have being doing some extensive comparison on
|   | | | 244311 [sur.max gmai] just Meadow/Emacs !!
|   | | | 244314 [arunagrawal8] you can use activestate komodo for free for some days it's a good ide for
|   | | + 244406 [perrin apoth] I beg to differ.  Installed size for Vim as reported by APT: 1408 bytes.
|   | | | 244408 [david vallne] I disagree this in any way matters on today's CPU speeds and RAM sizes.
|   | | | 244411 [perrin apoth] I disagree that today's CPU and RAM stats obviate the need for slimmer
|   | | | 244418 [ dak gnu.org] That's what "tramp" is for.  It uses a shell connection on a tty (ssh,
|   | | | 244433 [perrin apoth] Sometimes, the remote site is the only place one has an appropriate
|   | | + 244407 [ dak gnu.org] Disagree.  Only very few Emacs users nowadays use Emacs on a tty, and
|   | |   + 244409 [perrin apoth] Good point.
|   | |   + 244412 [martindemell] One gvim user standing up and being counted.
|   | + 244395 [stefan mahli] I tried, but couldn't get used to the meta-something commands.
|   | + 245385 [james graypr] That's called TextMate.  :D
|   |   245393 [sonoflilit g] Perhaps. Although I own a mac, I don't have spare $40 and do find
|   + 244392 [stefan mahli] Because it is faster than jEdit. And available on Linux as well (finally
+ 244237 [B.Candler po] It's derived from Mozilla code I believe.
| 244331 [bgulian gmai] Activestate just changed their licensing so I can't speak to the free
+ 244238 [ruby.hardwar] Am I missing something?
| 244288 [ml.chibbs gm] This was a probem with FXRuby when the first version of Ruby 1.8.5 was
+ 244240 [martindemell] Mondrian [http://www.mondrian-ide.com/] looks pretty good. I don't
| 244403 [martindemell] I look at the page every now and then, and there usually seems to be
+ 244244 [rubynando ya] Netbeans if providing a very nice IDE for Ruby development. Take a look
+ 244438 [jussij zeuse] Zeus has standard IDE features like syntax highlighting,
  244439 [jussij zeuse] Jussi Jumppanen

^ Problem trying to use varargs in private function within C extension
244239 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.6
+ 244243 [phurley gmai] Dan,
| 244267 [djberg96 gma] Yes, the C code compiles either way. The Ruby code will only compile
| 244277 [phurley gmai] Then, my next guess is that it is the order of the prototypes and the
+ 244282 [see signatur] Let me add a few comments in addition to Patrick Hurley's correction (in

^ ruby-sdl: How do you poll events?
244242 [ck1 stonedra] The code of my raw main loop is below. I'm sure there are better ways
244261 [kallen19918 ] Here's the main loop from my game engine. You should poll the event
244293 [ck1 stonedra] Ok, thanks a lot I'll give that one a try. It is remarkable, that
244294 [sonoflilit g] Indeed, the ruby-sdl binding has very poor documentation.
244320 [ck1 stonedra] I like that "the documentation is poor - let's change it" attitude ;-)
+ 244330 [wikipedianki] Have you guys try Rubygame? It have good documentation. I think is a fork of
+ 244347 [sonoflilit g] We can create a RubyForge project for it (with permission from the
  244348 [ck1 stonedra] Yeah, but still I think a wiki is the best place to start easy

^ How to make webpage?
244245 [nikunjgupta1] basic menus "users, Roles and permissions".
244249 [a2800276 gma] In short, you'll probably need to learn to program or hire someone to
+ 244251 [jkhaledsouei] Are you serious?
+ 244270 [twinwing gma] It's not *THAT* static, considering the form for adding new users. If the
  244298 [dangerwillro] That is not a static web page. Static means unchanging. (in the case
  244319 [nikunjgupta1] Yes, John Joyce is right, please send me the code if possible.
  + 244325 [ruby.hardwar] I think he means that you should study xhtml and css first.
  + 244697 [ruby.hardwar] If you want sample code, you can find a website that does what you are

^ how to install freeimage on windows xp
244246 [flo.schaf gm] hey
248251 [weyus att.ne] Did you ever get FreeImage working on Windows?

^ Readlines help
244247 [phinsxiii gm] I am using the latest version of Ruby on Windows.  When I do the
244364 [augiedb gmai] I have a feeling it'll be a Windows irb configuration issue.  I just

^ PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
244248 [rubynando ya] ago I decided that Ruby is the best... I guess most of you guys will
244299 [dangerwillro] For some basic structures, this is not a bad idea, but unfortunately
244310 [dblack wobbl] Moreover, unless the PLEAC philosophy has changed, my impression was
244323 [rick.denatal] Hmmmmm,
244367 [perrin apoth] . . . or just check again on whether they'll accept Ruby examples that

^ Ruby-Glib2 Documentation
244252 [michael webl] Does anyone know where the Ruby-Glib2 Documentation can be downloaded? I
+ 244286 [reid.thompso] I imagine it would be included in
+ 244287 [reid.thompso] also see http://ruby-gnome2.sourceforge.jp/hiki.cgi?rbbr

^ [ANN] Ruby-HL7 0.1.23
244253 [segfault has] I've finally wrapped up some tasks and released Ruby-HL7. This is the
244255 [ramalho gmai] ''Health Level Seven develops specifications, the most widely used

^ open-uri can read slashdot rss, but not digg rss ?
244257 [aktxyz gmail] Here's an irb session, this used to work, maybe something new about
244259 [aktxyz gmail] Digg wants a specific user-agent, like the one my FF uses.  Why in the
244344 [dangerwillro] They may just be keeping track of what user-agents are being used.

^ Executables and Standard Input
244265 [rubyforum gm] I need to start an executable and feed it data through standard input.
244266 [phurley gmai] Try http://www.rubycentral.com/book/ref_c_io.html#IO.popen for

^ beginning question. modules + object creation
244268 [0011 hush.co] module Mathematics
+ 244271 [0011 hush.co] never mind i figured it out on my own i would do it like
+ 244274 [gwtmp01 mac.] Because you nested your class Add within Mathematics you have to

^ Rails mailing list . . .
244269 [perrin apoth] I've finally decided I might want to sign up on the Rails list.
244272 [twinwing gma] google says http://lists.rubyonrails.org/mailman/listinfo/rails
244273 [asbradbury t] Alex
244276 [perrin apoth] Thanks.

^ KDE Ruby SOC projects
244289 [richard.j.da] The KDE project has been approved for Google's Summer of Code project
244326 [rick.denatal] This is an interesting idea which I think deserves its own thread, so

^ Attribute Ordering in REXML
244303 [ecaritos gma] Is there any way of specify the order of the attributes in REXML.  I
+ 244305 [shortcutter ] In XML order of attributes is unspecified and does not matter.  By
+ 244315 [dangerwillro] It isn't a work around, but one of the many correct ways to work with

^ Pulling text from elements with REXML
244306 [info paulwil] I am using REXML to pull text from a NewsML document.
+ 244309 [peter rubyra] If I understood correctly, you need the text content of the node rather
| 244317 [info paulwil] You did understand correctly, .text on the end was all I needed.
+ 244336 [gavin refine] require 'rexml/document'
  + 244342 [gavin refine] include REXML
  | 244351 [keith audiob] Hey,
  + 244913 [info paulwil] Thanks for that, I'm now using REXML::XPath with a combination of .first
    244920 [gavin refine] require 'rexml/document'
    244921 [info paulwil] Cheers, it was the kid/@stuff I needed...
    244928 [gavin refine] Nice, I didn't realize that REXML::Attribute had such different output

^ Generating OOo-Calc charts with Ruby
244307 [apanloco gma] For a while I have been using Ruby to generate charts in Excel through
244332 [avdi avdi.or] Since the OO document format is an XML dialect, it should be possible to

^ Update a field using ajax
244312 [gohannimbus ] Am having a user profile editing page.

^ Computing average of time deltas
244313 [peter rubyra] Just to make sure I am not reinventing the wheel(tm) again: is there a
244334 [gavin refine] The Benchmark class lists an example of doing this for a fixed set of

^ Gtk Wait Cursor
244316 [ramsayw1 com] Can anyone explain how to create a Wait Cursor in Gtk?    I can't seem
244353 [detlef.reich] YourWidget.window.cursor = Gdk::Cursor.new Gdk::Cursor::WATCH
244388 [ramsayw1 com] Thanks.    Works like a charm.

^ Nees Rhtml Book
244318 [gohannimbus ] Please, Any body have, rhtml tutorials/urls to study.
+ 244335 [coder68 yaho] Saravanankumar,
| 244461 [gohannimbus ] Yeah.
| 244472 [dshivhare ap] Definately there is no magic in RHTML.
+ 244377 [B.Candler po] I am wondering, based on this and the previous post, whether you are
+ 244444 [0011 hush.co] yeah rhtml is just html the r part of it is just there to tell rails
  + 244463 [dangerwillro] I will give you one last hint before you realize you need to just
  + 244538 [rick.denatal] Not really, the rhtml tells rails (or more precisely ActionView) that
    244545 [dangerwillro] You could use eRuby with any .extension
    + 244549 [jeremymcanal] That's not entirely true; if you're using eRb with Rails, it requires
    | 244620 [dangerwillro] Read the whole post again and notice the part above.
    + 244739 [rick.denatal] Right,  and in fact, rails URL/URIs typically don't have a dot

^ Documentation for Socket is not there!!!!!
244321 [sai438 gmail] I am unable to view the documentation for Socket related APIs. can any
244322 [hhausman gma] This was the _first_ result.
244327 [sai438 gmail] Actually I was saying about the documentation in the Ruby Software in
+ 244340 [gavin refine] Ah, if that's what you meant, that's what you should have said. :)
| 244349 [ck1 stonedra] Works on (K)ubuntu too...
+ 244448 [drbrain segm] It most definitely gets generated on 1.8.5.  You're either missing

^ Re: Ruby-HL7 0.1.23
244329 [bill.walton ] Nice work, Mark.  I've been working on a Rails app that constructs
244510 [zimbatm oree] Interesting. Is perl or ruby also used inside medical equipments or is
+ 244675 [bill.walton ] I suspect, but don't have any direct knowledge, that the software in
+ 244677 [ramalho gmai] An X-ray machine controlled by a Perl program... that's a scary thought.

^ Ideas about Smalltalk-like IDE for Ruby
244337 [rick.denatal] in another thread proposing items for a Google SOC project.
+ 244345 [bitdoger2 ya] ...i still have to program in BASIS BASIC VPRO5...which is an IDE that
| 244372 [_mwryder wor] Wow, another fan of BBX in this newsgroup!  I have been programming in
| 244381 [bitdoger2 ya] ...cool...small world isn't...dave
+ 244435 [robert.dober] As you might know I am very much interested in Smalltalk, but I have
| 244514 [rick.denatal] I guess, if I get that round tuit I'm always looking for.
+ 247426 [noone nowher] This thread is getting older, but wanted to mention a project I've been working
  247445 [perrin apoth] That screenshot looks surprisingly like a Smalltalk IDE I've seen.
  247470 [pedro.delgal] Smalltalk Browser than in the complete IDE.  Finally, they marked as
  247476 [richard.j.da] On Apr 11, 11:16 am, "Pedro Del Gallego" <pedro.delgall...@gmail.com>

^ Sorting Dates and Times in an array
244354 [tester.paul ] sorting problem with an array of data.
+ 244357 [o.renaud lap] Le lundi 19 mars 2007 17:25, Paul a ˝─rit
| 244359 [shortcutter ] I think this does not meet the OP's requirements (because of descending
| + 244362 [o.renaud lap] Le lundi 19 mars 2007 18:25, Robert Klemme a ˝─rit
| + 244380 [tester.paul ] irb(main):003:0> epoch = Date.new(0)
|   244500 [shortcutter ] Maybe it's the version?
|   244507 [tester.paul ] Thanks to everyone for your info and feedback.  I wanted to avoid any
+ 244358 [Rob AgileCon] (t,epoch); [ Date.today - dp, tp ] }.each {|d,t| puts("%8s %8s" %
| 244365 [rick.denatal] Not exactly the same if you have more than one reference to the Array.
| 244386 [tester.paul ] Okay, I've tried to understand this but I'm not quite getting it yet.
| + 244389 [gavin refine] a) Ruby doesn't have multi-dimensional arrays in the core. Unless
| | 244397 [tester.paul ] Maybe I am thinking of that.. I don't know that terminology.  I
| | + 244410 [gavin refine] a1 = [
| | + 244416 [gavin refine] Having recommended you read the documentation, let me try to explain
| |   244426 [rick.denatal] And of course, as the documentation for sort_by points out, it's not
| |   244430 [martindemell] class RevCmp
| + 244404 [rick.denatal] Well that's what Rob and I were talking about.  You've got two
+ 244360 [rick.denatal] (Standard Library) objects are your friend.
  244366 [Rob AgileCon] I think this was meant to be (note Time.parse(a[ 1 ]) not [0])
  244370 [rick.denatal] Right you are.

^ Passing File Descriptors?
244355 [worky.worker] Is there a ruby way to pass file descriptors to separate processes?
+ 244361 [shortcutter ] can pass that to the child process via main's args when you exec after
+ 244415 [gwtmp01 mac.] After a little investigation, this turned out to be easier than
| 244546 [worky.worker] Sweet, thanks!  I guess I had missed the {send,recv}_io methods.
+ 244420 [gwtmp01 mac.] In case folks were looking for a use case.

^ A sketch for a summer of code application.
244363 [pedro.delgal] I would like to discuss this sketch summer of code application. Any
+ 244369 [sonoflilit g] 1) Though this is a huge - and needed - community service, I think you
| 245386 [james graypr] How do we know what he would find boring?
| + 245392 [sonoflilit g] I said that *IMHO* he would find it boring.
| | 245398 [gregory.t.br] Personally I find the tests to be the fun part of my work... where
| | 245402 [sonoflilit g] Really? This is interesting. Very much so.
| | 245404 [james graypr] I think Greg just meant that with TDD, you tend to do more of your
| | 245425 [gregory.t.br] Right.  For example, I've got this ostruct based class in Ruport that
| | 245553 [chneukirchen] opts[:send] = "know thy definition set"
| | 245573 [gregory.t.br] Interesting edge case.
| | 245693 [chneukirchen] Also  opts["I don't like \0-bytes"] = "meh";
| + 245419 [djberg96 gma] On Mar 26, 9:44 am, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
+ 244387 [dchelimsky g] It's great to see the interest in RSpec. Thanks!
  245388 [james graypr] (I realize this is late.  I was on vacation.)

^ SOAP performance and unmarshalling/parsing speed
244368 [fanmail mica] I have been playing around with SOAP a little (as a client), and I
244374 [jameskilton ] Personally, I would highly recommend that you stay away from SOAP. It has

^ Regexp and Prime numbers
244371 [tim.pease gm] This is a one-liner Ruby script that will tell you if a given number is prime.
+ 244508 [tim.pease gm] Now that is very interesting.  Do you know if Ruby 1.9 is running
| 244513 [jameskilton ] ruby -wle "puts 'Prime' unless ('1' * ARGV[0].to_i) =~ /^1$|^(11+?)\1+$/"
+ 245401 [james graypr] Wow, that was just awesome.
+ 248992 [email55555 g] Cool! I couldn't resist porting it to Java, so here is my Java version

^ Gem questions/problems
244375 [mhiraga yell] I installed gem on a few machines (identical machines). When I do gem
+ 244390 [schapht gmai] What happens when you just try to 'gem install' something?  Does it
| 244393 [mhiraga yell] Hey,
| 244396 [mhiraga yell] gem install mongrel
+ 244451 [drbrain segm] What does 'gem sources' say?

^ truncate trouble
244376 [temp lorrima] This
+ 244378 [gavin refine] What I find interesting is that the #inspect result of both f1 and f2
+ 244383 [B.Candler po] Only standard numeric rounding error. The problem is that decimal 0.1 cannot
+ 244405 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> f='40.12'.to_f

^ TCPSocket.new 'Bad file descriptor'
244401 [seannakasone] Here's my very simple script to open a tcp port and write to it.
244431 [serdar.soyde] Yes, it's most probably a network security issue. Check your firewall