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^ Using ruby with mysql
243712 [paul_hammer ] Under Windows XP, I have Ruby installed and running, and I have mysql

^ Ruby, net-ssh, running an application on remote systems.
243717 [lance.sanche] ok, I have a server with a dozen systems attached to it. there are
+ 243725 [ruby philip.] I don't have an answer for your specific question, but you might look into
+ 243733 [robert.dober] Maybe you would be better off using the net/ssh shell instead of
  243753 [lance.sanche] sorry about that, I was implementing the shell and a responce, mozilla
  243881 [lance.sanche] def classroom_pc(host, command)
  243892 [lance.sanche] def classroom_pc( host, command )

^ Newbie: if / elseif
243741 [planetthough] I'm a little confused about why the following two pieces of code seem
+ 243743 [planetthough] On Mar 15, 9:59 am, "planetthoughtful" <planetthought...@gmail.com>
| 243745 [dolgun excit] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 243763 [augiedb gmai] Just remember that even when you spell it right, it's going to drop
| + 243765 [perrin apoth] Indeed -- that's the whole point of using elsif rather than just a list
| | 243775 [dangerwillro] So it doesn't work like the C variety?
| | 243797 [perrin apoth] Err . . . I'm pretty sure if, elsif, else works exactly like the C if,
| | 244067 [dblack wobbl] Pretty much, except in Ruby there's no need for a rule to resolve
| | 244081 [perrin apoth] Thanks for adding that.  I had forgotten about that, largely because I
| + 243772 [planetthough] Yes, that was the behaviour I was looking for. I noticed I provided an
+ 244052 [gavin refine] On Mar 14, 5:59 pm, "planetthoughtful" <planetthought...@gmail.com>

^ Gtk::TextBuffer colorful
243742 [kaguga gmx.d] is there any way to bring some color into the Gtk::TextView for some lines?
243747 [o.renaud lap] Le jeudi 15 mars 2007 01:02, Karl Gabel a ˝─rit
243758 [kaguga gmx.d] this works really nice

^ ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.5.2 Released!
243751 [zach.dennis ] This release allows you to install "ar-extensions" as a rubygem.

^ General Ruby OOP Question - using inheritance or include for shared attributes
243774 [james.d.mast] I have a generic Ruby OOP question.  Which is the more "correct" way
243788 [transfire gm] When it comes to Ruby there is a huge consideration here: Do you or
+ 243798 [johnwilger g] Modules may not allow it directly, but it seems that you can work
| + 243813 [hutch recurs] module A
| | 243940 [johnwilger g] Indeed. Both the code and the indentation (I swear I don't know where
| + 243829 [transfire gm] Sure. You can do all sorts of tricks to get the desired behavior. The
|   243941 [johnwilger g] I guess that's subjective. I find it completely "natural". :-)
+ 243843 [james.d.mast] In the case of pulling in module methods as class (singleton) methods,
  243912 [transfire gm] Have a look at module/class_extension in Facets. This sophisticated

^ Re: Google Summer of Code -- Get Ready for the Proposal Wind
243784 [rubynando ya] I'm new to Ruby and I've been researching to create a desktop app, and
243799 [sonoflilit g] Indeed.

^ Why does popen3 fork a grandchild?
243791 [greg.hurrell] So I wanted to know why the global variable $? wasn't being set to
243921 [no.spam plea] It orphans the child process, so its parent doesn't need to clean
243924 [john.carter ] Thanks for the substantive reply, saves me the bother of doing a
243954 [no.spam plea] <http://cjh.polyplex.org/software/daemon.pdf>
243979 [greg.hurrell] Many thanks for sharing this, Clifford!
244054 [no spam.plea] You're welcome. I always thought it was a "keeper".

^ characters '{', '[' in irb
243793 [esandin gmai] I have two computers (Windows XP on both) where Ruby is installed. On
243801 [jan.svitok g] ...

^ Computer Job Vacancy
243805 [sumberbisnis] Computer Job Vacancy

^ Use as Lib
243807 [sai438 gmail] How can I use a specific directory as the lib along with ruby library
+ 243808 [farrel.lifso] If you'd like to include a directory into the path ruby searches for
| + 243810 [sai438 gmail] Is there any way that we include in the script itself? like in "use
| + 243811 [stefano.croc] Or you can manipulate the $: variable from within ruby. It's an array which
|   + 243814 [frdrch web.d] I prefere
|   + 243946 [sai438 gmail] Thanks for the Help
+ 243812 [david.mullet] To automatically require all files in a directory?

^ SOAP request parameters
243809 [tomas.kejzla] I have a problem with Ruby SOAP client. Basically, I create new client

^ mechanize
243817 [manjo.pm gma] I am using mechanize library to do automated form posting. Unfortunately it
244204 [aaron tender] How exactly do you know it is failing?  Can you be more specific?
248322 [abhishek cra] m facing the execution timeout issue with myspace the code is working

^ ri slownes and complete class docs
243818 [jenda cpan.o] De primero, why the heck is it so horribly slow? If I (horrors) perldoc
243819 [jan.svitok g] 1. try fastri

^ How to create dinamicly method
243822 [d_rems yahoo] class MyClass
+ 243824 [swistak mail] define_method won't work in instance method, you have to use class method o
| 243828 [d_rems yahoo] eval "def #{var};instance_variable_get('@#{var}');end"
+ 244055 [B.Candler po] self.class.class_eval {

^ [SUMMARY] SimFrost (#117)
243826 [james graypr] Isn't this one a fun problem?  Three cheers to Mark Jason Dominus for

^ DelegateClass vs. Extending
243827 [brianpdoyle ] class Tempfile < DelegateClass(File)

^ [ANN] Little Book Of Ruby Brazilian Wiki
243831 [huw DELTHISB] The Little Book of Ruby has just become a Wiki.
243833 [huw DELTHISB] Suffice to say, my thanks are due to Leandro (not Leonard!) Nunes! Apologies

^ What does this do? :
243834 [jko170 gmail] Looking at this piece of code, what does the colon do?
+ 243835 [stefano.croc] This is a shortcut for
| 243848 [shortcutter ] You got a question mark too much in there. :-)
+ 243836 [sharadg gmai] You have to see the statement in its entirety. Its centered around the
+ 243839 [dangerwillro] Looks like a ternary operator  (you know binary and unary operators,
  243845 [rmagick gmai] In C the ?: operator is useful when writing macros since it's an
  + 243846 [dangerwillro] like I said it is often a difficult to read, not good choice.
  + 243851 [ dak gnu.org] In effect, you are saying that ?: is the wrong way to fix a defect in
    243876 [jko170 gmail] Great explanations! Thanks guys.

^ DRbServerNotFound on TupleSpace#take but not read
243841 [brenton.lean] I'm getting a DRbServerNotFound exception on TupleSpace#take but not

^ freeze string fails to freeze ???
243844 [jwaala.ampli] => "asdf"
+ 243847 [shortcutter ] No, the *object* is frozen.  This has no effects on the *variable*.
+ 243849 [o.renaud lap] Le jeudi 15 mars 2007 16:35, jwaala.amplify@gmail.com a ˝─rit
| 243911 [rick.denatal] Is it just me or has the confusion between variables and objects been
| 243919 [o.renaud lap] Le jeudi 15 mars 2007 23:16, Rick DeNatale a ˝─rit
+ 243850 [editor adnet] freeze is a method on the object referenced by a,

^ A little advice on writing a logWriter
243852 [imonmedicine] I'm new to Ruby and not so experienced programmer in overall but i
+ 243853 [dudu dudu.ro] Instead it has a quite capable File class.
| 243858 [imonmedicine] Thanks Vlad, I will take a look at it right now.
+ 243857 [kaguga gmx.d] log_fd = File.new("test_log",  "w+")
  + 243860 [kyleaschmitt] Ooh. From personal experience log4r is rather poorly documented (in
  | 243874 [james graypr] You could read the standard logger library which is pretty easy to
  + 243956 [kaguga gmx.d] there is doc for the socket class, this is much easier to write the

^ Animated window resize with FXRuby
243859 [dattanchu gm] Does anyone know of any prebuilt framework to facilitate animation in
+ 243862 [lyle.johnson] There's not really anything like that built-in to FXRuby. You can
+ 243879 [richard.j.da] Qt4 QtRuby has Qt::TimeLine for animations that you can use in

^ Just for fun...
243861 [matthew.moss] I posted this to another forum as part of a challenge...  thought to
243866 [stephen sock] I'm not going to try to golf it right now, but it looks like an inverse
243867 [matthew.moss] +5 for Stephen.  =)
+ 244373 [chneukirchen] Whoa, I just thought of that, without even reading the question... magic.
+ 244379 [transfire gm] On Mar 15, 2:33 pm, "Matthew Moss" <matthew.moss.co...@gmail.com>
  + 244382 [jameskilton ] Jason
  + 244384 [ dak gnu.org] The Burrows-Wheeler transform takes some arbitrary string, say,
    244458 [transfire gm] That's nuts.
    244459 [no.spam plea] Nuts it may be, but it's the reason why "bzip" compresses tighter
    + 244462 [transfire gm] Really? I find that surprising actually. I would not think a sorting
    | 244477 [no.spam plea] deflate works by substituting short codes for repeated text, then
    | 244680 [rick.denatal] And the "gigantomania" example given isn't a particularly good
    | 244688 [transfire gm] I think one needs to be careful in understanding this though. The
    | 244857 [no spam.plea] Your analysis is well-meaning, but flawed. Compression relies on
    | 244878 [transfire gm] That only works for limited data sets. The larger the set, the less
    | 244991 [no.spam plea] This is a very concise statement about what's flawed in your analysis.
    | 245011 [transfire gm] Of course. When I used the term "repetition" I didn't mean to be so
    | + 245018 [ mfp acm.org] (redundancy)
    | | 245021 [transfire gm] When did I say otherwise? I believe my original point was simply one
    | | + 245039 [ mfp acm.org] Ah I see, you were surprised at deflate being so bad... I was surprised at
    | | | 245748 [transfire gm] Sorry about the delayed response. I just have too much one my mind...
    | | | + 245751 [cmdjackryan ] Taking at todays cheap processing time and even cheaper mass storage,
    | | | | + 245752 [cmdjackryan ] That sentence should read "Taking a look at..."
    | | | | + 245812 [perrin apoth] Actually, I suspect that there are a couple reasons for the greater
    | | | |   + 245814 [alex blackke] This needn't be the end of the story.  For example, WinZip 5 (if I
    | | | |   + 245913 [kristoffer.l] Or just witness the huge popularity out there for the RAR format - aformat that is popular only because it once got popular - and the onlyreason for that was that it made it easy to split archives into manysmall parts. This was important (especially for the pirate market, ofcourse) in the days that a huge download could be corrupted. RARallowed people to only redownload  one small part when that happened.
    | | | |     + 245923 [perrin apoth] In general, I agree with your assessment of the situation, but I'm not
    | | | |     | + 245926 [cmshea gmail] Zip has been handled by the base Windows install since the first
    | | | |     | + 245936 [kristoffer.l] It works on XP, or at least it did a few years ago when I used it thelast time, and as far as I've seen it works OOTB on any Linux/BSD/*nixdistro that ships GNOME or KDE. To be honest, I don't know about OS/X,but I just assumed they handle this
    | | | |     |   245940 [perrin apoth] With the above in mind, yeah, you're probably "mostly right" at least.
    | | | |     + 245986 [transfire gm] On Mar 29, 10:47 pm, "Kristoffer Lund˝¤" <kristoffer.lun...@gmail.com>
    | | | |       245995 [kristoffer.l] Like I said, not ideal. And I have nothing against going forward, andwould applaud any *open standard* (free to implement by anyone)becoming widespread across all platforms.
    | | | |       246024 [perrin apoth] Well . . . to be fair, I *can* open it, but I usually need to type
    | | | + 246031 [chneukirchen] Reminds me a lot of my idea of just "indexing" all data by their
    | | |   246193 [martindemell] I think most geeks have come up with that one at least once in their lives :)
    | | + 246003 [robert.dober] I'd like to ask a question Tom, as this is becoming a little bit
    | + 245019 [no.spam plea] Ok, sorry, that wasn't clear. I agree with you.
    |   + 245076 [perrin apoth] Bummer.  I was having fun spectating.
    |   + 245311 [transfire gm] Wow. You did that back in 83? I was just learning to code in C64
    + 244469 [rajsahae gma] Just read the Wikipedia article.  It has tables representing the loops

^ Windows cgihandler Error: Premature end of script headers
243877 [kwlayman yah] I've downloaded and installed Ruby (v1.8.5) w/the latest Windows
244842 [kwlayman yah] Any suggestions at all on this would be greatly appreciated.

^ Tk Menubutton and OptionMenubutton
243880 [alex.decaria] Can someone please show me some working, sample code for creating Tk
+ 243918 [vagabond cat] @filemenubutton = Tk::Tile::Menubutton.new(@menuframe, :text=>'File',
| 243982 [alex.decaria] Thank you!
+ 243947 [nagai ai.kyu] Please see 'ext/tk/sample/tkmenubutton.rb' on Ruby source tree.
  243980 [alex.decaria] Thank you!

^ chomp
243883 [0011 hush.co] I am reading a book right now on ruby on rails and the author says that
243889 [frederic.del] "chomp" can be used on *any* string.
243895 [0011 hush.co] The author of the book emplains that in order to make chomp work with a
+ 243900 [frdrch gmail] Which book from which author? Buy another book!
+ 243902 [shortcutter ] I don't either.  Sounds strange.  Btw, you can even do
  243914 [0011 hush.co] yeah i know i just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing a point the

^ Re: General Ruby OOP Question - using inheritance or include
243884 [coder68 yaho] Although the approach above is the one that I use, for the sake of

^ Re: Google Summer of Code -- Get Ready for the Proposal Window
243891 [ruby anthrop] I had a sort of similar idea based on XULrunner. It would be really nice to

^ Need help converting Perl to Ruby (detecting integers and decimals in strings)
243899 [tester.paul ] I am trying to convert a Perl script to Ruby and have been having some
+ 243905 [shortcutter ] How about
+ 243906 [martindemell] => ["5.66666", "0", "3.566662", "1.383332", "6", "0", "Foo"]
| 243908 [martindemell] oops - missed the fact that you didn't want integers converted into
+ 243907 [dblack wobbl] @rawfields.map! do |x|
+ 243913 [jgarvin.list] rawfields.map { |f| f.to_f.to_s == f ? "%0.2f" % f.to_f : f }
  243942 [tester.paul ] That is brilliant!  Thank you, Jon!  Of all the good suggestions
  243943 [m.fellinger ] rawfields.map{|f| Integer(f) rescue Float(f) rescue f}
  244188 [dblack wobbl] That doesn't produce the desired output.

^ Merge / Diff algo
243909 [srobertjames] Is there any lib to do simple text based merges (3 way) from Ruby?
+ 243917 [john.carter ] `diff3 -Em myfile oldfile yourfile`
+ 243931 [halostatue g] I seem to recall that someone had put some merge operations around Diff::LCS.

^ Is there interest in this? : get object from its object-specific class?
243910 [rick.denatal] The following is the culmination of a discussion on ruby-talk from a

^ "gem update --system" breaks under a non-standard prefix
243916 [jeremy chaos] It appears that if you install rubygems under a non-standard prefix
244185 [drbrain segm] Did you file a bug in the tracker?  I guarantee your bug report will
244220 [jeremy chaos] Would that be the tracker that is conspicuously *not* linked to
+ 244224 [sylvain.joye] It's better to check if the problem has already been reported before ...
| 244231 [jeremy chaos] D'oh!  I've added a note to my submission pointing out that it's a
+ 244446 [drbrain segm] Awesome, thanks.

^ to_a
243922 [0011 hush.co] array = (1..8).to_a
243923 [smashwilson ] The issue isn't with the parentheses, but with the behavior of the
243927 [0011 hush.co] i am not sure if i understand...so to_a doesnt actually transform the
+ 243928 [alexg kuicr.] I think you understand fine, just take your time and take each step
| 243930 [0011 hush.co] ok, yeah now i understand why the () are there i just didnt see that for
| + 243932 [perrin apoth] I think more familiarity with object oriented programming concepts may
| + 243934 [alexg kuicr.] [snip!]
| + 243936 [ruby.hardwar] Maybe using the variable name 'array' is tricking you into thinking it
+ 243929 [Rob AgileCon] ...
+ 243933 [smashwilson ] You're getting closer.  It's correct that #to_a does not transform the
  243935 [0011 hush.co] My background i have a degree in computer information systems and have
  243937 [james graypr] My favorite programming teacher in high school had a saying he
  243938 [0011 hush.co] yeah i suppose, man i cant imagine learning C or assmembler or something
  243974 [dangerwillro] It also of course depends on the method. That is why everyone said

^ How to take thumbnail of a website using Ruby?
243950 [h.dunnil gma] How could I take a screenshot of a web site using Ruby on a shared
+ 243960 [dan fluentra] I'd be surprised if the first step in the easiest way to do this wasn't
| 243975 [dangerwillro] What you need is not to take a picture exactly but rather than
| 243987 [kyleaschmitt] You could render it with links :) and no it's not just text only.
+ 243965 [a2800276 gma] Not only do you need an X-Server to provide the libs to take
+ 243971 [swistak mail] well i'm working on scrpt that an do that, but you probably won't be able to

^ Trapping ESC key
243952 [rubycrazy gm] I am a Ruby newbie and am trying to implement problem 1 mentioned here -
+ 243968 [ruby.hardwar] Will this do it?
| 243969 [rubycrazy gm] cter
| 243992 [pit capitain] Change your operating system, or don't use threads with blocking
+ 244099 [botp delmont] # I am stuck and can't find a simple and portable way to trap

^ Exchange calendar to Ruby object. Please comment the code.
243961 [d_rems yahoo] I have written this peace of code to extract data from Exchange calendar

^ Re: attr_protected macro
243963 [a2800276 gma] Ruby comes with the `attr_accessor` family of functions built in to
244031 [martindemell] First a bit of background: ruby has no real 'compile' phase; it
+ 244038 [a2800276 gma] <smartass>of the class Module, to be precise</smartass>
| 244070 [martindemell] I had a feeling I should've looked it up first :)
+ 244056 [B.Candler po] Almost. It actually reads in and *parses* the whole file, start to end, and

^ Re: New "Ruby for Windows" Installer
243966 [david.a.r.ke] On Mar 6, 4:06 am, Lothar Scholz <mailingli...@scriptolutions.com>
+ 244023 [godzail inwi] I am new to Ruby and  I am interested in your installer (now I am using
+ 244097 [nightphotos ] On a clean Vista system, I installed ArachnoRuby 0.6.9 and your Ruby
  244101 [nightphotos ] Please ignore my report of the hang when I ran ruby from the command

^ How to convert a String to an Array?
243976 [rubycrazy gm] Is there a way to convert a String to an Array? I could only find the
+ 243978 [farrel.lifso] irb(main):001:0> "hello world".split(//)
+ 243983 [peter rubyra] And what's the problem with that? Or do you want a different result?