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Suggestions for a book
243245 [malcom.mac@g] I would to join into ruby on rails/ruby community so I need of a book. A
+ 243255 [jeremymcanal] Ruby for Rails covers both bases if you'd like to go that route: a
+ 243258 [dejan.dimic@] You got everything you need for developing with Ruby and Ruby on
+ 243259 [hchoroomi@gm] Yes David Black's book "Ruby for Rails" is a great resource, it
+ 243319 [satish.talim] ...
+ 243336 [y2kbugxp90@g] Ruby for Rails is very thorough as others have suggested, but it's
+ 243405 [dolgun@ex it] I looked at that one in the bookstore yesterday.  The preface said is
  243411 [dblack@wo bl] Mainly you just have to have a sense of the client/server nature of

CORRECTION (Re: [ANN] Phoenix Ruby Users Group March Meeting)
243257 [james.britt@] That is a lie.

[ANN] Ruby 1.8.6 has been released
243264 [knu@iD em ns] I am pleased to announce that Ruby 1.8.6, the latest release from the
243268 [TimHunter@nc] PPC PowerBook G4, Mac OS X 10.4.8 (8L127) Darwin 8.8.0
+ 243271 [ruby@ph li .] It's working for me...
| + 243275 [faisal@fa sa] Leopard?
| | + 243277 [h.dunnil@gm ] I installed Ruby the hivelogic.com way, how do I upgrade it? (How to
| | | 243280 [ruby@ph li .] Don't know if it's right, but i just installed the same way as before and
| | + 243278 [ruby@ph li .] No. Not unless they gave me a free upgrade and installed it without me
| |   243291 [faisal@fa sa] Interesting.  I have 8.8.0 on my PPC machine, and 8.8.1 on the Intel
| + 243282 [TimHunter@nc] Sigh. No help.
|   243355 [urban@be to ] IIRC gcc 4.0.1 does have it's problems. Maybe you can try compiling
+ 243387 [caleb@ae -t ] The ruby you are building is linking against the ruby lib in /opt/

Calling a setter method in self (without self.)
243279 [invalid@em i] I'm writing a code where it would be desirable to be able to call setter
243286 [ara.t.howard] a work around...

[ANN] - RubySSPI 1.2.2 released and now compatible with Rubygems
243284 [jgbailey@gm ] ...

rubyscript2exe.rb question
243287 [ara.t.howard] Tracing rq ...
243381 [erikveen@gm ] Environment? Versions?
247850 [rubytraining] I've experienced this same issue on OS X (10.4.9) using Ruby 1.8.6.
247873 [erikveen@gm ] I've addressed this problem in the not-yet-released version.
+ 247882 [rubytraining] Wow, the ugliness of the real world raises its head, doesn't it?
| 247891 [erikveen@gm ] "In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice.
+ 248050 [erikveen@gm ] gegroet,

Re: SimFrost (#117)
243295 [y2kbugxp90@g] Whoop dee do, I spent half of yesterday setting up ImageMagick and
243298 [james@gr yp ] Oh not "better."  More just a poor man's RMagick.  ;)
243322 [twinwing@gm ] ...

perl to ruby
243303 [marcin.kulis] today is my first day with ruby and I'm trying to rewrite a few of my
243308 [jan.svitok@g] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
+ 243352 [marcin.kulis] thx a lot, I was very close to it but had probles with grep, first I
| + 243354 [shortcutter@] Kind regards
| | 243359 [marcin.kulis] hehe thx, I read about it but sometimes my memory is too short :-)
| + 243456 [eckie2399@gm] Just for future reference (and I found this out the hard way by having
+ 243364 [martindemell] And in pure ruby,
  + 243366 [bruce.woodwa] ...
  | 243367 [martindemell] touche' :)
  + 243492 [perrin@ap th] File.open("/etc/passwd", "r") do |f|
    243493 [martindemell] And the fact that my paste put a line break where it did didn't help
    243495 [perrin@ap th] Hmm.  It should have occurred to me that was meant to be all one line.
    243501 [Rob@Ag le on] File.open("/etc/passwd", "r") do |f|

problem of execution
243304 [chami_aida@y] I work with Ruby in Windows, i execute my programes in FreeRIDE. I have
243317 [KDr2@16 .c m] Just execute your programes in the command line window(start->run->cmd)
243409 [chami_aida@y] Thank you for your reply.
243415 [chami_aida@y] Ok, i found it. Now i execute my program in SciTE window and i see the

Newbie: best way to connect to MySQL?
243307 [planetthough] I'm teaching myself Ruby, and thus far I've managed to successfully
243312 [luckybonza@g] On Mar 12, 4:33 pm, "planetthoughtful" <planetthought...@gmail.com>
243315 [planetthough] Thanks for your reply. Do you (or does anyone else) know if I can
243318 [KDr2@16 .c m] Yes,you can.
+ 243335 [alpha.chen@g] Personally, I like using ActiveRecord to connect to databases. For
+ 243343 [planetthough] what was wrong with my Google-Fu, but I'd spent a couple of hours
+ 243346 [alpha.chen@g] Personally, I like using ActiveRecord to connect to databases. For

Re: non-destructive merging of hashes in array
243326 [robert.dober] I bow to superior technique, the merge block form is particularly nice.
243332 [y2kbugxp90@g] Oh, you beat me to it.  I might add, though, that the parameters in
243353 [robert.dober] hashes.inject{|memo, hash| memo.merge(hash) {|k,e,v| e+ v}}
243395 [transfire@gm] (SORRY IF THIS GETS POSTED TWICE)
243399 [robert.dober] Tom Facet is a great thing and I do not fail to point to it regulary.
243531 [transfire@gm] I understand what youre saying --and I waited on posting this until
+ 243577 [robert.dober] OMG was I too rude, maybe? Probably just to stupid to really
+ 243722 [transfire@gm] Should work. Or you could split it into two lines if it's easier to
| 243840 [jenda@cp n. ] res = Hash.new(0) # to give the new keys a sensible default
+ 243855 [lukfugl@gm i] There is a subtle difference between

Re: (was) GUI With Ruby =>OT FSF and GPL
243334 [dangerwillro] I don't want to start a war or big debate, but the FSF threatening
+ 243407 [rick.denatal] No one is forcing anyone to make free software.  The question is
| 243475 [perrin@ap th] That's kind of a facile argument.  One could as easily say that anyone
+ 243420 [robert.dober] ...
  243477 [perrin@ap th] Quite a bit, if you were following the news on the subject at the time.
  243514 [robert.dober] Well there were worse threads concerning OTness ;)
  243525 [perrin@ap th] I'm sure you'd appreciate and respect me quite a bit, right up to the
  243529 [robert.dober] But I do appreciate you, I only feel that I have said enough for what

Ruby Newbie Problems with deflate, base64...
243337 [Andrew.Patte] I'm implementing a spec that calls for messages to be deflated, then
243508 [B.Candler@po] str = "\001\377"
243536 [Andrew.Patte] ...
243539 [Andrew.Patte] OK - so now I know what is happening...
243545 [eden.li@gm i] You can prevent deflate from generating the header by passing in -
243673 [Andrew.Patte] Thanks, Eden - that works great and is much cleaner than cutting the

[ANN] CruiseControl.rb 1.0
243338 [alexey.verkh] ...
+ 243403 [lyle.johnson] but when I clicked the "Download" link at the bottom of that page, I
| 243461 [alexey.verkh] ...
+ 243543 [cdcarter@gm ] Is there any reason you don't have it parse the XML output of svn, it
| 243556 [alexey.verkh] ...
+ 243647 [lauri.pesone] when /solaris/ then 'solaris'
  243770 [alexey.verkh] ...

Secure Random Number Generator
243344 [dave@da ew i] Is there a secure random number generator for Ruby that works on
+ 243347 [gwtmp01@ma .] I'm assuming he means sufficiently random for cryptographic purposes.
| 243348 [ara.t.howard] don't you just have to run any 'ol code to get random numbers on windows? ;-)
+ 243349 [hchoroomi@gm] Husein Choroomi,
+ 243356 [vjoel@pa h. ] Is ISAAC[1] secure enough for you?
  243549 [khaines@en g] implementation that someone else donated) that I will try to get uploaded.
  243568 [dave@da ew i] Yeah I look at that, I was actually having trouble getting the setup.rb

extending ta-lib using SWIG
243360 [rajib.chakra] ta-lib (http://ta-lib.org/) is a package availiable which has port for

Ruby Weekly News 5th - 11th March 2007
243368 [timsuth@ih g] Links are at http://www.rubyweeklynews.org/20070311.html
243401 [transfire@gm] Go There! Do That!

Ruby 1.8.5-p35 released
243369 [shyouhei@ru ] We released Ruby 1.8.5-p35, the latest stable version of Ruby 1.8.5
243371 [shyouhei@ru ] Hmm, I somehow failed to sign, but the original message was surly
243376 [shyouhei@ru ] It seems my enigmail is doing something wrong.  Sorry again for making

sorting a hash based on a attribute of teh objects which it
243370 [senthilkumar] I want to sort a hash based on a attribute of the objects which it
+ 243372 [phil.meier@g] ...
+ 243373 [robert.dober] Hashes do not define any order by definition (in Ruby), please search
+ 243438 [gwtmp01@ma .] Hashes themselves aren't sorted so you have to extract the
  243476 [vjoel@pa h. ] Quality control in the Jelly Belly factory?

ta-lib port with swig
243374 [rajib.chakra] ta-lib is a collection of math/statistical function library for price

ta-lib port using SWIG
243375 [rajib.chakra] ta-lib is a collection of math/statistical functions for estimating

Perfomance tuning
243377 [esandin@gm i] I have an application that takes a little to long to execute. I would
+ 243379 [asbradbury@t] The best way is ruby-prof (http://ruby-prof.rubyforge.org). It will
+ 243380 [alex@bl ck e] Investigate 'profile' in the standard library
  243385 [esandin@gm i] Thank you for your quick replies, I will look into this at once.

How to unsubscribe (ie  remove)  from ruby mailing list
243378 [studentfj@ya] Can anyone out there tell me how to unsubscribe (ie
243384 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*

ta-lib porting with swig
243382 [rajib.chakra] I have a function in c from ta-lib (TA-Lib provides common functions

SWIG typemap for ta-lib
243388 [rajib.chakra] I was trying to swig a function in ta-lib (TA-Lib provides common
243462 [igor.sarzisa] in ruby use it as
243601 [rajib.chakra] Thanks for your lead.
243726 [igor.sarzisa] Sorry for some errors.
243816 [rajib.chakra] I got  most of your points.
244161 [igor.sarzisa] for TA_RetCode you have to declare in .i file the header file where
244486 [rajib.chakra] Thanks a lot for your help.
244772 [igor.sarzisa] Great!

BigDecimal bug?
243390 [ms@pc l. nf ] Can anyone tell me if this is a bug? It certainly seems like it to me.
+ 243392 [ms@pc l. nf ] I've managed to get a workaround going now (I realise this is a poor
| 243393 [stefano.croc] alias_method works for instance methods (i.e, a method of instances of class
| 243460 [ms@pc l. nf ] Thanks a lot Stefano, that explanation was exactly what I needed.
+ 243455 [djberg96@gm ] Looks like a bug to me. I think it's in the VpToString() function
  243463 [ms@pc l. nf ] Sure, done.
  243565 [shigeo@ti yf] $ ruby/ruby-1.8.6/ext/bigdecimal
  243579 [matz@ru y- a] Done.

Re: [ANN] Ruby 1.8.6 has been released - SOLVED
243391 [TimHunter@nc] That's the ticket! In fact this morning I had an email from Patrick

Re: Ruby 1.8.6 has been released
243396 [wincent.com@] Congratulations on the release!

ta-lib port for ruby using swig
243397 [rajib.chakra] I was trying to SWIG onto the ta-lib .

gems and require
243400 [martindemell] Finally gotten around to changing my 'require_gem' code, and I've
+ 243474 [alex@bl ck e] Personally, I'd prefer that a require 'gemname' just loaded all files in
| 243480 [ara.t.howard] yikes!  i've got about 80 libs installed!
| + 243482 [martindemell] I think he meant the files in the individual gem's
| | + 243484 [james@gr yp ] But we still don't want to do that.  Some libraries provide alternate
| | | + 243486 [martindemell] Yep. Which is why what I want is an argument to gem that will list a
| | | + 243491 [alex@bl ck e] Oh, I realise I'm not likely to get my wish - there's too much code
| | + 243494 [ara.t.howard] ayyyyy
| + 243485 [alex@bl ck e] Not *all* the gems...  just the named one :-)
+ 244183 [drbrain@se m] 99.9% of the time you don't need require_gem.
  244210 [martindemell] No - that just spits out everything in the gem. What's needed is a
  244445 [drbrain@se m] Have you filed a bug?  I guarantee it won't get added without it.

Keyword arguments in a block, possible with zero arguments?
243404 [pmotz5@ho ma] I am trying to create a method dynamically that has keyword arguments.
243414 [ara.t.howard] def self.add_method name, &block

asking about object databases and active record
243416 [bitdoger2@ya] why is it that mysql a relational database is the  preferred database
+ 243422 [avdi@av i. r] ...
+ 243423 [mark@oc we .] Austin Ziegler addressed this quite well in a post on 2/16/07 in a

portability of iconv's //TRANSLIT ?
243426 [fxn@ha hr f.] I was using a field normalizer (for URLs, sorting, etc) that has

open4 in standard library?
243427 [andre@di ir ] (Sorry for any duplicate messages, I sent this yesterday and it didn't

YAML and ruby classes
243428 [shiva.brahma] I need to create some objects of different (custom) classes, in
+ 243436 [christian@su] Object.const_get(h[:class].to_s).new(h)
| 243446 [shiva.brahma] the idea was excellent but it seems it doens't work if the class I need
| 243450 [stefano.croc] Can't you store the class name (using Class#name) instead of the class itself
| 243454 [shiva.brahma] this is pretty complicated for my current knowledge of ruby :D the
| 243510 [B.Candler@po] To get at Foo::Bar::Baz you need to do
+ 243439 [mark@oc we .] It seems to me this is a fundamental problem with YAML. Even if you
| + 243440 [ara.t.howard] &id001
| | 243445 [mark@oc we .] My apologies! Apparently the problem is with the Java implementation
| + 243447 [shiva.brahma] mh... if I don't find a solution with yaml I'll try xml with ruby.
+ 243449 [kbloom@gm il] If you reference the class object directly, you can't dump it to yaml, so
| 243453 [shiva.brahma] it works! thanks :)
+ 243471 [vjoel@pa h. ] It seems to still work with ruby-1.8.6.
  243509 [shiva.brahma] I think i'll go for the class name string :) but thanks for the link to

Portable password input
243431 [transfire@gm] This has been asked about before, and I've been wondering about it
243433 [ara.t.howard] gem install highline !!
+ 243434 [james@gr yp ] I agree.  :)
+ 243469 [eegreg@gm il] gem install highline

Debian sarge error while install rails 1.2.2 via gem
243459 [rubybox@gm i] ...
243515 [B.Candler@po] You can ignore these. RDoc is a program which reads the source code and

Fwd: Ruby Quiz Suggestion
243467 [james@gr yp ] ...

zlib large files problem
243473 [eegreg@gm il] I am trying to decompress a 80MB file (decompresses to 300MB), but I
+ 243533 [david.mullet] I get good results with the rubyzip gem, extracting 300+mb files from
+ 243550 [eden.li@gm i] The default decompress method works for me...
  243553 [eegreg@gm il] ruby -v
  243638 [eden.li@gm i] strange... all I can think of is that the ruby installer you used has
  243652 [eegreg@gm il] ruby -r zlib -e 'puts Zlib::ZLIB_VERSION'
  243656 [no@sp m. le ] I recall having had that problem a year or two ago.
  243708 [eegreg@gm il] I am using the rubyzip library now- it works fine.

Bi-directional pipe?
243497 [B.Candler@po] Is there any standard Ruby way of creating a bidirectional pipe or
243503 [Rob@Ag le on] rd, wr = IO.pipe
+ 243505 [ara.t.howard] require 'socket'
| 243513 [B.Candler@po] irb(main):015:0> require 'socket'
| 243518 [ara.t.howard] regards.
+ 243511 [B.Candler@po] That's a *unidirectional* pipe. At least, all the rdoc stuff says that one

First cut Perl to Ruby conversion?
243499 [john.carter@] programming style, but its a pain to work with.
+ 243512 [ck1@st ne ra] Oh I'd be so happy too, if someone would have such a translator!
+ 243552 [eden.li@gm i] exec("perl script.pl")?

Module documentation missing
243504 [jameskilton@] ...
243507 [jan.svitok@g] This is an old error, that nobody seems to look into. Search for James
+ 243544 [james.britt@] I updated ruby-doc.org so that it used 1.8.6 for the api docs.  After
| 243546 [james.britt@] Actually, that may not be true; I may have goofed in my re-doc'ing
+ 243559 [james.britt@] Module is back.
  + 243575 [robert.dober] Thank you James!
  + 243592 [jan.svitok@g] Thank you! Actually I recall when you did the modification sometime

What graphical frontend for a simple 2D game?
243517 [ck1@st ne ra] Since I'm so fascinated scripting my everyday's sysadmin needs with
243626 [jameskilton@] ...
243642 [steviedizzle] RUDL is fairly old and outdated with the last release in 2004. I'd say first try rubygame, then Ruby/SDL, and finally if you have to, RUDL.