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^ Trying to make Array#collect massively parallel with OpenMP
243031 [djberg96 gma] Windows XP Home
243048 [jan.svitok g] I'm no expert in either ruby internals or openmp. I've just a few
243100 [djberg96 gma] LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'VCOMP.lib'
243139 [jan.svitok g] Seems OMP is included in standard and up.
243234 [djberg96 gma] Drat.
243276 [jan.svitok g] as I wasn't able to compile 1.8.5-p12 I used the brand new 1.8.6 and
243297 [djberg96 gma] Ouch. I had a feeling it would collapse. Maybe wrapping the relevant
+ 243302 [jan.svitok g] I have tried with 1.9 as well. It crashed in an even more interesting
+ 243398 [rick.denatal] Even if it worked it would have some other problems. If the block

^ Metaprogramming and class_eval
243047 [pedro.delgal] Whats the differents between this three classes. Why the
243060 [mushfeq.khan] You seem to have an extra .class in your modification to Class. You can get
243092 [transfire gm] You are already where you need to be...

^ [ANN] Phoenix Ruby Users Group March Meeting
243063 [james.britt ] See http://www.rubyaz.org/groups/prug for address and map

^ new Date from Time.now().to_a
243075 [beingthexemp] I don't see any obvious ways of making a new Date object based off of
243077 [ryand-ruby z] Remember, ri is your friend
243079 [beingthexemp] require 'date'
243080 [beingthexemp] #{f[9]}")
243240 [shortcutter ] Why the parsing?
243248 [beingthexemp] robert

^ I need to learn...
243082 [sigzero gmai] I would like to learn Ruby so I am looking at getting "Programming
+ 243084 [ruby.hardwar] Programming Ruby is good.
+ 243087 [shevegen lin] I have both. My personal opinion, and I am biased, is that
| + 243104 [dolgun excit] I don't understand the distinction between "learning irb" and "learning
| | + 243115 [m_goldberg a] I don't think you're missing anything. If you use a text editor with
| | | 243117 [dolgun excit] Thanks for the response.  I'm actually interested in TextMate as well.
| | | + 243121 [dangerwillro] Let's just say that irb is worth learning to use and useful  to know.
| | | | 243142 [m_goldberg a] I think a lot depends on one's work habits. I have TextMate open all
| | | | 243333 [perrin apoth] You're right -- it probably does depend to some extent on work habits.
| | | + 243138 [m_goldberg a] You can do this with TextMate although the tab key is the key used to
| | |   243144 [dolgun excit] Is there a way to get Vim to automatically indent code?
| | |   + 243156 [dolgun excit] I figured it out.
| | |   | 243157 [dolgun excit] set autoindent
| | |   + 243161 [james graypr] Morton was showing an unusual TextMate example above.  Typically in
| | |     243232 [m_goldberg a] Actually, the point I wanted to get across was that, for code
| | + 243133 [perrin apoth] Actually, irb is basically just a command shell that uses Ruby as its
| + 243127 [B.Candler po] logically presented, lots of examples, easy to search, minimal padding.
+ 243088 [avdi avdi.or] Yes.
+ 243089 [gmail com.mk] I'm still pretty new to Ruby myself and found the Rails book, well,
+ 243131 [perrin apoth] The short answer:  "It depends."
| 243169 [rick.denatal] I might suggest that "Ruby for Rails" might be a good book to start
| + 243330 [perrin apoth] Thanks for adding a more experienced perspective on those books.  I'll
| + 243351 [dolgun excit] I took a look at "Ruby for Rails" in the bookstore, and the preface says
|   + 243406 [dangerwillro] charset=US-ASCII;
|   | 243412 [rick.denatal] Umm, no I didn't. 7Stud 7Stud did.  Just for the record I do know how
|   | 243418 [dangerwillro] Sorry about that. I got a little over-zealous with the cropping, in a
|   + 243417 [rick.denatal] Well here's what it says:  "You need to know somthing about the Rails
|     + 243424 [dangerwillro] If anything, you might be a bit lost at times if you ask too many
|     | 243429 [dolgun excit] You won't be able to find in on Mac OS 10.4!
|     | 243442 [dangerwillro] You just create it if it isn't there.
|     | 243540 [dolgun excit] I'm about half way through the Wrox book "Beginning Unix", which has so
|     | 243541 [TimHunter nc] $ cd /usr
|     | + 243542 [dolgun excit] Thanks
|     | + 243562 [dangerwillro] If you're using OS X, 10.4.9 came out today.
|     |   243618 [dolgun excit] Thanks, I've looked around over there.
|     + 243488 [perrin apoth] I tend to feel that the appropriate development platform for any
+ 243452 [eckie2399 gm] I love this topic being that recently there has been a surge of new Ruby
  243490 [perrin apoth] Alas, I've been searching for a RUG near me, and there seems to be

^ QTRuby + QT4 + Win32
243083 [umageller gm] I would like to use the fantastic QT4 for Win32
+ 243098 [fugalh ziane] I am a passive observer here (no windows here), but check out this
| 243224 [umageller gm] thanks Hans, will look into it !
+ 243140 [richard.j.da] We've recently got Qt4 QtRuby building with cmake on both Linux and
| + 243225 [umageller gm] Thanks for your efforts, Richard.
| + 243413 [caleb aei-te] I'm pretty sure that 1.4.7 doesn't find frameworks.  I think to use it you'll have
+ 243145 [caleb aei-te] If you can get the build system installed on Windows, I can probably
  + 243223 [umageller gm] I've been using Linux openSUSE 10.2 and it already comes
  + 243402 [richard.j.da] You shouldn't need to build kdelibs in order to build Qt4 QtRuby
    243408 [caleb aei-te] No, that site has instructions on how to install all of the build system stuff

^ Getting PID of external command
243086 [shevegen lin] I am using
243132 [B.Candler po] There's a chicken-and-egg there. You're asking for the pid to be available
244108 [shevegen lin] Thanks, I think that does what I need, at least my first test worked. :)
244122 [frdrch gmail] Yes, but don't forget to include English!

^ Ruby ABNF parser
243095 [rubylearner ] Can someone point me to any Ruby ABNF library?

^ Gems Issue
243099 [valuemonkey ] I'm trying to install a gem package, but its not working. Here's what
243306 [renard nc.rr] Have you tried "gem query -n ruby-activeldap -r"  to verify that it
244254 [valuemonkey ] Thanks for the response.
244356 [renard nc.rr] which version of ruby and gem?
246334 [valuemonkey ] Thanks for the reply. I was away for a bit so I'm just getting back to

^ optparse, needless argument, mac os x intel
243106 [beingthexemp] I've just started using optparse. I'm hitting this needless argument
243112 [ara.t.howard] it means that you defined are argument like this
243113 [beingthexemp] a.rb --foo=value

^ Newbie: def must come before call to def?
243107 [planetthough] Very new to learning Ruby, so please forgive if this is a moronic
+ 243111 [hhausman gma] Not at all, this is a great question.
| 243124 [dangerwillro] You should def anything before using it in any language, just good
+ 243134 [B.Candler po] Yes. The reason is that unlike many other languages, Ruby does a lot more
+ 243154 [pit capitain] pt, in addition to what the others have said, note that you can do the

^ Installing Ruby and RubyGems on Red Hat Linux 9
243109 [angrez gmail] I would like to know which versions of Ruby and RubyGems I can install

^ [ANN] London Ruby User Group - 12th March, 2007
243143 [murray.steel] The London Ruby User Group is meeting tonight (Monday, 12th March, 2007)

^ MRplot site not live
243146 [christopher.] Does anyone know when the MRplot homepage (bleedingmind.com) will be

^ YAML.load_file problems
243150 [Gilbert.Rebh] i have a program where several things are hard coded
243159 [stefano.croc] First point: your second yaml file contains a mistake: you need to put a space
243357 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
243362 [stefano.croc] YAML.load_file returns the contents of the yaml file in a hash or an array
243386 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*

^ Print screen with win32api
243151 [esandin gmai] I have seen this question on several locations, but no solution to it. I
+ 243153 [ruby.hardwar] I haven't tested this particular command but you should be able to do
+ 243158 [suppakilla g] mac. Since there is a "print screen"-button on the keyboard, I guess
  243166 [esandin gmai] Wow, that sounds exactly right, Thank you!

^ request.raw_pos Problem
243152 [v.bijman moe] I am using a lifesearch function which you can place some text in.

^ [slightly OT] New O'Reilly book features Matz
243170 [chris.hulan ] Just stumbled on this blog note: http://pyre.third-bit.com/blog/archives/863.html
243290 [robert.dober] Very interesting.
243761 [matz ruby-la] I am against "literate programming" in a sense Don Knuth did in his
243766 [james graypr] Can you expand on what you mean by that Matz?  I'm just curious.
243781 [matz ruby-la] Knuth's Web is the system he developed for literate programming (it's
243795 [perrin apoth] In other words: literate programming is "documentation as code", and
243837 [matz ruby-la] To be precise, "literate programming as in Knuth's Web" is
+ 243838 [matz ruby-la] Interesting idea.  Where can I find more information for compendium
| 243925 [alexg kuicr.] released anything yet?
+ 244110 [fxn hashref.] I tried hard to do an immersion in literate programming both using
  244190 [m_goldberg a] I disagree. I offer Wolfram Research's Mathematica front end with its
  244194 [znmeb cesmai] As have the good folks at the open source Axiom project. Axiom's base

^ Possible bug in regexp engine?
243172 [greg.hurrell] /([^*#]+|#(?!#|\*)|\*(?!#))+/
243187 [shortcutter ] A "#" all by itself introduces a line comment as in normal code.  So
243204 [greg.hurrell] Thanks for the info, Robert.

^ installing ruby and rails on linux without using internet connection
243175 [ashok.webdev] i am a newbie. i don't have internet connetion at home.
243200 [dennisne gma] RoR is a framework for developing web-server based applications.  If
243205 [cdcarter gma] Dennis,
+ 243212 [dangerwillro] not all gems are web-centric.
+ 243266 [dennisne gma] Good point.  I was a little surprised at the question, and fired off a
  243321 [ashok.webdev] i am newbie, i am studying ruby on rails.
  243500 [B.Candler po] Depends what you mean by "standalone package".
  243615 [ashok.webdev] yes, i agree.

^ using MS Access on linux through ruby on rails
243176 [ashok.webdev] i want to access "Microsoft access files(*.mdb)" on linux through ruby on
+ 243305 [nlloyds gmai] MDB Tools (http://mdbtools.sourceforge.net/) is a program (Perl, I think)
+ 243506 [nlloyds gmai] activemdb (http://rubyforge.org/projects/activemdb). From the rubyforge
  + 243557 [dangerwillro] charset=US-ASCII;
  + 243610 [ashok.webdev] Great !

^ Fwd: Generating http post in Ruby
243184 [ashkey80 gma] response within a Rails project.
243186 [ara.t.howard] check out http-access2 and mechanize

^ Efficiency of string parsing
243193 [griffin.kev ] I have written a loop to basically parse a string, and at every 50th
+ 243194 [shortcutter ] There are quite a lot of posts about word wrapping which seems what you
| + 243210 [rick.denatal] And here's the start of a more sophisticated approach I just whipped up.
| | 243365 [griffin.kev ] Being new to Ruby thats a great piece of code to get my head around,
| + 243211 [dangerwillro] Excellent sollution for coding efficiency. (though, I always think
|   243219 [tomp earthli] I'm just curious what it is about Ruby iterators (I assume you mean
|   243227 [dangerwillro] Iterators/callbacks using Ruby code blocks whatever.
+ 243233 [chris.hulan ] Had to take a swipe 9^)

^ Representing a complex object
243197 [ychandru_99 ] we are facing trouble in implementing a complex object in ruby,
+ 243199 [olsonas gmai] Do you really find this to be "complex"? It seems relatively straight
+ 243208 [gavin refine] Ruby does not care what type of value each variable is. Here's a very
+ 243262 [shortcutter ] Just a curious question: what do you need that for?  What problem are
  243962 [ychandru_99 ] thanks for the response,

^ Single Table Inheritance Association Issue
243202 [guest guest.] I'm using STI in a new application, and something is terribly wrong with
243206 [gavin refine] You have posted this question to the ruby-talk forum/newsgroup/mailing

^ [ANN] Milwaukee RUG Meeting - This Wednesday 3/14/07 @ 5:30-7:30
243236 [tdjordan gma] coding, building, testing,

^ svg in rhtml
243238 [hanan_mneimn] Is there a way to embed svg file in rhtml page. I tried to use the object
243241 [unbewusst.se] if your page is written as xhtml page (then xml), it's possible with

^ Why SVN?
243242 [transfire gm] Should I be using SVN rather than Darcs or Git?
+ 243244 [damnbigman g] Why not SVN?
| 243246 [tanner.burso] This is going a bit OT for ruby-talk, but I'll bite.
| + 243250 [damnbigman g] Sorry I spaced and hit send before I actually typed more than my "subject".
| + 243260 [stefan mahli] I agree - and to stress the topic further, there is this site which does
| + 243281 [transfire gm] To be clear I'm asking why _rubyists_ in particluar choose one over
| | 243285 [robert.dober] Yes indeed, what is happening in the Ruby community is happening all
| + 243299 [rsanheim gma] Is this the only real compelling reason to switch to Darcs or similiar
|   + 243300 [jtregunna bl] The ability to cherry pick patches is also a real benefit.
|   | 243309 [james graypr] Is it, really?  I'm not trying to be combative, I'm just wondering
|   | + 243316 [jtregunna bl] In certain cases it is, yes.
|   | | 243327 [binary42 gma] I think you hit it in just one direction. The real value I find in
|   | | + 243363 [benjohn fysh] Porcelain? :) I was expecting to find a SVN UI with the google I just did.
|   | | | 243470 [binary42 gma] From http://git.or.cz/
|   | | + 246463 [rhkramer gma] I'm just catching up on some old email (so my comment may be far off the mark
|   | |   246468 [kevwil gmail] * free
|   | |   + 246492 [ryand-ruby z] Not entirely true. To be clear: Perforce licenses are FREE for open
|   | |   | 246523 [keltia gmail] But having to renew the licenses every year is a PITA. (been there, done
|   | |   | 246545 [ryand-ruby z] It isn't _that_ much of a PITA for the benefits of using perforce for
|   | |   | 246643 [keltia gmail] -> I've been running my perforce server for about 8 years running now
|   | |   | 246696 [ryand-ruby z] I'm totally fine with centralized VCS.
|   | |   | + 246698 [kyleaschmitt] To me, that only sounds like an argument against using Visual Source Safe ;)
|   | |   | | 246753 [ryand-ruby z] Well, that's just a given.
|   | |   | | 246772 [no.spam plea] Using the BDB store or files?
|   | |   | | 246775 [ryand-ruby z] Should it matter? SVN corruption is SVN corruption.
|   | |   | | 246777 [twifkak comc] Should? No. Does? Yes. http://tinyurl.com/39qetn (svnbook.red-bean.com)
|   | |   | | + 246800 [ryand-ruby z] Does? No. ANY (recent) amount is too much. There are enough options
|   | |   | | + 246801 [ryand-ruby z] This is the last I'll speak on this topic. I promise...
|   | |   | |   + 246809 [marcin.gil N] The only problem with Perforce is money.. Lots of them.
|   | |   | |   | 246813 [halostatue g] 1. For open source projects, Perforce can be free.
|   | |   | |   + 246818 [ctwise gmail] As someone else said, every product has defects that can cause data
|   | |   | + 246821 [avdi avdi.or] Speaking as someone who was tasked with setting up and administering a
|   | |   |   246826 [dangerwillro] Believing that any information medium is infallable? Plain foolish.
|   | |   + 246510 [halostatue g] As Ryan said, this isn't completely true for open source projects
|   | |   | + 246546 [ryand-ruby z] That is hard to do actually. At least, I haven't found any scripts
|   | |   | | 246553 [halostatue g] I'm not actually using Perforce at all for my OSS work, so I don't
|   | |   | + 246624 [timx nospam.] I saw an interesting article about bazaar, which is meant to be a replacement
|   | |   + 246512 [hramrach cen] You did not mention mercurial which is easier to start with than
|   | |     246513 [bruno exceli] Mercurial was choosed by OpenSolaris, but I don't know if it's already
|   | + 243435 [aredridel nb] I like the ability to develop a patchset as an object -- 'here, does
|   | | 243489 [martindemell] I'd love to hear about this in more detail (off list if you prefer),
|   | + 243714 [halostatue g] Spot on, James. Most of the time, patches can't actually be simply
|   + 243301 [lionel-subsc] I'm currently looking at decentralized version control systems for my
+ 243247 [rick.denatal] SVN is very much like CVS. It does have better handling of the
| 243253 [kyleaschmitt] Subversion is meant to be a better CVS, so it has most of CVS's
+ 243256 [dejan.dimic ] The system that is used is a good one.
| 243261 [kyleaschmitt] Having used Visual Source Safe extensively I have to take exception to
+ 243272 [frdrch gmail] I use git for the reason of *very simple* branching and *fast* branch
| + 243283 [a2800276 gma] While distributed version control systems offer some benefits, they're
| | 244264 [thomas hafne] Working offline is not the only situation where a distributed version
| | 244275 [gwtmp01 mac.] - Create a branch in the repository
| | 244283 [glen thepfei] If I understand the presented scenario correctly then you are
| + 243289 [transfire gm] See now this is interesting. Cause I feeling inclined toward Git for
| | + 243358 [transfire gm] Found this on Wikipedia.
| | + 244346 [hramrach cen] I would agree with a picture like that :-)
| + 246522 [keltia gmail] Well, it is cheap in git as it is in svn, the differences are not
|   + 246526 [frdrch web.d] The main difference is for me that in svn the branch is a part of the
|   + 246537 [mental rydia] In my experience that isn't really true -- git has much better merge tracking than svn, so repeated merges on long-lived branches are substantially less painful with git.
|     246642 [keltia gmail] Yes, this is a major drawback of current svn (although svk sorta fixes
|     246650 [mike stok.ca] Is this paper available anywhere?
+ 243292 [alex blackke] No one else has mentioned it, and I'm sure it's not relevant for you,
+ 243310 [mkasick-rt c] Only if all your co-developers are.  But otherwise, probably not.
| 243341 [jos catnook.] They should also work for Subversion repositories.
+ 243538 [matz ruby-la] For your information, I use stgit for managing my local Ruby
| + 243599 [rick.denatal] Oh oh, Matz, you're going to get the pythonistas all excited <G>
| | 243662 [matz ruby-la] I don't want to have prejudice against tools by the language they are
| + 243629 [transfire gm] Cool. So how do you sync back up with the SVN repo? I tried using SVN
|   243661 [matz ruby-la] I used tailor to import repository from svn to git.  After that, I
+ 243576 [vanya.lavany] I like the ability to develop a patchset as an object -- 'here, does
+ 243709 [halostatue g] Yes.
  + 243720 [binary42 gma] I can't resist replying to this troll. I call FUD on the "distributed
  | + 243750 [halostatue g] Careful who you call troll. You'll find your assumption comes back to bite you.
  | | + 243752 [binary42 gma] I knew I could count on a good reply. I know you are a good debater. I
  | | | + 243757 [halostatue g] It's an important metric for the measure of the quality of the tool.
  | | | + 244660 [mike.schwab ] I have been thinking a lot about this too; the rule about not checking
  | | |   244661 [adrianh quie] You might want to consider using SVK as your client (if you're happy
  | | |   244705 [greg.hurrell] Adrian, I'd love to hear more about your workflow. Could you give an
  | | |   244713 [adrianh quie] Assuming $R is my "master" subversion repository I do something like
  | | |   244721 [greg.hurrell] Many thanks for sharing.
  | | + 243790 [transfire gm] I have actually given that some thought. While not the case presently,
  | |   + 243796 [perrin apoth] The term "holographic", in reference to data storage and similar
  | |   | 243823 [transfire gm] Thanks. I'm aware. I'm using the term loosely, basically based on
  | |   + 243868 [halostatue g] As someone who works in the storage and backup industry, it will not
  | + 244301 [robert.dober] Austin a TROLL??? Well maybe he has adopted a troll like language but
  |   + 244324 [binary42 gma] I know very well who he is. I don't really care who he is if he makes
  |   | 244328 [robert.dober] Why would I do that? It is rather me who is wrong, I actually thought
  |   + 244352 [halostatue g] Hatery?
  |     + 244394 [robert.dober] Fisrt of all thx for replying in this cool way I appreciate.
  |     + 244402 [hramrach cen] Yes, port to such alien environment like WIndows is the litmus test of
  + 243782 [adrianh quie] Not true in my experience. Every place I've worked in the last couple