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^ Re: Rassmalog 3.1.0 - javascript search
242807 [ snk gna.org] I like this idea and will try to implement something along these lines.
245250 [ snk gna.org] I evaulated Tipue and several other JavaScript search engines, and Tipue

^ ANN: ruby-semacode-0.7.3
242813 [guido sohne.] This Ruby extension implements a DataMatrix encoder for Ruby. It is
242841 [dangerwillro] Very cool! These are the bar codes of the future, since they can
242953 [guido sohne.] I also have a client side encoder (in JavaScript) available at

^ PDF::Writer with UTF-8
242815 [danfinnie op] I have searched and searched and came up with nothing about the
+ 242860 [rf.oodanaw s] I have tried recently to generate Simplified Chinese Flash Cards in PDF
| 242864 [halostatue g] This will ONLY work if your strings are always the exact same length.
+ 242863 [halostatue g] Then you haven't searched enough. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I have
  242897 [aredridel nb] h it?
  + 242936 [halostatue g] Not doing it. Not before Ruby 1.9, at a very minimum. Even then, I'm
  + 242959 [kou cozmixng] In <1173546777.18386.1.camel@localhost>
    243090 [halostatue g] Works great for non-Windows users. Maybe.
    243093 [kou cozmixng] cairo and rcairo can be works on Window, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD

^ how to install libfreetype for RMagik?
242817 [jahnvithaker] ruby script/plugin install http://svn.2750flesk.com/validates_captcha
242862 [TimHunter nc] ...

^ OpenStruct,, know what keys are set
242836 [beingthexemp] I need to use an OpenStruct to mimic what an object acts like in another
+ 242847 [phillipsds y] I'm wrong to some degree.
| 242854 [shortcutter ] Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a public method for this.  An alternative
+ 242867 [nobu ruby-la] o = OpenStruct.new
| 242877 [beingthexemp] Thanks for all the input.
| 242892 [shortcutter ] Um, for what implementation of "keys_added"?  The comment points out
| 242894 [beingthexemp] Ah yes, you caught me. I completely overlooked this code in the above
| 242937 [shortcutter ] You should add iterations to the blocks - otherwise the figures are
| 242939 [beingthexemp] Or if you change the amount of cats the lady has, from 10 to 100000.
+ 243163 [frdrch web.d] o = OpenStruct.new
| 243252 [beingthexemp] nice one, that's faster..
| 243293 [phillipsds y] marshal_dump returns @table, so marshal_dump.keys == @table.keys
| 243313 [beingthexemp] Hey Dave, thanks,
+ 243314 [transfire gm] a little late to the party but in any case...

^ Ruby ORBit2 (CORBA)
242843 [max maxidoor] It seems, that both projects: RINN and RubyOrbit are dead. RINN doesn't
243951 [max maxidoor] Work is going further. Implemented support for structures and sequences.

^ Usefulness of the Kernel module ??
242850 [ruby_admirer] I'm just thinking about the usefulness of the Kernel module which is included in the class Object.

^ Super Short Primer on Ruby (for the New Users of Ruby)
242851 [dangerwillro] This link is for anyone new to Ruby. It's incredibly concise and well
242861 [dblack wobbl] Thanks for the link. That really is a fine document. The only thing I

^ win32::process and nested fork()s
242853 [mcarpenter f] I can't seem to make nested fork()s (granchildren processes) work with the

^ Using ruby-openid/ruby-yadis w/o ruby gems
242856 [george.mosch] Dear devs,
242967 [george.mosch] Anyone?

^ Net::HTTPResponse.body_permitted?() Issue
242859 [moose56 gmai] I am playing arround with Net::HTTP and have this little script to
242875 [B.Candler po] If you mean you want to print the body only for a 200 (OK) response, then

^ Auto-Completion in TextMate - What this ruby command means?
242868 [h.dunnil gma] Auto completion (option + escape) does not work for me in TextMate, I
242882 [james graypr] This is pretty off-topic here, I think.  I saw your post on the
242893 [dangerwillro] Uh, hey, Ruby and Rails are pretty much the biggest bling bling
242901 [james graypr] Feel free to join the discussion there, or just follow along...

^ [MENTOR] Looking for FX mentorship
242876 [robert.dober] I was just contacted to mentor somebody about FXRuby. This is not my
242886 [lyle.johnson] A good first step for that person would be to subscribe to the

^ South Florida Software Symposium - May 18 - 20, 2007
242902 [maudrit gmai] Greetings!

^ Ruby.on-page.net - Evolution began
242907 [des7ign gmai] How many times have you ever needed to find just one argument of a
242909 [lionel-subsc] Seemed interesting, but doesn't work with Firefox on Linux.
242912 [des7ign gmai] On Mar 10, 9:24 pm, Lionel Bouton <lionel-subscript...@bouton.name>
+ 242916 [lionel-subsc] I admit the error pissed me off and I forgot to make my message
| 242919 [des7ign gmai] On Mar 10, 9:57 pm, Lionel Bouton <lionel-subscript...@bouton.name>
| + 242922 [lionel-subsc] Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; fr; rv: Gecko/20070304
| | 242925 [des7ign gmai] On Mar 10, 10:24 pm, Lionel Bouton <lionel-subscript...@bouton.name>
| | + 242926 [lionel-subsc] The main page is loading. Looking around...
| | + 242981 [matz ruby-la] Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; ja; rv: Gecko/20070208 Iceweasel/ (Debian-
| |   + 242987 [ara.t.howard] -a
| |   | 243050 [matz ruby-la] I have no other choices on Debian GNU/Linux.  Other graphical browsers
| |   + 243108 [des7ign gmai] Yes of course!
| + 242984 [robert.dober] Sorry I am not an expert but I read lots of things about this stuff.
| + 243361 [timx nospam.] Rather than asking an end user to provide you with this information, wouldn't
|   243624 [des7ign gmai] Yes it would be better for all, who like to get everything and to do
|   243789 [timx nospam.] A little defensive perhaps?
+ 242917 [stefano.croc] I'm using firefox on Linux (gentoo, package mozilla-firefox-bin) and
  242923 [des7ign gmai] Thanks for the comment. I have stressed it with underline...
  + 242924 [choong stell] Hrm 3rd try.. had some trouble replying to your messages, Evolution
  | + 242928 [des7ign gmai] Yes... but some context must be saved, how do you think?
  | + 242972 [des7ign gmai] Now you can paste strings! Just open the page and press Ctrl+V,
  + 242927 [stefano.croc] It's better, but I'd put it first in the list. Besides (it may be because of
    242929 [des7ign gmai] You are fully right! Thanks again.
    242948 [nshb inimit.] Wow. I am thoroughly impressed. What an elegant way to show and sift

^ [OT] Re: post_form
242910 [pit capitain] mentioned, the response looked like personal data to me. Since I don't

^ Which Ruby book to read?
242931 [h.dunnil gma] I'm going to re-read a book (just one book at the moment!) about Ruby
+ 242934 [tpo2 sourcep] I'd suggest _why's mad ways? It'll sure help with the...
| 242941 [h.dunnil gma] You mean: http://www.poignantguide.net/ruby/ ?
| 242945 [tpo2 sourcep] Yup :-)
+ 242946 [cdcarter gma] The second edition of The Ruby Way is probably teh most useful ruby book I own.

^ OT: All Caps [was GUI With Ruby]
242932 [gwtmp01 mac.] Are there any lawyers out there who can explain the fascination with

^ Newbie Question: Ruby/DL Parameters
242938 [chris wiless] I am trying to call a function within a WIN32 DLL.

^ Is an embedded ruby interpreter safe to unload
242943 [mailinglists] when i use ruby embedded in a program where i call "ruby_init", do a
242970 [GGarramuno a] On 10 mar, 20:51, Lothar Scholz <mailingli...@scriptolutions.com>
243061 [mailinglists] Thanks,

^ get object from its object-specific class?
242944 [thomas hafne] is there a way to get an object, if only its object-specific class is
242986 [ara.t.howard] c = class << Hash[:a, 5]
+ 242997 [thomas hafne] Thanks a lot.
+ 243389 [transfire gm] I thought we wanted the result to be #<Hash:0xb75cfd18>?
  + 243419 [pit capitain] Tom, I thought so, too, but I didn't want to show my solution before
  + 243430 [rick.denatal] rick@frodo:/public/rubyscripts$ ruby object_from_sc.rb
    + 243437 [rick.denatal] By the way.
    + 243444 [pit capitain] Yeah Rick, this is what I came up with at first, too. But I didn't like
      243451 [transfire gm] I imagine ObjectSpace._id2ref and parsing inspect would work.
      + 243457 [pit capitain] Too easy, Tom, much too easy :-) Yes, this should work, too, of course.
      | 243458 [pit capitain] Tom, sorry for the noise, but you can create pathological situations
      + 243465 [rick.denatal] Two approaches with a benchmark.
        243472 [transfire gm] Actually, you mean Pit. He did the benchmarks. This is definitely the

^ Re: post_form
242956 [coosa76 gmai] Such childish plays; we're here in a professional forum, so be one. I
242962 [coosa76 gmai] [Solved] A kind request for the admins to close the post.

^ parse hex ascii
242957 [zvilius eart] I want to parse a hex-ascii string into an array of numbers. For
+ 242958 [danfinnie op] "0164".scan(/../).collect {|x| x.hex}
+ 242969 [B.Candler po] ["01FF"].pack("H*").each_byte { |b| puts b }
  242975 [shortcutter ] irb(main):002:0> i="0164".to_i(16)

^ creating Ruby objects from C
242960 [mark ociweb.] The following snippet of C code shows my attempt to create a Ruby
+ 242963 [mark ociweb.] I think I found the answer. Using rb_class_new_instance works and is
+ 243037 [ryand-ruby z] require 'rubygems'

^ [ANN] Facets / Annotations 2.0.0
242964 [transfire gm] Facets / Annotations

^ Camping: Error when running script
242968 [desertfox ho] gem install camping-omnibus --source http://code.whytheluckystiff.net
242974 [eden.li gmai] Hrm.. that's strange.  Have you tried upgrading mongrel?  Maybe
243041 [desertfox ho] Thanks.  That worked!

^ #define alternative for Ruby
242971 [michaelst gm] Does Ruby have something like "#define" for C/C++? Especially with
+ 242973 [sonoflilit g] Use the P4 preprocessor on your scripts :P You'll get #define EXACTLY.
| 243045 [rick.denatal] There's also the interesting problem of what the semantics of changing
| 243071 [michaelst gm] I agree there are some semantic problems. But there are huge
+ 242990 [djberg96 gma] The closest analogue is to conditionally define a constant, then used
  243070 [michaelst gm] I was talking more about macros rather then constants.
  + 243085 [TimHunter nc] I would be interested in hearing what you want to do with text
  | 243094 [michaelst gm] Easy.
  | + 243096 [alexey.verkh] var ||= val
  | | 243097 [alexey.verkh] Although this will only work with @var
  | + 243101 [ara.t.howard] unless defined? var
  | | 243125 [michaelst gm] I know it but imagine you must do it 100 times?
  | | + 243137 [B.Candler po] require 'rubygems'
  | | + 243192 [ara.t.howard] in that case i'd probably just use
  | + 243122 [B.Candler po] Do you really need to abstract out "var ||= val" into its own function?
  + 243102 [ara.t.howard] perhaps i'm being dense, but i fail to see how the above example is none other
    + 243118 [sepp2k googl] Imagine you would call the function with rand() as parameter. With #define
    | + 243120 [B.Candler po] ???
    | | 243129 [michaelst gm] set_default(var, val)
    | | 243135 [B.Candler po] I think we have a stuck record here :-)
    | | + 243136 [michaelst gm] The "local variables" is exactly what confuses me.  Why can't I use
    | | | 243141 [B.Candler po] Because each 'def' starts a brand new scope for local variables, and local
    | | + 243147 [robert.dober] Please note that
    | |   243160 [B.Candler po] Indeed - it will set values when var == nil or var == false as well.
    | + 243128 [michaelst gm] On Mar 12, 7:16 pm, Sebastian Hungerecker <sep...@googlemail.com>
    | + 243189 [ara.t.howard] absolutely.  but that's generally considered a problem with macros, not a
    |   244985 [daniels pron] That's got the same problem - rand will only be evaluated once, what you
    + 243126 [michaelst gm] set_default(var, val)
      + 243155 [TimHunter nc] I'd like to point out that you can't do that with #define, since C
      | 243162 [robert.dober] Although I am against macros it might be worth pointing out that of
      | 243167 [rmagick gmai] Perhaps we are discussing different kinds of variables. Your macro tests
      | 243190 [robert.dober] Sorry I was focused on the original idea, I understand your remark now,
      + 244983 [logancapaldo] require 'binding_of_caller' # google for this, you need call_stack

^ string to int: ruby documentation?
242977 [dolgun excit] In trying to convert a string to an integer, I found this passage in the
242983 [eden.li gmai] irb(main):036:0> Class.constants.map { |c| eval(c).new rescue
243049 [dolgun excit] So the docs don't "document" which exceptions can be thrown by a method?
243064 [gwtmp01 mac.] The documentation isn't perfect.  There is information about
+ 243066 [danfinnie op] I think this depends somewhat on your definition of an argument.
| 243072 [gwtmp01 mac.] But the current state of an object can certainly be part of the pre-
+ 243091 [dolgun excit] I gave Integer() a string and it threw an exception.
  + 243130 [stefano.croc] There *are* some places where documentation about exceptions raised is truly
  + 243220 [gwtmp01 mac.] I muddled up a specific response to you about Integer with some
    243296 [dolgun excit] Ok.  I was all set to buy the pickaxe book, but then I noticed that

^ Help with NET::SMTP
242991 [ruby iwebsl.] I'm trying to use Net::SMTP which appears to do most everything I need
243051 [rick.denatal] It looks like the problem might be that the recipient email in the
243067 [ruby iwebsl.] Thanks for the response. I tried it just to check but that does not
243165 [rick.denatal] Can you show a bit more of your code.
243171 [ruby iwebsl.] I was hoping I could use this as a simple form mailer but I'm starting
243174 [rick.denatal] smtp.open_message_stream('sender@mail.com', ['email']) do
243181 [ruby iwebsl.] Yes I understand that, removing the '' fails, as does adding "" or
243191 [rick.denatal] Okay,  I finally realize that we have been chasing the wrong issue.
+ 243195 [ruby iwebsl.] That did the trick and I will test thoroughly. I was suspecting it was a
| 243228 [rick.denatal] This prompted me to post about the debugging mind-traps, something
| 243237 [ruby iwebsl.] Cool article. That guy you mentioned sounds familiar;)
| 243265 [robert.dober] Watch out you might become one ;) I guess it is a great chance to
+ 243209 [jenda cpan.o] Yeah, you may do this and create yet another web based mailer that will
  243230 [rick.denatal] Which is what I suggested.  We do try to be a little gentle in our

^ SafeStringValue
242994 [mark ociweb.] I can't find any documentation that explains what this Ruby C
243004 [TimHunter nc] It's a macro in ruby.h. Looks like it a) ensures that the VALUE is a

^ Opening a large file many times / optimisation
242998 [paul.nulty g] I have a method that basically searches through a largish (5mb) text
+ 243002 [james graypr] Well, if you have enough RAM to support pulling it into memory,
+ 243007 [paul.nulty g] ok here's a few lines from the file i'm searching (its a wordnet file
  + 243010 [paul.nulty g] yep i'm using that; it's great but as far as i can tell it doesn't use
  | 243040 [shortcutter ] Try reading the file and storing all combinations in a Hash with sense
  + 243038 [B.Candler po] If you're searching a 5MB file 1400 times, it's almost certainly worth
    243173 [paul.nulty g] Thanks!

^ Re: SimFrost (#117)
243001 [cmshea gmail] I used RMagick to create animated gifs.  I've never programatically
243005 [y2kbugxp90 g] My solution class is at the bottom of this message.
243006 [y2kbugxp90 g] Oops, I forgot to add the win.getch call.
243057 [y2kbugxp90 g] I'm gonna have to agree here that it matters very little whether the
243110 [chubas7 gmai] Woah, this quiz was very entertaining. I enjoyed a lot doing it, and
+ 243114 [robert.dober] I eventually used NetPBM on Linux but the mpegs get quite big it seems
+ 243516 [rretzbach go] Nice that someone did it with OpenGL.
  243537 [CHubas7 gmai] =)
  243564 [chubas7 gmai] As promised, I tuned up my code for OpenGL, and runs it faster, allowing

^ [ANN] Dhaka-2.1.0 : Fun with lexers
243009 [mushfeq.khan] require 'dhaka'
243015 [zimbatm oree] this looks really good. I'm not really into parser generators but I'm

^ Exiting a ruby script
243012 [jasbur gmail] I'm in the process of playing around with a, application launcher
243024 [stefano.croc] If I understand your problem correctly, you should use exec instead of system,
243448 [jasbur gmail] Actually, the process still holds open while the "launched" app running.

^ Re: SimFrost (#117) [solution]
243013 [rubytraining] Here's my solution.  I only provide text console output, which is
+ 243017 [rajsahae gma] I'm still working on a version that has fancy graphical output.
+ 243027 [gthiesfeld g] I don't have time to write an entire implementation, but I wanted to
  243073 [rubytraining] Cool!  Thanks!

^ directly modify a part on an array for quiz #117 purposes
243020 [twinwing gma] From Ruby quiz #117 (much fun)
243026 [lerno dragon] Did you have a look at my code?
243069 [twinwing gma] that's neat, I'll keep it in mind   :)

^ Ruby methods question
243021 [bcparanj gma] I followed the online tutorials on how to write plugins. So I have
243042 [jan.svitok g] Don't know anything about plugins, though I suppose
243046 [bcparanj gma] Your code works. I want to make the acts_as_chicken :something to be
243081 [eden.li gmai] It's still really unclear what you're asking (at least to me).  Are
243103 [bcparanj gma] I don't want to pollute the ActiveRecord class by making the
243105 [ara.t.howard] module ActsAsChicken
243123 [bcparanj gma] What is happening in the opened up ActiveRecord class? I am still