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^ Ruby 1.9 - Change of included modules behaviour ??
241264 [ruby_admirer] I'm just wondering if the behaviour of included modules is expected to change in Ruby 1.9.
241311 [rick.denatal] Just to bring the discussion over to this thread.

^ Re: webgen 0.4.2
241272 [thomas.leitn] Hm... I can open the page without problems in Safari/Opera on Mac OS X
+ 241277 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
+ 241301 [aglarond gma] It has a "Minimal Content Model" of "PCDATA", not "EMPTY", so you'll
| 241310 [thomas.leitn] Thanks for this explanation, I will change the homepage to use the
| 241719 [thomas.leitn] I have updated the homepage, it is now viewable in Firefox (tested)
+ 241304 [ben bleythin] Check where you include that, they might have changed something on their

^ using Scite to change directory
241276 [jean.moser n] Dir.chdir (D)
241282 [stephane.wir] Did you read this documentation ?
241643 [jean.moser n] On 1 mar, 15:48, Stephane Wirtel <stephane.wir...@descasoft.com>
+ 241644 [ljz asfast.c] Inside of double quotes, the backslash character is an "escape
+ 241645 [ruby.hardwar] Try this
  + 241657 [jean.moser n] ...
  | 241658 [jean.moser n] Its OK. I have no message.But now I am trying Dir.entries with the
  | 241660 [ruby.hardwar] Dir.entries(C:\\Documents and Settings\\Jean\\Bureau")
  + 241664 [gavin refine] Or
    241720 [ljz asfast.c] Windows actually allows it, as well.  Forward slash been accepted all

^ replacing the use of gettimeofday in the scheduler
241281 [tpo2 sourcep] using gettimeofday in the scheduler is problematic, since it's possible that
+ 241286 [avdi avdi.or] My first reaction was:  good god, the scheduler uses wallclock time?!
| + 241331 [drbrain segm] The Ruby thread scheduler uses setitimer(2) and select(2).  It
| | + 241332 [avdi avdi.or] Thanks for the explanation.  I'm probably missing something, I'm
| | | 241340 [tpo2 sourcep] It *is* implemented using select, but select is, per spec, allowed to
| | + 241346 [tpo2 sourcep] $ ri Kernel#sleep
| |   + 241349 [mental rydia] "wall-clock" refers to real elapsed time, rather than CPU elapsed time.  It's better to base your scheduler on CPU elapsed time, since on a heavily loaded system, a "wall-clock"-based scheduler will just thrash without getting much useful work done.
| |   + 241358 [drbrain segm] Nope.  Timeout calls Kernel#sleep in a thread.
| |   | 241366 [tpo2 sourcep] Um. When I do a "timeout(5) { do_something };" and set the system clock
| |   | 241368 [tpo2 sourcep] Correction, sorry - it will sleep 1 minute + 5 seconds, so...
| |   + 241361 [drbrain segm] I don't see how this could be confused for a bug in Ruby.
| |     241364 [avdi avdi.or] Sounds like a bug to me.  Time updates happen, sometimes without user
| |     241367 [matz ruby-la] If it is a bug, I suspect it's a bug in POSIX that doesn't provide any
| |     + 241370 [avdi avdi.or] This might well be.  Not being a contributor to the Ruby kernel, I
| |     | 241373 [matz ruby-la] It can have OS-specific implementation, but I want the core behavior
| |     | + 241380 [avdi avdi.or] It looks like sufficiently recent POSIX standards DO have a solution
| |     | + 241891 [tpo2 sourcep] So here's what I found out after a bit of research and my proposition for a
| |     |   + 241913 [tpo2 sourcep] It's funny to note, that the identical problem was recently reported against
| |     |   + 241921 [gwtmp01 mac.] Any serious sysadmin will use a NTP based configuration to manage the
| |     |     241953 [tpo2 sourcep] That means, to be precise, that ruby is "serious admin proof" only and won't
| |     |     241961 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't think my comment was about Ruby but more about superusers.
| |     + 241371 [tpo2 sourcep] I'd say it's a feature that's missing in POSIX. However you can hack
| + 241342 [tpo2 sourcep] Do you know of any cross-platform aka POSIX call where the returned time
+ 241295 [tpo2 sourcep] gnu-libc's sleep(3) manpage suggest that sleep and SIGALRM on non-glibc systems

^ [ANN] South East Michigan Ruby Brigade Meeting
241287 [phurley gmai] don't be intimidated, ask on the mailing list

^ printf inside a string
241288 [pbailey bna.] This is a pretty simple question. I need to do a "printf" of some
+ 241291 [james graypr] stuff, 003
| 241294 [ara.t.howard] alternatively
+ 241293 [alin.popa gm] printf("stuff, %.3d\n",number)
+ 241298 [B.Candler po] number = "3"
  241309 [pbailey bna.] Thanks to all you guys. I'll probably use sprintf, actually, now that

^ [SUMMARY] Mailing List Files (#115)
241289 [james graypr] I've been playing a little with TMail lately, which is what really inspired this

^ compiling ruby on linux
241314 [rustompmody ] I need to use ruby 1.8.5 whereas the linux I am using -- ubuntu edgy --
+ 241319 [rick.denatal] I've found it to be a bit of a puzzle session.
+ 241400 [kbloom gmail] First off, you can install ruby on Ubuntu by running "apt-get install
| 241688 [rick.denatal] Personally, I've given up on using the debian packaged ruby and the
| 244993 [rustompmody ] Thanks all for all the posts. I learnt something from each of these.
| 244995 [botp delmont] # Thanks all for all the posts. I learnt something from each of these.
+ 241411 [kbloom gmail] +...
| 244996 [cmdjackryan ] Unless it is not in the standard repos, installed by default in the
+ 241429 [tpo2 sourcep] I don't know about Ubuntu, but Debian has 1.8.5 in unstable. In Debian the
  241457 [rubygeekgirl] LOL, for one, no I don't know the first thing about Ubuntu, however, I *DO*
  241640 [robert.dober] Are you sure that you have the right to be intelligent?

^ ANN: sapnwrfc next Generation RFC Connector for SAP NetWeaver
241330 [piers ompka.] Just a quick announcment of the first releae of the new Ruby RFC Connector

^ Cannot install ruby gem 'libxml-ruby'
241341 [dan.stevens.] I am having trouble installing the ruby gem 'libxml-ruby'. The output,

^ Ruby Noob: Using stderr, stdout, etc
241347 [reed.adam gm] I'm a QA tester currently using ruby/watir for testing web sites/
+ 241365 [B.Candler po] What platform are you running under - e.g. Windows or Unix?
| 241394 [reed.adam gm] Windows :D
+ 241396 [a2800276 gma] Hm. Under Unix, processes automatically have three streams/files
  241452 [reed.adam gm] Thanks for the explanation Tim, that's exactly what I needed.  I
  241492 [jenda cpan.o] The thing to watch out for under Windows is that (at least on some
  241543 [rick.denatal] Also, although I haven't really kept up with windows, it used to be
  241558 [jan.svitok g] I was surprised when I learnt that since win2k it's possible to

^ dup and clone
241350 [rajsahae gma] Why?
+ 241355 [rick.denatal] Because Fixnum's , like some other things like Symbols, nil, true,
| 241356 [rick.denatal] Actually, I realized I mispoke slightly as soon as I sent this.  These
+ 241362 [gwtmp01 mac.] Read this (long) thread.
  241376 [gwtmp01 mac.] Gary Wright

^ win32-guitest for ruby
241351 [kyleaschmitt] So I came across this lib for gui testing using ruby.
241357 [pmr16366 gma] I spent some time working with this, but it was about 2 years ago. I
241360 [kyleaschmitt] I was hoping to stay in rubyland, but heck, perl is still worlds
241374 [pmr16366 gma] depending on what you are trying to do, you can always use autoit and

^ bioruby on cygwin
241353 [mopthisandth] I want to do local BLAST on cygwin with BioRuby. When I do this, does

^ Duck Typing  Hash-Like Objects
241359 [gwtmp01 mac.] I often find that when writing initialize (or alternate constructors)
+ 241363 [james graypr] I would check for to_hash(), then call that method on the argument to
| 241375 [gwtmp01 mac.] That might work but what if the object is an interface to some sort
| 241383 [james graypr] OK, what about using Hash#fetch and trapping the IndexError for an
| 241388 [gwtmp01 mac.] Yes, I think #fetch might be a better choice, but not exactly in the
| 241389 [james graypr] Floats have nonzero?() too.  I really think picking arbitrary methods
| 241391 [gwtmp01 mac.] Yet if I test for (Hash == mystery_obj) that would not
| + 241401 [kbloom gmail] Is there a good reason why you can't just use different constructors for
| + 241404 [dblack wobbl] I had the impression James was talking about the Integer and String
| | + 241405 [james graypr] I was probably just babbling, not making sense.  I do that.
| | | 241407 [dblack wobbl] Or an attempt to sidestep class-checking by inventing a type-checking
| | | 241488 [rick.denatal] All of this is personal perspective of course, but my view of duck
| | | 241506 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure how that detaches it from the object, though, since
| | | + 241516 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think that a consistent and well-known naming protocol gets you
| | | + 241556 [rick.denatal] First of all let me reiterate that this is my personal perspective,
| | | | 241598 [dblack wobbl] It's not that there aren't things-that-can-be-named, but that I don't
| | | | 241682 [rick.denatal] Well many of us are in fact hip to it, but the fact that attempts to
| | | | 241713 [dblack wobbl] On the other hand, if a thread about types *isn't*, for once, a
| | | + 241594 [deanwampler ] "... behaves like a duck", rather than "... is a duck", perhaps?
| | |   241681 [rick.denatal] Can serve as a duck.
| | |   241683 [robert.dober] Can be served as a duck!
| | + 241406 [dblack wobbl] Well, I should say: it's a way to deal with some of the practicalities
| |   241409 [gwtmp01 mac.] Let me make the situation a little more concrete.
| |   + 241414 [vjoel path.b] h = {3 => 4}
| |   | 241416 [gwtmp01 mac.] You don't.  There just has to be a clear documentation for
| |   | 241417 [vjoel path.b] Another possibility, unless you need to use the block that's passed to
| |   + 241432 [leslieviljoe] Is it *really* a problem that strings and integers produce values that
| |     241436 [gwtmp01 mac.] As a general response, I'd say that there is a strong semantic
| |     241454 [leslieviljoe] But why does the difference matter? Are you going to be using the
| |     241460 [gwtmp01 mac.] The entire context is that of object construction and how best to
| |     241729 [gwtmp01 mac.] This certainly simplifies MyClass#initialize but Ruby is flexible enough
| + 241413 [kbloom gmail] Sounds like you want C++200x concept checking, but that depends very
+ 241387 [lukfugl gmai] def foo(duck)
  241403 [dblack wobbl] duck[whatever]....

^ Re: Gems zlib problem
241397 [jedi_aka yah] Thanks a lot Ryan Tate

^ recvfrom broken on mswin32?
241398 [bramski gmai] ruby 1.8.5 (2006-12-25 patchlevel 12) [i386-mswin32]
241577 [bramski gmai] Anybody out there?  I don't want this to get too buried.
241581 [halostatue g] 22 hours is not enough time to warrant a bump.
241958 [bramski gmai] Okay, where is the ruby-core discussion?  I see a read-only forum on
241968 [halostatue g] Try going to ruby-lang.org; you'll be introduced to the mailing lists.

^ [ANN] rq-3.0.0 : ruby queue gets gem'd
241399 [ara.t.howard] NAME
241459 [ara.t.howard] YO - i'm cc'ing ruby-talk on this.  FYI.
241463 [jeremy hineg] Yeah right, I learn someting new every time you post :-).  Especially
241468 [ara.t.howard] heh, me too - i'm amazed someone actually insalls and looks at what it does!

^ detail plain text only
241408 [botp delmont] i have a sample output of rcov -T *.rb like so,

^ [ANN] Ruby Reports IRC Roundtable II, 2007.03.06
241410 [gregory.t.br] == Second Ruport IRC Roundtable ==

^ libxml's SaxParser and UTF-8 problem
241415 [fourtyounce ] I've written a small script to parse an xml doc with SaxParser and
+ 241847 [fourtyounce ] REXML looking  for that particular string, and it returned the correct,
+ 242284 [jenda cpan.o] Any chance the quote is passed to another call to on_characters? I do

^ Ruby and MS WORD
241418 [poxvuibr mai] I'm new to Ruby and just wanted to ask if it had any means to create or
+ 241419 [farrel.lifso] Have a look at the Win32OLE libraries. Rather than creating MS Word
| 241420 [poxvuibr mai] Thanks a lot! I wanted exactly something like that. Besides, I seriously
| + 241424 [phillipsds y] From memory, there's some good examples in the Ruby Garden wiki, but
| + 241425 [alin.popa gm] Let me show you something regarding MSWord file format binding
| + 241431 [leslieviljoe] No, and as soon as you used it, the format would change anyway.
|   241434 [pit capitain] More than ten years ago, when we wanted to programmatically create
|   241498 [perrin apoth] It's generally a better option, too -- no possibility of Word macro
+ 241606 [tirado.carlo] Yes. Basically you use the same VBA calls Office provides using Ruby
  + 242159 [poxvuibr mai] Ruby and MS WORD
  + 242220 [come.news fr] class WIN32OLE_METHOD
    242221 [come.news fr] class WIN32OLE_METHOD

^ Re: am new one to ruby on rails any manual to learn
241426 [hans.sjunnes] Hans

^ [QUIZ] GOPS (#116)
241433 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 241451 [robert.dober] Maybe I missed something, but I needed to
| 241453 [james graypr] Sure, you can do that.
| 241455 [robert.dober] Ok sorry no rake on my machine I am ashamed :(
+ 241525 [rajsahae gma] Do we construct the bot to play against one opponent or two?
| 241533 [james graypr] This quiz focuses on just two players...
| 241551 [robert.dober] I just wondered if it might not be a good idea to shorten the Spoiler
| + 241555 [james graypr] I think we should keep the spoiler period.  Give people some time to
| + 241557 [lerno dragon] Well the tricky part with this quiz is that if you want to make sure
|   + 241561 [james graypr] That might be a good case for solving this one using an evolution
|   + 241564 [rajsahae gma] Well then, once you've played your bot against the other weaker bots out
|     241569 [robert.dober] Well that only works for self learning or evolutionary bots, I am
+ 241810 [lerno dragon] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 241812 [lerno dragon] I found it very helpful to write my own quick and dirty
| + 241824 [james graypr] Which means I just had to make a static player slayer.  ;)
| | 241858 [lerno dragon] Observer is such a cheater... ;)
| + 242133 [james graypr] Here's my favorite strategy I've been able to come up with.
+ 241898 [olale ida.li] charset=US-ASCII;
  241946 [douglasyman ] This bot isn't as in depth as I initially hoped for, but I got a bit distracted researching game theory and probability. But still, I don't think I'm done with this quiz yet.

^ __PATH__ like __FILE__?
241435 [kristnjov no] I'm rather new to Ruby, so please bare with me. I just want to know if
+ 241437 [james graypr] Welcome to Ruby then.
+ 241439 [o.renaud lap] Le vendredi 02 mars 2007 14:55, Deniz Dogan a ˝─rit
| + 241441 [kristnjov no] Thanks to both of you.
| + 241442 [dan-ml dan42] File.expand_path(__FILE__+'/..')
|   241450 [george.ogata] File.expand_path('..', __FILE__)
|   241501 [perrin apoth] Ooh, that one's pretty.
+ 241440 [louis.j.scor] Deniz;
+ 241443 [transfire gm] I suggested the same a while back as __DIR__. I too think it would be

^ C-ish bitwise prime sieve in Ruby?
241438 [koflerjim ma] Can we translate the following C-coded prime sieve by Frank Pilhofer
+ 241446 [gavin refine] Yes! Ruby supports bitwise operations on Integers. One thing to watch
+ 241449 [gavin refine] a) http://www.google.com/search?q=Eratosthenes+ruby

^ MRplot
241458 [christopher.] Has anyone got experience with it?

^ Smallest FizzBuzz program
241461 [lojicdotcomN] This is really bugging me. Someone posted a golf challenge to write a
+ 241467 [jeremymcanal] 1.upto(100){|i|p"FizzBuzz#{i}"[i%3<1?0:i%5<1?4:8,i%15<1?8:4]}
| + 241471 [rimantas gma] But it messes with the output a bit...
| | + 241474 [lojicdotcomN] Awesome, ASCII value of letter d  !  Only 8 more bytes to shave off :)
| | + 241475 [shortcutter ] ?d.times{|i|puts"FizzBuzz#{i}"[i%3<1?0:i%5<1?4:8,i%15<1?8:4]}
| |   241478 [schapht gmai] This approach does 0..99 though.... :(
| |   241479 [shortcutter ] Darn.  Golf is just not my sport - never was. :-)
| + 241472 [lojicdotcomN] Thanks, but that breaks the output by adding "", so it won't do.
| + 241473 [shortcutter ] 100.times{|i|p"FizzBuzz#{i}"[i%3<1?0:i%5<1?4:8,i%15<1?8:4]}
|   241476 [lojicdotcomN] Nope. 100.times is not equivalent to 1.upto(100) - off by one error.
+ 241497 [gm.vlkv gmai] 1.upto(?d){|i,x|i%3<1&&x=:Fizz;puts i%5<1?"#{x}Buzz":i}
| + 241500 [kyleaschmitt] Ummm..... funny.... I see 9 and 12 in the output when I ran this :)
| | + 241503 [kyleaschmitt] 1.upto(?d){|i,x| i%3<1&&x=:Fizz;puts (i%3<1||i%5<1)?"#{x}Buzz":i} is
| | + 241505 [gm.vlkv gmai] it is my fault, last second optimization is always wrong
| |   241508 [lojicdotcomN] Nice work. I removed ,x from |i,x| on a whim and it still works - 57
| |   + 241509 [akalmykov op] I think you don't have to. Otherwise you have to count hard disk drive
| |   | 241512 [lojicdotcomN] Well, I didn't make the rules. When you upload a file to the following
| |   | 241524 [schapht gmai] -rw-r--r-- 1 schapht schapht 56 Mar  2 15:35 fizzbuzz.rb
| |   | 241546 [lojicdotcomN] Interesting. For me, vim shows 56 bytes of actual code, but ls shows 57
| |   | 241588 [schapht gmai] You sure?  If you do File.read(filename) in irb is there a \n at the
| |   | 241592 [lojicdotcomN] My bad - dude, you're a genius. Little did I know that Vim was sneaking
| |   + 241529 [martindemell] 1.upto(?d){|i|puts ["%sBuzz"%x=[:Fizz][i%3]][i%5]||x||i}
| |     241573 [rick.denatal] 1.upto(?d){|i|p ["%sBuzz"%x=[:Fizz][i%3]][i%5]||x||i}
| |     241574 [robert.dober] good decision ;) 'cause you are cheating, the output format of p is
| |     241576 [rick.denatal] And here I could have sworn that I'd actually tried that very code in irb.
| |     241580 [robert.dober] That's why I love it, nothing to lose ;)
| + 241504 [lojicdotcomN] Interesting. But it doesn't produce proper output :(
+ 241590 [lojicdotcomN] I submitted the resulting program to the site (which is back up now)
+ 241853 [guillaume.na] I was trying to submit to program for the prime number challenge, but I
| 241912 [robert.dober] On 3/5/07, Guillaume Nargeot
+ 242290 [jenda cpan.o] Hey! Stop this! It's supposed to be the dreadfull scripting language
  242291 [martindemell] The email address simply drips irony :)
  242367 [rick.denatal] And what's pearl?  I thought it was perl.  What does it mean if one
  + 242368 [robert.dober] Oh Rick just forget him, he will become a stone in the sun.
  | 242376 [rick.denatal] Why does conjure up a picture of Mick Jagger lying on a beach?
  | 242382 [robert.dober] I guess I lack some cultural reference to understand this :)
  | 242418 [rick.denatal] Mick Jagger is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones.
  | 242486 [robert.dober] Actually I am quite old (not as old as the Stones but almost), but
  + 242462 [perrin apoth] Actually, in this context, I think "Jenda" is being intentionally