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^ (OT) strftime
241116 [rmagick gmai] strftime is named after the function in the Standard C library. It
241117 [dblack wobbl] Shades of "When you assume..." :-)

^ Rubygems Weirdness
241122 [runner berke] I've been experiencing some strange behavior with rubygems.
241133 [runner berke] I've been experiencing some strange behavior with rubygems.
241187 [drbrain segm] Can you file a bug in the RubyGems tracker?  Otherwise nobody will

^ [ANN] RSpec-0.8.0
241124 [dchelimsky g] The RSpec Development Team is pleased to announce the release of RSpec-0.8.0.

^ mini_magick vs image_science
241129 [jonsdenni gm] I simply want to resize images.  Which is easier to install/use and uses
241130 [jonsdenni gm] oh, and I mean to install mini_magick or image_science themselves, and
241140 [ara.t.howard] depends on what you have installed already.  do you have image magick
241142 [jonsdenni gm] I don't have anything installed :D
241292 [rmagick gmai] I've never used mini_magick, but I understand that it's a wrapper around

^ Ruby/TK equivalent to Perl/TK "Scrolled" method
241144 [alex.decaria] Perl/Tk contains a "Scrolled" method which is a shortcut method for
241236 [gk cutcopy.c] # example how to add scrollbars to items

^ Overload [] operator and use a block ?
241146 [stephane.wir] I would like to know if it's possible to overload the [] operator to
+ 241148 [jameskilton ] Did you try to and find an error?
+ 241149 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> o=Object.new
| 241152 [logancapaldo] Yep.
| 241154 [B.Candler po] t.[]('string') { puts 'almost as bad' }
+ 241150 [gwtmp01 mac.] Not in Ruby 1.8.x but your example works just fine in Ruby 1.9.
  241157 [stephane.wir] thanks Gary

^ Sorting a Hash
241147 [rubylearner ] I want to have a hash with its elements sorted with a custom sort order.
+ 241151 [logancapaldo] The short answer is "No". :) There's a bunch of SortedHashes floating out
+ 241156 [ara.t.howard] this __exactly__ what rbtree does.  look on the raa.
| 241219 [davekapp gma] Part of what makes a hash a hash is the fact that the elements in it are not
| 241318 [rubylearner ] Trying to maintain a hash "in
| 241324 [khaines enig] Works great in some cases, but array's function means that some operations
| 241335 [rick.denatal] Array is usually one of the fastest classes in Ruby.  Of course the
| 241336 [khaines enig] True.  But if trying to deal with ordering elements stored in a hash, and
+ 241290 [rick.denatal] Well there's nothing stopping you from adding methods to Hash to

^ [ANN] nmap-0.1.0 (narray + mmap = persistant grids)
241155 [ara.t.howard] NAME
241160 [vjoel path.b] Ara, have you considered a name that won't get confused with the nmap
241173 [ara.t.howard] um.  no.  never heard of that!  suggestions?
+ 241176 [wbsmith83 gm] memray?
| + 241215 [ara.t.howard] ohhhh.  i like.
| + 241216 [ara.t.howard] or just
|   241243 [daniel.schie] mary
|   241247 [martindemell] mnemmap
|   + 241254 [B.Candler po] do dooo, di do-do...
|   + 241285 [ara.t.howard] eminmap ?? ;-)
|     241354 [cdcarter gma] eigenmap?
|     241377 [perrin apoth] One of these days, we'll have to name something eigeneigen.
|     + 241390 [tim.pease gm] eigeneigen = lambda {|obj| class << obj; class << self; self; end; end}
|     | 241395 [perrin apoth] Sure.  Make sure you create some documentation.
|     + 241392 [gwtmp01 mac.] Here we go eigen.
+ 241178 [vjoel path.b] amap
  241179 [jmettraux op] n-ara-map ?
  241181 [tim.pease gm] pnarray  (sounds like canary but with a 'p')

^ Can't login to Rubyforge, just says "cookies must be enabled"
241159 [farrel.lifso] I registered a new account on Rubyforge but can't seem to login. After
+ 241260 [tom infoethe] Hm, were you able to get this sorted out?  If not, please post a support
| 241305 [farrel.lifso] Still have the same problem. Have posted a support request.
| 241317 [rubygeekgirl] Have you tried another browser, just to be on the safe side?
| 241320 [farrel.lifso] I've only got Gecko based browsers on my machine (Firefox, Mozilla and
| + 241321 [rubygeekgirl] Yikes.  That tells me that there is a common component on your one machine
| + 241323 [farrel.lifso] I even tried links and it's not working.
|   241345 [perrin apoth] That sounds like a firewall issue of some sort, though I'm not entirely
|   241352 [tom infoethe] Yeah, it's weird indeed... and as Chad said, since it doesn't happen to
|   241378 [perrin apoth] Perhaps more to the point, it's clearly outside of the browser itself,
|   241382 [rubygeekgirl] I emailed with him a few times offlist... He's in Gentoo in the GNOME
|   241385 [perrin apoth] He reported trying to connect via the links browser, which also did not
|   + 241423 [farrel.lifso] I posted a request on a local OSS mailing list (I'm in South Africa by
|   | + 241427 [farrel.lifso] I'm beginning to suspect that this is being caused by Telkom's
|   | + 241428 [gustav rails] I'm in South Africa too (Stellenbosch) and have the same issue. I've
|   |   + 241444 [tom infoethe] Yikes. What a bummer...
|   |   + 241447 [jan.svitok g] Maybe some other proxy (tor?) or a ssh tunnel could solve this? Try
|   + 241445 [rubygeekgirl] Hyperlinks, as the Lynx browswer isn't spelled links.) :)
|     + 241448 [kristnjov no] There is an alternative browser to lynx, called elinks, or sometimes
|     | + 241456 [rubygeekgirl] Ah, cool :) Nice to know for other purposes :)
|     | + 241495 [perrin apoth] Technically, links and elinks are two separate applications -- in much
|     + 241493 [perrin apoth] $ apt-cache show links
|       241511 [rubygeekgirl] Nice!  Ya learn something new everyday. :)
+ 241943 [farrel.lifso] I've managed to solve the problem! It was an issue with Telkom's
  + 242430 [greg.hurrell] For what it's worth, I can't log in to Rubyforge either.
  | 243607 [no spam.plea] I had the same problem here, but if you entered the right password,
  | 243689 [alex deletem] With a bit more poking, that's not quite what's happening for me (on NTL UK, which uses transparent proxies).
  + 243294 [alex deletem] Anyone else in the UK on NTL/Virgin Media having this problem as of the last week or two? - and any suggestions for a fix?

^ How to check if child process is still alive?
241161 [andreas_s ho] how do you check if your child process from fork still alive or not? In perl
+ 241172 [ara.t.howard] # returns true if pid is running, false otherwise
+ 241175 [gwtmp01 mac.] Using Process.kill(0, pid) will return 1 as long as the process
  241189 [andreas_s ho] I don't want to use Process.wait because it will block. I have a queue that
  241192 [dan-ml dan42] Then you should use Process.detach(child_pid)
  241195 [andreas_s ho] Hey, that does the trick. Thanks a lot Daniel, and to Gary and Ara.

^ Functional programming in Ruby
241162 [B.Candler po] Not a question or anything... I just wanted to share this snippet with
+ 241184 [perrin apoth] If you want to play with a more "functional" language than Ruby, you
+ 241196 [james graypr] Wow, those melted my brain.
  241225 [B.Candler po] proc { |n1, f1|

^ Ruby / Rails IDE Comparison : Idea, NetBeans, Eclipse
241180 [seb.auvray g] I tested and noted features of those 3 great java IDEs coming into the

^ Something wrong with "rapt" . . . ?
241182 [gberz3 gmail] Is there something going on with rapt?  I've been using it the past

^ Win32OLE trouble (custom ocx)
241188 [barryjr gmai] I'm trying to make calls to an OCX we developed in house.  The OCX is an
241193 [cohen.jeff g] I'm pretty sure that HRESULT indicates a null pointer error.  My guess
241316 [barryjr gmai] Line 6 is the method call on the object after the object is created.
241430 [masaki.suket] Have you tried to access your OCX without using olegen?
241470 [barryjr gmai] I'm just trying to make it work.  Any method is fine.
241586 [masaki.suket] Sorry, I'm not sure, but this might be Win32OLE's limit.
241960 [barryjr gmai] You're leading me toward the problem.  That VBScript code does not work.
241989 [cohen.jeff g] Any chance that the CLSID that works (884BD6BB-E4BA-4EEA-A632-
242002 [barryjr gmai] I think you'll have

^ [ANN] CVS services will be permanently unavailable
241190 [shugo ruby-l] CVS services (including CVSup and CVSweb) will be permanently

^ object_* and instance_* methods
241191 [dan-ml dan42] A while back there was a proposal to use a standard naming scheme for
241206 [dblack wobbl] Why object_method?
241210 [dan-ml dan42] 1. consistence: it's a meta-programming method
241255 [dblack wobbl] They're all just methods, though.  I'm uneasy with assigning clusters
241941 [transfire gm] Yet the methods we're talking about in particular are rather "meta"-
241949 [dblack wobbl] I don't underestimate it -- I just don't like the idea of decisions
241969 [transfire gm] I think you are though, becuase beloging to this category isn't the
241971 [dblack wobbl] Have another look at the thread. Daniel was adducing
242033 [transfire gm] Yes he was, but as a consequence of other needs, not just because
242085 [dan-ml dan42] I meant both, really. I named about 5-6 "problems" that each benefited
242171 [rick.denatal] I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'm interested since it seems to
242194 [dan-ml dan42] - avoids ugliness like __send__
+ 242226 [B.Candler po] I don't think any of those are actually stated as problems. I hope you don't
| + 242234 [B.Candler po] module Meta
| | + 242236 [pit capitain] Brian, this looks a lot like the concept of "mirrors" in the language
| | | 242266 [transfire gm] This suggestion has been around a long time, Ara reintroduced it
| | + 242239 [B.Candler po] Alternatively, make your own methods on the objects themselves, giving them
| | | 242260 [transfire gm] Woh! Now you're undermining the very reasons for doing this. If we all
| | | 242262 [B.Candler po] I was just trying to make something which might be more palatable to the OP.
| | | 242271 [dblack wobbl] But we don't.  The method names in Ruby are hand-crafted with great
| | | 242274 [B.Candler po] No, that wasn't intended at all.
| | | 242276 [dblack wobbl] I didn't write what follows so I guess the quoting got hosed :-)
| | | 242282 [B.Candler po] Hmm. Clearly this sort of stuff could go into a module; then anything which
| | | 242407 [transfire gm] I think that could be a damn good idea!
| | + 242267 [transfire gm] 5) Doesn't encapsulate the original object.
| |   242270 [transfire gm] Correction...
| + 242244 [transfire gm] Ah, that was a refreshing analysis. Thank's Brian!
| + 242268 [dblack wobbl] this has already happened once, so we've filled the quota :-)  Also, I
|   242295 [dan-ml dan42] I'm starting to see your point. If we follow to its extreme the logic of
|   + 242373 [rick.denatal] How is is_a? an action?  To me it looks like a predicate which is a
|   | 242409 [dan-ml dan42] You are entirely right of course. I was thinking of "verb", really, and
|   + 242397 [transfire gm] Lets back up a second, these are "meta" because they are considered
|     + 242398 [dblack wobbl] This reminds me of the routine where George Carlin reduces the ten
|     | 242403 [transfire gm] Lol! :)
|     | + 242405 [dblack wobbl] Well... we'd have an awful lot of !'s if it started meaning that :-)
|     | + 242406 [B.Candler po] Maybe all danger involves action, but not all action involves danger.
|     + 242412 [dan-ml dan42] I kinda like that a little bit. We could have
+ 242422 [halostatue g] __send__ was *supposed* to be ugly, because it's a signal that you're

^ least significant bit ?
241198 [  q666 wp.pl] I have a question about Steganography in ruby how could i write and read
241235 [jan.svitok g] if you can read and write bytes of the picture you can set any bit by

^ Writing a destructor is possible ?
241199 [guillaume.na] I would like to know if it is possible to write (for a class) something like
241204 [halostatue g] On 2/28/07, Guillaume Nargeot
241222 [guillaume.na] Sorry, but I don't know were to find these archives... I thought I found
+ 241232 [drbrain segm] (google "ruby-talk archives")
+ 241239 [stephane.wir] With google,

^ PDF Appender?
241200 [rpardee gmai] Hey All,
+ 241203 [halostatue g] that you'll have to use.
+ 241212 [kou cozmixng] surface = Cairo::PDFSurface.new(...)
  241273 [rpardee gmai] Ah, that looks very promising!  I shall pursue those.  Many thanks!

^ Mechanize - Altering a WWW::Mechanize::Page document
241202 [qYuri-us now] Some web pages use Javascript to add a bit of crucial html to the DOM after

^ Array comparison.. why does this work.
241205 [theopensourc] How does Ruby do Array comparision?
241207 [dblack wobbl] One element at a time.
241214 [theopensourc] Sorry, when I mentioned comparison I meant "Under the hood". (I realise
241217 [daniels pron] I would guess that it would just do an include? call on the second array
241220 [collinsj sea] Don't forget, you can always just look at the source[1].
241224 [theopensourc] Awesome I didn't now where to find the sources to read them.

^ [ANN] Holy Telephony Batman! It's Batphone 0.1.0
241221 [fugalh ziane] Does the world need yet another Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface library?
241226 [ara.t.howard] i do, thanks!

^ Re: nmap-0.1.0 (narray + mmap = persistant grids)
241223 [gavin refine] "Meeeemray
241227 [ara.t.howard] LOL!

^ problem with DRb
241229 [rajsahae gma] I'm going to try to explain this problem without posting huge amounts of
241233 [drbrain segm] To start off, don't hijack threads by changing the subject.  Start
+ 241244 [B.Candler po] Also, google for "drbtutorial". This points to a Rubygarden Wiki page.
+ 241267 [james graypr] There is a word missing in the first sentence about that reverses its
  241326 [rajsahae gma] the post by email, I didn't go to the forum.  For some reason, I assumed
  241327 [james graypr] Most mail clients use headers in the email message.  I believe the

^ Problem Configuring Ruby Source in Linux
241231 [ewijaya i2r.] I'm new to Ruby, and I am trying to install Ruby-1.8.5
+ 241234 [drbrain segm] fix your CFLAG (or whatever) environment variable or mkdir ~/.ocaml/
+ 241245 [B.Candler po] +-I/home/ewijaya/.libstree/include -I/home/ewijaya/.gsl/include
+ 241302 [rubygeekgirl] It looks like you're running RedHat or maybe Fedora?  It's been a while

^ Why does String have to_str and Integer have to_int?
241237 [nanostuff ma] That's pretty much my question :) Thanks.
+ 241240 [drbrain segm] A String is a String representation, so it converts to a String.
+ 241246 [B.Candler po] So you can write
  + 241263 [nanostuff ma] Ah, right. That's just about the only practical use for it then?
  + 241280 [tsela.cg gma] That's because those pairs of methods have different roles. The
    241329 [drbrain segm] Or
    + 241334 [wonado donne] Thanks for this very catchy description.
    + 241337 [tsela.cg gma] Great description! Thank you for summing up so well what I was trying
      241344 [rick.denatal] Yes it's catchy, but
      241348 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think Matz and Co. agree with you...

^ Installing .gem in an embedded system
241242 [fonta72 gmai] I am trying to install sqlite3-ruby-1.1.0.gem on an embedded system (with
241270 [jan.svitok g] extract the sources, compile the extension where you have the
241770 [fonta72 gmai] I am not able to build a non-empty .gem, so I worked with .tar.gz package.

^ Re: rubynuby - confused by method name "inject"
241248 [jenda cpan.o] The thread is still kicking exactly because names are important. And
+ 241249 [rimantas gma] Don't you confuse "stupid" with "the ones I am not used to"?
+ 241250 [robert.dober] you are polluting this ML
+ 241308 [lukfugl gmai] I have to ask, from the apparent bitterness and outright hostility of

^ default passed block for method
241251 [niko kington] I'm trying to define the missing block given in the context of the
+ 241252 [dblack wobbl] def self.list(relations,source,&block)
| 241256 [niko kington] it works like a charm
| 241259 [robert.dober] they are bad unfortunately, I would not have thought of it, great pointing at
| 241386 [vjoel path.b] That's not really fair to David's suggestion, though, since in the
| 241422 [robert.dober] Well I benchmarked my suggestion, not David's, probably made another
| 241485 [rick.denatal] Just for giggles, I combined Robert and Joel's benchmarks and ran them
| 241489 [robert.dober] Rick I think as a matter of fact that both benchmarks are important.
| 241542 [rick.denatal] I was suggesting that an analysis of how the relative numbers are
| 241552 [robert.dober] I thought so Rick, but they seem identical, I mean the same factor of
| 241575 [rick.denatal] Not really, here's a cross tabulation (formatting likely to get screwed up)
+ 241253 [robert.dober] Is the following pattern better for you?
+ 241257 [B.Candler po] def foo(*args, &blk)

^ Newbie Question
241262 [rwk americom] I am new to Ruby.  This is the very first class I am writing and it
+ 241269 [jan.svitok g] You can't have more then one argument to setter (var=)
+ 241271 [B.Candler po] Unfortunately, a 'foo=' method can only take one argument, which is the
| 241275 [B.Candler po] Are you trying to count, for each artist, the number of songs of a
| 241279 [a2800276 gma] oddly enough, you can define such a method, but you can't call it
+ 241312 [rick.denatal] You've already stimulated discussion on the restrictions on x= methods in Ruby.
| 241315 [james.d.mast] This is one thing that really bothers me about Ruby.  Does anyone know
| 241322 [gwtmp01 mac.] class A
| 241333 [james.d.mast] Yes, this is kind of what I'm referring to; however, my gripe is that
| + 241338 [B.Candler po] So how would it work? B.per_class and A.per_class are clearly different,
| | 241343 [B.Candler po] def self.per_class
| + 241339 [rick.denatal] Go back and look at my earlier post.
| | 241372 [james.d.mast] OK, I did... and I also ran the code that you provided in the second
| | + 241381 [james.d.mast] And here is the reference for those interested; with comments in the
| | | 241384 [gwtmp01 mac.] It is not clear at all (to me) what you mean by 'inheriting variables'.
| | + 241421 [B.Candler po] Maybe this is where the confusion arises. Here you're talking about
| |   241491 [rick.denatal] It seems like this is approaching the notions of delegation rather
| |   241545 [james.d.mast] Thanks Rick and all who have added their thoughts into this
| + 241369 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think your use of 'inherit' is misleading.  Inheritance generally
|   241379 [perrin apoth] The word "scope" comes to mind for me.
+ 241465 [cdcarter gma] def Song.count=(*args)
  242037 [rwk americom] What I am really looking for is the concept of lvalue's.  There are many
  242047 [gwtmp01 mac.] There is nothing like that in Ruby.  You can avoid some of