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^ soap4r attributes vs elements
240924 [roy.britten ] soap4r is great when it comes to creating requests consisting of elements

240929 [joaomiguel.p] This is an easy one, but I can't find a way to do it.
+ 240931 [ara.t.howard] -a
+ 240932 [jan.svitok g] try either
+ 240986 [assaf.arkin ] gem install uuid
  240988 [rmagick gmai] "require_gem" is obsolete, use "gem" if you need to specify a specific
  241520 [assaf.arkin ] I should know that :-)

^ extending DrawingArea
240933 [fedelardi gm] I am going to overrive the Gtk::DrawingArea in such a way that it can

^ Re: ED for Windows IDE released with comprehensive Ruby supp
240936 [subs surfula] Thanks for the reply. ED has user defined color schemes along with a
+ 240958 [huw DELTHISB] I think you've just described...
+ 241006 [ssmoot gmail] Definitely looks like you've done it right! I almost feel bad about

^ Net::FTP hangs
240939 [TimHunter nc] Running ruby 1.8.5 (2006-08-25) on Mac OS X 10.4.8.
240943 [pbooth nocoi] Works for me from script or in irb. I'd be suspicious about your name
241029 [TimHunter nc] open-uri works to retrieve a web page via a url. curl works. I installed
241031 [ara.t.howard] ftp.passive = true
241167 [TimHunter nc] That did the trick, Ara! Thanks! Now the question is, why?
+ 241169 [andrew.kreps] This has to do with the proliferation of FTP servers hidden behind
+ 241170 [ara.t.howard] most client software auto negotiates this these days, like curl, which is very
  241201 [TimHunter nc] Thank you for the education, Ara. My ignorance of FTP is a bit less vast

^ open-uri and utf8
240942 [kjell statio] I'm trying to make requests to google translate [http://google.com/
240955 [B.Candler po] URLs cannot contain accented characters directly - they must be escaped into

^ [ANN] mechanize 0.6.5 Released
240944 [aaron_patter] mechanize version 0.6.5 has been released!

^ [ANN] GoRuCo Presentation Proposals last call!
240945 [gregory.t.br] Hey guys, just a reminder that proposals for talks for the Gotham Ruby

^ Ruby Scripting Language <# help>
240947 [navins aditi] charset="iso-8859-1"
244217 [ruby.hardwar] Would you show the code that you have so far?

^ Install mini_magick.gem
240950 [jonsdenni gm] In search of a way to resize images using ruby, I was pointed to
240956 [alexg kuicr.] You will need to install rubygems first - a library for Ruby that
240987 [jonsdenni gm] thanks!

^ ANN: Rake 0.7.2 Released
240952 [jim weirichh] = Rake 0.7.2 Released

^ get new files in dstdir before cp_r
240961 [Gilbert.Rebh] i have a workflow that copies folders with FileUtils.cp_r
240962 [B.Candler po] Dir.chdir(dir) do

^ Need to Unscribe MySelf
240963 [navins aditi] I want to Unscribe by sely from Ruby Talk.
240967 [erikveen gma] You can unsubscribe the same  way as you described...

^ [PATCH/Cygwin] Build shared libs with --enable-auto-image-base
240964 [spam vinsche] in the Cygwin net distribution I started to build the ruby package
240965 [spam vinsche] but the normal Makefile instead

^ Regular expression matches last occurrence instead of first
240968 [andyo oreill] I've found an anomoly in the way Ruby handles non-greedy regular
240969 [vincent.four] str.scan(pattern)                         => array

^ Interaction of debug.h and DRb
240973 [han.holl gma] This is 1.8.4 on Linux

^ RubyGems for Ruby 1.9
240974 [threeeyedfis] Good day all!
241025 [drbrain segm] Do you have a patch?  Please file it in the RubyGems bug tracker.

^ Testing rake
240975 [han.holl gma] I installed rake-0.7.2 as a gem, and following the suggestion of the
241265 [jim weirichh] Hmm ... rcov shouldn't be required just to run unit tests.  I'll fix

^ Can't see ouput of executed command
240976 [memberships.] On a windows system, I execute a command using the 'backtick' notation,
240977 [vincent.four] If you mean there's not output on your terminal while you are calling
240978 [memberships.] Thanks a lot. So what's the difference between system() and exec()?
240979 [vincent.four] system = spawns a subprogram to run something

^ Comparing two arrays
240980 [george.rafae] values that are in the second array and the values that aren't
+ 240981 [robert.dober] If I understand correctly you want something like
| 240983 [george.rafae] Ok, from what i understand you are iterating thought the entire first
+ 240985 [gavin refine] Ruby makes it quite easy to find out which elements from one array
  240989 [george.rafae] Ok, thanks now im trying to take out this from a anyline on the file
  240991 [gavin refine] I'm sorry, but I do not understand at all what you are asking. I
  240992 [george.rafae] Sorry for that about the post i did not know. Maybe if i show you some
  240999 [robert.dober] Rafael it is indeed confusing, I guess I did not understand what you

^ Time granularity
240982 [pbailey bna.] I need to create some time variables for our company's accounting budget
240984 [khaines enig] Do it with Date instead of Time.
+ 240993 [Rob AgileCon] ...
+ 240994 [pbailey bna.] This is perfect. Thanks, Kirk.
+ 241002 [Rob AgileCon] => #<Date: 4908263/2,0,2299161>
  241076 [pbailey bna.] Got it. Thanks.

^ JavaScript-based Ruby lexer/parser for CSS syntax highlighting?
240995 [gavin refine] I'm looking for a JS library that will find <code class="ruby"> (or
240996 [gavin refine] [/snip]
241009 [logancapaldo] Does it have to be JS? You gonna do client side lexing of ruby in JS? (I
241014 [gavin refine] I could, for sure. That trades bytes over the wire for user's cpu

^ Test::Unit and one-time setup and teardown
240998 [ara_vartania] Does anyone know of a way of performing one-time setup and teardown per Test::Unit::TestCase?
+ 241004 [robert.dober] Dvu ???
+ 241021 [drbrain segm] Do it at class level and store it in a class variable or constant.
| 241060 [pit capitain] Nice trick, Eric! Thanks for sharing.
+ 241051 [schapht gmai] Have you tried BEGIN {} and END {}?  But perhaps there's something

^ webrick fails with large files
241003 [rogerpack200] loads the page into a string object
+ 241024 [drbrain segm] Don't dynamically build and send large strings.  Use an IO instead.
| 241026 [rogerpack200] I believe that rails must use strings, then--any ideas for that case?
| 241035 [daniels pron] Don't use webrick for any serious hosting - sending out a 700mb file
+ 241050 [schapht gmai] I doubt Webrick was ever really intended for that sort of work.  You
  241061 [B.Candler po] Or run your code as a fastcgi under Apache.

^ Reading web service resposes in chunks?
241005 [bjohnson med] I am making a web service call and getting back very large responses
241153 [B.Candler po] 1. build the SOAP XML request as a string

^ PlanMachine9 - any interest?
241007 [gavin refine] In my spare time I created a library in Ruby that mimics something I
241011 [logancapaldo] You may (or may not) want to change the name before the first official
+ 241015 [perrin apoth] I basically had the same reaction, except I didn't know about Ruby-IXP.
| 241017 [gavin refine] Bah, all the good puns are taken. Thanks, though. Maybe I'll keep the
| 241020 [perrin apoth] How about Plan8?
| 241027 [damnbigman g] Or Plan10 depending on how you want to pun it.
| 241028 [perrin apoth] I thought about that, but that might be used as the name for a later
| + 241030 [damnbigman g] It's not a name now though so you would have claim to using it first.
| + 241062 [shortcutter ] I opt for "Plan9.5". :-)
| | + 241090 [halostatue g] Why not PlanKyu? (Kyu is Japanese for nine. Hopefully, I've got the
| | | + 241100 [gavin refine] Plankyu very much for the suggestion. ;)
| | | | 241105 [obstinate.ja] PurenKyu(Plan9 in Japafied Engrish)
| | | + 241938 [ko1 atdot.ne] How about PlanQ?
| | |   + 242016 [twinwing gma] At least there's much interest in the name...  :P
| | |   + 242077 [shortcutter ] No, that is too reminiscent of BenQ - which doesn't enjoy a good
| | + 241099 [dblack wobbl] How about PlanNein? :-)
| |   + 241104 [shortcutter ] Oh nein!
| |   | 241165 [robert.dober] Plan 27 than, who knows why?
| |   | + 241166 [vjoel path.b] Plan42 is the Answer, but it will take a larger brain, whose very
| |   | + 241168 [gavin refine] Hrm, you may be on to something there.
| |   |   241230 [robert.dober] Of course but stupid as usual, forgive me all non German native speakers.
| |   + 241307 [louis.j.scor] This thread reminds me of a giant laser beam named for a noted
| + 241177 [drosihn gmai] Plan 3K
|   241183 [perrin apoth] . . . which, for a long time, wouldn't show Plan 9 because it was "too
+ 241303 [aglarond gma] My thoughts exactly!  Anyone up for more Plan9/Inferno stuff in Ruby?

^ Rake Namespaces
241010 [james graypr] namespace :abc do
241013 [marcel verni] namespace :def do
241016 [james graypr] Thank you.

^ RubyGems New gem() Method
241012 [james graypr] Am I understanding right that the new gem() does not actually perform
241019 [drbrain segm] Kernel#gem adds the gem's require_paths to $:.
241022 [james graypr] So gem prepends them to $:, so they will be found before the standard

^ a little help with importing c library
241023 [teafiguric g] I am very new to Ruby, but I am giving it a try. If I am able to load
+ 241034 [teafiguric g] I got it!!
+ 241048 [schapht gmai] I'm assuming you've read README.ext already?
  241480 [teafiguric g] Thank you for your response Mat, I will look into the links.

^ bug? installing gems
241036 [gazmcgheesub] to C:\ruby. Then I downloaded rubygems-0.9.2, cd'ed into it and typed
241037 [halostatue g] You must have RUBYOPT set in the environment, meaning that you have a
241158 [gazmcgheesub] True, but I renamed the original folder (to hide it) and reinstalled to
241402 [halostatue g] The old version isn't; your environment is.

^ is there something method in ruby like python's reduce()?
241040 [huangliang22] there is python's build-in function reduce()'s definition
241041 [mguterl gmai] ri Enumerable#inject

^ A code generator?
241043 [pedro.delgal] I am in a not rails project. I want to generate some struct-dumb-code
+ 241045 [ruby.hardwar] Double posting?
+ 241046 [schapht gmai] First, how about creating an in-house gem rather than code
+ 241241 [erikveen gma] Ruby itself is a good code-generator for Ruby...

^ using mini_magick
241044 [jonsdenni gm] thanks for all the help... I'm making progress...
241047 [schapht gmai] require 'rubygems'
241053 [jonsdenni gm] yay! thanks, no more error :)
241054 [schapht gmai] (Or start at localhost:8808 if your version of mini_magick is different)
241058 [jonsdenni gm] ooo
241059 [botp delmont] # > http://localhost:8808/doc_root/mini_magick-1.2.0/rdoc/index.html

^ Re: is there something method in ruby like python's reduce()
241052 [huangliang22] it's very useful, thanks!

^ How can I monitor a Regexp?
241055 [dan-ml dan42] Because a regular expression can have different behaviors depending on its kcode
+ 241068 [robert.dober] Yes, well no, I had one, but prospects look bleak now, look at this
+ 241069 [frdrch web.d] ruby -v
| 241072 [dan-ml dan42] Very interesting. If you assign the regexp to a variable you get
+ 241079 [dan-ml dan42] As an addendum, I was wondering why \w matches extended characters in utf8.

^ stuck on simple problem!
241064 [christopher.] Can anyone please tell me how to resolve this error? I just want to use
+ 241065 [a2800276 gma] ...
+ 241066 [alin.popa gm] Which kind of OS are you using ? (UNIX like / MS Win / etc. )
  241067 [christopher.] Thanks guys,
  241070 [a2800276 gma] Only on Windows. Have a look at the gemspec for the project

^ Using win32ole to access the Flash ExternalInterface API?
241071 [pmotz5 hotma] I am working on a master thesis at Norwegian University of Science and
241283 [rza.south gm] It's very simple really, you just instantiate a Ruby object to the

^ [ANN] rcov 0.8.0: new output modes, fix for RSpec woes, superior Emacs integration
241073 [ mfp acm.org] Source code, additional information, screenshots... available at

^ win32::changenotify and multiple events
241074 [martindemell] Could someone give me a minimal example of win32::changenotify code

^ ruby-postgres for Ruby 1.9
241075 [galizur gmai] It looks like ruby-postgres needs some patching due to the changes
241115 [ruby j-davis] Dave Lee is the current maintainer, dave@cherryville.org, and I have

^ Re: rcov 0.8.0: new output modes, fix for RSpec woes, superi
241077 [frdrch web.d] rcov 0.8.0 2007-02-28
241088 [ mfp acm.org] This was an interesting bug report, I've found a possible bug in Ruby
+ 241093 [dchelimsky g] It looks like rcov won't cover an empty rescue clause. I posted a
+ 241097 [frdrch web.d] % ruby -v
  241145 [ mfp acm.org] I finally decided to leave 0.8.1 for later, but I applied the patch to
  241163 [faisal faisa] What does that do to the version on RubyForge?
  241185 [ mfp acm.org] The version on Rubyforge is; both the gem and the tarball for

^ Re: strict pragma & scope
241078 [jenda cpan.o] Which basically means that in this "language" there is NO WAY to declare
241089 [Rob AgileCon] super_ids (plural)
241174 [subs surfula] I touched on the issue of lack of variable declarations in my short

^ Re: Q: variable "declarations"
241081 [jenda cpan.o] I would suggest using a programming language.
241109 [djberg96 gma] That seems like a rather snarky reply, coming nearly a year (!) after
241171 [subs surfula] I touched on the issue of lack of variable declarations in my short

^ ptools gem problem
241084 [bitdoger2 ya] i tried ptools gem and after install win-file-stat and win-pr i get this
241107 [djberg96 gma] Oh, drat, it seems that method is for Windows XP or later only. I'll
241126 [bitdoger2 ya] ..thanx ...dan...no real hurry...i'll watch for it...a big thanx in
241131 [djberg96 gma] I went ahead and released 0.6.4, so it should be available by now, or

^ ruby datetime to mysql
241085 [ruby iwebsl.] I'm missing the boat on datetime. I'm trying to convert Ruby datetime to
241087 [a2800276 gma] I don't believe you should need to do any conversion, Ruby's date types
241101 [ruby iwebsl.] I don't have access to my code at the moment but here is the situation.
241102 [a2800276 gma] Assuming their both ruby scripts, I'm not sure I understand why one
241111 [ruby iwebsl.] The one script is eruby index.rhtml the other is not ruby and it does
241113 [gavin refine] See the (confusingly-tersely-named) Time#strftime method. It will let

^ [ANN] webgen 0.4.2
241091 [thomas.leitn] Hey everybody,
+ 241094 [dchelimsky g] Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy.
+ 241095 [Gilbert.Rebh] [ ... ]

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
241092 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;
241098 [bhammond00 y] Petr, we should hang out. :-)  Our solutions are pretty similar!

^ DBI Timeout
241096 [greg.kujawa ] I am currently trying to retrieve a rather large recordset from a
241103 [greg.kujawa ] Specifically I am using the dbd_ado DBI library. Since the fetch_all
241108 [khaines enig] It sounds to me like the timeout is coming from the database.  Do you have
241110 [greg.kujawa ] It is definitely coming from the database. Right now I'm trying to
241114 [khaines enig] def connect(dbname, user, auth, attr)

^ How to get modules included by a class/module (not those from the superclasses)
241106 [ruby_admirer] Is there a way to get only the modules included by a given class.
241123 [pit capitain] Including a module in a class that already has been included by one of
+ 241164 [ruby_admirer] Pit,
+ 241278 [rick.denatal] This has changed in 1.9 (or at least as of a few months ago which was
  241284 [ruby_admirer] Thanks for your reply.
  241306 [rick.denatal] Actually, I just checked out the latest version of the 1.9 trunk code,

^ Stepping out on a Limb - some very ugly code
241112 [rubygeekgirl] I've spent a few minutes this morning working on some code for that Resume
+ 241118 [mental rydia] That said, I guess three things stand out at the moment -- two are a matter of Ruby style, the other isn't really Ruby-specific.
| 241120 [rubygeekgirl] That's funny! :) I Say that because I normally write my if/else statements
+ 241119 [rajsahae gma] Well, I'm new to ruby too, but the most obvious things I would do is
| 241121 [rubygeekgirl] Well, I'm new to ruby too, but the most obvious things I would do is
+ 241125 [sepp2k googl] How about something like this instead?
  241128 [rubygeekgirl] That's an angle I hadn't even thought of!  Thank you!
  + 241132 [bitdoger2 ya] thanx sammantha for asking....i've printed these suggestions and will
  + 241134 [rubygeekgirl] 1) After getting the information from the user, I want to be able to output
    + 241138 [sepp2k googl] Just use contact_info["x"] to access information x (e.g. contact_info["street
    | 241141 [rubygeekgirl] Gotcha, so... i'd type
    | 241208 [rubygeekgirl] After taking several suggestions, I've come up with 91 lines of code
    | + 241209 [dblack wobbl] That's because capitalize!, like a lot of bang methods, returns nil if
    | | 241211 [rubygeekgirl] Ahhh, that makes sense.  I tried it both ways, capitalizing and without
    | | 241258 [dblack wobbl] Lose the !.  Just issue a new string with capitalize.  There's no
    | | + 241261 [ruby muerman] <snip>>
    | | + 241297 [rubygeekgirl] Why do things need to be so simple?  :)
    | + 241266 [louis.j.scor] Samantha;
    |   + 241268 [james graypr] If you keep doing a lot of this, you might want to look into the
    |   | 241300 [rubygeekgirl] Wow, thanks.  There's so much out there - it's a bit overwhelming.  I feel
    |   + 241299 [rubygeekgirl] I didn't write the prompt formula on my own, but I did write the sarcasm. :)
    + 241238 [wizard.rb gm] Well, there's always more than one way to do anything,
      241296 [rubygeekgirl] Comments inline so I can make sure I really "understand" what's being done