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^ getpwnam()....
24063 [sean chitten] I've seen references to an Etc module that is a wrapper to getpwnam().
24076 [heesobpark y] Etc module is built-in and located at "/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.6/i686-linux/etc.so" in my case

^ specifying the file and line
24073 [benoit.cerri] is there a way to specify the file and line of a ruby program,
24074 [aamine mx.ed] Try this.
24115 [benoit.cerri] Thanks it works except I'm embedding ruby and in c and I use the
24155 [decoux moulo] Well, if you are at C level you can perhaps use the corresponding C
24325 [benoit.cerri] which are.... ?
24326 [decoux moulo] pigeon% grep ruby_source *.h

24075 [Jane donmeta] Dear Sirs!

^ Heat is on (was Re: Creating charts from Ruby)
24081 [feldt ce.cha] Thanks to everyone who helped me out with my charts question,
+ 24082 [tobiasreif p] great chart!
| + 24083 [armin approx] www.r-project.org
| + 24084 [feldt ce.cha] /R
+ 24085 [tobiasreif p] .. now we need to achieve th equivalent of

^ question about embedding
24086 [rmok algorit] I'm new to the ruby world, so I may be asking a question that has been
24093 [chadfowler y] You can search http://www.ruby-talk.com for this (as

^ C-like enum
24095 [jason jvoege] module Kernel
+ 24107 [nat.pryce b1] Very neat!  I would suggest renaming enum2 to set (as the keyword is used in
+ 24165 [jason jvoege] module Kernel
  + 24167 [dff180 yahoo] I'll have to say, some of the postings I enjoy the most
  + 24271 [matju sympat] I have something similar called "ChoiceType" in RubyX11 and MetaRuby.

^ where would you position Ruby in that plot? OO against Dynamic
24097 [armin approx] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 24100 [RyanL mosaic] I would place it near Smalltalk in the upper right hand corner.
+ 24102 [avi beta4.co] I'd wedge it into the triangle between CLOS, Dylan, and Smalltalk - a

^ unsubscribe
24098 [furifilo901 ] Unsubscribe
24099 [furifilo901 ] # unsubscribe

^ struct sockaddr and BasicSocket
24101 [djberg96 hot] Are there any built-in methods for unpacking the struct sockaddr
24174 [matz ruby-la] In 1.7.1, we have Socket::pack_sockaddr_in and Socket::unpack_sockaddr_in.

^ OT: Curl - new kid on the block [was: Ruby and Python: a fuzzy question]
24103 [kentda stud.] <BRAINDEAD_RANT>
24106 [RyanL mosaic] upbringing,
24109 [hal9000 hype] and Python: a fuzzy question]

^ Ruby and Databases ?
24104 [icculus gmds] I am hoping I am just missing something after reading the Programming Ruby
+ 24108 [armin approx] You have several options.
| 24110 [icculus gmds] That is exactly what I was looking for, now I need to examine why I
+ 24118 [alan digikat] Theres also a ruby postgres wrapper which I've been quite happily
+ 24119 [eli.green co] Check out the DBI.

^ Modularity question
24111 [hal9000 hype] Opinion question for you all.
+ 24114 [RyanL mosaic] Well I think "separation of concerns" or orthogonality is always A Good
| 24142 [hal9000 hype] It's a tough call to me.
| 24180 [nat.pryce b1] My experience is that "prefactoring" is advantageous only when refactoring
+ 24120 [alan digikat] Unfortunately, my short term opinion is that it would be a pretty huge
| 24141 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I'm not talking about a complete, general-purpose library.
+ 24121 [j.travnik sh] As far as I know, my JTTui (see RAA entry) is only
  24138 [hal9000 hype] Jakub,
  24146 [j.travnik sh] Curses are used for raw screen access only, anything

^ OT: What's in a name?
24112 [mdemello ver] ...

^ Weird behavior of block_given? in 1.6.5...
24113 [niklas kagi.] Isn't this weird?
24150 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  Here's the patch.

^ SV:  Re: I want a *really* small Ruby interpreter
24116 [christian.er] No, I don't mind. No, it's not HP200LX palmtop. And no, it's not the IBM

^ Lightweight Languages conference
24122 [avi beta4.co] Just came across this:  http://ll1.mit.edu/
24149 [matz ruby-la] They asked me if it's possible for someone to show up there.  But I

^ ruby/tk
24123 [sthomas delt] I have the windows pragmatic progamers version installed.  Ruby 1.6.5,
24128 [kero d4050.u] Well, the Tk thread dies when the Tk part ends. So you need to restart

^ socket
24124 [mail02 frank] Has anyone a little code-snippet showing how i can make a
24125 [armin approx] require 'socket'

^ programming newbie
24126 [sthomas delt] I did a little very basic basic, pascal and c++ five to six years ago.
24147 [Stephan.Kaem] For now the pickaxe book by the Pragmatic Programmers is the only one

^ Dynamic object type from variable
24127 [fokke_wulf h] OK, this will be easier to describe in code.
+ 24132 [dblack candl] class A
+ 24139 [rich infoeth] Use eval to pass a String and convert to the the Class object
+ 24156 [decoux moulo] Well, you can do it with eval, but you can also make weird thing with

^ Ruby and Pandora - Athene
24129 [ dan 3-e.net] What are the possibilities with this?
24133 [nat.pryce b1] It isn't open source.  It is free for non-commercial use and requires a
24134 [ dan 3-e.net] So what do you think of such a system if it was "open"?
24135 [msassak spea] Daniel,
+ 24151 [tobiasreif p] Tobi
+ 24332 [ ser efn.org] My big beef with XUL is that it doesn't clearly separate the control from

^ cost of threads vs. continuations
24130 [avi beta4.co] How different are the costs of a continuation and a suspended thread?  It
+ 24131 [ned bike-nom] I thought continuations were implemented using threads.
+ 24288 [pit capitain] when I developed my Iterator class (see ruby-talk:20270) which

^ RubyConf talks
24136 [chadfowler y] Links to materials from the Ruby Conference talks have

^ Embedding ruby and net libraries
24137 [martin massi] I've managed to get Ruby embedded into a c++ program and would like to use
24144 [shugo ruby-l] You should call ruby_init_loadpath() to initialize $:.

^ Latest snapshot issues
24143 [xm bolotov-t] Today I downloaded and tested the latest 1.7.1 snapshot. My piece of
24145 [matz ruby-la] Oops, sorry.  It was my debugging note.

^ CGI with Ruby (Win2000)
24152 [jilanik tin.] sorry, I have looked in the m.l. archive but I couldn't solve my
24158 [chadfowler y] What web server software are you running on
24162 [jilanik tin.] IIS
+ 24163 [chadfowler y] I'm not an IIS user, but there seem to be some
| 24164 [chris.morris] Can you give more information on what paths you've tried and what specific
+ 24213 [DeepBlue Dee] Have you mapped the extension you want to use with Ruby in your cgi programs

^ Ruby makes you happy, P...
24154 [tobiasreif p] Ever wondered how Perl makes programmers feel?

^ Perl 6 and Ruby
24159 [schneiker ju] FYI--a couple of interesting mentions of Ruby.
24166 [pdcawley bof] Tee hee. I'm getting everywhere aren't I?

^ Limits of dynamism?
24168 [feldt ce.cha] class T
24178 [RyanL mosaic] /__/}
24190 [feldt ce.cha] My point was to ask the community and matz why this isn't the default
+ 24191 [RyanL mosaic] Right.  Well my point was that despite your delegation technique, the
+ 24263 [matz ruby-la] Ruby's design goal is NOT extreme dynamism.  It must be done by
  24320 [feldt ce.cha] Thats cool. (As a side note it would be great to get some of your
  24321 [dblack candl] That's getting frighteningly close to OOPLSA :-)

^ Need some Ruby/Tk tutorial or manual...
24169 [tivasyk mas-] i'm  a  newbe  to  ruby...  currently  i study the pragmatic
24173 [armin approx] been learning a lot about Ruby/Tk the last few

^ Performance of Marshal.dump
24170 [dthompson ch] In a program of mine using Marshal.dump I dumped an: Array of objects
+ 24175 [decoux moulo] Can you try it with 1.7.1 and see if you have a difference ?
| 24179 [dthompson ch] Apologies for the length of this.
| 24181 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat b.rb
+ 24176 [matz ruby-la] * try dumping to the files
  24185 [dthompson ch] Wow. I tried it. He's not kidding.

^ Ruby in a Nutshell
24171 [Dave Pragmat] I just got an O'Reilly catalog[ue], and "Ruby in a Nutshell" is listed
24270 [bobhicks nos] I got mine as well. Very cool...and on my Christmas list!!!

^ Re: Modularity question (and XP)
24172 [kevinbsmith ] My own experience with XP leads me to believe that "one

^ A short, pure-Ruby AOP implementation
24177 [feldt ce.cha] Couldn't help posting this; its getting late in Sweden and its time to go

^ Wrapping Fortran
24182 [W.L.Kleb LaR] So is anyone willing to admit that they have
+ 24187 [alan digikat] I've driven many a Fortran through C and that's just a hop and a skip
+ 24188 [pcs3 njit.ed] Well, what kind of, ?driving?, are you interested in?  Is it an external

^ "yield called out of block"
24183 [ms iastate.e] Having just talked with a nuby in email, I believe this error message
+ 24189 [pcs3 njit.ed] This doesn't really have much to do with the original post, but why not
| + 24194 [dblack candl] Well, that would leave us needing a new word for what used to be
| | 24205 [pcs3 njit.ed] Yes it would.  I wasn't suggesting we eliminate yields primary purpose, just
| | + 24207 [hal9000 hype] just
| | + 24214 [dblack candl] Side-note: if you want to get just the first from a (possible) array, you can
| |   24249 [pcs3 njit.ed] Based on the syntactic little gem David Alan Black enlightened me with,
| |   24256 [dblack candl] But you really do get into the problem that Eli Green mentioned, namely
| |   24437 [pcs3 njit.ed] Yes, but sometimes that is exactly what you were going to do anyways.
| |   24440 [dblack wobbl] But I don't think eachOver57 would be likely to be an iterator.  I
| |   24482 [pcs3 njit.ed] eachOver57 was a trivial example, but isn't there a defacto convention that each
| + 24200 [eli.green co] Because yield can be used for all sorts of useful things, and returning 10,000
+ 24201 [tobiasreif p] I saw the same error message today, and it didn't help to solve the
+ 24243 [matz ruby-la] "no block to yield"?
  + 24245 [dblack candl] no block to yield to
  | + 24260 [tobiasreif p] is good.
  | | 24303 [ms iastate.e] Yes, that's fine.
  | | + 24307 [Dave Pragmat] Sorry to chip in at the end of a thread, particular when consensus is
  | | | + 24319 [tobiasreif p] very good too (even better) ;)
  | | | + 24376 [matz ruby-la] I prefer just "no block given".  Since yield is invisible sometimes.
  | | |   24381 [tobiasreif p] sound good to me.
  | | + 24308 [ jimm io.com] ....except it ends in a preposition. "No block to which I may yield"?
  | |   24313 [kentda stud.] But I'm not sure I would like it if an interpreter talks back to me as
  | |   24323 [ jimm io.com] I always liked Smalltalk class comments. Many are written in the first
  | + 24275 [kevinbsmith ] Or perhaps something that suggests the solution more than
  + 24246 [green FreeBS] It would sound fine if you just were to change the "out" in the original
    24254 [hal9000 hype] wrong.
    24264 [matz ruby-la] Not every "method with block" is iterator.  For example, I sometimes

^ tabbendectomy, pty on OpenBSD
24184 [pete narya.P] % cat spawn-cat.rb
24186 [decoux moulo] For Solaris try to add
24196 [pete narya.P] thanks, no more hanging. Solaris also tabbendectomizes the data.

^ __FILE__ == $0 refactored in Ruby?
24192 [chris.morris] I see __FILE__ == $0 frequently. Is there a more readable form of this
24195 [dblack candl] I don't think I know of a more readable version.  Did you want to
24197 [Dave Pragmat] Although it didn't go too far.
24198 [dblack candl] if __RUN__ do
24199 [rich infoeth] This is excellent!

^ ruby-mode in Emacs
24203 [msowka doe.c] Can someone please give me a brief run-down on howto install all of the
24204 [alan digikat] This is probably pretty simplistic, but I have this in a file called
24206 [msowka doe.c] Thanx Alan,
24216 [alan digikat] You should have a site-lisp directory. On my Debian system

^ require '../foo/bar'
24208 [tobiasreif p] Should that work?
+ 24210 [dblack candl] Yes.  Doesn't it?
| + 24215 [tobiasreif p] Seriously; thanks. If it should, then it will.
| + 24217 [tobiasreif p] From file a, I require a file b (located in a directory under the
|   + 24218 [dblack candl] When b is loaded, the working directory is still the higher one.
|   | 24220 [tobiasreif p] David,
|   | 24221 [dblack candl] $:.unshift "subdir_name"
|   | 24225 [tobiasreif p] That's what I tried before, and that's where I probably made a typo; now
|   + 24219 [armin approx] I tried it and got the same error as you;
|   + 24222 [mrcode media] I still think the best "trick" for this problem is to alter the load
+ 24211 [neumann s-di] Why not?

^ Possible bug in ||= assignment
24209 [neumann s-di] false ||= anObject
+ 24239 [matju sympat] also,
+ 24242 [matz ruby-la] They are bugs.

^ [ANN: OpenSSL for Ruby 0.0.7]
24212 [rokosm kloka] Finally! New version of OSSL is avaible!

^ Too much eval evil? (tell me why I shouldn't do this)
24223 [gandy techie] I've been doodling with Ruby (experimenting with it in order to figure
+ 24233 [dblack candl] I don't have a full-blown alternative, but just a suggestion: have you
+ 24236 [vjoel PATH.B] There's a cartesian product operator in
+ 24237 [chrismo home] I've done something similar without doing any evals. It took a bit more than
+ 24240 [mrcode media] This was just too interesting of a challenge for me to pass up.  Here is
| 24251 [ptkwt shell1] I like Ryan's solution better than the one proposed by Thomas (it seems a
| + 24274 [mrcode media] def cascade(a, list = [], &block)
| | 24283 [vjoel PATH.B] There's something a little different about the product operator I
| + 24289 [gandy techie] exactly.  If I was passing in a list of strings which had ruby variables to
+ 24280 [chr_news gmx] a while back Ben and Me had a thread about this. Your final

^ literal \0 in String#gsub replacement
24224 [ms iastate.e] Okay, I'm stuck on something seemingly trivial here. Is it possible for
24226 [dblack candl] irb 23> "apple [cherry] lemon".gsub(/\[(.*?)\]/, "\003\\1")
24227 [mrcode media] Actually I tried that too in IRB but when I tried it in actual Ruby I
24229 [dblack candl] I seem to be on a "heisenbug" spree: first getting bitten by shell

^ inline comments, IDs
24228 [tobiasreif p] 1.
+ 24230 [armin approx] =begin
+ 24231 [neumann s-di] Do you think of a comment inside one line of code? This is not really
| 24232 [tobiasreif p] yep
| 24238 [neumann s-di] It looks nicer and do not confuse the reader (I think my example above would).
+ 24234 [vjoel PATH.B] What about combining (Time.now.to_f * 1000000).to_i and Process.pid?
| 24235 [tobiasreif p] id = format("%09.0f", counter) works.
+ 24244 [kjana dm4lab] Well, I've proposed once that we have Symbol.new or Symbol.gensym,
  24286 [raja cs.indi] I've had occasional need for something similar.

^ mkmf.succ() == MfMaker ?
24241 [riley codecl] I've been running up against limitations in mkmf's functionality, so

^ [ANN] Path v0.3.0
24248 [mike lepton.] I've just released the version 0.3.0 of the Path class.

^ examples of functional programming in Ruby
24250 [ptkwt shell1] Would anyone be willing to share some  code snippets that show examples of
+ 24252 [nigelb enesb] checkout
+ 24278 [chr_news gmx] I have been absent from the ruby group for a while. Anyway here is an

^ puts and gets over IP
24255 [mail02 frank] When I make a server and client in Ruby and let them comunicate with
24257 [xm bolotov-t] By using Kernel.select. See manual for select(2) and page 426 of the pickaxe
24259 [mail02 frank] Cool!

^ Re: TK: browse for a file
24258 [serissa ntlw] Pick over the bones of this, lifted out of a script I initially

^ param() method weirdness in cgi.rb
24261 [dblack candl] Here's something bizarre involving cgi.rb (at least, I have no idea
24262 [dblack candl] I think I figured it out.
24265 [tobiasreif p] in short: CGI (can) downcase(s) params?
24266 [dblack candl] It's the method name itself that gets downcased.  Have a look around
24267 [tobiasreif p] Ah I see; interesting.

^ Disinformation boom hits the Internet
24268 [artem fruitn] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ Ruboids - qt - mswin32-ruby16.dll
24269 [jochen.hinri] I try to run the ruboids sample which makes use of qt. I end up with a
+ 24272 [ jimm io.com] As the author of Ruboids, I just wanted to say "I don't know". I developed
+ 24276 [usa osb.att.] You can get MSVC version of ruby at