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^ Mocha test retry to connect up to 10 times
240480 [nappin713 ya] I'm writing a script to connect to an external server.  The problem is
240482 [gethemant gm] TCPSocket.stubs(:open).returns(data1,data2,data3)
240501 [nappin713 ya] That worked perfectly!  Thanks a ton!

^ Re: Trade-off between variable name descriptiveness and read
240481 [efine145-nos] 99 programmers will have 99 different solutions, so here's mine ;-)

^ why this program not working ?
240483 [rubyrailssha] I am trying to execute this program from cookbook.
+ 240488 [flori nixe.p] endless_string_succession('aa') { |x| puts x }
+ 240489 [jeremymcanal] Florian gave you the right solution, but to explain why, he should
+ 240490 [gethemant gm] You forgot to pass the block to the method.
  240512 [rubyrailssha] Thank you guys for your fast && great responses..

^ Cute little simple scheduling code hack
240484 [consalus gma] I'm sure there is some far superior prior art out there somewhere, but
+ 240492 [jmettraux op] advantage : one thread for all the tasks
| + 240493 [consalus gma] Neat, that'll certainly come in handy when I'm doing more complicated
| + 240568 [ara.t.howard] looks very interesting!
|   240642 [jmettraux op] Hey, thanks for the light, I'll fix that / make it better.
+ 240495 [michael.broo] Wow... I'm just (8 hours into both) learning Python and Ruby and I
+ 240852 [pete notahat] It is interesting! You need to blog about it somewhere so I can

^ Sortable lists demo with php?
240485 [harald.angel] especially the ajax callback only work when ruby is installed on the
240491 [johnwilger g] Well, you're certainly not understanding which group you're posting

^ File.open with line =~ /.../
240494 [Gilbert.Rebh] i have a txtfile like that =
+ 240499 [shortcutter ] If this is really the case I'd say the QuickRex Plugin is broken or you
| 240510 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
| 240535 [shortcutter ] Maybe I was too fast - I overlooked that you are trying to match
+ 240516 [angus quovad] Well... for each line of the file you are trying to match 2 lines.
| 240520 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
+ 240524 [B.Candler po] It's because you're only searching within each line individually, whereas

^ rescue doesn't handle every error
240498 [mage mage.hu] the example works both on Debian, Ruby 1.8.4 and Gentoo, Ruby 1.8.5
+ 240502 [botp delmont] # irb(main):006:0> require 'open-uri'
| 240504 [mage mage.hu] Thank you, it works.
+ 240503 [shortcutter ] rescue without exception spec just handles RuntimeError - that's also
| 240505 [mage mage.hu] I think it's not documented, or I just skipped?
| + 240513 [ben bleythin] The match is made using $!.kind_of?(parameter), and so will succeed if
| + 240523 [B.Candler po] "If you write a rescue clause with no parameter list, the parameter defaults
|   240559 [mage mage.hu] You are right, it's my mistake.
|   240562 [jan.svitok g] This is a pretty common mistake, so maybe in the next edition it
+ 240509 [come.news fr] There is a timeout package in the standard library which will raise an

^ undefined method `at' for nil:NilClass while i use parseexce
240506 [tuhin_cse99 ] I use this code to open my '2007-02-231028.xls' file. the file is in the
240566 [stefano.croc] The error message simply means that you're calling the method 'at' for an

^ undefined method `at' for nil:NilClass in parseexcel.help pl
240507 [tuhin_cse99 ] use this code to open my '2007-02-231028.xls' file. the file is in the
240632 [renard nc.rr] Are you sure the syntax is correct ...
240801 [B.Candler po] I have. There was an hour-long video presentation about TextMate posted here

^ please please help me in my previous parseexcel problem
240514 [amin e-sao.c] please please help me in my previous parseexcel problem
240534 [ruby.hardwar] What problem?

^ Re: undefined method `at' for nil:NilClass in parseexcel.hel
240515 [tuhin_cse99 ] please help me.
240525 [rajsahae gma] I don't know anything about the parseexcel library, but I can at least
240526 [tuhin_cse99 ] thx for ur response. I also guessed so. but why? The problem comes
240585 [chris.hulan ] It looks like when a row contains no data it is set to nil.

^ More c friendly interface to FXImage
240518 [am artbot.de] I'm looking for an efficient way of image manipulation/rerendering
240575 [ljohnson sen] On 2/23/07 4:20 AM, in article

^ ruby equivalent for property or config.xml ?
240527 [Gilbert.Rebh] i have a ruby script that should be controlled via
+ 240528 [farrel.lifso] Your best bet is probably YAML which is part of the standard library.
| 240530 [alex blackke] Or just a ruby file...
+ 240533 [richard.conr] YAML is what you want, though parsing properties files into ruby
  241622 [dov.murik gm] I wondered whether some features of Apache Jakarta Commons Configuration

^ SOAP Request Problem
240529 [mid niANTISP] I've posted about this before but so far I've had no response. Since then
240605 [brabuhr gmai] I once had a similar issue where the SOAP request generated from my

^ [JOBS] Ruby on Rails resources wanted; senior level, aware of other languages and stuff
240531 [charles.nutt] cool opportunity. Sun is looking for senior-level Ruby on Rails

^ [QUIZ] Mailing List Files (#115)
240537 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 240677 [lerno dragon] Does anyone have some good sample messages?
| 240776 [bhammond00 y] Sorry to not respond to the original message.
| 240777 [bhammond00 y] Oops, I saw someone else's message about message # 66854... The filename was in quotes.
+ 240806 [lerno dragon] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 240921 [listguy popl] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 241080 [louis.j.scor] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

^ concatenating strings with nil values
240538 [monsorno-nos] I like to concatenate a string out of some variables, some of which
+ 240543 [ruby.hardwar] Is this what you are looking for?
| 240545 [monsorno-nos] Ahem, no.
| 240553 [pit capitain] Are you sure? See below...
| 240561 [monsorno-nos] Oh yes, _that's_ good!  You're right, I didn't get it the first time!
+ 240546 [CHubas7 gmai] allWords << (w[1] || "nil")
+ 240549 [transfire gm] If you're adventerous (ie. your code is essentially standalone and in
  240558 [monsorno-nos] Puh, why do I always forget that /this/ is possible in Ruby.

^ Rant abouts IDE's
240539 [garcia.serva] <html><head><meta name=3D"Generator" content=3D"PSI HTML/CSS Generator"/>
+ 240556 [richard.conr] I read an interesting blog post about this recently. Damn. I would have linked
| + 240573 [benjohn fysh] I've "discovered" my stance on this recently. I raelly like to
| | + 240607 [perrin apoth] I'm not entirely sure what you mean about an editor/IDE providing an
| | | 240610 [gavin refine] In Microsoft's Enterprise Manager for their SQL Server (and in several
| | | 240615 [perrin apoth] 1. requires using a data format other than plain text
| | + 240657 [johnwilger g] Uhm... Smalltalk anyone? :-)
| |   240844 [johnwilger g] In Squeak, at least, coloring is built in to the default Browser in
| + 240606 [perrin apoth] Thanks, Richard, for quoting as plain text.  I wouldn't have responded
+ 240616 [david vallne] Oh for the love of god, not THIS again.
+ 240654 [jeremymcanal] But many times people find Vi or emacs just as hard to learn if not
+ 240664 [martindemell] Why is why a text editor isn't the best thing either - the "basics of
  + 240674 [alex blackke] Like in Scite, you mean?  :-)
  + 240713 [perrin apoth] Alex Young makes a good point, re: SciTE, in answer to this.  My
  + 240854 [martindemell] Kathy Sierra seems to disagree with me. Interesting read.
    240990 [klaus.ramelo] What is the difference between Error an Horror ?
    + 240997 [kyleaschmitt] OK OK, I'll bite about the first parts..
    + 241000 [subs surfula] This discussion is plain crazy. Yes it is crucial that students learn
    + 241008 [perrin apoth] Okay, I'm confused -- you just compared Pascal and assembly language
      241049 [schapht gmai] +1

^ Overloading in ruby
240541 [tomas.kejzla] I've been doing some Ruby code interfacing with Windows COM objects and
240550 [jan.svitok g] object.Value[name] = value
240557 [tomas.kejzla] Jan,
240591 [kyleaschmitt] When calling methods on com objects in vbscript (ugh! pain ouch ouch

^ rubygems and CentOS 4.4
240544 [B.Candler po] Something very strange has happened for me, and I'd like to know if I'm
+ 240548 [B.Candler po] [root@localhost rubygems-0.9.2]# gem install RubyInline
| + 240552 [B.Candler po] As a comparison point: I just tried this on an Ubuntu-6.06 system. rubygems
| + 240563 [ryand-ruby z] What's the problem?? This looks ok to me. Just warnings.
|   240569 [B.Candler po] That looked a bit scary to me. But then I realised this was during rdoc
+ 240589 [jos catnook.] Fwiw, I have been using the RPMs at
| 240881 [B.Candler po] OK, I upgraded to these and now rubygems installs without bombing out.
+ 240600 [ryand-ruby z] At this point, you should have stopped. Something is terribly wrong
  240621 [kenosis gmai] I would upgrade to a more recent version of Ruby. I had similar

^ gem command problem
240547 [hearne.dave ] while executing gem...(NoMethodError)
240608 [hugows gmail] ...

^ [ADV] Re: Textmate on Windoze!
240577 [james graypr] <advertisement>
240597 [ljohnson sen] On 2/23/07 10:27 AM, in article

^ tcl interface
240580 [michael webl] I'm running ruby on a kubuntu dapper installation. I compiled ruby from
240638 [vjoel path.b] I dunno, but you might have to build the ruby tk extension _after_
240640 [michael webl] That sounds like it would work. The problem, though, is that I can't
240641 [nagai ai.kyu] The basic library of Tcl/Tk interface on Ruby is 'tcltklib'.
240651 [michael webl] I did. I've insured that tcl and tk (with development files) are
240659 [nagai ai.kyu] Please "rm ext/tk/Makefile".
240733 [michael webl] I did both these, and it now works great. I don't know which fixed it,

^ Many failures in make check (Ruby 1.8.5 p12)
240592 [ismail pardu] I downloaded and compile Ruby 1.8.5 p12 with gcc 4.2 and make check resulted

^ Will it save memory if I keep using one instance name?
240609 [aldwis gmail] r = Page.find :all, :conditions => "is_default = 'true'"
240623 [jan.svitok g] The instance is released any time after the interpreter detects you

^ enum_cons with tail
240612 [srobertjames] enum_cons chops off the tail of the collection, if it isn't evenly
+ 240622 [kenosis gmai] Not that I am aware of.  Two things come to mind.  1) You could append
| 240626 [srobertjames] I'm not sure how to do either of those.  Like I said, this is a File,
| 240644 [o.renaud lap] Le vendredi 23 f˝Îrier 2007 22:25, S. Robert James a ˝─rit
| 240743 [srobertjames] Thanks for the excellent explanation and code.
| 240771 [o.renaud lap] Le dimanche 25 f˝Îrier 2007 03:15, S. Robert James a ˝─rit
+ 240673 [shortcutter ] You want semantics that are different from #each_cons.  #each_cons will

^ [OFFTOPIC (slightly)] FOSDEM.
240614 [a2800276 gma] my apologies if this is more than slightly offtopic. I just arrived in

^ Re: Any way to undef a constant?
240619 [phurley gmai] ri Module#remove_const
240744 [phurley gmai] You are not the first, I think it is the naming convention. We have
240812 [dblack wobbl] They're not aliases, though. See ri undef_method for illustration of

^ External function calls?
240620 [kyleaschmitt] Hey all,
240628 [jan.svitok g] try DL, it seems available on my Ubuntu.

^ popen and bzip2
240643 [dweldon gmai] pipe = IO.popen('bzip2 -cd /home/dave/article.xml.bz2', 'r')
240645 [dweldon gmai] Sorry I think this was my mistake. If I run it in Radrails I get this

^ Newbie question about benchmarking
240646 [seriley eart] I'm trying one of Dave Thomas' CodeKanta exercises (binary chop) and

^ maven for ruby?
240647 [andrew geni.] 1. Easily maintain version numbers for projects.
+ 240649 [halostatue g] Fortunately, Ruby doesn't need something as overengineered as Maven.
| 240660 [stephen.dunc] I don't think you have a fair impression of Maven.  Maven 2 is a good
| 240684 [halostatue g] * I don't use Java, so I don't need Maven.
| 240687 [stephen.dunc] That may well be true.  Which is why I won't be trying to take any
| + 240690 [cdcarter gma] Yea, because of teh way ruby does "packages" and since it has the gems
| + 240960 [ mfp acm.org] Could you detail how this would work in practice, and what would have to be
+ 240658 [stephen.dunc] So, I'm coming from the same place you are, as a big proponent of
  240662 [stephen.dunc] One thing I forgot to mention.  I'm not familiar with the details, as

^ [ANN] Bash completion for the gem command
240648 [michael schu] To my surprise there apparently hasn't been support for bash command
+ 240920 [tom.hurst cl] I have this in my tcsh completions.rc, it provides basic command
+ 241646 [george.ogata] Thanks for the script.
  241980 [drbrain segm] RubyGems needs a way to get the source_cache information without

^ blocking ruby threads
240653 [snacktime gm] I've read a lot of bits and pieces in the past but maybe someone can
240675 [shortcutter ] That depends on how DNS lookups are implemented in Ruby.  If a standard

^ [ADV] TextMate book now available
240656 [dave pragpro] I'll keep this short, because I don't need to say much :)

^ How can i determine the file type?
240661 [pb_sasaki e-] How can i determine the file type?
+ 240666 [cmshea gmail] If you're trusting the file extension (which I see no real problem
+ 240667 [cmshea gmail] If you're trusting the file extension (which I see no problem with), and
| 240716 [perrin apoth] That probably wouldn't be my preferred approach.  Trusting file
+ 240685 [halostatue g] Look at MIME::Types -- it will help. Others are also working on a port

^ Resize image
240663 [jonsdenni gm] Is there a way to resample(resize) images in ruby?
+ 240668 [erikveen gma] I use it for all my automated image manipulations.
| 240695 [jonsdenni gm] Awesome!  Will I be able to use this on a Ruby supporting server such as
| 240739 [asbradbury t] MiniMagick (http://rubyforge.org/projects/mini-magick/) may be a
| 240755 [jonsdenni gm] This looks good. So I just install the .gem and I'm good to go? how do I
+ 240738 [palmerj3 gma] ...
  240753 [jonsdenni gm] cool! I still want to write my own program, but seeing yours is helpful!

^ I am new one to Ruby can u help me
240665 [damod.php gm] i m new one to this plat, now am working in php mysql. but i want to
+ 240669 [hhausman gma] You might like tryruby. It's a fun way to well, try Ruby.
+ 240711 [rajsahae gma] There are plenty of websites that you can visit to start learning Ruby.
  + 240719 [rubyrailssha] after reading ruby introductory material With links given by Raj Sahae.
  + 240741 [satish.talim] The Learning Ruby site has moved from sitekreator.com to my own domain here

^ Ruby on rails and rails are same
240672 [damod.php gm] can u clear my doubt ruby on rails and rails are smae or not
+ 240686 [halostatue g] Rails is an application framework for the web that runs in the
+ 240688 [dblack wobbl] "Rails" is just a short way of saying "Ruby on Rails".  What you're

^ Dot matrix and Ruby !
240676 [gugui_sarubi] send parameters like, coordenates X,Y, condensed, draft, roman etc. I
240678 [shortcutter ] If the printer is directly attached you can usually send commands and

^ Ruby and COM
240679 [hello world.] Hmm.. Does anyone know of a stable Ruby-COM bridge which will let one do
240683 [shortcutter ] See also
240745 [phurley gmai] For just DLL, look no further than DL (in the standard library), for

^ Ruby hangs during "make check" in CentOS4?
240680 [ljz asfast.c] I'm trying to install ruby-1.8.5-p12 on my CentOS4 system.
240736 [ljz asfast.c] No, I didn't.  I have always thought that the autoconf convention is to
240773 [ljz asfast.c] Yes, I see how that approach can be helpful.  I just usually do the

^ Extending object instances with <<
240681 [a2800276 gma] I'm trying to write a class with a method to extend instances of
240682 [shortcutter ] irb(main):017:0> class Bar
240838 [kbloom gmail] Test=Struct.new(*syms)
240862 [shortcutter ] That's true.  However, I interpreted the OP's posting that he needs to

^ Ruby Rake
240689 [manasd gmail] "make" has a -e option in which it reads environment variables and
+ 240692 [shortcutter ] There is no Ruby equivalent to cc.
+ 240694 [cdcarter gma] ENV['VARIABLE_NAME'].  And you can set the options for running ruby

^ [ANN] Swiss Ruby User Group Meeting on 1.3.2007
240691 [jcfischer.li] The SwissRUG is meeting again on 1.3.2007, 19:30 at Ergon Informatik

^ Lightweight way to create jpeg files?
240696 [miken700 yah] Is there an easy lightweight way to dynamically create jpeg files? I
240734 [asbradbury t] From the sound of what you're doing, it sounds like PNG may be more
240774 [miken700 yah] I gave seattle.rb's png a quick go and it looks perfect for what I need.

^ OS X / gem install / problems..
240698 [jbresnik gma] Did some heavy research / hacking but no luck - I built ruby 1.8.5 on my
240727 [halostatue g] Remove rubygems from site_ruby and try again. Make sure you've got
240830 [jbresnik gma] Thanks for the response - but still no luck / ensure that openssl and

^ using step backward ?
240699 [josselin wan] I have an array   myArray = ["22", "31", "56", "89", "47"]
+ 240702 [o.renaud lap] Le samedi 24 f˝Îrier 2007 19:00, Josselin a ˝─rit
| 240705 [Rob AgileCon] ...
+ 240706 [gavin refine] irb(main):001:0> myArray = ["22", "31", "56", "89", "47"]
| 240710 [josselin wan] thanks it runs well for 1or n > 2 items but not for 2 items
| 240720 [rajsahae gma] Here you say that you want the second to last item to have no # after it,
+ 240724 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm assuming you have a typo in that last case and want the
  240735 [josselin wan] YES .. sorry