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^ checking server load from ruby?
240100 [lister pikkl] are there any ruby library functions for checking server load and
+ 240102 [alexandru gl] ~>> irb
+ 240220 [rubyzbibd ub] Well calling `uptime` will certainly work and maybe the most simple.

^ SAFE and -T command line option
240108 [jmdjmsmith m] I was wondering if someone knew the syntax for setting the safe level
240113 [david vallne] foo.rb:1:in `write': Insecure operation `write' at level 4 (SecurityError)
240130 [jmdjmsmith m] Thanks for your comments..
240140 [david vallne] Quoth the Pickaxe, ed. 1: ">= 2 -- Ruby prohibits the loading of program

^ gtkmozembed on windows
240117 [patrick erdb] we have a problem using gtkmozembed on Windows. The following software
240144 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GNOME2 on Win32 doesn't support gtkmozembed.
240311 [patrick erdb] no, sorry :-(. do you know an alternativ way to use an html renderer
240380 [david vallne] Win32OLE and the IE ActiveX control?

^ get rid of last element in an array
240119 [josselin wan] if i have
+ 240120 [james graypr] => "2-131-25-5558-247-68"
+ 240121 [derek.teixei] i'm a newb, and i am probably totally wrong, but the only way to learn
| 240129 [david vallne] Array#pop will remove the last element from the original stringified list,
| 240136 [derek.teixei] Ah, okay. Well at least i was not COMPLETELY off. ;)
+ 240122 [wonado donne] irb(main):001:0> my_list = "2-131-25-5558-247-68"
+ 240123 [david vallne] irb(main):001:0>  "2-131-25-5558-247-68".split('-')[0...-1].join('-')
+ 240250 [nicolas.desp] my_list.sub(/-\d+$/, '')

^ Help Me
240127 [df_1412 yaho] How to make Web page with Ruby, and is ruby can run along with PHP?
+ 240128 [david vallne] A) *twitch*
| 240137 [perrin apoth] If you're using a shared hosting account, you may be able to set up
| 240208 [df_1412 yaho] Thaks Everyone, i will (or i have?) try it.
| + 240210 [df_1412 yaho] Oh yeah i forgot to add some thing, the problem are same if i try to
| | + 240228 [david vallne] . o 0 (Huh?)
| | + 240230 [david vallne] How did you install Ruby? Did you install rubygems? -WHAT- error while
| + 240229 [david vallne] What are you trying to install, what operating system, do you have the
+ 240131 [amrutkar.man] Welcome to Ruby Community.
  + 240132 [avdi avdi.or] ...
  + 240135 [ayblinkin gm] As was mentioned earlier, mod_ruby for apache will allow ruby scripts to

^ exit a block
240145 [james_b anyt] I need to step through a byte array untill I find a certain value, then
240146 [shortcutter ] You can use break or if inside a method return will work as well.  I.e.
240147 [james_b anyt] Thanks for your help, sometimes best just to program an old fashion for
+ 240152 [halostatue g] for a in b
| 240174 [sur.max gmai] ...
+ 240180 [louis.j.scor] Nahh, more abstraction is a good thing =)
  240211 [ snk gna.org] I prefer to leave the actual searching to the Array class. Who knows, it

^ Screencast for installing Ruby on OS X
240150 [twerth infin] I've created a screencast showing how to install Ruby and Ruby on Rails
240385 [gary lowder.] Thanks Todd, I really enjoyed that.  Very helpful for me.

^ ruby-wordnet: traverse
240151 [paul.nulty g] is anybody familiar with the Ruby-Wordnet module? If so, do you have
240156 [ged FaerieMU] It has been fixed in the SVN version and the 20061008 snapshot that's
240158 [paul.nulty g] Great, thank you!

^ interpolation of escaped characters in strings
240154 [eyal.oren gm] I've searched through the newsgroup, found some related stuff (about
240155 [fxn hashref.] Looks like you want something close to String#inspect.
240236 [eyal.oren gm] no, that doesn't work. what I would like is that puts would actually
+ 240251 [hhausman gma] It looks like you're running into the fact that when you create a
| + 240252 [fxn hashref.] Problem is he reads the string 'foo\nbar' from an external source,
| | 240264 [hhausman gma] Dah!
| + 240253 [eyal.oren de] Yes. I know. My question is: how to convert the one variant ('') into the
+ 240272 [ara.t.howard] why are you avoiding eval?
  240284 [eyal.oren de] Thanks, I hadn't thought of using SAFE. My problem is that I encounter

^ adding local variables via block
240157 [pdanese Rib-] ...
+ 240159 [tim.pease gm] yield will return the value from the block it executes. Just have your
| + 240162 [james graypr] eval() introduces a new scope, so local variables created in that
| | 240164 [phurley gmai] I am not recommending this, but you can force a binding into an eval.
| | 240167 [bofh softmed] vjt@neutrino:~$ irb
| | 240168 [ara.t.howard] try writing that in a script.  in irb you are __already__ in eval.  google the
| | 240170 [bofh softmed] vjt@neutrino:~$ ruby -e "eval('x=42',binding); x"
| + 240166 [dblack wobbl] Actually the only one that works only on strings is eval.
+ 240160 [bofh softmed] the local variables defined in the block live only in the block's scope. if a

^ ruby-xslt usage
240169 [andy.koch pc] Does anybody know how to use the ruby-xslt library?
+ 240175 [mattharmes g] require 'xml/libxml'
+ 240176 [mattharmes g] require 'xml/libxml'
+ 240177 [mattharmes g] require 'xml/libxml'
+ 240178 [pgquiles elp] I am using it successfully in XSPF for Ruby
  + 240179 [mattharmes g] Oops, ignore my post (just goes to show you shouldn't post while busy
  + 240274 [andy.koch pc] Thanks guys,

^ [ANN] Facets 1.8
240173 [transfire gm] Facets 1.8

^ Re: Facets 1.8
240181 [coachhilton ] Trans - just tried to install facets via gem and am getting the
240182 [halostatue g] Your gem source_cache may be corrupt. There is a known issue, but the
240184 [transfire gm] Would it have anything to do with this?
240185 [halostatue g] Haven't a clue. I haven't seen those; you may want to forward that to

^ need help with a general concept
240183 [rajsahae gma] It uses FXRuby
240193 [tim.pease gm] Two things to look into would be DRb and Rinda.  Eric Hodel has a nice
240310 [rajsahae gma] Thanks for the info.  I probably should have read a little more through

^ Hpricot problems
240186 [deankassmann] Has anyone successfully used Hpricot call multiple pages in the same
240190 [donald.ball ] I had issues with hpricot until I upgraded to ruby-1.8.5-mswin32.

^ [ANN] Registration Now Open For Gotham Ruby Conference
240189 [gregory.t.br] The cost is $100 per ticket.  Seating is quite limited, so be sure to

^ Tab and arrow-keys in gets
240192 [judofyr gmai] I'm making a simple Ruby shell. It's all basing on an endless
240200 [m.fellinger ] require 'readline'

^ Checking what a method has returned
240198 [cgallagher g] Im looking for a way of checking whether a method has returned true or
+ 240199 [has.sox gmai] ...
| 240201 [cgallagher g] well the reason im doing this is for refoactoring purposes so my code is
| 240203 [Prime ruby-l] I do not know if this will help you out, I think this is what you
| 240204 [dblack wobbl] Save your fingers some work :-)
| 240205 [cgallagher g] thanks for the reply. The thing is that im not just checking the
+ 240207 [ara.t.howard] i'd use something like
  240263 [dblack wobbl] unless File.exist?(domain)

^ digest.rb including wrong files on MacOSX
240206 [rew erebor.c] I have been trying to install a Rails app called devalot
240215 [rew erebor.c] Just a quick update to this, the whole "trying to install this app"
240261 [halostatue g] This seems like a bug in Ruby; I would post this to ruby-core or on

^ Ruby, Curses, Threading, and Sleeping...
240212 [badcherry ma] I'm attempting to get a curses application running in a threaded
240249 [dickey saltm] ...
240355 [badcherry ma] Well yeah, I realize that, but anyone have any suggestions for making

^ Re: Range#overlap?
240213 [renard nc.rr] Here is my entry for overlap?
+ 240214 [ snk gna.org] overlap?   means   intersect?
| 240221 [gregory.t.br] These are much better names, I think.  Of course, it'll only be so if
| 240222 [ara.t.howard] indeed.
| 240240 [pcdavid gmai] FWIW, people working with temporal logics and event algebras define 13
| 240430 [danfinnie op] I have made some tests for the code and shown the results at
| 240455 [hutch recurs] I modified your stuff and changed the tests around a bit. I don't
+ 240217 [dblack wobbl] def overlap?(other)

^ Attributes for Soap elements
240216 [roy.britten ] I'm accessing a web service that is largely using attributes rather

^ validates_associated  trouble
240218 [agamazapata ] animal,Dam(Mother) and Sire(Father)
240232 [david vallne] Try the Rails mailing list

^ Dealing with xpath using libxml
240231 [bastien.vauc] I m trying to generate a xslt file from xhtml using libxml and when I m

^ [libxml] NoMethodError for XML::Node::Set
240233 [bastien.vauc] I just began using libxml and I wanted to find the "body" tag in a xhtml

^ [ANN] scRUBYt! 0.2.3 - Hpricot and Mechanize on steroids
240234 [peter rubyra] I am pleased to announce that the new release of scRUBYt!, 0.2.3 is
240237 [ljz asfast.c] This looks interesting to me, and for others who feel the same way, I

^ Re: scRUBYt! 0.2.3 - Hpricot and Mechanize on steroids
240235 [toulax gmail] Peter,
240238 [peter rubyra] I am also planning to finish the tutorials and add even more docs.

^ [ANN] Services of ruby-lang.org will be stopped
240239 [shugo ruby-l] ...
240343 [shugo ruby-l] Successfully done. Thank you.

^ Rails - engineering documentation.
240242 [finnegan.pat] Can anyone recommend a good source for Ruby On Rails documentation

^ Re: Housie (#114)
240243 [rretzbach go] I wanted to participate to a ruby quiz again - took a 40 quizzes
+ 240247 [B.Candler po] <SPOILER>
| 240265 [B.Candler po] ...
| 240288 [lerno dragon] Since there was a benchmark in your solution, I did some checks on
+ 240255 [james graypr] You can create a lot less than "all possible books" if you think in
+ 244986 [quest.lee gm] ...
  245405 [james graypr] I don't think so, but it's a little hard to follow the logic.  You

^ rubygem problems (maybe just on MacOS 10.4)
240245 [damphyr free] It looks like there is a problem (I don't know if it is Mac specific -

^ Ruby entities and relationships?
240246 [rdm cfcl.com] Can anyone point me to an overview or ontology of the major
240248 [hhausman gma] hth,
240292 [rdm cfcl.com] That's a nice diagram.  There's a diagram in "Ruby for
240302 [gwtmp01 mac.] What other 'entities' did you have in mind?  Since
240305 [rdm cfcl.com] My motivation is to extend RDoc's coverage and utility.
240363 [shortcutter ] Exceptions are tough since Ruby does not have checked exceptions.  And
240418 [rdm cfcl.com] Ruby's dynamic nature presents all sorts of obstacles, to be sure.
240500 [shortcutter ] Well, you know the reason for this already. :-)

^ Mechanize failure
240256 [alex blackke] Does anybody recognise this?
240257 [ruby anthrop] You're cut off there for some reason, but you should make sure you have
+ 240258 [alex blackke] Ah.  Thanks.  Any idea what the difference between the two is, and when
| 240260 [ruby anthrop] apt-cache policy libopenssl-ruby
| + 240266 [vincent.four] Just for information, debian packages work this way: for each ruby
| + 240269 [kbloom gmail] Wrong!
+ 240259 [alex blackke] $ sudo apt-get install libopenssl-ruby1.8 libopenssl-ruby
  240262 [ruby anthrop] Well, it was a thought. Trying it on my Debian box, I find that I can

^ FXRuby - slow FXDirDialog when accessing network directory
240267 [jes luretank] ...
240428 [ljohnson sen] On 2/21/07 8:43 AM, in article

^ creating a hash key with a variable name?
240270 [jonathan.ott] Is it possible that I could do the following, if so what is the
240271 [james graypr] aHash[aString] = "Bulls"
240390 [threeeyedfis] It is also better to use Ruby Symbols instead of strings as hash keys,

^ Form posts twice - once as post and again as get. Help!
240273 [bakki.kudva ] I am posting this here #1 out of desperation and #2 on chance that this

^ send_data from remote http adress
240275 [webdevotion ] My first post here. I'm quite new to Ruby.
240278 [avdi avdi.or] ...

^ Is net/https part of ruby's stdlib?
240276 [aaron_patter] Is net/https part of Ruby's standard library?  Can I safely assume that
+ 240277 [avdi avdi.or] ...
+ 240279 [james graypr] Yes.
  240290 [aaron_patter] Excellent.  Thanks for clearing that up for me!

^ [ANN] MasterView rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine - Release 0.3.2
240280 [jeff.barczew] ...

^ Interval relationships (Was: Re: Range#overlap?)
240281 [avdi avdi.or] ...
240293 [pit capitain] def combine(intervals)
240296 [avdi avdi.or] ...
240347 [Rob AgileCon] ...

^ Weird behaviour escaping special characters in a string
240283 [greg.hurrell] This instance method added to the String class returns a copy of the
+ 240289 [halostatue g] class String
| 240291 [james graypr] It's probably better to use a character class [\\'] instead of
| 240393 [greg.hurrell] On 21 feb, 19:45, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
+ 240303 [B.Candler po] Because even in single quotes, blackslashes must be doubled; this in turn is
| 240392 [greg.hurrell] Excellent, that explains why I was getting the same results for 3 and
| 240394 [david vallne] %q{...} is your friend.
+ 240397 [shortcutter ] Why don't you just use #inspect?

^ weird thing with gsub!
240285 [niceview gma] I'd like to show you some example.
240286 [stefano.croc] Because gsub! changes its argument. While str is a local variable in t2, the

^ threads within a thread
240287 [rtilley vt.e] I have a program that uses threads to quickly check class B networks (65,536)
+ 240297 [jameskilton ] ...
| 240299 [gwtmp01 mac.] If you were talking about CPU bound jobs that might be true, but
| + 240301 [rtilley vt.e] I've found Ruby to work quite well for this. I can process 65,536 hosts in about
| + 240703 [logancapaldo] Actually, (appealling to authority here :) ) I believe Francis has
|   240726 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'd definitely defer to Francis on this but, under the hood, Ruby
+ 240314 [garbagecat10] ...
| 240315 [rtilley vt.e] That's the extent of it (TCP connect). I tried EventMachine, but I found plain
+ 240364 [shortcutter ] <snip/>
  240413 [garbagecat10] ...

^ Komodo is the IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails!
240294 [enogrob gmai] The new Komodo IDE 4.0 is the first unified workspace for end-to-end
240388 [grettke gmai] I bought it, too. It is pretty nice.

^ xmlrpc (working on mac, not on linux, why?)
240295 [zelston prin] I'm guessing I missed some install, but I can't find out what because

^ [ANN] ActiveMerchant 1.0.0 Release
240298 [codyfauser g] This is just a quick announcement to let you know that we have
240304 [gdonald gmai] This part on the hompage that states "is now used in most modern Ruby
240306 [gregory.t.br] ActiveMerchant looks very cool, but honestly that sounds like
240307 [gregory.t.br] Are all of these using Shopify?
240308 [codyfauser g] Greg,
240309 [gregory.t.br] Very cool :)

^ Linda primer?
240312 [B.Candler po] I've been trying to find out some info on Ruby's "Rinda". I'm familar with
+ 240317 [o.renaud lap] There are some simple examples in the great book "Ruby Cookbook", by Lucas
| 240387 [B.Candler po] That's very good, thank you!
+ 240351 [ryand-ruby z] Linda has been around far longer than Java. I suggest going to the
  240399 [pcdavid gmai] A PDF version is available at http://www.lindaspaces.com/book/index.html

^ Rexml - StreamListener - Where I am in the XML?
240313 [beikel.meike] I'm using REXML::StreamListener to analyze a big xml file. My ruby
+ 240329 [james.britt ] In general, the big value of a stream parser is that it is not holding
+ 240339 [keith audiob] I've used REXML::Parsers::PullParser instead of stream parsing (same
  240383 [beikel.meike] @James: I know a SAX parser in another language that has to use like

^ Please illuminate how stupid I am re: initialization blocks.
240316 [mjudge surve] I seem to use blocks much differently from other people and that
+ 240318 [jan.svitok g] the difference is in the scope: with yield you'll have access to
+ 240319 [dblack wobbl] People do it that way too.  I personally don't like it, because it's
+ 240320 [robert.dober] amongst many other things instance eval would expose private methods,
+ 240321 [dblack wobbl] It's not a pro/con discussion but is a discussion and explication of
  240360 [bofh softmed] pub 1024D/8D2787EF  723C 7CA3 3C19 2ACE  6E20 9CC1 9956 EB3C 8D27 87EF

^ SQL Server 2005 connection problems in XP
240322 [ana_gissell_] I have been looking all over to see if I can get my problem resolved and
240332 [ssmoot gmail] So this "server" is a SQLExpress database file? You probably need an
240342 [ana_gissell_] Great! This certainly helped!
240403 [ana_gissell_] As an added note, an ODBC connection needs to be created in Windows,