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^ pgrep equivalent on windows
239556 [akbarhome gm] `kill #{`pgrep -f optimize_jobs.rb`.chomp}`
239562 [djberg96 gma] If you're looking for a pure Ruby solution you can use sys-proctable,

^ Test::Unit assert_raise_s
239565 [efine145-nos] Some time ago, I complained about assert_raise requiring one to list
239581 [djberg96 gma] Yep, In my case I would like this functionality for validating system

^ Re: xx-2.0.0
239573 [transfire gm] markaby has #tag! which is same as #_ however (AFAICT) markaby does
239577 [ara.t.howard] right, but with that approach, or that of markaby, tags like 'p', 'id',
239614 [transfire gm] Well, that's partly true. BuildingBlock removes all but a few methods,
239616 [ara.t.howard] abosolutely!  i'm just stating the reasons __i__ went ahead and did something

^ Array funkiness?
239574 [kyleaschmitt] When trying to append to an array that lives in an array, it appends
+ 239584 [gavin refine] The short answer is "RTFM" - type in
| + 239586 [kyleaschmitt] Ahh.  Any clue as to what the rational on making Array.new work that was was?
| | + 239598 [halostatue g] Yes.
| | + 239624 [ihatespam ho] Yes, because the other way isn't really possible.  Think about it.
| + 239658 [martindemell] And the reason a[0] += [i] works is that internally it gets converted
+ 239588 [sepp00 web.d] You probably also expect those nine arrows to be nine different empty arrays

^ [Test::Unit] Asserting exception messages?
239591 [daniel.schie] I've been looking around, but I haven't found a simple way of asserting
239613 [drbrain segm] So does Test::Unit.
239664 [daniel.schie] Very nice, didn't think about checking the return value!

^ Re: Housie (#114)
239602 [rubytraining] The problem lacks a certain symmetry, and I just want to make sure
239604 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ "Support Files" in Rubygems
239609 [zyklenfrei g] Is it possible to include files in rubygems that are neither .rb nor
+ 239610 [halostatue g] Yes. See PDF::Writer and various others for how to do this.
+ 239611 [jeremy hineg] Feel free to take a look at the Rakefile for keybox, I have a 'data'
  239612 [drbrain segm] Or you could just use Hoe and let somebody else (me) take care of
  239615 [jeremy hineg] Yup, that would work too, hoe makes the common stuff pretty easy, and
  239628 [zyklenfrei g] Thank you all for your kind suggestions - they all solve my problem =)

239629 [nkennedy99 v] HOW TO MAKE EASY MONEY FAST AND LEGALLY!!!!!!!!
239934 [kyleaschmitt] I'm having trouble fitting this into an algorithm in Ruby, the logic
239936 [sonoflilit g] bank_account.send_to(nkennedy99@verizon.net, A_LOT)

^ interesting usages of Struct?
239630 [jmcglynn cod] Anyone have an interesting or idiomatic usage of Struct?
+ 239634 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
+ 239651 [robert.dober] I was naming regular expressions with it roughly like this
| 239669 [gavin refine] Ooh, that's quite cool. Thanks for sharing that! :)
| + 239675 [ruby anthrop] That's one way of doing it. There was a discussion not too long ago of
| | 239734 [robert.dober] That seems a little bit heavy. I was thinking to extend
| + 239732 [robert.dober] My pleasure :)
+ 239654 [phillipsds y] At work I need to process different bits of information stored in csv

^ Passing a block into a class_eval
239631 [no spam.plea] Here's a function similar to attr_accessor, except it takes a block,
239632 [halostatue g] Ruby 1.9 accepts blocks as parameters to blocks.
239633 [no spam.plea] I can't immediately see how that solves this problem...?
239636 [dblack wobbl] class Module
239637 [no spam.plea] Excellent! I added the missing instance_variable_set and I'm away.
+ 239639 [no spam.plea] class Foo
| 239735 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):013:0> def x(*args); p args; yield; end
+ 239687 [dblack wobbl] Whoops, I knew it looked too short :-)
  239751 [no spam.plea] It is. class checking is a limited form of type checking however, and
  239763 [dblack wobbl] I need to stash that example away as it's rare enough that I never
  241313 [no spam.plea] Thanks for the suggestion.
  241325 [dchelimsky g] Right on! Nice to see someone using the rspec-0.8 syntax only a day
  + 241328 [dchelimsky g] Actually - I see that chattr_spec.rb is in the test directory. If you
  + 241412 [no.spam plea] Thanks! The new Rspec makes nice tests easier :-).
    241571 [tom infoethe] Yup, it'll get deployed to the main gem index when you release the gem

^ ruby 1.9 splat in return statement, bug or feature?
239638 [gwtmp01 mac.] What's going on with splat in 1.9?
+ 239641 [botp delmont] # What's going on with splat in 1.9?
| 239642 [aquasync gma] It seems somehow less consistent when viewed another way though. I think
+ 239656 [matz ruby-la] In 1.9, values (i.e. result of splat) are always represented by array,

^ Unification of variables and methods
239643 [aquasync gma] The one thing that bothers me about ruby is the (as i see it?) separate
239645 [matz ruby-la] I think unification makes
240487 [aquasync gma] Thanks for the response. In some ways i suppose, I've always found

^ Set vs Hash
239650 [sunrayson gm] Are there any general guidelines on when a "Set" should be used and when a
239652 [peter rubyra] A Set is similar to an Array - the two major differences are that a Set
239752 [sunrayson gm] Thanks for your response. I think now the differences and similarities
+ 239753 [danfinnie op] It should be the same as a Set is implemented as a Hash with every value
+ 239755 [ara.t.howard] nearly the same - set, in ruby, happens to be built on top of hash.

^ Ruby on Mac OS 9
239659 [parasew gmai] i am trying to find out if there is a Ruby Binary for Mac OS 9 or if
239670 [halostatue g] I would suspect the chances are very small.
239864 [parasew gmai] just trying to support the outsiders.

^ Gotham Ruby Conference Update and CFP Reminder
239673 [gregory.t.br] GoRuCo organizers

^ array .. more funkyness .. ;-)
239683 [josselin wan] root = ["22", "friend 22", ["11", "contact 11", [ ]  ] , ["13",
239686 [apeiros gmx.] Either recursively or iteratively with a stack.
239689 [josselin wan] thanks a lot ! that's great...  I'll try to find a recursive variant later..
239708 [apeiros gmx.] Seems to be a misunderstanding. The one I provided code for *is* the
239768 [josselin wan] got it.. it runs very well

^ [ANN] RSpec 0.8.0-RC1
239699 [dchelimsky g] The RSpec Development Team is pleased to announce Release Candidate 1

^ Wiki Recommendations?
239704 [gregory.t.br] Last time I did this dance, i2 was the all around best choice for a
+ 239742 [jim weirichh] The 'gem' statement merely states what gems should be used.  It does not
+ 240058 [jeremy hineg] I haven't played with it much yet, but have you given junebug a try yet?

^ Help with customising the IRB prompt
239709 [peter.bunyan] place to ask.
239712 [sonoflilit g] This is a constant so you cannot just assign it a dynamic value.
239713 [sonoflilit g] class Hashlike < Hash

^ Pattern matching
239715 [jon ffconsul] I recently got engaged in a thread on comp.lang.functional about ML and
+ 239761 [shortcutter ] Not that I am aware of.  Even a quick search on RAA doesn't reveal
| 239766 [vshepelev im] I'm now working on more full-fledged library (place for it, but no files
+ 240202 [rubyfan gmai] Phil
  240209 [jon ffconsul] Great article. Thanks. :-)

^ ri usage
239722 [bruparel mer] I am trying to learn how to use ri effectively.  I was looking up
+ 239723 [bofh softmed] You should use # as a separator, try e.g. 'Array#&'.
+ 239724 [o.renaud lap] You should surround the argument with ' or ", since "&" has a special meaning
| 239727 [bruparel mer] Thank you gents.
+ 239762 [egarson gmai] have fun

^ Working with forms
239733 [louishong ly] I'm very new to Ruby and haven't really spent much time on it.  I'm

^ More flexible inheritance
239738 [transfire gm] A notion came to me yesterday with regards to how we extend classes.
+ 239741 [stonelists g] Trans,
| 239868 [transfire gm] That's a long argument ;)
+ 239775 [sonoflilit g] Wouldn't this hurt performance a lot? For each and every message
| + 239776 [sonoflilit g] Hey, how about a new #include variant that does alias magic whenever a
| + 239820 [george.ogata] I believe the result of method lookups are cached, so you mightn't get
+ 239782 [george.ogata] The problem to my eyes is that they're not equivalent.
| 239803 [pit capitain] George, I'm not Tom, but I think that for redefining a method, instead of
| 239813 [george.ogata] Ah ok, I was overlooking the fact that *original* methods of X would
| 239869 [transfire gm] Actually, one of the benefits is that they would not come first,
+ 239834 [gwtmp01 mac.] Why not just use a subclass?  Isn't that one of the primary motivations
| 239870 [transfire gm] You're right of course --if that's what one needs. But often one wants
+ 239850 [Joerg.Mittag] Okay, I must admit that I actually don't have the slightest idea about
+ 239885 [matz ruby-la] What is the benefit of by this change?  Besides that this change would
| 240282 [transfire gm] The benifits are more robust means of extension b/c
| 240334 [matz ruby-la] I think I get the picture .. gradually.  Interesting.
+ 239907 [robert.dober] I am not sure if I am grasping the quintessence (I have not forgotten

^ modulus/division..
239743 [derek.teixei] hey guys, i am reading that "learning to program" by Chris Pine still
239747 [derek.perrau] Modulus division =3D Remainder division
239749 [derek.teixei] okay, cool. i found the answer to the question on a forum online ...
+ 239754 [slamboy gmai] I find that when I'm trying to understand what's going on, the best way to
+ 239757 [sepp00 web.d] Puts the remainder of division by 1000 (i.e. the three last digits of the
  239789 [derek.teixei] i tried to get a better understanding of the % method, so i just set up
  + 239791 [sepp00 web.d] The remainder of divison has nothing to do with what would come after the
  + 239792 [TimHunter nc] When I was in elementary school they taught us these words for division.
    239815 [derek.teixei] i think i've got it!
    239826 [efine145-nos] You can calculate modulus more expensively (but easier to understand)

^ Add custom rules to redcloth/textile how?
239748 [ingoweiss gm] has anybody successfully added custom inline tag rules to
239770 [sonoflilit g] Here is all the code implementing one of the default rules.
+ 239771 [sonoflilit g] Oh, and have a look at the adopt-a-newbie thread, here in ruby-talk :-)
| 239824 [ingoweiss gm] I aplologize if my question was too 'newbie' to send to the list. I
| 239827 [sonoflilit g] It wasn't. It was a perfectly OK question to ask in my opinion.
| 239863 [ingoweiss gm] Oh I see! Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again. Following your
+ 239823 [ingoweiss gm] Thanks so much!

^ [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.5-23 released
239760 [curt.hibbs g] Last week's release of 1.8.5-22 was missing the

^ Re : [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.5-23 released
239764 [ruby_admirer] Curt,
239818 [ml.chibbs gm] Tab competion is working for me. Did you require "irb\completion" (tab
+ 239825 [ruby_admirer] Curt,
| 239835 [ml.chibbs gm] Hmmm... I never knew that. I don't know what could be different.
| 239842 [alex verk.in] That is simply because IRB has already required 'readline' while it was
| 239851 [ruby_admirer] Alexey,
| 239854 [alex verk.in] because load() needs a file path (absolute or relative, with .rb
+ 239844 [ml.chibbs gm] Is there a feature in there that you really need?
  + 239845 [ml.chibbs gm] I figured out what happenned, it was a procedural error in my build process.
  + 239849 [ml.chibbs gm] No, its not. But I decided to do another release anyway. I don't like the
  + 239945 [chris.hulan ] SciTE doesn't do auto updates, but if you download the latest version

^ exit in a bloc  DRY way...
239769 [josselin wan] origin = false
+ 239772 [phillipsds y] I think this should do the job
| 239774 [sonoflilit g] Isn't #find better than #select?
| + 239778 [george.ogata] nb-=1 if contact.any?{|c| c.from==parameter}
| | 239780 [sonoflilit g] Wow, #any? can do this? Thanks for teaching me a cool idiom!
| + 239779 [phillipsds y] Yes, I think you are correct.
+ 239773 [sonoflilit g] In Ruby, break exits the block with value "nil". The caller must check
  239783 [josselin wan] thanks a lot !!  I love Ruby for that....  start from one point .. and
  239786 [sonoflilit g] Here in the list. How do you read the list? Myself, I'm subscribed to

^ Instance variable exists?
239781 [detlef.reich] what is the preferred way to see if an object already includes a
239785 [sonoflilit g] AFAIK it's the only way.
239788 [george.ogata] obj.instance_eval{defined?(@foo)}
239793 [sonoflilit g] aur-sarafs-computer:~ aursaraf$ ri Object#instance_variable_get -T
+ 239795 [george.ogata] g@bang:~$ ri -T instance_variable_get
+ 239797 [slamboy gmai] FYI I get the same thing.
  239800 [sur.max gmai] Rdoc is there !!

^ ruby gnome2 - stuck with combo box
239790 [prhlava eart] i am trying to create a combo box where drop-down bit is a list-store
239798 [nlsmith user] See sample code in combo.rb in ruby gnome
239804 [prhlava eart] thank you very much, it works now...

^ Why should initialize_copy verify the class of the original?
239802 [jeremy chaos] I was looking at the CD player example in the Pickaxe book and I can't
+ 239805 [sonoflilit g] object.initialize_copy
| 239821 [jeremy chaos] ==>  NoMethodError: private method `initialize_copy' called for ...
+ 239929 [david vallne] CDPlayer.new.instance_eval {initialize_copy(TeddyBear.new)}
  240091 [jeremy chaos] That's the conclusion we came to in the other thread (though it wasn't

^ Doc to PDF/HTML converter plugins available in Ruby?
239807 [invincible.c] Are there any .doc to pdf and html comverter library available in Ruby?
239810 [slamboy gmai] a quick search of the ruby kitchen sink (http://rubykitchensink.ca/)
239811 [invincible.c] Yes pdf-writer exists. but what I am looking at is some library/plugin which
239812 [slamboy gmai] Ah yes, sorry, I was distracted by my daughter so I didn't read your
239814 [slamboy gmai] ...
239816 [slamboy gmai] Ack.  I'll give up until my wife comes back home.  Heh.
239819 [invincible.c] ok so the link says that first convert doc to postscript and then figure out
239828 [sonoflilit g] I recall something VERY similar being discussed on the list a few days
+ 239829 [sonoflilit g] Here. Sorry for being lazy.
+ 239830 [invincible.c] I have got through following,
  239833 [invincible.c] Aur, Thanks for the link!
  239853 [slamboy gmai] Ok, now that I've got a moment, here's an alternative using openoffice
  239918 [invincible.c] I hope it works for Microsoft 2000 and onwards as well.
  239924 [hcayless lul] You might look at http://www.artofsolving.com/opensource/jodconverter
  239967 [invincible.c] Thanks for the link. the project is certainly worth a watch.

^ Delphi programmers opinions on Ruby widget libraries : Fox, wx, GTK....?
239808 [temp lorrima] I used to program in Delphi, and was spoiled by its fabulous UI
+ 239951 [sven613go su] have you tried the Apollo system?
| 240024 [temp lorrima] By gum, that does look interesting. I'll get back to you sometime.
+ 240028 [ryan NOSPAMe] So far I've found them all equally disappointing. For a while now I've

^ Re: Housie (#114)
239809 [rubytraining] Here's my solution.  I really enjoyed this quiz.  On the surface it
239836 [d.frommknech] my solution first figures out which postitions in the ticket should be
239856 [broclee gmai] Does your solution make sure there is at least one number in each
239857 [broclee gmai] Does your solution make sure there are exactly five numbers on each
239858 [lerno dragon] Ooops, was that I requirement? Kind of missed that.

^ Installing Ruby on Linux - Error
239838 [centipeed gm] I'm new to Linux, so it may well be that I'm missing some trivial.
+ 239840 [sonoflilit g] echo "int main(){return 0;}" > test.c
+ 239841 [TimHunter nc] I think Ubuntu doesn't install any developer tools by default. You need
| + 239847 [jan.svitok g] Right. It's called build-essential.
| + 239852 [kbloom gmail] You'll need to install the package "build-essential" which will pull in a
+ 239912 [anibalrojas ] Centipeed,

^ [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.5-24 released
239855 [ml.chibbs gm] This is embarrassing: yesterday I released 1.8.5-23 that was supposed to
239862 [ruby_admirer] Curt,

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
239865 [james graypr] ...

^ Problems installing libxml
239867 [veganjenny g] I'm having trouble installing libxml-ruby and was hoping someone here could

^ Module that includes both class and instance methods?
239872 [public misus] I'm trying to create a module that will have class and instance methods
239937 [halostatue g] Please dig through the archives for this. It has been discussed many

^ Answer: Module that includes both class and instance methods?
239873 [public misus] After an hour of farting around trying to figure this out, of course I
239958 [transfire gm] Have a look at facets' module/class_extension. You can read the

^ yaml and self-referential data
239874 [fugalh ziane] I have a data structure (Arrays and Hashes mixed in a soup) that is