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^ Receiving signals in Win32/Process
239003 [sonny.chee g] Hey Guys,
243243 [sunrayson gm] Only the following signals are supported.

^ Checking the name of the host Operating System
239005 [sonny.chee g] Hey Guys,
239011 [james graypr] => "i686-darwin8.8.1"
239013 [sonny.chee g] Thanks James, that's exactly what I need.

^ Puzzling regex behaviour
239007 [ian caliban.] Can anyone explain this to me?
239030 [shortcutter ] Maybe there is an initialization in .irbrc that leads to a changed
239035 [ian caliban.] Nope; I had hoped it would be that easy, but as you can see from my
239048 [dbalmain.ml ] Maybe your editor saves the script in UTF-8 format. The irb example
239052 [dbalmain.ml ] For example;
239056 [ian caliban.] My editor is vim and I run it in the nl_NL locale, so it doesn't start
239057 [ian caliban.] I should have asked by now, but can anyone else reproduce this with
239058 [dbalmain.ml ] I can reproduce this 1.8.4
239059 [ian caliban.] foo = "prs"
+ 239060 [dbalmain.ml ] Not nl_NL but en_US.ISO-8859-1. I get the same results as you.
+ 239063 [Rob AgileCon] I'm beginning to wonder if the original question is even accurate.
| 239126 [ian caliban.] What is your locale? I strongly suspect it's either unset or set to C.
| 239129 [gavin refine] Aren't you making the assumption that it's the regex at fault here,
| 239130 [ian caliban.] $ irb
+ 239091 [shortcutter ] Another idea: maybe the readline lib interferes with encodings somehow
  239119 [ian caliban.] irb(main):001:0> load 'foo'
  239132 [ian caliban.] I beg your pardon. I must have had the locale set incorrectly on that
  239138 [gavin refine] Phewsh. Combined with the behavior you reported for loading a global
  239149 [Rob AgileCon] Why don't you just find out which characters are in the [:alnum:] and
  239175 [ian caliban.] Yes, but all this really does is indicate that the irb behaviour is
  239267 [Rob AgileCon] Yes, the LANG is affecting the result in irb, but not ruby.
  239342 [ian caliban.] It turns out that the poster who mentioned possible interference from
  239349 [shortcutter ] That was me. :-)
  239474 [ian caliban.] You mean that both of them show foo to contain the same string of bytes?

^ cannot read beyond the end of buffer on Opteron (and yes, pack.c is fixed)
239009 [cutter38 gma] I'm trying to get Ruby working properly on a Opteron (Ubuntu LTS server)
239072 [cutter38 gma] Responding to myself here...it was actually a problem with left over files

^ quick newbie true/false/nil question
239010 [slamboy gmai] I ran across this line of code today, and it doesn't make sense to me.
+ 239012 [cohen.jeff g] I'm not familiar with the CommDispatcher class, but it looks like
| 239016 [slamboy gmai] Right... but isn't the assignment of the value 'nil' going to return true
| + 239019 [sonoflilit g] ( (a = 2+3) == 5 ) == true
| | 239021 [slamboy gmai] heh.  I should just test it for myself before posting to the mailing list.
| + 239020 [gwtmp01 mac.] The value associated with an assignment statement is the value of
+ 239018 [olsonas gmai] I don't know anything about CommDispatcher, but I'd assume you could
  239026 [dejan.dimic ] The above code is certainly not a nice-looking one but that was not

^ Dynamically determining a class' namespace
239014 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.x
239022 [ara.t.howard] -a
239027 [tim.pease gm] Not quite what Mr. Berger is after here.
239029 [ara.t.howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 239032 [tim.pease gm] Okay, Ara is there any problem that you have not already solved ;)
| 239033 [ara.t.howard] gotta give credit where it's due: that's florian's work.
+ 239055 [ mfp acm.org] $ ruby -v a.rb

^ NEWBIE: What is the dos-box for and why is it there?
239031 [email nobleb] I am very new to Ruby. In fact I just downloaded it and started looking
239034 [coachhilton ] You can search this group for detailed answers to your question. In a

^ [ANN] hoe 1.2.0 Released
239036 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] ParseTree 1.6.4 Released
239038 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.6.4 has been released!

^ Converting class_for to a C extension
239040 [djberg96 gma] I found this snippet posted to handle doing const_get for nested
+ 239041 [djberg96 gma] for(i = 0; i < RARRAY(v_names)->len; i++){
+ 239042 [vincent.four] You should ;-) the (null) stuff is a sign that you're using a NULL
+ 239043 [lyle.johnson] I know this doesn't directly answer the question you asked, but why
  + 239049 [djberg96 gma] *SLAPS FOREHEAD*
  + 239164 [drbrain segm] One of these days I'm going to write a patch to expose this to Ruby :P
    239169 [lyle.johnson] Expose what to Ruby?
    239174 [djberg96 gma] I think he just means that there's no direct equivalent in plain Ruby
    + 239187 [lyle.johnson] *SLAPS FOREHEAD*
    + 239191 [drbrain segm] Yup.  I've reimplemented rb_path2class() numerous times in ruby, and
      239352 [djberg96 gma] I tried messing with object.c yesterday, but I couldn't make it work.
      239595 [drbrain segm] Oh, I was mistaken, its VALUE rb_path2class(const char *) not VALUE

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.4 Released
239044 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.4 has been released!

^ [ANN] heckle 1.2.0 Released
239045 [ryand-ruby z] heckle version 1.2.0 has been released!
+ 239061 [ryand-ruby z] OOPS! I must opened an old email file. 1.3.0 was released today, not
+ 239113 [daniel.schie] Hey Ryan, great stuff! I've just got one question: I'm adding some
  + 239122 [frdrch gmail] heckle --help
  + 239256 [ryand-ruby z] Other than the single method heckling that Jan points out, there is
    239334 [daniel.schie] How about, when heckle first runs the tests, recording what methods were

^ Newb - uninitialized constant error
239046 [steverummel ] I am a Newbie who has written some Ruby code - it actually works when
239050 [coachhilton ] I think we'd need to see all the code to be sure about the problem.
239051 [steverummel ] main.rb:55: uninitialized constant Textractor::TextDocumentPortrait
239078 [twerth infin] def your_method()

^ newbie tdd question
239054 [slamboy gmai] I've search google and the ruby kitchen sink... I've also hunted around
+ 239062 [james graypr] I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but I did make a screencast
| + 239073 [slamboy gmai] than SciTE.
| + 239076 [renard nc.rr] On Feb 13, 7:50 pm, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
| | 239106 [richard.conr] But its not a How-to-TDD book (or a learn WATIR book, or a learn Selenium book).
| + 239200 [renard nc.rr] On Feb 13, 7:50 pm, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
|   + 239204 [sonoflilit g] MOV is Apple QuickTime
|   + 239205 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
+ 239101 [smartgpx gma] Can I suggest -
  + 239110 [slamboy gmai] Very nice.  I'm starting to grok now why testing is handy.  Thanks!
  + 239158 [barjunk attg] Thanks for the links below!

^ Re: [Ruby] [ANN] heckle 1.3.0 Released
239068 [ryand zenspi] OOPS! I must have grabbed the wrong paragraph by mistake. We released

^ Re: [ANN] ParseTree 1.7.0 Released
239070 [ryand-ruby z] OK... I suck... there was a bug in my release script with the new

^ Re: [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.5 Released
239071 [ryand-ruby z] OK... I suck... there was a bug in my release script with the new

^ Debugging Ruby
239074 [bruparel mer] I am starting chapter 13 or Programming Ruby trying to debug the
239075 [bruparel mer] This is getting stranger!  I rebooted in Fedora Core 5 Linux (I have a
239083 [botp delmont] # Any clues on how to troubleshoot on Windows side?
239120 [bruparel mer] Thank you.

^ Proc objects and Maintainability - a design note to self
239077 [john.carter ] So I use a couple of proc objects around my system.
239108 [invalid gmx.] This makes me think that a Ruby programmer should maybe use the word »call«
239180 [gwtmp01 mac.] class Extra

^ Where do you use Ruby?
239079 [pal palbergs] As I get myself more and more into Rails, and Ruby, I wonder in what
+ 239084 [ snk gna.org] I use it to help me design, develop, and verify hardware modules written
| 239085 [pal palbergs] Is this a similar approach like CocoaRuby? In the case of CocoaRuby I'm
| + 239096 [richard.conr] What about Eclipse? Thats just a development tool.
| | 239097 [pal palbergs] I'm learning Ruby via RoR, for developing a web application. But what if
| | 239099 [richard.conr] By a 'normal' application, I take it that you mean some kind of PC
| | + 239103 [pal palbergs] Thanks.
| | | + 239104 [thomasmuelle] I haven't done anything serious with it, but if you've got Xcodeinstalled when you install Ruby, it will add templates or whateverthat is called (as I said, don't really know what I'm talkingabout...) to Xcode and you can develop applications with Ruby.(That's true on Mac OS 10.3 and using DarwinPorts to install Ruby...)
| | | + 239105 [sonoflilit g] WENvZGUgQ0FOIGJlIHVzZWQsIGJ1dCBJJ20gbm90IHN1cmUgeW91J2xsIGdldCBtdWNoIGJlbmVm
| | |   239107 [pal palbergs] (My knowledge in "true" application programming is really low, so bear
| | |   + 239116 [bitdoger2 ya] "Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?" - Homer Simpson
| | |   + 239121 [pal palbergs] To correct myself; it's RubyCocoa and nothing else. :-)
| | + 239127 [francis.joan] Back on the original question, I primarily use Ruby as a platform to
| + 239098 [robert.dober] Eclipse hmm, good question.
|   239102 [richard.conr] Basically static typing means that you can make intellisense and
+ 239100 [smartgpx gma] "Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?" - Homer Simpson
+ 239139 [palmerj3 gma] I use Ruby to write quick & effective vendor synchronization scripts since =
+ 239186 [v.konrad lse] * netcdf file data normalisation and import to postgresql database -
+ 239195 [sonoflilit g] I'm writing a prototype of a novel GUI metaphor in Ruby.
+ 239286 [Gilbert.Rebh] as a RubyNewbie (coming from Java)

^ Justification for Array#join behaviour?
239087 [farrel.lifso] What is the justification for [1,2,[3,4]].join(',') being '1,2,3,4'
+ 239089 [sonoflilit g] I second that.
+ 239128 [gavin refine] What's the justification for it NOT doing that? (Just because the docs
+ 239145 [wonado donne] It is easy to come to the required result by
+ 239156 [lists bertra] class Array
| + 239162 [farrel.lifso] I did some experimentation  and it seems that the decision might not
| + 239281 [martindemell] Or
|   239310 [lists bertra] [1, 2, 3, [4, 5, [6, 7], 8]]
+ 239182 [gwtmp01 mac.] Be aware that Array#to_s has changed in Ruby 1.9

^ Debugging SDL with the rsdl binary
239093 [sonoflilit g] On OSX (not sure about other platforms), to use Ruby/SDL, code needs to be

^ wsdl2ruby.rb issue - part: value cannot be resolved (RuntimeError)
239094 [rob novadiem] I' trying to run wsdl2ruby but having an issue with it crashing before

^ Dynamic function calls
239109 [tomas_fische] I want to write an installer, which checks, if sth. is present on the
+ 239111 [shortcutter ] array.each do |name|
+ 239114 [bofh softmed] charset="utf-8"

^ howto gem thru a proxy
239112 [samyw gmx.ch] *** REMOTE GEMS ***

^ Initializing dynamic instance methods
239117 [lasso lassow] What's the best way to remedy the error/warning that the following
+ 239118 [pit capitain] I don't know if its the best way, but you could try
| 239143 [lasso lassow] Thanks, the worked flawlessly. I just added an else clause so that I
+ 239125 [gavin refine] module_eval("def foo(); @foo ||= nil; end")
  239266 [no.spam plea] That's what I do also; just be careful however not to refer to the

^ what runs when running tests?
239136 [railsinator ] I guess I'm still learning ruby.
+ 239137 [halostatue g] A TestRunner.
| 239141 [railsinator ] Thanks.
+ 239140 [lyle.johnson] To expand on Austin's answer just a little: I think the magic that
  239142 [railsinator ] Lyle,
  239242 [bpettichord ] In Python's unit testing framework, you have to explicitly include

^ Programmatically turning a Regexp into an anchored Regexp
239144 [greg.hurrell] Is there any programmatic way to take a Regexp like /foo/ and turn it
+ 239148 [wonado donne] irb(main):001:0> r1 = /foo/
| 239154 [greg.hurrell] Thanks, Wolfgang. I had no idea that #{} could be used not only to
+ 239152 [tim.pease gm] def anchor( rgxp )
+ 239159 [james graypr] I see you already have your answer, but just to throw other ideas

^ help with IMAP documentation
239146 [barjunk attg] Being new to ruby, I'm having a little trouble getting my mind around
239165 [drbrain segm] You'll have to pass the message through a library like TMail to do
239221 [barjunk attg] Thanks for that....the thing is, its not very clear to me, by reading
239237 [drbrain segm] $ ri Net::IMAP.fetch

^ Drying a ternary condition
239150 [bofh softmed] klass.send((ARGV[0] || :up).to_sym == :up ? :up : :down)
+ 239151 [tim.pease gm] ARGV[0] ? klass.send(:up) : klass.send(:down)
| 239153 [sur.max gmai] klass.send(ARGV[0] ? :up : :down)
| 239157 [Rob AgileCon] Since neither of those does the same as the OP's statement, they
| 239172 [bofh softmed] yup :) exactly. thanks for pointing this out.
+ 239163 [shortcutter ] klass.send( case ARGV[0] when "up", nil then :up else :down end )
| 239168 [bofh softmed] I like it: i was trying to achieve the same semantics with fewer :up symbols.
+ 239170 [chris.hulan ] def upOrdown(a)
+ 239274 [twifkak comc] klass.send(%w{up down}.find(:up) {|dir| dir == ARGV[0]})
| 239275 [bofh softmed] clever use of .first (setting the default) and .find.
| 239276 [twifkak comc] well, it turns out, not so clever. i got the api wrong - find expects
+ 239278 [ara.t.howard] i would just do this
  239407 [bofh softmed] that's absolutely right, I didn't even think about that.

^ Ajax/Prototype onComplete fires before response returned in Firefox
239155 [ext237 somew] Simple ajax call seems to have some issues in Firefox.  The "onComplete:" is

^ setting form values in rails?
239160 [red red667.o] i'm trying to build some stuff with RoR again and now got a little

^ Creating a second instance of a singleton class?
239161 [public misus] Hey,
+ 239166 [dblack wobbl] I think the idea is for the object to have its own class, so if that
| 239171 [public misus] Thanks David - I think I understand what you're saying.. I'd happily
| 239179 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
| + 239184 [ara.t.howard] and, if it is
| | 239198 [public misus] I love this group b/c there are so many clever people here. Ara -
| | 239258 [ara.t.howard] you lost me.  why wouldn't you just do
| + 239263 [dblack wobbl] Are you sure you need those for your example?
+ 239208 [pit capitain] Steve, don't give up so fast, this is Ruby!
  239305 [koflerjim ma] Maybe also check out http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/94696
  239307 [sur.max gmai] hey guys !!
  239337 [gethemant gm] class << obj
  239353 [pit capitain] ri Object#clone
  239360 [gethemant gm] Hey Pit, Internal State was not quite so clear to me so i read up in
  239386 [pit capitain] Hemant, to be fair, I hadn't thought of singleton classes, too, before

^ Ruby-MySQL on solaris 9 (sparc)
239167 [ck1 stonedra] Does anyone have Ruby-MySQL running on Solaris for sparc64? I'd like
239283 [ck1 stonedra] Sorry, please forget this post, I was able to use mkmf on solaris.

^ Adopt-a-newbie? Based on actual experience.
239173 [sonoflilit g] Remember Samantha? She dropped by the list a while ago and was given the
+ 239177 [rubygeekgirl] As a newbie, I think that would be awesome.  I've emailed off-list with two
| 239292 [wbsmith83 gm] Hey I saw on the adopt a geek thread you were creating a resume generator. I
| 239293 [sonoflilit g] I think emailing her off-list would be more proper :)
| + 239298 [wbsmith83 gm] Grr. Thats what I meant to do. Stupid non-mind reading computer.
| | 239350 [rubygeekgirl] Yours doesn't read your mind, either?   The nerve... =)
| + 239299 [sonoflilit g] * When you receive an email asking if you're OK hooking up with a newbie,
|   239357 [vincent-fran] I'd like to put myself up for adoption!.
+ 239181 [logancapaldo] I would be interested, but I think it would depend on the adoptee not
| + 239183 [sonoflilit g] Well, to potential adoptees we can only offer the service...
| | + 239199 [sonoflilit g] Well, until further notice (and please read this thread to the end to check
| | | + 239201 [wikipedianki] Well, it sound like apprenticeship or something like a pupil to a teacher.
| | | + 239202 [peter rubyra] I think this is a fabulous idea.
| | |   239203 [sonoflilit g] You don't need to be a pro.
| | |   239206 [sonoflilit g] Hmm.
| | |   239207 [james graypr] I like this movement and want to see it be successful, but I think
| | |   239209 [sonoflilit g] Indeed.
| | |   + 239210 [james graypr] I will consider it.
| | |   | 239211 [sonoflilit g] Thank you.
| | |   + 239430 [edavis10 gma] I would like to volunteer my help to mentor a person or two.  I have
| | |     239434 [rubygeekgirl] Awesome, Eric!
| | + 239227 [diegoslice g] As far as the adoptee taking undue advantage of the adopter's time and
| |   + 239231 [sonoflilit g] This seems like psychological overkill to me - it would scare the hell out
| |   + 239234 [pergesu gmai] I hate the idea of a "social contract."
| |     + 239236 [sonoflilit g] +1
| |     + 239246 [diegoslice g] IANAL). I'll do some editing of the one I found but basically it boils
| |       239247 [sonoflilit g] Well, I think such things should come AFTER they get to know each other, if
| |       + 239248 [sonoflilit g] Oh, by the way, in the future, could volunteers list their topics of
| |       + 239252 [diegoslice g] But that is the point, the matches don't know each other is this is only
| |         239282 [mksm.sama gm] I agree with Jim. That is a fact in the Ruby community.
| |         239437 [CHubas7 gmai] I agree with him somehow.
| |         239526 [sonoflilit g] It is focused on answering trivial questions and on the kind of dialog and
| + 239897 [markonlinux ] I've often thought about this but in a slightly different way.
|   + 239898 [sonoflilit g] I agree totally - this is my favorite way of learning/teaching.
|   + 239906 [perrin apoth] I'd love to see something like that happen.  My first brush with
|   | 239909 [sonoflilit g] I agree very much with the effectiveness of such study groups and
|   | 239913 [sonoflilit g] This is an edited transcript of my discussions with Samantha this far.
|   | + 239927 [derek.teixei] So in order to get set up with someone to help you ... message
|   | | 239935 [sonoflilit g] No. To set up with someone, go to the wiki, find someone that seems
|   | | + 239957 [nodenator gm] I happen to be fairly new to ruby, and I think the idea of having a
|   | | | 239961 [sonoflilit g] Like to see it done? Do it!
|   | | | 239969 [efine145-nos] Well, so far I have not received any emails although my link is there on
|   | | | 239972 [sonoflilit g] There are many newbies already on the program, but since the ruby
|   | | | 239978 [efine145-nos] Wow! What a community! I've never heard of such a thing. The Ruby
|   | | | + 239981 [sonoflilit g] Indeed.
|   | | | + 240009 [chubas7 gmai] Yay for that!
|   | | |   + 240012 [sonoflilit g] "Somebody" is Alexandru (to whom I cannot express all of my thanks for
|   | | |   | 240046 [stevenq1967 ] Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I spent the last couple of days
|   | | |   + 240055 [perrin apoth] An infrastructure for prompting the "study group" approach for Ruby
|   | | |     + 240138 [mattharmes g] As a Ruby newbie I'd like to give a big thumbs up to the "study group"
|   | | |     + 240141 [mattharmes g] As a Ruby newbie I'd like to give a big thumbs up to the "study group"
|   | | + 239959 [avdi avdi.or] willing to take newbie questions.
|   | |   239960 [sonoflilit g] Until yesterday, that was me.
|   | |   239973 [avdi avdi.or] I think *someone* should do it, and no, I'm not volunteering ;-)
|   | |   239977 [sonoflilit g] Somebody is working on a Rails app.
|   | + 240043 [james graypr] One of the downsides of a two-person chat, as opposed to asking a
|   |   + 240049 [sonoflilit g] I agree. But I think even when one is lead in the wrong direction
|   |   + 240057 [rubygeekgirl] I agree, with a need for input that goes beyond the scope of a 1-on-1 chat.
|   + 240040 [james graypr] suggestion@rubyquiz.com
+ 239213 [pergesu gmai] OOH!  I want a newbie!!
| + 239215 [sonoflilit g] I'm currently hand-spamming a few users at ruby-talk that lately started a
| | 239219 [palmerj3 gma] Sign me up!
| + 239218 [barjunk attg] I'm a newbie willing to be beaten ....ahh....helped by a more
|   + 239220 [sonoflilit g] As a newb wishing to be helped, please email me directly. That would take
|   + 239235 [steverummel ] I am in - as a Newbie and to help answer questions from new-er-bies.
|     239245 [rubygeekgirl] willing to buy the domain and put it to work for this purpose.
+ 239225 [vincent.four] I very much like the idea, but I would like to mitigate a little the
| 239226 [sonoflilit g] But of course!
| 239228 [vincent.four] That would be good. Let's give it some time to see the outcome !
+ 239240 [o.renaud lap] I think this is a great idea ! I can't wait for being adopted by Matz ^^
| + 239241 [sonoflilit g] Well, since for now it's coordinated here and by email, just tell me where
| | 239244 [o.renaud lap] Ok.
| | 239250 [o.renaud lap] I can help more specifically with Gtk, OpenGL and algorithmic.
| | 239251 [sonoflilit g] Say... Where do newbies look for help first?
| + 239243 [gdonald gmai] Couldn't the pupil teach the teacher English as part of the deal?
+ 239249 [danfinnie op] I'll volunteer to be a mentor.
+ 239438 [gregory.t.br] I'd be willing to mentor someone as well, but as others have
+ 239531 [eeklund gmai] I'll volunteer; areas of expertise is advanced pure Ruby hackery, and
| 239566 [robert.dober] (1) I believe that the list is the best way to teach.
| 239576 [efine145-nos] A person who is generally inexperienced in computer programming, and
| 239740 [chubas7 gmai] That's my point: for specific questions a newbie should exhaust as many
| + 239744 [rubygeekgirl] Just putting my two cents in... (or maybe a whole nickel, we'll see how
| + 239745 [sonoflilit g] I think exposing the dialogs between mentors and newbies is essential,
| | 239746 [rubygeekgirl] Aur
| + 239759 [efine145-nos] Ruben,
|   239765 [sonoflilit g] +1000
|   239861 [sonoflilit g] Please take a moment to make a minor contribution to the
|   239896 [sonoflilit g] "Hello Aur,
+ 239606 [phurley gmai] I would be happy to help out. I would also suggest that most user
+ 240011 [alder.green ] Check your email, Aur ;-)