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^ Fwd: Answer to #113
238688 [james graypr] ...

^ Fwd: Testsuite for #113
238689 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Fwd: quiz 113
238690 [james graypr] ...

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
238691 [james graypr] ...

^ Backport from ruby 1.9, including constants
238695 [vshepelev im] During last several monthes I've worked on some library, using the latest
+ 238699 [gwtmp01 mac.] The only solutions I can think of involve explicitly referencing the
| 238701 [vshepelev im] Just due to this ugliness, and, additionally, I can't (or don't want) modify
| + 238707 [gwtmp01 mac.] This uses eval on a string, which can be dangerous, but if you are
| | 238708 [vshepelev im] Thanks, Gary.
| | 238710 [gwtmp01 mac.] Maybe someone else will come up with something but I think the main
| + 238711 [kbloom gmail] How about
+ 238704 [kbloom gmail] class << a
| 238705 [vshepelev im] Not exactly what I want.
+ 238717 [vjoel path.b] module Constants

^ using YAML as config
238706 [ribs acm.org] I want to write a config file in YAML.  In this file I will store a
+ 238715 [vjoel path.b] Here's the only way I know to do this (I'm not sure if add_domain_type
| 238859 [ribs acm.org] Wow Joel - that's a lot of code and a lot to digest.  I'm going through
| 238860 [vjoel path.b] It's nice to know that _why's much simpler code works. The other stuff I
+ 238719 [why ruby-lan] class Company

^ Camping Install -Without Gems
238709 [wilsom8 rpi.] Hey!
238722 [chad chadfow] Looks like you're missing the camping.rb file which the camping script

^ [ANN] ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.4.0 Released
238713 [zach.dennis ] Whats New?

^ How can I change the default font size in tk?
238714 [wangdong2 gm] root = TkRoot.new do
238716 [wangdong2 gm] I found TkOptionDB.add( "*font", "{Lucida Sans Unicode} 10" ) works°◊•„but
238721 [wangdong2 gm] TkFont.configure('TkDefaultFont', 'family' => 'Lucida Sans Unicode', 'size'

^ URI.extract issue
238723 [transfire gm] require 'uri'

^ Win32OLE doesn't work with Outlook Express?
238727 [ning.bao sup] I am trying to retrieve some mails from my Outlook Express mail-box.
+ 238728 [masaki.suket] Yes. because Outlook Express does not provide the OLE automation
| 238905 [ning.bao sup] Your message is really helpful!
+ 238747 [dave burt.id] Outlook Express doesn't have a COM interface.
  238909 [ning.bao sup] Thanks for your link.

^ Re: Buffered IO and UDPSocket
238729 [rajsahae gma] I am having a problem similar to this.  I have a reciever with a select

^ getting client ip address
238730 [smathe2 hotm] whats the best way to get a client ip address. I am using rails if that
+ 238784 [jalilsan gma] If  you are using rails then this should get you going.
+ 238920 [no spam.plea] It does - you need the socket, and if you're in a Mongrel hiding behind

^ [ANN] Erubis 2.2.0 release - a fast eRuby implementation
238736 [kwa kuwata-l] I have released Erubis 2.2.0.

^ Guidelines for combining FP and OO with Ruby
238738 [ruby_admirer] There have been some threads on Functional Programming with Ruby.

^ Ruby and CLIPS expert system shell
238740 [kubilayisik ] Is it somehow possible to use Ruby with CLIPS expert system shell?
238789 [lyle.johnson] but it looks like that never went anywhere. IMO, you'd probably have

^ Re: Testsuite for #113
238741 [robert.dober] Sorry I forgot to send you the update, I was missing wrap40, but I got it at
238854 [robert.dober] latest version, as posted to the Ruby Quiz thread too

^ embedding if statements in upto function.(newbie question)
238746 [michael.scha] Thank you to everyone for all of your help.
+ 238753 [B.Candler po] Why don't you give some sample data, and show what happens when you run it.
| 238761 [B.Candler po] I expect the problem is that a[x][y] contains a string, not an integer.
+ 238774 [jeremymcanal] Let's clean your syntax up a little bit first...

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 Win32 GUI Installer
238748 [mutoh highwa] I released the new Ruby-GNOME2 Win32 GUI Installer for

^ What is Proc#==
238750 [sylvain.joye] From the description,
238767 [invalid gmx.] My guess would be that a and b were created in different contexts, and
238878 [george.ogata] Actually, since blocks are closures, the x is the same variable in
238880 [bofh softmed] it is worth noting the "address" of the empty proc being 0 (NULL? :)
+ 238893 [efine145-nos] Here's the C code for proc_eq (in eval.c). It seems that the procs have
| + 238897 [efine145-nos] Incidentally, the reason why lambda {} == lambda {} may be because all
| | 238984 [bofh softmed] Thank you for your insight! It's clear now. /me has to remember to always take
| + 239004 [gwtmp01 mac.] Here are a few other ways that seem to be analogous to clone/dup
| + 239064 [george.ogata] Hmm, so my earlier comment about empty blocks was wrong.  You can
+ 239065 [george.ogata] Hmm, where does it say that?  Module#===(obj) checks that

^ Re: embedding if statements in upto function.(newbie questio
238757 [michael.scha] Thanks Brian, I appreciate the help.
238766 [michael.scha] Brian,
238779 [michael.scha] thank you very much.  I had an issue with the string.  I adjusted the

^ Just a really general Question...
238770 [derek.teixei] hey guys,
238772 [jeremymcanal] is powered by Ruby.  It runs sites like 43things and Amazon's UnSpun.
238776 [derek.teixei] Your reply helped a little bit.. i guess what i really need to figure
+ 238780 [shortcutter ] I guess then reading through a basic tutorial (or book) will help you.
| 238936 [derek.teixei] By chris, you are referring to Chris Pine, right? Your reply realy
+ 238787 [marksweiss y] One incredibly oversimplified/overgeneralized response to this is,
| 238937 [derek.teixei] Mark,
+ 238793 [vazqujav gma] i really have no idea what
  238938 [derek.teixei] I actually used the Head First series for HTML and CSS. I really like

^ Windows Language
238778 [andre.nho gm] Is it possible to find the Windows natural language (ex. English,
+ 238783 [slamboy gmai] T24gMi8xMi8wNywgQW5kcsOpIDxhbmRyZS5uaG9AZ21haWwuY29tPiB3cm90ZToKPgo+IEhlbGxv
| 238811 [jan.svitok g] I have no such variable set (XP SP2).
| 238817 [jan.svitok g] (The table is inwin32utils/windows-pr as well).
+ 238818 [andre.nho gm] require 'Win32API'
  238828 [slamboy gmai] T24gMi8xMi8wNywgQW5kcsOpIDxhbmRyZS5uaG9AZ21haWwuY29tPiB3cm90ZToKPgo+ID4gSXMg

^ Running Java from Rails
238788 [vazqujav gma] Does anyone know of a possibility to run Java-Classes out of RoR (e.g.
+ 238790 [olsonas gmai] Coming from Java, let me tell you that coding the "complex stuff" in
| 238799 [vazqujav gma] You're right, but I think bytecode is probably faster then interpreted-
| + 238806 [alex blackke] Thought I'd just weigh in here...
| | 238808 [jeremymcanal] Or, optionally, Ruby can work with Solr, a Lucene based search service.
| + 238820 [richard.conr] This is premature optimisation. Which in engineering terms is a great
+ 238791 [sam powersou] I don't know if there is such a way, but I think that you'd be losing
+ 238795 [adam thereal] I'm using RJB[1] to call a Java RMI client that talks to our backend
+ 238814 [mguterl gmai] Could this be something for JRuby?

^ == operator - How does it work?
238796 [bruparel mer] class Song
238801 [chris.hulan ] Note you have 'song1 == song1' which is of course true.
238809 [bruparel mer] Sorry for the bother.  I thought I was typing in song1 == song2 and

^ Ruby thread question
238804 [zach.buckhol] I have a script that goes thru each server in the environment and

^ == operator - How does it work? (revert Re: Ruby thread question)
238807 [chris.hulan ] Get your own thread! 9^)

^ ActiveRecord::Extensions Question
238819 [olsonas gmai] After a discussion of using ActiveRecord for data validation, it became
238846 [jeremy bitsw] It uses a 'paged' find under the covers rather than cursors.
+ 238848 [olsonas gmai] Jeremy -
+ 238855 [olsonas gmai] Follow up question: is there a way to install these "plug-ins" without

^ make test-all fails
238841 [farrel.lifso] I've compiled the Ruby source from trunk (r11707) but make test-all is
238843 [farrel.lifso] I'm on Linux (Gentoo) if that helps.

^ GtkDialog with GdkWindow as parent
238842 [doktormadsen] I am trying to create a Gtk::MessageDialog with a win32 window as its
238941 [mutoh highwa] The error message means "Use Gtk::Window instead of Gdk::Window".
238990 [doktormadsen] Thanks, Masao.

^ What's the best way of parsing this string?
238849 [dhoefler gma] I have a question about string search and replacement. Let's say I have this
+ 238853 [jameskilton ] Well, maybe you can assume valid XML and parse the page with REXML. If it's
| + 238858 [dhoefler gma] Thanks for the suggestion. Why would REXML be a good use though?
| | 238862 [paradisaeida] REXML gets you into the structure of xhtml (compliant) docs.
| | 238870 [dhoefler gma] Thanks Mark... I'll look in to that.
| + 238945 [robert.dober] Well it might be necessary to  use a non greedy match
|   238947 [angus quovad] Your advice of using a non greedy match is good, but the example using a
+ 238872 [halostatue g] I haven't used it yet, but I hear really good things about Hpricot.
  238879 [bofh softmed] i've used it[1], i needed to pull out some statistical data off a bunch of

^ [OT] OCaml Summer Project
238851 [david graysk] Firstly, my apologies for the off-topic post, but many of the admirable

^ [ANN] Sup 0.0.7 released
238867 [wmorgan-ruby] Sup version 0.0.7 has been released!

^ Israeli Technion, Haifa Ruby users?
238869 [sonoflilit g] Any other Rubyists at the Israeli Technion, Haifa?
240010 [alder.green ] Nice to meet an Israeli Ruby user. Could we possibly arrange a phone

^ Https and non-valid certificates
238873 [barjunk attg] I'm trying to screen scrape a linksys device that I have, but because

^ Programmierer gesucht
238877 [info kmc-med] F die Entwicklung einer Online Community suchen wir einen erfahrenen

^ translucent window
238882 [timid.gentoo] I'm writing an application that sometimes notifies the user of certain
238885 [gavin refine] Will this be on a single operating system, or multiple?
238887 [timid.gentoo] It is for a single OS. And most probably might be one of GNU/Linux. Now,
238890 [gavin refine] I don't know much about the various GUI toolkits, but I know that they
239269 [timid.gentoo] Thanks for the pointers.

^ Re: win32 unicode filename support?
238883 [djberg96 gma] Since File.open isn't redefined in win32-file, it won't make a
238889 [djberg96 gma] At the moment, no.

^ [ANN] Milwaukee RUG Meeting 2/21/07 @ 5:30 to 7:30
238886 [tdjordan gma] John Miller has graciously stepped up to give us

^ Converting Word Documents (and other types of files) to PDF in a rails application
238888 [brendon.muir] I'm currently developing a Rails content management system, and one of
+ 238894 [ara.t.howard] i'd reccomend one of three approaches
| 238914 [brendon.muir] Thank you both for your informative replys.  :) I like the idea of an
+ 238943 [cdcarter gma] I think the best way might be to use RJB or JRuby and Jakarta

^ "super" bug
238892 [ribs acm.org] I misused the "super" keyword and I think I should have received an
+ 238896 [ara.t.howard] sure it is
| 238904 [ribs acm.org] Ah, right...it invokes the specified method on whatever happens to be
+ 238903 [apeiros gmx.] as "a" already pointed out, super is a method call. I'd like to add,

^ can we write the code version control system.
238895 [senvenit2003] Can We write the code in Ruby to know the Frequently changing classes in
+ 238898 [johnwilger g] I, for one, have absolutely no idea what you're trying to ask here.
+ 238960 [tim.pease gm] If you know Python best, sure!
+ 239023 [drosihn gmai] I do not know what you are looking to do.  You need to provide a more
+ 239295 [drbrain segm] SVN post-commit hooks?  yes.

^ ruby code for version control system
238899 [senvenit2003] Can We write the code to find which classes or data's are Frquently

^ Use Ruby for  version control system.
238900 [senvenit2003] Can We write the code in Ruby to know the Frequently changing classes in

^ ruby-version control system
238901 [senvenit2003] Can We write the code in Ruby to know the Frequently changing classes in
238902 [jmettraux op] thrice... please stop bombing this list...

^ ruby/apache 2/win
238906 [manchokapita] I am a PHP developer but recenetly I started reading about Ruby and now
238981 [renard nc.rr] This site has what you want.

^ rubyscript2exe for Unix ?!
238907 [Gilbert.Rebh] i'm using rubyscript2exe a lot on Windows,
+ 238913 [jeroen.wolff] Gilbert,
+ 238923 [erikveen gma] Which flavor of Unix? ("The Unix" doesn't exist...)
  238927 [Gilbert.Rebh] The flavor is AIX, a commercial Unix derivat by IBM
  238929 [sonoflilit g] No, no, no!
  238931 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
  + 238934 [sonoflilit g] I don't think you can do anything but install ruby or get another aix user
  + 238940 [neleai sezna] On Feb 13, 12:18 pm, "Rebhan, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Reb...@huk-coburg.de>

^ hanging in a client server threaded program
238908 [rajsahae gma] I was having a buffered IO problem which I solved using IO.ready?, but

^ [QUIZ] #113 One-liners
238911 [bruno exceli] this is my solution. I found the first one-liner hard, and I'm not

^ Re : [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows: 185-22 Final
238912 [ruby_admirer] I installed this release (without Scite) and the readline package is missing.
238935 [ml.chibbs gm] I sure wish that this had been caught during the release candidates! I may
238939 [ruby_admirer] Curt,
239028 [ml.chibbs gm] Thanks... that's definitely helpful information.

^ Re: the funniest thing ever
238924 [koflerjim ma] Maybe some projects such as http://www.haxe.org or
238925 [sonoflilit g] Sorry if I am wrong, but did those projects exist in 2001?
238928 [koflerjim ma] The web site/article has been updated just recently, i. e. "Last updated

^ Problem with File.mv
238930 [Gilbert.Rebh] running Ruby 1.8.4 under Windows 2000
238946 [chris.hulan ] On Feb 13, 6:16 am, "Rebhan, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Reb...@huk-coburg.de>
238948 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
238949 [Gilbert.Rebh] sorry forgot, if i use def recurse with =
238950 [Gilbert.Rebh] OK, after a test on a local drive =
+ 238956 [ara.t.howard] # untested - should work though...
| 239081 [Gilbert.Rebh] */
| 239082 [ara.t.howard] d.glob(f.join(src,'*')){|e| p e => dst;  fu.mv e, dst}
| 239086 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
| 239131 [chris.hulan ] On Feb 14, 2:51 am, "Rebhan, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Reb...@huk-coburg.de>
| 239134 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
| 239135 [chris.hulan ] On Feb 14, 11:10 am, "Rebhan, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Reb...@huk-coburg.de>
+ 238959 [chris.hulan ] On Feb 13, 10:19 am, "Rebhan, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Reb...@huk-coburg.de>

^ Template Engine in Ruby (similar to TT2)
238958 [ralfrobert w] is there a template engine similar to Template Toolkit 2 (in Perl) available for Ruby? It should be feature-rich, stand-alone, not restricted to only generate HTML output.
+ 238961 [jameskilton ] ERB is a general templating language.
+ 238970 [jeff.barczew] Ralf,
+ 238976 [gavin refine] I'm not familiar with Perl or TT2. However, I will say that ERB (that

^ New Venture
238965 [jason teacht] All,

^ OS X RubyGems installation question
238968 [jonathan wad] sudo ruby setup.rb
+ 238969 [rubytraining] I've never tried intalling updated Ruby versions or RubyGems *over*
+ 238987 [drbrain segm] rbconfig is located in /path/to/ruby/lib/1.8/<platform>/
  238991 [jonathan wad] Eric,
  238995 [stahlmann de] Jonathan,

^ Extracting sub elements in array
238973 [wai-kee.chun] Is there a fast way to return a subsection of an array object as there
+ 238974 [tim.pease gm] testArray.map {|x| x[-2..-1]}
+ 238980 [pabs pablotr] require 'matrix'
  238983 [wai-kee.chun] Thanks,
  238996 [tim.pease gm] def section( rows, cols )

^ Non-English characters
238978 [thiago.arrai] Has anyone seen a non-english characters library for Ruby walking
+ 238986 [angus quovad] You could use the "unicode" library, by  Yoshida Masato.
+ 238988 [fxn hashref.] Iconv.iconv('ascii//ignore//translit', 'utf-8', str)
+ 238994 [pabs pablotr] require 'iconv'
  239002 [fxn hashref.] require 'iconv'

^ Ruby, OO newb, subclassing question
238992 [saleo bellso] I am a Ruby, OO newbie. I mostly work with databases. I am trying to use
+ 238999 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
+ 239000 [ramalho gmai] It does return a file, but you don't do anything with it... initialize

^ Question about rb_cvar_set
238993 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.5 p12
239066 [george.ogata] If you poke your nose into the rb_cvar_set() function, you'll see it's
239124 [djberg96 gma] Ah, thanks George. It looks like you're supposed to test for the

^ [OT] Re: One-Liners (#113)
238997 [SimonKroeger] just wanted to note that there seems to be not a single message
239001 [james graypr] Yes, Robert's messages are sent as multipart/alternative.  Here's the
+ 239017 [robert.dober] gmail...
+ 239047 [SimonKroeger] Sorry for not reading that before, i wasn't aware of that resource.
  239080 [robert.dober] Thanx
  239088 [SimonKroeger] Yes!
  239090 [robert.dober] Great; great, thx to you and apologies to the list for the noise.