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^ Ajax woes
237644 [patrick pksp] The C# web app we are automating for QA testing has been recently
+ 237645 [jameskilton ] There is a method on @@ie (i'm assuming Watir usage here) called something
| 237663 [patrick pksp] I found a #wait method, no #wait_for_response. I tried that and it
| 237666 [alex_f_il ho] I don't think it is possible with current WATIR implementation.
| + 238384 [patrick pksp] Thanks for the link, but I was hoping for a Ruby solution. I was
| + 238674 [bpettichord ] On Feb 5, 11:53 am, "alex_f...@hotmail.com" <alex_f...@hotmail.com>
|   244009 [alex_f_il ho] The IE automation is very complex problem. The Browser is "alive". You
|   244537 [bpettichord ] On Mar 16, 10:50 am, "alex_f...@hotmail.com" <alex_f...@hotmail.com>
|   244584 [alex_f_il ho] SWEA doesn't block the browser - it could be a very bad idea to block
|   + 244592 [bret pettich] Watir scripts don't need to rebind then there are changes. Watir objects
|   + 245080 [bpettichord ] SWEA doesn't block the browser - it could be a very bad idea to
|     + 245140 [alex_f_il ho] I don't want to say you can't use WATIR with AJAX, but it can take a
|     + 245160 [alex_f_il ho] Small correction: Watir keeps references to the element proxies. The
+ 238673 [bpettichord ] def test_0001_username()
  238756 [patrick pksp] Thanks Bret! I'll give this a go, since the waiting for a status of
  238758 [patrick pksp] Actually, I'll need to download v1.5. The most current version on
  + 238759 [patrick pksp] I found v1.5.1 at http://www.io.com/~wazmo/blog/, along with suggestion
  + 238871 [bret pettich] But there seems to be a problem with the gem attachments at the moment...
    238989 [patrick pksp] I don't know if that has anything to do with the problems I'm still
    239015 [bret pettich] Don't give up too soon. We have plenty of Watir users who are using Watir
    239053 [patrick pksp] Any further input or advice would be greatly appreciated! I love the

^ Tmail: Saving Excel attachments to disk.
237646 [listdata sbc] I'm using ActionMailer, which uses Tmail, to save
237647 [jan.svitok g] try adding "binary" to File.open() if you're on windows
237649 [listdata sbc] Adding binary to File.open worked like a champ.  Thank

^ Installing SQLite
237654 [dfl_maradent] I have installed the sqlite3 gem for ruby. The installation was
237664 [jan.svitok g] do you have rubygems enabled?
237682 [dfl_maradent] uups, yes, I had missed the "require 'rubygems'". Lots of Thanks!

^ changing rake task dependencies, runs in wrong order
237665 [transfire gm] I'm confused. I'm trying to alter the dependencies of a premade rake

^ getting started in the mailing list business.
237667 [surveyrasta0] HOW TO MAKE EASY MONEY FAST AND LEGALLY!!!!!!!!

^ [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows: 185-22 RC3
237671 [ml.chibbs gm] RC3 upgrades RubyGems to 0.9.2, and includes the correct openssl.so file

^ I need some advice
237675 [ogreslair_20] I am new to Ruby and looking for some advice.  There is a upcoming
+ 237676 [lyle.johnson] My primary concern about this conference would be how they're going to
| 237753 [phurley gmai] We would love to see you at RubyMI, but you might also want to
| 237797 [winstont umi] Definitely start off by going to your local user group.  If you are
| 237798 [winstont umi] There's a discount ($50) for user groups (which brings it down to $199).
+ 237678 [jamrsim gmai] I believe the dates have changed to: July 16, 17 and 18.  Also, I
+ 237681 [jeff.barczew] Welcome to Ruby! I think you'll find that it is a truly enjoyable language

^ Ruby Blocks and Template Method Pattern
237677 [bcparanj gma] I was reading the Programming Ruby book yesterday and the explanation
237679 [avdi avdi.or] Yes, that's one way of looking at it.  Using blocks can be like

^ [RCR] Module#nesting (NOT the class method - instance method)
237688 [ara.t.howard] class Module

^ 'ruby' exit code 32512
237689 [jacob aspera] ruby -e 'exit(32512)' || echo hi
+ 237691 [ara.t.howard] nothing to do with ruby
+ 237692 [rforum gmail] Not sure about Windows, but a quick glance through Stevens' _Advanced

^ Regular expressions (extracting urls)
237690 [davidk easy.] I have to extract an url from the text and make it a link (a href...)..
+ 237697 [shortcutter ] Maybe it's enough to do
| 238028 [davidk easy.] Thank you.. but yes.. the problem is that it has to detect links at the
+ 238042 [GGarramuno a] /(?!href=['"])/
  238054 [shortcutter ] I'm afraid this won't work: this is negative lookahead but what you

^ [ANN] - PathEditor 1.0.0 - A command line utility for managing your Window's Path
237699 [jgbailey gma] What it is

^ Classifier::Bayes - handling "none of the above" cases
237702 [jason seethr] I'm using Classifier::Bayes and am trying to figure out how to handle
237809 [kbloom gmail] Wouldn't it be nice? Unfortunately for you, a bayesian classifier (and
+ 237849 [jason seethr] First of all Giles and Ken, thanks for your answers. It sounds like a
| 237868 [jason seethr] Well, within the not-too-distant future, we'll be handling a sizable
| 237913 [kbloom gmail] I suggest learning about machine learning techniques in general before you
| 238125 [jason seethr] Thanks for the link, it does look like a very worthwhile book.
+ 237914 [kbloom gmail] A "none of the above" filter can be quite useful. Supposing you have an

^ Rubyforge login page not working?
237704 [no.spam plea] <http://rubyforge.org/account/login.php> yields an empty page.
237706 [gregory.t.br] took a little while but works fine for me.
237718 [no.spam plea] It's working again now. I was receiving a page with an HTML

^ Re: Module#nesting (NOT the class method - instance method)
237705 [transfire gm] irb(main):001:0> require 'facets/core/module/nesting'

^ Code explanation requeted
237708 [subs surfula] def test_listen
237714 [dblack wobbl] It is a class; it's the singleton class of log.  You may join the club
+ 237719 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'd add that
+ 237746 [subs surfula] Thanks David. And there I was thinking us C++ folks were good at writing
  237864 [bofh softmed] but maybe you should also read the previous chapters as well, it shouldn't

^ require statement clarification
237710 [subs surfula] For require "filename" if the filename doesn't include an extension is
+ 237715 [stefano.croc] You can find the documentation you want with the command 'ri require'. At any
| 237717 [subs surfula] Thanks for that, especially the 'ri require' suggestion.
+ 237716 [TimHunter nc] If no extension is specified .rb is the default. If Ruby can't find

^ [mini-ANN] Web scraping article, episode 1
237711 [peter rubyra] The article got very popular somehow, so I have decided to continue with
238139 [parkert gmai] Try Dapper (http://www.dappit.com/), it may turn your screen scraping
238142 [peter rubyra] I have been playing around with dapper, and while I liked the idea, and

^ [ANN] scRUBYt! 0.2.0 - WWW::Mechanize and Hpricot on steroids
237712 [peter rubyra] I am pleased to announce the first public release of scRUBYt!, a simple

^ [ANN] scrubyt.org - your source of scRUBYt! tutorials, howtos, news and more
237713 [peter rubyra] This is the last ann from me today, I promise :-)

^ A ruby-web (but not rails) question
237720 [itsme213 hot] home/
237737 [sgentle gmai] This sounds like a job for .htaccess.

^ Interest in conceptual data modeling (fact-based modeling)?
237721 [no.spam plea] Folk,
237734 [james graypr] I just wanted to say that this sounds darn cool!  I can't wait to
237974 [no.spam plea] Thanks for the encouragement. I guess that with nothing so far to

^ ruby CSS parser
237722 [kevin.olbric] Anyone know of a decent ruby CSS parser?
+ 237733 [james graypr] I'm writing a packrat parser library and this would make a fun
| 237822 [keith audiob] Keith
| 237826 [james graypr] Yeah, I'm having fun playing with it in my spare time.  The project
| 237832 [james graypr] (define (skip-comment-char results)
+ 237881 [khaines enig] This is the opposite of what you are looking for, but with the upcoming
  + 237930 [botp delmont] # IOWA 1.0 release I have a Ruby CSS DSL -- write CSS with Ruby using a
  | + 237944 [gregory.t.br] +1, I'd like to see something like this for camping.
  | + 237975 [khaines enig] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  + 238010 [boss airblad] This sounds similar to my css_dryer plugin for Rails which allows one

^ win32ole and installshield automation...
237723 [williams.gre] I'm trying to use win32ole to automate some builds in Installshield
237727 [williams.gre] Nevermind, apparently my Installshield installation was trying to tell

^ HELP: Can't seem to 'require' libxml under MacOS X
237724 [theosib gmai] I've installed Ruby under MacOS X Tiger (or upgraded it) via Fink, and
+ 237725 [theosib gmai] but that doesn't help.
+ 237825 [ryan.raaum g] What does "which ruby" tell you?

^ Ruby Newbie Advice.
237726 [rubygeekgirl] I've decided after about a week or so of being on the list to come out
+ 237728 [TimHunter nc] Welcome to Ruby!
| 237730 [rubygeekgirl] Thanks, I like it.
| 237772 [robert.dober] Yeah but what about a Webrick based WebInterface (Web2 of course ;).
+ 237729 [ruby philip.] Well, I've never been able to learn anything unless I had a reason to
| 237731 [rubygeekgirl] I think you just hit the proverbial nail on the head.  I've not looked
+ 237735 [james graypr] I bet you will be teaching us new Ruby tricks in no time.  Welcome to
| 237736 [rubygeekgirl] Ha!  Thanks for the vote of confidence.
+ 237740 [jeff.barczew] Samantha,
| 237741 [rubygeekgirl] Thanks so much, Jeff!  That's exactly what I've gathered thus far.
| + 237742 [jeremymcanal] I'll give you four extra credit points if you can make you resume
| | + 237743 [james graypr] I've used PDF::Writer recently and I think that should be worth more
| | | 238167 [halostatue g] I'd love to hear your complaints, offline.
| | + 237745 [rubygeekgirl] Oh wow, I just downloaded your eBook either today or last night.
| + 237744 [cdcarter gma] Welcome to ruby!  So now you have an idea for a project, and it sounds
| | 237747 [rubygeekgirl] Thanks so much, Chris.  I will check it out when I'm there.  Again, I am
| | 237748 [rubygeekgirl] I just discovered require 'yaml/store'
| | 237749 [matt technor] That's one of the stated design goals for Ruby.  To have fun.
| + 238040 [phurley gmai] You are very welcome to join use a the South East Michigan Ruby
|   + 238041 [phurley gmai] Arrg
|   | + 238088 [robert.dober] why gsub?
|   | + 238091 [keynan howe.] for the record
|   |   238093 [robert.dober] ah no, you missed my point, (interestingly by the way, I agree with your
|   |   238112 [phurley gmai] mea culpa, mea culpa, mea summa culpa
|   |   238135 [robert.dober] thats a nice one, You will be forgiven (I guess, hope, no idea ;)
|   + 238046 [rubygeekgirl] Thank you, pth! :)  I've expanded my job search to the Ann Arbor and Detroit
|     238052 [winstont umi] If you still have access to your schools systems, you might be able to
|     238055 [rubygeekgirl] Thanks, Winston!  I don't think I still have access to my school's systems
+ 237756 [renard nc.rr] Well I do have an advantage in that I know C and Perl so I have had
+ 237768 [shawnw inter] I'm pretty much at the same point you are.
| 237790 [james graypr] There are easy quizzes.  Look for the problems solved by many, many
| 237800 [shawnw inter] How many is many many? I do get it, but it's not something that's going
| 237802 [james graypr] I've wanted to add such a rating, but it's not as easy as it sounds.
| + 237804 [rubygeekgirl] Thanks for all the great responses to my conundrums.  They are really
| + 237977 [shawnw inter] Even a wrong assessment on your part is going to be far more accurate
+ 237771 [phillipsds y] I too stared programming on the Vic 20, and loved it.
+ 237780 [richard.conr] Python is a fine language, but it has language design choices that
+ 238017 [umageller gm] Hey Samantha, welcome on board !
| 238024 [rubygeekgirl] Thanks Uma, it's good to be here. :)  And, thanks for the resource, I'll go
+ 238090 [keynan howe.] The best way to learn any new lang(assuming you know the basics if,

^ Database migration
237732 [cragmor gmai] Beginner alert.....
+ 237764 [dgoodlad gma] Starting at the right place will probably help: rails-users for rails,
+ 237839 [GENIE prodig] The db\migrate folder.  Make a migration with ruby script\generate

^ Re: - PathEditor 1.0.0 - A command line utility for managing your Window's Path
237738 [renard nc.rr] I just installed the patheditor gem and gave it a quick test ... it
237890 [jgbailey gma] I've released a 1.0.1 version of the tool which fixes the issues
237996 [pticedric gm] It would be a nice and easy enhancement to print the reason for path
238020 [jgbailey gma] Done! It will take an hour or so for the updated gem to appear on
238573 [renard nc.rr] Just downloaded patheditor 1.0.2
238813 [jgbailey gma] Interesting idea - I'll keep it in mind.
238835 [renard nc.rr] just checked out patheditor 1.0.3.

^ Masters Thesis on Ruby
237739 [ snk gna.org] Dear Ruby community,
237976 [eule space.c] Solid work! You probably just have created a useful tool!
+ 238132 [ snk gna.org] Ah, their goals reflect their world, it seems. It is a place so cold and
+ 238141 [martindemell] Superconductors ya us!

^ How do you get the rows out of FasterCSV?
237752 [gb3xct excit] read the file, sum all of a column X, then add another column in which
+ 237757 [chris.hulan ] ...snip...
+ 237758 [ara.t.howard] require 'rubygems'
  + 237796 [james graypr] table = FCSV.parse(csv, :headers => true)
  | 237863 [gerlkj2 mail] Thanks, works great!!
  | + 237870 [gerlkj2 mail] open("test_csv_file.csv", "w") << table
  | + 237883 [james graypr] FCSV.parse(open(csv_filename) ... )
  |   237885 [ara.t.howard] alias to FCSV.table
  |   237886 [james graypr] Alias read() to table() or read() with those options?
  |   237892 [ara.t.howard] the latter.  i hate typing!  ;-)
  |   238001 [james graypr] Yes, FasterCSV doesn't support goofy Rails-like Hashes.  :D
  + 238062 [w_a_x_man ya] Should be sum + i.

^ How do I install both Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9?
237759 [dflanagan gm] I have Ruby 1.8 installed (on Linux) in /usr/local/bin/.
+ 237761 [matz ruby-la] Try supplying --program-suffix to configure.
| 237763 [dflanagan gm] Thanks, Matz!
+ 238070 [v.konrad lse] run

^ rails installation problem
237760 [amrutkar.man] whts this problem? Can anybody suggest solution?

^ Multiple "require" calls -> app slow to start
237767 [philippe.lan] More and more files are being added to my client ruby application, and
237770 [ mfp acm.org] Are you loading files managed by RubyGems?
238039 [GGarramuno a] Similar to autoload, but manually doing it (keeping all of rubygems

^ Calculating a future date
237773 [bapolis gmai] I'm new to Ruby so please bare with me...
237774 [farrel.lifso] Time now + number of seconds in 31 days
237776 [phillipsds y] This is something that took me ages to figure out because it is so
+ 237777 [bapolis gmai] Date.today + 31 and Time.now + 31*24*60*60 yield the same results.
| 237795 [alexandru gl] Just beware that although they yield the same result they do it at
| 238250 [johan.veenst] require 'date'
| 238266 [Rob AgileCon] Assuming you want to (or need to) use Time, then you can... if you
+ 237778 [bapolis gmai] Date.today + 31 and Time.now + 31*24*60*60 yield the same results.

^ define_method and alias_method is not relevant to class_eval and instance_eval
237782 [minkoo.seo g] I have a question on the semantics of define_method and alias_method.
238176 [pit capitain] not, feel free to ask again.

^ Runy newbie question
237787 [nhinze gmail] Dear all,
+ 241194 [ruby.hardwar] It works on your computer when you click the submit button but not on
+ 241228 [a2800276 gma] The problem is that your ruby script is also a text file and apache

^ sample a pixel from tk canvas
237789 [teeshift gma] Is there any method to get a pixel from the canvas? I can draw a pixel
237791 [teeshift gma] sorry, did not do the homework. someone has asked it and the answer

^ Parse csv similar file
237799 [Gilbert.Rebh] <newbie>
+ 237801 [B.Candler po] Depends what you want to do with it. If you want to be able to find an entry
| 237806 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
| 237810 [B.Candler po] I was just following your original example, which only kept the first line
+ 237815 [gavin refine] On Feb 6, 7:32 am, "Rebhan, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Reb...@huk-coburg.de>
| 237816 [olsonas gmai] I think he wants to append this array with information each time he sees
| + 237838 [gavin refine] Curses, I didn't read carefully enough. Right you are. (And, though
| + 237840 [gavin refine] lookup = Hash.new{ |h,k| h[k]=[] }
|   237980 [Gilbert.Rebh] sees
|   237986 [B.Candler po] require 'fileutils'
|   237988 [Gilbert.Rebh] thanks Brian, works like a charm :-)
|   + 237989 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
|   + 238006 [B.Candler po] That's OK, just beware that the way you've done it you've modified the
|     238011 [Gilbert.Rebh] /*
+ 237821 [gregory.t.br] require "rubygems"
+ 238026 [erikveen gma] Just an idea...
  238049 [erikveen gma] Nice abstraction... ;]