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^ Mechanize: find form with 'id' rather than 'name'?
237002 [peter rubyra] my_form = doc.forms.with.name(formname).first
+ 237013 [andy petdanc] I haven't dug into the Ruby Mech yet, but the Perl version lets you
| 237015 [schapht gmai] Ruby's should have a Page#forms that works like an array.
| 237017 [peter rubyra] Yeah, you can do
+ 237029 [logancapaldo] my_form = (doc.page/:form).find { |elem| elem['id'] == id_string }

^ [ANN] London Ruby User Group - Monday, February 12th
237005 [murray.steel] Details for the London Ruby User Group February meeting are now up,

^ (none)
237011 [miroslaw.maz] # summary [25]

^ Ruby and an efficiency
237012 [miroslaw.maz] Could anyone tell me or send links where I can find some reliable articles
+ 237107 [twifkak comc] Hrm. I was going to add these links to
+ 237110 [john.carter ] Almost, but not quite, is...

^ RubyForge down
237018 [tom infoethe] RubyForge went down at 0841.  Investigating now...
237027 [tom infoethe] Back online now.  FWIW, Apache seems to be the bit that's running up the
237164 [ben bleythin] Porting gforge would be a nightmare.  It's not small code.

^ WEBrick::HTTPServer config
237030 [mike_k_hough] I've copied some basic code for an HTTPS server
237057 [drbrain segm] ...
237153 [patrick.waut] Did you check: http://microjet.ath.cx/webrickguide/html/html_webrick.html
237154 [mike_k_hough] Thanks for the replies guys.

^ test (please ignore)
237031 [pbrannan atd] ... experiencing problems getting mail delivered to the ML again. :(

^ process-per-connection with drb
237033 [pbrannan atd] Reading through drb.rb, I see that drb uses a thread-per-connection

^ Railsforall.org - a non-profit for the promotion of Ruby on
237034 [robertonrail] Good morning. We have launched the initial Railsforall.org site, located

^ OT: MIME,quoted-printable (was: Sane #hash implementation?)
237035 [thomas hafne] is my news reader (Gnus v5.9.0) broken? I'm just trying to explain why
237483 [ shot hot.pl] It looks like Gnus 5.9 doesn=E2=80=99t handle quoted-printable.
237579 [thomas hafne] Strange that it does handle it most of the time, but not always. I

^ proper usr/bin/env ruby shebang
237036 [rsanheim gma] I'm trying to convert some bash scripts to use /usr/bin/env ruby
+ 237038 [rsanheim gma] You're right, I meant RHEL4.
+ 237039 [ara.t.howard] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
| + 237041 [rsanheim gma] Hmm, so that works -- the issue is where I run it as an executable
| + 237047 [invalid gmx.] There's no shell or anything here interpreting the shebang.
+ 237040 [nobu ruby-la] Do not rely on /usr/bin/env, it may not exist.
| + 237042 [rsanheim gma] Ugh, so I need that at the top of all these scripts?  I thought
| | + 237043 [ara.t.howard] you can use
| | | 237048 [rsanheim gma] That will work - thanks.
| | + 237068 [pbrannan atd] This issue has come up before (see [ruby-talk:27508]).  However, Austin
| |   237104 [GGarramuno a] All solutions posted so far are broken in one way or another.
| |   237149 [pbrannan atd] This will not work for platforms that put env in /bin or don't have /usr
| |   + 237209 [oudeis nodom] Some platforms don't even have an env.  I regularly work on one.
| |   | 237237 [GGarramuno a] env in bin is definitively non-standard unix, so that platform is
| |   + 237215 [drosihn gmai] Well, on many of my systems, if /usr is not mounted, then 'ruby' itself
| |     237234 [GGarramuno a] It should be.
| + 237368 [dan-ml dan42] Also, /usr/bin/env relies on the $PATH env variable,
|   237378 [GGarramuno a] Again, that's probably bad sysadmin or user error in setting up cron.
+ 237058 [drbrain segm] Linux's env/shebang is broken, so you can't use the shebang this
| 237208 [drosihn gmai] This is not the fault of Linux.  It's an unavoidable consequence of the way
| + 237210 [ara.t.howard] thanks garance!  i'm filing this under 'definitive' in my mail ;-)
| + 243274 [drosihn gmai] Some people have mentioned that my sample-code was reformatted into
+ 237117 [mkasick-rt c] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

^ parsing indented plain text
237044 [bmill merion] I'm still kind of new to Ruby and scripting in general, and am trying to
237046 [technodolt g] This is already built for using YAML... it's structured as YAML already.

^ Openssl - cant find the ruby bindings
237074 [nickblack1 g] /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:in
237077 [jan.svitok g] sudo apt-get install libopenssl-ruby1.8
237080 [nickblack1 g] Cheers - got it - seems its a debian packaging issue.

^ convert string to Time?
237079 [christopher.] object?
+ 237081 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):001:0> require 'time'
+ 237083 [ben bleythin] Yup!  You want Time.parse: ri Time.parse
+ 237085 [pubsub rubyi] Chronic can do that and a whole lot more (in case you need to)!
+ 237098 [florian.assm] Look at http://whytheluckystiff.net/ruby/pickaxe/
  237139 [kevin.olbric] the ruby-units gem also has a helper for this...
  237150 [cbrown atbas] Time. parse seems to do the trick too...

^ Transpose
237087 [shortcutter ] This occurred to me while lying sick in bed...
+ 237089 [tim.pease gm] a = [
+ 237090 [psyonic gmai] Robert,
+ 237091 [ara.t.howard] __sick__ being the operative word!

^ Re: For performance, use Lua
237092 [ara.t.howard] seriously?  you'd have to have serious performance contraints to do better
237096 [jameskilton ] Eh, just being facetious, and narray is a C compiled extension so
237097 [ara.t.howard] gotcha.  still, __ruby__ is a compiled C extension ;-)
+ 237105 [andy petdanc] Ruby IS compiled, just like Perl.  It's just done very quickly.
| 237151 [pbrannan atd] Ruby traverses an AST to evaluate your code.  It is not compiled to
| 237152 [andy petdanc] I understand that.  Close enough for 99% of purposes.
+ 237142 [jameskilton ] Now that's just pushing it. Perl, Ruby, Python, Lua, Squirrel, are all
  237144 [andy petdanc] Wow, so angry.
  237155 [robert.dober] Which is a pitty because it is very reasonable to give a second thought to
  237165 [ara.t.howard] require 'narray'
  + 237167 [ara.t.howard] it isn't on my machine - but perhaps i'm doing something wrong?  can you show
  + 237169 [petite.abeil] Not to beat a dead horse, but...

^ Thread dead lock/fatal
237100 [phyprabab ya] xample of extending GServer and I have come across a fatal that is perhaps =

^ [ANN] hpricot 0.5 -- a fast, forgiving HTML reader
237113 [why ruby-lan] gem install hpricot --source http://code.whytheluckystiff.net

^ Can't get Apache2 to i interpret my ruby file
237116 [laredotornad] I have Apache 2.2 installed on my Fedora Core 5 Linux machine.  I
+ 237119 [daniels pron] ...
| 237129 [cmdjackryan ] Over by the window lie the raiment and the weapons
+ 237120 [alinutzzu ya] Please take a look at: http://wiki.modruby.net/en/?InstallGuide
  237121 [alinutzzu ya] The installation above is about linux (or this is where it helped me)

^ ENV problem getting userid/profile in windows (was RE: [ANN] FastRI 0.3.0: standalone mode (qri, DRb not needed), additional search methods, extended class info)
237118 [botp delmont] # # Does the C:\Documents and Settings\peijm directory exist?

^ noob question:traverse directory and populate mysql db
237125 [jay.johnston] i was hoping for a little bit of direction on a project i'm starting
237181 [SimonKroeger] require 'mysql'

^ Everyday scripting with Ruby (the book)
237126 [richard.conr] I am curious, has anyone read this? It looks good, and I like the idea
+ 237131 [richard.conr] Ah d'oh, it would help if I actually *read* the Prag Prog link instead
| 237134 [slamboy gmai] What about this comment from that link (thanks btw it's what I was
| 237136 [richard.conr] Bret is the first guy credited in the acknowledgements. But the book
| 237137 [richard.conr] Actually, perhaps I should talk to Bret about it on the WATIR list ....
+ 237145 [bpettichord ] No it does not discuss these tools (nor Fit). It does, however, have a
  237175 [marick visib] - Back when the title was _Scripting for Testers_, I decided to use

^ My Script/Console Won't work..
237130 [dominicson g] I was rolling on Instant Rails, and it didn't work there,
237135 [slamboy gmai] Assuming you are running on windows, you should check the
237141 [dominicson g] Thanks Jason, yes i see that my PATH is pointing to
237143 [kevin.olbric] I presume you are doing this from a rails application directory,
237147 [dominicson g] Awe man, i found the problem - when i was backing up, i simply forgot to

^ Sending FCGI requests *from* Ruby
237132 [B.Candler po] Writing FCGI apps in Ruby, which are spawned from Apache or lighttpd, is

^ Re: firebrigade_api 1.0.0 Released
237138 [kevin.olbric] Nice stuff Eric.
237173 [drbrain segm] run tinderbox_gem_build with the gem name and the version.  I think

^ [SUMMARY] Counting Toothpicks (#111)
237140 [james graypr] I think this was a pretty challenging quiz.  I've played around with many of the
237228 [m_goldberg a] Shouldn't that "multiplication and division" be "multiplication and
237267 [james graypr] Yes it should.  Thanks for pointing it out.

^ Re: hpricot 0.5 -- a fast, forgiving HTML reader
237157 [renard nc.rr] just downloaded hpricot ... no warnings when I run my script.
237158 [why ruby-lan] Oh, I see.  This was for the windows one.  Well, in the meantime you
237162 [renard nc.rr] Thanks for the link to the rdoc documentation.
237185 [wbsmith83 gm] Thanks for allow us to change the buffer size. I had stopped using it cause

^ open-uri.rb causing proxy problems?
237159 [anr safira.c] I'm behind a squid proxy trying to install gems, to no avail (the

^ MacFUSE with ruby fusefs?
237160 [deanholdren ] Has anyone tried getting fusefs to work with MacFUSE? Is there any

^ Getting started with SSL and Ruby
237163 [cutter38 gma] Guys,
+ 237174 [jan.svitok g] Have a look at webrick sources. It supports SSL so somewhere deep
+ 237187 [B.Candler po] There's some example server-side code in ruby-ldapserver (on rubyforge), and
  237194 [cutter38 gma] Brian,
  237204 [B.Candler po] /usr/share/doc/libopenssl-ruby1.8/examples/c_rehash.rb
  237206 [cutter38 gma] Brian,

^ (none)
237166 [joshbloom gm] unsubscribe

^ skim Array two by two
237168 [faivrem gmai] Is it possible to get 2 elements at once ?
+ 237171 [ara.t.howard] require 'enumerator'
+ 237172 [james graypr] => true
  237252 [faivrem gmai] thanks everybody !

^ SOAP request malformed (missing n1 element)
237178 [mid niANTISP] I've been trying to get this working for over a week now and I can't for

^ Performance hit of define_method
237179 [jes luretank] Greetings
237182 [ara.t.howard] it's not so much the fact that you are using define_method, which is a bit
237255 [jes luretank] But of course, thank you.
237257 [robert.dober] If you are doing this for fun, learning research, than  that's just great if
237292 [cdcarter gma] It is because OpenStruct is in the ruby standard library, and the
237327 [robert.dober] Can you believe that! One never stops learning !!!
237330 [james graypr] I'm not sure if I understood you correctly Robert, but just to be
237381 [robert.dober] Thank you James for confusing me, it is by pure chance that I choose my new
237445 [james graypr] If you can use it without a require, it's core Ruby.  Array,
+ 237449 [dblack wobbl] And "extra install" does not include extra installs made necessary by
+ 237482 [robert.dober] Sure that is the definition I will  adopt from now, I got confused mostly by

^ My "Hello World" script is not displaying properly
237184 [laredotornad] I just installed mod_ruby1.2.5 with Apache 2.2.3 on Fedora Core 5
237189 [B.Candler po] telnet 80

^ ruby sql-query good practice
237186 [rcmn73 gmail] what is the equivalent in ruby of that PHP code ?
237196 [SimonKroeger] (you should probably only select that one, but anyway)

^ Hash.collect
237193 [ruby-forum g] I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out the following problem (my
+ 237195 [james graypr] => []
| 237201 [ruby-forum g] Wonderful, thanks very much.
+ 237198 [jos catnook.] a.collect {|e| e[:name]}
+ 237200 [B.Candler po] b = a.collect { |e| e[:name] }
+ 237203 [gwtmp01 mac.] a.map { |h| h[:name] }

^ [ANN] MiniExiftool 0.1.1 released
237202 [frdrch gmail] MiniExiftool version 0.1.1 released!

^ win32ole question....
237205 [bitdoger2 ya] using ruby's WIN32OLE  'save as' a current
+ 237218 [jan.svitok g] I'd try this: (I'm assuming that you want to work with excel)
+ 237227 [david.mullet] workbook.SaveAs 'myfile.csv', xlCSV
  237282 [bitdoger2 ya] thanx...fyi...it's a combo of both of your response...i did a macro and
  237359 [renard nc.rr] myfile1.csv", xlCSV) works

^ Parsing text files with dynamic contents
237207 [andrea.masch] Let's guess a simple example: i need to parse a text file, wityh variables
237211 [B.Candler po] Google for 'erb' and 'eruby'
237217 [andrea.masch] Well, that seems to be exactly what i was looking for, thank you Brian. So i
237219 [jan.svitok g] -    w.put_on_screen(1)
237254 [andrea.masch] wow, that's great!  I didn't understand very well how the method binding

^ Beginner's question
237212 [cragmor gmai] Is there a place where I should be asking beginner's questions? I am
+ 237213 [matt technor] I have had good results from asking on the Ruby IRC channel.
+ 237216 [ara.t.howard] you are in the right place.  fire away!

^ [ANN] Ruby In Steel RC2 (Free Edition) - required update
237221 [huw DELTHISB] The release candidate 1 of the free edition of Ruby In Steel has now expired

^ [ANN] RMagick 1.15.1
237223 [TimHunter nc] I've just uploaded RMagick 1.15.1 to RubyForge. This release fixes a

^ Contacting Jim
237224 [transfire gm] Jim Weirich,

^ Problems with Net:HTTP class
237229 [abonchen gma] I'm testing the http module in console.
237251 [collinsj sea] Some kind of recursive loop, it looks like.  The code worked for me, in

^ [ANN] ruby-debug 0.7 - a fast ruby debugger
237233 [ksruby gmail] ruby-debug 0.7 is now available.

^ halving a string
237235 [cmshea gmail] I have a vacuum fluorescent display in my office, and I've been
+ 237236 [transfire gm] untested but...
| 237238 [cmshea gmail] Tested, and failed. The index returns the position of the very first
| + 237241 [cmshea gmail] class String
| | 237242 [cmshea gmail] ...
| | 237243 [twifkak comc] class String
| | 237244 [cmshea gmail] Yes. I see how expressions like space_indices.sort_by {|i| (i - size/
| + 237263 [shortcutter ] If you want to first fill the first string and then the second you can
| | 237264 [slamboy gmai] puts str.gsub( /^(.{#{str.length/2},}?)\s(.+)/ ){ "#{$1}\n#{$2}" }
| + 237270 [transfire gm] ah, size/2 has to be added to i, then it works.
| | 237279 [cmshea gmail] longlongwo
| + 237272 [transfire gm] To clarify...
+ 237245 [gavin refine] [snip[
| 237284 [gavin refine] Seeing Robert Klemme's regexp, it does make sense to be a hair
| 237286 [shortcutter ] You're making length/2 the minimum for matching.  I believe that should
| 237289 [gavin refine] I suppose it depends on whether you want the first line to be longer
+ 237278 [Rob AgileCon] Good solutions already, but I had to chime in with one less clever
| 237298 [transfire gm] On Feb 2, 10:55 am, Rob Biedenharn <R...@AgileConsultingLLC.com>
| + 237307 [thpinto gmai] aside the string hackery, will the comunication be done using ruby? ;P
| | 237317 [cmshea gmail] Mine will be. The code for handling the communication is ugly (the
| + 237363 [Rob AgileCon] That sounded good to me and so I did that and added support for
+ 237322 [neoneye gmai] no big regexp here

^ ruby OpenSRS implementation
237239 [steve havk.o] I've been working to put an OpenSRS reseller site on rails and threw

^ How to Convert an Object into a Hash
237246 [jasonvogel g] I have an object (happens to be an ActiveRecord Model), but this is
+ 237247 [ezmobius gma] Since you are using ActiveRecord you can already get the attributes
+ 237248 [danfinnie op] I don't know how the internals of contract_payment's class is set up,

^ indexed array
237250 [josselin wan] presently I  am using :      zl = 13-[2,5,10,15,25].index(last_city_km)
+ 237253 [jan.svitok g] 13 - [2,5,10,15,25].select{|i| last_city_km <= i}.size - 1
+ 237268 [ara.t.howard] if you think you might end up adding even more logic you might consider

^ Folder layout again
237256 [vshepelev im] The question is: there are several small libraries (libA, libB, libC..) with

^ Adding to Hashes
237258 [nickblack1 g] array = []
+ 237259 [jan.svitok g] Why not just
+ 237276 [nickblack1 g] yourhash['key'] = value

^ [RSpec] Coming Soon...
237261 [dchelimsky g] news besides release announcements, but this will likely
+ 237265 [james graypr] A very interesting and informative email and I don't even use RSpec.  ;)
+ 237565 [klaus.ramelo] I would prefere instead (as logical expressions): equal   /   not_equal

^ WEBrick::HTTPServer and SSL
237262 [mike_k_hough] As a newbie this might be useful to other newbies...
237303 [drbrain segm] Define problems.
237385 [mike_k_hough] problem  oun
237489 [drbrain segm] Your flippant answer gives us no way for us to help you sort out your