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^ [ANN] Gotham Ruby Conference, April 21st, New York City
236774 [sera fhwang.] I'm proud to announce the first ever Gotham Ruby Conference will be

^ what exactly is a controller?
236779 [mcyi2mr3 goo] having difficulty understanding what exactly they are and why they are
236780 [dchelimsky g] Googling "model view controller" will provide myriad answers.
236837 [amrutkar.man] Controllers receive events from the outside world (i/p) , interact

^ Extended deadline: CfP IEEE Software Special Issue on Rapid Application Development with Dynamically Typed Languages
236784 [laurie tratt] ============================================================================

^ Horizontal Stars
236786 [zunaira.soha] This is the code I have been trying to execute. But this seems
+ 236790 [Rob AgileCon] While this rings like a homework assignment, I'll answer somewhat
| 236793 [ayblinkin gm] D'oh.  I missed the simple clues.  It does indeed sound like a homework
+ 236791 [ayblinkin gm] First problem I see is that j isn't defined... I'm assuming that j is
+ 236821 [kbloom gmail] puts always puts a newline after whatever it prints
  236878 [zunaira.soha] Let me clarify the question.
  236889 [Rob AgileCon] Let me clarify the answer.
  236909 [zunaira.soha] On Jan 30, 5:54 am, Rob Biedenharn <R...@AgileConsultingLLC.com>
  236921 [cmshea gmail] Spend some time with Programming Ruby. The first edition is available
  236928 [zunaira.soha] Thanks everyone. I know I started off programming without much

^ Re: FastRI 0.3.0: standalone mode (qri, DRb not needed), additional search methods, extended class info
236787 [djberg96 gma] That would be my guess.  Does this code snippet work or raise an
+ 236792 [renard nc.rr] I currently have fastri 0.2.1 installed via the tarball.
| 236859 [ mfp acm.org] There should be no need to; if you install with setup.rb it will just
+ 236820 [botp delmont] # > Does the C:\Documents and Settings\peŮŠijm directory exist?
  236825 [twifkak comc] Random guess: Is it a fresh install? I've had problems resulting from
  236829 [botp delmont] # c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/fastri-

^ Re: [QUIZ] Counting Toothpicks (#111)
236796 [donald.ball ] charset="us-ascii"
+ 236803 [ shot hot.pl] Let a newbie answer. :) For a similar question, see my =E2=80=98Sane
+ 236805 [james graypr] I personally think inline code is the best for the purposes of the
  236913 [donald.ball ] I cleaned up my solution somewhat, substituting some verbose java-style

^ Sane #hash implementation?
236800 [ shot hot.pl] I have a Set subclass, Block. I need two blocks to be considered the
+ 236822 [kbloom gmail] There's nothing about hash codes that requires that
| 236848 [ shot hot.pl] True, but I do want to be able to key Hashes with my Blocks, so I do
+ 236833 [drbrain segm] class Block
  236849 [ shot hot.pl] Thanks a lot, Eric! This is the =E2=80=98d=E2=80=99oh!=E2=80=99 solution I =
  + 236854 [drbrain segm] You may want to define #eql? in terms of #to_a as well...
  | + 236855 [ mfp acm.org] That would fail for the same reason as your Block#hash.
  | + 236991 [ shot hot.pl] Thanks, but (considering Mauricio Fernandez=E2=80=99s fix) what would be the
  |   236999 [ mfp acm.org] "None". You cannot just
  |   237026 [ shot hot.pl] But I can
  + 236856 [pit capitain] Shot, you should be aware that this works for your example given above,
  + 236876 [ mfp acm.org] [I'm resending this since the ML server is dropping some of my messages to

^ Is my code using the Ruby way?
236801 [cmdjackryan ] As I'm a beginner in Ruby, and just (re)started working on real code,
+ 236815 [helder gmail] I'm a ruby-nuby as well, but for one thing I think you don't need that
| 236817 [tamreenkhan ] Also, I'd put the 'else' on the same level of indentation as the unless. As
| 236818 [cmdjackryan ] Yeah, I did the former already (I like it better that way). And omitting
| 236851 [shortcutter ] It actually also makes to code more correct.  In Ruby only nil and false
+ 236819 [m.fellinger ] class Database
  236823 [cmdjackryan ] Ah, yes, that makes sense. I had to adapt your example to my needs, but
  236827 [ara.t.howard] hopefully you realize this code contains a race condition.  if you use a two
  236831 [slamboy gmai] Just a general thank you for this detailed explanation - now I understand

^ [ANN] Gotham Ruby Conference : Call For Proposals
236810 [gregory.t.br] Gotham Ruby Conference, a one-day, single-track event in New York City

^ Troubleshooting frozen object in tzinfo_timezone
236816 [useless usel] the tzinfo_timezone plugin. I've added some debugging in the code to try

^ Compiling so
236824 [wbsmith83 gm] I am trying to make some changes to increase the buffer size in

^ [ANN] Trollop 1.0 released
236828 [wmorgan-ruby] Trollop version 1.0 has been released!
+ 236937 [frdrch gmail] Nice work! Thank you!
+ 236939 [jgbailey gma] How would I access the "filenames" arguments with Trollop?
  + 236942 [frdrch gmail] Look into ARGV. :)
  + 236946 [frdrch gmail] ARGV :)

^ unsubscribe
236834 [marble.zhong] charset="us-ascii"

^ [ANN] rc-rest 2.2.0 Released
236835 [drbrain segm] rc-rest version 2.2.0 has been released!
236887 [mark ociweb.] Does this currently only send get and post requests? What about put
236927 [drbrain segm] Adding PUT and DELETE would be super-simple.  I've never needed it,

^ subconcious ruby poetry
236841 [ snk gna.org] And here I was,
247449 [aleks0 gmail] 1.6 Truly programming languid

^ generating negative random numbers
236842 [josselin wan] I know how to generate positive random numbers, but is it possible to
+ 236844 [g.h.p.ebberi] Rand(18)-9
| 236845 [josselin wan] thanks ... I'd never think about it !
+ 236846 [Tim.Bray Sun] irb(main):001:0> def rrand(x)
+ 236847 [farrel.lifso] rand(19) - 9
+ 236852 [martindemell] class Range
| 240972 [lerno dragon] (-9...10).rand won't give the expected answer. I think the below
+ 237123 [josselin wan] thanks to all of u, got it, but why there is no 'standard' function in

^ implementing XSLT in rss feed
236850 [mundrakrishn] Can anyone help me in implementing rss feed with stylesheet of user's
246915 [zhelee.neu g] xml.instruct! 'xml-stylesheet', :type => "text/xsl", :href =>

^ Re: RMagick 1.15.0
236857 [chitam gmail] complains about my RMagick 1.13.0 gem.  I'd like to upgrade my RMagick
236882 [TimHunter nc] RMagick 1.15.0 officially works with ImageMagick 6.0.0 or later,

^ How to get the unix login name of the calling user?
236860 [mo agrav.org] I am writing a script which uses a configuration file. I already managed
+ 236862 [george.ogata] * If you just need the user's home directory, use
| + 236865 [mo agrav.org] Great! I think this first suggestion will do it in this case, but the
| + 236880 [stephane.wir] Why not ENV['HOME'] ?
|   236886 [mo agrav.org] Yes, I think in my case both solutions are equivalent.
|   236890 [johan.veenst] `whoami`                #=> "johan"
+ 236867 [thomas hafne] File.expand_path("~/.my_config_file")
| 236868 [mo agrav.org] Yo, that works perfectly, thanks!
+ 236897 [kbloom gmail] Just to add to what everyone else has said so far about using
  236903 [gwtmp01 mac.] These methods all depend on environment variables.  If you need/want to

^ Ruby on PSP (Sony Portable Playstation)
236861 [vladare yaho] There is a patch for Ruby from Vincent Xu which will allow you to run

^ 0xff000000
236866 [sonoflilit g] I am running on a 32 bit machine.
+ 236871 [sonoflilit g] Looking at the ruby source showed me that ruby /can/ translate 0xff000000 to
+ 236872 [sander.land ] The number 0xff0000000 in your code has seven zeroes instead of six,

^ exists and enable method for frame
236870 [er_manishg y] There is 'exist?' and 'enabled?' method available for text field,radio button,select list, check box.Is there any similar method for frame also ?

^ Decending Range
236873 [dom helenmar] irb(main):008:0> a, b = 1, 100
+ 236884 [slamboy gmai] Hrm.
| 236888 [dblack wobbl] That's actually not a necessary condition -- you can have a range of
| 236892 [slamboy gmai] Oh.  Maybe someone should update the content at
+ 236885 [come.news fr] That's normal since backward ranges cannot be iterated. They have no

^ How to check whether file is browser before submitting the f
236877 [santosh anti] I am new to this ruby on rails, Help me
236881 [dom helenmar] Better to try the Rails mailing list rather than the Ruby one.

^ Traditional Addition and Subtraction
236879 [zunaira.soha] I am a newbie in programming and I am facing problem in adding and
241213 [ruby.hardwar] If you are new to programming, you may want to take a look at this.

^ alias callback
236883 [transfire gm] How does one reflect on alias definitions. Using #method_added only
+ 236894 [micathom gma] Module has a method alias_method, which could be overridden. Probably
+ 237006 [george.ogata] class Module
  237067 [transfire gm] Good thinking!

^ html parameters in ruby
236891 [jplantz gmai] I want to allow the user to 'filter' his query on a DB.

^ Any word yet?
236900 [jplantz gmai] Can anybody show me how to grab a parameter in ruby?
236906 [jan.svitok g] 1. server-side ruby (i.e. it runs on server)
236911 [jplantz gmai] I gotcha.

^ Re: Accesing the name of an instance from within an method
236901 [tim.pease gm] My gut reaction is to say "no, you can't do that."  The say_hi method
+ 236908 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm going to invoke the "What are you trying to do?" rule.
| 236997 [g.h.p.ebberi] Well here comes the big picture. I have a class contains some data and
| + 237007 [burn.redmond] You can't overload the assignment operator. It's not a method. See
| | 237009 [g.h.p.ebberi] Sorry I'm getting my langanges mixed up.
| + 237082 [tim.pease gm] When you create an instance of this class that contains all the data,
+ 236910 [gavin refine] Instances do not have names; what you have above is a variable (named
  236912 [tim.pease gm] This is an utter kludge and I would not recommend using it in any
  236915 [gavin refine] Very tricky!
  236917 [gavin refine] d[ :foo ].say_hi

^ require library path
236902 [krekna gmail] ./mk.rb:4:in `require': no such file to load -- date (LoadError)
236905 [thomas hafne] ruby -e 'puts $:'
236981 [krekna gmail] $:.push("~/ruby/rubyinstall/lib... etc")

^ Correct way to process a file in Ruby?
236914 [rubylist dav] What is the correct way to code the following in Ruby?
+ 236916 [chris.hulan ] Recently coded something similar.
| 236918 [rubylist dav] I guess I should have mentioned that these files are binary format and
| 236919 [tim.pease gm] If you are on a Unix system, look into the Ruby mmap library.
+ 236920 [kabigon gmai] You shouldn't need to open/close the file more than once. Unless I'm

^ Re: [ANN]XRuby compiler 0.1.0 released
236923 [lyle.johnson] I am impressed that you have the compiler working, but I guess the big
236925 [avdi avdi.or] Diversity is good?
236998 [robert.feldt] Is it written in Ruby? I guess not since you use ANTLR?
237010 [dreamhead.cn] XRuby is written in Java.

^ Howto parse or eval a config-file?
236929 [ck1 stonedra] I'm currently looking for a simple way to parse a configuration file
+ 236930 [james graypr] YAML is pretty darn simple.  You be the judge...
| 236934 [tim.pease gm] conf = YAML.load_file("path/to/conf.yaml")
+ 236932 [tim.pease gm] Try using load instead ...
+ 236933 [technodolt g] Can you change the structure of your config file?
  236935 [tim.pease gm] Upon some thinking, YAML would be a safer option.  Imagine the
  237127 [ck1 stonedra] Thanks a lot for all your suggestions, what a nice community! I

^ Re: XRuby compiler 0.1.0 released
236931 [zhixueyong h] When I started the project at that time, there is no ruby compiler

^ Regexp captures
236938 [wmwilson01 g] # where result is most often the textual output of a %x{command}
+ 236960 [botp delmont] # result.scan(/error: (.*)/).to_s
+ 236986 [shortcutter ] your_match = result[/id: (\d+)/, 1] || result[/error: (.*)/, 1]
  237064 [wmwilson01 g] Wow!  Thanks a bunch Robert.  I had never seen String#[] before.  That's

^ Is the Ruby "ruby logo" licenced under creative commons?
236941 [rr gmail.com] Is the Ruby "ruby logo" licenced under creative commons? (The ruby logo
236943 [james.britt ] <quote>

^ I love net/ssh library
236944 [hugows gmail] I just wish i had discovered this earlier - i can automate so much
237146 [gethemant gm] Read Capistrano code for hackery on this.

^ Help!  w/ these simple tests!
236945 [clemrock gma] Ok - yes - I'm a desperate newbie and I am not sure why these test don't
236955 [drbrain segm] These all look like Rails functional tests, so I think you want the
236957 [gavin refine] ...which can be found at: http://groups.google.com/group/rubyonrails-

^ process-per-connection with drb
236948 [pbrannan atd] Reading through drb.rb, I see that drb uses a thread-per-connection
236969 [brabuhr gmai] Well, I will make no comment about how you "should" go about this, but I
237108 [twifkak comc] There's also ara's ruby queues thing.

^ [ANN] South East Michigan Ruby Brigade Meeting
236949 [phurley gmai] [ANN] South East Michigan Ruby Brigade Meeting

^ [ANN] Trollop 1.1 released
236966 [wmorgan-ruby] Trollop version 1.1 has been released!
236974 [francois.bea] 2007/1/30, William Morgan <wmorgan-ruby-talk@masanjin.net>:> == REQUIREMENTS:>> * none
236979 [ryand-ruby z] Can we NOT start with this again??
+ 236980 [hhausman gma] For the benefit of the OP, here is the (somewhat long) discussion that
| 237016 [twifkak comc] gem install trollop --ignore-dependencies
+ 237032 [francois.bea] 2007/1/31, Ryan Davis <ryand-ruby@zenspider.com>:> Can we NOT start with this again??
  237045 [wmorgan-ruby] Thanks for bringing this up. I was unaware of the issue.
  237050 [ryand-ruby z] WIMP! Don't give in to them!
  237065 [wmorgan-ruby] William <wmorgan-ruby-talk@masanjin.net>

^ testing local vars and exceptions
236968 [nappin713 ya] I'm new to testing, so my apologies if this is really basic, but is
237004 [pit capitain] I have never needed to test local variables. Can you give an example why

^ Tricks with method as superclass
236972 [no.spam plea] I'm intrigued by the way Camping uses a method invocation to
+ 236973 [ara.t.howard] class Foo
| 236976 [no.spam plea] Thanks Ara - super-quick response too! Caught out by the singleton,
+ 236975 [ruby muerman] This is really cool. Regarding the double surprise problem, class_eval
  236978 [no.spam plea] Thanks, I agree. Ara beat you to it, but I thought I'd

^ Rake GemPackageTask Suggestion
236982 [transfire gm] When using the GemPackageTask, one has to build the GemSpec in order
236989 [drbrain segm] How many files do you have?
236996 [transfire gm] 1,530
+ 237052 [ryand-ruby z] The check_manifest task diffs what is on disk against the manifest
+ 237053 [drbrain segm] Scanning 1500 files is your time sink.
  237062 [transfire gm] That is obvious. But not the point. Rake doesn't need to scan these

^ [ANN] rc-rest 2.2.1 Released
236985 [drbrain segm] rc-rest version 2.2.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] firebrigade_api 1.0.0 Released
236987 [drbrain segm] firebrigade_api version 1.0.0 has been released!
236993 [drbrain segm] Oops! I forgot to bump the rc-rest version up to 2.2.1.  If you're
237049 [schapht gmai] This is really awesome stuff.  But sadly, I can't seem to get rc-rest
237059 [drbrain segm] It was a problem with the gem indexer, and moving rc-rest over to
237109 [twifkak comc] You know, I'd be interested to see the rcov stats...
237111 [drbrain segm] There's no reason the Firebrigade stack couldn't support additional

^ [ANN] tinderbox 1.0.0 Released
236988 [drbrain segm] tinderbox version 1.0.0 has been released!
+ 237001 [Bil.Kleb NAS] 1) Thank you; A most excellent contribution!
| + 237051 [ryand-ruby z] HEY! I had to relearn trig to get that stupid thing made! It even has
| + 237054 [drbrain segm] Its the most depressing Ruby project I've ever written.
|   + 237084 [tim.pease gm] OK, I'm curious about why this was so depressing.  Care to explain?
|   | 237101 [drbrain segm] Exactly this, too little green.
|   + 237093 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I can imagine, but the big visible chart (aka information
|     237102 [drbrain segm] Hopefully.
+ 237076 [dchelimsky g] Sweeeeeeet! Thanks.
| 237086 [drbrain segm] Tinderbox tries the latest RSpec.  If your package require a
| 237099 [dchelimsky g] Cool. Thanks again.
+ 237156 [tim.pease gm] Does tinderbox have a set of self tests to ensure that the sandbox
| 237176 [drbrain segm] Links?
| 237183 [tim.pease gm] Well, I'll have to link to the space between my ears :/
+ 237170 [jeremy hineg] Not sure if this is a bug or not.  I was setting up my OpenBSD box as a
  + 237177 [drbrain segm] Ok, I'll add that to the Tinderbox sanity check.  I think blowing
  + 237180 [jeremy hineg] Well, turns out running older hardware can be an issue, I've had to
    237222 [drbrain segm] The feature doesn't exist on purpose, I considered it, but didn't

^ Thanks a lot
236990 [ck1 stonedra] Thanks a lot for all your suggestions, what a nice community! I

^ Conversion of .aspx  into .rhtml
236992 [amrutkar.man] I am working on a project which is implemented in .net

^ Benchmark results (was: Sane #hash implementation?)
236994 [ shot hot.pl] Thanks for pointing this out, I fixed my specs and my code.
237000 [pit capitain] This is what I would expect. The advantage of Mauricio's solution is
237028 [ shot hot.pl] Ah, right. Still, blocks will contain integers only, so