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^ string into array
236542 [josselin wan] I have the following string
+ 236544 [listbox juli] id[1..-2].split(',').map {|e| e.to_f }
+ 236545 [shortcutter ] => "(48.88689971942316, 2.3380279541015625)"
| 236668 [josselin wan] parenthesis then split on comma)
+ 236546 [gethemant gm] class String

^ Re: [OT] Ruby IDE for Windows 98?
236550 [listbox juli] Amazing :-)
236552 [robert.dober] But I was reading that carefully I suspected that you *might* talk about

^ Communication between different C extensions
236551 [vincent.four] A long time ago, I was bitten hard by interoperability between

^ Re: keybox 1.1.0 Released
236554 [transfire gm] On Jan 28, 12:56 am, James Edward Gray II <j...@grayproductions.net>
236578 [james graypr] That's completely up to Jeremy, but I'm not sure I see the need to
236585 [gregory.t.br] Agreed.  I kind of like that HighLine is more-or-less self contained
236591 [jeremy hineg] I'll have to say I don't see a reason to merge the two projects.  Keybox

^ validates_presence_of  generates syntax error
236557 [mcyi2mr3 goo] im following the tutorial in the book "agile development with rails"
236670 [threeeyedfis] First of all, make sure you are aware of the existence of Ruby on Rails

^ RubyForge down
236560 [tom infoethe] RubyForge went down at 1:15 this morning.  It appears that someone is
236602 [tom infoethe] RubyForge is back online.  The OOM killer appears to have battled
236632 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Thanks Tom!
236646 [gregory.t.br] Just checked this out.  Thanks for the link Bil!

^ Freenet Client Protocol implementation?
236567 [erikveen gma] Is anybody working on a Ruby implementation of the Freenet

^ SSL man in the middle in Ruby?
236570 [cutter38 gma] Guys,
+ 236593 [cutter38 gma] Bumping early (sorry ;-) ), as I was hoping to get started on this today. Is
| 236601 [gregory.t.br] What have you already looked at?
+ 236604 [jeff.barczew] I would offer that it takes a decent amount of CPU to perform SSL even using
  236650 [cutter38 gma] Jeff,
  236652 [jeff.barczew] Yes you are correct, nginx will work as a reverse proxy not a proxy. So you
  236653 [cutter38 gma] Jeff,
  236660 [jeff.barczew] I see. Well the users will get a warning that the certificate does not match

^ Benefits of Multi-Threading?
236571 [nanostuff ma] I'm slowly going through the pickaxe, and i've hit the multi-threading
+ 236580 [khaines enig] Sometimes it is convenience.  For instance, if there's an action that you
+ 236582 [wim.vandersc] Shared hosting usually lets you use up as much as you want, which
+ 236595 [collinsj sea] There are two main reasons for using multi-threaded applications, even
  236598 [khaines enig] That's a bit of a red herring, though.  With Ruby's green threads, every
  + 236600 [charles.nutt] Unless, of course, you use JRuby, which supports full native threads today.
  + 236715 [garbagecat10] I'll second that and add this: Ruby works around the classic green-thread

^ require 'popup'
236579 [foppe foppeh] I'm quite new and don't know where to start.
236581 [cdcarter gma] The popup library is very specific to TryRuby and will only work in

^ retrieving an object by it's id
236587 [thomas hafne] how can I write a method f which fullfills the following
236592 [aaron_patter] def f(oi)
236596 [thomas hafne] 4.object_id
236599 [shortcutter ] You don't want to use #each_object for this - this is way to

^ Have you tried KDevelope 3.4 for Ruby dev?
236589 [grettke gmai] Have you tried KDevelope 3.4 for Ruby dev?
236597 [ck1 stonedra] It's ok. You can run non-interactive ruby scripts in it and the syntax

^ [ANN] rcodetools 0.5.0 (TDD++, automagic assertions, 100% accurate completion, doc/code browsing...)
236608 [ mfp acm.org] rcodetools is a collection of Ruby code manipulation tools. It includes

^ "a string".xor("another string")
236609 [erikveen gma] "a string".xor("another string")
+ 236623 [shortcutter ] irb(main):008:0> a="a string"
| 236628 [erikveen gma] You're padding the shortest string with low values. When using
| + 236640 [alex blackke] s=""
| + 236676 [dan-ml dan42] If you want to encrypt the data, maybe you should use actual
|   236700 [erikveen gma] String#crypt is a hash function, not an encrypt function,
+ 236710 [kbloom gmail] I tried changing your code to work on machine words (on my x86) by using
  236728 [kristof vlee] Or use an existing C extension :)
  + 236775 [erikveen gma] THANK YOU!
  | 236776 [ara.t.howard] sure would be great to have narray in the core eh?  sigh.
  + 236782 [erikveen gma] long   = "this is a very long string"

^ Ruby << is ambiguos
236611 [subs surfula] because it has three uses.
+ 236612 [stefano.croc] Some editors (kate and vim, for example) assume the presence of a whitespace
| 236614 [subs surfula] Stefano,
| 236618 [james graypr] You're definitely going to need heuristics like this in syntax
+ 236616 [wonado donne] irb(main):001:0> Ared = "mary"
| 236625 [matz ruby-la] Perhaps Ruby is smarter than you expected.
| 236639 [wonado donne] I made an error there. "angy" followed by a String doesn't make any sense. It
| 236644 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| + 236651 [subs surfula] Thanks to everyone for their replies. It looks like the only practical
| | 237023 [doodpants ma] FWIW, here's how I implemented it in the ruby mode for jEdit. It
| + 236951 [logancapaldo] I suspect part of the problem is that irb lexes your input to determine
+ 236675 [steven lumos] Your example is incomplete.
| 236811 [subs surfula] Steve, in that case Emacs ruby-mode is incorrect.
| 236813 [matz ruby-la] Maybe Ruby is too smart for this issue, since it's difficult for
| 236814 [subs surfula] Matz, that's precisely the conclusion I've come to. You shouldn't make
+ 237133 [wonado donne] There is a similar problem with "?" and "?:".
  237225 [botp delmont] # There is a similar problem with "?" and "?:".
  237249 [wonado donne] This means, it is even more complex to write a code highlighter without

236626 [Bruce.Rook s] charset="us-ascii"

^ Fw: jamison sent you a video!
236629 [jamison2000e] =0ATo: jamison2000e@yahoo.com=0ASent: Sunday, January 28, 2007 3:07:23 PM=

^ Help DRY a couple ifs
236631 [Bil.Kleb NAS] The following snippet is simply nasty, but I
+ 236633 [andy petdanc] Create an outer loop that has "fine" and "medium", and plug that in
| 236643 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Sure, but how do you get medium and fine as variable names?
| 236645 [has.sox gmai] If you can afford them to become instance variables use
+ 236636 [pticedric gm] def locate_point(mesh, type, xyz)
+ 236662 [w_a_x_man ya] If the hash isn't autovivifying (if refering to a non-existant entry

^ 'step into' & menu icons
236648 [Raeka8 yahoo] I am just completing the Ruby 20 minute tutorial. I wanted to look at

^ Camping/FCGI (no Camping server) modtime update
236655 [maxcantor gm] Hey guys.  I've been twisting Camping's arm a lot lately... does

^ How is Ruby the "Perlification" of Lisp?
236656 [grettke gmai] I read that Ruby is the "Perlification" of Lisp or something to that
+ 236657 [gregory.t.br] Where did you read this?  It'd be helpful if we knew the context of the comment.
+ 236658 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Let's see what our benevolent dictator has to say...

^ Ignite Seattle geek nights
236661 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I don't see any Seattle.rb folks in the lightning talk
236665 [aaron_patter] Thanks for the link, I didn't know about this!  I'll probably attend,
+ 236671 [gregory.t.br] Oh come on man, even if it took two tries, your BetaBrite lightening
| 236694 [james graypr] Ryan Davis was clearly holding the sign at the wrong angle for it to
+ 236702 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Actually, you were one I was thinking should give one! Especially
  236738 [aaron_patter] I'll do it next time.  I'd like to get new sign hardware before I do

^ perplexing difference between debug and normal run of a simple program
236663 [rubylearner ] Please look at this snippet -
236667 [alexg kuicr.] Perhaps you already know this, but using a local variable in place of $`

^ Language poll: which one on the JVM?
236666 [charles.nutt] Yes, another poll. People love to read into these numbers I guess. I

^ Newbie Basic Command Interpreter Question in Ruby
236677 [andrea.masch] interpreter written in ruby. Let's say i want to start a new Thread who
236684 [farrel.lifso] The p thread is started but the main execution thread (which spawned

^ Flow of execution
236679 [markonlinux ] Could someone explain the 'flow' of how the eg below is processed?
236681 [alex blackke] values = anagrams.values.sort(do |a,b| b.length <=> a.length end)
236682 [markonlinux ] excellent, thanks.

^ Problem with Base64 decoding
236683 [alexander fo] last time i accidentely posted this question as a reply to another one..
236764 [jan.svitok g] 1. have a look at the differences in those two files. By that you
238354 [alexander fo] thank you for your tips!
+ 238356 [jan.svitok g] If you post your code along with expected and actual output (e.g.
| 238362 [jan.svitok g] Sorry, I didn't read your first post properly... I guess I'm doing too
+ 238357 [B.Candler po] Firstly, use hexdump -C on both the output files.
  + 238358 [B.Candler po] Here's a more concise summary of the bug.
  + 238372 [alexander fo] whee!
    238375 [B.Candler po] gsub!(/[^A-Za-z0-9+\/=]/, '')

^ [ANN] Ruby In Steel Developer For Visual Studio
236685 [huw DELTHISB] SapphireSteel Software today announced the immediate availability of Ruby
236726 [jgbailey gma] I've been using the Personal Edition of this product for a few months
236736 [huw DELTHISB] Thanks :-)

^ soap/wsdlDriver get service methods ONLY
236686 [alinutzzu ya] There is possible by using soap/wsdlDriver to display ONLY methods from
237124 [alinutzzu ya] require 'soap/wsdlDriver'

^ [ANN] FastRI 0.3.0: standalone mode (qri, DRb not needed), additional search methods, extended class info
236687 [ mfp acm.org] FastRI is an alternative to the ri documentation browser for Ruby.
+ 236727 [botp delmont] Any kind soul pls tell my why my fri does not rebuild on my windows box (linux box is fine)
| 236762 [ mfp acm.org] Does the C:\Documents and Settings\peŮŠijm directory exist? (maybe a problem
| 236959 [botp delmont] # Does the C:\Documents and Settings\peŮŠijm directory exist?
+ 237061 [gethemant gm] <strip>
  237070 [ mfp acm.org] ==== (actually qri :)

^ the ruby kitchen sink
236691 [alex.combas ] I thought people might like to know that I've done up a custom search engine
+ 236692 [slamboy gmai] Excellent!  Any chance you can include the mailing list archive?
| 236693 [peter rubyra] I think that's a very good idea. I am already thinking about reducing
+ 236695 [peter rubyra] The paragraph title
| + 236696 [peter rubyra] Sorry, this does not belong here...
| + 236698 [alex.combas ] @Jason
|   236701 [richard.conr] Searching the ruby lang (and rails) mailing lists is an excellent
+ 236703 [pit capitain] Great! I just added the yubnub[1] command "rks" to search the ruby
  236765 [alex.combas ] Best regards,
  236798 [pit capitain] Alex, it was you who did all the work, so we have to thank you!

^ including XSL sheet in rss feed in rxml...
236697 [mundrakrishn] I just want to know, how to include XSL style sheet in rss feed

^ "ungem" script
236699 [nothanks exa] Before I go off and write something, has anyone here already written a
+ 236707 [Rob AgileCon] You are probably looking for 'gem unpack', but it may still have a
| 236721 [ruby-forum u] Thanks.  That's the first part of the solution.  The second is a stub
+ 236720 [GENIE prodig] Could you not just install with RubyGems and then invoke the absolute
  236724 [ruby-forum u] It's a little trickier than that.  You need to (1) make modules
  236740 [halostatue g] require_gem has not been required for a very long time, and is now
  236770 [rsanheim gma] Can you talk more about that last part?  Or point to more
  236799 [halostatue g] Some of the process that I use will be changing because I'm probably

^ Short solution for replacing Strings inside a file?
236704 [oga_emmanuel] I need to replace strings inside files, specifically the string
+ 236705 [shortcutter ] untested so try it out with another file because -i.bak does in place
+ 236706 [stefano.croc] This should work (beware, it's untested).
  236713 [oga_emmanuel] your way worked very well, thank you!

^ How to change type of Quote from ' to " in Rexml?
236712 [wonado donne] We have a question in german Ruby forum for which I can't find an answer.
239794 [seanerussell] On Jan 29, 10:34 am, Wolfgang NŠŇasi-Donner <won...@donnerweb.de>
239799 [wonado donne] Thank you very much. I've copied this message to the german ruby forum, where

^ executable
236717 [Raeka8 yahoo] How do you make an executable file in Ruby? What software does one use
+ 236719 [behmannlist ] Assuming I did not completely misunderstand what you are asking....
+ 236723 [oga_emmanuel] If you wish to do an executable in windows envioment, check out
  236731 [Raeka8 yahoo] Thanks that's what I should have asked. The tutorial bundle only

^ CSV::Writer... Using tabs instead of commas (or creating excel file using tabs to seperate data)
236718 [kopanas gmai] I want to create an excel file from data I get from my DB but since
236742 [chris.hulan ] A quick look at the CSV docs indicates its easy to specify the
236750 [gregory.t.br] it is okay to have commas in CSV fields.

^ The Ruby FAQ
236722 [andy petdanc] How does one update the Ruby FAQ?  Does everything have to go through
236725 [dblack wobbl] The current FAQ is on rubygarden.org.  As of this moment it's down...

^ classification
236729 [josselin wan] I have to classify a bunch of products into 4 boxes, according to the
236732 [stefano.croc] The problem is that writing something like
236749 [josselin wan] thansk a lot .. it's so DRY...
236757 [shortcutter ] box = Hash.new {|h,k| h[k] = []}

^ how do you  make forms?
236730 [Raeka8 yahoo] How do you make forms for your program in Ruby? Do you need some
+ 236741 [tim.pease gm] This question is very vague.  Please provide a more detail about what
+ 236785 [alinutzzu ya] My advice is to use Glade as a visual designer of the forms and, of
  + 236808 [cmdjackryan ] Is there a non-flash version of this video?
  | 236838 [alinutzzu ya] Sorry, I really don't know.
  + 236961 [Raeka8 yahoo] Thanks. Looks great. Will try it!
    236963 [botp delmont] # > My advice is to use Glade as a visual designer of the forms and, of

^ [ANN] Ruby WX 0.1.4
236733 [fugalh ziane] Now with a rudimentary to_s method. (still missing sky and present

^ Object.id problem
236734 [amatbcn hotm] I have a web service with a method called {}id however when i call this
+ 236739 [michaelpgee ] project.send(:id)
+ 236747 [alinutzzu ya] Can you tell us please, how do you make the call ? (maybe an example
| 236751 [alinutzzu ya] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 236753 [tomp earthli] I've run into the same problem.  My conclusion is that 'id' is
  + 236756 [sastph sas.c] Use __id__ instead of just id.
  | 236758 [tomp earthli] My concern was that other parts of the Ruby infrastructure would
  | 236761 [daniel.mange] It's safe to define your own 'id' method - using .id to get the object
  | 236766 [tomp earthli] Thanks!
  + 237128 [amatbcn hotm] for a bit.

^ postgres API problems
236745 [nickblack1 g] I keep having similar problems with the ruby postgres API (the c api,
236767 [tom infoethe] I bet it didn't compile properly.  Try going into the postgres gem build

^ Named groups in regexp matches?
236748 [tomp earthli] Does Ruby support regexps that assign names to specific matched
+ 236752 [ruby anthrop] ...
| 236781 [tomp earthli] Thanks very much for the quick response.  It sounds like the answer
+ 236795 [wonado donne] especially the following one: http://www.ruby-mine.de?p=130 - unfortunately it
| 237383 [paddy3118 ne] On Jan 29, 10:14 pm, Wolfgang NŠŇasi-Donner <won...@donnerweb.de>
| 237386 [wonado donne] It's not that easy. The regular expression engine used in Ruby 1.9 is not
+ 236797 [wonado donne] especially the following one: http://www.ruby-mine.de?p=130 - unfortunately it
  236895 [tomp earthli] Thanks very much that report!  Now I'll just have to decide whether
  237417 [robert.dober] What I do might be enough for your purpose
  237473 [tomp earthli] Thanks.  That's not a bad idea, but it only addresses half of my

^ Interface coding by contract design and dependency injection
236755 [noone emaila] I am a Java developer of many years & just starting to get into Ruby (&
+ 236759 [sonoflilit g] Thee third google result for "dependency injection" is ruby-specific.
| 236773 [cmdjackryan ] For me, it's a German Wikipedia article on DI.
| 236794 [paulo.koch g] Did you mean http://onestepback.org/index.cgi/Tech/Ruby/
| 236940 [cmdjackryan ] That didn't show up for me. Google results are depending on which data
+ 236809 [o.renaud lap] I'm really new to dependency injection in general, but I hope I can help,
  236936 [noone emaila] Thanks Guys,

^ learning tools for a novice
236760 [Raeka8 yahoo] Is there a book like programming Ruby for dummies or other such
+ 236768 [rodrigo.berm] Learning ruby in 21 Days - SAM's
| 236893 [greg.kujawa ] I would agree with this, as this is one of the first books I used to
| 236962 [Raeka8 yahoo] Thanks to all who responded. I'll look into all of these.
+ 236772 [cmdjackryan ] Has code examples and little exercises, and is very helpful, with a nice
  + 236804 [Raeka8 yahoo] Thanks.
  | 236807 [cmdjackryan ] Well, SciTE is quite a good choice in such a case (it is part of the
  + 236869 [richard.conr] There is a 'Ruby on Rails for Dummies' book. I don't know how it