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^ [help] install sqlite3-ruby
235679 [     Riot ct] Why if I write, #sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby , returned this error?
235717 [msoulier dig] Do you have an rdoc executable installed with your ruby install?
235865 [     Riot ct] Thank you, this is the problem.

^ Convert Python sample code to Ruby
235689 [wnjayantha y] Can some one conver the following sample code to RUBY please?

^ Re: tar2rubyscript: getting the path of the original executa
235702 [rubyforum co] Thanks Erik, but obviously I wasn't clear. I need the path to the old
235714 [erikveen gma] Sorry, I misunderstood your question...
236209 [rubyforum co] 1) create an environment variable that points to the RBA

^ Using Regular Expressions in Arrays
235705 [jtkimbell ya] Hey everyone,
+ 235709 [Rob AgileCon] Take a look at Array#grep (which is really Enumerable#grep)
+ 235710 [stefano.croc] Your code doesn't work because the array contains Strings, and regular
+ 235711 [sastph sas.c] x.include? tests to see if the regular expression /dog/ is an element of
+ 235712 [lparravi gma] Array.include? checks if the array contains the object you passed as argument.
  235719 [jtkimbell ya] Thanks everyone, that makes sense and I'll try those out.

^ New Singleton Class Word-of-the-Month ;-)
235713 [transfire gm] quines¥­sence
+ 235720 [gavin refine] a) LOL @ your topic :)
| 235856 [pesterhazy g] quiddity
| + 235936 [transfire gm] Awsome words, dude! I espcailly like the haecceity.
| + 235963 [vjoel path.b] Not bad. It probably doesn't run the risk of conflicting with any prior
|   236001 [transfire gm] Would you believe...
|   236018 [vjoel path.b] Which can be deduced from the fact that we quack alike ;)
|   236058 [transfire gm] 0.02% + 0.02% = 0.04%.
+ 236056 [daniel.schie] Perhaps a bit too long, although it's more concise than `class << self;
  236060 [transfire gm] On Jan 25, 7:48 am, Daniel Schierbeck <daniel.schierb...@gmail.com>

^ Re: install sqlite3-ruby
235716 [ryan.raaum g] What you have here is not a failure to install sqlite3-ruby

^ How do I tell extconf.rb/mkmf NOT to try and use cl.exe
235727 [weyus att.ne] I'm trying to compile an extension on Windows using ruby extconf.rb.
+ 235729 [drbrain segm] Rebuild ruby with cygwin/mingw.  You can't necessarily link cygwin/
+ 235730 [djberg96 gma] Within your extconf.rb file, "$CC = gcc" should work
  235734 [weyus att.ne] Neither of those seems to work, although I thought that they would.
  235737 [ara.t.howard] you can do it.  follow these steps

^ wrapping class method
235733 [donald.ball ] Hey guys, I'm having trouble figuring out how to wrap a class method. I
+ 235750 [erikveen gma] Wrapping methods? That good old story? Have a look at [1]... ;]
+ 235751 [gethemant gm] module ActiveRecord
  235756 [donald.ball ] Yes, that's exactly it. And it even clarifies the class << self idiom

^ Ruby Symbol
235744 [kamipride102] I have been looking into what exactly a Ruby symbol is and have gotten
235752 [gethemant gm] AFAIK you are passing a string and a Hash as an argument to the above

^ Re: Does Ruby's FTP lib have a ghostly bug?
235754 [srobertjames] Yes!  Sorry for not stating that.  This is a pure ruby issue - ftp in
+ 235759 [ara.t.howard] bummer.  that would have been the easy answer ;-(
+ 235760 [ara.t.howard] forgot to mention, try running your script with
  235762 [srobertjames] I just added FTP conneciton caching, which seems to have removed the
  + 235763 [srobertjames] PS - Who do I speak to about this?
  | 235788 [drbrain segm] I'm pretty sure its exactly an EOFError.  (You have run out of data
  | 235790 [srobertjames] It's being called from an attempt to connect to an FTP site.  So, it's
  | 235795 [jcribbs netp] I have 50+ ftp scripts that run daily.  I only get this error on one of
  | 235797 [srobertjames] It sounds like this is a bug in ftp.rb.  Can you confirm that the ftp
  | 235808 [martin snowp] Looking at that, and at other messages in this thread, I tried this
  | 235822 [drbrain segm] $ cat test.rb
  | 235896 [martin snowp] Fair enough.  I wasn't able to replicate this on my system with this
  | + 235927 [srobertjames] Wow! Top notch debugging.
  | + 235947 [drbrain segm] Can you propose a patch on the Ruby tracker?  You may need to
  + 235775 [ara.t.howard] right on.  you can thank my friend tom lauren.  we used to debug together and

^ BUG: ruby-mode.el  /Today's Comic/
235758 [hugows gmail] This regexp seems to break ruby-mode parser or something like that (I'm
+ 235767 [jameskilton ] It buggers up Vim's syntax highlighting as well, not sure how best to fix
+ 235831 [jeremy chaos] What's the actual problem?  I don't see anything wrong - at least
+ 235840 [matz ruby-la] Could you try the following patch for ruby-mode.el?
  235842 [vincent.four] It does work for me (Emacs 21.4.1, debian).

^ Real time vector graphics
235768 [sonoflilit g] I'm planning to prototype a vector graphics Zooming User Interface using
236473 [daniel.amela] Some Lisp dialect + OpenVG would be an...interesting choice for the
236524 [sonoflilit g] Thank you, and I've read that.
+ 236566 [sonoflilit g] How do I get started with Ruby/GTK to develop Cairo vector graphics on OSX?
| 236594 [daniel.amela] regular Carbon/Cocoa applications). You just have to figure out how to
+ 236590 [daniel.amela] Depends on what you're doing with it, which backend you're using and

^ Displaying HTML with OLE
235772 [RichardDummy] I'm running WinXP/SP2 and Ruby 1.8.2. I tried the sample below from The
+ 235781 [nlloyds gmai] Is your default homepage a blank page? I think this might be a problem. Set
+ 235786 [david.mullet] On Jan 23, 4:51 pm, "Richard"
  235803 [RichardDummy] Your technique worked perfectly.  I was disappointed by my system's
  236005 [david.mullet] On Jan 23, 10:50 pm, "Richard"
  236194 [RichardDummy] That sped it up a lot.  Of course, a couple of test runs doesn't prove

^ Create Exchange Mailbox via Ruby
235774 [charlesleeds] Has anyone successfully created an Exchange mailbox using Ruby?  I am
235784 [nlloyds gmai] It looks like you could use the CDOEXM in Microsoft Exchange System Manager

^ inotify subdirectories
235791 [j2f mailinat] i have been able to successfully use the inotify
235823 [martindemell] You need to maintain a hash of inotify watch descriptors to actual paths. e.g.
235867 [j2f mailinat] undefined method `wd' for <Inotify::Event:0xDEADBEEF name=FIXME
235873 [martindemell] martin
235876 [j2f mailinat] aha... ok. thanks for pointing me to correct source.

^ ruby openssl bindings.
235792 [satish.mumma] Here is the error which I get when i try a code with line require

^ mysql problem after upgrade to 5.0
235796 [bulbousbuy g] I'm posting this as an FYI -- for other people who might encounter the

^ Ruby Reports (Ruport) tutorials and other resources
235802 [gregory.t.br] One of the biggest complaints in the past about Ruport is we didn't

^ Getting rid of tmp files
235805 [timasmith ho] I have ruby running its little web server, ruby script/server
235819 [drbrain segm] script/server is a railsism, so I'm presuming this is a Rails-related

^ FireWatir 1.0.1 released
235818 [angrez gmail] We have released FireWatir version 1.0.1
+ 235821 [tanushree.bh] 1. The scripts which are written using FireWatir can be run on IE or not?
+ 235828 [unbewusst.se] I'd like testing it under Mac OS X the latest, any advice on how to
  235838 [angrez gmail] FireWatir installer is a gem so you can use ruby gems to
  235847 [unbewusst.se] OK fine, thanks !
  236021 [tanushree.bh] I want to run my watir scripts on firefox browser which i had written
  236033 [peter rubyra] This was exactly my problem a few months ago when I wanted to give
  236037 [angrez gmail] You can visit http://code.google.com/p/firewatir and read the wiki
  + 236039 [peter rubyra] Cool! I have been missing exactly this information. Thanks a lot!
  + 236047 [unbewusst.se] Is it the same for Mac OS X ? because i didn't see something specific to
    + 236195 [ezmobius gma] I was able to install the gem on osx even though it's name has win32
    | 236674 [angrez gmail] Could you please send me the issues/problems etc that you faced while
    | 236995 [tanushree.bh] I have installed firewatir on my window machine.
    + 236673 [angrez gmail] We haven't tested FireWatir on MAC machine so haven't released any gem

^ How to install or update mysql and postgres gems
235824 [threeeyedfis] Good day!

^ Accessing ARGV[n] under SciTE fails; no problem under Command Window
235825 [RichardDummy] sAppDir = ARGV[0]
235870 [mforal.news ] command.go.$(file.patterns.rb)=ruby $(FileNameExt) $(1) $(2) $(3) $(4)
+ 235961 [RichardDummy] Thank you very much.  I'm sure I did that in my 1.59 version, which
+ 236123 [RichardDummy] For the benefit of other users who may view this thread, here's what I
+ 236125 [RichardDummy] For the benefit of other users who may view this thread, here's what I

^ ssl xml rpc
235826 [dweldon gmai] I need to make remote procedure calls to a server that has a
235893 [brabuhr gmai] In situations like this I often find a network protocol analyzer like Wireshark
235999 [dweldon gmai] Ok I think I discovered the problem. I need to send my XML directly
236014 [james.britt ] I think that, by definition, a POST has POST headers.
236020 [dweldon gmai] Haha, yeah I agree.
236076 [brabuhr gmai] request_len=strlen(request);
236077 [brabuhr gmai] s = TCPSocket.new(...)
236146 [dweldon gmai] Fantastic! That worked just great. Thanks for the replies everyone!

^ Clean URLs with Camping and Apache
235827 [maxcantor gm] I've set Camping up to run with FastCGI, MySQL and Apache.  I've set
235928 [why ruby-lan] Camping doesn't work like Rails, so you shouldn't have to use
235943 [maxcantor gm] Thanks _why!  I got it working.  However... this is all well and good

^ ruby-termios
235829 [robinstephen] Trying to muck around with serial ports under Linux using ruby-termios.

^ search in array
235830 [josh pixael.] is there in ruby a method like in_array() php function?
+ 235832 [stefano.croc] I don't know php, so I don't know what in_array() exactly does. At any rate,
+ 235833 [martindemell] array.include? string
  235834 [josh pixael.] thank you very mutch ;-)

^ RubyOnRails: Twin sites of planetrubyonrails
235841 [stephane.wir] I would like to know why is there two sites "planetrubyonrails" ?
235843 [robby.lists ] No, it doesn't appear so.
235911 [dan fluentra] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ REPL driven programming
235844 [sonoflilit g] this is a spawn of "ruby text editor for beginner", in essence, because that
+ 236057 [logancapaldo] Emacs also has ruby-inferior mode which you can use to give you a very
| 236062 [sonoflilit g] As good as SLIME in that you can easily move code back and forth between
+ 236613 [stefano.croc] This isn't true. From the KDevelop FAQ
  236619 [sonoflilit g] This conversation is very insightful, but I find myself impatient as to when
  236620 [benjohn fysh] Something I liked about old school BASICs was the line numbering.
  237073 [chneukirchen] APL had that too, and you could even use floating point numbers to
  + 237148 [mike stok.ca] J? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J_programming_language
  | 237431 [chneukirchen] I hear K is used in lots of banks etc.
  + 237918 [jwkenne attg] VisiCalc.
    238095 [jwkenne attg] It's been ages since I used VisiCalc, so I really have no idea. But as a

^ a Hash and a Set (sitting in a tree)
235845 [ shot hot.pl] (For those keeping track at home of my Ruby vs. Ruby/C vs. C++
235853 [shortcutter ] Initially I would defer considerations of performance.  I'd start with
235859 [ shot hot.pl] Thanks a lot for your reply, Robert!
235864 [shortcutter ] And how do you access or find blocks (and blankets)?
236434 [ shot hot.pl] The catch was, I considered even just a 10% overhead to be worth
236437 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> Array.new(5) { rand 8 }

^ Can Ruby do the Objective-C/Cocoa style alloc/init pattern?
235846 [greg.hurrell] In Objective-C/Cocoa objects normally come to life in the following
+ 235932 [stefano.croc] I'm not an experienced rubyst, but I think you need to overload new, not
+ 235950 [drbrain segm] class Object
  235956 [gwtmp01 mac.] A less drastic approach than overriding new in the class is to simply
  236109 [greg.hurrell] Thankyou to everybody who participated in this thread. I think you've

^ Array and instance variable problem?
235851 [maxime ekohe] Look at the code below, I got strange results, I know that there is a
+ 235855 [shortcutter ] Your problem is aliasing: you're reusing the same @indexes over and over
+ 235858 [wonado donne] Use "@indexes.dup" istead of "@indexes" as the last Statement,...
  235862 [maxime ekohe] Thanks a lot for your answers, I got it :)
  235872 [wonado donne] Take a look to the following example.
  236011 [maxime ekohe] Wolfgang, Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.
  236050 [wonado donne] In the code
  236069 [maxime ekohe] Thanks a lot Wolfgang, I completely understood!

^ library to rurn money into nominal value?
235854 [peter rubyra] I wonder if there is something like $subj so that I don't reinvent the
235868 [thomas hafne] Attention to locales! At least these variants for 1234567.89 exist in

^ IO.popen without console
235861 [felipenavas ] I'm opening a IO.popen for passing commands to a DOS program while the

^ [ANN] test/spec 0.3, a BDD interface for Test::Unit
235863 [chneukirchen] today I'm releasing test/spec 0.3, a library to do BDD with Test::Unit.
235971 [vjoel path.b] The test-spec gem does seem to depend on both FlexMock and Mocha. Not
236094 [chneukirchen] That (optional) dependency will be removed in the next release.

^ campfire api
235871 [mcyi2mr3 goo] does anyone here no where the campfire api can be downloaded?
+ 235899 [adambair gma] *a
| 235997 [cdcarter gma] Adam, Campfire, not Camping :)
+ 235900 [adambair gma] *a
+ 235901 [adambair gma] *a
+ 235903 [adambair gma] *a
+ 235904 [adambair gma] *a
+ 235907 [brabuhr gmai] I've been using an old version of marshmallow.rb and a simple
+ 235908 [jeremy bitsw] The unofficial API is a Ruby wrapper called Marshmallow. court3nay

^ problem with pam_ruby + postgres-pr (stack level too deep)
235874 [v.konrad lse] (code attached at the end)

^ Trickery in the ancestors chain
235880 [paolo.nusco.] module M
+ 235889 [robert.dober] Stop Press
| 235905 [binary42 gma] Are you sure you entered the entire thing _in_order_? I had the same
+ 235909 [ara.t.howard] why do you say that?  you first tell D to include M, which ruby does.  then
  + 235923 [gavin refine] module M; end
  | + 235926 [pit capitain] But it works as documented. Why do you want to change it?
  | | 235934 [gavin refine] 1) OK, you're right: if it's documented that way, it's probably not a
  | | + 235953 [paolo.nusco.] Yes, it's a feature - I found the C implementation in file class.c,
  | | | 236035 [pit capitain] On 24 Jan., 20:17, "Paolo Nusco Perrotta"
  | | + 236032 [pit capitain] Absolutely. That's why I asked for reasons to change it.
  | + 235931 [technodolt g] Yeah, but isn't this a dangerous road to go down?  You will end up with people including a module to get some functionality and re-over-writing inherited methods that were over-writing instance methods in the original module.  I guess we should be allowed to do that, but it's probably going to cause more headaches to do it that way than it's going to solve... if you really need to use the original definition of a module's instance method that's been over-written already by a superclass, you have to question why you're using that superclass at all... if you don't want its functionality, but the functionality of something that it's inheriting, maybe you should consider some other sort of object hierarchy?
  + 235964 [robert.dober] Very good explanation Ara, makes perfect sense.

^ RubyForge Subversion charts
235882 [tom infoethe] I posted an entry with links to the newly available StatSVN charts and

^ Help with kernel.exec
235886 [petr punchyo] Hey there,
+ 235895 [shortcutter ] As always with input parameters: verify them.  Make sure those variables
| 235955 [aledonne.lis] Robert is correct - you would be surprised how much stuff is legal in
| 235960 [gwtmp01 mac.] I generally agree with Alex, but I would suggest allowing a '+' also.
| 235962 [aledonne.lis] Good call, Gary, thanks for the reminder. Some MDAs (Courier
+ 235898 [ara.t.howard] require 'tmail'
+ 235949 [vjoel path.b] One thing you can do is to use 2 or more args with exec.
  235984 [petr punchyo] I did use it, but for some reason it kept being a pain in the arse.

^ attn: kara - really amazing fast downloads -  vuy oz - (1/1)
235894 [confident cu] I love the newsgroups,

^ Exception Handling/Divide By Zero/NaN Done on One Line
235897 [kopanas gmai] a = (y != 0) ? (x/y) : 0
+ 235906 [niko kington] a = begin
+ 235910 [ara.t.howard] works for me?
  235929 [Rob AgileCon] from (irb):1:in `/'
  235944 [kopanas gmai] I need to keep it as a float... that is my problemo :-(.
  235985 [Rob AgileCon] Perhaps...

^ Text file parsing in ruby
235902 [Paul.vanDels] As I use ruby more and more for things, I find myself creating "Config" classes, filling
+ 235912 [ara.t.howard] require 'yaml'
+ 235915 [w_a_x_man ya] open('data1'){|handle|
  235920 [shortcutter ] # untested
  235935 [Paul.vanDels] [snip example]

^ [ANN] One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows: 185-22 RC1
235922 [ml.chibbs gm] 185-22 Release Candidate 1 <http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=167>
235930 [pit capitain] Curt, thank you very much! Given that there are some gems installed in
235941 [ml.chibbs gm] The only foolproof way to move over to the new version is to reinstall any
235970 [pit capitain] Thanks for the info. It's no problem for me personally.