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Serial Port Control with Ruby win32serial-0.5
235196 [jtb@hi ea iz] I have downloaded win32serial-0.5 and am trying to install in a Windows
235199 [ruby.hardwar] I installed Win32serial a few months ago and if I remember correctly,
235276 [jtb@hi ea iz] I tried that with no luck.  Wondering, should I be extracting to a
235329 [felipenavas@] You don't have nmake.
+ 235343 [jtb@hi ea iz] Thanks for the help.  I got nmake installed in the c:\ruby\bin
+ 235344 [jtb@hi ea iz] Would you be able to give me a brief description install procedure for

Getting the version number for rubygems?
235197 [gregory.t.br] In ruport I have a tool that generates a bunch of boilerplate code for
+ 235200 [grauenwolf@g] Well, from the command line you can call "gem -v" to get the version.
+ 235201 [twifkak@co c] require 'rubygems/rubygems_version'
+ 235202 [drbrain@se m] Just use #gem, and don't bother being backwards-compatible.  RubyGems
  235203 [gregory.t.br] I'll probably do this by the next release, but the one coming up in a
  235204 [jeremymcanal] require 'rubygems'
  + 235205 [gregory.t.br] instead of alias i'll use alias_method.  But I bet that would work.
  | 235206 [twifkak@co c] Why? (Curious, not argumentative.)
  | + 235208 [gregory.t.br] alias is really a somewhat scary function.  I can't think of a good
  | | + 235209 [gregory.t.br] well, keyword.  alias_method is actually a method, alias is not.
  | | + 235219 [drbrain@se m] You're seeing phantoms.  There's no difference between alias_method
  | |   + 235220 [gregory.t.br] Hah.  That'd explain why I am scared.
  | |   | 235221 [drbrain@se m] any slides online?
  | |   | 235223 [gregory.t.br] I didn't see them on the nycruby list. :-/
  | |   + 235308 [james@gr yp ] Well, you can override alias_method() if needed, but not alias.
  | |     235314 [ryand-ruby@z] And that changes or invalidates what Eric said... how? Not only did
  | |     235316 [james@gr yp ] Eric showed the implementation of a method.  Methods are
  | |     235317 [gregory.t.br] Also the interface and the behaviours are different, as I mentioned in
  | + 235288 [gregory.t.br] I guess it really is just the method vs. keyword thing.
  + 235211 [drbrain@se m] NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
    + 235215 [jeremymcanal] Maybe you should tell the Rails team because I'm fairly sure that's
    + 235217 [gregory.t.br] There you go being an asshole again Eric. (please stop)

What am i doing wrong?
235210 [hardcoredumm] I realize this is an extremely noobish question, but i'm stuck and can't
+ 235212 [peter@ru yr ] Nick,
| 235315 [james@gr yp ] When you want to remove a line ending, prefer chomp() to chop().
+ 235213 [jeremymcanal] (number.to_i + 1).to_s
| 235216 [hardcoredumm] Thank you very much! That does make sense now!
+ 235218 [phillipsds@y] puts "What's your favourite number?"
| 235226 [lionel-subsc] print "What's your favorite number? "
| 235227 [phillipsds@y] ...
+ 235222 [w_a_x_man@ya] printf "That is good, but %d is better.\n", number.to_i+1

[ANN] Dhaka-2.0.0
235225 [mushfeq.khan] ...
235230 [gregory.t.br] Looks good!  Thanks Musfeq.

ruby coding guidelines?
235233 [zack@bo on a] Is there in the Ruby community anything like "ruby coding convention"?
235263 [cdcarter@gm ] There is no official/authoritative Style Sheet/Coding Conventions but
+ 235266 [dblack@wo bl] I'd also point to the standard library (at least most of it :-) as a
| 235277 [zack@bo on a] That's indeed what I usually do, but a visible document on the net would
| 235281 [dblack@wo bl] Like I said, "also" :-)
+ 235323 [james.britt@] There is also style guide on the RubyGarden wiki

235239 [duzuike@gm i] unsubscribe

anybody here using ActiveRDF?
235241 [dfl_maradent] I'm starting working with ActiveRDF and I have very simple newbie
235253 [lyle.johnson] I've experimented with it a little bit, but I'm not using it heavily
235257 [dfl_maradent] Well, it's just I think my questions are quite silly for the mailing
235319 [lyle.johnson] I don't think that should discourage you from posting your question(s)

Newbie quesiton about inheritance single table
235242 [tobias.hutzl] _____________________________
235243 [tobias.hutzl] Sorry wrong ng

uninstalling the mac tiger version of ruby
235248 [mcyi2mr3@go ] in trying to uninstall the mac version of ruby how can i do this?
235251 [mcyi2mr3@go ] My reason for wanting to uninstall is that ive tried to install the
+ 235252 [gene.tani@gm] There's been numbers of posts on installing Rails from Locomotive,
+ 235256 [gavin@re in ] Probably your PATH environment variable is set to use the
+ 235258 [TimHunter@nc] No, don't uninstall the version of Ruby that comes with OS X.  That
  + 235286 [mcyi2mr3@go ] Yes it seems to be the case that its looking for the wrong version.
  + 235287 [mcyi2mr3@go ] Yes it seems to be the case that its looking for the wrong version.
    235294 [TimHunter@nc] PATH is an environment variable that the bash shell uses when it
    270097 [amassey@cs f] I have a similar problem.  I installed a manually compiled version of
    + 270098 [peter@pe er ] ...
    | + 270109 [dangerwillro] I posted something about it on my blog recently, after a recent OS X
    | + 270131 [amassey@cs f] Thanks for the responses!  Obviously, removing the Apple installation of
    |   + 270138 [shevegen@li ] Free yourself from the slowness of Apple! :D
    |   | 270148 [dangerwillro] well, what you missed at Hivelogic is this: the $PATH variable can be
    |   | 270153 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
    |   + 270152 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
    |     270154 [amassey@cs f] #!/usr/bin/ruby
    |     270156 [fwmailinglis] charset="us-ascii"
    |     270159 [dangerwillro] Luckily you don't have many places to alter the shebangs.
    + 270162 [unbewusst.se] ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist

gsub and backslashes
235261 [ruby@te hn t] test = "a string with \\ a backslash"
+ 235267 [wonado@do ne] Ooops
| 235278 [wonado@do ne] Even after looking to "Programming Ruby - Second Edition", and several other
+ 235269 [gavin@re in ] This is a FAQ. Please search the mailing list archives and the web;
+ 235307 [w_a_x_man@ya] puts test.gsub(/\\/, '\&\&')

IP Routing table - RTNETLINK - sockets
235264 [keyesbob@ya ] I wish to manipulate the routing table in Linux without having to make

Flattenx [was Re: Hash pairs at?]
235268 [gavin@re in ] Yes, yes! I've used this locally, and wanted to rely on this remotely,

[ANN] RMagick 1.15.0
235270 [TimHunter@nc] I've just uploaded RMagick 1.15.0 to RubyForge. There have been many changes

module global variables
235283 [zack@bo on a] Is there a way to define per-module global variables? My best
235289 [transfire@gm] Try a constant.
235290 [zack@bo on a] Already tried. I can't stand the warning and I can't blame the compiler
235291 [gregory.t.br] why do you need this in your module?  Is it going to be mixed into
+ 235292 [gregory.t.br] => nil
| 235297 [gethemant@gm] Well just a stolen idea from somewhere. But why not use module instance
| + 235300 [gregory.t.br] That's probably the same effect, and a little shorter, too.
| | 235302 [gethemant@gm] And i missed that, you will have to use self.class.foo to access the
| + 235339 [zack@bo on a] Thanks (to you and Gregor), that's precisely what I was looking for!
|   235357 [mkasick-rt@c] Where is this discussed in pickaxe (which page number)?
|   235417 [zack@bo on a] Page 374.
|   235623 [mkasick-rt@c] Hmm, must be first edition, although you gave me a clue where to look
|   235647 [zack@bo on a] Uhm my fault. It's actually the second edition, but indeed I wanted to
+ 235338 [zack@bo on a] Actually no. It's just the "namespace" in which I'm implementing various

debugging with eclipse
235298 [mr.potato@it] I have installed ruby1.8.4 and ruby1.8.5 "All in One" Packs with
235428 [mr.potato@it] hmm, Am I the only one who wants to use eclipse with debugging or the
235429 [mr.potato@it] In addition is there an good howto, to start the "remote" debugger from
349590 [davids@kj os] Anyone got a handle on this issue?

Ruby to java or java to ruby converter
235311 [vinodkone@ya] am a newbie to ruby and was wondering whether there is any ruby2java or
+ 235325 [vinodkone@ya] thanx Bill,
| 235333 [vinodkone@ya] i understand that comparing programming languages is a non-trivial issue
| 235335 [work@as le m] Personally, I think the best use of your time (and the most important
+ 235373 [logancapaldo] I think if you want to do this the right way you shouldn't use an
  235455 [mneumann@nt ] I have implemented a rudimentary Ruby to Javascript converter. So I don't

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
235312 [james@gr yp ] ...

Fwd: Please Forward: Rubyquiz Submission (CORRECTED)
235313 [james@gr yp ] ...

Ruby Cookbook - problem recipe
235324 [lcl@ta az d.] Skipping through the Ruby Cookbook (Carlson & Richardson) I tried out the

strange error msg when i run "ruby script/server "in my new site
235337 [mcyi2mr3@go ] i just installed ruby and rails but i get this error msg when i run

[ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.9.0
235340 [mutoh@hi hw ] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.9.0 is now available.

Embedded Ruby crashing with profiling? (was Re: Ruby and E.V.E. Paradox)
235341 [garthy_lmklt] Hey everyone,
235399 [garthy_lmklt] An additional note: I've since been running the code provided for several hours
235406 [GGarramuno@a] Nothing caught my eye at first glance, but I have not yet looked at it
235447 [garthy_lmklt] Hey gga,
235570 [garthy_lmklt] Hey all,

Re: Ruby-GetText-Package-1.9.0
235346 [shevegen@li ] Wow, nice! :)

Ruby extension tutorial
235348 [wim.vandersc] I just finished a tutorial about writing simple ruby extensions.
+ 235350 [wim.vandersc] - Wim
| + 235351 [garthy_lmklt] Hey Wim,
| | 235419 [wim.vandersc] Thank you all for your comments!
| + 235355 [danfinnie@op] I like the content of the tutorial, and I've been curious about writing
| + 235359 [TimHunter@nc] Nice work! Here's a couple of nitpicks...
| + 235425 [drbrain@se m] abort 'need stdio.h' unless have_header("stdio.h")
|   235426 [wim.vandersc] Yes, I first did that as well, I thought have_header and the like
|   235431 [drbrain@se m] It allows you to look for headers that may have different names for
|   235435 [wim.vandersc] I might add this to the discussion of the extconf.rb file later, I think
+ 235353 [gregory.t.br] Cool stuff.  it's good to see a tutorial on this.

another wierd error whilst installing gems?
235358 [mcyi2mr3@go ] what could cause this error in terminal when updating gems?
235364 [TimHunter@nc] Well, going by the "permission denied" message I'd guess that you don't

Tricky: converting path into a Hash
235360 [robmnl@gm il] ...
+ 235365 [ara.t.howard] require 'pathname'
| + 235372 [w_a_x_man@ya] s = "a/b/c"
| + 235393 [djberg96@gm ] I guess my question is....why?
+ 235366 [vjoel@pa h. ] pr = proc {|h,k| h[k] = Hash.new(&pr)}
| 235390 [kbloom@gm il] Then the inject trick becomes
| + 235396 [logancapaldo] h = 3
| | 235436 [robmnl@gm il] ...
| + 235398 [ara.t.howard] i think it's less overhead to simply name the top hash and return it
+ 235367 [logancapaldo] path = "a/b/c"
+ 235389 [john.carter@] I suspect you are asking the wrong question.

ri-emacs promble
235368 [yangfreecode] couldn't start ruby script.
235371 [gethemant@gm] I dunno, if its just me, but ri-emacs seems to be broken for the time
235446 [kristof@vl e] Are you using the latest version of ri-emacs?
235820 [yangfreecode] The Ri-emacs-users Archives
235972 [kristof@vl e] Yes, I created the list just recently (because I realised rubyforge

Can't install rubygems
235384 [cpunion@gm i] The rubygems installer can't finish, and CPU is 100% used in several hours.
235412 [drbrain@se m] If you hit ^C, what is the backtrace?
235418 [cpunion@gm i] Successfully built RubyGem
235424 [drbrain@se m] Did you have a RubyGems already installed before starting the upgrade?
235438 [cpunion@gm i] # ruby setup.rb
235619 [drbrain@se m] Can you check your sources gem's MD5?
235660 [cpunion@gm i] ===================================
+ 235668 [cpunion@gm i] I have copied $RUBY_PATH/site_ruby/*,
+ 235799 [cpunion@gm i] My Gentoo installed from stage3,
  235801 [drbrain@se m] This may be a source of your problems.  Ruby is not guaranteed to
  235811 [cpunion@gm i] I have removed -formit-frame-pointer and changed -O3 to -O2, then
  + 235839 [drbrain@se m] localhost distfiles # gem install activesupport
  + 242740 [robbie.wilhe] gems / ruby is broken on gentoo!
    243196 [cpunion@gm i] ...

IntelliJ IDEA Ruby plugin
235386 [gsinclair@gm] I haven't seen this mentioned in comp.lang.ruby yet, so here goes...
+ 236042 [david@va ln ] OMGWTFBBQ.
+ 236073 [twifkak@co c] God, *run configurations*? Why do they insist on taking something simple
  236087 [richard.conr] Because its not simple? Last time I checked, there is at least 3-4

Ruby Web Services Client
235391 [pwhbeck@co c] I have a simple web services client written in Java. The essence of it
+ 235392 [hellonico@gm] Hey Peter,
| 235395 [hellonico@gm] - what is the protocol ?
+ 235394 [pwhbeck@co c] It is implied but not stated that I want a Ruby program that does the
| 235397 [pwhbeck@co c] Niko,
| + 235401 [jeremymcanal] String sendmsg    = soapAction+".xml";
| | 235405 [pwhbeck@co c] Thanks. I still don't see how to send and XML message and get an XML
| | 235481 [brabuhr@gm i] Do you have a WSDL for the service?
| | 235488 [pwhbeck@co c] Thanks to everyone for trying to help this old man. For the moment I am
| + 235403 [hellonico@gm] Hey Peter,
|   235404 [pwhbeck@co c] Thanks for the reference. I read the article, but it talks about web
+ 366168 [akshay.dce@g] I have created a stand alone webservice tool to access any webservice

A tip about using Hash - and a documentation request
235402 [per@ve sc ow] I just spent several hours of investigating a problem that I had when
235411 [drbrain@se m] Please provide a patch to the ruby-doc mailing list, or to ruby-core
235427 [per@ve sc ow] I've never made a patch before, so I decided to follow the instructions
+ 235432 [drbrain@se m] After installing the documentation you should be able to
| 235444 [per@ve sc ow] OK, I submitted it to the tracker. It was not possible for me to assign
+ 235434 [ryand-ruby@z] For the record... You RULE.

ruby-lang down?
235407 [alex.combas@] ...
+ 235409 [alex.combas@] ...
+ 235410 [peter@ru yr ] For me it seems to be up and running...

how to install/use ruby and tk on winxp?
235415 [sroun.ngo@gm] Im a newby with ruby. Im trying to do some user interface with tk. I
+ 235440 [w_a_x_man@ya] You probably should have used the one-click installer.
+ 235441 [ruby.hardwar] If you use the one click installer tk is included.
  235467 [sroun.ngo@gm] I used the one click installer to install Ruby.
  + 235568 [ruby.hardwar] I installed an older version with no problem.
  + 235589 [nagai@ai ky ] Please use ActiveTcl 8.4.x.
    235778 [sroun.ngo@gm] Cool it works!!!
    238720 [bhayes84@gm ] I also solved the above problem in Ruby 184-17 under WinXP by
    307270 [oxymorphone@] I fixed the same problem by simply uninstalling ActiveTcl 8.5.x and

conditional variable assignment from array
235421 [josselin@wa ] one of my methods receives  a sort parameter either as
+ 235423 [peter@ru yr ] You could try something like
+ 235430 [shortcutter@] First of all you cannot mix symbol and string keys, i.e. you cannot use
+ 235439 [w_a_x_man@ya] h = {"sort"=>{"criteria"=>{"criterion"=>{"foo"=>"1"}}}}

in ``': No such file or directory - getcwd (Errno::ENOENT)
235433 [amos.goldman] I'm getting this error message when I'm using the back tick method
235493 [drbrain@se m] You deleted .

connecting via ssh to hostgator's ruby server
235437 [mcyi2mr3@go ] instructions on how to connect to hostgator's ssh are given here
+ 235450 [logancapaldo] This isn't really a ruby question, but in the interests of being nice,
+ 235454 [jeremymcanal] This isn't really a Rails question, but I'll answer it anyhow. :)