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^ Generating config.h on Windows
234174 [ssmoot gmail] I'm having trouble generating config.h on one of my machines, and I
+ 234180 [vjoel path.b] == How to compile and install
| 234182 [ssmoot gmail] Thanks Joel, but I could swear I've tried that after seeing the same
+ 234362 [nobu ruby-la] Or you can make a new directory and run configure.bat there.

^ External to Internal
234176 [pversteegen ] I want to convert data supplied by a file into their corresponding
234181 [vjoel path.b] a =    2.4

^ [ANN] Logging 0.1.0
234179 [tim.pease gm] SYNOPSIS
234201 [zimbatm oree] ...
234203 [tim.pease gm] Hmmm ... I would download the code first and poke around ... kick the
234397 [zimbatm oree] ...
+ 234403 [tim.pease gm] They are doing some security audits / updates on RubyForge right now.
+ 234664 [tom infoethe] Nah, only gems are affected by the namespace thing since they are the
  234866 [tom infoethe] By the way, I added a section to the RubyForge FAQ on this whole
  234890 [zimbatm oree] ...
  234899 [tom infoethe] Thanks!  I'm just glad that security hole has been found and closed.

^ Hi all!
234183 [mail_gw_ruby] All americans must die
+ 234185 [andy petdanc] So true, my friend, yet does that not give our journey through this
| + 234187 [greg.kujawa ] Actually that was Cinderella. Just to correct the cheese rock name
| + 234188 [rmagick gmai] s/Poison/Joni Mitchell/g
|   234214 [james.britt ] Ah well, I sort of suspected that Poison was the Joni Mitchel of the '80s.
|   + 234293 [benjohn fysh] Oh yes - Pandora had to be fodder for the corp fire wall, but it's not! :)
|   + 234480 [greg.kujawa ] Most of my coding work is done with gangsta rap playing. Kind of like
+ 234190 [shortcutter ] So must you - inevitably.
| + 234191 [matt kettlew] Somewhere, isn't there a FAQ (or how about commonsense) that suggests
| | + 234192 [andy petdanc] I think you're confusing Ruby and Rails.
| | + 234195 [doodpants ma] I would then suggest that you are perhaps on the wrong list. This list
| |   234219 [matt kettlew] Oh you guys are hilarious... How's that for humor?
| |   234351 [dblack wobbl] No, I think those would be equally off-topic -- perhaps more :-)
| + 234194 [rtilley vt.e] The overall odds of dying are 1 in 1. That's an actual statistic.
|   + 234196 [andy petdanc] Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Please read your
|   | 234317 [robert.dober] ...
|   + 234322 [eeklund gmai] Actually, so far, it's about 0.92(+- 0.02) in 1.                  [1]
|     + 234340 [robert.dober] ...
|     + 234341 [mikeisgreat ] ...
|     + 234342 [benjohn fysh] However, looking to the future, assuming we find a means to immortality
|       234370 [robert.dober] ...
+ 234220 [gregory.t.br] <groans>  I wish we'd avoid these darn forums. :-/
  234224 [james.britt ] forums.bring.out.the.worst

^ standard dry-run flag
234205 [transfire gm] is there a standard global var for dry-run? e.g. $DRYRUN. i've been
234235 [jim weirichh] Actually no, Rake does not store the dry-run flag in a global.  It is
234245 [transfire gm] curiuos, does that scenario actually arise?
+ 234255 [transfire gm] oh, i forgot to ask... $DRYRUN seems to be on the order of $DEBUG which
+ 234292 [pit capitain] Tom, I've nether used Rake yet, but
  234297 [pit capitain] Sorry for the typos. Here's what I wanted to write...
  234375 [transfire gm] thanks Pit. i'll try that.

^ Win32 COM events
234208 [timuckun gma] I want to translate the following VB code to Ruby. Does anybody know
234350 [jan.svitok g] If you want to receive COM events,
236010 [timuckun gma] I have read the win32 doc, and I have read your doc patch. I don't

^ Wish New Ruby Book /ruby quiz approach->Standard Library
234221 [rodrigo.berm] Recently I've been reading the ruby quiz book, which I've found very

^ Building extensions with Hoe
234223 [alexg kuicr.] I'm developing a library that includes a C extension, so during
+ 235189 [drbrain segm] RubyGems looks for both an extconf.rb and an 'extension' rake task.
+ 235194 [twifkak comc] Yes. I forget exactly, but it's something easy like

^ [ANN][sf-ruby] New Mailing List for San Francisco Rubyists
234225 [chris ozmm.o] Hey all,
234383 [zimbatm oree] ...

^ ruby syntax coloring in emacs
234228 [colonbrander] emacs? I'm running Mac OS X and I'm sort of new to emacs in general (I
+ 234236 [nicksieger g] ...
+ 234288 [chris.lowis ] I think Carbon Emacs and AquaMacs both bundle the ruby-mode. So you

^ inotify
234230 [palmem gmail] I am using ruby-inotify in a small script that I am writing, using
234394 [cameron.math] I was going to do a project using inotify a while back too (ended up
234395 [aredridel nb] time.

^ Finding the super class of an object?
234238 [beingthexemp] How can I find out what the super class is of an object, Say if a class
+ 234239 [dblack wobbl] class D < C; end
| 234240 [beingthexemp] ...
| + 234241 [beingthexemp] ...
| | 234244 [beingthexemp] ...
| | 234250 [bruce.woodwa] irb(main):013:0> a=10
| + 234314 [dblack wobbl] I interpreted your question as meaning that, given a class, you wanted
+ 234243 [collinsj sea] Will Module#ancestors work?

^ Excusme...
234242 [df_1412 yaho] but i found that ruby is very simple and interesrting langguage.
+ 234249 [collinsj sea] .rhtml files are files with embedded Ruby, much like how PHP is often
| 234256 [df_1412 yaho] Thank you very much finally some one answer me
+ 234257 [vjoel path.b] There's a mailing list you can subscribe to and ask questions. It's not

^ Ruby and E.V.E. Paradox
234254 [garthy_lmklt] I have been using Ruby for several years. Most importantly I have been using
+ 234263 [twifkak comc] AFAIK, this is going to be your difficult one. Others with actual
| 234266 [garthy_lmklt] Hey Devin,
+ 234269 [GGarramuno a] Use rb_eval_string_protect().
| + 234286 [martindemell] What about Io? I haven't used either Io or Lua myself, but they both
| | 234302 [garthy_lmklt] Hey Martin,
| | + 234329 [GGarramuno a] Io is, at this point in time, too immature, compared to Lua or Ruby.
| | + 234330 [GGarramuno a] Io is, at this point in time, too immature, compared to Lua or Ruby.
| + 234300 [garthy_lmklt] Hey gga,
|   234327 [GGarramuno a] That's possible, but it can get ugly.  Do what SWIG does.  Create a
|   234507 [garthy_lmklt] gga,
|   234541 [GGarramuno a] Well, I'd suggest you read swig docs and see if you still think is
|   234553 [garthy_lmklt] Hey gga,
|   234572 [GGarramuno a] Post your ACTUAL code that crashes.  init_ruby() does not exist as an
|   234710 [garthy_lmklt] Hey gga,
+ 234270 [GGarramuno a] Use rb_eval_string_protect().
+ 234301 [garthy_lmklt] Hey Ed,
+ 234332 [vincent.four] Just an idea - have you ever looked at scheme ? It seems a good choice
  + 234508 [garthy_lmklt] Hey Vincent,
  + 234509 [garthy_lmklt] Hey Ed,

^ The Ruby Soundtrack
234262 [christopher.] I'm in no way promoting/affialiated this band or the site or anthing
234349 [kabigon gmai] This song is okay, but I greatly prefer the classics, such as "Ruby
+ 234382 [vjoel path.b] Classics? How could you omit
| 234432 [Fdavis usban] For us here in the U.S., our national anthem starts out with the words
| + 234452 [vjoel path.b] Ha!
| | 234453 [vjoel path.b] Actually, that's not such bad forth syntax. Maybe they speak forth in
| + 234637 [christopher.] If you go by the whole lyrics thing you've gotta remember Monty
| | 234641 [kabigon gmai] Someone ask Why and the Thirsty Cups to do it! :D
| + 234670 [no.spam plea] ...
+ 234449 [matt.gillool] ...

^ Attach to running IE instance without watir?
234267 [gtc cheshire] I've done the Google thing for several days and I'm hitting a blank.
+ 234409 [jan.svitok g] it's certainly possible. In programming ruby you'llfind an example how
+ 234431 [nlloyds gmai] ...
+ 234495 [bpettichord ] The Watir code uses win32ole to implement Watir::IE.attach. Have you
+ 234578 [david.mullet] IE objects are included in the Windows collection of the Shell object,
  + 234582 [gtc cheshire] Excellent -- I'll give it a go!  Thanks everyone for your help.  I've
  + 234607 [gtc cheshire] Do you how I'd look for the URL instead of window.Document.Title?  I'm
    + 234626 [david.mullet] Each item in the the shell's Windows collection is an actual
    | 234639 [gtc cheshire] That's it!  window.LocationUrl was the ticket.
    + 236201 [bpettichord ] shell = WIN32OLE.new('Shell.Application')

^ [ANN] ParseTree 1.6.4 Released
234271 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.6.4 has been released!

^ [ANN] heckle 1.2.0 Released
234272 [ryand-ruby z] heckle version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ Is there any libs for WIN32 GUI test?
234273 [wangdong3 ms] ...
+ 234510 [dave burt.id] I've used AutoIt's COM interface in this role (via Ruby's win32ole library).
| 234679 [wangdong3 ms] ...
+ 235106 [solaris sund] Kingsley Hendrickse demoed Win32::AutoGui at Euroko '06. Its a library

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.4 Released
234282 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.4 has been released!

^ Rubyforge uploading and docs
234284 [GGarramuno a] I'm wondering what are people using to upload rubyforge projects.
+ 234310 [andrea.fazzi] Andrea Fazzi @ Alca Societa' Cooperativa
+ 234424 [billmcn gmai] The Ruby Cookbook (http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/rubyckbk/) has a
+ 234428 [jan.svitok g] aren't hoe and rubyforge gems just for this purpose?
| 234684 [drbrain segm] Pretty much.
+ 234662 [tom infoethe] You can use rsync to transfer a directory tree up to your virtual host.

^ About win32 native thread
234285 [wangdong3 ms] ...
234511 [dave burt.id] I have not used it, but win32-thread exists as part of the Win32 Utils
234561 [djberg96 gma] That's purely alpha, and it will crash if you try to create more than
234678 [wangdong3 ms] ...

^ Extending RDoc with custom sections?
234305 [eloy.de.enig] I'm in the process of converting Apple's Cocoa reference docs to
+ 234306 [vincent.four] I'll be glad to hear if you manage to make it work for you (and also
| 234308 [eloy.de.enig] Thanks for the quick reply Vincent!
| 234316 [vincent.four] Exactly. But, presumably, you'll need to parse a different syntax to
| 234324 [eloy.de.enig] Yes that's true... :)
+ 234380 [vjoel path.b] I'm naive about Cocoa, but I just wanted to make sure you're aware of
  234470 [eloy.de.enig] Aha! That my dear sir is exactly what I missed!

^ where to find info on ||= operator ?
234315 [josselin wan] I am using
+ 234318 [martindemell] foo <operator>= bar
| 234442 [josselin wan] thansk Martin.. I can read Carlos' link with a good example !
+ 234319 [farrel.lifso] a ||= b
| 234443 [josselin wan] Thanks Farrel ...  I'll use it now
+ 234320 [slamboy gmai] ...
+ 234321 [angus quovad] HTH
| 234441 [josselin wan] thanks a lot.. I should buy a hard-copy .. easier to brwose than a screen....
+ 234475 [wangdong3 ms] ...
  234483 [collinsj sea] Mmm, no.

^ irb> require 'fcgi.so' => 'no such file to load' error
234323 [mckuppinger ] 5th try
234325 [vincent.four] Just a stupid idea: have you tried require 'fcgi' ?
234337 [mckuppinger ] Yes. I tried that as well. Same response. In addition, I have added
234497 [m.fellinger ] sorry, but this should read
234586 [mckuppinger ] Thanks. That is the correct reference for my RUBYOPT addition to

^ efficient access to a large int32 array
234331 [martindemell] I have a file that is a dump of a large array of 32-bit unsigned ints
+ 234333 [shortcutter ] How large is "large"?
| 234338 [martindemell] Order of 1 MB - not gigantic, but not trivial either.
| 234352 [shortcutter ] Um, I would not say 1MB is large.  What accesses do you do?  Do you just
| 234354 [martindemell] Pure array indexing, just a lot of it.
+ 234334 [vincent.four] I would write my own extension and use mmap (if you're under linux) to
+ 234401 [chneukirchen] I think Ara has been hacking some package to use Narray on mmap'ed
  234410 [tim.pease gm] You'll need to install Guy's mmap package ...

^ Really Simple Ruby AJAX tutorial
234336 [benjohn fysh] I'm looking for a _really_ simple AJAX tutuorial that covers the basic
+ 234343 [rsanheim gma] Um, well if you want simple Ajax you really will only be using
| 234345 [benjohn fysh] I guess I'm hoping for an example of specifically how to build the
| 234346 [rsanheim gma] Yeah, any of the docs on the CGI library should be enough, check out
+ 234499 [nobbyknox gm] I recently found the article entitled "Build Ajax into your Web apps

^ Darks (was Re: Ruby and E.V.E. Paradox)
234339 [benjohn fysh] annoying needing to get hold of ocaml or hascal, or what ever it was to
234355 [binary42 gma] Replying to the general content above...
234423 [binary42 gma] Why not. Not a single word in that told you to go out of your way to
+ 234451 [binary42 gma] Yeah. I can agree here. So I am asking if anyone else has a nice
+ 234515 [garthy_lmklt] Hey Ed,

^ External to internal conversion
234353 [pversteegen ] I have been following this list off and on but have not found the
234385 [pversteegen ] I like to rephrase my problem below by the following interactive
+ 234386 [wilsonb gmai] => "[25.0, 26], [30, 31]"
| 234416 [pversteegen ] Wilson,
| 234418 [wilsonb gmai] Probably easiest to do it in two steps, since bracket-matching is a
| 234454 [pversteegen ] Thanks Wilson,
| 234494 [wilsonb gmai] Sure.
+ 234435 [jimlindley g] If your data really is in that format, you can add an extra set of
  234457 [pversteegen ] Thanks Jim for another approach.

^ Capture information with a split and maybe a match?
234357 [anon1m0us ya] result_of_na_citrix=`net group na-citrix /dom`.split(" ")
+ 246820 [ruby.hardwar] If I understand your question, something like this should help.
+ 246842 [ajohnson cpa] Use the String#[] method with a regex to just return the portion
  246860 [chris.hulan ] separator =

^ RubyForge website
234358 [srobertjames] A lot of projects in RubyForge have no website, other than the
234359 [tom infoethe] Yup, or have that in one of the tabs for each project.
234675 [pabs pablotr] Don't do this unless you either hard-code the RDoc template or limit it

^ inspect...and modify a proc object?
234360 [felkinator-r] ...
234473 [duzuike gmai] myproc.methods
235303 [railsinator ] myproc.methods returns the methods of the proc object itself. The proc
235304 [gregory.t.br] this seems just plain evil, so please think about why you'd ever do
235306 [gregory.t.br] Actually, sorry that doesn't do the trick.  It'll give you the
237094 [railsinator ] I think Ruby tries not to be judgmental about such things -- it is an

^ Where can I get RubyCLR?
234361 [bvanderw gma] Can someone please tell me where I can get more information about and
+ 234363 [jeremymcanal] It looks like maybe www.rubyclr.com is supposed to be where it lives,
| 234427 [bvanderw gma] Jeremy - thanks. I did check Google, which is where I got the other,
+ 234365 [jgbailey gma] Justin

^ Simple editing. Works in IRB; not as script.
234368 [pbailey bna.] I'm trying to create a simple editing template for myself, just some
234371 [james graypr] That's a typo.  You want (...) instead of {...}.
234373 [pbailey bna.] Duh, sorry James, but, I don't see what you mean. I don't have any (...)
234377 [james graypr] contents = File.read("test1.txt")
234390 [tamreenkhan ] ...
234393 [pbailey bna.] contents = File.read{"test1.txt"}
234399 [tamreenkhan ] ...
234400 [pbailey bna.] Yes, I'm an idiot. Thank you very much. I need really big glasses.