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^ [ANN] RailsConf Hackfest 2007 and CD Baby sprint
233114 [jeremy bitsw] Ah, Portland. The open-source motherland. Pacific springtime beauty.
235887 [jeremy bitsw] registration[1] but Derek announced an earlier deadline on January
236735 [jeremy bitsw] We've reviewed, committed, and scored the patch flood: 24 days,

^ Ruby-Oci8
233118 [shiwei.zhang] Did you meet any problems when using Ruby-Oci8?
233120 [wilsonb gmai] Ruby/OCI8 is one of my favorite Ruby libraries. Very nice.
233125 [shiwei.zhang] Can you give us an example of the URL you prefer best? For instance, if
233149 [wilsonb gmai] Just what you've written there would be fine by me.

^ [ANN] RubyCocoa 0.10.0 Developer Preview
233119 [laurent.sans] We are pleased to announce the second RubyCocoa Developer Preview, 0.10.0.

^ Proxy server in ruby?
233124 [jgbailey gma] I'm interested in creating a authorizing proxy server similar to the
+ 233127 [jan.svitok g] MouseHole is a http proxy written using webrick.
| 233130 [why ruby-lan] MouseHole's first version used WEBrick.  Specifically the WEBrick::HTTPProxyServer,
+ 233129 [garbagecat10] For what protocol? HTTP?

^ [ANN] South East Michigan Ruby Brigade Meeting
233126 [winstont umi] Monday, 8 January 2007, 7-8:30pm

^ [ANN] Tattle - The Ruby Census
233133 [chad chadfow] Greetings and Happy New Year, Rubyists!
+ 233141 [drbrain segm] Note that this will help us complete the most-requested RubyGems
+ 233144 [kashia.buch ] I find this a worthy cause, and shared my configuration options...
| 233157 [drbrain segm] Its still darwin 8, so gems for your version of ruby should work ok
| 233254 [kashia.buch ] of course it works, how would you live without ruby.  ;)
| 233256 [chad chadfow] You're right (both that the report was wrong and that it's probably an
+ 233181 [pit capitain] Chad, why does tattle depend on the hoe and rubyforge gems?
| + 233218 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Or alternatively, why isn't hoe and rubyforge /in/ rubygems?
| | + 233246 [ryand-ruby z] Good question!
| | + 233258 [chad chadfow] I think that's a fair question.
| |   233260 [drbrain segm] Hoe hasn't finished evolving yet.  At present a new Hoe feature can
| |   233262 [drbrain segm] Oops, six months.  I can't do math.
| + 233245 [ryand-ruby z] Uh... because hoe is the single most awesome thing for ruby project
|   + 233253 [ben bleythin] I think the question is "why is this neat tool useful only to the gem's
|   | + 233261 [drbrain segm] rake test
|   | | 233265 [ben bleythin] Makes sense, didn't think about that.  Still, though, gem install -t
|   | | 233278 [drbrain segm] This is not guaranteed to work.  Currently gems is very lax in its
|   | | 233284 [ben bleythin] Interesting, didn't know that.  It's always worked where I've used it.
|   | | 233393 [drbrain segm] $ gem dep rails --version=1.1.6
|   | | + 233423 [ben bleythin] No, it's exactly the right example.  As I said above, rake is required
|   | | + 233460 [chneukirchen] begin
|   | |   233467 [chneukirchen] begin
|   | + 233333 [ryand-ruby z] % du -sk */*hoe*
|   |   + 233334 [twifkak comc] Maybe instead of complaining for a paragraph about this guy's behavior,
|   |   + 233338 [ben bleythin] <snip useless file size junk>
|   |     + 233339 [jeremymcanal] I found this strange, too.  I love hoe, I'm just puzzled as to why
|   |     + 233345 [ryand-ruby z] No, hoe is acting absolutely properly when it injects itself into the
|   |       233369 [james graypr] I don't agree with that.
|   |       + 233372 [halostatue g] I didn't used to. Now, as I get back into Ruby development, I will be
|   |       | + 233373 [james graypr] My Rakefile is included.  I just don't make rake a dependency.
|   |       | + 233377 [james graypr] I think there is a very real need for them.  With HighLine, we would
|   |       |   + 233379 [benjohn fysh] Isn't this a case of a platform dependent dependency? The idea of
|   |       |   | 233380 [james graypr] We would use that if available too, yes.  ;)
|   |       |   + 233381 [twifkak comc] What about a custom post-install step that said, "Blah blah blah, these
|   |       |   | 233382 [james graypr] That's an interesting idea.  Does gems support post-install scripts?
|   |       |   | + 233397 [drbrain segm] It supports post-install messages, but nobody reads those, especially
|   |       |   | + 233454 [halostatue g] Only by pretending to be an extension that cheats and uses a
|   |       |   + 233453 [halostatue g] Mmm. You need something different yet. You need a platform-specific dependency.
|   |       + 233395 [drbrain segm] You don't include makefiles, you include extconf.rb and run it to
|   + 233362 [pit capitain] Ho, ho, ho, calm down, Ryan, I didn't want to step on your toes or your
|     233378 [twifkak comc] He was applying that cleverist of humor devices known as sarcasm. He was
|     + 233422 [ben bleythin] Actually, he was insulting me, apparently for daring to have a different
|     + 233451 [ryand-ruby z] I'm pretty much going to ignore the rest of this bikeshed DIALOG, but
+ 233208 [schapht gmai] On a totally non-security related note, why doesn't the rubyforge

^ unsubscribe
233134 [gamblergluck] unsubscribe
233137 [gamblergluck] Sorry the flood message before. I forgot to type -ctl.
233154 [james j-hunt] There's a subscribe/unsubscribe form at the bottom of

^ incorrect yaml?
233136 [dangogh gmai] sample = { 'foo' => %w[ a b c ] }
+ 233138 [dangogh gmai] incorrect yaml?
| 233146 [why ruby-lan] Ruby's YAML support is further along than YAML.pm.  The YAML
| 233147 [dangogh gmai] Ahh..  Thanks,  why..  That's exactly the information I was looking
+ 233139 [rimantas gma] $ irb
  233140 [dangogh gmai] Rimantas,  please see my *second* post.  First one got cut off..  thanks..

^ Online browsable ruby source tree
233142 [benjohn fysh] code, but I've not found one. Anyone come across such a thing?
233145 [nicksieger g] Cheers,

^ HTTP post to a differnt port + no content type response
233143 [aramirez ebc] to do is sending an SMS using Kannel, for this Kannel runs an script in
233150 [jan.svitok g] different port should not be a prolem. I think your problem is that
233152 [rodrigo.berm] Or
233248 [aramirez ebc] Thank you Jan and Rodrigo for taking the time to answer!
233311 [jan.svitok g] I see... as I said, I haven't tried the code myself. Maybe try just

^ Ruby-exiv2 EXIF handling library now usable
233151 [max maxidoor] I've implemented extension to library exiv2 and created project on

^ DL Type Specifiers (was: Online browsable ruby source tree)
233153 [benjohn fysh] That's marvellous, thank you.

^ rubyscript2exe + gtk
233155 [floyd_u2 hot] I'm trying to "compile" an app using rubyscript2exe. It uses gtk+.

^ avoiding output caching, mod_ruby/Apache?
233156 [subscribe sn] I got that annoying thing: all pages that are parsed by Ruby - they
233273 [collinsj sea] What do you mean by "pages that are parsed by Ruby"? Do you mean code in
233319 [subscribe sn] Yeah, thanks, I think I'm getting it.
233347 [collinsj sea] I'm pretty sure it will. Note that you will probably have to add ".rb"

^ Why is there a seperate Math class?
233158 [danfinnie op] Why does everything have to be Math.<func>(num)?  Isn't num.func more
+ 233161 [Bil.Kleb NAS] That was one the first questions I had
| + 233164 [danfinnie op] I have to think this is the first time I've ever really disagreed with
| | + 233165 [gregory.t.br] but 90.sin * 10 looks as ugly as can be.
| | | 233167 [dblack wobbl] The expression you're looking for is "ugly as sin" :-)
| | + 233166 [matz ruby-la] Probably it's highly influenced by the languages we speak.
| | + 233178 [erikveen gma] Length is a property _OF_ "apples".
| |   + 233184 [w_a_x_man ya] Very crooked thinking.  Consider
| |   | + 233207 [sam powersou] +1
| |   | | 233316 [ml-ruby dedi] class Numeric
| |   | | 233617 [timx nospam.] You gotta love it! A language which really does allow you to easily modify it
| |   | + 233360 [vidar.hoksta] Generally I find that I often prefer functional style over OO whenever
| |   |   233411 [gregory.t.br] x.abs seems to me a convenience method.
| |   + 233616 [timx nospam.] I tend to agree. Length can be interpreted as part of, or an attribute
| + 233305 [steven lumos] Hmpf.  In my math textbook 1/2 != 0, and there's no such thing as a
|   233307 [matz ruby-la] Yep, try require 'mathn'.
+ 233170 [botp delmont] #  >> (Math.methods - Object.methods).select {|x|
+ 233176 [gavin refine] In addition to the answers by others, what would you do for those math
| 233197 [ilmari.heikk] hypot and atan are vector methods, so [30, 40].atan2, [3,4].hypot
+ 233267 [vjoel path.b] Having the math functions in a module means there could be an alternate
+ 233270 [gregory.t.br] Also, i forgot to mention, by including the module, you can make
| 233275 [gavin.kistne] math
| 233301 [olsonas gmai] Gavin -
+ 233312 [vincent.four] I have to say I'm very happy with that sort of things, as in a program

^ [ANN] Dhaka-1.0.0 now with RDoc
233159 [mushfeq.khan] 1) A backwards-incompatible modification to Dhaka::Evaluator (hence the jump
+ 233169 [mushfeq.khan] Mushfeq.
+ 233296 [gregory.t.br] The RDoc is certainly helpful.  It'd be great if you also included a
  233337 [mushfeq.khan] I'll start including more code in the RDocs. The most important classes -
  233342 [gregory.t.br] Something like parsing CSV or JSON would be a great reference.  Both

^ Re: Tattle - The Ruby Census
233162 [rob muhleste] This is a great idea.
+ 233172 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Our place is medium-paranoid, and after doing a "tattle report",
| 233198 [james graypr] <cracks up>  I love that movie.
| 233200 [yakumo9275 g] sweet but it/ruby does not resolve through my proxy (even tho gems etc
| 233255 [chad chadfow] Proxy support is on the TODO list (in my head).  You will be mourned.
+ 233259 [chad chadfow] We've talked about that.  Wouldn't be too hard.  Just need to do it.
  233352 [eweaver.spam] There is a difference of opinion here. Ryan thinks dependencies should
  233399 [drbrain segm] You fixed this the wrong way.  The problem is in RubyGems not
  + 233401 [james graypr] This is an interesting idea.  Can you explain how this would help?
  | 233405 [drbrain segm] For example, FreeBSD's ports has these two types of dependencies, but
  + 233404 [aledonne.lis] I'm having a hard time with terminology.
  | + 233408 [drbrain segm] Provided RubyGems allows you to make such a distinction, correct.  At
  | | + 233418 [aledonne.lis] I'm suggesting that something not required at run-time should not
  | | + 233419 [jeremy chaos] Just a terminology nitpick, but it sounds like you're talking about
  | + 233455 [halostatue g] Eric means run-time dependencies and idempotency dependencies. Hoe is
  |   + 233463 [aledonne.lis] Austin-
  |   + 233477 [ryand-ruby z] Don't worry Eric. It happens to everyone once in a while... *pat's back*
  + 233416 [eweaver.spam] I disagree. It's a difference of opinion.
    233456 [halostatue g] Again, this is a Gem problem, not a tattle, hoe, or rubyforge problem.
    + 233458 [drbrain segm] Exactly.
    + 233464 [mgreenly gma] This most definitely seems to be the minority opinion.  The majority
    + 233468 [chneukirchen] It is easy to write a rakefile that downgrades itself.  Possible gem
    | + 233470 [james graypr] I agree, even after reading everything that has been said.
    | + 233480 [ntalbott gma] Yes, but in order for the Rakefile to do *anything*, rake would have
    |   + 233482 [tim.pease gm] My gems do not have the Rakefile included, nor do they depend on Hoe /
    |   | 233484 [halostatue g] If your C++ application is distributed as source for others to build,
    |   | 233515 [pit capitain] When you ship your application with Makefiles, you sure don't ship it
    |   | + 233532 [tom infoethe] Yeah... I don't quite understand this either.  I use Gruff to draw
    |   | + 233558 [ntalbott gma] Well, on Debian at least, gcc, autoconf and the like would be build
    |   |   233573 [jeremy chaos] Maybe a simple convention is all that's needed.  (Echoing myself in
    |   |   233583 [halostatue g] Given your last paragraph, why would idempotency dependencies be any
    |   |   233586 [djberg96 gma] spec = Gem::Specification.new do |gem|
    |   |   + 233597 [sam powersou] The problem I see with that is similar to removing programs in Windows.
    |   |   | 233598 [djberg96 gma] something-0.1.0 has an optional dependency on [rspec (>= 0.5.0)] (Test
    |   |   | 233624 [twifkak comc] I think the uninstall thing was just an analogy. I believe he was
    |   |   + 233608 [ntalbott gma] The comment/description idea is excellent, and addresses my main
    |   |   + 233625 [gregory.t.br] Dan, Excellent approach.  I'd love to see this.
    |   |     233633 [jeremymcanal] But the question is would the hoe developers use this?  They seem
    |   |     + 233635 [gregory.t.br] Does that really matter?  On more than one occasion, Eric and Ryan
    |   |     + 233661 [ntalbott gma] As far as I'm concerned, optional dependencies preserve idempotency,
    |   |     + 233665 [halostatue g] I'm pretty sure that one of the messages in the last ~90 or so
    |   |       233769 [cdcarter gma] So if I were to spend this weekend getting optional/developer-time
    |   |       + 233770 [ruby anthrop] -Y: no prompt, install
    |   |       | + 233773 [gregory.t.br] +1
    |   |       | | + 233774 [ruby philip.] Might be nice if the default at list listed them for a second before
    |   |       | | + 234070 [nseckar gmai] remote_installer:548
    |   |       | + 233777 [ntalbott gma] A way to install the optional dependencies for an already-installed
    |   |       |   + 233785 [ruby philip.] ...
    |   |       |   | 233786 [danfinnie op] Or maybe --add-optional-dependencies.
    |   |       |   | 233787 [cdcarter gma] -Y: unconditional install of dev deps (like -y, but only for developer deps)
    |   |       |   + 233794 [gregory.t.br] does this need an option?
    |   |       + 233824 [pesterhazy g] I suggest looking at Debian's way of doing it. They have "recommends"
    |   + 233517 [martindemell] No, you should ship them, but *document* rather than hard-enforce the
    |   + 233549 [chneukirchen] Why would I want to run the Rakefile if I don't have rake?
    + 233550 [wes.sheldahl] The problem is that Gem dependencies currently *are* run-time dependencies,
      233555 [twifkak comc] To sum up --
      + 233564 [djberg96 gma] You forgot to discuss Unicode issues.   JOKING!!!
      + 233571 [jeremy chaos] +1 .  Surely the point of a packaging system is to serve people who

^ Proc code
233171 [marcantonios] Hey all,
+ 233173 [transfire gm] Not the source, but you can use local_varaibles against the binding of
| 233330 [marcantonios] Since I'm really only interested in the variables this is perfect.  Thanks!
+ 233239 [drbrain segm] Use the ruby2ruby gem.

^ Strange safe level change
233175 [pm gom-jabba] Well I'm mailing about a problem I'm having while using the rails
233237 [drbrain segm] $SAFE is switched when you assign to it, never at any other time.
233264 [Gennady.Byst] puts RUBY_VERSION, RUBY_PLATFORM
233276 [drbrain segm] Interesting.
233313 [Gennady.Byst] Yes, I got the idea for the example from looking at this particular spot

^ popen3 + bash surprise
233177 [alevchuk gma] require 'open3'
233220 [ara.t.howard] man bash: it behaves differently depending on whether it's a login shell or

^ Problems with Posting to comp.lang.ruby, due to gateway to Ruby-Talk
233180 [ronaldf eml.] There seems to be a problem how the newsgroupd comp.lang.ruby is
+ 233195 [transfire gm] there are two google groups, one is an archive of the newsgroup and the
| + 233199 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| + 233349 [ro.naldfi.sc] The first posting, remember, wasn't done with Google, but with
+ 233203 [james graypr] There are, from time to time, problems with messages not moving from
  233350 [ro.naldfi.sc] I can demonstrate you the problem by two screenshots. First have a look
  233371 [james graypr] Interesting.  The English interface of Google Groups has "Reply" and
  233536 [martindemell] And seeing as how he's using a gmail account anyway, I'd suggest
  234065 [ro.naldfi.sc] Actually I nearly never use the gmail account. I was kind of forced by
  234115 [james graypr] You're not.  As long as your Usenet client is behaving.  ;)

^ trying to fo this right
233186 [hrpof sapo.p] if
233188 [jan.svitok g] either
233314 [hrpof sapo.p] thanks man ;)

^ rdoc gem with hoe troubles
233187 [hungrylist g] I'm working on a new gem which is pretty much ready to be released.
233243 [drbrain segm] show the output of rake docs and rake check_manifest.
233308 [hungrylist g] Thanks for your reply, with it I managed to fix all my issues.

^ inheritance concept in ruby
233189 [senvenit2003] Is ruby supports multiple inheritence.
+ 233193 [gethemant gm] multiple inheritence is not supported in Ruby. However via modules and
+ 233251 [wilsonb gmai] To expand on what hemant said.. try running this code.
  233620 [helder gmail] I'm also new to Ruby and I've never used anything with multiple
  + 233622 [gregory.t.br] The real complication with multiple inheritance is that you end up
  + 233632 [wilsonb gmai] Multiple Inheritance can be extremely complex, as Gregory Brown has pointed out.
    233731 [helder gmail] Ok, I see this is a problem with multiple-inheritance, but it doesn't
    + 233746 [gregory.t.br] Yes, this is true.
    | 234051 [helder gmail] That's true. It made me think of one thing though. The PickAxe, at
    | 234057 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure you really mean class method here.  What you're saying is
    | 234455 [helder gmail] Yes, i meant any method call. But I haven't found this lookup order
    | + 235037 [gregory.t.br] but I've done what I could to answer them below.
    | | 235673 [helder gmail] Yes, definetely. The only thing I managed to dig on this was this
    | + 235041 [dblack wobbl] Yes, almost certainly.  There was a big push for class/module by
    |   235674 [helder gmail] Perfect! That was exactly what I was beginning to think. You summed it
    |   235736 [gwtmp01 mac.] I've been meaning to followup on this discussion.
    + 233749 [gregory.t.br] To me, it's the most intuitive choice as it reflects intrepretation order
    + 233753 [Per.Velschow] That wouldn't make sense. The only reason for having methods defined
      233757 [gregory.t.br] However, this is much more powerful, because it allows you to reference