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^ Ruby library for DTMF detection
232661 [rubylearner ] I am looking for a Ruby library for simple DTMF tone detection. It would be
232662 [jan.svitok g] If you couldn't find anything, try looking for any library that does

^ [ANN] lockfile-1.4.1
232674 [ara.t.howard] URLS
232811 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Can this be used to get around a broken NFS lock configuration
232814 [msoulier dig] I didn't think that locking on nfs was ever really all that safe. I've

^ Loading, Python vs. Ruby  [was: File-based Code Encapsulation]
232676 [transfire gm] then i found this post from Guido van Rossum in 2003
232682 [msoulier dig] Yes.

^ Backquote command execution path problem
232677 [felipenavas ] irb(main):001:0> `cd`
+ 232704 [angus quovad] Dir.chdir('C:\\projeto\\blablabla')
+ 232706 [shortcutter ] Do you want to change the path of the Ruby script?  Then no "cd" in any
| 232823 [felipenavas ] Thank you Carlos !
+ 232937 [rodrigo.berm] YOUR_DIR="C:\\projeto\\blablabla\n"

^ Ruby declared TIOBE's Programming Language of the Year 2006!
232685 [ml.chibbs gm] I just posted this to the O'Reilly Ruby blog and John Long suggested I

^ file attributes
232693 [krekna gmail] Lo!
232717 [jan.svitok g] 1. you can start programs by `command` or Kernel#system, or IO#popen

^ How can I do this better?
232694 [sam.s.kong g] I find myself to use the following idiom frequently.
+ 232696 [gaurav.v.bag] def foo i
| 232753 [sam.s.kong g] I'll use this pattern from now on.
+ 232697 [jean.helou g] def foo i
| 232698 [jean.helou g] def foo(1)
| 232708 [shortcutter ] You want "def foo(i)" here.
+ 232702 [robert.dober] I wish this worked.
| 232756 [sam.s.kong g] Probably because ruby provides "||" and "&&" also for higher
| 232818 [robert.dober] I think so too, but just one worry, did you read me here?
| 232855 [sam.s.kong g] Of course, I read you.^^
| 232863 [robert.dober] Now that is funny, how stubborn I was, of course that is what you wanted,
+ 232707 [neoneye gmai] how about?
+ 232713 [boss airblad] You could also use the 'overlooked feature of Ruby hashes' and put
  232715 [shortcutter ] That's definitively a better option - especially if i is non numeric. :-)

^ puts returns nil?
232699 [arfon.smith ] explaining....
+ 232700 [jean.helou g] because you only call say_moo once.
+ 232701 [stefano.croc] 1- writes the string 'mooooooo...' on the screen number_of_moos times
+ 232703 [angus quovad] A method returns the value of the last statement, not a list of all of
+ 232705 [joerg.abelsh] in every ruby-function, the last statement (here 'yellow submarine') is
  232709 [arfon.smith ] Ahh, OK, thanks for this.  I think I was confused as I thought the first

^ [ANN] image_science 1.1.0 Released
232710 [ryand-ruby z] image_science version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ Including core class extensions from gems
232714 [shanti brafo] Hey all,
232789 [drbrain segm] You don't need this line at all.  Rubygems is smart and knows which

^ mini-contest: eigenclass.org "Happy 2007!" Ruby challenge (2007-01-06 20H UTC)
232718 [ mfp acm.org] Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the secret message

^ [QUIZ] Word Blender (#108)
232719 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 232724 [slamboy gmai] Is the goal to get the most points or to get to the highest round?  Do you
| 232726 [james graypr] My solution doesn't track "points" per say, just the rounds really.
+ 232738 [matthew.moss] I'd be interested in trying this, but I've avoided dictionary-type
| + 232743 [mapleoin ner] charset="iso-8859-1"
| + 232744 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| + 232749 [slamboy gmai] ...
|   232750 [slamboy gmai] My mistake, that's the list of *obscure* accepted 6 letter words.  I'll find
|   232752 [slamboy gmai] Complete list of accepted scrabble words.  You'll need to go through and
|   232904 [mapleoin ner] charset="utf-8"
|   233019 [ben bleythin] ix or=20
+ 232983 [fedor.laboun] to cheat for me at TextTwist. Needless to say the game got boring really
| + 232985 [mapleoin ner] charset="utf-8"
| | 233101 [mapleoin ner] charset="utf-8"
| + 232991 [slamboy gmai] ./dict.rb:20:in `initialize': No such file or directory -
| | 233006 [fedor.laboun] Thanks Jason.  It seems that the problem is that as long as a file by that
| + 233389 [james graypr] Looking pretty good to me.
|   233472 [fedor.laboun] Aah, thanks so much. I must have misread that before, never noticed the bit
+ 232990 [slamboy gmai] Here it is.  Scoring works like this: 10 points per (tile used)^2.  100
| 232997 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
+ 233024 [chunyun.zhao] Here is my solution.
| 233026 [chunyun.zhao] #== Synopsis
+ 233040 [danfinnie op] I made two this time.  One plays a game and one just picks the word.
| 233042 [fedor.laboun] I was really impressed when I first saw this. It doesn't quite work if you
| + 233046 [danfinnie op] regex =
| | 233049 [danfinnie op] Oops, that doesn't match {3,6} just {6}.
| | 233392 [james graypr] Wow.  That's darn clever, but probably over abusing regular
| | 233441 [danfinnie op] It does hurt readability, however, if it is in a variable then the
| + 233286 [showaltb gma] # Open and read the dictionary.
|   + 233298 [fedor.laboun] Very interesting, you create a matching in the opposite direction, matching
|   + 233309 [danfinnie op] The regexes for me are fairly fast.  For my regex that weeds out words
|     233318 [slamboy gmai] I used sets in my submission, and the letters of each 6 letter word were
|     + 233323 [danfinnie op] If you are using *nix (unix, linux) then you can run "time <ruby
|     | + 233335 [james graypr] It works on a Mac, sure.
|     | + 233396 [james graypr] suggestion@rubyquiz.com
|     + 233394 [james graypr] Thank Ben Bleything.  It was his idea.
+ 233081 [boesemar gmx] My game will play almost like the one you can play at yahoo without score. Has
+ 233271 [showaltb gma] Here's my submission. There are two programs: the first builds a set
+ 233533 [martindemell] target = ARGV[0]
  233551 [fedor.laboun] That's neat, and is a good general way of checking for inclusion (so you can
  233554 [martindemell] No, I do need the uniq since I want one prime per unique letter in the
  233566 [fedor.laboun] Doh, you're absolutely right, not sure why I didn't notice that.
  233609 [phillipsds y] I'm new to ruby and this is my first quiz entry, so
  233619 [james graypr] I like it.  Looks nice and clean.  My only suggestion would be to

^ case when...
232729 [josselin wan] In all  examples I can see in my book about 'case ..' 'when..' 'then.. '
232730 [angus quovad] Try it!
232739 [josselin wan] a return was missing to close the latest 'else'....
232761 [lukfugl gmai] Huh? You don't need returns to "close" the when's or else. Unlike C,
232766 [greg.kujawa ] Personally I like to adopt the old Smalltalk philosophy, where they
232768 [james graypr] replaceConditionalWithPolymorphism.html
232770 [greg.kujawa ] Good point. All of it makes for good mental exercise and ultimately
232774 [josselin wan] thanks a lot for the link...   I'll read taht tonight !
232776 [james graypr] Are you sure about that?  ;)
232834 [jan.svitok g] I wanted to write that this is not a good example -- the case
232838 [james graypr] It's just one thought.  There are times when it is very powerful

^ ODBC, MS SQL Server
232733 [malavoi gmai] I try to connect ruby to a MS SQL database . This the error message.
+ 232764 [greg.kujawa ] This might sound silly, but are you using a Windows-based PC? Judging
| 232765 [malavoi gmai] No I use Debian etch. When i this command
| 232767 [greg.kujawa ] Hmmm. And you have UNIX ODBC loaded then I would assume too. Here's a
| 232771 [malavoi gmai] I don't the anwsers to his question
| 232773 [greg.kujawa ] I think a reply message in that thread pertained to file access perms
| 232777 [malavoi gmai] Ok Know i have this error message
| 232778 [greg.kujawa ] I would suggest googling around the FreeTDS message boards. When I just
| 232799 [malavoi gmai] Thanks For your help Now it's working
+ 232780 [mguterl gmai] Are you following these instructions?

^ Getting current context (from C)
232734 [GGarramuno a] I have a C function that I would like it to either be allowed to

^ Getting unexpected return (LocalJumpError) Rubyscript2exe
232735 [ericch77 gma] When running Rubyscript2exe on my .rb application. I get and unexpected

^ [WANTED] Solaris related modules
232737 [djberg96 gma] There's a couple Solaris related things I'd like if anyone needs a Ruby
232754 [tim.pease gm] Okay, you've spent too much time in the snow ;)
232759 [david vallne] Avoiding having end users handle Yet Another Package Manager. Same

^ Problem solving quadratic equations
232741 [jbornhoft gm] instead of receiving a + and - result I am getting two identical
+ 232746 [chr.pohlmann] I don't know for which values you tested your code, but if the
+ 232748 [stefano.croc] Are you sure? I run your program with the values a=1, b=3 and c=1 and got the
+ 232751 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> Float("10.2")
+ 232785 [olsonas gmai] Seems to work for me. Remember, in ruby you can use ** for
+ 232794 [jbornhoft gm] I have to remember to KISS!
  + 232795 [stefano.croc] def solve(a,b,c,sign) #pass +1 or -1 as sign
  + 232797 [bryan.weathe] You could have it return an array, where the first element is the 1st
  | 232812 [dblack wobbl] def quad(a,b,c)
  + 232820 [olsonas gmai] Sure. I'd detemine both values, place them in an array and return the

^ Re: Getting unexpected return (LocalJumpError) Rubyscript2ex
232745 [ericch77 gma] I continued reading the Ruby Documentation and used exit(int) instead of

^ [ANN] IHelp 0.4.5 - Interactive Help
232747 [ilmari.heikk] View and search Ruby documentation from irb.

^ More space on the shelf...
232757 [greg.kujawa ] I got returned from a trip to my Barnes and Noble store next door.
232921 [shugotenshi ] "Quick and dirty" almost sounds offensive :P
232974 [johnsyntax y] ya,  Ruby's got breadth(uses from sys admins to developers) and

^ Re: Solaris related modules
232758 [djberg96 gma] Short answer? System administration.

^ RExchange 0.3.0 in the wild (Rubyforge release)
232760 [ssmoot gmail] The "It Lives!" release!

^ Rdoc: unknown tag: sections ?
232763 [jashmenn gma] Hey All. Trying to use jamis buck's template for rdoc (
232769 [jashmenn gma] I figured out my problem. I had an older version of rdoc. Once I

^ ruby headers in mac os x
232772 [pierodancona] Sorry for the stupid question. I am trying to build
+ 232873 [laurent.sans] Did you install the developer tool package? IIRC you can install it
+ 232970 [ snk gna.org] It is looking for the ruby.h file.

^ A 'require' question
232775 [renard nc.rr] When you have multiple versions of a gem, "require 'gemxxx'" loads in
+ 232790 [jameskilton ] require_gem 'gem_name', '>=1.2.3'
| 232792 [drbrain segm] require_gem was deprecated in 0.9.0.  Switch to 'gem', don't
| 232831 [renard nc.rr] Sorry, I think I posed my question badly.
| + 232843 [jan.svitok g] 1. require 'rubygems' # may be omitted when RUBYOPT=-rubygems or ruby
| | 232912 [renard nc.rr] Thank you all for your responses. I now have a clearer understanding of
| + 232870 [drbrain segm] You can't.  You use #gem instead of #require.
+ 232791 [drbrain segm] gem 'gemname', '= 1.2.3' # <, <=, =, >= and > are all understood

232783 [jes luretank] Greetings
+ 232802 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
| 232826 [jes luretank] Gregory and James
| + 232829 [gregory.t.br] anything in :csv_options gets passed along to FasterCSV in the code I
| + 232862 [james graypr] Your code looks just fine to me.  Glad it helps!
+ 232803 [gregory.t.br] Have you considered Ruport?
  232805 [gregory.t.br] Should have included an example.
  + 232804 [gregory.t.br] and the file I used!  Sorry for the triple post.
  + 232807 [r.mark.volkm] Where does the Record class get used? Does the Table class use it
    232810 [gregory.t.br] yeah.  I'm currently contemplating a better alternative.  That's a bit

^ GMailer won't connect
232798 [cpjolicoeur ] I'm trying to integrate the GMailer libray into my rails project but I'm
232867 [phasis68 hot] First, try with the latest version gmailer 0.1.4.

^ [ANN] webgen 0.4.0 released
232800 [thomas.leitn] Hey all,
232989 [rainaple tin] I'm sorry if this question has been posted already, I've had an

^ removing Ruby success stories page from Ruby-lang.org
232806 [vrahul gmail] The list of  ruby success stories page in ruby-lang.org is really lame.
+ 232808 [dblack wobbl] It's supposed to be informative, not impressive.  Perhaps people can
| 232821 [jeremymcanal] - Amazon's UnSpun
| + 232825 [james graypr] Interview those people, write up little blurbs for them, and I will
| + 232828 [tomp earthli] Google Sketchup is scriptable via Ruby, though I don't know if it's a
| + 232839 [james.britt ] What is the purpose of having these at all?
|   + 232849 [bryan.weathe] I think the primary purpose is to sell the language to a complete layman.
|   | 232852 [gregory.t.br] A valid question is whether that is worthwhile or not.  Of course,
|   + 232864 [jeremymcanal] I'll see if Ara and his friend are interested in an interview, but I
|     + 232866 [james graypr] Awesome, then you are the perfect guy to help us improve this section
|     + 232879 [rob muhleste] I whole-heartedly agree. Success stories like one I heard on
|     + 232883 [james.britt ] They don't trust their technical people to make assessments of
|       + 232893 [jes luretank] +1
|       + 232942 [jeremymcanal] You've obviously never worked in some of the places I've had to... =/
|       | + 232944 [james.britt ] See rubyforge.org
|       | | + 232953 [jeremymcanal] True, and I'm sure a number of people have gone that route.  But again
|       | | + 232977 [james.britt ] On the other hand, I know people who, somehow or another, got the
|       | |   232982 [sonoflilit g] There was one case I remember where a Success Stories page really got
|       | |   232984 [mushfeq.khan] In that case, could the page be renamed to 'Who uses Ruby?'. The Python
|       | |   232996 [gregory.t.br] Hmm.. "Who uses Ruby?"  or  "Real World Ruby", or something like that
|       | |   232998 [dblack wobbl] because it's the only one that isn't an established euphemism for
|       | |   232999 [jeremymcanal] +1 for "Who uses Ruby?" or "Who's using Ruby?" or any variant thereof.
|       | |   233011 [james.britt ] Yes.
|       | + 232948 [dblack wobbl] And that listings of uses of Ruby in commercial projects represents
|       | | 232955 [jeremymcanal] If you can convince a manager who doesn't know programming but likes
|       | | 232957 [dblack wobbl] What I'm saying is that I don't consider the word "success" to be
|       | | 232958 [jeremymcanal] Ah, and I agree.  Your previous post actually got me thinking about
|       | + 232954 [jeremymcanal] No, really that's how we operate.  Stop by some time and I'll show
|       + 233082 [rob muhleste] I agree for anyone convinced by the stories *alone*. I never
+ 232809 [robert.dober] just to give mine ;)
+ 232816 [gregory.t.br] What would make it more impressive?  I think this is a very subjective
+ 232922 [shugotenshi ] Is there something wrong with people succeeding with Ruby, even in

^ Where would I look to understand why ... works
232822 [raymond.jaco] I create a small method
+ 232841 [rimantas gma] I guess you are seeing the effect of not reading the book carefully enough.
+ 232842 [jan.svitok g] def counting(p1,p2)
| + 232847 [raymond.jaco] Thank you,
| + 232906 [angus quovad] [Jan Svitok <jan.svitok@gmail.com>, 2007-01-05 23.12 CET]
+ 232897 [ryand-ruby z] Please don't hijack threads. Start a new one instead of replying to

^ cloning object with array members
232830 [shea null.ne] class MyClass
+ 232832 [dblack wobbl] I don't see an a.arr1 method.  Did you mean to create some accessors
+ 232836 [gwtmp01 mac.] def clone
+ 232840 [o.renaud lap] The method which must be overriden is initialize_copy
+ 232909 [shea void.ni] Thanks for all the help.  My last attempt at clone turns out to be fine,
  + 232919 [pit capitain] Shea, you found your answer in the meantime, but I wanted to show you
  + 233297 [shea null.ne] def clone
    233300 [stefano.croc] I don't know whether there is a way to know in advance if a variable supports

^ [ANN] pervasives-0.0.1
232833 [ara.t.howard] NAME