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^ SOAP: detecting nil element in the response
232297 [lists humane] I'm still getting used to Ruby, so there could be a very easy and

^ Generating graphs with Ruby: monochrome style with SVG::Graph?
232299 [ajalkane gma] I'm using SVG::Graph to generate some graphs that need to

^ ruby iconv UTF-8 to ISO-8859-2 (Polish)
232303 [tobin tobinh] I've been using Iconv with Ruby (OnRails) quite successfully for some
+ 232310 [richard.conr] First of all, I am curious. Why are you converting? If the text is already
| 232554 [tobin tobinh] Firsly, thanks for the reply!
| 232559 [richard.conr] No problem. Double check the point Carlos raised too - you may be usingcp1252 (windows western european) instead of Latin-1. That can makeyour problem a bit worse.
+ 232314 [angus quovad] No, the problem is that PDF::Writer thinks that it is encoded in
| 232605 [tobin tobinh] Thanks for the links and the advice Carlos.
| 232622 [angus quovad] [Tobes <tobin@tobinharris.com>, 2007-01-04 16.55 CET]
| 232641 [tobin tobinh] Thanks v much for the advice. Thought I'd start with looking at what's
| 232655 [angus quovad] [Tobes <tobin@tobinharris.com>, 2007-01-04 21.50 CET]
| 232712 [tobin tobinh] You're right, the problem was not in Iconv. I guess that is backed up
+ 232614 [tobin tobinh] Just to add a little more to the situation, I discovered that the

^ Ruby classes and objects from XML
232305 [imobachgs gm] I have an XML file generated from TaskJuggler[1] and I'd like to have
+ 232312 [shortcutter ] 1. use REXML DOM
| 232317 [rosco roscop] Just to add, if performance is an issue in this case, or if the OP simply
+ 232343 [james graypr] Hope that helps.
  232443 [tomp earthli] XmlSimple looks like a quick way to get a usable data structure from

^ Tk problem
232316 [christopher.] "This application has failed to start because tk84.dll was not found.
232321 [gk cutcopy.c] Youre missing par example activetcl from activestate if you are using
232322 [gk cutcopy.c] Sorry for double posting.
232330 [christopher.] I have got Tk working - but now want to use Tile to give native look and
233662 [nagai ai.kyu] Did you call "require 'tkextlib/tile'"?

^ Win32OLE: how to pass parameters by reference? [Solved]
232318 [jan.svitok g] Later I've even found that there's a .rd doc file, that doesn't made

^ Array questions
232320 [markonlinux ] I'm trying to learn ruby by 'borrowing' peoples code and adding comments
+ 232351 [robert.dober] Aren't these equivalent?
+ 232458 [kenosis gmai] All I can think of is this: the author of the maze code wanted to
  232475 [markonlinux ] I suspected that but I couldn't understand how/why this could be done
  232557 [shortcutter ] Nothing cannot really reference to anything, can it?
  + 232609 [robert.dober] Robert
  + 232981 [markonlinux ] Not that I'm aware of ;-).

^ YAML and class variables
232323 [expiation de] When an object's .to_yaml method is used, class variables aren't
232327 [shortcutter ] You don't.  Basically a class variable belongs to the class and that's

^ Cannot compile qtruby 1.0.13
232332 [fredrik.joha] I am trying to install qtruby, but without success. I downloaded
232902 [richard.j.da] It's a bug in the smoke/qt/Makefile.am file, that I've fixed it in the

^ Problem in Unit Testing Methods that start new threads
232335 [gethemant gm] I have a bit of doubt, in Unit Testing Programs that start new threads.
+ 232337 [gethemant gm] Or is it this a good idea?
+ 232369 [ara.t.howard] it seems that all you've managed to do is write a very long race condition.
| 232402 [gethemant gm] Thanks for the insight Ara, although my class is singleton so i
| 232455 [kenosis gmai] Try removing the "mutex = Mutex.new" from "new_thread" That's causing a
| 232527 [gethemant gm] Since We are calling new each time, even using instance variables won't
| 232534 [ara.t.howard] require 'sync'
+ 232382 [schapht gmai] Ara's right on this one.  It's a race condition.  But it looks like
| 232386 [ara.t.howard] require 'thread'
+ 232448 [pit capitain] Hemant, in addition to what the others said, it's not clear to me what
  232506 [gethemant gm] Agreed Pit, but basically I want to test state of my program through
  + 232509 [ara.t.howard] - succeed or throw an exception
  + 232630 [pit capitain] Hemant, in this case I'd try to use a framework like Mocha to create a

^ Object design
232342 [krekna gmail] Just to make sure, I'd like to know from your as OO programmers if I
+ 232397 [schapht gmai] Well you already have a File and Directory that will handle what you
+ 232491 [gregory.t.br] Use the ruby classes for this, adding a few things if needed.  If you

^ Memory Leak Madness
232347 [brandon loud] I'm having one hell of a time trying to find and stop a memory leak in a
+ 232360 [wilsonb gmai] DBI almost certainly makes use of locking, and fastthread cleans that
| 232368 [brandon loud] Do you mean this by locking?
| 232400 [khaines enig] Do you have situations where you end up with a lot of threads?  Do you
| + 232405 [pmr16366 gma] I think you said you are using Windows/Ms SQL Server.
| | 232417 [rob muhleste] This was my same experience using the ADOdb PHP module and PostgreSQL
| + 232410 [brandon loud] Up to 15 threads work the queue. One threads add work items, the others
|   + 232607 [mental rydia] I'd recommend using fastthread's Queue class.  thread.rb's Queue is
|   | 232949 [brandon loud] I have not tried fastthread yet, but I may. It turns out I do have a
|   | 233843 [brandon loud] Thanks again for all the help. My problems are gone. I still haven't
|   + 232608 [mental rydia] Incidentally, if you're using fastthread, I'd be interested to know how
+ 232365 [shortcutter ] Is there some point where it stabilizes after a day or so?
  + 232377 [ara.t.howard] silly robert - don't you know that free always returns memory to the OS!
  | 232379 [shortcutter ] That says it all... :-)
  + 232381 [brandon loud] Nope..it keeps going like...like pacman. *wocka* *wocka* *wocka*.
  | + 232394 [jan.svitok g] Sometime ago there was a problem with Array#shift leaking memory.
  | + 232579 [anibalrojas ] Brandon,
  |   232642 [brandon loud] Thanks for all the advice. My problem appear to be solved, but I'll keep
  + 232412 [drbrain segm] Um...

^ Problems with Sting#sub and regular expressions
232352 [trish.ball g] I have been working on an expression using String#sub and am getting
232354 [trish.ball g] irb(main):001:0> " ' Helen".sub(/^(['\s]*)/, "")
232361 [dblack wobbl] What's happening is that you're sort of inter-leafing (-leaving?) the

^ openssl on windows
232367 [chrisc ampho] I need to use openssl on a windows box to validate a SHA512 signature.

^ Scriptable text editor with Ruby?
232374 [francis.ramm] Vim and emacs are text editor that can be scripted using internal
+ 232387 [msoulier dig] Vim runs everywhere. Are you sure that this is necessary?
| 232396 [francis.ramm] Are you sure Vim was necessary? Emacs runs everywhere... :p
| 232401 [gregory.t.br] but vi *must* run everywhere (According to POSIX). :)
| + 232404 [francis.ramm] Thanks :-)
| | 232560 [alexandru gl] Cheers,
| + 233875 [ jupp gmx.de] line-mode ex is scriptable. The TUI that can be started using
+ 232388 [jameskilton ] Embed the Ruby interpreter in the text editor itself? Then just make certain
| + 232407 [francis.ramm] That would be one of those obvious approaches that I couldn't think of
| + 232971 [francis.ramm] I have taken a look at embedding and Swig.
|   232973 [ snk gna.org] There is an easier way than having ruby in a separate process and having
+ 232403 [james.britt ] Vim can do that now.  Build it with Ruby support and you can drive the
+ 232424 [neoneye gmai] [snip stuff about ruby/c++]
| + 232456 [thomasmuelle] You might want to have a look at Java 6. I have just installed that
| | + 232477 [jeroen light] I would suggest to have a look at jEdit: http://jedit.org
| | + 232975 [francis.ramm] Java is attractive for several reasons. A powerful gui, speed is very
| |   233015 [pesterhazy g] Be sure to look at http://software.jessies.org/Evergreen/ for some
| |   233030 [sonoflilit g] When embedding, you can add an extention that implements a ruby API to
| + 232539 [timx nospam.] syntax highlighting can be non-trivial to get right, paticularly with larger
| | 232582 [james graypr] This is pretty much how TextMate works.
| + 232623 [francis.ramm] And all these advanced concepts I will try to delegate to libraries as
+ 232471 [vincent.four] I can only agree to that. For what I experience, Qt4 1.4.7 is pretty
| 232625 [francis.ramm] Thanks for your suggestions Edward, Vince (+others).
| 232965 [ snk gna.org] You cannot assume that things will be faster just because you use a
| 232967 [francis.ramm] I still think an application written entirely in ruby would be slow.
| 232968 [danfinnie op] I don't know much about Eclipse and VS so I won't comment on those;
| 232969 [francis.ramm] Yeah, you could be right..
+ 232484 [ara.t.howard] - using vim
+ 232536 [timx nospam.] Although I've not looked at it in any detail, there is an emacs->ruby interface
+ 232613 [neoneye gmai] [snip out of context]
| 232645 [francis.ramm] Well TextMate has two important drawbacks: it's Mac only and it's not
+ 232633 [ snk gna.org] Why start from scratch? Take over an existing, defunct open source
| 232688 [transfire gm] +1
| 232695 [neoneye gmai] I will grant admin if anyone feels like continuing aeditor.
| 232716 [francis.ramm] That's attractive of course. I will check out this editor thoroughly
| 232722 [francis.ramm] Qt provides lots of functionality for free that you had to implement in
+ 232976 [alder.green ] As you probably already told by numerous people, Vim does that already.

^ access to the case/when variable
232383 [jtprince gma] Is there a way to access the variable being tossed through the
+ 232385 [jeremymcanal] case x = object.size.to_s
+ 232392 [shortcutter ] You mean *object* not *variable*.  But no.

^ connect to windows messenger thro api
232415 [junkone1 gma] Is there libraries or api that i can use ruby to connect to msn
232444 [jarjoura gma] ...

^ Reading bytes from a file
232426 [aaron_patter] I'm trying to read bytes from a file, and it would be handy if there was
+ 232427 [aaron_patter] Oops.....  Just needed to require 'readbytes'
+ 232436 [w_a_x_man ya] s = open('junk'){|f| f.read(10) }

^ Problem with rdoc and Document-class
232429 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.5

^ Re: Word Search (#107)
232435 [w_a_x_man ya] If you don't want snaking, put "--straight" on the command line.

^ Re: about scaffold
232459 [coder68 yaho] My guess would be that you are not executing the command from your
+ 232460 [matt kettlew] You need an extra argument
+ 232485 [gregory.t.br] It's usually just sound advice to point people towards the rails

^ tix windows (install question)
232463 [goldfita sig] I found a post around here somewhere explaining how to install tix.
233669 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm very sorry, but I don't touch tcltk-ext now.

^ File-based Code Encapsulation
232464 [transfire gm] I'm having a little debate with myself. On my current project I have a
232470 [ara.t.howard] wrap up the functionality into a lib, require that from your scripts, and make
+ 232555 [spoooq gmail] Would it be possible for you to post this code?
| 232595 [ara.t.howard] sure.  i've been trying to organize it into a library, but it's hard to
+ 232678 [transfire gm] in this particluar case it's not suitable to separate the functionality

^ Re: Fun languages (was Re: Status of Cardinal (was Re: Proposal to create a new mailing list))
232466 [martindemell] To me, one major component of 'fun' is how well the 'grain' of the
232514 [matz ruby-la] BASIC was fun for me, when I was in junior high.  The point is that as
+ 232540 [jon ffconsul] 1. OCaml
| 232624 [gregory.t.br] Octave is fun and free too :)
| + 232629 [wilsonb gmai] ...
| + 232796 [gregory.t.br] Octave is a pretty good clone of Matlab, too.  For at least my needs.
+ 232549 [_mwryder wor] I have used Business Basic (a superset of Basic) professionally for over
+ 232597 [jtregunna bl] Smalltalk has always been fun for me (first environment I actually

^ Is there a college textbook for Ruby?
232467 [jdinkel buco] The Pragmatic Programmer's "Programming Ruby" book is great, but I'm
+ 232482 [gdonald gmai] The Ruby Cookbook and Ruby Quiz are sorta like that.
| 232490 [jeremymcanal] I wouldn't recommed either of those as a primary text; I would perhaps
+ 232518 [jbornhoft gm] Not so much a textbook but Brian Schroeder's website includes the slides

^ (wacky?) protected behavior
232474 [dweldon gmai] class Foo
232498 [transfire gm] But youre calling store from the subclass.
232505 [dweldon gmai] I gather what you mean is that o.dave=1 is executed from the context of
+ 232512 [transfire gm] class Foo
+ 232620 [lukfugl gmai] Ruby != Java && Ruby != C

^ Ruby Cocoa Run Loop
232494 [benjohn fysh] But I don't really want to have to build an application that's a ruby
232562 [spoooq gmail] I can't comment on any Mac-specific code, but in my experience mixing
232570 [benjohn fysh] I've realised two things.
232576 [spoooq gmail] There are just so many ways and places it could be breaking, I would
232578 [benjohn fysh] It's a good plan and I definitely could do that. In fact, the original
232762 [johnl johnla] This is just a wild guess, but I wonder whether you could use the

^ how to run SciTE  from any path
232533 [chen_li3 yah] Sometimes I need to start SciTE from a console. But I
232537 [gregory.t.br] This is not really a ruby question, so it is a bit off topic for this
232552 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much,
232561 [slamboy gmai] with scite.  you can always run programs from within there anyway.

^ Last stable version 185-21
232558 [joerg.abelsh] Does anyone have some experiences with the version 185-21 ? Starting an
232567 [jan.svitok g] these warnings are a known issue. search the archives for "fxruby 1.8.5"

^ scan string w regex .. and HNYTAOY !
232564 [josselin wan] HNYTAOY  (Dry version of ...  Happy New Year To All Of You)
232565 [josselin wan] ...
+ 232568 [schapht gmai] to_string.scan(/[A-Z0-9._%-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}/i)
| + 232572 [josselin wan] thanks Mat... I got it too.. my concern is getting all adresses in one array...
| + 232574 [shortcutter ] Yeah, that's what I'd also prefer over splitting.
+ 232577 [james graypr] to_string.split
  + 232583 [slamboy gmai] That's definitely easier. And more certain.
  + 232584 [schapht gmai] /me slaps his forehead

^ unsubscribe
232566 [daysgoby916 ] unsubscribe=0A=0A=0A=0A__________________________________________________=
+ 232569 [schapht gmai] We can't unsubscribe you, but you'll find these in the headers for
| 232592 [davidp9242a ] It's BROKEN. I've tried this many times, in many ways.=0A=0A=0A----- Origin=
| 232594 [halostatue g] Unsubscription isn't actually broken; there are feature limits. One of
| 232639 [lists bertra] irb(main):001:0> "=5f=2e=3a=2a=49=2a=3a=2e=5f".unpack "M*"
+ 232669 [paulo.koch g] I forged an e-mail on your behalf. Here's what I've done (FYI, just

^ Help: SWIG & Ruby
232585 [sebastian ye] I need some help with SWIG and Ruby, I am trying to use some C functions

^ [SUMMARY] Word Search (#107)
232589 [james graypr] I had a few moments this weekend and sat down to work this problem.  I was quite

^ Unsubscription trouble (was Re: unsubscribe)
232598 [schapht gmai] Well, I'm not a fan of "works for me", but I just subscribed and

^ [ADV] Rails Training in Alexandria, VA, by Accelebrate
232611 [dblack wobbl] Accelebrate[1] is presenting a four-day Ruby for Rails training

^ What does "extend self" do?
232634 [cohen.jeff g] I happened to be reading dependencies.rb in the Rails source, and it
+ 232635 [stefano.croc] In a module definition, outside methods, self refers to the module itself, as
+ 232636 [dblack wobbl] self is never empty; it's always something.  At the top of a module
| 232664 [cohen.jeff g] (and to all the others who said similar things)
+ 232637 [james graypr] Well, like any method call in Ruby, there is a receiver here.  In
| 232654 [cohen.jeff g] Google seems to have lost my previous 2 attempts to reply to this
+ 232640 [fxn hashref.] It extends the very module object. That's one-liner to add all the
  232643 [transfire gm] Not quite the same however. Using module_function actually creates a
  232644 [fxn hashref.] Right, I just meant them to be conceptually similar to add some

^ Pervasive Methods [was: Little Things]
232650 [transfire gm] An RCR for Pervasives? If so I'd like to add a note...
232652 [ara.t.howard] P = Pervasives
+ 232653 [tim.pease gm] Why not get rid of Pervasives / P altogether and simply have some new
| 232656 [ara.t.howard] shorter would be better alright.
| + 232658 [tim.pease gm] Hmmm ... maybe I need some enlightening, but this is what I came up with ...
| | 232660 [ara.t.howard] my mistake.  still, it'd be cool to see if we could hack into the current
| + 232817 [gregory.t.br] This is a really bad idea, but I might as well put it out there.  I
|   + 232819 [gregory.t.br] Oh jeez, should have read the full thread.  Guess this bad idea
|   + 232835 [ara.t.howard] but it's possible NOW.  see the latest annouce on the list!
|     232845 [gregory.t.br] Oh, sorry ara.  I was actually talking about the arrow.
|     + 232846 [ara.t.howard] ah.  well, they are both ugly, but i chose the one that's possible and ugly
|     + 232854 [transfire gm] The arrow is more ugly!? in that case try writting some heavy meta-code
|       + 232856 [ara.t.howard] it's done!
|       + 232857 [gregory.t.br] No.  I see the arrow to be equivalent to __(obj) and prettier than an
+ 232657 [transfire gm] Well, that's shorter, yes. Though I was thinking more along the lines
  232659 [ara.t.howard] that's pretty good.  i was leaning towards a module so we could just try to
  + 232666 [transfire gm] irb(main):003:0> class Object
  | + 232667 [cdcarter gma] I really think adding a new keyword, or way of calling methods is a
  | + 232681 [transfire gm] Toliet humor --I can't beleive I said that! *blush* X-)
  |   232684 [cdcarter gma] constants that can be run, I don't think that that's teh way to go
  |   232686 [transfire gm] irb(main):001:0> obj = "string"
  |   232687 [cdcarter gma] Yes, it calls methods, but just normal methods, you can't make methods
  + 232723 [transfire gm] module Kernel
  | 232725 [transfire gm] obj = "hello"
  + 232788 [gwtmp01 mac.] This has been an interesting discussion but I think several related
    + 232801 [gwtmp01 mac.] recv.m a1
    + 232813 [transfire gm] Great observations and well summarized. Thank you!
      232827 [gwtmp01 mac.] obj <- message		# sending the message to the object
      232853 [transfire gm] I realize it's not as intuitive at first glance, but i don't think it's
      232881 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't know quite enough about the grammar to say if that syntax works
      232887 [transfire gm] And I agree. And I think the syntax you have suggested is pretty close.