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^ [RUBY QUIZ #106], too late?
231814 [alex_w00t ho] I've only just had time to finish it. If it's not too late, here's what I've
+ 231815 [alex_w00t ho] "NNRQKR", # 48
+ 231924 [james graypr] It's never too late.  Thanks for sharing!

^ how to use a variable reference another variable?
231818 [yuesefa gmai] since variable names are not objects, is there any possible ways to do
231822 [lionel-subsc] Given that Ruby doesn't allow this, maybe the problem you want to solve
231834 [yuesefa gmai] Just curious. i vaguely have heard of it before
231838 [sy1234 gmail] If you're interested, I had a thread called "patching strings together

^ Need help designing a pair of RMagick methods
231820 [TimHunter nc] I don't get to write much "real-world" Ruby code so I thought I'd ask

^ Newbie: It works, how can I make it better?
231821 [jbornhoft gm] I would really appreciate any advice on how I can improve anything about
+ 231823 [shevegen lin] One mini-advice would be that there is no need for
+ 231826 [w_a_x_man ya] print "
| 231832 [twifkak comc] Err... why not make it a block?
| 231836 [w_a_x_man ya] Why did you write "Err..."?  Writing is a different process from
| 231846 [twifkak comc] No, I didn't know that, and I wouldn't be offended if you "Err"ed me. I
+ 231852 [rwtnorton ch] I'm using Ruby, but I'll take a stab at it (learn from my mistakes).
| + 231854 [rwtnorton ch] s/^I'm using Ruby/I'm new to using Ruby/
| + 231999 [johnsyntax y] Me too.  I like your heredoc usage, but overall it's too much gold
+ 231916 [shortcutter ] Since you're doing a single conversion only, you could as well use
| 231925 [ruby-lang da] $ units
+ 231937 [jbornhoft gm] Thank you all for your guidance... and now I have another question...
  231944 [latortuga gm] Seems to me the easiest way to go back would be to use just what you

^ Re: Status of Cardinal (was Re: Proposal to create a new mailing list)
231857 [wilsonb gmai] Badly needed an additional editor to fix typos and other mistakes, but
+ 231938 [garbagecat10] I'm not jumping back into this in a big way, since it's obvious
| + 231951 [charles.nutt] You do know that Smalltalk, even in its fastest incarnations, is still
| | 232000 [robert.dober] oops I stepped on your feet, did I?
| | + 232004 [martindemell] On the other hand, a lot of people have flocked to Haskell simply to
| | | + 232067 [logancapaldo] That's the best part about rubinius. It is an alt-lang ruby vm, where
| | | + 232231 [martindemell] No numbers, but I have been keeping a vague eye on perl6 and pugs, and
| | |   232341 [robert.dober] What a great link!!!!!
| | |   + 232359 [martindemell] No, but it's a compelling reason to spend your limited free time
| | |   + 232364 [wilsonb gmai] In Rubinius, fun is an object, just like stack frames and CPUs.
| | |     232411 [wilsonb gmai] Yeah. We are planning to have M:N green->native thread mapping, so we
| | + 232083 [charles.nutt] See my comments and links on performance further down...
| |   + 232085 [twifkak comc] But you just told him not to think of the second, a paragraph earlier!
| |   | 232563 [charles.nutt] JRuby will be both a floor wax AND a dessert topping.
| |   | 232586 [robert.dober] I talk much and produce little not the Smalltalkers. This is after all a
| |   + 232184 [robert.dober] And I have gladely taken them especially the one about Java being your
| |     232186 [wilsonb gmai] ...
| |     232191 [robert.dober] However would that not make it possible to make it as fast a VM for
| + 231954 [garbagecat10] You haven't established that it is more efficient. I'm completely
|   + 231957 [wilsonb gmai] Doesn't this mapping imply generating platform-specific machine code
|   | 231958 [garbagecat10] Fair enough, but from the small amount of commentary I've seen, I
|   | 231962 [wilsonb gmai] Tiny compared to the PowerPC, for example. x86 is characterized by a
|   + 231967 [garbagecat10] I'm not going to speak for the folks who are implementing or adapting VMs
|     + 231976 [cremes.devli] At this year's C4 conference [1], Steve Dekorte gave a presentation
|     | 231983 [binary42 gma] The language has some great ideas to steal. Not all of them are
|     | 231985 [garbagecat10] I love transparent futures! They also appear in Alice. Have you looked at
|     + 231978 [garbagecat10] I'm glad you agree, Ed. I'd add a couple of minor clarifications. First,
|     + 232068 [logancapaldo] This reply is largely off-topic, but I can't stand mis-information.
+ 232046 [gregory.t.br] Are you sure about that?

^ odd 'include' behaviour?
231859 [has.temp3 vi] #######
231865 [dblack wobbl] p "hi".respond_to?(:baz)  # true
231915 [has.temp3 vi] Okay, so if I understand correctly: main is an instance of Object. This
231918 [twifkak comc] Devin
232247 [has.temp3 vi] Many thanks. Took a few hours to figure it out (it needed some changes)

^ Migrate CVS Ruby Source to Subversion (SVN)?
231863 [rob muhleste] Has any initiative been taken to help move the ruby CVS source tree to
231864 [rosco roscop] Cheers,

^ Re: OT: Python Worship
231868 [rcs bgoark.n] This is not the only reference to humans deifying the snake; the Aztecz
231870 [msoulier dig] Anyone pushing the "one true" anything is selling something. ;-)
231895 [m1bitoxl15ei] But what does this have to do with Python the language?  The "name sake"
+ 231922 [james graypr] Short Answer:  He gave in and finally let the fans use a snake as an
+ 232073 [m1bitoxl15ei] From the "General Python FAQ" section 1.1.16  (

^ Stupid Ruby Tricks
231876 [cdcarter gma] Hey guys,

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 14.0.0
231883 [ snk gna.org] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to IEEE 1364-2005 Verilog VPI.

^ ERb Request
231886 [matt kettlew] Could someone point me to the ERb Homepage, or whom I need to email to
+ 231890 [gavin refine] Discuss the feature request on this mailing list. If, after discussion,
| 231896 [matt kettlew] Well what it looks like is a bit of preference, and it should stick with
| 231929 [gavin refine] [sliver:/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8] gkistner$ diff -u erb.rb
| 231935 [matt kettlew] Inline comments below.
+ 231923 [james graypr] $ cat erb_comment.txt
  231926 [matt kettlew] Yes, it can span several lines of text,
  + 231927 [james graypr] No.  ERb doesn't support nested tags.
  + 232020 [anibalrojas ] I like it, I usually find myself cutting the code instead of commenting

^ Ruby for Windows:How does one not echo keyboard input?
231887 [raymond.jaco] charset="iso-8859-1"
231892 [slamboy gmai] page 791 and 792 of the ruby cookbook covers this.
+ 231921 [james graypr] require "rubygems"
+ 231990 [raymond.jaco] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Ruby Profiler and ruby-prof Issues break working code?
231907 [psyonic gmai] correctly.  It solves for the answer and gets it right, it's just a little
231930 [matz ruby-la] This is very weird error.  I have never seen something like this.  It
231971 [psyonic gmai] matz,
231993 [matz ruby-la] You have redefined Chain.hash which is used internally in Hash to get
232048 [psyonic gmai] That solved it.

^ Help ! RedCloth CodeRay integration
231919 [zimbatm oree] I've been digging in the RedCloth code to add CodeRay support. CodeRay is a

^ passing a block around...
231940 [james2mccart] I want to pass a block to method foo then call method bar from foo and
231947 [jameskilton ] Well, while I don't quite understand everything you've said here, the
231948 [dblack wobbl] You need &block rather than just block.

^ Mini-RCR:  Extra Argument for Array#join
231941 [james graypr] I've been looking at the to_sentence() method in Rails.  It's
+ 231942 [gregory.t.br] It's neat.  I think it's better than to_sentence.
+ 231943 [gavin refine] What makes the final separator so special that it deserves inclusion,
| 231952 [twifkak comc] Well, just for poops and giggles, here's a less racist alternative
| 231955 [gregory.t.br] Hmm... this seems powerful and generally useful.
+ 231961 [ryand-ruby z] 1) calculating a static value inside a loop. (only costs about a
| + 231963 [james graypr] This was intended as a point of discussion, not my final offer as the
| + 232013 [transfire gm] I wonder how this would fair.
|   232251 [ryand-ruby z] % ./blah.rb 1_000_000
|   232260 [transfire gm] Eek. That was worse then I thought it would be. Thanks for showing me
|   232308 [robert.dober] slice(0..-2).old_join(sep) << last_sep << last.to_s
|   + 232319 [robert.dober] I got so taken away by optimizing, I missed my point!
|   | 232348 [twifkak comc] Dude... read the whole thread. You're not killfiling me, too, are you?
|   | 232353 [robert.dober] No I am not, just got taken away by hacking Ruby, very nice that code of
|   + 232380 [transfire gm] Yep, even better.
|     232390 [robert.dober] I am flattered , thx :) concerning the block  I have to admit that Devin has
+ 232072 [srobertjames] -1

^ Open source credit card processing in ruby
231946 [snacktime gm] Just recently I have the option to open source a credit card
231956 [garbagecat10] Many security practitioners prefer open-source implementations because it's
231960 [snacktime gm] I'm mainly concerned about people modifying the source.  Even though
231964 [cremes.devli] I'd love to see it just so I could see a (hopefully) good example
+ 231973 [matt technor] You may want to take a look at CCVS by HKS, which was purchased by Red
| 231975 [cremes.devli] Actually, I don't really care about what it does (credit card
| + 231989 [Fdavis usban] Here's my take on the situation: Since anyone using an open-source
| + 231994 [snacktime gm] CCVS was dead a long time ago, and was never open source.  They had
+ 231995 [snacktime gm] There is some netstrings sample code in the eventmachine repository
  + 232081 [wilsonb gmai] You might be interested in this article, published in this month's CACM.
  + 232093 [garbagecat10] I realize this is offtopic but are any of you guys interested in adding an
    232098 [cremes.devli] Define industrial strength. :-)
    232123 [garbagecat10] Well, I'm assuming from the little that I know that netstrings is something

^ Introducing Xaggly, a C-based XML Parser for Ruby
231965 [xaggly gmail] I have written a C-based XML parser as a ruby plugin.  I managed to
+ 232034 [vincent.four] From my own limited experience, it is better to ship both the flex and
| 232037 [xaggly gmail] Hmmm, I still wonder if it's possible to coerce mkmf to handle .l and
| + 232045 [vincent.four] In my own experience, mkmf is not really flexible. I tried to make a
| + 232065 [matz ruby-la] You can check ext/ripper/{extconf.rb,depend} for the trick.  It's in
|   232219 [xaggly gmail] Thank you.
+ 232414 [chneukirchen] Can you show me a non-wellformed RSS feed in the wild?  I often thought

^ Ruby  Interpreter on OSX 10.4.7 within Eclipse
231974 [jpshahom gma] Learning Ruby and working in the Eclipse IDE - which I use for Java
+ 232031 [naPOLeon.Pol] If I understand you right, you are looking for an Eclipse-plugin?!
+ 232032 [naPOLeon.Pol] If I understand you right, you are looking for an Eclipse-plugin?!
  232069 [jpshahom gma] Napoleon,

^ General Programming Books
231977 [markonlinux ] This is not 'yet another recommended ruby books' question, but more a
+ 231980 [TimHunter nc] Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas' _The_Pragmatic_Programmer_
+ 231981 [dave pragpro] OOSC is a good book. If you can find the first edition somewhere, go
+ 232055 [jeremy hineg] The books on my shelf that I have learned the most from over the years,
| + 232134 [schapht gmai] If Rails interests you, I found Agile Web Development with Rails had
| | + 232202 [jes luretank] My transition from the academic to the non-academic world was kind of
| | + 232290 [timx nospam.] In a similar vain - I'm after on-line resources, both general and Ruby
| |   232350 [twifkak comc] Check out the c2 wiki: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki
| |   + 232384 [schapht gmai] Wow... disorganized may be an understatement.  What do you do find
| |   | + 232430 [rodrigo.berm] "This is a book about Unix programming, but in it we're going to toss
| |   | + 232493 [hutch recurs] You need entry points. This page: <http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?
| |   |   232495 [hutch recurs] And I left off the link: <http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?StartingPoints>
| |   + 232529 [timx nospam.] Looks like some interesting reading and a good way to fill in some time when
| + 232279 [markonlinux ] This is why I asked the original question. I'm just about finished an IT
+ 232057 [gregory.t.br] The other books that have mentioned are excellent, so +1 to each of
+ 232324 [markonlinux ] thanks to all who replied.
  232331 [v.konrad lse] both are scheme (simpler lisp variant) related, good environment for
  232356 [robert.dober] Please consider this one, a big classic, just do not take it for what it is

^ Question on rdoc, unwanted hyperlinked methods
231987 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.5
231988 [dave pragpro] Nope. Debatable, perhaps. But it's the way I intended it.
+ 231991 [djberg96 gma] It's not clear in the documentation (Programming Ruby 2nd ed., p. 204)
| 232005 [dave pragpro] The underlying philosophy of the RDoc markup is that it should be
| + 232039 [srobertjames] +1
| + 232366 [djberg96 gma] I'm not familiar with JavaDoc, but I can imagine.
+ 232209 [Rob AgileCon] Perhaps you're looking for the #:nodoc: tag that stops a method (or
  232224 [drbrain segm] He's not.  He's referring to automatic links in comments.

^ carazerk1
231997 [mail_gw_ruby] asdszmeds14

^ carazerk1
231998 [mail_gw_ruby] carazerk4

^ Change Graph. (or "Tracking ERB Substitutions?")
232016 [jashmenn gma] Hey all, I have a complicated problem on my hands and I was wondering
+ 232025 [shortcutter ] Why are live pages static?  Is this necessary?
+ 232033 [michael.moen] Why not just turn on page caching in production and have the publish

^ [QUIZ] [SOLUTION] Word Search (#107)
232022 [boesemar gmx] Here is my solution for the word search quiz. It's faily simple and stupid and
232054 [fordbc gmail] Here is my solution. It is my first Ruby program. I was able to get two

^ OS-Specific "\n" Interpolation?
232023 [rob muhleste] Coming from Perl and C I have come to expect "\n" to be translated
232028 [fxn hashref.] In Ruby "\n" is a string of lentght 1 in all systems, and it is equal

^ what is the meaning for klass
232026 [chen_li3 yah] Just out of curiosity: what is the meaning of klass in Pickaxe 2?
232029 [jtregunna bl] To avoid namespace collisions with the "class" keyword.

^ Project hosting with continuous integration
232035 [mgreenly gma] One of the things I've wanted lately is a better hosting and continuous

^ Multiple Versions of Ruby on same machine
232038 [srobertjames] I'd like to include a complete version of Ruby, including all the
+ 232041 [mgreenly gma] It's compiled in at build time, I think.  Check out ruby config.
+ 232052 [nightphotos ] I'm not sure if this is applicable in your particular situation, but you can
+ 232056 [vincent.four] You can install Ruby anywhere by getting the source code and running
| 232071 [matt kettlew] Is there a similar method to use a different Ruby version with Rails?
| 232090 [artaban.de.m] i don't know how but i'm sure it is because i've only Rails under jRuby
+ 232060 [gregory.t.br] I don't really have any experience with this, but I think multiruby in

^ OS-Specific "\n" Interpolation?
232040 [rob muhleste] Coming from Perl and C I have come to expect "\n" to be translated

^ solution to ruby quiz #107
232043 [jkwatson gma] gentle.  :)  I'm a java programmer by profession and it will probably show
232173 [jkwatson gma] Since it seems like the posting that made it up on rubyquiz.com didn't end

^ Yahoo API and Ruby
232047 [rb email.inv] I'm working on a couple of large sites that aren't sending the correct

^ [RUBY QUIZ #107]
232049 [alex_w00t ho] Unfortunately, I've only done 1 extra credit thing (wildcard characters). I

^ Fork on Windows
232053 [srobertjames] What's the best way to see if a particular platform supports fork?  I
+ 232058 [msoulier dig] You could test fork and see if you get a defined value back.
| + 232059 [srobertjames] Not sure how to do this... Kernel.respond_to? :fork is true on both
| | 232061 [umageller gm] can you execute fork in windows and catch the exception if it fails ?
| | 232063 [srobertjames] Nope - fork is used deep inside a lib.  I'd like to exit right away if
| | 232066 [umageller gm] then do this exception test during the installation process
| + 232121 [tomp earthli] It's also cmd.exe syntax, so it /should/ work in Windows, too.
|   232391 [msoulier dig] I've found that on winblows, one must invoke cme.exe /c "command" to
+ 232091 [ara.t.howard] has_fork =

^ setting __FILE__ impossible with rb_eval_string() - hack ideas?
232080 [jpshack gmai] int main(const int argc, const char ** argv){

^ What should i start off with
232082 [simplusplus ] I thought I was going to learn using Ruby On Rails, but it seems like
232084 [twifkak comc] The names for 'real' programs varies, but I think you'll generally get
232086 [simplusplus ] Thank you very much, I will read it as soon as possible (Its 04:45 in
+ 232088 [schapht gmai] If you're interested in RoR's data handling features, you might want
+ 232092 [matt kettlew] www.wxwidgets.org
| 232100 [vasudevram g] Qt is another very good GUI toolkit. You can use it directly from C++
| 232114 [richard.j.da] Well of course you can use QtRuby with Qt3 or Qt4, as well as PyQt
+ 232106 [invalid gmx.] Note that Gtk and Tk are not related in any way to MS products.
+ 232122 [alex deletem] WxSugar is one such library, to make programming with wxRuby easier and less repetitive.
+ 232239 [t_lawetta ya] Correct me if I mis-interpret what you are writing,

^ [ANN] January Phoenix Ruby Users Group Meeting
232087 [james.britt ] Please see

^ the problem when i upgrade to 1-8-5
232094 [TODO01 gmail] the old stuffs are dead...should I reinstall rails and lighttpd and so
232095 [gethemant gm] ...