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^ [ANN] RubyCocoa 0.9.0 developer preview
231276 [laurent.sans] We have been working on a new code base since several months to

^ Newby - how to round up floating point number?
231277 [der_moyn one] Got a Ruby book yesterday from Santa, and am a bit stuck ;)
231278 [jeroen light] (4.1).ceil # => 5
231287 [der_moyn one] Thanks Jeroen.
+ 231288 [gavin refine] Not at all.
+ 231289 [slamboy gmai] ...
+ 231290 [TimHunter nc] No, you don't need to know the number in advance.
| 231291 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| 231297 [der_moyn one] Thanks Jeroen, Phrogz, Jason, Timothy and Gaurav and anybody who took
| + 231300 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| | 231305 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| | 231307 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| + 231304 [gavin refine] For what it's worth, the 'p' method spits out the result of calling
+ 231354 [renard nc.rr] To me it appears that what you wan is ceil ... it alway rounds up
  232952 [der_moyn one] Thanks bbiker. Also, further thanks to Gaurav and Phrogz, for supplying

^ YAML problem with serializing of nested object structures
231280 [kjetil orbek] I'm making a graph tool, and i have some problem with the
+ 231281 [paulo.koch g] ...
+ 231282 [dblack wobbl] I'm not totally sure but maybe the recursion is causing the problem.
+ 231283 [paulo.koch g] ...
+ 231294 [shortcutter ] ...

^ Who uses Rassmalog? (Was: [ANN] Rassmalog 2.1.1)
231285 [ jupp gmx.de] ...
+ 231311 [ snk gna.org] Great! I am happy to hear this. :-)
+ 231320 [manfred.schr] me too :-), but just fooling around with rassmalog

^ Re: [ANN] magic/help 0.20061226.1123 released
231301 [andre digira] Nice :)
231327 [ryand-ruby z] Nice project!! Too bad I won't use it until it is a full fledged gem.
231353 [tom infoethe] Sad but true!  But at least now if the Wiki isn't selected it doesn't

^ Getting Screen Resolution in Windows with Ruby
231302 [felipenavas ] Anything stable please! And WinXp, Win98, Win95 compatible.
231308 [wilsonb gmai] You can use the WIN32OLE library (or similar) to call the
231314 [felipenavas ] Thanks Wilson!

^ Hash with two identical keys?
231303 [transfire gm] POOLS[self] ||= {}
+ 231309 [aledonne.lis] irb(main):005:0> bob = [{:whee => false}]
+ 231310 [jgarvin.list] Looks to me that your keys are arrays.
| 231316 [transfire gm] thanks Ara and Jon,
| + 231318 [transfire gm] Ugh. Nothing like that works either. It's not using eql? or equal?, but
| | + 231321 [drbrain segm] A Hash only asks if one object is #eql? to another when they have the
| | | 231324 [transfire gm] I see. So it's not using object_id but
| | + 231322 [transfire gm] Nope. It doesn't even use #hash. So it must be using #object_id with an
| | + 231326 [transfire gm] Oops. Just saw that was Alex, not Ara, sorry about that Alex!  And
| + 231319 [w_a_x_man ya] How about association lists?
|   231325 [transfire gm] Thanks William! That's what I did and worked (desipite inefficency).
|   231331 [w_a_x_man ya] require 'benchmark'
|   231334 [transfire gm] Nice. Doesn't matter a whole lot a few keys but there is a clear slow
+ 231328 [ara.t.howard] afaik multiton.rb is mine
  231335 [transfire gm] Somehow I got Florian Franks name attached to that. Well, unless

^ [ANN] Libxml-Ruby 0.4.0pre01
231306 [rosco roscop] Libxml-Ruby 0.4.0pre01 is now available from the Libxml-Ruby project on

^ Google Custom Search Engine
231315 [robert.hundt] This is basically a regular full Google search giving preference to
231317 [james.britt ] I searched on 'Haskell' and got no results.
231330 [paulo.koch g] Try http://clusty.com/ It clusters your results in subjects.

^ Modified Single Table Inheritance
231332 [prionscienti] I am developing an application that will have 100's of model classes
+ 231333 [drbrain segm] I think you want the Rails mailing list.
+ 231361 [schapht gmai] Even though we're not technically on the RoR list, I thought this was
+ 231460 [david vallne] ...
  + 231461 [prionscienti] All the objects are the same thing, so to speak.  As a silly example of
  | + 231464 [david vallne] ...
  | + 231475 [schapht gmai] Well, I'm guessing fruit is just an example.  But I think you could
  + 231477 [paulo.koch g] ...

^ Object creation with a "variable classname"
231336 [cedric.herna] def create_object(class_name)
231337 [james.britt ] x = Object.const_get( class_name ).new
+ 231338 [cedric.herna] Wow !
| 231348 [james.britt ] You're welcome.
+ 231356 [schapht gmai] Does that still work if there's a module mentioned in the string with
  231363 [james.britt ] module Foo
  231401 [schapht gmai] touch?... I think :)

^ Peculiar Behavior for a Newby to Undertstand
231341 [smgspices ao] class Primes
+ 231346 [jasaugusto g] ...
| 231358 [smgspices ao] Tahnks for the reply a=Primes.new ans a=Primes::new both give me the
| 231364 [jhart3333 ao] class Primes
+ 231347 [dblack wobbl] (As another respondent pointed out, you need Primes.new.)
| + 231350 [Rob AgileCon] Charles,
| + 231351 [smgspices ao] That was a typo. I actually had a=Primes.new. Which Ruby are you
+ 231349 [Rob AgileCon] The value of the #step method is the initial value so that is being
| + 231355 [smgspices ao] Rob, I went back and added the puts for a blank line and got the same
| | 231427 [csrabak yaho] [snipped]
| + 231357 [gavin refine] irb(main):001:0> puts 1.step( 2 ){ print "a " }
+ 231367 [pete notahat] ...
  231368 [pete notahat] (Sorry, previous message got eaten for some reason. I'll try again.)

^ The Programmer Hierarchy
231342 [transfire gm] ...
+ 231344 [znmeb cesmai] The only problem with that chart is that there should be *three* languages in
+ 231352 [jeremymcanal] I hope they know that Ruby isn't a web language...
  + 231374 [david vallne] ...
  | 231382 [slamboy gmai] ...
  | + 231386 [transfire gm] Indeed! I should have put a big smiley on my post :D
  | + 231458 [david vallne] ...
  + 231392 [dblack wobbl] I'd say the evidence is that they don't.
    232876 [mattrose fol] I wouldn't worry about that too much.  Perl was mainly a "web
    232903 [dblack wobbl] It's not a compliment or an insult; it's just a mistake.  I'd be happy
    232926 [robert.dober] ...

^ Ruby on Rails Test Fixtures
231343 [bourea gmail] When I use test fixtures to populate test data into mysql database I am
231345 [TimHunter nc] Probably the Ruby on Rails mailing list will have lots of folks who

^ [OT] Re: Peculiar Behavior for a Newby to Undertstand
231360 [schapht gmai] Opening a terminal and typing irb should just work assuming ruby is

^ reg exp comparison hanging irb
231365 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
+ 231369 [neoneye gmai] the GNU regexp engine has a few oddities..
| + 231370 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| | 231375 [neoneye gmai] do you want to do a rough validation of the entire url?
| | 231378 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| | 231379 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| | 231380 [neoneye gmai] the pattern  /a+/ is not nested.
| + 231383 [gaurav.v.bag] ...
| + 231384 [neoneye gmai] Thanks for the clarification. I must have forgotten
| + 231441 [w_a_x_man ya] r = %r{
+ 231451 [drbrain segm] require 'uri'

^ How to do TDD in Ruby?
231377 [Chris.Meliki] I'm new to Ruby but am fairly experience in using TDD with Java and am
+ 231399 [schapht gmai] I seem to remember a project that was working on this.  Basically it
| 231405 [dale.martens] ...
+ 231409 [wilsonb gmai] Allow me to suggest: http://rspec.rubyforge.org
+ 231449 [drbrain segm] modules and classes are CamelCase
| 231667 [Chris.Meliki] I also just found this:-
+ 231567 [rmuhlestein ] I strongly recommend a look a rspec at http://rspec.rubyforge.org which
  + 231572 [drbrain segm] No and no.  Ruby releases as infrequently as once a year.  ZenTest
  | + 231573 [johnwilger g] I'm with Eric here. The standard library should be limited to things
  | | 231577 [rmuhlestein ] I couldn't agree with this more--especially since our team may be bundling
  | + 231574 [rmuhlestein ] So is that a definite no to Rspec support in a future version of ZenTest?
  |   231575 [drbrain segm] You need to read more carefully.
  + 231630 [Chris.Meliki] I know Dan (he of BDD) quite well and should have known he'd come up with
    231658 [rmuhlestein ] By the way, just noticed I flubbed Geoffrey Grosenbach's name, or

^ newbie with a weird technical problem (@ least I think it's weird)
231385 [will.graduat] Yep, as the post title implies, I'm a newbie.  Being a pragmatic newbie
+ 231387 [TimHunter nc] It's a language question. The inspect method returns a string. That
| 231390 [will.graduat] Thank you!  Your explanation helps me understand the subsequent
+ 231388 [rimantas gma] It is because you do not output anything.
+ 231389 [rasputnik gm] The reason you see output in irb is that irb shows you what
+ 231391 [slamboy gmai] ...
| 231393 [slamboy gmai] ...
+ 231411 [m_goldberg a] Since you're using TextMate (as I do), I recommend running Ruby code
+ 231414 [gavin refine] Others have mentioned the need to output the value you are returning,
  231496 [will.graduat] ...

^ Nuby: VisualuRuby, menutest.rb example with check boxes in submenus
231394 [slamboy gmai] ...
+ 231396 [twifkak comc] = does what you think it does. ! is the unary 'not' operator. !false ==
| 231397 [slamboy gmai] ...
+ 231400 [TimHunter nc] Read "! @variable" as "not @variable". The value of the expression is

^ Net::HTTP::get statis of a chunked response
231395 [anibalrojas ] # using block
231402 [ara.t.howard] require 'net/http'

^ Parseexcel retrieve strange chars
231403 [lfrbcorrea g] I am a Ruby newbie, and I am trying to use parseexcel library to
231435 [lfrbcorrea g] I print the square code char and it is zero (nil). Please, somebody
231438 [cmshea gmail] If you're sure they're all null characters, you can always use gsub to

^ Re: Using an UnboundMethod instead of an alias to redefine a method
231404 [ara.t.howard] here, however, you've lost any block that goes with the method ;-(
231407 [pit capitain] Dan, this is a nice technique indeed (not new, but still nice), but it
231408 [ara.t.howard] mine is slowest of all, however it preserves blocks: see if you can speed it
+ 231410 [ mfp acm.org] That technique is fairly old (I myself tried to popularize it a few years
| + 231412 [transfire gm] (* Trans still patiently awaits Cuts *)
| + 231413 [gavin refine] To slightly hijack this thread (only slightly, since overriding methods
| | 231415 [pit capitain] Sorry I didn't answer your original post. I waited until somebody else
| | 231429 [gavin refine] [snip[
| + 231747 [djberg96 gma] How can we lighten it, if at all?
+ 231416 [pit capitain] Ara, maybe your implementation is slow, but at least you are too fast
  231419 [ara.t.howard] heh - i'm working on making it stack based attm so one can do
  231431 [transfire gm] I've ssen a stack used before (but I can't recall where, was it Nitro's
  231433 [ara.t.howard] i like that.  anyone else?
  231442 [schapht gmai] - Wouldn't it make more sense to say defs.pop 'foo' ?
  231448 [ara.t.howard] yes of course.
  231480 [paulo.koch g] Ok, let me hijack this thread back to it's first subject. =P
  231754 [transfire gm] That's how many of these implementations work, albiet by adding a

^ Problem with win32 change notify, dbi and sql server
231406 [lrlebron gma] I have created a script to monitor a directory and update a database
231511 [jan.svitok g] you can write this
231512 [jan.svitok g] Sorry, my kbd went wrong :(
231521 [lrlebron gma] Thanks for the tips. I think I've narrowed down my problem to a DBI:ADO

^ Contest: fastet way to redefine a method
231417 [pit capitain] Dan Berger's recent thread about using UnboundMethod#bind to redefine an
+ 231430 [transfire gm] A cut is going to be just about the fastest I think since it is
+ 231432 [shortcutter ] So you mean runtime efficiency.
+ 231450 [drbrain segm] define_method
  + 231452 [ara.t.howard] did you mean to say 'evil methods'  ;-)
  | 231454 [drbrain segm] $ parse_tree_show
  | 231457 [ara.t.howard] sorry - just trying to be punny!
  + 231459 [transfire gm] Post Not Found....
  | + 231465 [drbrain segm] Lies.
  | + 231473 [schapht gmai] Looks like your mail reader is inserting hard line breaks.
  |   231486 [transfire gm] Interesting I'm using the google groups interface. I just noticed teh
  + 231504 [pit capitain] Eric, thanks for the link. I'm sure these numbers will help, but they

^ Newbie problem: String can't be coerced into Fixnum
231418 [jbornhoft gm] I am brand new to Ruby and I would greatly appreciate any help you guys
+ 231421 [slamboy gmai] ...
+ 231422 [jgarvin.list] You need to convert the age string to a number.  If you're coming from
+ 231423 [dblack wobbl] The problem there is that t.year is an integer and age is a string.
| 231424 [dblack wobbl] And, as the other responses reminded me, if you do it the way you
+ 231425 [csrabak yaho] You already got a lot of help from the Ruby interpreter. For grasping
+ 231426 [lrlebron gma] You have to make sure that the variable types are correct. Here's a
+ 231428 [jbornhoft gm] Thank you very much for all of your help!!!
  231434 [kenosis gmai] And if you don't have a hard copy of the Pick Axe book you can access a

^ Handling of arbitrary length arrays in arguments to printf builtin
231436 [nick skating] ...
+ 231437 [TimHunter nc] Welcome to Ruby!
| + 231440 [slamboy gmai] ...
| | + 231444 [schapht gmai] irb(main):015:0> printf "%s %s", *@params[1..-1]
| | + 231445 [paulo.koch g] I guess you'll have to select the elements from the array.
| | | 231447 [dblack wobbl] ...
| | + 231446 [TimHunter nc] You can't. That's not what "*" is for. The "unary unarray" operator is
| + 231455 [nick skating] ...
+ 231439 [slamboy gmai] ...
+ 231443 [james graypr] [snip perfect example of how to ask a question]

^ Missing Posting on News (was: Re: Handling of arbitrary length arrays in arguments to printf builtin)
231453 [shortcutter ] I seem to be missing Nick's posting on the news side.  I can see it on
231456 [james graypr] The message was sent as multipart/alternative.  The Gateway does not
231514 [shortcutter ] James, thanks for the heads up!  I guess you looked at the message and

^ Higher-Order Procedures Tutorial (long)
231462 [jashmenn gma] Hey Guys,
+ 231466 [w_a_x_man ya] def cube n
+ 231467 [ara.t.howard] method('cube')[ 3 ]
+ 231468 [ara.t.howard] def cube(n) n ** 3 end
| 231532 [james graypr] I really am working on the last two as well and will get them out
+ 231587 [ssmoot gmail] The filter_evens() example is not very ruby-ish. (As I interpret it

^ override.rb
231469 [ara.t.howard] since the threads split all over the place i figured i'd start yet another.
+ 231472 [paulo.koch g] Holy cow!
| 231491 [ara.t.howard] afaikt it it the most flexible and complete solution.  unless someone points
+ 231490 [transfire gm] Interesting. I'll take a closer look at this tomorrow. In some ways it
+ 231502 [pit capitain] Ara, though I find this very interesting I've not much time to figure it
| 231539 [ara.t.howard] ...
| 231542 [dblack wobbl] Whoops, it's one of those messages that won't quote back the text.  Oh
| 231546 [ara.t.howard] i'm not attached to the name at all.  suggestions?  whatever you come up with
+ 231518 [twifkak comc] a.rb:63:in `override': private method `remove_method' called for C:Class
| 231544 [ara.t.howard] ...
| 231616 [twifkak comc] ruby 1.8.5 (2006-08-25) [i386-mswin32]
+ 231547 [transfire gm] Aren't you leaving residual emtpy modules behind when you ermove
  231548 [ara.t.howard] not really.  basically the first call to override sets up a master parent
  231649 [transfire gm] sure, it makes sense, but you do have that possibility. and i agree
  231670 [ara.t.howard] i confess cuts are a bit heavyweight for my tastes.  however - i aggree that