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^ Subversion stats on RubyForge
231046 [tom infoethe] They work now!

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 12.1.0
231048 [ snk gna.org] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create

^ ANN: eric3 3.9.3 released
231055 [detlev die-o] this is to inform you about the availability of eric3 version 3.9.3. This

^ Question: Downloading files with open(-uri)?
231056 [mariano.kamp] I could need a quick hand here.
+ 231057 [mariano.kamp] ...
+ 231063 [w_a_x_man ya] There's nothing wrong with your program; I tested it by
| + 231064 [mariano.kamp] Hey Bill,
| | 231068 [shortcutter ] I observe the same behavior that you see.  I have no knowledge of
| | + 231071 [mariano.kamp] ...
| | + 231077 [shortcutter ] robert
| |   231081 [mariano.kamp] ...
| + 231067 [efine145-nos] Actually, I think the site is slow or overloaded. The movies are 250MB -
|   231069 [mariano.kamp] ...
|   + 231083 [efine145-nos] downloading http://ibm.com
|   | 231089 [mariano.kamp] Grmpfh. I looked there, but probably too properly.
|   + 231118 [drbrain segm] ri OpenURI::OpenRead#open
+ 231070 [rosco roscop] If you have libcurl and are willing to install an extension, the
  231073 [mariano.kamp] Thanks for the tip Ross.
  231116 [rosco roscop] Sure :)

^ Help with a ruby idiom
231072 [timgwaters g] From the O'Reilly Cookbook there is code that keeps call functions in a
+ 231075 [vincent.four] @EventDispatcher_listeners[event]  ||= [] # makes it an empty array if
+ 231079 [shortcutter ] a ||= b
| + 231085 [timgwaters g] Thanks to all, I think I understand now. And yes, it is QUITE concise!
| + 231098 [dblack wobbl] It is indeed functionally equivalent to those, though all of them
|   + 231099 [twifkak comc] Not all of them.
|   | + 231101 [dblack wobbl] Whoops, right; thanks.
|   | | + 231110 [dblack wobbl] ruby -e 'if (!a) then a = b end'
|   | | | + 231115 [dblack wobbl] Yes, but in Ruby it's defined? rather than defined.
|   | | | + 231215 [david vallne] ...
|   | | + 231111 [w_a_x_man ya] a = b  unless a
|   | |   231137 [gwtmp01 mac.] Isn't an idiom by definition somewhat unique to its cultural/language
|   | |   231144 [znmeb cesmai] Uh ... OK ... I'll be the curmudgeon and you can be the pedant. :)
|   | + 231223 [nightphotos ] -e:1: uninitialized class variable @@a in Object (NameError)
|   + 231151 [shortcutter ] Absolutely!  I had this slightly nagging feeling that I had the first
+ 231080 [matt tidbits] ...

^ A Ruby IDE with GUI capabilities
231074 [JaredAngell ] So far, as far as I can tell, there is no Ruby IDE with GUI
+ 231082 [cdcarter gma] The main problem with the idea of an IDE with a GUI builder is that
+ 231121 [alex blackke] Does Glade do what you need?
| 231135 [felipenavas ] VisualWx, a WxWidget GUI builder with Ruby Support
| 231159 [alex deletem] AFAIK, VisualWx is the only one that supports ruby programming in the same environment.
+ 231166 [smartgpx gma] It isn't an IDE, but for another choice of graphical tool that
  231174 [znmeb cesmai] To further duplicate previous threads, there are two Ruby IDEs written using the
  231200 [darkintent g] ...
  231211 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... QTRuby/Korundum/Kommander do. Right now, that's all Qt-3, but stable as

^ ruby-misc (was Re: where have all the experienced users gone?)
231095 [gerardo.sant] Nothing personal Tom, it just happened that yours is the last message
+ 231096 [james.britt ] The social aspect is essential.  It's what forms the list culture.
+ 231097 [transfire gm] That doesn't make any sense. You are contradicting yourself. On the one
+ 231102 [jeremymcanal] Hm.  Imagine that!  TALKING on ruby-TALK! ;)
| 231117 [drbrain segm] To be honest, the list culture has changed quite a bit since I first
+ 231103 [jsn.s.rubix.] You know, I feel the same way. I take a look at ruby-talk once a week-- to 'select all' and delete 200+ messages. IRC chat in the Rubycommunity is no more discursive than the mailing list -- and it'ssupposed to be!-- _jsn

^ … unencoding troubles with FeedTools
231108 [jonesieboy g] I've hunted around for a solution to this one, but it's really hard to
+ 231136 [mi-rubyforum] Robert- What version of FeedTools are you using and can you provide a
| 231156 [jonesieboy g] Thanks for listening Michael - sorry for not giving more details
| 231170 [mi-rubyforum] Robert- I tried this in Feed Harvest, it's using FeedTools from svn with
+ 231313 [ snk gna.org] irb(main):005:0> "n …".gsub %r{&#(\d+);} do

^ Newton's birthday  (Was: [OT] Bible update?) ...)
231112 [ jupp gmx.de] ...

^ MSC version unmatch
231120 [crysknife gm] So, I'm writing a program which uses SWIG to interface between C++ and
+ 231147 [nobu ruby-la] You can't mix ruby compiled with Visual C++ version 6 and
+ 231163 [jan.svitok g] 1. compiling extension with another compiler than ruby was compiled with.

^ Ruby and SDL?
231122 [wim.vandersc] I was wondering if there was a decent binding for SDL in ruby?
+ 231123 [halostatue g] -austin
| 231124 [jameskilton ] ...
+ 231129 [GGarramuno a] Yes, it works fine (at least on unix boxes), with SDL1.2.  It is as
+ 231133 [steviedizzle] Both Ruby/SDL and RubyGame are still being updated, but I have not seen a release from RUDL in a while a consider it unusable (and poorly documented). I myself use Ruby/SDL, but that is only because when I began Rubygame did not exist. I believe Rubygame is much more "Ruby-esque" than Ruby/SDL and has slightly better documentation. Overall I'd say go for Rubygame, but Ruby/SDL is just as good.

^ Beginner issues
231128 [sethisroot g] I'm not much of a developer but will be supporting RoR in the near
+ 231130 [james.britt ] The notion of "virtual attribute" is confusing at best.
+ 231131 [vincent.four] In the code, you define the method duration_in_mins=, which handles
+ 231132 [GGarramuno a] That's funny.  There is no pseudo-code AT ALL in Programming Ruby.
+ 231134 [sethisroot g] Thanks to all.  I see my mistakes now.  Actually my biggest mistake was

^ Reverting module changes
231138 [constant.bet] I want to mock standard Kernel.system with my own method and then
+ 231139 [schapht gmai] Maybe there's something more elegant.  But I'd first alias the
| 231140 [constant.bet] Thanks, aliasing was what I was looking for. Does code below look OK or
| 231142 [dblack wobbl] I like to avoid the string version of module_eval (and similar), and
| 231146 [constant.bet] I've tried to make a more versatile version of this that works for any
| 231162 [dblack wobbl] A couple of things, but be warned I am still early in my coffee today
+ 231148 [drbrain segm] Its simpler to not overwrite Kernel#system.
  231152 [jamesmead44 ] The Stubba portion of Mocha (http://mocha.rubyforge.org) allows you to

^ Re: Even More Off Topic (was Re: Newton's birthday (Was: [OT] Bible update?) ...)
231141 [gregory.t.br] It'd actually be Eben Moglen that would help Stallmann create such a
231143 [znmeb cesmai] I don't know the original source of it ... I'm guessing from the wording it has
231145 [gregory.t.br] I think Ed was taking a rib at the GPL, which though drafted by rms,

^ jRuby error using het/https
231149 [pere.noel la] require 'net/https' under jRuby 0.92
231155 [charles.nutt] Interesting. Can you pop over to the JRuby dev or user lists and report
231158 [pere.noel la] done ;-)

^ "su user -c 'command'" from within ruby
231160 [mo agrav.org] I want to invoke a shell command from within ruby but as another user in
231161 [wim.vandersc] puts %x{su wvdschel -c "whoami"}
232163 [mo agrav.org] Wim, thanks for your reply and sorry that it took me so long to reply again.
232168 [ara.t.howard] # use Process.kill
232203 [mo agrav.org] That makes me look like a complete newbie, eh? Actually I am. So thanks

^ Merry Christmas!
231165 [chneukirchen] # In the spirit of ruby-talk:172428 and ruby-talk:124391...
+ 231169 [gavin.kistne] ...
| 231177 [rubytalk eac] ...
| 231180 [wim.vandersc] Very nice :-)
+ 231188 [w_a_x_man ya] require 'Win32/Console'

^ [ANN] Hwadapt 1.0 -- Hardware profile manager
231167 [lists bertra] Hwadapt  --  a small Ruby script to manage hardware profiles
231279 [lists bertra] Bertram

^ [ANN] Cropmail 0.9 mail filter
231168 [lists bertra] Cropmail  --  A Ruby MDA. Sort and delazaridify your mail
+ 231175 [james.britt ] Sounds neat.  Is there a project home page with more information?
| + 231185 [lists bertra] I would like to have one. Anybody out there who could find
| | 231189 [james.britt ] You could have a project page on rubyforge.org.
| + 231474 [lists bertra] Bertram
|   231479 [james.britt ] Thanks!
+ 231186 [the.mindstor] Please excuse my ignorance but what is "delazaridify" ?
| 231195 [wilsonb gmai] Heh.
| 231199 [the.mindstor] Hehe... I thought I am crazy to think about that... and considered it
| 231204 [lists bertra] It is doing the same as Procmail. To be really sure to catch every
+ 231187 [aredridel nb] ...
  231202 [lists bertra] different encodings, character sets, and long-wound

^ Method equality; setting instance variables on Method instances
231172 [gavin refine] 1) Why do m1 and m2 have different IDs but compare as equal?
231178 [gavin refine] Another data point on that last question: at least it looks like you

^ Re: Regexp Question: Checking for pairs
231179 [ajohnson cpa] "good [joe]  [/joe]  [joe] [/joe]",
231213 [w_a_x_man ya] Yours is faster for very short strings; longer strings allow the array
231222 [ajohnson cpa] The regex engine makes a difference in this case -- ruby1.8.5 + the
231244 [w_a_x_man ya] Oh, yeah?  Try this on for size, Oni!

^ Hpricot ri and rdoc documentation
231181 [renard nc.rr] I have gem installed Hpricot-0.4 (mswin32) but no ri documentation  or
231182 [drbrain segm] $ gem spec hpricot | grep rdoc
231183 [renard nc.rr] Apparently there was(is) rdoc documentation ... googling "hpricot +
+ 231190 [schapht gmai] I've often wondered the same thing.  The documentation for hpricot
+ 231191 [cdcarter gma] bbiker, there are no rdocs/ri, just the wiki, the linked rdocs were
| 231193 [ruby anthrop] } bbiker, there are no rdocs/ri, just the wiki, the linked rdocs were
| 231197 [renard nc.rr] Thank you for your offer of assistance
| 231212 [ruby anthrop] } Thank you for your offer of assistance
| 231221 [renard nc.rr] == CODE removed to save bandwidth
| 231273 [renard nc.rr] Greg, this is to let you know that the code worked right out of the
+ 231192 [drbrain segm] has_rdoc is set to false by the author when they've got nothing
  231298 [why ruby-lan] It will with Hpricot.  I have added quite a bit of RDoc within the last
  236967 [renard nc.rr] I have downloaded hpricot 0.4.99 and get the following warning when
  + 236970 [wbsmith83 gm] ...
  + 236971 [why ruby-lan] Thank you.

^ credit card hacked-share for all friend!!
231184 [minhgovs yah] 37129 122nd str westport, South Dakota 57481 -United States

^ A problem about replacing a string in a template.
231198 [kuangdong gm] File 1: test.tpl
+ 231206 [gerardo.sant] puts eval f.read
+ 231207 [andrea.fazzi] Use ERB to do templating!
| 231230 [gavin refine] The above won't quite work; you need to pass in the binding to use
| 231239 [andrea.fazzi] It works, please test it. In fact, If you don't pass explicity the
| 231243 [gavin refine] Hrm, I did test it before I posted, albeit not exactly the code you
| 231245 [gavin refine] I just tested your original code exactly, and it gave me the same
| 231247 [andrea.fazzi] andrea@ganimede:~$ ruby -v
| 231256 [james graypr] I'm pretty sure ERb was changed in this recently.
| 231274 [andrea.fazzi] andrea@ganimede:~$ erb1.8 --version
| 231323 [gavin refine] [sliver:~] gkistner$ which erb
| 231340 [gavin refine] Argh, I figured it out: I was using an old version of the Ruby script
+ 231209 [m_goldberg a] AFAIK, the Ruby #{...} substitution facility only works when a string

^ Trying to eval Rubinius...
231201 [GGarramuno a] Sorry for the slightly off-topic.  I'm trying to compile rubinius and
231203 [drbrain segm] The rubinius mailing list would be a start.
231420 [nicksieger g] ...

^ Ruby 1.8.5-p12 released
231208 [shyouhei rub] We released Ruby 1.8.5-p12, the latest stable version of Ruby. There are
231372 [artur_spruce] When I run "make test-all", it takes a very long time (I killed it
237544 [nicolas.desp] Finished in 127.413555 seconds.

^ Re: [OT] A Ruby IDE with GUI capabilities
231214 [david vallne] ...

^ value returned from code block
231216 [timid.gentoo] I've read that in Ruby the value returned from a code block is the
+ 231218 [rimantas gma] In ruby 1.8 assignment always returns rvalue.
| 231220 [rimantas gma] I should have read more carefully. What I said is true, but has
+ 231219 [shortcutter ] Because #each ignores all return values from the block (it is invoked

^ including a namespace for just one class
231217 [srobertjames] I would like to reference constants and classes defined in module
231232 [m_goldberg a] I don't know why it doesn't work for you -- it works fine for me.
231242 [gavin refine] module People
231250 [srobertjames] Is it possible that Rails changes things somehow?
231253 [srobertjames] Does that make any sense?  The autoloader can find them if I include
231483 [logancapaldo] Yes it makes sense and you are probably right. The workaround is to

^ dynamic changes!
231224 [timid.gentoo] These are the sequence of actions I performed in irb.
231231 [shortcutter ] The method is added to it's *class* - and that relationship does not
231233 [timid.gentoo] It's class? I'm sorry I don't understand what you are saying. Can you
231236 [shortcutter ] Sorry, should have read "its class".  Please look closely at the IRB
231241 [timid.gentoo] Sorry, didn't observe the IRB session closely. It's clear, now.

^ Strange about Array#each_index
231225 [chen_li3 yah] Happy holidays!
+ 231227 [matz ruby-la] each_index returns the receiver, and irb prints the return value.
+ 231228 [user domain.] Try it in a program file : irb use to print the "inspect" method of
  231229 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you all.
  231234 [shortcutter ] I am not sure whether you understood the point properly - please ignore
  + 231246 [gavin refine] # Do nothing in the block and see what is returned
  + 231248 [chen_li3 yah] If I underdstand correctly the best means to confirm what you say is to

^ class design
231235 [timid.gentoo] How do I design a class such that it can never be instantiated? Say
+ 231237 [shortcutter ] You can apply some tactics to make it harder but AFAIK there is no safe
+ 231238 [james graypr] module Static

^ [ANN] Ruby Reports 0.7.0
231251 [gregory.t.br] Ruby Reports 0.7.0 : The St. Nick Edition

^ [ANN] RubyGems Beta
231255 [drbrain segm] gem update --system --source http://onestepback.org/betagems
+ 231260 [james.britt ] Thank you santa.gem!
| 231262 [drbrain segm] Welcome!
+ 231628 [drbrain segm] Since I've seen no issue reports, (but a few changes to make the

^ windows bat file help needed for rubygems
231258 [drbrain segm] How do I get a windows .bat file to return a proper exit code?
231259 [wilsonb gmai] exit %ERRORLEVEL%
231261 [drbrain segm] Your name will live forever in the rubygems ChangeLog.
231263 [drbrain segm] Hrm, it seems that gems doesn't generate .bat files, but instead
231264 [wilsonb gmai] Should work the same in either. Since going with .cmd files discards

^ extending Rake with a method rshell
231265 [gethemant gm] I want to extend Rake with a method rshell, which would enable anyone
231266 [gethemant gm] I have looked into rake/contrib/sshpublisher . Yet, I wonder, how
231292 [gregory.t.br] In ruby, you can use mixins more-or-less anywhere
231295 [gethemant gm] Thanks Gregory, I guess I can easily handle how to extend Rake. My
231299 [gregory.t.br] There is a chance it might be in the Net::SSH manual.  I'm not sure if
231362 [gethemant gm] Yes I have looked into Net::SSH and also have hacked with Capistrino.

^ Installing a signal handler
231267 [gerardo.sant] Is it safe to install a signal handler for SIGINT from a C extension

^ Does YAML::Syck::MergeKey have to_sym?
231268 [dean.brundag] I have a stock gentoo ruby/rails installation and am running into an

^ Re: Dhaka 0.0.5 bugfix
231269 [appleman gma] Can you provide any additional examples?  For example, creating a
231293 [gregory.t.br] We are planning to integrate Dhaka with Ruport soon, so more examples
231614 [mushfeq.khan] ...

^ Parsing a CSV file having multiple records in RUBY
231270 [krishna_mund] Can anyone help me in parsing a CSV file,with comma seperated multiple
+ 231513 [jan.svitok g] ...
+ 231533 [olsonas gmai] require 'faster_csv'

^ Parsing a CSV file having multiple records in RUBYp
231271 [krishna_mund] Can anyone help me in parsing a CSV file,with comma seperated multiple
+ 231272 [kh.wild wico] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/csv.rb
+ 231275 [come.news fr] The ruby standard library include a CSV parser (you will find the api
  231286 [james graypr] Obviously I am biased, but I sure think FasterCSV makes this kind of
  + 231296 [matt kettlew] James,
  | + 231312 [user domain.] irb(main):001:0> toto=5
  | + 231339 [james graypr] ;)
  + 231329 [w_a_x_man ya] class String