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^ Re: Regexp Question: Checking for pairs
230804 [joe notsleep] It doesn't sound like Chinese :)
+ 230807 [wilsonb gmai] To my knowledge, you can't do this with Ruby's current regexp engine,
+ 230833 [w_a_x_man ya] If a regular expression can't do it, does that mean we can't use

^ Re: SPAM-LOW:  Re: Regexp Question: Checking for pairs
230808 [arne arnebra] You're right, the infinte amount of states is when you have nesting,

^ Re: Chess960 (#106)
230812 [rikrose gmai] We're currently wondering why none of the published solutions take the
+ 230818 [w_a_x_man ya] Did you look at my first solution?
| 230970 [rikrose gmai] Apparently not well enough.
+ 230820 [james graypr] Well, Jamie Macey's dice rolling solution is fairly similar.  The
+ 230822 [pfortuny gma] That's what I did in my first solution (+take account on symmetry and only

^ Just starting out, where do I go from here?
230826 [s.disparu gm] This is my first experience with any kind of programming language.
+ 230846 [peter rubyra] I have found "Ruby for Rails" the best fit for this situation (I also
| + 230914 [s.disparu gm] Thanks for the informative reply, the book looks promising and I would
| + 230919 [james.britt ] I second the suggestion of getting Ruby for Rails, regardless of any
+ 230930 [tdenkinger g] Screen scraping is good fun and all, but have you looked into the web
  230931 [s.disparu gm] Hmm looks like good advice, could you perhaps give me an example of how
  230942 [peter rubyra] This is unquestionably true: no web scraper will ever (?) give you 100%
  230949 [peter rubyra] API...

^ Ruby's Trac Alternative
230829 [Bil.Kleb NAS] So I'm trying to use Trac for our FUN3D development,
+ 230836 [mgreenly gma] What system were you installing this on?  I've always found Trac very
| + 230840 [Bil.Kleb NAS] $ uname -romv
| + 230856 [james.britt ] Same here.  Well, after all the fsck'n Python dependencies are in place.
+ 230837 [james graypr] You are definitely right that it's a pain.  Everyone pretty much
| + 230839 [shevegen lin] Oh yeah...
| | 230845 [neoneye gmai] +1
| + 230847 [Bil.Kleb NAS] The trouble with this shrink-wrapped approach is that in the event
| + 230852 [evanwebb gma] I have an experimental version of collaboa I've been hacking on this
|   230969 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Neat!
+ 230843 [umageller gm] For the Python-clueless in me, it wasn't easy to set-up Trac.
| + 230851 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Irrespective of Brooke's Second System Syndrome, I'd just like
| + 230860 [james.britt ] I recently installed Trac on CentOS 4.something; never saw a lie of
+ 230979 [transfire gm] I think there is a tendency to overestimate tools like Trac. I did so
| 230981 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Indeed, as the http://agilemanifesto.org says,
| + 230995 [parragh dayk] Just to let a counter-opinion be heard as well: We have used Trac for
| | 230997 [parragh dayk] Parragh Szabolcs
| + 231002 [martindemell] Personally, our startup (10 people at the moment) has been a lot
|   231003 [rsanheim gma] We are using Trac right now (4 developers, ~10 biz people), and its
|   + 231004 [martindemell] Reminds me of the classic http://www.jensroesner.de/wgetgui/ :)
|   + 231008 [james.britt ] Time tracking can be added with a patch.  I don't have the details handy
+ 231050 [mail_gw_ruby] Searching collaboa-talk mailing list, I have found conversation about an
  + 231119 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Very nice; thank you.
  | 231150 [mail_gw_ruby] I suppose you ask about collaboa branch.
  + 232588 [dim dvisionf] Many thanks! Retrospectiva is currently under heavy development. I hope
    + 232593 [schapht gmai] Thanks for the link Ernad!  It does look quite good :)
    + 232711 [dim dvisionf] (http://lists.collaboa.org/pipermail/collaboa-talk/2006-December/000465.html).

^ External Ruby Script in HTML
230853 [runfaster ru] This probably has a simple answer, but I don't know it.
+ 230857 [user domain.] I think the best way is to use eruby. You then just have to put your
| 230859 [runfaster ru] I think that's the problem. I can make it work with eruby, but I would
+ 230858 [ramalho gmai] The call to a script embedded or linked to an HTML document would have
+ 230923 [emschwar pob] The answer is "no". :)
+ 230928 [gavin refine] When you see "PHP" in there, think "My Ruby Script". For your question,
+ 230951 [botp delmont] # Let's say I have a ruby script called hello.rb
| + 230974 [david vallne] a killer.
| + 231005 [martindemell] martin
|   231033 [shevegen lin] For someone that likes Ruby, Javascript does not matter.
|   231058 [david vallne] It's *supposed to be* specialised. Different roles and all that. Where
|   + 231094 [rimantas gma] Regards,
|   + 231127 [martindemell] Anyone thinking of Javascript as crippled or inferior would do well to
|     231153 [ramalho gmai] Very interesting, Martin. Thanks for the link.
|     231154 [martindemell] The guy obviously knows what he's doing, and he had a choice of
+ 231157 [charles.nutt] I have been interested in making this happen using an applet in JRuby.
+ 231366 [fahimf gmail] The first method is the easy one and will do exactly what you want - at

^ Class Variable Confusion
230855 [gwtmp01 mac.] I generally avoid class variables but at the last meeting of the New
230861 [dblack wobbl] You had me at "I generally avoid class variables" :-)
+ 230865 [chunyun.zhao] class A
| 230867 [dgoodlad gma] Since the block acts as a closure, the class variable references seem
+ 230884 [gwtmp01 mac.] When @@var is set to 1 at the top-level it is associated with the
| 230898 [dblack wobbl] Yes -- basically, if you create the class variable in the subclass
| 232844 [broclee gmai] So, would it be fair to say that you won't run into difficulties with
| 232850 [dblack wobbl] Assuming you understand that when you assign them in the subclass,
+ 232727 [rob muhleste] David and gang, thanks for pulling me out of denial.
| + 232781 [rob muhleste] After reading the comments in the response it is probably worth
| + 232787 [gregory.t.br] I blogged it too, though mine is mostly just a quick paste of the two
+ 232779 [gregory.t.br] Wow David, that is scary.

^ prob with each_with_index
230862 [nephish gmai] lo there all,
+ 230863 [vincent.four] No, you're starting with the 5th !!
+ 230864 [chunyun.zhao] @flow_sensor.flow_hits.each_with_index do |hit, i|
  230866 [nephish gmai] sk

^ Ruby replacement for ab?
230869 [schapht gmai] So I've been hunting for a way to stress test a web application and
+ 230871 [gethemant gm] Did you see, : http://rfuzz.rubyforge.org/
| 230875 [khaines enig] rfuzz is nice but isn't really what he's asking about.
| + 230876 [frew stanfor] It seems like it would be fairly easy to set up something with
| | 230877 [khaines enig] Yeah, possibly.  Mechanize or hpricot could be part of a solution, but the
| | 230916 [nlloyds gmai] Watir (http://wtr.rubyforge.org/) and FireWatir (which uses jSSh) look
| | 230986 [khaines enig] Those actually drive a real browser session, though.  That's not really
| | + 230987 [jameskilton ] Um, then what DO you need that Rails unit and integration testing can't
| | | 230996 [schapht gmai] I can't answer Kirk's question, but personally I'm looking for full
| | | 231006 [khaines enig] See below.  Rails unit testing is irrelevant.  I don't use Rails.  It's
| | | 231009 [hassan.schro] Perhaps you missed my prior post about WebTest and associated
| | | 231025 [khaines enig] WebTest, from my cursory look, seems to be more oriented at validating the
| | | 231026 [hassan.schro] If you want more complex interactions than JMeter provides, there's
| | | 231034 [khaines enig] I think there is a LARGE amount of room in between ab and an open source,
| | + 230990 [hassan.schro] <http://webtest.canoo.com/>
| + 230938 [fxn hashref.] Do you know Watir?
+ 230882 [schapht gmai] Both RFuzz and RWB look like really good starts toward what I'm after.

^ [debian rant ?] Remove Ruby 1.8.5?
230881 [vincent.four] I see your point, but for instance, you wouldn't want to pull in
230883 [wilsonb gmai] I'm not totally sold on the idea that the package should be
230888 [vincent.four] Substraction is nearly impossible with the way debian packages are
230893 [wilsonb gmai] Yes, that would be awesome.
230895 [vincent.four] That would break too many things, so don't count on it. (like building

^ |song| Not documented in Pickaxe Book
230896 [samlb samlb.] @songs.find {|song| title == song.name }
+ 230900 [TimHunter nc] In the Pickaxe 2nd Ed., look at the top of page 76.
| 230902 [samlb samlb.] Nope -- P. 76 has a discussion of gsub, in the context of "Backslash
| + 230904 [dblack wobbl] Look in the middle of page 22.
| | 230934 [samlb samlb.] Got it!  Thanks!
| + 230905 [jeremymcanal] That is a parameter passed to a block.  It allows the method that
|   + 230915 [twifkak comc] Note the mention of the rules of parallel assignment, and click the
|   | 230936 [samlb samlb.] Documentation Nazis and other excessively literal folk,
|   + 230935 [samlb samlb.] That's what I had figured out intuitively -- it catches whatever the
+ 230939 [rwtnorton ch] Arguments)

^ problem with pagination, rails
230899 [nephish gmai] lo there all,

^ Weird error while reading binary files
230901 [maukishi uol] I just started messing around with Ruby and so far it's been great.
+ 230903 [maukishi uol] I've tested it with and without unpack.. Several files.. And nothing.
+ 230910 [vjoel path.b] theFile = File.open('FilePath', "rb")
  + 230911 [maukishi uol] Ooops, that was a mistake while writing the post! I'm already opening
  + 230912 [maukishi uol] OMG! No! Somehow I've missed it on the newest .rb files.. O_O"

^ storing values in variables
230913 [vikashkumar0] require 'net/http'
+ 230918 [gavin refine] Do you need them to be local variables, or can they be instance
| 230921 [vikashkumar0] I want to just store these values in local variables, any help will be
| + 230925 [vikashkumar0] any local variables, a = 65, l = 58, m = 89.23
| + 230927 [gavin refine] I would like to try to help, but I think I need more information.
|   230929 [vikashkumar0] Storing those values in local variables will be fine, any local
+ 230975 [angus quovad] aa, ab, ac, ad = output[2][4]
+ 230991 [twifkak comc] Vikash -- since Carlos answered your question, I'm going to give you
  234083 [vikashkumar0] I am new to hpricot, but I tried this

^ [ANN] aws/s3 0.3.0 release
230922 [marcel verni] aws/s3 is client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API

^ Filling PDF Forms (a year later follow up)
230937 [mjfreshyfres] I'm posting this message as a follow up to a thread I was talking on a

^ [ANN] ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.2.0 Released
230940 [zdennis mkte] - -------------------------------

^ How to run the new jirb console
230941 [r.sheehan cs] Can someone tell me how to run the new JRuby irb console.
230945 [r.sheehan cs] Apologies for replying to my own post.
+ 230978 [charles.nutt] ant jar-console
+ 231000 [charles.nutt] And I've uploaded a complete working console jar and a tarballed OS X

^ gets in ruby
230943 [timid.gentoo] I'm a newbie in Ruby. And, after a first couple of tutorials, I came
+ 230946 [drbrain segm] Ruby's gets is similar to C's gets only if you squint really hard.
+ 231049 [cschneid col] No it will not expose you to buffer overflows.  The memory that the

^ help please - openssl and ruby
230947 [chrisc ampho] I've run into a problem using openssl and ruby, which I can't solve.
230999 [jan.svitok g] The public key is encoded in ASN.1 DER encoding, that is of Tag,
231917 [chrisc ampho] Thanks jan - you were right that the difference between the keys was not

^ class method
230950 [timid.gentoo] One thing that I don't understand is the following code.
+ 230952 [peter rubyra] Hmm, mayvbe because Array.class is Class and sample.class is a Class?
+ 230953 [drbrain segm] $ ruby
+ 230954 [gk cutcopy.c] sample = [1,2,3]
| 230955 [gk cutcopy.c] isa? makes checks with .class in the Background automagically.
| 230956 [timid.gentoo] so what is exactly happening when I type
| 230959 [gk cutcopy.c] i think it does a check with samle.class.class in the Background wich
| 230960 [timid.gentoo] isn't this 'A' the class 'A'???
| 230961 [peter rubyra] a 'is-an' A. you ask for this with
| + 230963 [timid.gentoo] now I get it! Thanks. I appreciate the help.
| | 230976 [schapht gmai] Also, the Pick Axe book has a section on the ruby object model that I
| + 230977 [dblack wobbl] That's not quite right.  a.class doesn't test A.class; it tests A.  So
+ 230957 [rimantas gma] Sure. sample.class is Array and Array.class is Class.

^ Unbuffered IO
230958 [lists bertra] irb(main):001:0> f = File.new "/dev/input/event0"

^ Stop! (was: Unbuffered IO)
230968 [lists bertra] I confused event interface and joystick interface.

^ GtkTreeview signal "row-activated"
230980 [patrick erdb] I have a problem with the TreeView of RubyGTK. Catching the signal works
230988 [o.renaud lap] Le vendredi 22 d˝─embre 2006 15:29, Patrick Plattes a ˝─rit
231052 [patrick erdb] thanks oliver, that works great :-)

^ Merry (slightly early) Christmas! Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book is free!
230983 [jeremymcanal] I just switched everything over, and Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little
+ 230993 [twifkak comc] (Look, ma! No top posting!)
+ 231012 [sbaader ruc.] Really nice! I'm reading it right now.
| + 231016 [pfortuny gma] It's OK, it's a typical English subjective tense (which some people claim do
| + 231018 [jeremymcanal] Yeah there are a few grammatical gotcha's that I'm aware of.  I'll fix
| | 231022 [sbaader ruc.] Sure :)
| + 231030 [w_a_x_man ya] Now wait just a gosh darn minute!  That's not an error.  You're simply
|   231051 [sbaader ruc.] You're right! I didn't really get that before your explanation - it
+ 231032 [psyonic gmai] This book is really great!  I'm familiar with most of the material already,
| + 231126 [martindemell] "for i in collection" is converted by the parser to collection.each do
| + 231254 [jeremymcanal] Hey Tyler,
|   + 231257 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|   + 231359 [psyonic gmai] Jeremy,
+ 231371 [jeff.barczew] Jeremy,
  231373 [jeff.barczew] Jeremy,

^ Nuby question regarding classes and ARGV
230998 [slamboy gmai] I just took a program that works using a command line argument and turned it
231001 [jan.svitok g] 1. if you have

^ Randomizing an Array?
231011 [jwcooper gma] arr_set_unordered = randomizer(arr_set)
+ 231013 [gavin.kistne] randomized = my_array.sort_by{ rand }
| 231019 [jwcooper gma] Thank you so much!  It worked perfectly!
| 231020 [gavin.kistne] No problems. You might search the mailing list archive on this topic if
| 231021 [gavin.kistne] Here's batsman's web page about it in depth (referenced in the first
| 231045 [jwcooper gma] Hey, Thank you again!  You have been an immense help in this. :)
+ 231710 [rabbitblue g] Try this.
| 231711 [rabbitblue g] Sorry, I guess a use-case would be helpful.
| 231782 [dan.stevens.] element at random from an array and 'scramble' (randomize the order)
+ 232144 [coder68 yaho] ilans-Mac:~ ilan$ irb
  232207 [flori nixe.p] Don't do this, better use (1..10).sort_by { rand }. Your version is
  + 233268 [rabbitblue g] Wow. That is squeaky clean, and a lot faster than my method. Thanks for
  + 233269 [rabbitblue g] It's random for me. Both work.
    + 233282 [coder68 yaho] Actually Frank is correct, my mistake, it should definetely be sort_by
    + 233302 [flori nixe.p] No, really, it isn't. It may "look random", but try sorting (1..10) many

^ Ruby-full debian package
231015 [vincent.four] Following last night's discussions, I've created a ruby-full debian
+ 231027 [vincent.four] I hope that it will. There shouldn't be any troubles about that. The
+ 231037 [transfire gm] what is ruby-full?
| 231038 [vincent.four] For technical reasons too long to get into, the ruby standard
+ 231039 [dblack wobbl] Many thanks for doing this.  I don't use Debian, but as a Ruby
+ 231194 [kbloom gmail] Are you a DD? If so, please work to get this into sid (and etch) ASAP.
| 231694 [vincent.four] I'm not a DD yet, though that is now really close (have a look at
+ 231196 [wilsonb gmai] You are a Debian legend. Please get this into the mainline, if you can.

^ [OT] Bible update? (Was: [ANN] - Bible 1.0.1 - A bible reference parsing and text	retrieval tool)
231036 [ jupp gmx.de] I recently was a bit Inet-abstinent.
231065 [chneukirchen] What about Gravmass?  http://www.stallman.org/grav-mass.html

^ Ruby and Cygwin
231040 [chen_li3 yah] I install a Ruby version from within Cygwin. 1) How do I use
+ 231042 [chen_li3 yah] It doesn't work for me.
| 231044 [chen_li3 yah] It works. But what annoys me is that I have to type this commmand every
| 231076 [allergic-to-] (Assuming that the shell you are using is bash, which, AFAIK is the
| 231088 [chen_li3 yah] I search google and find out how to avoid it by deleting RUBYOPT from
| 231104 [allergic-to-] Yes, that's a better solution.
+ 231059 [david vallne] Of which all three (four?) exist and work under Windows natively, so you
  231109 [chen_li3 yah] How do you run a Ruby script using Windows GVim?  What I do is to write
  231171 [pit capitain] on RubyGarden there should be many infos about using Vim for Ruby