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^ Re: Regex question: this should be easy but doesn't work as
230597 [ snk gna.org] /one|three|five/ can. Although, its result is not exactly in the form

^ Regexp Question: Checking for [joe][/joe] pairs
230602 [joe notsleep] Hey, I've got some text in @x and want there to be at least 1 and at
+ 230605 [danfinnie op] Why are you doing /[\s\d\w]+?/?  Just use /.+?/.
| 230608 [dblack wobbl] \d is part of \w, so [\s\w] would be OK.  But . is very different.  It
+ 230606 [dblack wobbl] require 'test/unit'
+ 230614 [w_a_x_man ya] @x = "[joe] [/joe]   [joe][/joe] [joe] foo [/joe]"

^ Re: Regexp Question: Checking for [/joe] pairs
230607 [joe notsleep] Good point.  I was using .+? earlier, but thought that might be part of
+ 230610 [dblack wobbl] That's because {1,3} doesn't mean there can't be another.  Usually
+ 230612 [danfinnie op] The problem is that the Regexp is not anchored to the start and ends of

^ New guy question
230609 [plantz.3 wri] I have been assigned the task of making our website interactive. (AJAX)
230611 [gavin.kistne] What framework or library are you going to use?  Ruby on Rails?
230615 [plantz.3 wri] Thanks for your reply. I was planning on Ruby on Rails.
+ 230618 [gavin.kistne] For Ruby on Rails questions (including how to do AJAX stuff with it, I
| 230627 [plantz.3 wri] Thanks I'll check them out.
+ 230623 [TimHunter nc] Dave also has a book about Rails called

^ Abything out there that emits structured text?
230619 [james2mccart] I am writing something that has to emits structured text by parsing
230630 [umageller gm] I think prettyprint.rb does that, should come with your ruby 1.8.x

^ win32 file stat and find conflict
230632 [lrlebron gma] I have a small snippet of code to recurse a directory which works as it
+ 230700 [djberg96 gma] Don't require 'win32/file/stat' directly.  Require win32-file instead,
+ 230702 [botp delmont] # When I change it like this

^ noob: How to make my script executable on unix?
230633 [rpardee gmai] Hey All,
230637 [peter rubyra] Are you sure it can not be a CR/LF problem (or some other trailing
230643 [rpardee gmai] Hah--right you are--thanks!  I'm actually on solaris, but writing my

^ Install ruby on linux cluster from shared disk -- can I just "make install" on next server?
230635 [bradjpeek gm] I'm having second thoughts on the approach I've started down for
230736 [shiwei.zhang] It depends on what your "identical linux servers" mean? If they are

^ [ANN] mechanize 0.6.4 Released
230636 [aaron_patter] mechanize version 0.6.4 has been released!
230679 [duane.johnso] Nice work on this, Aaron!  I've become a fan of Mechanize after finding a
230725 [aaron_patter] Thanks!  I'm glad you like it!

^ reflecting on objects without creating one
230638 [kevin.olbric] Let's say I have two constants
+ 230642 [jeremymcanal] (Class).superclass should do it.
+ 230644 [james graypr] => Integer
+ 230645 [jgbailey gma] irb(main):021:0> a = Numeric
  230649 [ezmobius gma] You can also use < and > to compare subclasses or superclasses
  230687 [kevin.olbric] Thanks guys,

^ Kernel#system bug?
230639 [charlton.wan] Running Ruby 1.8.4 on Linux
+ 230675 [drbrain segm] See the recent discussion on ruby-core.
| 230732 [charlton.wan] Thanks, Eric. I see the discussion over at ruby-core. Unfortunately, I
+ 230692 [nobu ruby-la] It is natural result.
  230731 [charlton.wan] Hm, I'm not sure I understand how this is natural. It's true that the
  + 230785 [ara.t.howard] IO.popen 'env'
  | 230897 [charlton.wan] Thanks, Ara,
  + 230824 [llasram gmai] Dir.mkdir("bug") if !FileTest.exists?("bug")

^ [ANN] ParseTree 1.6.3 Released
230640 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.6.3 has been released!
230709 [ara.t.howard] listen ryan, can you stop releasing so frequently?  it's upping the ante on
230748 [ryand-ruby z] If I didn't write such buggy code, I wouldn't have to put out so many

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.3 Released
230641 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.3 has been released!

^ [ANN] fxirb-0.3.1: now with .gem and setup.rb
230647 [martindemell] Get it at: http://rubyforge.org/projects/fxirb/
+ 230920 [lyle.johnson] Yes, I believe that the RubyGems dependency mechanism only works with
| 230948 [martindemell] Good point :)
+ 230964 [gethemant gm] Hey Martin, Will it be possible to use fri(fastri-server) with fxri?
  230994 [martindemell] fxirb != fxri :)

^ Who's maintaining log4r?
230648 [jeffz_2002 y] Does anyone know who's maintaining the log4r project?  The website at
+ 231463 [jeffz_2002 y] I've completed some work on Log4r, and would like to share it soon with
| 232157 [tim.pease gm] I, too, have tried contacting Leon but with no luck :(
| 232265 [tom infoethe] Right on.
| + 232267 [schapht gmai] It's definitely a shame to pull a project completely out from under
| | + 232274 [jeffz_2002 y] (Assuming that I'll be allowed to put my code forward as a candidate
| | + 232339 [tom infoethe] That's what I usually suggest too...
| + 232269 [matt kettlew] I agree with Pat, it could be confusing for users that didn't know there
| | 232275 [twifkak comc] SourceForge doesn't handle it. 99% of SourceForge projects are abandoned
| | 232328 [schapht gmai] I thought for sure there was some sort of petition process, but maybe
| + 232338 [tom infoethe] Hm.  I hear ya.  Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick on this one.
|   + 232389 [khaines enig] There are a few considerations here that seem to be the important ones.
|   | 232398 [matt kettlew] We still need to consider that this is someone elses intellectual
|   | + 232413 [matt kettlew] I should have put a disclaimer: I'm not a legal representative!
|   | + 232418 [schapht gmai] Has anyone from the rubyforge team been in on this discusson?  We'd
|   |   232421 [tim.pease gm] Tom Copeland has piped up, and he is going to bring this up with the
|   |   232425 [schapht gmai] Most definitely, thanks Tom.  Good to know there's some support.
|   + 232479 [tom infoethe] After discussing this with David and Rich, our policy is that if you
|     + 232487 [gerardo.sant] Amen
|     + 232489 [martindemell] Any acceptable way to point to the fork from the original project
|     | 232507 [tom infoethe] Yup, good idea.  I'd be happy to edit the description of the abandoned
|     + 232500 [tim.pease gm] Tom, thanks for looking into this.  I'll have to ply the RubyCentral
+ 232551 [emarceta gma] Try googling for 'leon torres minimetria'; there are recent posts on
  232668 [jeffz_2002 y] Thanks for all, folks.
  234860 [leon oss.min] Hey, thanks for finding me! :-)
  + 234863 [leon oss.min] By the way, I've been out of the loop.  Is there some Ruby commons that
  | 234865 [leon oss.min] Also, I'm all for changing Log4r as radically or conservative as
  + 234868 [lyle.johnson] I definitely don't want to get into the middle of this, but I know

^ Searching Stings with Arrays?
230650 [phil basicmi] rails and both are shaky.
+ 230655 [dblack wobbl] @string.include?(b)
| + 230659 [robert.dober] Reminds me of Knuth's great saying
| + 230669 [w_a_x_man ya] Are you sure?
|   + 230671 [w_a_x_man ya] p @string.split(/\W/) & array
|   | 230698 [dblack wobbl] To each his own :-)  I like the loop -- though I'm not sure why I used
|   + 230672 [dblack wobbl] Thanks.  I had this weird feeling something was wrong when I sent that
|     230674 [w_a_x_man ya] Yeah, that's why I changed it to "s".
+ 230658 [martindemell] array.find {|b| @string =~ /#{b}/}
+ 230665 [jeffz_2002 y] You'll probably have 10 (better) answers for this by the time I've
+ 230668 [pubsub rubyi] m, agent = *@string.match(/(shiira|msie|safari|firefox|netscape)/)
| 231226 [phil basicmi] can I tag a regex on to this to pull the version of the browser? I
| 231252 [w_a_x_man ya] @string = "mozilla/5.0 (macintosh; u; ppc mac os x; en)
+ 230744 [rosco roscop] You already have your answers it seems, so for completeness I'll just

^ [ANN] heckle 1.1.1 Released
230661 [ryand-ruby z] heckle version 1.1.1 has been released!

^ Is there a Ruby library version problem with my ISP ?
230670 [josselin wan] I am running locally without any problem the following simple statement
230733 [m_goldberg a] I don't have any idea about what's going wrong with your server, but

^ Fastri-server error on winxp: cannot find file
230681 [botp delmont] I'm currently on windows at home. Running fastri-server, I get the following,

^ ODBC: Obtaining output params
230683 [keith.souhra] I'm fairly new to Ruby, as well as using the ODBC library. So far, I've

^ [ANN] VimMate 0.6.2
230688 [guillaume.be] A new version of VimMate is now available: Version 0.6.2.

^ ruby ODBC: what is returned by 'columns'?
230690 [christopher.] conn = ODBC::connect('db')

^ ruby-prof doesn't work with ruby/tk?
230694 [fkchang2000 ] I've tried on several platforms and get the follow error with any tk
230741 [nagai ai.kyu] Please try the following patch.
230872 [fkchang2000 ] That worked for the most part.  I had a failure with one chunk on the

^ Re: VimMate 0.6.2
230695 [ snk gna.org] Very nice! Thanks for making VimMate. It has the correct balance of the

^ Common point puzzle
230697 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I have a series of three (x,y) grids with values, z,
+ 230707 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Unfortunately, I don't understand the question.
| 230711 [twifkak comc] The naive implementation is n^2 (with n being the number of gridpoints),
| 230759 [Bil.Kleb NAS] That's going to be my route unless someone comes up
+ 230712 [w_a_x_man ya] What is the layout of the array?  Something like this?
  230758 [Bil.Kleb NAS] No, not currently, but it could be made to look that way
  230765 [fred lacave.] Couldn't you make three hashes with the structure h["#{x}x#{y}"] = z ?
  + 230770 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Bill,
  + 230774 [w_a_x_man ya] I think you'd only need to make the hashes for the medium and for the

^ why is gethostbyname in TCPSocket?
230703 [msoulier gma] Looking for dns support, I found the gethostbyname method as a class
+ 230713 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -rsocket -e 'p TCPSocket.ancestors'
+ 230714 [GGarramuno a] It wasn't.  It's part of Socket, which seems rather logical.  TCPSocket

^ Symbols vs Strings
230720 [matt kettlew] 1)  Could someone expand on what a symbol is?
+ 230721 [gaurav.v.bag] with symbol you will have one instance of it
+ 230723 [twifkak comc] Ridiculously long explanation follows. Composed of all the answers from
  230727 [matt kettlew] Excellent work.
  230771 [twifkak comc] the :blah token, either in your source code or in the Rails source code.
  230778 [jwells serva] I think that rails basically converts all hash keys into symbols
  230784 [jameskilton ] This is why Rails has HashWithIndifferentAccess, it internally treats

^ the next killer innovation: post-mortem debugging
230726 [ snk gna.org] Take a look at Kent Sibilev's *brilliant* innovation of post-mortem

^ Creating New Objects from REXML::Elements
230730 [eddieroger g] I'm new to using REXML to parse documents, but quickly getting the hang
+ 230737 [peter rubyra] Can you send the full code? Are you sure that e.g. Movie.new does not
| 230762 [hutch recurs] And the XML as well.
| 230772 [eddieroger g] require 'rexml/document'
| 230973 [hutch recurs] Have you tried to_str on *all* of the arguments?
+ 230926 [tomp earthli] I've encountered precisely this same problem!  I use REXML to pull
  230932 [eddieroger g] Have you solved this? A fancy workaround, perhaps? Short of actually
  + 230984 [tomp earthli] No, not yet.  I'll try to find some more time to play with it (and
  | 231047 [eddieroger g] Not exactly what I did right, but I managed to get it. Basically, its
  + 231783 [tomp earthli] Finally. I realized I'd made the bone-headed mistake of not

^ Remove Ruby 1.8.5?
230755 [christopherl] How do I remove Ruby 1.8.5 from linux? I have built it from source.
+ 230756 [david vallne] With Great Difficulty (tm).
+ 230757 [neoneye gmai] I don't know how to remove ruby. However I just want to share a
| + 230775 [james.britt ] This is very slick.  Thanks for the tip.
| + 230788 [rsanheim gma] Well, that and you want to use the latest security release that came
| | 230794 [benjamin.bil] If that happens, I want to switch my distro to something more secure.
| + 230874 [david vallne] Or avoid the searing pain that is Debian deconstructivism.
|   230879 [vincent.four] Could you state precisely what you mean under this ? As I participate
|   + 230880 [wilsonb gmai] ii  libdbm-ruby1.8 1.8.4-5        DBM interface for Ruby 1.8
|   | 230886 [david vallne] ;-)
|   + 230887 [david vallne] on
|     230889 [vincent.four] Heh ! You had my idea at the same time !!!
+ 230890 [nicolas.desp] For the few packages, I build myself (I'm a debian user), I install
  230967 [christopherl] Can you reinstall Ruby 1.8.5, if you built it from source,
  230971 [david vallne] Just download the source again and remakeallinstall? (That should

^ Matrix class for ruby? -example
230760 [ see pee.org] go to terminal, and type "irb" or "irb1.8"
+ 230764 [kyosuke sezn] How exactly would you multiply such two matrices?
+ 230766 [vincent.four] Err... Have you done matrix computations for a long time ? You need
| 230982 [jasaugusto g] Just a small correction... it is the number of *lines* from the left matrix
+ 230768 [gaugaz l3s.d] Yes, it's because you cannot multiply a 2x3 matrix with another 2x3
+ 230992 [cameron.mcbr] others in this thread have corrected the logical problem.

^ Matrix class for ruby?
230761 [ see pee.org] Does anyone know of a functional Matrix math class for ruby that could
+ 230763 [nicolas.desp] Are you sure?
+ 230767 [vincent.four] OK, I understand now: you want graphical transformations. They are
  230781 [vorn nightst] An RST matrix has an implicit 0 0 0 1 row along the bottom.  Nothing

^ [SUMMARY] Chess960 (#106)
230769 [james graypr] There are a surprising number of ways to think about this problem, each leading
230779 [m_goldberg a] If you're going to make the change
230835 [james graypr] You're absolutely right.  Thanks for pointing that out.

^ Tree view hierarchy
230773 [djmj12 gmail] Smoking
230793 [tomp earthli] First, if I was faced with this, I'd create a real tree structure, as
+ 230796 [djmj12 gmail] This code absolutely rocks! Thanks Bira and Tom for your help!
+ 230798 [djmj12 gmail] Unless I misunderstood... the Weight Management "root" node has
  230819 [tomp earthli] It has multiple 'parent' nodes, but only one parent level.  The

^ Ruby Cookbook review
230776 [peter rubyra] A few days ago there was a request for the review of the RC. I guess I
230795 [richard.conr] That was me Peter. Good write up too. I liked how you factored in
230844 [peter rubyra] I am glad you liked it. The biggest problem for me with book reviews

^ extend weirdness?
230777 [ian.w.white ] module Foo
+ 230782 [ian.w.white ] The previous post is using a rails-style idiom, which is unnecessarily
| 230789 [dblack wobbl] Yes.  When you send a message to A, it searches for a
| 230797 [ian.w.white ] Thanks David for that very clear explanation, I am no longer confused.
+ 230809 [vincent.four] The answer is simple: extend doesn't overwrite methods, it just

^ Re: Regexp Question: Checking for [/joe] pairs
230786 [joe notsleep] where there are two opening tags before a closing tag is reached.
+ 230801 [arne arnebra] I missed the beginning of this thread, but if I recall correctly from my
| 230806 [dblack wobbl] If you're using scan, though, doesn't that mean that you're not really
+ 231017 [ajohnson cpa] /^(((?!\[joe\]).)*(\[joe\]((?!\[joe\]).)+\[\/joe\])){1,3}((?!\[joe\]).)*$/
  231028 [w_a_x_man ya] "good [joe]  [/joe]  [joe] [/joe]",

^ Nitro Real World Example
230791 [george.mosch] Dear devs,
230834 [umageller gm] Awesome !

^ Method named ***(other)
230792 [gaugaz l3s.d] It's several hours now that i'm trying to find out what's special with
230799 [vidar.hoksta] That should be your clue. There _isn't_ anything special about "***",
+ 230803 [gaugaz l3s.d] Ah, ok, thanks a lot. I understood why i could use '***' as an infix
| + 230805 [wilsonb gmai] The basic problem is that ** is right-associative, and * is
| | 230810 [gaugaz l3s.d] Ah ok! I get it!!!! :-D Thanks a lot!
| | 230827 [transfire gm] That one's ugly too -- a word alias for it is in my bag of wishes.
| | 231093 [logancapaldo] I'd say "casecmp" but that one's already taken ;)
| + 230811 [vidar.hoksta] Again, the only reason you can use a name like '**' is that it's one of
|   230813 [gaugaz l3s.d] Nice explanation! I was indeed misled by the fact that some operators
+ 230831 [ramalho gmai] Thanks for the reply, Vidar.
  230832 [jameskilton ] "operators" are only special in that the parser is built to recognize a few
  230841 [ramalho gmai] Thanks for the reply, Jason. I realise +, * etc. are method names, but
  230868 [transfire gm] More or less.
  230870 [ramalho gmai] Thanks, T. That was awesome!
  230892 [transfire gm] +@ and -@ are prefix operators, so you may not want those. And [] and

^ [ANN] chronic 0.1.5 Released
230800 [pubsub rubyi] chronic version 0.1.5 has been released!

^ WEBrick and swf files
230802 [bingopajama ] served from WEBrick.  When I access the same file from another web
230815 [rimantas gma] Status code 304 "Not modified" means that server has the same version
230821 [bingopajama ] Renaming the file worked. I also cleared the browser's cache and the