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^ sorting an array  w multiple values
230177 [josselin wan] I understand how to sort an array with a single value but how can I
+ 230181 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 230230 [josselin wan] thanks a lot , got it...  written in my secret notebook.... ;-)))
+ 230182 [umageller gm] would this help ?
  + 230188 [gavin.kistne] sorted_array = an_array.sort_by{ |e| [ e[1], e[0] ] }
  | 230234 [josselin wan] thanks got it too...  I think I am strating to understand the logic
  + 230233 [josselin wan] thanks ..  got it ..  so many things to think..

^ [ANN] ObjectiveView 'Community' SD Magazine
230195 [adam ratio.c] ObjectiveView is a free 'not for profit' software development magazine.

^ Ruby, Debian, and Media Temple
230196 [trevorturk y] I recently tried to run some Rails plugins (techno-weenie's White
+ 230207 [angus quovad] [Trevor Turk <trevorturk@yahoo.com>, 2006-12-18 18.43 CET]
| 230220 [trevorturk y] I'm thinking Digg + Reddit + Flickr + Google. Should be a total no-brainer!
+ 230282 [drbrain segm] Wouldn't a Debian packaging mailing list be most suitable for this

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 2.1.1
230206 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on RSS 2.0, YAML,

^ Re: (SOLVED) pthread_mutex_lock is causing Kernel#at_exit
230213 [ snk gna.org] Sorry, there is *nothing* wrong with pthread_mutex_lock and

^ extending PDF::Writer
230216 [bill.walton ] I need to extend PDF::Writer to allow it to include an external XML
+ 230217 [jgbailey gma] I haven't done anything with PDF::Writer, but I have extended several gems
+ 230266 [halostatue g] (1) Didn't you ask me this directly a couple of weeks ago, and I asked

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 12.0.1
230219 [ snk gna.org] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create
230241 [ snk gna.org] There was a problem in the 12.0.1 gem, where the generate_test.rb and

^ Advice on handling malformed CSV with FasterCSV
230222 [weyus att.ne] All,
+ 230223 [gavin.kistne] I don't know the answer to this question.
+ 230227 [nospam nosit] / ...
  230228 [weyus att.ne] I agree.

^ Questions on DBI::ADO stored procedures and inserts mssql server
230224 [lrlebron gma] I am writing a class to deal with a mssql server database. I have a

^ Simple copy of attributes
230225 [vincent.four] I've just stumbled upon code where you have different classes with no
+ 230226 [nospam nosit] My personal view is that you should create a class responsible for data
| 230229 [vincent.four] I agree that that would be the Ruby OO way. But, let's face it, for
| 230239 [nospam nosit] In your first post, you show an example of a copy from one class instance to
| 230299 [shiwei.zhang] Personally I think OO is convenient. Instance method dup or clone should be able to meet this kind of your requrements.
+ 230386 [transfire gm] bidule.set_from(biniou, :foo, :bar, :baz)
  + 230388 [gavin.kistne] Out of curiosity, why put that in Kernel instead of Object?
  | 230471 [transfire gm] Object class has NO methods. ri is somewhat misleading in this regard,
  | 230531 [slamboy gmai] I'm sorry for this question, but I'm a newbie and I just started reading the
  | 230538 [transfire gm] That's a good example. Technically, #to_s is defined in Kernel not
  | 230539 [slamboy gmai] shows me exactly what I wanted to see.  Thanks again!
  + 230398 [vincent.four] Yes, I knew it must have existed ! Thanks,

^ new to ruby
230231 [Ravichandra.] charset="us-ascii"
+ 230235 [alex_w00t ho] I'm pretty much a beginner myself, and after you've read, and fully
+ 230238 [olsonas gmai] I've been teaching myself ruby over the past 6 months and I've found
+ 230365 [peter peterc] Welcome!
  230468 [satish.talim] Oh, thanks Peter. And thanks to all the Ruby Gurus out here, who made my

^ Output unique values in CSV columns to a text file
230232 [olsonas gmai] What I want to do is read in a CSV file and produce an output which
+ 230237 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
+ 230246 [w_a_x_man ya] data = DATA.readlines.map{|s| s.chomp.split(",")}

^ Re: Rails Book 2nd Edition now shipping
230244 [dave pragpro] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Using gems on Windows without dependencies
230251 [srobertjames] gem install GEMNAME -f seems to fail on Windows.  That is, if you say
230280 [drbrain segm] Did you file a bug?
230395 [srobertjames] Done.
230410 [drbrain segm] Download the gem from rubyforge.org and install it.  local

^ Using gems on Windows without dependencies
230252 [srobertjames] gem install GEMNAME -f seems to fail on Windows.  That is, if you say

^ Kernel#select docs broken?
230253 [msoulier gma] I'm trying to find out how to use Kernel#select or IO#select.
230254 [george.ogata] The old Pickaxe is a bit better...

^ where have all the experienced users gone?
230256 [transfire gm] seems like there's been a steady drop off in experienced ruby users on
+ 230257 [umageller gm] maybe they're doing their Xmas shopping  :-)
+ 230259 [twifkak comc] *insert Monster Mash casette*
| + 230267 [umageller gm] Coincidentally, Jim Weirich's  onestepback.org seems to be down right now.
| | 230271 [gavin.kistne] charset="Windows-1252"
| | 230276 [transfire gm] yes. i'm sure that's part of it. i'm just not so sure that's all of it.
| | + 230292 [vincent.four] Well, you know, for most of us, it's winter, a time when people are
| | + 230315 [shortcutter ] I believe that volume went significantly up in the group over the course
| |   + 230316 [peter rubyra] (you need to blog_entry.gsub!("Rails"){"Ruby"} but otherwise it matches
| |   | 230318 [peter rubyra] Ooops, just noticed... The link to the interesting part is broken.
| |   + 230320 [peter rubyra] OK, what do you suggest? There must be some way out :-)
| + 230407 [ryand-ruby z] I think waste-of-time/bandwidth responses like this sum up a good
|   230415 [wilsonb gmai] Yep. Luckily, not reading this list frees up time for more useful
|   230465 [transfire gm] I agree with you there. it certainly doesn't help the situation. add to
|   230466 [transfire gm] now ara, why'd you have to go and curse us like that ;-)
|   230488 [transfire gm] Has it increased? I imagine there's probably some conservation
+ 230322 [robert.dober] I agree with most of the reasons given but would like to add one.
| 230507 [neoneye gmai] ts = "Guy Decoux"
| + 230514 [robert.dober] I thaught T was Tom, anyway the important thing is the quality/content of
| | 230544 [transfire gm] do you favor a ruby-beginner list or a ruby-advanced list split?
| | + 230545 [umageller gm] I favor a ruby-talk list and another, meta-ruby-talk list for threads
| | + 230745 [robert.dober] negative, what you think?
| |   + 230814 [transfire gm] There are some "up and coming".  But that is a good question.
| |   + 230816 [transfire gm] Yes. that's possible true, although it might also be comforting to
| |     + 230885 [gavin refine] 1) I would request that all participants of this community read (or at
| |     | 230944 [peter rubyra] Great article! A real must read for everyone here (and for everybody who
| |     | 231061 [efine145-nos] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| |     | 231084 [james graypr] Definitely some good advice in there, but I don't care for the tone
| |     + 231062 [transfire gm] I'm curious. Did anyone recieve/read this? I'm surprised no one has
| |       231066 [shortcutter ] I received and read it - but since I could not provide good feedback...
| |       231086 [jeremymcanal] On further reflection, perhaps something at the gateway/server level
| |       231087 [vincent.four] Even though I like the idea, I somehow think it is not a good idea. No
| |       231090 [twifkak comc] Well, the half-solution that was proposed awhile back... the listserv
| |       231092 [tomp earthli] Whether or not a new list is created, this is a good idea.  It would
| |       231107 [vincent.four] I seem to remember I proposed the idea, I can but support it ;-)
| + 230541 [transfire gm] T = Trans
+ 230392 [gregory.t.br] I think many people are hanging out in localized groups now, because

^ Re: Accessing Outlook Express .dbx mail files from ruby
230261 [dave burt.id] First, IIRC you can easily export emails to plain text files using

^ find all possible container nodes of a given text
230263 [sylvain.teni] I've been using ruby for a few weeks and been messing with DOM-like programming
230285 [sylvain.teni] well I think I solved it
230310 [peter rubyra] (Hpricot(html)/"//td").map.reject{ |node| node.inner_text !~ /dog/ }
230344 [sylvain.teni] your code assumes that the text is contained in a leaf that is child of a td

^ DRb, Ruby & JRuby - Questions & Issues / dynamic method calls
230268 [caldridge gm] # I overview after these examples to ease the pain :-)
230283 [drbrain segm] This won't ever work.
230324 [caldridge gm] Thank you Eric

^ Suggestions for 'AutoOffice'?
230269 [nlloyds gmai] After using Ruby's win32ole library to automate some menial tasks at work
230749 [david vallne] Probably falls under fair use unless you're selling those classes as commercial

^ DRYing a loop..
230275 [josselin wan] closed_cities = []
+ 230277 [logancapaldo] i = i.next is unecessary, the step method updates the loop for you. Also you
+ 230278 [george.ogata] Not sure where the "wet" bit is, but the "i = i.next" is redundant, as
  230293 [josselin wan] thanks a lot.. that's it !!   I forgot to look over the 'range' facility !!!

^ Strategies for writing Ruby applications to be easily distributed with RubyGems
230279 [rubyzbibd ub] This is mostly a repost of ruby-talk[229723] with some clarifications
230286 [drbrain segm] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby -w
230289 [rubyzbibd ub] Yes that is a good way to solve this problem.
230297 [drbrain segm] Since RDoc.usage uses #caller to figure out which file to read you
230506 [rubyzbibd ub] I have done a quick refactoring to create something similar to your

^ Hpricot and Regular expression
230281 [mail2sek yah] I have a html fragment like the following
+ 230288 [sylvain.teni] Rien ne peut jamais marcher si l'on songe tout ce qu'il faut pour que 
| 230291 [neoneye gmai] for matching f=integer.. then use this regexp
+ 230303 [peter rubyra] Try

^ Re: [OT] where have all the experienced users gone?
230284 [drbrain segm] In the back-channels I've heard the following reasons for why long-
+ 230290 [ttmrichter g] Does that mean ruby-talk is going to go the way of the Python mailing
| 230298 [rosco roscop] Personally, I have cut back on reading the list lately, partly because my
+ 230327 [jwells serva] I think that it's not just newbies, but newbies asking insensible
| 230332 [robert.dober] Yup while whining I forgot to talk about the real reasons.
| 230350 [jeremymcanal] I think it's also important that we all realize that we use mailing
| 230423 [james graypr] I was on perl-beginners for years.  When I came to the Ruby community
| + 230425 [jeremymcanal] I certainly wouldn't _want_ that to "turn people away," but if the
| | 230428 [vincent.four] I wasn't aware of the FAQ as well. What about a list footer pointing
| + 230427 [nospam nosit] I've had this debate in a number of forums for different languages over the
| | 230429 [james graypr] Again, see perl-beginners and Perl Monks.  This just isn't the case
| | 230437 [martindemell] Likewise the ocaml-beginners mailing list, which is a friendly and
| | 230447 [cdcarter gma] I don't think we should have a "beginners" list.  A ruby-help and a
| | + 230474 [m_goldberg a] If it comes to splitting the list, I think this is way to do it.
| | + 230838 [chneukirchen] +1, good idea.
| + 230439 [rsanheim gma] As others have pointed out, and I mentioned in a thread I started just
| | 230457 [ara.t.howard] is it me, or are others also thinking that a thread complaining about
| | 230459 [gavin.kistne] Ah-frickin-men.
| | 230462 [Nuralanur ao] just
| + 230443 [pubsub rubyi] In addition to the newbie/guru split, there is also the possibility of a
|   + 230445 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
|   + 230446 [gaugaz l3s.d] I'm a newbie (to Ruby, and also to mailing lists somehow). What about
|     230448 [jeremymcanal] Yeah, and you add an extra step into the sending process, and I'm not
|     + 230451 [has.sox gmai] There's so many good posts on this topic I don't really know who to quote so
|     + 230453 [_mwryder wor] Which would be of no benefit for those who access the messages through
+ 230396 [james.britt ] Agreed.
| 230483 [ttmrichter g] While I can understand and appreciate the reasons for this approach,
| + 230485 [dblack wobbl] If it were all that deterministic and manipulable and predictable,
| | 230489 [ttmrichter g] Of course.  I'm not even hinting otherwise.  I'm just quietly asking him
| | 230497 [james.britt ] I think I have two names in my killfile.  I use some "kill on
| | 230502 [ttmrichter g] I tend more toward thread/subject killing (although I am far more
| + 230498 [james.britt ] Well, I've not abandoned the list (as my posts on this thread shows),
+ 230660 [Geoff domain] I've been reading quite a bit about these properties of online
  + 230686 [slamboy gmai] thirty years, almost any description of mailing lists of any length has
  + 230746 [robert.dober] (1) I have learned to think twice before discarding Tom's POVs

^ Re: Please help fixing gems on OSX
230287 [vorn nightst] Over the past few months, several people have posted on various mailing
230309 [drbrain segm] I'd like to know how this happens because I certainly haven't been
+ 230311 [drbrain segm] func=detail&aid=6097&group_id=126&atid=575
+ 230313 [vorn nightst] md5 sum of rubygems-0.9.0.tgz: 5d496e1f415b8b4033ab867f01d1161f (174321
  230408 [drbrain segm] The OS X built-in tar gets this right, stuffit expander gets this

^ string of strings...
230295 [josselin wan] ids = [22443, 22468, 22371, 22218, 22472, 22377, 22245]
+ 230296 [martindemell] ids.map {|i| "'#{i}'"}.join(" ,")
| + 230301 [johan.veenst] Johan
| + 230306 [josselin wan] thanks Martin...  I realize that the error I got was not due to
|   230323 [shortcutter ] Maybe you can generate ranges for adjacent values.  IIRC we had a thread
|   230685 [david vallne] Talk about serendipity... I was looking for a way to avoid having to do
|   230848 [shortcutter ] Depends on the number of items in the temp table and probably also on
|   230854 [david vallne] our
|   230891 [ssmoot gmail] Keep in mind that temp-tables in MSSQL are still written to disk in
|   + 230972 [david vallne] Well, the Powers That Be said "it's probably the query lag". So this
|   + 230989 [shortcutter ] The fact that they reside in tempdb does not necessarily mean they are
|     231029 [ssmoot gmail] I think you've got it right about whether a temp-table _must_ be
+ 230302 [shiwei.zhang] ids = [22443, 22468, 22371, 22218, 22472, 22377, 22245]

^ [ANN] ZenTest 3.4.3 Released
230300 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 3.4.3 has been released!

^ Discovering the number of return arguments requested.
230304 [phelan tttec] Is it possible ( and I think not ) that you can discover if any return
+ 230308 [drbrain segm] Methods only ever return one Object.  (Sometimes that Object will be
| 230321 [phelan tttec] True. However that doesn't answer the question as
| 230368 [shortcutter ] Actually, a Ruby method does *always* return an instance (even without
| 230374 [phelan tttec] I'm only curious about this due to performance issues not interface
| + 230391 [shortcutter ] I can see your point.  You could change the code and test it out or
| | 230510 [phelan tttec] Nice article. I remember reading stuff about Java and memory management
| + 230419 [tomp earthli] If the fragment is simply a pointer into a larger structure, then
+ 230364 [ara.t.howard] def foo opts = {}
+ 230691 [vjoel path.b] def foo

^ [ANN] ParseTree 1.6.2 Released
230305 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.6.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.2 Released
230312 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] heckle 1.1.0 Released
230314 [ryand-ruby z] Heckle version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ Ruby Tidy
230317 [seo mkdynami] I'm trying to get the Ruby Tidy gem installed but I am having problems.
+ 230319 [peter rubyra] Hola,
+ 230330 [cdcarter gma] It was required already then.  If you are requireing something for the
+ 230384 [gdonald gmai] Don't you have to have libtidy installed in addition to the gem?
| + 230513 [boss airblad] Some systems have it already installed.  For example, on my OS X it's
| + 230526 [rosco roscop] Yes, but that would have caused a failure at the 'Building native
+ 230576 [ snk gna.org] require 'rubygems'
| + 230583 [peter rubyra] As someone pointed out earlier, that would throw a LoadError - and
| + 230684 [david vallne] require_gem 'tidy' is not supposed to do anything. If I got the threads
+ 231627 [ariekusumaat] I'm on Mac OS X 10.4.8 as well (Powerbook). and i've got no problems
  231634 [wim.vandersc] I've had similar problems before, but require doesn't return false on an

^ compare two objects without take its ID in consideration
230328 [floyd_u2 hot] Is there a way to compare two objects without take its ID in
+ 230331 [jwells serva] def ==(other_obj)
| + 230334 [robert.dober] confirm that
| | 230338 [dblack wobbl] Why not the real FAQ?  http://www.rubygarden.org/faq
| | 230343 [robert.dober] I just simply and stupidly ignored its existence, I looked for a link from
| + 230405 [tim.pease gm] A little more robust ...
|   230406 [tim.pease gm] A little, little more robust ...
|   230409 [ara.t.howard] class C
|   230436 [tim.pease gm] Infinite recursion only bothers me when I have a finite processor ;)
+ 230336 [shiwei.zhang] Lobosque,
+ 230345 [seo mkdynami] re = /:[^\s]*/
| 230346 [seo mkdynami] obj1.inspect.sub(re, '') == obj2.inspect.sub(re, '')
| 230347 [floyd_u2 hot] Can you explain me what is happening in that code? thanks
| 230348 [seo mkdynami] This just gets the representation of both of the objects as strings (the
+ 230417 [coder68 yaho] class Game_Esper
| 230418 [coder68 yaho] Actually, after submitting this, I realized that if 2 objects are equal
+ 230421 [vjoel path.b] This is one pattern I use, and (because it defines #eql? and #hash) it