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^ using Proc and yield
229771 [alberthier y] I'm new to ruby and I'm currently testing the language. So I know I can
+ 229773 [jameskilton ] I don't think what you are trying to do is really possible and if it is
+ 229774 [matz ruby-la] Proc is an objectified block that carries the context at the point.
  229780 [alberthier y] OK, thank you for your quick answer
  + 229783 [alberthier y] At the end, read process(i, j) instead of process(i)
  | 229785 [jameskilton ] I can't really follow what you're doing here, though it does seem a bit
  + 229789 [tim.pease gm] def p1( arg )
  + 229868 [george.ogata] Blocks can't take blocks in 1.8, so I think you'll need to resort

^ Importing from text file to Excel
229778 [anon1m0us ya] Below is my code to import from a text file to EXCEL. I am encountering
229786 [chen_li3 yah] Use regular expression to get your data into (an)

^ Importing from text file to Excel
229779 [anon1m0us ya] Below is my code to import from a text file to EXCEL. I am encountering

^ REXML usage
229782 [kevin.tambas] I'm developing a project that allows my client to import an XML file.
229833 [bill.walton ] Here's a snippet I'm using to allow a visitor to upload a file they've
229834 [bill.walton ] I should have noted, in case the point wasn't clear from the code
229835 [kevin.tambas] Understood...I wasn't able to find an explanation of why sometimes I

^ Thread and sleep
229794 [tim.pease gm] $ cat a.rb
229801 [ara.t.howard] a) io and threads to not work together in the one-click installer
229803 [tim.pease gm] Curious about this one -- especially in light of (c) below.  If the
229808 [ara.t.howard] throw an strace on the one-click and cyg-ruby and see.  i'd be curious what's
+ 229812 [kenosis gmai] I had this problem on a project a couple of years back and the
| + 229814 [kenosis gmai] PPS. And this only occurred on Windoz, not *nix.
| + 229819 [tim.pease gm] Yeah, it does look like the "gets" is causing the other thread to not
|   229829 [ara.t.howard] i bet it involves ruby's internal use of select for thread scheduling and
+ 229826 [tim.pease gm] Any suggestions for an strace equivalent on Windows?  Let me rephrase
  229844 [ara.t.howard] sorry - i just assumed something like that would come with cygwin?
  229850 [tim.pease gm] strace works well in cygwin.  Can't use it when launching the
  229852 [vjoel path.b] Google for windbg and read its docs on logger.exe. (I've never used

^ Ruby on Rails Developers Required - Work from Home / Telecommute
229795 [radhastirlin] Experienced Ruby Developer required, preferably with rails (RoR)

^ EXCEL Ruby not working
229800 [anon1m0us ya] I get a file name in the directory and modify the cells with making
+ 229816 [chris.hulan ] Tried your code and it seems that 'Save as...' is putting the saved
| 229820 [tim.pease gm] I have run into trouble in the past using relative pathnames for MS
| 229846 [nlloyds gmai] x.workbooks.open(Dir.getwd + "/file.xls") # Note the / before the file name
+ 229882 [sigma.kappa ] This will look more like Ruby is you don't type the parentheses, and
  229894 [chen_li3 yah] Is it possible to draw graphics with it in Excel?
  229895 [sigma.kappa ] I never tried to, so I'm not sure.
  + 230341 [anon1m0us ya] The main issue is still unresolved....why when I have the excel not
  + 230342 [anon1m0us ya] The main issue is still unresolved....why when I have the excel not

^ Problem using a Gem... (CreditCard is not a module)
229811 [jasonvogel g] Disclaimer : Ruby Nuby
229817 [slamboy gmai] Hrm.  First mistake is probably not posting to the rails mailing list :)

^ newb: Rails character encoding and validation
229815 [user example] I'm putting together a basic rails application, and writing my first
229856 [ramalho gmai] It is not really viable to validade a name field with a regex if youare willing to accept Unicode characters. The only reasonablevalidation is to check whether the field is empty.
229916 [david vallne] It is so viable. Just not using [a-zA-Z].
+ 229918 [david vallne] For clarification: I am unsure just how well Ruby's regexp engine
+ 229921 [ramalho gmai] You mean, using the Unicode database?
  229923 [david vallne] That is true. It doesn't have anything to do with Unicode however, as I

^ Re: image_science 1.0.0 Released
229824 [dale.martens] lipo -create libfreeimage-3.9.2.dylib-ppc libfreeimage-3.9.2.dylib-i386
+ 229827 [ryand-ruby z] "NOTE: OSX builds a fat binary, so you need to have the 10.3.9 and
+ 229838 [hutch recurs] Nope. I have the same problem.

^ Active record Dynamic
229828 [dartruk gmai] How to cast my params[:id] (through or not a temp variable) in an
229832 [gavin.kistne] For questions specific to Ruby on Rails, please use the Ruby on Rails
229839 [slamboy gmai] It seems there's been too many rails questions posted on this mailing list

^ Re: What's the difference between a Thread and a Process?
229831 [weijun77 gma] searching for an answer for Solaris lwp...really great piece of

^ Popup Window Problem AJAX
229836 [seo mkdynami] When I try to use Ajax in a window openened by 'window.open('<url>');'
+ 229840 [james.britt ] You might do better to ask JavaScript questions on  a JavaScript mailing
+ 229848 [rubytalk gma] Sorry I don't have time to mock this up and test my idea. Try moving
  229849 [seo mkdynami] Thanks, but that doesn't help.
  229920 [rubytalk gma] If it works after you refresh the popup window then its not a security issue.

^ matching lines....
229851 [josquius hot] I'm really wracking my brain about this one though I bet there must be
+ 229853 [james graypr] persons_hobbies = Hash.new
| 229885 [josquius hot] hobbies being the list of hobbies of one person
| 229898 [james graypr] hobbies looks like:  {"football" => ["Kevin", "John"], ...}
+ 229881 [w_a_x_man ya] hobbies = Hash.new{ [] }
+ 229888 [invalid gmx.] Person = Struct.new(:name, :age, :hobbies)

^ Changing E-mail Address
229855 [patwanet gma] option anywhere else.

^ binding input elements to params and sessions too
229857 [henkvantijen] I started experimenting with RoR and came across the raw support for
229913 [david vallne] I'll leave the usual redirect to the RoR lists to someone with a canned

^ Dynamic Variable Names
229860 [chriscodes g] Is it possible to create dynamic variable names in ruby?
+ 229862 [public misus] I'm not positive I understand precisely what you want, but if you want
| 229872 [george.ogata] I believe this is because local variable-ness is determined
| 229873 [gavin.kistne] See #instance_variable_set, #instance_variable_get. However, as others have said...use a Hash.
| 229880 [chriscodes g] Thanks all!
+ 229863 [public misus] I'm not positive I understand precisely what you want, but if you want
+ 229871 [george.ogata] Couldn't you just throw them in a hash?

^ How Old is Ruby
229861 [i039345 sap.] I am bit curious to know how did ruby come in to existense . Woulds be great
+ 229864 [gregory.t.br] ...
+ 229867 [nicksieger g] Ruby will be 14 years old in February of 2007.  There was a talk on this
+ 231173 [listcatcher ] As far as I can tell, this was the original announcement. I notice that
  231176 [james.britt ] It received replies on the mailing list.

^ where is YAML::Syck's maling list?
229869 [phlipcpp yah] I an am adept googler, but this crumb of data eludes me. (Naive attempts
+ 230024 [aledonne.lis] Philip,
| 230057 [phlipcpp yah] My questions are so syck this group would never answer them.
+ 230116 [why ruby-lan] The yaml-core list is a pretty good place to talk about Syck in the open.  If

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 2.1.0
229870 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on RSS 2.0, YAML,

^ mongrel vs fastCGI+lighty
229875 [lister pikkl] we are building a pure ruby app (not rails) and wondered what people's
229884 [khaines enig] Mongrel is nice.  It is easy to use, and quite fast.

^ calling child from parent
229876 [lister pikkl] i understand super passes method calls up to the parent.
+ 229891 [ayaz dev.sla] My OO know-how may have turned rusty, but isn't a Parent class (and
+ 229893 [toalett gmai] $ irb

^ ZenTest autotest problems
229883 [user domain.] My current project passes all the tests under the 3.3.0 version but I
229985 [drbrain segm] Using my intensely powerful mind-reading psychic skills, I'll have to
229990 [user domain.] I did it (almost, in fact it was a cow) but it the tests still don't pass...
230118 [drbrain segm] Can you include a failure?
230333 [user domain.] Yes, the one below - Is there something wrong ? I really don't see the
+ 230355 [rsanheim gma] 1) run the single failing test method in question by itself
| + 230371 [user domain.] Good idea, but what is the rake command to only run a test method, a
| | 230375 [francois.bea] 2006/12/19, Zouplaz <user@domain.invalid>:> le 19/12/2006 15:13, Rob Sanheim nous a dit:> > 1) run the single failing test method in question by itself> > 2) run the functional test case in question by itself> > 3) run the functional test suite by itself> >> > These steps will often turn up issues where fixtures aren't specified> > where they should be, or where test order is playing a part (where it> > shouldn't be).>> Good idea, but what is the rake command to only run a test method, a> test case or a test suite ?
| + 230512 [user domain.] ruby ./vehicules_controller_test.rb
|   230565 [dgoodlad gma] It really sounds to me like you've got a missing fixture in those
+ 230521 [jan.svitok g] HTTP 302 means Moved temporarily. have a look at your logs to what url

^ how to install ERb?
229887 [mutedev yaho] ERb now. but when i run erb, i get command not found error. so i guess
229892 [chad chadfow] It's typically installed with the standard Ruby distribution.  If
229900 [mutedev yaho] Actually i checked the synaptic (im using edgy eft) and didnt find the
229903 [david vallne] =20
+ 229905 [dblack wobbl] It is tiresome.  I always recommend installing Ruby from source, on
| 229912 [znmeb cesmai] I'm starting to lean that way even on Gentoo, where it *is* installed from
+ 230093 [george.ogata] But I think it's better to install ruby from source too.

^ [ANN] id3lib-ruby 0.5.0
229897 [robin nibor.] Release 0.5.0 fixes a bug where reading unusual frames could result in a

^ Just some Ruby language ideas, comments wanted.
229906 [danfinnie op] My first Ruby language idea is simple.  Instead of having every method
+ 229907 [twifkak comc] [4, 6, 9].fetch(4)||'i'
| + 229908 [david vallne] This wouldn't work with the current semantics of select, since select
| | + 229909 [james graypr] I'm not sure what you are saying here.  Enumerator is a standard
| | | 229924 [david vallne] Yes, but it is a library. I admit my phrasing was wrong, I just wouldn't
| | + 229934 [twifkak comc] ary.as_references.select {|x| x.nil? }[1] = 2
| + 229936 [logancapaldo] % cat view.rb
|   229947 [danfinnie op] I did something like that for the current Ruby Quiz, but it doesn't do
|   229992 [pfortuny gma] Wow, I was *just about* going to suggest the very same thing, using the
+ 229997 [martindemell] class Array
  + 229999 [twifkak comc] Ah, but to get access to the 2nd nil, yours requires an external
  | 230004 [martindemell] Yeah, if you specifically require the nth element returned by select,
  + 230262 [danfinnie op] First, Sorry for the late reply.

^ Stubbing out class: just a little toy
229910 [public misus] I was playing around recently with building a "stubbing" system in Ruby

^ Re: CTI Corporativo auto responses
229914 [ snk gna.org] I too received this spam when I posted an announcement using RubyForum.
229915 [slamboy gmai] Gmail has filters.  Hopefully whatever email client you use has filters as
229962 [ snk gna.org] It seems the storm has passed. I haven't received those messages since
229963 [znmeb cesmai] Neither have I. This is a good thing. :)

^ does Ruby generate WINDOWS and dialog boxes?
229917 [personal sti] I just heard about Ruby and it looks fascinating. I see lots of code being
+ 229922 [david vallne] ing=20
| 229939 [vjoel path.b] Tk is in the standard library. Don't laugh, it can be useful! :)
| + 229943 [david vallne] Wooer. I subconsciously ignore Tk by now. Go me. Or something.
| + 229961 [ snk gna.org] Tk is wonderful! It's really simple to manipulate widgets and graphics
|   + 229964 [znmeb cesmai] I don't actually *hate* Tk -- I just never learned how to use it, and I think
|   + 229975 [ttmrichter g] I'm with David here.  Tk isn't the Ruby of GUI toolkits.  But I diverge
|     + 229976 [ snk gna.org] Bingo! That's where we differ. I don't sell software so I haven't had to
|     | + 229980 [james.britt ] I write most of my software for myself, and I'm fantastically lazy (to
|     | + 230010 [david vallne] Har!
|     + 229977 [ snk gna.org] Why should I fear embarrassing or otherwise making an ass out of myself?
|     | 229979 [ttmrichter g] That is both an interesting and a refreshing attitude.  However there is
|     | 229986 [ snk gna.org] Understood.
|     | 229991 [ttmrichter g] Ah.  Then I hate you.  It's really that simple.  :D
|     + 230823 [martindemell] Apart from the TkCanvas, which is utterly brilliant. How many other
|       + 230917 [vjoel path.b] I agree. TkCanvas doesn't do rotation or scaling as nicely as opengl,
|       + 230962 [alex blackke] WPF?
|         230966 [gk cutcopy.c] I'm looking bout every few weeks on the site of the compiler, but there
+ 229967 [RichardDummy] I'm planning to implement desk-top applications the same way I'm
  229968 [david vallne] eing
  229973 [RichardDummy] To us programmers it would be a web app with a local server,  but to
  230007 [david vallne] Now -that- I want to see. Really. Odds are it Just Won't unless you only
  + 230065 [RichardDummy] A client's WindowsXP machine, for the purpose of running a Rails-based
  | + 230073 [david vallne] For the client-side logic, you're still stuck to HTML and Javascript,
  | | + 230079 [david vallne] The seedy looking punk behind the window in the bathroom is ME?!
  | | | 230082 [slamboy gmai] Not to attempt to bring this back on topic or anything, but I needed this
  | | | 230191 [david vallne] ain
  | | + 230127 [RichardDummy] based on a  few months of experience with these products.
  | |   + 230130 [ snk gna.org] We have a one-user application...
  | |   | + 230131 [ snk gna.org] Ahh, sorry, I forgot to cut out the irrelevant text at the top of the
  | |   | + 230132 [ snk gna.org] That should be "rake migrate" not "rails migrate".
  | |   | + 230199 [david vallne] No ;P The database is shared between the users, only the webserver runs
  | |   | | 230245 [RichardDummy] Right on David.  But Suraj's comments make me wonder:  if I create a
  | |   | + 230250 [RichardDummy] Thanks for responding.
  | |   |   230572 [ snk gna.org] user would access the database (i.e. each user has their own DB).
  | |   |   230715 [RichardDummy] Great to know.  I'll check that out before I go to production.
  | |   |   230734 [ snk gna.org] Maybe that is too restrictive -- rake is used for other Ruby stuff as
  | |   |   230825 [RichardDummy] Understood!
  | |   + 230205 [david vallne] Yes. However, there's still the HTTP request divisor in the middle, with
  | |   | 230255 [RichardDummy] I think we're converging to a solution.
  | |   | 230689 [david vallne] Mind the "should". It's a bit too late at night for me to try to go over
  | |   | 230717 [RichardDummy] Good point.  I'll be able to force all users to shut down their
  | |   + 230716 [johnwilger g] On Dec 17, 11:17 pm, "Richard"
  | |     + 230719 [RichardDummy] [As I slap my forehead in astonishment, I say:]  because I never
  | |     | 230735 [ snk gna.org] Shocking indeed! :-)
  | |     + 230729 [david vallne] Load distribution. The only thing you need to ever make scalable is the
  | |       + 230817 [johnwilger g] We may have to agree to disagree here, but I'm going to say that there
  | |       | + 230830 [RichardDummy] Good additional ideas!
  | |       | + 230873 [david vallne] Mind you, this is what I said in my first reply to Richard in the first
  | |       |   230924 [johnwilger g] OK, I must have just missed that post. This thread has about two or
  | |       |   230933 [RichardDummy] Hey David and John,
  | |       + 230828 [RichardDummy] Good additional ideas.
  | + 230115 [ttmrichter g] Wow!  Someone used the words "C++" and "elegant" in the same sentence
  |   230129 [RichardDummy] I know you meant that in a light-hearted way.  Yet, I wonder whether
  |   230136 [ttmrichter g] Point me to a single book that calls C++ "elegant" written by someone
  |   230243 [RichardDummy] Though I've bought and skimmed a few books on compiler design (because
  + 230069 [RichardDummy] A client's WindowsXP machine, for the purpose of running a Rails-based

^ Dictionary, iterate & update objects
229926 [henning.jans] I need some newbe advice on idiomatic use of Python dictionaries.
+ 229927 [david vallne] Erroneous crosspost?
+ 229928 [henning.jans] oops! This one was actually meant to be posted in the PYTHON group ...

^ variable names limitation
229929 [anoyan hotma] Do we have any limitation in variable declerations. For instance how
229933 [david vallne] AFAIK, it's /[_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*/ ;P

^ Using ruby in applescript studio
229930 [bluephonic g] stupid question, but is there any way to add a ruby file to an
+ 229931 [matt tidbits] Sure - do it just the same way as you'd add a Perl file to an
+ 229932 [bluephonic g] Aw, crap: it looks like usenet added line breaks to my code.  I've put
+ 229937 [haug berndha] I don't know that, but did you consider going it the other way around
  229938 [bluephonic g] I thought about that, but (if I'm not mistaken) it would mean anyone
  230097 [bluephonic g] Okay, I've run into a problem.  I've added the .rb file to the project
  230100 [logancapaldo] Just a guess here but either chmod +x getArticle.rb or change the
  230102 [matt tidbits] That's right.

^ RPA wiki down/gone?
229935 [jeremymcanal] I just tried to get onto the Ruby Production Archive wiki, and it
229996 [ mfp acm.org] I recovered all the nodes I could, got rid of all the spam and made the wiki
230090 [ mfp acm.org] The wiki is back. Kudos go to Tom Copeland for his quick response.
230092 [jeremymcanal] Hey Mauricio,

^ question about .gsub
229946 [fvgi242ss gm] line = `tree /Users/aragon/Documents  -d`
229948 [nospam nosit] Seems a shame to strip off all that tree-like formatting and characters,
229950 [fvgi242ss gm] I want them to be store in a mysql-database.
229952 [nospam nosit] / ...
229953 [fvgi242ss gm] I need the complete path - no filenames (dirname, basename?).
+ 229955 [fvgi242ss gm] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
| 229957 [nospam nosit] I believe this is more complex than it needs to be, or I didn't understand
| 229987 [banshee bans] Dir.glob '/tmp/**/*.jpg'
+ 229956 [nospam nosit] Your reply is ambiguous. Do you want the filename to be included in the