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^ Re: Kwala v0.1 Release
229516 [andrewroth g] This looks great!  Will it work in windows?  I'm on XP with 1.8.5.  I
229559 [rubyzbibd ub] [Snip useful information about environment]

^ Rails problem with page.replace
229523 [raw mlyniec.] I'm going to add some functionality to my application. I need to replace
+ 229674 [tim.pease gm] Try posting this question on the Ruby on Rails maling list. They'll be
+ 229807 [rubytalk gma] Try

^ FasterCSV - Writing to File Question
229527 [olsonas gmai] Based on a previous thread, I gave FasterCSV a try and I've been very
+ 229530 [olsonas gmai] snip
+ 229532 [james graypr] Sure.  Should work just fine.  (File a bug if it doesn't!)
| 229535 [olsonas gmai] James -
+ 229533 [kenosis gmai] I don't use FCSV but I'd be wouldn't be surprised if it didn't have a

^ Re: gems cleverness?
229539 [drbrain segm] spec.full_name } # *
229627 [drbrain segm] Oh, sorry.
+ 229688 [drbrain segm] Ok, This will be going in once rubygems is up.  Same interface.
| 229749 [Gemma.Camero] You're all going to be making my head very big.... I'm not all that
+ 229821 [drbrain segm] Not accurately.  Load path manipulation or require order may cause
  + 229830 [ara.t.howard] and, of course, it can be even more pathalogical
  | 229837 [twifkak comc] def require; false end
  + 229842 [tomp earthli] Granted, but that's not a good reason to not to do what you can.
    229858 [erikveen gma] gem.full_name}

^ [ANN] image_science 1.0.0 Released
229542 [ryand-ruby z] image_science version 1.0.0 has been released!
229772 [hutch recurs] This is just what I was looking for. Perfect timing.
+ 229781 [wbirkett dop] Tried the latest (1.9) Makefile.osx, but would not link on PPC.
| 229792 [ryand-ruby z] ...
+ 229790 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://blog.segment7.net
+ 229791 [ryand-ruby z] "NOTE: OSX builds a fat binary, so you need to have the 10.3.9 and

^ DateTime.strptime()
229550 [mattismyname] Sorry for posting a beginner question here, but it seems like date/format.rb
229566 [m_goldberg a] DateTime.strptime simply can't handle "1166049481" as an argument. It
229572 [mattismyname] Thanks Morton.  I did read date/format.rb and in 1.8.4 (what I'm running) it

^ array and hash combine methods
229552 [glen83 gmail] Just thought I'd post a solution I came up with to finding
229590 [o.renaud lap] Le jeudi 14 d˝─embre 2006 02:22, glen a ˝─rit

^ Re: Ruby telnet issue when target platform is SuSE9.2
229557 [seazhang99 g] I solved this problem since I met the same issue as you. Below is my

^ No docs from facets gem installation
229563 [tomp earthli] I recently did a remote gem installation of facets-core and was

^ job posting: Sr Systems Programmer needed
229565 [lmsteadman g] AGCO, Jackson Operations is nestled in the picturesque Des Moines River

^ FXRuby 1.6.4 redux
229575 [ttmrichter g] OK, thanks to the timely help of Lyle Johnson (Thanks, Lyle!) I got
229578 [nospam nosit] / ...
229583 [ttmrichter g] # a whole bunch of stuff about /etc/ld.so.conf
229614 [lyle.johnson] It was giving you the path to the FXRuby extension's shared library

^ POPL 2007 Call for Participation
229577 [sorin.lerner] *********************************************************************
229631 [wilsonb gmai] That looks like an incredible lineup. Now I really want to attend.
229633 [djberg96 gma] Hey, where's Matz? :)
229640 [matz ruby-la] HE will be in Tokyo at the date.  I am looking forward to get the

^ What  is the meaning of Dim
229579 [chen_li3 yah] Dim in VBA is a key word used to define variable. But
+ 229580 [nospam nosit] "In some dialects, variables must be declared (using the DIM statement) on
| 229586 [chen_li3 yah] In Ruby def is a breviation for the word define and what is the full
| + 229587 [nospam nosit] It was originally an abbreviation for "dimension", a term that was only
| + 229591 [mike stok.ca] My vague memories of Basic (not Visual Basic) include using DIM to
| + 229612 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you all for the explanations,
+ 229644 [pubsub rubyi] VB was actually created as a joke programming language by a college
  229666 [jameskilton ] Do you have any proof of this? I can't find such a story anywhere (after
  229672 [jeremymcanal] That story is untrue, and I believe meant as a joke. :)

^ question about ruby's licence
229584 [yuesefa gmai] can ruby codes be mixed up(for some protection purpose) so that it can
229585 [matz ruby-la] The code you write in Ruby is under your control, not mine.  So that

^ newbie: unpacking binary data
229592 [mvdv spamcop] Thanks for the efforts put into making Ruby available!
229597 [shortcutter ] This does not work because the second argument to foreach is the /line
229748 [mvyver gmail] Thanks Robert.  Much appreciated.

^ [OT] CTI Corporativo auto responses
229598 [djberg96 gma] All,
+ 229602 [halostatue g] I haven't seen those, but I will occasionally see a message from some
+ 229603 [dblack wobbl] Yes, I am (posting via the mailing list).
+ 229608 [james graypr] I got them and didn't post via GMail.
| 229620 [slamboy gmai] Yeah, I got them too.
+ 229669 [david vallne] If my uncanny skill of guessing away at languages I don't know (heck, I
| 229802 [angus quovad] [Giles Bowkett <gilesb@gmail.com>, 2006-12-15 18.45 CET]
| 229841 [angus quovad] [Giles Bowkett <gilesb@gmail.com>, 2006-12-15 20.49 CET]
| 229904 [david vallne] You -were- asking for it. My $0.02.
+ 229886 [udo.froehlin] I got two of them and i'm reading and posting via usenet newsgroup

^ Re: Ruby Bug Day: Rubinius, JRuby, etc etc etc
229599 [gustav rails] Sure! I generally feel to 'noobish' to bother the core members of
229670 [alex.combas ] They say there are three paths to learning
230009 [charles.nutt] Finally settled in somewhere with reliable internet access. Hello Rotterdam!

^ Swap contents in two files
229600 [christopherl] I have two files, I want to swap the contents of the files in my
+ 229601 [shortcutter ] Renaming with a third temp file name is the most efficient if you know
| 229607 [christopherl] How the code for that program going to look like?
| + 229610 [gethemant gm] require 'fileutils'
| | 229642 [christopherl] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:501:in `rename': No such file or
| | 229646 [christopherl] what's stackdump?
| | 229752 [gethemant gm] Heh.. don't worry abt stackdump its the stackdump file of of a.exe,
| + 229615 [ara.t.howard] require 'tempfile'
|   229616 [dblack wobbl] a, b = *ARGV
|   229618 [ara.t.howard] quite right.  i've moved to the former because it's self doccumenting : a
|   + 229621 [shortcutter ] I usually use
|   | 229634 [james graypr] Yuck.  ;)
|   + 229629 [dblack wobbl] a, b = ARGV
+ 229637 [pubsub rubyi] Why not just rename the files? Or am I missing your meaning?
| 230307 [shiwei.zhang] Got to see this topic just now. I do agree with Tom's opinion.
+ 229661 [nospam nosit] sa,sb, nevermind = ARGV

^ [SUMMARY] Tournament Matchups (#105)
229609 [james graypr] Quite a few people took a stab at this problem with some mighty clever code.

^ [OT] Troubles with Safari PDF version of The Ruby Way 2nd edition
229611 [rod.gaither ] I've been struggling with tech support at O'Reilly Safari Online in getting
229613 [gethemant gm] Agreed Rod,

^ (none)
229622 [bartenev gma] I'm quite new to ruby language. Can anyone please explain why in the

^ Re:
229626 [bartenev gma] Whoops. Sorry about that.
+ 229635 [dblack wobbl] Methods ending with equal signs return the rhs, rather than their last
| 229639 [bartenev gma] Thank you for your reply.
| 229645 [dblack wobbl] x = 1
+ 229641 [coder68 yaho] Maksim,
  229643 [coder68 yaho] Whoops!  my mistake, as Dave mentioned, this method will return the RHS

^ Ruby on rails error
229628 [jack aol.com] The error and code is below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
229632 [coder68 yaho] Jack,

^ FYI - Ruby related article/blog on Reddit front page
229647 [olsonas gmai] The title is also misleading, as Ruby as a language is fine. Post on the
229651 [jameskilton ] To be honest, I found the blog post pretty much right on. Ruby is a great
229654 [dblack wobbl] Ruby is a professional tool, and has been for years.  The 23
+ 229655 [jameskilton ] I guess I should have expounded on my use of the word "professional".
| + 229658 [ara.t.howard] which is a major apples to oranges comparisson.  if you write packages in perl
| + 229680 [dblack wobbl] s/Dave/David/ :-)
+ 229690 [alex.combas ] I agree with you on this but I think there
+ 229707 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
  229713 [dblack wobbl] Thanks for posting those -- always a pleasure to see them again :-)
  229724 [pabs pablotr] No problemo!

^ Problem compiling openssl on ruby-1.8.5-p2 with gcc 3.2
229650 [jgbailey gma] Sorry to resurrect this old post - but I just ran into the problem

^ Hash/2-d array help!
229652 [josquius hot] Would anyone happen to know how would I go about creating a hash where I
+ 229653 [jameskilton ] hash = {
| + 229656 [cschneid col] If you're doing it incrementally, instead of all at once like
| + 229657 [josquius hot] Ah....now that's a lot simpler then I thought.
|   + 229659 [nospam nosit] array = hash["England"]
|   + 229660 [chen_li3 yah] This is right syntax to create a hash(with single or
+ 229681 [josquius hot] Ah! Thanks. Got it totally working now!
  + 229684 [nospam nosit] Yes, certainly. You can easily create an array containing variables instead
  + 229685 [chen_li3 yah] Is the following  what you try to do?
    229689 [josquius hot] Oh right thanks, got it working.

^ Ruby File Copy SEG-FAULT on 64-bit System
229663 [cjeness york] I have a Ruby script which copies certain files from one subdirectory to
229668 [djberg96 gma] I'm confused - are you running 1.8.5 or 1.8.1 on your 64 bit machine?
229676 [cjeness york] I am running the same version on all computers:  1.8.1-51.10.   In my
229678 [cjeness york] I downloaded the latest source code from the Ruby site (1.8.5-p2) and

^ RubyForge offline
229664 [tom infoethe] RubyForge is offline; we're investigating it.  Mirror information is
+ 229665 [tom infoethe] Back online now.
+ 229667 [djberg96 gma] <holding plug in hand>
  + 229679 [tom infoethe] And it's back offline again.  I caught a glimpse of the process table
  + 229738 [ snk gna.org] It's back up again, hurray! :-)

^ ruby/ole excel delete row?
229675 [bingopajama ] How do I delete a row in an excel spreadsheet with win32ole?
+ 229699 [nlloyds gmai] excel.range('h2:h305').each do |cell|
| + 229703 [nlloyds gmai] Ok, let me correct myself. This doesn't quite work. If you're in row 3 and
| + 229784 [tim.pease gm] I have found it helpful to browse the VBA help modules for the various
|   229787 [ara.t.howard] you are a sick man!
|   229788 [tim.pease gm] I actually have had the flu for the past two days.  How'd you know?
+ 229728 [chen_li3 yah] array=[]
  229767 [chen_li3 yah] worksheet1.Range("A1:L40").each do |cell|

^ Ruby forum posts and replies disappearing
229677 [mvdv spamcop] Several users report similar behavior in the RForum - but there has been

^ String#insert method is destructive...  inconsistent?
229683 [joe lavajoe.] I am relatively new to Ruby, and I am loving it!  I have a long Python
+ 229700 [wardies gmai] I also started wondering...
| 229704 [joe lavajoe.] Ah, thanks for the link.  I tried Googling for "ruby String#insert
| 229717 [joe lavajoe.] Sorry for so many posts...  But I realized that the search I had done
| 229719 [dblack wobbl] Interesting things being said...six years ago?!  Will wonders never
| 229720 [james graypr] You are.  :)
+ 229701 [matz ruby-la] concat is destructive as well.
  229706 [joe lavajoe.] Thanks, Matz - so cool to get a quick reply!  I guess it was the things

^ Variables and References
229691 [aytekyuksel ] I'm new to ruby. Trying to understand how variables hold references to
+ 229692 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 229695 [nospam nosit] / ...
  229696 [aytekyuksel ] I did a silly mistake.
  229697 [nospam nosit] No, not at all. Yours wasn't a silly mistake, it was a very good question.

^ Why is define_method private? Plus, what's the point of private methods?
229708 [danfinnie op] Why is define_method a private method?  I can't recall ever using
+ 229729 [collinsj sea] About private methods...this is something that comes up every now and
| 229742 [gregory.t.br] Very much agreed.  The number one use of private for me is to hide
+ 229940 [logancapaldo] Well a class should control it's own methods, just saying

^ [ANN] Motiro 0.5.4 released
229709 [thiago.arrai] Motiro is a project tracking tool. I have been writing it on my

^ rubyforge.org down again?
229710 [kylekirby op] Does any body know why rubyforge.org is down again? and when it will be
+ 229711 [aotianlong.c] yes , i can't visit it.
+ 229712 [tom infoethe] Yours,

^ IO output problem
229714 [coscpp gmail] class Sone
+ 229715 [dblack wobbl] inspect and to_s just produce strings.  To see them, you have to print
| 229718 [coscpp gmail] I understand now, thank you both of you
| 229721 [caldridge gm] It's been a while since I've read that example but for some reason, I
| 229722 [danfinnie op] I think it's from Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide.
+ 229716 [danfinnie op] First, Song is misspelled to Sone, it seems.
  229725 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):001:0> o = Object.new

^ [PATCH] Re: DateTime.strptime()
229726 [george.ogata] It looks like a bug in date/format.rb to me.  It also works as you

^ win 32 utils changenotify
229727 [lrlebron gma] I just downloaded and installed the win32utils installer. When I try to
229730 [djberg96 gma] You'll need to upgrade to 0.4.2.  You can either build from source or
229732 [lrlebron gma] I downloaded the file and renamed it according to your instructions but
229734 [djberg96 gma] Whoops.  Download the latest win32-ipc and build from source or install
229735 [lrlebron gma] Thanks,
229736 [djberg96 gma] cn.wait{ |s|
229740 [lrlebron gma] Thanks for the help. I am still getting the following error when a file
229741 [djberg96 gma] cn.wait{ |arr|
229750 [botp delmont] From Daniel Berger [mailto:djberg96@gmail.com]

^ Attn: Robert Klemme
229733 [mvdv spamcop] Could Robert Klemme please re-post his reply to "newbie: unpacking
229737 [hhausman gma] You may be interested to know that the 'forum' you're looking at is
229747 [mvdv spamcop] Thanks for the tip! I'll use the Google group from now on.

^ [ANN] Rassmalog 2.0.0
229743 [ snk gna.org] Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on RSS 2.0, YAML,

^ [ANN] Dhaka 0.0.5 bugfix
229745 [mushfeq.khan] This version of the Dhaka gem fixes two bugs in the handling of grammars
229765 [james graypr] Just curious:  what does Dhaka mean?
+ 229775 [gethemant gm] Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. IMHO author picked name from there.
| 229822 [mushfeq.khan] Yes, that is indeed correct. Thanks for the encouraging comments.
| 229854 [mushfeq.khan] I've replaced the empty gem and RubyForge has done its rounds. 'gem install
+ 229776 [zimbatm oree] The dhaka-0.5 seems to be empty.

^ method_missing question
229753 [peter rubyra] I am using method_missing to build a structure (similar to a tree) like
+ 229754 [m.fellinger ] ...
+ 229859 [george.ogata] This sort of thing probably already exists somewhere, but I don't know
  + 229941 [vjoel path.b] Yes, "script" is something else. It's for loading an external "script"
  + 229988 [banshee bans] More straightforward to grab the block, make it a method of the current

^ What tracking software does Rubyforge use?
229760 [pergesu gmai] Does anyone know what software Ruby uses for the bug/requests/patches
+ 229761 [halostatue g] It's called GForge.
| 229762 [pergesu gmai] Thanks.  I'm having trouble figuring out if it's free or not.  Seems
| 229766 [tom infoethe] Yup, there's a GPL'd version and a commercial version.  And I think
| 229769 [reid.thompso] UBUNTU && debian have GFORGE in their repositories -> sudo apt-get install
+ 229798 [rsanheim gma] Can you explain why you think its better then trac?  I know just from

^ [QUIZ] Chess960 (#106)
229763 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 229809 [martin snowp] Let me suggest that another potential output format is an html page
| + 229810 [james graypr] +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
| + 229942 [jamie.macey ] I haven't bothered generating the full table, I'm just randomly
+ 229866 [danfinnie op] Is that the real starting position 432?  Or was that just a made up number?
| 229874 [james graypr] Ask Ruby.
| 229877 [m_goldberg a] I don't see how the Ruby interpreter can answer this question. How
| + 229878 [znmeb cesmai] I believe the comment was meant to say, "write a correct Ruby program to solve
| + 229879 [james graypr] 0-959 was not an option in Daniel's email (look again) and I'm
|   229896 [danfinnie op] Yeah, that was my typo.
|   229899 [Rob AgileCon] At the risk of being a spoiler (hint: don't go to the linked
+ 230001 [chunyun.zhao] Attached is my solution.
+ 230042 [robert.dober] Here is my solution to #106 I thaught I'll make a more readable amb based
| 230053 [mushfeq.khan] This is not a very elegant or concise or even efficient solution. I tried
+ 230062 [robert.dober] Here goes my second solution, looks a little bit better, using Jim Weirich's
| 230086 [james graypr] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
+ 230091 [jamie.macey ] I just did up a random generator using the die-rolling method
+ 230143 [dave burt.id] [Event "Starting Position 787"]
| 230158 [dave burt.id] My program lies about the number. I like my numbering scheme, but I
| 230175 [gavin.kistne] Just gotta say, that's pretty brain-dead tricky. To produce the same
| 230178 [james graypr] Yeah, I thought that was darn clever as well.
+ 230264 [danfinnie op] This is my solution.  It makes use of my ArrayValue class which was
+ 230265 [danfinnie op] ArrayValues class which is described in my previous email.  I think it