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^ mkmf.rb question
229336 [phurley gmai] I keep getting lost in the mkmf code, so I was hoping to find a guide.
229348 [djberg96 gma] # extconf.rb

^ Quiz 105 Solution - now with Trees!
229344 [john.baylor ] Its not quite as clean as I'd like but there are other things I should be

^ C => Ruby plus TCP serialization using Marshal.dump/load
229350 [nathanb vt.e] Hey,
+ 229355 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 229358 [nathanb vt.e] Paul-
| 229364 [tim.pease gm] Pointers are not going to serialize very well. The problem is that the
+ 229357 [vjoel path.b] If it's an opaque blob, then it sounds like String is the best class to
+ 229360 [ara.t.howard] i think you really want to be using mmap.  that way there is no 'passing'.
  229365 [tim.pease gm] Hmmm ... are you suggesting that he memory map all the C data to a
  229370 [ara.t.howard] just suggesting using mmap to pass the data between c and ruby using
  229377 [nathanb vt.e] Guys,
  229385 [ara.t.howard] the is no automatic solution for c serializtion.  you have to code that your
  229759 [vlm lionet.i] You can use the ASN.1 compilers to create serializers and deserializers
  229777 [ara.t.howard] thanks for the link!

^ [ANN] - Bible 1.0.1 - A bible reference parsing and text retrieval tool
229351 [jgbailey gma] All,
+ 229353 [jeremymcanal] Wow this looks great!  Thanks for building this.
| 229356 [jgbailey gma] I didn't even know there was such a thing. I don't have any plans to extend
| 229372 [jeremymcanal] Yeah, things like QuickVerse, Logos, and Zondervan's software use
+ 229359 [daniel.schie] It always did think the Bible needed an update :)
  229462 [jgbailey gma] Haha, cute! I guess one point release in the last 1700 years isn't so bad

^ assigning constant as an unbound dynamic method
229361 [strattner ya] work in Network Support, and have used Perl in the past for various
+ 229362 [rubytalk eac] You could try adding :: infront of SMTP like ::SMTP::Manager.instance_method
+ 229367 [coachhilton ] You can just use the "send" method, which is defined in the base class
+ 229504 [pubsub rubyi] GET = ::SMTP::Manager.instance_method(:get)

^ Re: - Bible 1.0.1 - A bible reference parsing and text retrieval tool
229368 [kenosis gmai] This is THE kindest usenet group I have EVER encountered.  The things

^ passing Proc as a parameter
229369 [ccermikli gm] I'm a new user of Ruby, and trying to learn its features. But I have a
+ 229378 [ccermikli gm] Thanks for the link, it really helped me to understand the topic.
+ 229379 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II

^ Re: Tournament Matchups (#105)
229373 [w_a_x_man ya] Inf = 999
+ 229381 [james graypr] Inf = 1.0 / 0.0
| + 229384 [nospam nosit] I've always found this outcome annoying. I often wonder how many programs
| + 229454 [robert.dober] It is only an approximation, I cite from I have forgotten where, "infinity
+ 229731 [w_a_x_man ya] num_teams = ARGV.shift.to_i
  229764 [james graypr] I don't mean to play netiquette police here, but there is about twice
  229770 [matthew.moss] *nod*, agreed.  And I would say it's not even just netiquette...

^ Storage binding
229380 [ccermikli gm] I have also some another thing in Ruby that I am not sure about.
+ 229387 [vjoel path.b] stack
| 229394 [benjohn fysh] I'm pretty sure you're being misleading there. You can determine the
| 229549 [vjoel path.b] Oops, right. That was very misleading. I was talking about where the
+ 229401 [shortcutter ] Objects are *always* on the heap (there are special cases like Fixnums

^ how to add a method_missing method into ActiveRecord
229383 [aotianlong.c] i want to write a plugin
+ 229389 [twifkak comc] when /new stuff/: #your code
| 229390 [aotianlong.c] 1 class Book
| 229391 [alexg kuicr.] You are calling a missing method from within your new method_missing.
| 229392 [aotianlong.c] thank you
+ 229503 [pubsub rubyi] You could alias the existing method_missing, redefine it to capture the

^ libxml and CDATA
229393 [thomasmuelle] I need to add a CDATA element to an XML document.
229406 [rosco roscop] Wow, that's a fairly old version you have there :)

^ How to overload the operator !=?
229395 [ankyhe gmail] I overload ==, >, <, >=, <=successfully, however I can't overload != .
+ 229396 [dudu dudu.ro] Overloading "==" should do it :)
| 229429 [jan.svitok g] != is a defined using == i.e. a != b is parsed as !(a == b)
| 229445 [dudu dudu.ro] Which is precisely what I meant :)
| 229458 [jan.svitok g] Right, I just though some clarification would not harm ;-) I should've
+ 229501 [pubsub rubyi] The != token is not really a method at all and thus cannot be redefined.
  229524 [shortcutter ] It's been a long day and I'm not sure whether my logic fails me here,
  + 229531 [pubsub rubyi] Half-way related amusing anecdote (from
  + 229576 [sylvain.joye] Well, I remember a thread on ruby-lang where somebody were trying to build

^ Restricted capture in Regexp
229397 [benjohn fysh] Is there a regexp feature that lets me require something to be present
+ 229400 [nospam nosit] Neither yes nor no, because of how you have worded your question. Se below.
| 229404 [benjohn fysh] thanks for the reply. I know I can do this, but it means that the
| 229410 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 229421 [benjohn fysh] I think this may be what I should use. Also, the sugestion of using word
| + 229449 [neoneye gmai] s = "sin(x+y)"
| + 229450 [neoneye gmai] In a language like ruby, its not possible to distinguish between
| + 229483 [nospam nosit] Again, your prose description is not precise enough for a reader to know
|   229693 [benjohn fysh] I was able to. I had not understood that scan and gsub work
|   229698 [nospam nosit] result = "axb".gsub(/(.)(x)(.)/, "A\\2B" ) # gets what you want.
|   229768 [Rob AgileCon] If you're not interested in the other groupings you can use (?:) to
+ 229402 [lists bertra] /\b[xy]\b/
| 229407 [benjohn fysh] This seems like the best approach in this case, as it's a good enough
| + 229515 [david vallne] The following two aren't supported in the current Ruby regexp engine,
| + 229517 [lists bertra] The latter two don't work in Ruby as far as I know.
+ 229567 [w_a_x_man ya] class String

^ How to improve my Ruby skills ?
229398 [user domain.] using RoR. It's been 10 months now.
+ 229408 [shortcutter ] If you find the quizzes too hard, then try to exercise some self cooked
+ 229413 [neoneye gmai] Write an article about a specific thing ruby, where you
| 229422 [slamboy gmai] What about a Nuby Quiz?
| 229428 [jan.svitok g] IIRC, some time ago somebody asked what are the easier quizes. Look up
| 229442 [james graypr] It's been asked multiple times before, yes.  Here is probably the
| 229471 [user domain.] Thanks for all the answers. James, this url raise a 404...
| 229487 [slamboy gmai] Rubyurl is going under some maintenance. Check back in a few days! :-)
| 229495 [james graypr] thread/56715eaf2f9a657/3bfef6ea8868b7f1
+ 229488 [james2mccart] 2 things that really got my Ruby going were 1. creating a project that
+ 229554 [tom infoethe] It goes into detail about the solutions and is full pretty good quality

^ hpricot selective text modification
229403 [siddharth.ka] is an answer to most of my requirements, except one.
+ 229409 [nospam nosit] / ... snip lengthy listing of Hpricot error messages
| 229411 [siddharth.ka] Here is the scenario,
| 229415 [nospam nosit] Okay, that sounds a great deal more complex than a typical text extraction
+ 229412 [peter rubyra] Sure :).
  229414 [siddharth.ka] Thanks Peter.

^ Create a Matrix
229418 [christopherl] I was trying to create an n by n zero matrix, by calling the class
229419 [martindemell] You need to require the file - it's in stdlib rather than core.

^ Is there a class that is equivalent to Properties in Java
229425 [dou_yifan ya] Is there a class in the ruby lib that is equivalent to Properties class
+ 229437 [shortcutter ] Hash.
+ 229447 [twifkak comc] If you can read something that can parse and emit Java .properties
+ 229451 [james graypr] I think the following code should cover most of the Properties class

^ [ANN] RedNails Released
229427 [rubyzbibd ub] RedNails is template driven data scraping API.

^ Hpricot html parsing
229430 [mail2sek yah] I have the following html fragment
229432 [peter rubyra] I did not quite get you. You want the text of the first <p> because it
229436 [mail2sek yah] yes, I want the text of the first <p> because it
+ 229439 [peter rubyra] ===============================================
| + 229547 [david vallne] Which once again makes me wish paragraphs =3D doc/'//p[img]/text()'
| | 229805 [rubytalk gma] (doc/"/html/body/div[1]/*/table[0]/tr[0]/*/b[9]/text")
| | 229902 [david vallne] Well, it's 'text()' not 'text'. Luckily _why noticed.
| | 229919 [rubytalk gma] Sorry, I have been archiving ruby talk at rubytalk@gmail.com since  10/14/04.
| + 230128 [mail2sek yah] Thanks Peter ,
|   230137 [peter rubyra] Hmm, except of what can be found on the Hpricot page, I am using
|   230144 [david vallne] Also, I'd take that in preference to point 3, using an XPath -ish sort of query
+ 229441 [lrlebron gma] if p.search("img").length > 0
+ 229474 [nospam nosit] Hpricot might be able to do this, but you can also do it on your own, and

^ [ANN] Saikuro v0.2 Released
229431 [rubyzbibd ub] Saikuro is a Ruby cyclomatic complexity analyzer.
229543 [drbrain segm] Where's the gem?
229558 [rubyzbibd ub] My attempts to make a gem have failed.  I think because Saikuro wants
229582 [alex deletem] Take a look at the 'executables' setting within the gemspec
229723 [rubyzbibd ub] Yes thank you I have already looked into this.

^ How do I run WEBrick as a daemon?
229443 [work ashleym] I'm trying to make a simple web server to provide decryption to a C#
229452 [gregory.t.br] *blows dust off of gambit*
229453 [gregory.t.br] Here is the whole server, btw. http://tinyurl.com/yjet4l
229456 [work ashleym] Cheers!  I've extracted the important bits out of your code and it's
229465 [gregory.t.br] Great to hear.  Best of luck!

^ [ANN] Kwala v0.1 Release
229444 [rubyzbibd ub] This is the first public release of Kwala.
229460 [wilsonb gmai] Nice! Thanks for making this available.

^ howw to delete session data
229448 [mba_piyush y] whenever we login a entry is added in the sessions tableof our database

^ ruby crashes my boss' desktop
229455 [bitdoger2 ya] To all..my ruby program developed in v182.1
229457 [jan.svitok g] There were some changes between the versions. For 1.8.4 184-20.exe
229468 [bitdoger2 ya] ...i'm using OCI8 (oracle read-only selects) on my boss' (an older

^ ri search question
229461 [chen_li3 yah] I try to find a methed(File.basename) using ri but it doesn't work. Any
229464 [chris.hulan ] You have 2 copies of the docs for File. RI can't differentiate gives
229472 [chen_li3 yah] I search all the file.rb in my Ruby folder and delete
229484 [chris.hulan ] ri docs are generated from the *.rb files.  They usually reside
229569 [chen_li3 yah] It works but I have to delete the whole folder which contains the files.

^ Net::Ldap question
229467 [eduardo.yane] What I want to do is authenticate some user, I don't need to do any queries or
+ 229478 [eduardo.yane] def self.authenticate(identifier, password)
+ 229486 [eduardo.yane] Hehe, sorry again. I've reading documentation of this library and already know
  229514 [garbagecat10] Are you using the latest version of Net::LDAP?
  229589 [eduardo.yane] Yes, I installed 0.0.4 version.
  229605 [garbagecat10] What is the LDAP server? Active Directory often allows you to bind as
  229617 [eduardo.yane] The LDAP server is from Netscape, don't know exactly which version is it.
  + 229649 [garbagecat10] You may have misunderstood how Net::LDAP#bind_as works. Go back and
  + 229682 [dsledge appr] On 12/14/06 10:18 AM, "Eduardo Yez Parareda"
    230326 [eduardo.yane] Thanks a lot to Francis and David, finally I got it. Since I don't have an administration account,
    230380 [garbagecat10] David's points are quite true, however the Net::LDAP#bind_as method is
    230394 [eduardo.yane] and it worked right. What I don't understand is why whether you try to 'bind_as'
    230397 [garbagecat10] Thanks. It's possible that either #bind or #bind_as (or both) are

^ map taking an argument (was: Re: join_with)
229469 [dblack wobbl] Your point about map re-raised a question that was in my head
+ 229482 [djberg96 gma] Good question.  One guess is that they wanted a more generic approach,
+ 229485 [ara.t.howard] i think that makes good sense considering ruby's pattern of not auto-magically
| 229496 [djberg96 gma] I doubt it.  My feeling, based on the posts I've seen on the topic over
| 229497 [dblack wobbl] I hope you're right.  I dislike it not only for its line-noise
+ 229492 [dblack wobbl] I screwed up my procmailrc briefly and lost a couple of messages.  So
| 229502 [ara.t.howard] in both cases the arguments types changes the semantics of the method.  in one
| 229506 [dblack wobbl] "Munged" is a broad enough term that it probably covers both :-)  I
+ 229512 [martindemell] The 1.9 version is nicely orthogonal, though - it hasn't added
| + 229513 [dblack wobbl] Interesting -- I perceive it as quite magic, maybe because no matter
| + 229525 [chneukirchen] David, do you want to allow  (1..10).map(:*, 2)  ?
|   + 229526 [james graypr] Does the version currently in Ruby 1.9 support arguments?
|   | 229540 [dblack wobbl] I don't think so.  I'm actually not sure where they'd go, since &:meth
|   | 229556 [mjudge surve] A few days ago, I modified Dr. Nic's MapByMethod gem (locally) to
|   + 229538 [dblack wobbl] I don't particularly want to allow map(:anything) :-)  I was just
|     229545 [ara.t.howard] you confound me david!  ;-)
|     229551 [dblack wobbl] I didn't say I liked e.map(:m); I said I wondered why it was rejected
|     229604 [martindemell] It hasn't really returned - it's just a small "hack" being officially
+ 229619 [matz ruby-la] (a) noisier form works not only for map, but also for every method
  229636 [dblack wobbl] I'll take (a) and (b) :-)  I understand (c) too, though.

^ #N/A bug segmentation
229473 [wai-kee.chun] I am using ruby with COM objects. On certain COM function calls the
+ 229479 [djberg96 gma] It could be a bug in win32ole.  Got a code sample?
+ 229519 [udo.froehlin] I cannot explain the details, cause i'm a tester and no programmer but
  229757 [wai-kee.chun] I cant produce an exmaple here since it would require me to upload the
  230208 [bpettichord ] Watir includes a patched win32ole.so library that is compiled to work
  231735 [wai-kee.chun] How does one port the patch to 1.8.5?

^ [ANN] Milwaukee Ruby Users Group Meeting Tonight 12/13 @ 5:30 - 7:30
229476 [tdjordan gma] We will be meeting in the usual place.

^ How to always write Windows style newlines to a file?
229477 [weyus att.ne] I need to write a CSV file and I know that I always want Windows style
+ 229480 [weyus att.ne] I've done this in the past - is this the best way to do it?
+ 229489 [djberg96 gma] The line endings shouldn't matter.  I write csv files on Linux systems
  + 229528 [shortcutter ] You sure this works?
  | 229529 [halostatue g] Yeah. You're using the disaster known as cygwin.
  | 229588 [shortcutter ] So far it has served me very well.  The fact that cygwin not generally
  + 229593 [fxn hashref.] That would be $\, the _output_ record separator.
    229625 [weyus att.ne] So if I open the file using "b" I can write the bytes as I intend using

^ SVG Canvas
229481 [stevenq1967 ] I've been looking for a couple of days now and I can't find a library
+ 229491 [nospam nosit] Most of the available GUI libraries support graphics. I have been using the
| 229493 [neoneye gmai] Simon Strandgaard
| 229521 [nospam nosit] Thank you -- I managed to overlook the URL content as I collected the data
+ 229498 [listbox juli] Julian 'Julik' Tarkhanov
+ 229541 [pete notahat] I haven't tried it at all, but there are Ruby bindings for the Cairo
+ 229594 [kou cozmixng] In <73800bf00612130933y3687294fp709276366a686fa7@mail.gmail.com>
  229702 [stevenq1967 ] Thanks, I'll try these.

^ Trouble installing Gems
229490 [redgibson gm] correctly. Zen ships with 1.8.4.. i tried to install gems 0.9
+ 229673 [tim.pease gm] Could you please give a little more information -- a exact copy of the
+ 229694 [drbrain segm] Please post the full error from "ruby setup.rb"

^ Pointers and References?
229507 [chris.colema] Simple question, i come from a C/++ background and i'm just really
+ 229509 [wilsonb gmai] Everything is being passed by reference, but the references themselves
+ 229510 [dblack wobbl] a = [1,2,3]   # a is assigned a reference to the array
  229534 [ruby-ml kitt] =20
  229537 [dblack wobbl] And yet clearer: the object inside the method IS the original object

^ Random idea - private, blocks, constants
229511 [djberg96 gma] What do people think of the idea of private (and protected) taking a
+ 229562 [vjoel path.b] What about putting them in a nested module?
+ 229624 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, first we have to define how private constants (and class
| 229638 [djberg96 gma] True.
+ 229648 [peter semant] Not wanting to troll you here but is this really a problem?
| 229662 [djberg96 gma] That's fine.  I'm not concerned with people getting at my constants if
| + 229686 [matz ruby-la] The demand for private constants are much lower than private methods,
| | + 229705 [ssmoot gmail] In light of that, might the solution here simply be sub-classing the
| | | 229739 [djberg96 gma] Most of the time I would, but there are times when you want to redefine
| | + 229843 [transfire gm] How does method lookup differ from constant lookup? It has always
| |   229865 [matz ruby-la] foo and foo() are differ when foo is assigned as a local variable.
| + 229755 [peter semant] Messy yes but is it a problem? Just open another shell and read the
+ 229746 [twifkak comc] Hrm... I have no opinion on private constants, but I'm going to borrow
  229818 [djberg96 gma] This has been proposed before (i.e. have 'def' return a symbol).  I