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Exiting a DialogBox created with FoxGUIb
228725 [ardhazes@ya ] Dear All
228752 [meinrad.rech] me neither ;) ... there are some very hackish things that make the use
+ 228896 [ardhazes@ya ] Thank you very much for your help.
+ 228900 [ardhazes@ya ] I have included the call you mentioned in the funcion
  228903 [meinrad.rech] @topwin.handle(@button_ok,
  228911 [ardhazes@ya ] Meinrad, it works perfectly, thank you very much

[ANN] Curb 0.0.6 - Post and Cookies
228729 [rossrt@ro co] Curb 0.0.6 is now available from Rubyforge (http://curb.rubyforge.org/).

228732 [peter@ru yr ] Did anyone install FireWatir on linux (or on anything else) already? I

anyone using ragi without rails ?
228734 [nephish@gm i] ...

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
228735 [james@gr yp ] ...

Question about plotting use Fxruby canvas
228736 [hankgong@gm ] Dear all
228924 [vjoel@pa h. ] I've never seen anything like that (2D) for Fox (it would probably be

[QUIZ] Tournament Matchups (#105)
228738 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 229013 [louis.j.scor] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| + 229030 [danfinnie@op] ...
| | 229031 [danfinnie@op] (Where it says attached, it will be attached in another email, the email
| | 229067 [danfinnie@op] ...
| + 229049 [frew@st nf r] I wanted to see how simply I could do it from a code perspective, so I
+ 229071 [ruby@mu rm n] Here's my solution. It assumes that the teams are ranked by skill. I
| 229102 [pfortuny@gm ] ...
| 229146 [robert.dober] ...
| 229272 [pticedric@gm] ...
+ 229371 [matthew.moss] Well, unfortunately, I don't have time to generate the chart, but it
+ 229376 [llasram@gm i] I have a tendency to over-engineer things, so I intentionally tried to

Using Ruby to change printer preferences in Win32
228740 [anders.schne] Our Windows XP sys admins recently changed things so that every day,
+ 228744 [jan.svitok@g] If OLE then WMI is the most probable way. Have a look at WMI (Windows
| 228790 [rpardee@gm i] require 'win32ole'
+ 228745 [vasudevram@g] In the MSDN documentation, probably. Its one of the main sources of

Re: Rubinius interview with Evan Phoenix
228746 [ssmoot@gm il] Avi Bryant's article in response to JoelOnSoftware said you could get
228757 [wilsonb@gm i] Yes. One way to do this is to make the common case as fast as

Mac OS X Leopard and Ruby
228751 [chad.lung@gm] "To open up the benefits of the Cocoa frameworks to a wider developer
228753 [james@gr yp ] Well, one of the talks at RubyConf this year was from the Apple

[ANN] slave-1.2.0.rb
228756 [ara.t.howard] *** THIS IS A CODE CLEANUP RELEASE ONLY ***

Re: Fwd: Seymour Papert Gravely Injured in Motorbike Accident
228759 [transfire@gm] Logo should have become the Basic of today.
+ 228826 [jameshcunnin] Primarily Java and C++. I think Scheme is a quirk of some of the
+ 228882 [david@va ln ] Hrm, early high school for me, which wasn't THAT long ago (although I
+ 228883 [david@va ln ] C in the freshman year. If I hadn't had some PHP and Pascal before (i.e.

'ruby' not recognized as internal......
228761 [ghotrapa@ya ] I have ruby 1.8.5 on windows xp.
228763 [jan.svitok@g] Your system doesn't know where to look for ruby.exe.
228767 [ghotrapa@ya ] Thanks Jan,

Module issue
228766 [jasonvogel@g] Source
+ 228769 [vincent.four] In the module, you did define test as an instance method. So if you
| 228775 [jasonvogel@g] I plan move the "require" up top, once I've got my stuff straight.
| 228777 [stefano.croc] You should use Ahs::CreditCard, not Ahs.CreditCard. The . syntax is used to
| 228780 [jasonvogel@g] Sweet, that works.
+ 228902 [alibby@ta ge] Try

autotest, unit-diff, and color output?
228770 [rsanheim@gm ] I'm using autotest with all its test driven goodness, and I believe
+ 228778 [transfire@gm] you can try facets' ansicode lib written primarily by Florian Frank.
+ 228786 [nospam@no it] An easy, lightweight way to go would be to write a script that creates an
+ 228827 [drbrain@se m] It does.
  229027 [rsanheim@gm ] Thanks for the responses everyone.   Some quick google searches didn't
  229034 [martindemell] $ esearch colordiff
  229061 [rsanheim@gm ] Thanks, apparently I should've searched on one word instead of "color diff". :)
  229105 [martindemell] It's easier when you know it's there :) I found it the first time by

Trouble using rubygems config file on windows
228779 [rpardee@gm i] Hey All,
228781 [nospam@no it] See this line? Try changing the forward slash at the right to a
228787 [rpardee@gm i] Sure--I get that they all have to be forward slashes.  But it's

Marshal::dump error on PowerBook G4
228782 [emmett.shear] ...
+ 228789 [jcribbs@ne p] I remember running into something similar when I started working on
| 228802 [emmett.shear] Thanks, I tried the to_hash workaround and it worked great. It also
+ 228832 [drbrain@se m] I think you ran out of something because your C stack is huge.
+ 228845 [matz@ru y- a] Marshal uses recursion to traverse objects and OSX has far smaller
  228846 [tomp@ea th i] Couldn't you just use setrlimit() to bump up the maximum stack size?
  228863 [shyouhei@ru ] We've once discussed on it([ruby-dev:*24405*]) and concluded that it's

228783 [jasonvogel@g] Disclaimer : Ruby Nuby and I don't know RegEx basically at all.  I know
+ 228784 [martindemell] Take a look at http://zem.novylen.net/ruby/titlecase.rb (especially
+ 228796 [nospam@no it] How many special cases? In the worst case, you would have to use a
| 228814 [danfinnie@op] str.gsub(/[A-Za-z]+/) {|x| x.capitalize}
| 228816 [danfinnie@op] To get keep words like "of" and "is" lowercase: (basically anything
| 228823 [lukfugl@gm i] I agree with Paul Lutus, there are too many special cases. And
| 228829 [danfinnie@op] Trailing /'s do work as long as the word before it is at least 3 letters
+ 228841 [w_a_x_man@ya] specials = %w( of or w AC ).
  228954 [jasonvogel@g] William,
  + 228957 [nospam@no it] Here is the code the prior poster offered (and please do not top-post -- it
  + 228992 [w_a_x_man@ya] It helps to inspect the data structures.
    229459 [jasonvogel@g] Paul and William,

apache2 + ubuntu edgy + ruby
228788 [sam.waller@a] I'm running Ubuntu edgy linux, apache2, php5, and ruby 1.8.4
+ 228794 [nospam@no it] / ...
+ 228810 [grant@an if ] It might be a problem with suexec.  Check suexec.log.  You probably have to change the permissions on the script -- suexec doesn't like scripts (or the directories they're in) to be group-writable.
| 228861 [sam.waller@a] 'which ruby' say
+ 228865 [smasta@ea th] You'll get that if you have DOS style (CRLF) line endings in your
  228872 [sam.waller@a] That was the problem: I needed to get rid of the carriange returns (0x0d). I used the 'fromdos' in

Sourcing bash aliases with Ruby
228791 [christopher.] I'm trying to build a script that automates the sourcing of multiple
+ 228792 [ben@bl yt in] Ding.  When you call system(), it fires up a subordinate shell which
| 228795 [christopher.] I'm basically trying to source a bunch of alias files without having to
| 228799 [ben@bl yt in] Invoking the ruby interpreter to do this is pretty... crazy.  It should
| 228804 [louis.j.scor] Stick all the alias files in a directory (.aliases.d) under your home,
+ 228793 [wilsonb@gm i] You're right. The aliases are getting added to the environment created
+ 228807 [ara.t.howard] a shell must be interactive to obtain aliases.  this will work

replacing maven with rake + rjb + ant
228797 [piergiuliano] We do 99.999% of our development in java. Our system is a complex J2EE
+ 228801 [tanner.burso] ...
| 228809 [david@va ln ] I could throw such a hissy fit targetting those names, but I'll forgo on
| 228815 [piergiuliano] Yeah, I though about something like that, but I've also realised that
| 228879 [david@va ln ] Erm. -Technically-, that's what JRuby is all about. A Ruby interpreter
| 228934 [piergiuliano] Exactly my point. I'd rather stick with "the" interpreter, rather with
| 228985 [charles.nutt] You should definitely try it with JRuby, since you won't have the hassle
| 229053 [piergiuliano] On Dec 10, 10:54 am, Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nut...@sun.com>
+ 228803 [necrodome@gm] have you checked raven?
| 228806 [piergiuliano] No, and after 2 minutes browsing I can say that it looks very
+ 243681 [caleb.powell] with regards to invoking Ant tasks from a Ruby script, you might like

Beginners question about Array#assoc
228798 [chad@zu u. e] enjoying learning it immensely.
+ 228800 [stefano.croc] In ruby everything evaluates to true in conditionals, except false and nil.
| + 228835 [chad@zu u. e] Thanks Stefano.
| + 228837 [chad@zu u. e] res = dbh.query("SELECT tag ...blah blah")
+ 228836 [danfinnie@op] It might be include? (the question mark is part of the method name)
  228838 [chad@zu u. e] Thing is its an array of arrays so I need to use the assoc method.
  228853 [efine145-nos] Or you could write

Re: [ANN] Rubinius interview with Evan Phoenix
228805 [rsanheim@gm ] Agreed, I didn't say there weren't good implementation reasons that
228825 [aredridel@nb] Until Java was opened, I'd definitely have chosen C above Java any day.

Tagging Ruby pictures and videos
228808 [anibalrojas@] RubyCorner has been slowly (but continually) growing as bloggers

Re: [OT] try to connect Ruby to oracle
228812 [david@va ln ] Please, don't use the "Reply" function of your email client to start

[ANN] net-ping 1.2.0
228813 [djberg96@gm ] I'm happy to announce the release of net-ping 1.2.0.  This release has
228828 [jos@ca no k.] Thanks Daniel!

beginner Q: Kernel#puts, STDOUT, $stdout relation
228818 [andreas_s@ho] Can anybody help me understanding the relation between Kernel#puts, STDOUT
+ 228821 [danfinnie@op] Puts is a method of Kernel.
| 228822 [andreas_s@ho] But, doesn't it depend on what IO object $stdout holds? I redefined $stdout
| 228824 [lukfugl@gm i] It's a tricky relationship, and I'm not quite sure how or why it works
+ 228830 [drbrain@se m] This calls $stdout.write "hello\n"
  228831 [andreas_s@ho] Ah, yes, I decided to snoop around in the c files and this fits what I

autotest broken on winxp?
228833 [cohen.jeff@g] I haven't tried autotest on windows for a long time, but I thought it
+ 228834 [drbrain@se m] Well, windows doesn't expand ~.
| 228874 [cohen.jeff@g] I know, I just thought I'd ask the community if there's something I
+ 228886 [david@va ln ] Do you have the HOME environment variable set?
  228892 [djberg96@gm ] This has been discussed before.  See http://tinyurl.com/y52hs3, among
  228982 [david@va ln ] ry.

YAML extension not honouring the options passed to .to_yaml
228842 [chad@zu u. e] As outlined on http://yaml4r.sourceforge.net/doc/ I triesd setting some
228843 [vjoel@pa h. ] class Hash

Re: YAML extension not honouring the options passed to .to_y
228844 [chad@zu u. e] Joel, you are a total hero and saviour, that works like a dream.  Thanks

SMTP proxy in Ruby, anybody?
228850 [jfs.world@gm] this? Basically, i am looking for something like qpsmtpd
228860 [fred@la av .] Well, I don't know if it will be of any use for you, but...  Basically,

Need help on a program
228862 [christopherl] Old-school Roman numerals. In the early days of Roman numerals,
+ 228867 [efine145-nos] There's one in the Ruby Cookbook, by O'Reilly. I am sure there would be
+ 228868 [jan.svitok@g] 1. skeleton (I'll use test/unit, as it's easier to check the results)
+ 228884 [w_a_x_man@ya] class Integer
  228965 [mephis1987@g] class Integer def to_roman   Hash["M", 1000, "D", 500, "C", 100, "L", 50, "X", 10, "V", 5, "I",1].sort_by{|a| -a.last}.inject( [ "", self ] ){|roman, pair|     [ (pair.last - roman.last ==1 )? roman.first+"I"+pair.first :roman.first + pair.first * (roman.last / pair.last),       roman.last % pair.last ] }.   first endend
  228972 [mephis1987@g] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

Dynamically Create Singleton Method
228869 [clintpachl@g] # this works, but not quite the functionality I need
+ 228871 [dblack@wo bl] def simulate_cgi_upload(mime_type = 'image/jpeg')
| 228873 [clintpachl@g] Excactly what I was looking for; compact and fairly elegant.
| 228894 [dblack@wo bl] Good morning :-)
+ 228878 [vincent.four] Well, you need a closure, which is not the case in what you would
+ 228887 [ruby@an hr p] }

[ONLINE GAME] Ruby Core + Php FrontEnd (open)
228875 [flaab_mrlinu] Good afternoon everyone.
+ 228877 [jameskilton@] ...
+ 228880 [david@va ln ] Concurrency errors beware. Whatever the frontend, how do you plan to
+ 228899 [nospam@no it] / ...
| 228981 [david@va ln ] ne
| 229003 [nospam@no it] Responsivity? The fact that the processor would not bother with the process
+ 229140 [zimbatm@or e] ...
+ 229309 [khaines@en g] CakePHP is SLOOOW, though.  Rails is slow, yeah, but Cake is SLOW.  For a

ruby hosting
228876 [=?iso-8859-2] It's my first post to this group, so hello everybody ;-)
+ 228889 [transfire@gm] there are plenty of optons. i enjoy site5 myself.
+ 228991 [david@va ln ] uld

TeX and ruby
228885 [pierodancona] how diffcult could it possibly be to fully integrate TeX
+ 228888 [vincent.four] What do you mean by that ? Do you want to produce Pdf files formatted
| 228893 [pierodancona] Well, perltex basically extends TeX: you work
| 228898 [nospam@no it] Yes, unless the effort required to recreate the TeX algorithms is unduly
| 228909 [logancapaldo] I think you misunderstood what he was saying. I think he wants ruby
+ 228913 [ishamid@co o] Actually the luaTeX project is the result of similar concerns and
| 228936 [ dak@gn .o g] Does that mean that you have given up on Omega?
| 228927 [ishamid@co o] It's been a long time....
+ 228925 [ishamid@co o] Not so, designing/implementing its algorithms provided more than one
+ 228926 [ishamid@co o] Not so, designing/implementing its algorithms provided more than one
+ 228932 [ishamid@co o] Not so, designing/implementing its algorithms provided more than one
  228959 [pierodancona] Hey, I did not want to sound dismissive. I read
  228967 [ dak@gn .o g] Well, I don't want to sound dismissive either.  I read TeX, the
  228970 [pierodancona] 5-or-so ubermasters of TeX and I must just take it. Sorry.
  229000 [ dak@gn .o g] Oh, and I so tried following your lead.

228891 [transfire@gm] what's the best way to determine if a file is yaml?
+ 228895 [twifkak@co c] def File.yaml?(fname)
+ 228897 [nospam@no it] Process the file using a parser meant to process YAML. If the parse fails,
+ 228904 [vjoel@pa h. ] In light of the other responses, which show how hard it is to do this in
| 228915 [transfire@gm] yikes! if that's what it takes then i must run away! :-) i need
+ 228905 [ara.t.howard] in ruby queue i detect whether stdin input is a normal list or yaml in this

Re: [OT] educational programming languages (was: Fwd: Seymour Papert Gravely Injured in Motorbike Accident)
228906 [twifkak@co c] <life-story>

[ANN] CoolOptions 1.0.3 has been released
228907 [ntalbott@gm ] CoolOptions version 1.0.3 has been released!

Re: Ruby Core + Php FrontEnd (open)
228910 [jungans@gm i] Why not just use PHP for the cron job? It doesn't seem like a good

bending ruby space
228914 [transfire@gm] i came upon this "pattern" working on a rather difficult problem. see
+ 228930 [twifkak@co c] module R; extend self end
| 228941 [dblack@wo bl] I'm not sure what you mean.  extend self doesn't do what class << self
| 228946 [twifkak@co c] It was a "green is the new blue" parody. Not a funny one, mind you, but
+ 228942 [johnwilger@g] Job security? ;-)
| 228943 [transfire@gm] LOL! :-D
+ 228947 [ara.t.howard] one side effect is that all instance methods of R are available at the module
  + 228989 [transfire@gm] that's an interesting method in it's own right. i'm tempted to add to
  | 228996 [ara.t.howard] dynamically injectable 'super' - very useful.
  + 229141 [transfire@gm] speaking of this "export" method, how does one do that for a whole
    229142 [ara.t.howard] module X
    229152 [transfire@gm] but that undoes the module_function-ality of X.
    229156 [ara.t.howard] ??
    229163 [transfire@gm] module CompressUtils
    229171 [ara.t.howard] module CompressUtils
    229202 [transfire@gm] ah. yes i know this pattern. though i prefer #class_extension myself.

Re: educational programming languages (was: Fwd: Seymour Papert Gravely Injured in Motorbike Accident)
228916 [transfire@gm] i don't know how many people realize that logo is in essence lisp.

Help me with some nested Hashes.
228918 [danfinnie@op] What I want to do is have 2 nested hashes, the outer hash returning a
+ 228919 [vjoel@pa h. ] value = Hash.new {|h,k| h[k] = Hash.new {|h1,k1| h1[k1] = " "}}
| 228921 [vjoel@pa h. ] Another option, in case you don't want all those empty strings
| 228922 [danfinnie@op] Thanks, that works perfectly!  (I'm only storing 1 char strings)
+ 228923 [work@as le m] Daniel

hello ! everyone.
228920 [tourney_hugh] This is a great forum with valuable information.
228940 [michael.mell] Welcome aboard!  I'm new as well.