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^ PLease condense my code
22813 [frankm bayar] First off, it was a pleasure to meet so many people on this list at
22815 [joe vpop.net] while gets
22816 [joe vpop.net] while gets
22817 [frankm bayar] Weird.  I thought I tried something like that; I recall the Range seemed
+ 22818 [hal9000 hype] Hmm... does this work in 1.7.1?
| 22824 [decoux moulo] Yes, but only with -e
| + 22830 [decoux moulo] Finally I think that it will be difficult to explain why these 2 lines
| + 22849 [hal9000 hype] That's what I thought.
|   22868 [decoux moulo] Well, the problem actually is that it's difficult to explain why the first
+ 22823 [harryo zipwo] Can someone explain what the "!(/=begin/../=end/)" does?
  22828 [avdi avdi.or] P. 57, under the heading "Ranges as Conditions"
  22853 [harryo zipwo] Thanks!  That's a relatively short section, so I guess I must have missed

^ C-style enums?
22833 [avdi avdi.or] does anyone have a ruby module that emulates C enums, so that if you
+ 22835 [j.travnik sh] Why to have this if we have identifiers itself. There is not need for enum.
+ 22844 [matju sympat] RubyX11 0.5 has X11/Type.rb

^ REXML 1.0a9
22837 [ ser efn.org] Namespace support was buggy. Oliver gave me some good

^ array prob
22838 [niko.schwarz] I still have probs with ruby, i hope you can find me, it wont take long,
22840 [decoux moulo] ^         ^
22841 [niko.schwarz] thats exactly the problem. if i do that, it wont work anymore.

^ FYI: ODBC problem
22851 [mchahn facel] I've downloaded and installed the current cygwin version of Ruby/ODBC
22852 [mchahn facel] I just discovered that my problem only happened when ODBC was included, like

^ converting an array into a hash
22855 [djberg96 hot] What's the easiest (i.e. a one liner) for creating a hash based on an array?
22856 [dblack candl] hash = Hash[*array]
22860 [djberg96 hot] array?
23013 [schneiker ju] pro/con votes would be a nice way of keeping this and many similar such
23016 [Dave Pragmat] A list of current RCRs is at
23017 [joe vpop.net] and if you have a sec, vote on RCR #3.  It's a pet peeve of mine.  I'd
23019 [matt lickey.] It is already listed as a rejected change request.  :-)

^ Building Ruby on MacOS 10.1
22857 [will_conant ] Has anyone been able to build Ruby on MacOS 10.1? I was able to build
22858 [dlh mail.com] I was able to build ruby-1.6.5, make ruby. It passed make test. I was not
22887 [will_conant ] Thanks. Downloading the new Apple Dev tools let me build ruby, but I
22913 [pc000 passth] This is caused by the two-level namespaced in the OSX 10.1 linker (see

^ Newbie: Ruby equiv for Perl while (<>)???
22859 [colive techn] I just learned about Ruby two days ago, and spent all day Friday
+ 22861 [dblack candl] Welcome to Ruby!  I had just about exactly the same experience, just
| 22870 [neumann s-di] $ ruby -ne 'puts /^\d/ ? "Starts with digit" : "Nope"'
| 22874 [dblack candl] Interesting!  At first I thought the = was supposed to be =~, but now
| 23006 [colive techn] Thanks all.  I discovered the -n switch shortly after submitting my question
| + 23007 [avdi avdi.or] Don't take this as any strike against you, Chris, because it's not
| + 23032 [neumann s-di] Of course there is support for MySQL and a handful other databases.
+ 22863 [matt lickey.] ARGF.each { |l| DoAnything(l) }

^ Happy Birthmonth to the pickaxe!
22862 [dblack candl] Happy birthmonth to you,
22880 [ ser efn.org] Super!

^ I need some help!!
22864 [Camgangrel c] I'm new to programming and I was told that Ruby was EZ.
+ 22867 [mikkel.bruun] uhhmm...
| 22883 [tobiasreif p] FUD. It's fun and cheap.
| + 22884 [mikkel.bruun] I find it expensive...
| | 22885 [tobiasreif p] Intimidation often is the biggest roadblock to clear when learning to
| + 22886 [avdi avdi.or] I second this.  Don't believe that programming is hard or expensive to
|   22888 [ned bike-nom] There are a number of different Smalltalk environments, with differing
+ 22877 [tobiasreif p] Tobi
+ 22882 [avdi avdi.or] Sounds like a guinea pig for the "Little Lisper"-style Ruby book that
  22903 [list chromat] I glanced over one as well (the C++ one) and it looked like the usual
  22916 [avdi avdi.or] I got the impression in my perusal that it was written by a real live

^ Animorphic VM
22865 [feldt ce.cha] (This is a bit long)
22878 [webmaster ma] Yo!
22907 [matju sympat] Parrot, the lower-level half of Perl 6.x, is designed Perl in mind, with
22914 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, thats my impression also from reading the design docs att
23041 [pate network] Parrot used to be much less Pythonish until Guido and other python folks

^ Preaching Ruby to the masses. How?
22871 [kentda stud.] Despite my still quite ruby-newbie status, I've volunteered to hold a
+ 22872 [pixel mandra] at least, you can use htmlize.el (eg: http://pleac.sourceforge.net/pleac_ruby)
| 22876 [neumann s-di] I've adapted Vim's 2html.vim file, so that it creates colorized <div>
| + 22908 [harryo zipwo] Brilliant!  Would it be possible for you to make the tool you've
| + 26507 [harryo zipwo] Brilliant!  Would it be possible for you to make the tool you've
| + 32671 [harryo zipwo] Brilliant!  Would it be possible for you to make the tool you've
|   + 22910 [feldt ce.cha] Michaels solution seems to output somewhat nicer-looking html but there is
|   + 22981 [neumann s-di] You can download it from
|   | 22997 [harryo zipwo] Great!  Thanks very much, Michael.  I migth even learn something about
|   + 26508 [harryo zipwo] Whoops !!  That message had been sitting in my pending folder for ages.
+ 22873 [armin approx] we produced a few simply slides (recyling heavily
+ 22875 [tobiasreif p] check
+ 22926 [nigelb enesb] Nigel Ball
+ 22957 [max malva.co] Vim 6.0 can also do postscript output which is handy for prining.
| 22980 [neumann s-di] cool. how do you do this? is it colorized?
| 23035 [max malva.co] Yup, it is colorized.
+ 23009 [huber alum.w] Yeah, in emacs

^ RE:  SmallScript, etc (was: Re: I need some help!!)
22889 [rich infoeth] ...and David attended the Ruby conference.  David's SmallScript VM is more interesting in more than just architecture (which I believe is incredible).  He is looking to support multiple languages atop the VM.  Microsoft's CLR does not currently meet the needs that dynamic languages (such as Ruby) impose.  We had some interesting talks about support for Ruby on the SmallScript VM.
+ 22898 [chadfowler y] I second Rich's sentiments about SmallScript being (at
| 22917 [matz ruby-la] It can't be.  Ruby based on David's VM might be an alternative
+ 22925 [ptkwt shell1] I just checked the smallscript website and it looks like the SmallScript
  22979 [pulsar qks.c] posted
  + 22983 [ptkwt shell1] Will it be 'free' as in the source code will be available?
  | 23012 [schneiker ju] [Lots of stuff trimmed out.]
  | 23025 [feldt ce.cha] Creative idea even though it may be difficult to put a price tag on it
  | 23092 [schneiker ju] are
  + 22984 [feldt ce.cha] I'm planning for a RubyOnAos as it is very relevant to RubyVM. Reasons

^ stack_frames patch
22890 [wconrad yagn] Is anyone interested in getting more information about the internal
22901 [matz ruby-la] check out [ruby-talk:12097] and [ruby-talk:12111] by Robert Feldt.
22906 [wconrad yagn] Doumo!
22909 [feldt ce.cha] BTW matz, any plans on including this in the 1.7 series? I still find it
22918 [matju sympat] Please see
+ 22933 [wconrad yagn] I think I like that proposal.  I may take a shot at implementing at least part of it if nobody else has.
| 22936 [wconrad yagn] Probably not better, although I haven't looked at your patch in detail yet (having only just found it tonight).  The only obvious improvement is that I return an array of objects rather than an array of arrays -- I hate having to remember which field is [2] and which is [4].  But it probably doesn't matter a whole lot for an experimental patch, and it's certainly not improved semantics (just different data structure).
+ 22939 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, this is a better approach than previous proposals and IMHO the
  22963 [pbrannan atd] It certainly looks cleaner, but to get the binding n levels up looks to be
  + 22974 [feldt ce.cha] Many things are dangerous but still tempting... ;-)
  + 23401 [matju sympat] Usually,

^ Rite, Amelioration
22891 [tobiasreif p] 1. What happened to the Code Amelioration Contest?
+ 22892 [dblack candl] I'm afraid I've been remiss about announcing this.  We only got one
| 22904 [niklas kagi.] That would be me. No worries, I kind of figured what had happened.
+ 22900 [matz ruby-la] Rite will be the drop-in replacement for Ruby, so that every Ruby
  22905 [tobiasreif p] Sounds good.
  22927 [matz ruby-la] Yes, Rite is the code name for the interpreter.

^ Possible RCR? - break <n> for nested loops
22893 [wvucenic net] A month or two ago on this mailing list there was a discussion of the
+ 22895 [mchahn facel] I personally think throw/catch is a superior solution because of readability
| 22896 [wconrad yagn] Wayne, Great name! :)
+ 22897 [avdi avdi.or] On first look, my thought is "ick"... and here's why... I often find
+ 22899 [matz ruby-la] use catch and throw.
  22915 [wvucenic net] Thank you all for your prompt and thoughtful replies!!!
  22931 [wconrad yagn] Right.  That's almost exactly the Java syntax for labeled break, and
  22946 [matju sympat] It's all taken from Ada, which was designed as if it were the last

^ installing libraries
22894 [tromp daisy.] I tried to install xmp from the application archive.

^ First steps in unit testing
22902 [list chromat] I'm using rubyunit and it is my first experience with unit testing in
+ 22935 [jweirich one] Start with the simpliest, style 3).  As you add tests, you will notice
| + 22938 [wconrad yagn] Prefer #3, because setup and teardown methods are a bit of "OOP spaghetti code," not quite as easy to read as straightforward "start at the beginning and go to the end" code.  Also, setup & teardown methods are only really happy when every test looks the same.  When you need to add a new test that needs its objects setup a little differently, that handy setup & teardown method will start to get uncomfortable.
| + 22948 [list chromat] Uhm, <blush>, right.  Still haunted from BigDesignFirst ghost. :-)
+ 22949 [list chromat] Your suggestions improved both my testing class and my understanding
  22975 [hal9000 hype] terms

^ pre 1.6.5 versons
22911 [sol123 msn.c] Anyone can point me to ruby-1.6.4.x, I'am haveing problems witn 1.6.5 wit=
22924 [rtarpine hot] I hope you can get 1.6.5 working correctly.  Otherwise,
22929 [sol123 msn.c] i" am  looking for the windows version with windows installer.
22934 [sol123 msn.c] Looking forr tht windows version.
22951 [bdelmee adva] dev.rubycentral.com/downloads/files/ruby164-3.exe

^ OT: company health (was RE:  Re: Bruce Eckel's opinion of Ruby)
23457 [james rubyxm] On the other hand, if a company goes out of business because it has to carry
23457 [james rubyxm] OT: company health (was RE:  Re: Bruce Eckel's opinion of Ruby)
+ 23462 [tobiasreif p] holy cow!
| 23467 [james rubyxm] Well, gee ...
| 23470 [tobiasreif p] James,
+ 23480 [ser germane-] Yeah, that's the eternal conflict.  I don't think it should be impossible

^ Singleton methods and instance methods with same name?
23459 [ljohnson res] After a quick experiment I've confirmed that Ruby's OK with having class

^ Configuration class
22928 [nigelb enesb] I would like some thoughts on a question that I am trying to resolve.
22930 [nigelb enesb] As usual I have answered one of my questions myself!

^ Re: modified assignments with methods?
22932 [matz ruby-la] I agree with the concept, but I'm not sure if there's proper syntax
+ 22943 [rokosm kloka] If we're talking about this, some time ago I wished to have
+ 22964 [pbrannan atd] More appropriate, I think, are the "bang methods".  For example, where you
| 22969 [matz ruby-la] str = str.gsub('a', 'b')
+ 22985 [mchahn facel] Is there a published grammer (bnf, etc.) for Ruby?
  23037 [matz ruby-la] parse.y ;-)

^ Most OO way to make a variation of the IO class?
22940 [dpeschel esk] Like other people on the list, I'm new to Ruby, and I'm quite pleased with
22945 [matju sympat] 1. If you want to have IO methods filtered, a pattern to use is: define

^ rb_iterate help needed...
22944 [mikkel.bruun] ive asked this before, but i just cant seem to get it right...
22958 [decoux moulo] This is just an example, it's stupid but it's normal :-)

^ Emacs folding mode
22947 [list chromat] Is anybody aware of Emacs minor modes that could be adapted to
22950 [pixel mandra] M-3 C-x $   (set-selective-display)
23045 [adam theloni] Also, M-x hs-minor-mode would do exactly what you're after, but

^ formmail.pl in ruby
22953 [Manuel.Hende] im new to ruby, and I'm looking for some examples to compare to the
22968 [ned bike-nom] Now there's a concept: someone needs to re-write Matt's Script Archive in
22978 [mhe he0.easy] So, there's no script available, but with cgi.rb and Net::SMTP, it's

^ ruby-mode.el bug
22956 [j.travnik sh] I'm still developing TUI in ruby and I have came across problem
22995 [j.travnik sh] Thanks, your patch solved the problem.

^ SV:  Re: rb_iterate help needed...
22959 [mikkel.bruun] Whoa...

^ [OT] Converting Powerpoint 2000 Presentations to HTML?
22970 [ljohnson res] All,
+ 22972 [dblack candl] I've never tried this, but you could import it into StarOffice, which
| 22976 [armin approx] I have actually done that works fine.
| 22977 [armin approx] Or simply email me the .ppt and I will try
+ 22973 [rtarpine hot] Converts postscript slides to gifs and html, and gives instructions for

^ Re: Info/papers on Animorphic VM tech? (fwd)
22986 [feldt ce.cha] For VM issues below are some more info about the Animorphic VM from

^ assigning variables
22987 [joe vpop.net] def setvars(vars)
22991 [hal9000 hype] or method `anarray\
22992 [joe vpop.net] It's for a templating type application.  I want to be able to name the
22993 [hal9000 hype] Could you possibly just keep it as a hash?
22994 [joe vpop.net] Doh!  That definitely sinks my idea.  bummer.  I did get it to work
23022 [c.hintze gmx] Hmm ... is this what you want to do?

^ MSVC build
22996 [will willmcg] I'd like to build Ruby as a static lib, with Visual C++ 6.
23027 [nobu.nokada ] libruby.lib is the static link library.

^ Fw: Patriotic Fundraiser for your organization
22999 [frelly myexc] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
23000 [mchahn facel] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 23001 [elanthis awe] I would guess bots that scan websites found a link or achive.
+ 23002 [csawtell par] Sadly, from the spam point of view, ruby-talk is an open and unmoderated list.
  23003 [kero d4050.u] Lately, I receive more e-mail /about/ spam on ruby-talk than actual

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)
23004 [vfields herb] unsubscribe vance fields

^ Home automation and Ruby (a repost)
23008 [hal9000 hype] I posted this three days ago... forgive my persistence,
+ 23020 [msassak spea] Now I really really really don't want this to come off as a snide
| 23021 [hal9000 hype] Ha...  :)  No offense taken, Mike, I sympathize fully.
| 23023 [feldt ce.cha] Same here.
| 23031 [tobiasreif p] Can't wait :)
+ 23071 [emeade geekf] I'm willing to take a look.  I'm new to ruby and know nothing
| 23074 [hal9000 hype] Thanks, Erik...
+ 23080 [emeade geekf] I'm willing to take a look.  I'm new to ruby and know nothing

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-10-22)
23011 [schneiker ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-10-22)
23165 [mdemello ver] Suggestion - have a table of contents atop the FAQ. Makes it easier to see
23207 [schneiker ju] Done.

^ ANN: REXML 1.0b
23018 [ ser efn.org] This release has only minor changes from 1.0a9, including some whitespace

^ Error in Programming Ruby and patch suggestion for ruby
23024 [niklas kagi.] The section "Adding Information to Exceptions" on page 97 and the
+ 23026 [decoux moulo] Seems for me similar to Exception#message, no ?
| + 23030 [niklas kagi.] Yes, you are right, it is already covered by RCR #21. That's what I
| + 23033 [niklas kagi.] Hmmm... looking at this again I don't think RCR #22 (already
|   23039 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat b.rb
+ 23712 [matz ruby-la] But it reduces flexibility.  We have to seek the way around.

^ WebDot
23028 [tobiasreif p] here
23029 [feldt ce.cha] Well, its not really an API but a *really* simple class that will generate
23038 [tobiasreif p] Sorry, I'm still a rubynewbie. But I'm looking forward to using your
23050 [neumann s-di] For simple binary-trees, I've written a BinaryTree class and two
23051 [tobiasreif p] Check

^ Howto read binary data?
23034 [martin.kahle] I want to read a file containing double values in binary representation,
+ 23036 [feldt ce.cha] def file_exists?(filename)
+ 23048 [neumann s-di] class BinaryReader

^ Bringing window to front Ruby/GTK (or Ruby/KDE?)
23040 [harryo zipwo] Say I have a Ruby/GTK script and I want to bring its window to the front.

^ chop and chomp
23042 [alan_moore g] I notice that String#chop is a little more intelligent
23043 [decoux moulo] chop is defined as
23046 [alan_moore g] I know that.  What I'm saying is that I shouldn't have to
23270 [matz ruby-la] OK, so what do you think the chomp behavior should be?
23298 [alan_moore g] If no argument is provided, it should look for "\r\n",
23534 [matz ruby-la] Ignoring '$/' at all is backward incompatible.  I like your proposed
23637 [alan_moore g] How disruptive would it really be, I wonder?  It depends on
23812 [matz ruby-la] Since "$/"'s default value is '\n', I'm going to treat it specially;