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^ [QUIZ] Turtle Graphics (#104)
227574 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 227598 [hhausman gma] 3 cheers, great quiz!
| + 227606 [james graypr] I tried to use the new pure Ruby PNG library to get anti-aliased line
| | + 227620 [hhausman gma] Ha! I did the exact same thing the day they announced that PNG lib.
| | | 227661 [martin snowp] To be fair, they don't do the compression in pure ruby - they call
| | | + 227670 [james graypr] Unfortunately, that kept me from trying very hard to fix it.  I also
| | | + 227692 [hhausman gma] Thanks for the correction here.
| | |   227703 [matthew.moss] Actually, it's exactly when you want anti-aliasing.  If your pixels
| | + 227815 [benjohn fysh] In a bout of "why can't graphics be easy like it was on my BBC", I
| + 227708 [m_goldberg a] Why ironic? I's say you have a head start on solving the quiz. I look
|   227725 [hhausman gma] I guess 'coincidentally' would have been a better word. :P
+ 227616 [kurt.hindenb] Does the above work for everyone?
| 227619 [james graypr] Making it work is the quiz.  You need to finish the turtle.rb file so
+ 228039 [matthew.moss] My solution, which does pass your updated test_coord_cmnds, Morton...
  228058 [m_goldberg a] Yes, and it passes all my other unit tests, too. Well done.
  228156 [m_goldberg a] You bring up a good point here. Commanding the turtle to face the

^ Active Record messes with my Logger
227579 [damphyr free] Yes, I know about the hack that AR uses to make the Logger format
240903 [florian.assm] begin
242829 [damphyr free] class MyLogFormatter<Logger::Formatter

^ [ANN] ruby-services 0.2.0
227583 [djberg96 gma] The Win32Utils Team is happy to announce the 0.2.0 release of the
227587 [jgbailey gma] Link? :)
227618 [djberg96 gma] Regards,

^ pthreads
227595 [semmons99 gm] I need to write a quicksort using pthreads, and was hoping to use Ruby to do
227612 [tim.pease gm] The pthreads option when compiling Ruby is there to make it play nice
227628 [semmons99 gm] Thanks for the information, hopefully Ruby threads will be good enough.

^ Curb 0.0.4 hot off the press!
227602 [rossrt rosco] Curb 0.0.4 is now available from the curb project on Rubyforge

^ Re: Segmentation fault, proc, eval, long string [Work Around]
227614 [hutch recurs] Oh, very interesting. Yes indeed it gets kinda deep there :-) Thanks!
227623 [pit capitain] Bob, the whole proc is a closure, so there's a difference between

^ Ruby/DL binding to CASA: [BUG] Segmentation fault
227622 [nyounger nov] casa.rb:85: [BUG] Segmentation fault

^ Combining PDF and XML files into PDF
227626 [bill.walton ] My app reads an XML file into my database, allows editing the content,
227937 [jeremy hineg] For PDF Creation take a look at PDF::Writer

^ Simple iteration in a function problem
227630 [blakeage hot] i'm trying to do this, and I'm stuck
+ 227632 [vjoel path.b] @ys.find {|x| x.getUniqueId == id}
+ 227633 [rforum gmail] Perhaps
| 227635 [blakeage hot] I don't know where "detect" comes from (@ys is an array, and it doesn't
| 227638 [blakeage hot] Sorry, missed that "Enumerable"
+ 227634 [james graypr] class YHolder
| 227639 [blakeage hot] isn't working for me, i also tried y.object_id.equals(id) but I can't
| 227643 [nospam nosit] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
| 227645 [blakeage hot] class Widget
| + 227646 [blakeage hot] I think perhaps the problem is how I'm comparing strings.  What is the
| + 227653 [nospam nosit] What? "uniqueId" is string? It cannot be a string, it has to be an ID,
| | 227656 [blakeage hot] Why can't it be a string, I can use whatever I want to identify an
| | 227676 [nospam nosit] / ...
| | + 227688 [vjoel path.b] If the ID is coming from outside the program (a file say) or if the ID
| | + 227693 [dblack wobbl] Paul, could you please stop being so confrontational?  Your standards
| |   227709 [james graypr] Yes, please.
| |   227767 [nospam nosit] James, thanks for pitching into a critical response, a right we all share
| |   227774 [blakeage hot] What does [OT] stand for, and is the appropriate tagging to put it in
| |   + 227777 [dblack wobbl] It means "off-topic", and don't worry; it wasn't added in reference to
| |   + 227778 [david vallne] Off-topic, either with respect to the mailing list, or to the thread.
| |   + 227780 [nospam nosit] It actually stands for "Off Topic", but in a case like this it is entirely
| + 227658 [dblack wobbl] attr_reader :uniqueID
|   227660 [blakeage hot] Noted, and changed.  Sorry if I'm dragging this out, I know I left out a
|   227663 [dblack wobbl] I wish I could help.  I can't spot anything that would cause @obj to
|   + 227665 [blakeage hot] David, thanks for the help.  I did create a test.rb file and the code
|   + 227671 [blakeage hot] Ah you guys are gonna kill me now.  I feel I must break out the
|     227677 [james graypr] Now the key is to learn a lesson from this, right?  Here's my best
+ 227640 [blakeage hot] def getXById(id)
  227651 [nospam nosit] You believe you are solving a specific programming problem, but in fact you

^ How do I get rake to compile native extension during gem installation?
227655 [v.discharge ] I created a little native extension that I want to package as a gem.

^ [Announce] Ruby Memory Tracking API
227674 [snail objmed] A while back we said we'd write a Ruby Memory Tracking API. We have done

^ Komodo issue
227679 [cyrusg yahoo] I'm trying to make an http conenction (to scrape a website) from within
227681 [nospam nosit] I can only see one problem. You have started a new thread for an existing
227683 [cyrusg yahoo] I introduced a new thread because the old thread somehow implied that
227684 [cyrusg yahoo] I reinstalled Komodo (and made sure to remove all the prefs) and now it

^ Re: tk.rb warning in Turtle Graphics (#104)
227682 [efine145-nos] /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/tk.rb:1187: warning: instance variable
227713 [m_goldberg a] I'd look into this, but you aren't giving enough info for me to have
227721 [efine145-nos] Sorry I didn't provide more information earlier; I kind of assumed that
227724 [nagai ai.kyu] Don't worry about those. Those are no problem.
227726 [efine145-nos] Well, I found a bizarre and (to me) totally inexplicable way to get rid
+ 227756 [m_goldberg a] I'm just as mystified as you area as to why it works, but I'm glad
+ 228007 [nagai ai.kyu] Do you use the method "draw" at the end of callback operation?
  + 228021 [efine145-nos] Here's my solution. It passes all the unit tests, including the new
  | 228114 [pete notahat] Ok, a couple of comments.
  | + 228124 [efine145-nos] You're right. That's what I get for working when too tired... :(.
  | + 228130 [efine145-nos] What is the correct behavior if calling toward(pt) and @xy == pt. In
  + 228022 [efine145-nos] Thanks for the explanation. This was driving me nuts :)

^ mysql source command doesn't work?
227687 [nappin713 ya] I'm trying to use the mysql 'source' command within a ruby script to run
227689 [phasis68 hot] 'source' is not an SQL command, but an internal command of the mysql command
227733 [david vallne] un

^ Four Fours
227691 [mephis1987 g] fours"
227712 [james graypr] Some of the techniques used in solving this Ruby Quiz could be

^ [ANN] aws/s3 0.1.2 (point release)
227698 [marcel verni] A memory leak was discovered in the parsing code of aws/s3. The culprit was a
227710 [james graypr] Generator was redone to use threads a while back, wasn't it?  Was
227716 [marcel verni] /opt/local/bin/ruby
227717 [brabuhr gmai] Mac-mini:~ frank$ cd /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/

^ [OT] calculations on lists of numbers
227702 [ara.t.howard] for years i've felt that i should be able to pipe numerical output into some
+ 227704 [cschneid col] I wonder if something like bc could do something along those lines.
+ 227706 [matthew.moss] cat list | awk '{ s += $1; n += 1 } END { print s / n }'
| + 227707 [matthew.moss] Oh... my samples assume each number is on its own line...  dunno
| | 227715 [ara.t.howard] easy in ruby ;-)
| + 227714 [ara.t.howard] yup.  that's where i broke into ruby too ;-)
+ 227718 [nospam nosit] It is so easy to create in Ruby, a matter of minutes, that it is not
| 227722 [vjoel path.b] Disagree. I would like to know if a unix version exists, since it will
| + 227723 [nospam nosit] It's a bit too late to disagree, in the face of the evidence that I said it,
| | 227798 [vjoel path.b] I read your statement as
| | 227829 [nospam nosit] / ...
| + 227727 [nospam nosit] I'm not much into golf, but, since we've long since left the clubhouse, and
|   227748 [m.fellinger ] puts [ sum, mean, array.min, array.max ].join(' ')
|   227762 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 227734 [o.renaud lap] Le samedi 02 d˝─embre 2006 05:02, ara.t.howard@noaa.gov a ˝─rit
| + 227747 [ara.t.howard] heh, i've got something similar i use to compute stats on binary data all the
| | + 227758 [twifkak comc] Man, how do you keep all your a.rb's straight?
| | | 227770 [ara.t.howard] nope.  you are note blind ;-)  it used yaml in the past, but it's rolled by
| | + 227768 [o.renaud lap] I'll take a look to this NArray class, it seems pretty powerful ! I don't
| + 227796 [vjoel path.b] What's the secret to computing stdev in bounded space? The formulas I
|   + 227805 [ dak gnu.org] That would be strange.
|   | 227809 [twifkak comc] Mind you, I skirted through numerical analysis in undergrad, so listen
|   | 227812 [ dak gnu.org] A good on-the-fly method for calculating mean and variance is in "The
|   + 227806 [o.renaud lap] Le samedi 02 d˝─embre 2006 21:07, Joel VanderWerf a ˝─rit
|   + 227808 [twifkak comc] The right side (comes from applying FOIL to the left side) can be
+ 227797 [shortcutter ] I am by no means an expert in numerical processing but maybe bc or dc
+ 227867 [steven lumos] Sorry this doesn't really answer your question, but...
+ 228444 [chneukirchen] What about hacking http://rubyforge.org/projects/sss/ ?

^ Re: [OT] Simple iteration in a function problem
227719 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 227738 [pit capitain] David's post was about your behaviour here on ruby-talk, which is quite
| 227763 [nospam nosit] Yes, but the [OT] can be used to allow filtering posts based on their
+ 227740 [dblack wobbl] I'll take that as a "No."
  227765 [nospam nosit] Which "No" did you have in mind? In essence my reply, by virtue of existing,

^ Re: Segmentation fault, proc, eval, long string
227728 [efine145-nos] I get a segfault too on Ubuntu Edgy x86_64.

227731 [javra89 goog] Is there any programme or library in ruby to drive own hardware via
227766 [nospam nosit] Ruby doesn't have the sort of close-to-the-hardware functions to do this
227779 [russellw job] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Re: calculations on lists of numbers
227732 [w_a_x_man ya] Why drag in the cat when it's utterly superfluous?
227760 [nospam nosit] Yes, true, but in a simple example like this, 'cat' is just a stand-in for
227771 [ara.t.howard] the main reason that i use cat in real life in situations like this is because
+ 227773 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 227865 [steven lumos] $ <list mean

^ openssl error - ubuntu
227739 [carimura gma] Help!
227741 [pgonzalez na] do you have 'openssl' installed? try to install, libssl0.9.8 or highet
227787 [carimura gma] Absolutely... I'm not a linux expert though, but I have a feeling
227822 [carimura gma] I finally figured it out.
227910 [robert.dober] Thanks for sharing, I have tried about  1 week to get it going, without
247012 [rails gmail.] I've followed this, and I'm still stuck.
247013 [rails gmail.] I solved my own problem: the make and make install should be run from

^ Re: Problems with id3lib-ruby
227742 [robin nibor.] The problem is fixed in SVN. It would be nice if you could try it out

^ Does parseexcel work on OS X?
227743 [d.david.cart] Anyone using parseexcel on a PowerPC Mac? Any tips as to how to get
+ 227746 [wmwilson01 g] I saw the same thing on Solaris/Sparc.  The size limitations of the
+ 227892 [has.temp3 vi] Not familiar with parseexcel, but FWIW if you've a copy of Excel
  228005 [scott butler] Works fine for reading in text data from Excel files (which is all I

^ PDF::Writer and unicode
227744 [SimonKroeger] If all of the conditions are correct, the following code
+ 227745 [halostatue g] Yes. You won't, either. The PDF::Writer document is incorrect; I
| 227820 [SimonKroeger] In other words: "no way" ?
| 227853 [halostatue g] No, "not yet."
+ 227890 [kou cozmixng] In <eks395$ld$1@online.de>

^ Re: [OT] calculations on lists of numbers (back OT apparently)
227751 [ara.t.howard] i agree that it's easy to emulate awk, but shouldn't we do something better in

^ On Modules and require in general  / on ActiveSupport in particular
227753 [nicolas.roll] -> I require_gem ActiveSupport and it's not loading any ActiveSupport
227975 [george.ogata] Hmmm, I'm not sure where you got #constant from...  it's usually #constants .

^ search and replace
227769 [ishamid colo] [total novice here]
+ 227772 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 227782 [ishamid colo] If you will post a short, complete data example, even just one record
| + 227833 [nospam nosit] Okay, thanks for the data example. Now to move forward, could you please
| + 227850 [w_a_x_man ya] puts DATA.read.gsub( %r{<(text:sequence)\s[^>]*>(.*?)</\1>}i,
+ 227776 [david vallne] Urght. *ducks*
  227786 [ishamid colo] Thank you, David, for your pointers. I'm still very much a novice (at

^ more search and replace
227781 [ishamid colo] [Total novice]
227783 [jeremymcanal] Are you using OOo 2.0.4?  I know it has a TeX/BibTeX export feature now...
227789 [ishamid colo] On Dec 2, 11:57 am, "Jeremy McAnally" <jeremymcana...@gmail.com>
227792 [ishamid colo] I checked it out; the source is way too messy for my purposes; it will

^ convert binary array to floating point decimal
227784 [Nebiru gmail] new to ruby here, looking for a little help
227793 [martindemell] (int length)
+ 227799 [Nebiru gmail] Wow, so much learned in one post...thank you
+ 227803 [martindemell] that should be

^ gem requires not working
227788 [cwdinfo gmai] I feel stupid about this, but I just did a fresh install of 1.8.5 from
227800 [twifkak comc] require 'rubygems'
227825 [cwdinfo gmai] require 'rubygems'
+ 227846 [drbrain segm] You are misremembering.
+ 227896 [mgreenly gma] It's not a standard part of Ruby, it's an external library, so it should

^ Re: calculations on lists of numbers (back OT apparently)
227790 [w_a_x_man ya] This is elegance?
+ 227874 [david vallne] I can trace ara's code in my head, and could probably find out what it's
| 227931 [w_a_x_man ya] Here's another short version.  This can handle very large files.
+ 227993 [gregory.t.br] William, are you intentionally being confrontational and rude?

^ comma separating output from array.to_s
227801 [henning.jans] what is the ruby-way of comma separating the output from array.to_s?
+ 227802 [twifkak comc] ri Array#join
+ 227804 [w_a_x_man ya] => "2,4,6,8"
| 227828 [henning.jans] That's it! :-)  Thanx to all of you.
+ 227807 [gregory.t.br] some_array.join(",")
| + 227817 [w_a_x_man ya] 22,"He said, ""No!"""
| | 227830 [gregory.t.br] Yeah, now deal with edge cases, and try to run that on 100k rows :)
| | 227848 [w_a_x_man ya] It's easy to handle all cases since CSV is a simple format;
| | + 227851 [kbloom gmail] Most of use like pompous proxility as it helps us understand what the heck
| | + 227852 [james graypr] What is that regex doing?  Quoting any field with a quote or a
| | + 227856 [gregory.t.br] It is indeed faster by a long shot, but it doesn't conform to the CSV
| |   + 227919 [w_a_x_man ya] Easily remedied.
| |   | 227921 [james graypr] Please show me where the CSV RFC states this.  If you need a link to
| |   + 227926 [james graypr] Writing CSV is very easy (unlike reading it correctly).  FasterCSV
| |     227932 [gregory.t.br] I read through the other CSV related thread that seemed that way... I
| + 227818 [w_a_x_man ya] puts [22,'He said, "No!"'].map{|x| x=x.to_s
+ 227810 [matt tidbits] You might be looking for Array#join. In fact, I believe Array#to_s *is*
+ 227854 [ramalho gmai] A quick way to generate CSV file from an array of arrays is to take

^ LDAP library in Ruby
227813 [michael_perl] Looking for an LDAP module, I found so far
227814 [wilsonb gmai] Yep. Pure Ruby, and very nice.
+ 227947 [garbagecat10] Also available on Rubyforge and as a gem.
+ 229573 [michael_perl] This is *fantastic*.
+ 231376 [michael_perl] Tried it. Fantastic!

^ rexexp question
227816 [ishamid colo] [total novice again ;-)]
+ 227831 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 227843 [ishamid colo] Ok, I was trying to avoid typing too much :-) but I will post more
+ 227834 [dblack wobbl] replacements = { '"T10"' => "bf", '"Style2"' => "it", '"Style3"' => "sl" }