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^ WMI usage in Ruby to get file size, beginners question
227392 [gbatdd yahoo] sorry if the question is so stupid as I assume.
227411 [kallen19918 ] \ is a control character in both in WQL and ruby so you need to escape
227417 [gbatdd yahoo] not yet used to the specifics of everything. Ofcourse I also googled

^ Test::Unit and drb
227393 [damphyr free] Anybody have any tips to share about unit testing code that uses drb?
+ 227394 [farrel.lifso] This is how I've done it though if anyone has better solutions I'd be
+ 227514 [drbrain segm] How is multiprocess operation (DRb dispatched) different from
  227559 [damphyr free] It's not, apart from the fact that the drb server might just not be

^ Segmentation fault, proc, eval, long string
227402 [hutch recurs] I'm getting a 'Segmentation fault' in ruby 1.8.5 running on debian in
227409 [wilsonb gmai] ...
227418 [hutch recurs] Thanks for the link.
227427 [wilsonb gmai] Can you get a full stack trace from gdb or something?
+ 227430 [wilsonb gmai] Oh, and what happens when you freeze the string before eval'ing it?
| 227436 [hutch recurs] same thing. Tried freezing the proc too, no change. Thanks again though.
+ 227434 [hutch recurs] That didn't make any difference. Nice idea though.

^ Capistrano Connection Caching Question
227403 [runner berke] I'm trying to clear up my understanding of how some of the Capistrano
227473 [ezmobius gma] Hey Steven-
227489 [runner berke] Cool,

^ Download a file piece by piece
227407 [patrick erdb] i have a question about downloading files. I want to download a file and
+ 227419 [louis.j.scor] It would be nice if there was an easier way to handle the data as it
| 227449 [patrick erdb] Thanks! I'm happy. It works really great :-)
+ 227423 [nospam nosit] No, actually, it is that the results are not printed out when you expect
  227435 [slamboy gmai] We understand that you are very smart and have been programming for 30

^ Ruby Tk and Threads error
227408 [jorge.santia] I'm coding an application with Ruby and RubyTk that draws a huge
+ 227547 [nagai ai.kyu] Probably, that is a bug which depends on timing of callback operation.
| 228101 [jorge.santia] Your patch worked GREAT! My app has never crashed since I applied the patch.
| 228148 [nagai ai.kyu] I have to say thank you.
+ 227729 [efine145-nos] Jorge,

^ Re: Segmentation fault, proc, eval, long string [Reproduced]
227415 [hutch recurs] A little more on this...
+ 227424 [hutch recurs] So, to increase the strangeness a bit... if I run this from within
+ 227437 [wilsonb gmai] Segfaults for me on my Debian box with ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-linux]
| 227446 [hutch recurs] Oh dear. In some ways I was hoping for something unique to my
+ 227569 [pit capitain] Bob, you can use parsetree to dump the AST of the generated proc. I'm
| + 227578 [hutch recurs] Okay, I'll do that. But a Segmentation Fault? Surely there's a more
| + 227593 [wilsonb gmai] I just tried this, and here's what it gave me (for a smaller N, so the
|   227600 [pit capitain] Wilson, this is not the dump of the generated proc. You have to pass the
|   227605 [wilsonb gmai] wilson@metaclass:~$ ruby boom.rb
|   227607 [wilsonb gmai] OK. Wow.
|   227615 [hutch recurs] *That's* what I want! What's so special about a proc?
|   227617 [wilsonb gmai] Apparently, they are specially buggy. :)
+ 227749 [matz ruby-la] Thank you for the report.  Your script helped.  Could you check if the
  227900 [hutch recurs] Thanks for the patch. I applied it and tried a few things with it.
  227971 [matz ruby-la] The patch does rather decrease the amount of memory that Ruby use.
  228040 [hutch recurs] This is consistent with what I'm seeing. Just before you posted your
  228046 [matz ruby-la] Good to know that.  For your information, YARV does not have this

^ simple question, looping through each character in a string
227426 [beingthexemp] word = "picture"
+ 227438 [dblack wobbl] There's an each_byte iterator.  It gives you ASCII values, so you have
| + 227440 [beingthexemp] i've never seen a split('//'). what exactly is that doing?
| + 227443 [james graypr] word.scan(/./m) { |char| ... }
| | + 227444 [dblack wobbl] And, I now realize, if someone posted what I posted and I were
| | + 227445 [beingthexemp] Yes, I saw the each_char method in the RDocs but when I tried using it,
| | + 227451 [beingthexemp] does it make sense to have a method for String in a file called
| + 227471 [louis.j.scor] In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "Doh!"
+ 227457 [matt tidbits] the_string.scan(/./).each do |char|
  + 227465 [beingthexemp] does anyone know how you will accomplish the same thing in ruby 1.9?
  | + 227468 [transfire gm] str.chars.each |c| ...
  | + 227469 [nospam nosit] 1. Please don't top post.
  + 227529 [matt tidbits] I'd be curious to know what happens if you specify that this is a UTF-8

^ openSSL signs
227432 [pgonzalez na] PKCS7 using OpenSSL.
227553 [boss airblad] It's not quite the same data in both cases.  The \n is treated

^ Re: simple question, looping through each character in a str
227441 [olsonas gmai] split will return an array of strings, splitting the initial string at

^ dates, scheduling tasks, mysql
227454 [steve foowor] What is the best Date format for working with dates in ruby & mysql?
227464 [nospam nosit] As to MySQL, you really need to stick to a strict date format of yyyy-mm-dd.
227472 [steve foowor] class Date
228284 [heron jpl.na] Not sure why exending Date doesn't work (at least in irb), but I believe you
228295 [steve foowor] Hmm

^ Wisdom of including Rakefile in releases
227458 [transfire gm] I was poking around in the /usr/lib/ruby/gems directory today and
+ 227459 [jameskilton ] Rakefiles allow users to run the tests for themselves, to understand how a
| 227479 [transfire gm] Yes. For instance I have a little backup task that I sometimes use to
| 227510 [rosco roscop] The way I've come to approach this is to have a local rakefile in which I
| 227560 [damphyr free] I am all for including the rakefiles in the gems. Especially if the
+ 227588 [fugalh xmiss] It's fully within the unix tradition of including the whole source in
| 228033 [transfire gm] Good advice. I'll remove some of the default settings and mkdir_p's and
| 228062 [jameskilton ] rubyforge.org <-- All ruby / rails releases normally go here
| 228065 [transfire gm] By bad. I should have been more clear. I meant where do you store the
+ 228068 [halostatue g] As I start to get back into supporting my projects, you will see more
+ 228092 [drbrain segm] How am I supposed to run the tests to figure out if your gem works
  + 228143 [twifkak comc] What? I'm supposed to write tests?
  + 228154 [transfire gm] Thre's always

^ Library to read/write TAR files
227474 [michel.casab] I'm looking for a library to read/write TAR files. I've had a look on
+ 227499 [nospam nosit] Are you willing to make system calls? I ask because if you do it in pure
+ 227531 [wmwilson01 g] Do they have to be tar files, or can they be zips?
| 227549 [michel.casab] I already generate zip files (and prefer this format over tar.gz),
+ 227934 [jeremy hineg] the ruwiki project.
| 227959 [michel.casab] Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for!
+ 227982 [halostatue g] Yes. Archive::Tar::Minitar. If I ever get TRUG hackathons going again,
  228012 [michel.casab] Minitar is exactly what I needed, thanks.

^ uneval,mtime,hash - Meta programming.
227475 [john.carter ] I often do things that take far too much time.
227478 [ara.t.howard] class Module
227484 [john.carter ] The trouble is the methods get "added" every time the script gets
227486 [sander.land ] Try a search for ParseTree and ruby2ruby.

^ loops and branching
227477 [ishamid colo] [progrmming novice]
+ 227482 [christoffer.] (leapi..leapf).select do |x|
| 227504 [ishamid colo] ================
| 227601 [slamboy gmai] puts 'Enter a starting year'
| 227826 [pete.yandell] (num1..num2).each do |x|
| + 227827 [dblack wobbl] puts leap_years
| + 228126 [christoffer.] I'm a bit late, but yes, that's how you would use my solution. :)
+ 227695 [ishamid colo] Actually, that would make you a day early ;-)
| 227701 [wmwilson01 g] You try waking up to someone's hands on your teets and you haven't even
+ 229806 [NigamaX gmai] I am only as far as this problem in the book, and this was my solution

^ How to make "generic" YAML calls?
227487 [dale.quigg a] I have a Test.Yaml file like;
227493 [dale.quigg a] Found it, sorry to bother.
227575 [ruby anthrop] } <snip>
228105 [dale.quigg a] Thank you Greg.

^ [SUMMARY] DictionaryMatcher (#103)
227490 [james graypr] As stated in the quiz, this question comes up quite a bit.  There are a few ways

^ [ANN] Chilkat Upload for Ruby Released
227491 [support chil] Chilkat Upload for Ruby was released today.  The upload class (CkUpload)

^ newby question determining name of an array at run-time
227494 [rubyeu yahoo] (Sorry for not finding a better title to my question. I'm not shure if
+ 227500 [nospam nosit] hash = {}
+ 227521 [ruby muerman] Have a look at instance_variable_get in the RDocs - that'll do what you want.
  227566 [rubyeu yahoo] The method instance_variable_get was exactly what I needed.

^ What's the current standing of Rant vs. Rake?
227496 [chrispearl g] Rake seems to be used widely and extensively. Rails uses it pretty
+ 228037 [chrispearl g] Further Investigation clears up some of the mystery.
| 228041 [djberg96 gma] That's interesting, considering the Rake tutorial
| + 228052 [chrispearl g] In another thread, the author (Dr. Russel Winder) mentions the
| + 228420 [Bil.Kleb NAS] change if dissatisfaction * appeal * plan > cost_of_change
|   228429 [jameskilton ] So, I've looked around Rant's documentation, and frankly I can't see
|   228466 [david vallne] Yes, because it is unheard of that open-source projects would stay
+ 228069 [yakumo9275 g] I use rant all time time for building C apps and such and have ran into

^ floating point problem... floating indeed :(
227502 [teeshift gma] suspecting that it was
+ 227506 [wilsonb gmai] See this writeup for some details on why this happens.
+ 227507 [chrispearl g] Someone else might wish to give a more concrete explanation, but as a
+ 227511 [nospam nosit] / ...

^ open-uril ECONNREFUSED problem
227503 [cyrusg yahoo] I'm working on a simple scraping tool and the open() method has suddenly
+ 227508 [chrispearl g] WFM.
+ 227516 [drbrain segm] Are you behind a proxy?

^ Is RUBY what I'm looking for?
227505 [gcarcass gma] I have a question, that I hope someone will answer according to what I
227517 [cyrusg yahoo] The best person that can give you that answer is yourself. And
228008 [gcarcass gma] Thanks a lot !

^ Ruby advent calendar
227512 [rosco roscop] It's that time of year again folks, time to get into the festive spirit.

^ Re: open-uri ECONNREFUSED problem
227513 [cyrusg yahoo] I've tried different URLs from different locations. Do you think setting
227515 [cyrusg yahoo] open("http://www.google.com", "User-Agent" => "Mozilla/4.0")
+ 227519 [nospam nosit] Have you tried rebooting your computer? Has a similar connection attempt
+ 227520 [ara.t.howard] firewall?
  227576 [cyrusg yahoo] I had no problems with the open() call for almost two days, but then
  227672 [drbrain segm] So what changed when it stopped working?
  227678 [banshee bans] When you're looking at problems like this, make sure you're using fairly
  227680 [cyrusg yahoo] Thanks James. Actually, I've opened another topic called "Komodo issue"
  227685 [cyrusg yahoo] I reinstalled Komodo (and made sure to remove all the prefs) and now it

^ time = ["min", "sec"].collect {|i| {i=> Time.now.send(i).to_i}}
227523 [caldridge gm] What's the best way to make the first item below yield a hash instead
+ 227530 [caldridge gm] Sorry --Subject was supposed to be "Need help creating hash from an array"
| 227533 [caldridge gm] time = Hash[*["min", "sec"].collect { |i| [i, Time.now.send(i)]}.flatten]
+ 227580 [ara.t.howard] now = Time.now
  227720 [caldridge gm] ah ok. Good point. I'm learning :-)

^ Ruby equivalent to "exec > $logfile 2>&1" in sh script?
227525 [phil pricom.] People,
227528 [wmwilson01 g] outfile = File.open("output.txt", "w")
227546 [drbrain segm] Not really.
227596 [rick.tessner] Adding $stdout.sync = true; $stderr.sync = true should solve the problem

^ Gateway is malfunctioning
227527 [transfire gm] Someone recently mentioned missing posts. I just did a comparsion of
+ 227543 [_mwryder wor] I think someone mentioned earlier that the missing posts were mostly
| 227561 [damphyr free] Not true. I had some missing posts (a couple misdated and a couple not)
| 227592 [james graypr] Your posts appeared on one side of the Gateway (the Ruby Talk mailing
+ 227581 [ara.t.howard] as far as i can tell it always is - or at least has been for weeks.
| 227590 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
+ 227589 [james graypr] that is history.  The news-to-email side is already deployed.  My
  + 227597 [ara.t.howard] mine aren't - so ignore for now.
  | 227603 [james graypr] Probably not too meaningfully.  Every Usenet host uses a different
  | 227621 [f andreas-s.] +1
  + 227604 [transfire gm] Have a look at recent topic: Wisdom of including Rakefile in releases.
    227611 [shortcutter ] I do not see *any* posting of Jason on the news side and only a single
    227625 [james graypr] I have not yet received this message from Trans.  I do find it in the
    227668 [shortcutter ] I cannot see that it is a HTML posting - in fact, I do not see any HTML
    227669 [james graypr] Fred, can you comment on this?  The link above shows pretty much how
    227730 [fred lacave.] I'd like to see the whole raw message, headers included (my email is
    227736 [fred lacave.] Ok, Robert sent me what seemed to be the full message, and it's in fact
    227750 [james graypr] Forgive my weak knowledge of email types here, but if someone sent a
    + 227752 [slamboy gmai] bWF5YmUuCgpPbiAxMi8yLzA2LCBKYW1lcyBFZHdhcmQgR3JheSBJSSA8amFtZXNAZ3JheXByb2R1
    + 227754 [rossrt rosco] I have a feeling this is what is, or at least was, happening - I wasn't
    | 227757 [fred lacave.] That's not systematic.
    + 227755 [fred lacave.] Yes, but it won't be multipart/alternative (which means different
      227759 [james graypr] Am I understanding right Fred that your filters do allow multipart/
      + 227764 [fred lacave.] They should.
      + 227785 [fred lacave.] Okay, it was interpreted as binary (probably the base 64 part).  I've
        + 227791 [rosco roscop] Assuming that the base64 encoding was done to cope with UTF8 in the
        | + 227795 [james graypr] No.  The new code does everything the old one did and more.  The main
        | + 227811 [james graypr] "I'm guessing we could get radical and read incoming emails with an
        |   228191 [fred lacave.] This path leads to the Dark Side (tm) : content mangling of a message
        |   228204 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
        + 227794 [james graypr] We appreciate all your efforts.  Thank you Fred!

^ how can someone see my webserver if I have a wireless router ?
227534 [wbsurfver ya] Here is my question. I have a laptop and I run a ruby/rails based web
227558 [boss airblad] Yes, it can be done so don't give up :)
227564 [shortcutter ] Dynamic DNS is much better - you need a domain though.

^ how can someone see my webserver if I have a wireless router ?
227535 [wbsurfver ya] Here is my question. I have a laptop and I run a ruby/rails based web
227537 [Jack discuss] May be this can Help.

^ Anomaly in first example of Needles, an Aspect-Oriented Programming tool
227536 [RichardDummy] I intend to use Needle in my future Ruby and RoR development,  so I
227563 [JoeKarma gma] You forgot a question mark.
227610 [RichardDummy] Thank you very much!

^ How to get value of constants in Excel using WIN32OLE
227538 [chen_li3 yah] I have a script to store all Excel constants in an array. ButI can't
227551 [jan.svitok g] See programming ruby, especially the chapter on reflection. THe
227584 [chen_li3 yah] Thanks Jan. I haven't touch this chapter yet but I will take a look at

^ doc literal with soap4r
227539 [snacktime gm] Since I'm not a soap expert I thought I would ask.  The following soap
227613 [adam thereal] There is an option to turn on doc/literal in soap4r.  I forget where

^ puts, print, Array#to_s relative to ruby 1.8 and 1.9
227540 [gwtmp01 mac.] I find it a bit strange that puts treats array objects differently
227542 [twifkak comc] a.flatten.join ?
227544 [gwtmp01 mac.] Ah, yes.  I knew there had to be an easier way.  Still I kind of like

^ Execute/Run the Ruby (.rb) files from browser.
227541 [raju_drg hot] I am not new at all for ruby because i have studied for a month about

^ [OT] Re: how can someone see my webserver if I have a wireless router ?
227552 [shortcutter ] Additionally he needs to set configure his router to either place his

^ How to create object of class name of which is in text string?
227556 [rtokarev gma] I know what this is about Abstract Factory pattern. But in example at
227557 [farrel.lifso] create_something(Kernel.const_get("Foo"))
227562 [rtokarev gma] Thanks a lot, Farrel!

^ why does openstruct not respond to [] and []=?
227567 [martindemell] Took me aback - there seems to be no reason for OpenStruct *not* to
227568 [shortcutter ] OpenStruct also does not inherit Enumerable.  I guess the story is, if
227570 [martindemell] I was trying to collect all the binary options to my app in a hash (as
+ 227572 [matz ruby-la] Is there any reason that you have to use OpenStruct instead of plain
| 227577 [martindemell] In the rest of the code I'd far rather use opts.option than
+ 227573 [shortcutter ] Hm...  Personally I would prefer the slightly more verbose but less