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^ [ADV] Update to AWDwR (and a special offer)
227027 [Dave pragpro] The final version of Agile Web Development with Rails went to the

^ Re: Trying to make a Digest Auth extension for Net::HTTP
227029 [me phillipoe] did you successfully integrate digest auth into net::http? if so, yould

^ rand random. You've got to be kidding
227030 [Smgspices ao] Surely it must be possible to initialize rand with current date and time.
+ 227031 [jro codegrin] I haven't played with rand, but
+ 227033 [brabuhr gmai] Can you post the code that isn't working for you?
+ 227034 [lukfugl gmai] I'm not sure which documents you're reading. These are the ri docs I
+ 227036 [chris.colema] unsigned int seed
| 227045 [drbrain segm] rand() is seeded by /dev/urandom by default.
| 227047 [Smgspices ao] value. I
| + 227054 [drbrain segm] Please quote your replies correctly.
| + 227055 [kallen19918 ] Your problem is with
|   227060 [Smgspices ao] I want to think everyone for their replies.As usual, it was an operator
|   227070 [gavin.kistne] There's your problem. You're using the wrong function.
+ 227042 [m_goldberg a] Can't reproduce your problem. #srand with no argument seems to seed
+ 227048 [drbrain segm] On windows I think there is no way to seed from /dev/urandom, so you
  227052 [Smgspices ao] On windows I think there is no  way to seed from /dev/urandom, so you

^ Linux Journal lists ruby and Rails as Editors Choice
227039 [dsisnero gma] LInux Journal Editors choose Ruby as Language choice and Rails as Web
227044 [pat.eyler gm] old news (though I'd missed it when it came out), but still quite cool.
227124 [gilesb gmail] Kind of a tangent, but I couldn't reply to your post because

^ FileUtils.touch doesn't work
227041 [jeff reverse] Why won't Ruby just install from the port? I don't know what Ruby is,
+ 227046 [sequethin gm] sounds like you may want to contact freebsd-questions or the port
+ 227050 [nospam nosit] As one computer professional to another, I offer this advice: revert to your
+ 227051 [wilsonb gmai] What happens if you cd to the Ruby port directory, and type 'make install' ?
  227057 [jeff reverse] That is where I probably got into trouble was when Ruby failed to
  227062 [drbrain segm] $ pkg_info | grep ruby-
  227067 [jeff reverse] $ pkg_info | grep ruby

^ Ruby and Oracle on Win XP
227049 [laurent.bois] I'm currently trying to make run a Rails webapp over Oracle XE (Express
+ 227071 [wilsonb gmai] us to use "adapter: oracle" these days.  I doubt that's your problem,
+ 227100 [schoenm eart] Did the spacing get munged above, or is that really what it looks like?
+ 227275 [rf.oodanaw s] <http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/haefel-oracle-ruby.html>
| 227312 [jasonvogel g] Somehow, my post got lost.
+ 227387 [kubo jiubao.] The error class is an ActiveRecord::AdapterNotSpecified.

^ 1.8.5 problems? (Was: FileUtils.touch doesn't work)
227056 [drbrain segm] What problems?
+ 227061 [nospam nosit] See below for a Google list link.
| 227065 [drbrain segm] Granted, but if you could narrow down the problem somebody might be
+ 227145 [jwkenne attg] I don't know where the problem lies, but 1.8.5 as installed by 1.8.5-21
  227161 [drbrain segm] func=detail&aid=5677&group_id=167&atid=715

^ [ANN] aws/s3 0.1.0 (initial release)
227059 [marcel verni] This is the initial release of aws/s3, a ruby library for Amazon's Simple Store
+ 227069 [lyle.johnson] Wow. So has "Ruby S3 library" become the new "Ruby templating
| 227093 [ryan wonko.c] Yeah, I'm wishing I hadn't announced Net::Amazon::S3 yesterday. I like
+ 227488 [tiffani2k3 g] Should I be getting this after following the install instructions in the
  227699 [marcel verni] Hey Tiffani,

^ drawing borders in excel
227066 [ac251404 ohi] Could anyone give me the line of code you would use to draw a border
227073 [ac251404 ohi] Okay quick update... I figured out how to change the color of my border
+ 227082 [pmr16366 gma] xlThick is a constant in excel, use the vb editor in Excel to find the
+ 227083 [lrlebron gma] Have you tried recording a macro in Excel and taking a look at the VB
  227089 [dwhite618 gm] You might consider loading all the Excel constants, that way you can
  227092 [ac251404 ohi] Okay that was all I had to do was load the excel constants. Thanks

^ << == push?
227075 [gilesb gmail] I was just prepping a code sample for somebody out in the big wide
227077 [dblack wobbl] I *think* the only difference is that push can take more than one
227084 [ara.t.howard] also
227085 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):003:0> [1,2,3].push(4,5)
227118 [gilesb gmail] ah, that explains something. I couldn't open up my old code without

^ Overloading prefix operators...
227080 [ihatespam ho] Okay, so "operator overloading" is wonderfully trivial and natural in
+ 227081 [mvette13 gma] def -@
+ 227132 [gavin refine] ...

^ Trapping keystrokes
227087 [copy tbaaron] I'm a Python guy who is considering switching to Ruby.
+ 227107 [vincent.four] That doesn't exist. The reason is that it is terribly os-dependent.
| 227111 [copy tbaaron] Ahhh! That makes sense. I'm sure that's why Python doesn't have it as
+ 227109 [james graypr] character

^ Anyone know how to pass a reference cursor INTO a stored proc via OCI8
227090 [jasonvogel g] I'm trying...

^ Re: slave-1.1.0
227091 [djberg96 gma] It's probably doable, but I'll have to look at the source code.
227096 [tim.pease gm] Slave forks off a ruby object in a separate process and then uses DRb
227099 [djberg96 gma] Yes, but why?  I assume the purpose is IPC.  If so, again I ask why you
227105 [ara.t.howard] 1) easy ipc

^ Ruby DL extension and x86_64
227097 [pmurray neva] charset=US-ASCII;

^ "yield" and "old-way iteration"
227102 [bjarke.walli] I am new to Ruby, but I find the language easy to learn and use.
+ 227114 [dblack wobbl] That won't parse :-)  There's no ++ operator in Ruby; you'll want to
+ 227116 [vidar.hoksta] You're not providing much context. I am assuming that you want the
+ 227122 [drbrain segm] include Enumerable
+ 227179 [bjarke.walli] Thank you for all your replies!

^ [ANN] sup 0.0.1 Released -- rubies for emails
227106 [wmorgan-ruby] Do you use rubies to read your emails? Well, sup version 0.0.1 has
+ 227112 [jgbailey gma] Looks cool, though I will probably wait a few versions since I'm on Windows
+ 227142 [why ruby-lan] I am ((so)) into this.  Here's a patch for IMAP support (SSL as well).
  227157 [wmorgan-ruby] Wow, that was quick. Thanks, _why! I'll plug 'er in.

^ Simple screen scraper using scrAPI
227108 [doog google.] I'm a Ruby novice. Does anyone have an example of a simple screen
+ 227128 [nospam nosit] 1. Parse a Web page using scrAPI, or
| + 227134 [doog google.] Thanks so much.  Parsing a web page is sufficient, and would
| | + 227135 [malvim gmail] If parsing a web page is sufficient, I definitely recommend Hpricot.
| | + 227152 [nospam nosit] Okay, here is a simple parser in ordinary Ruby, it will give you some ideas
| |   + 227413 [doog google.] Thanks to this group for helping me get various screen scrapers
| |   + 227452 [nospam nosit] I don't think so. I think they have to be escaped, like most things in HTML
| |     227460 [dblack wobbl] ETag   ::=   	'</' Name  S? '>'
| + 227169 [user domain.] I Paul ! Instead of talking about scrAPI would you tell us the magic
+ 227163 [peter rubyra] Though I don't  seem to understand the intensity of the holy war Paul is
  227218 [nospam nosit] For purposes of clarification, I simply want newbies to see how easy it is

^ link_to_remote; how do I tweak the div to update?; Ajax on Rails
227110 [wozniak.dan ] I'm trying to update a specific div section by trying to add some
+ 227123 [drbrain segm] You want the Rails mailing list.
+ 227125 [gilesb gmail] You want the Rails list.

^ BackgrounDRb 0.2.1 Release
227117 [ezmobius gma] It's that time again friends. skaar has been at it again and has
227119 [gilesb gmail] Wondering, anybody on here using this? I know somebody locally who is,

^ Re: [Rails] Re: [ANN] aws/s3 0.1.0 (initial release)
227130 [marcel verni] Hey Shane,

^ Ruby PDQ?
227139 [djberg96 gma] "Pretty Damn Quick" that appears to be used for systems performance
+ 227150 [znmeb cesmai] Funny you should mention PDQ and Ruby. One of the people I work with
| 227178 [djberg96 gma] Yes, I figured someone might be interested in writing a Ruby/C
+ 229571 [ara.t.howard] sorry!  ;-)

^ Announcing Dhaka - A parser generator
227141 [mushfeq.khan] I wanted to introduce people to my project Dhaka (http://dhaka.rubyforge.org).
227155 [robert.feldt] What kind of grammars can it generate parsers for? LALR, LR, any
227156 [robert.feldt] Ok, ok, I didn't read the intro well enough... :) Sorry, LALR it is.

^ Gem question: "win32" vs. "ruby"
227143 [cohen.jeff g] Often when I install a new gem, or try to update a gem I already have,
227165 [jan.svitok g] the difference is when the gem contains compiled extension. On other
227266 [cohen.jeff g] Awesome... thanks Jan, that makes total sense now.

^ ruby editor
227144 [dilip.bvd gm] please suggest me the good editor for ruby.
+ 227147 [james.britt ] Vi!
| 227148 [aotianlong g] i'm using kdevelop
+ 227151 [nospam nosit] This is like asking a group of strangers to tell you what kind of woman to
  227153 [twifkak comc] "There are many types of people, and you haven't told us whether you're
  227184 [ruby anthrop] } >This is like asking a group of strangers to tell you what kind of woman to

^ I'm a process-spawning idiot.
227154 [twifkak comc] I'm looking for a method that, like Kernel#` and IO::popen, allows me to
227162 [nospam nosit] You want to what? You want to execute an arbitrary system command and
227164 [drbrain segm] system 'command', 'arg with spaces' will execute correctly (ARGV[0]
227183 [twifkak comc] Thanks!
+ 227186 [twifkak comc] For reference's sake, I don't need fork. The same trick works with
| 227188 [ara.t.howard] this is an insanely bad idea: a cross platform way to hang you system.  try
| 227337 [twifkak comc] well, then. no need to be curt about it. :P
+ 227187 [ara.t.howard] systemu.rb allows capture of stdout, stderr, and exit_status and specification

^ [ANN] google-checkout 0.1.0
227158 [1337p337 gma] About

^ How to click on the select_list little drop down arrow
227159 [vikashkumar0] I am using Watir and ruby.

^ cidr.rb: port of Perl's Net::CIDR v0.11 available
227160 [jos catnook.] Not sure about the license. Hope this is useful to someone.
227166 [dave burt.id] Check the RAA (and Rubyforge).
+ 227207 [djberg96 gma] Indeed, Pat talked to me about possibly including net-ping in the
| 227208 [pat.eyler gm] ugh!  I hate ping.
| 227288 [dave burt.id] It sounds simple enough for a Ruby Quiz. Then we'd have not two, but a
| 227289 [james graypr] I'm a huge fan of using the Ruby Quiz to improve libraries like
+ 227248 [jos catnook.] I'm aware of those but they lack some features the Perl version has. Notably
  227401 [djberg96 gma] Well, there is PingExternal for ICMP support. ;)
  227412 [jos catnook.] Indeed.
  227448 [djberg96 gma] Well, you could start by porting the ping_icmp() function from Ping.pm
  227642 [jos catnook.] I've made some progress; see attached. Let me know what you think.
  227644 [djberg96 gma] Seems to work.  Mind if I include with the next release of net-ping
  227652 [jos catnook.] Of course, thanks Daniel.
  227657 [djberg96 gma] Great, thanks.
  227659 [jos catnook.] I like this much better than the positional API that Perl uses here ("Is
  227737 [djberg96 gma] Ok, I'll add those.  However, don't put too much stock in the duration.
  227761 [jos catnook.] True, but one would want the timing measurement to be done as close as

^ open classes, constructors and blocks
227167 [andrea.fazzi] class Foo
227168 [stefano.croc] When you call foo_initialize from initialize, you're calling a completely

^ returning Procs from methods?
227172 [gilesb gmail] some_string.scan(/(whatever)/).each &do_stuff
+ 227174 [robert.feldt] sure
| + 227176 [gilesb gmail] awesome! thank you.
| + 227177 [martindemell] lambda {|a| a+1} is the new "hello world" :)
+ 227175 [martindemell] Yes, but you still need to prefix it with a & when passing it to a
+ 227290 [GENIE prodig] The foo method returns the proc

^ [ANN] rc-rest 2.1.0 Released
227173 [drbrain segm] rc-rest version 2.1.0 has been released!

^ OT: Licensing (was Re: Is ruby a viable corporate alternative?)
227181 [pat.eyler gm] Funny, I get the protection that I want from the GPL (others might want
227204 [adrianh quie] Ditto.

^ Array#group_by
227182 [gareth.adams] I posted this on the Rails list, but then I realised it would make more sense
+ 227185 [ruby anthrop] } I posted this on the Rails list, but then I realised it would make more sense
+ 227192 [bruno exceli] thanks for the tip. I have q question with do you use a ".dup" on the
| 227196 [ara.t.howard] words = %w( foo bar foobar )
| 227225 [louis.j.scor] If you don't care about duplicates, just use Set#classify.
| 227327 [vjoel path.b] Why isn't there an Array#classify, which would return a hash of arrays,
| 227333 [louis.j.scor] Beats me =)  I'm not arguing against such a method; just pointing out
| 227348 [vjoel path.b] I wasn't arguing either. I had forgotten about the useful Set#classify,
+ 227258 [daniel.schie] module Enumerable

^ PGConn - qutie a trivial question from a newb
227189 [nickblack1 g] 28  dbh = get_connection
227293 [ara.t.howard] i'm not quite sure what you're asking, but i think exec returns rows.

^ `attr_accessor` and predicate/question mark methods.
227190 [a2800276 gma] I just stumbled across this weird behaviour and I'm puzzled that I've
+ 227193 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):002:0> class Test
| 227199 [a2800276 gma] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i686-linux]
+ 227203 [djberg96 gma] This was a bug that was "fixed" in a 1.8.5.  In 1.8.5 trying to do
  227291 [rsanheim gma] Hmm, I just went through the thread on ruby-core, and I didn't see
  227301 [djberg96 gma] The current 1.8.5 behavior shows which direction Matz chose so, yes, I

^ how to input info in fields on a HTTP page?
227197 [ac251404 ohi] I am trying to figure out how to retrieve reports from a web server. The
227277 [ac251404 ohi] Okay I got some code working to login to the site Im interested in, but
227372 [paul plsys.c] At the risk of incurring the ire of another Paul :-), you may be
227422 [nospam nosit] No chance of that -- I have no emotional investment in that issue. In fact I
227483 [fxir uaf.edu] Application Testing in Ruby" library, as of now it only works in IE. There

^ Splitting a CSV file into 40,000 line chunks
227198 [olsonas gmai] All -
+ 227212 [neoneye gmai] File.open("test", "w+") do |f|
| 227217 [chris.hulan ] Nice Simon
| 227222 [neoneye gmai] I usually mess up in my loops like this :-(
+ 227213 [nospam nosit] Consider that the problem is one of counting input lines. In a case like
| 227215 [will willj.n] [will@localhost ~]$ cat csvfile.csv
| 227236 [nospam nosit] A plain-text CSV file uses linefeeds as record delimiters. A program that
| 227262 [james graypr] Your opinion doesn't make you right on this one.  The CSV RFC clearly
| 227304 [nospam nosit] / ...
| + 227322 [efine145-nos] I am perplexed by CSV.open. In IO and File, open returns something that
| | + 227323 [james graypr] Me too.  ;)
| | + 227433 [nospam nosit] / ...
| |   + 227450 [james graypr] Now you're guilty of a new sin:  encouraging people to reinvent the
| |   | 227463 [nospam nosit] If the OP has a problem not easily solved with a library, then he isn't
| |   | 227497 [james graypr] I sure hope they think that!  I know I do.
| |   | 227509 [nospam nosit] / ...
| |   + 227550 [efine145-nos] Ummm, I am not sure exactly how to interpret the above post, but I see
| |     227555 [nospam nosit] / ...
| + 227350 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmmm ... seems like a bunch of folks are going to a bunch of trouble
|   227363 [nospam nosit] I concur in all respects, based on direct experience.
+ 227214 [nicksieger g] Not ruby, but why not use "split -l 40000"?
| 227216 [james graypr] Because the sample code is also moving the headers to the new files.
| 227228 [chris.hulan ] Also since he's feeding Excel this is most likely on Windows rather
| 227271 [Reid.Thompso] not a show stopper..
| 227273 [olsonas gmai] Reid -
| 227278 [Reid.Thompso] rthompso@jhereg:~$ cat splitandhead
+ 227243 [james graypr] gen_csv.rb      split_csv.rb
| 227255 [olsonas gmai] Thanks for all the responses. As noted in a post above, I am trying to
| 227260 [james graypr] CSV is known to be pretty slow, thus FasterCSV.  ;)
| 227265 [olsonas gmai] James -
| + 227267 [james graypr] Hmm, that's a good question.
| | + 227283 [Reid.Thompso] sort -n +4 out
| | + 227470 [louis.j.scor] Indeed.  That problem is difficult in general because you need to have
| |   227675 [GENIE prodig] Let's say you want to sort by the foo column
| |   227686 [olsonas gmai] Thanks everyone for ALL the replys. Lots of interesting things to think
| + 227492 [thomasmuelle] You could import it into MS Access, sort there and export again. Maybe
|   227532 [jcribbs netp] I'm coming to this party really late, so I hope I don't come across as
|   227582 [jcribbs netp] I realized this morning that the solution I posted last night won't work
+ 227286 [GENIE prodig] I will ignore the CSV issue, not because it isn't important, but simply
+ 227303 [GENIE prodig] I will ignore the CSV issue, not because it isn't important, but simply