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^ Difference between using irb and window promt
226787 [chen_li3 yah] I just write a script to change the filenames within a folder. Out of

^ Rdoc Hooks !
226788 [vincent.four] Not so long ago, I posted a question about hooks in rdoc. It appeared
226991 [drbrain segm] Please post this to the rdoc tracker on rubyforge.

^ REXML and Date interaction
226791 [robert.evans] I have a problem parsing dates from XML. I have this little program
226793 [dblack wobbl] Your broken version worked for me.  What version of Ruby are you
226795 [robert.evans] Thanks for running it, indeed that broken version works, and I
226797 [dblack wobbl] What's happening is that you're bringing REXML::Date into scope.  You
226799 [robert.evans] Ah cool. I didn't realize there was a REXML::Date class, but I
226805 [dblack wobbl] David

^ Extremely Noobish Documentation Question
226792 [mepaco gmail] I am a Java programmer and am attempting to learn Ruby.  What I have
+ 226794 [chen_li3 yah] In many examples I have seen File.open used
| 226796 [mepaco gmail] Thank you for the quick response.  I see that now but I guess my
| + 226802 [TimHunter nc] Ruby's doc is not as comprehensive as Java's. That's all there is to it.
| | 226817 [efine145-nos] Ruby Cookbook, by Lucas Carlson and Leonard Richardson (O'Reiily).
| + 226804 [chen_li3 yah] check this out
| + 226811 [nospam nosit] p File.ancestors
| | 226818 [dblack wobbl] In this case, though, the open that gets called is the class method
| + 226812 [flori nixe.p] This answer was not correct. You cannot find the File.open method,
| + 226820 [dblack wobbl] It isn't; the method that's invoked is IO.open.  Here's a (very)
|   226822 [mepaco gmail] Wow!  I have to say I'm a little shocked at how many people were so
+ 226810 [o.renaud lap] You did everything well : ruby-doc.org is the place to find the api, and you
+ 226814 [matt tidbits] Isn't the problem here that the File class inherits from the IO class?
| 226815 [rosco roscop] $ fri File.open
| 226830 [matt tidbits] matt-neuburgs-imac-g5:~ mattneub$ fri File
+ 226848 [tomasz.wegrz] The problem you're trying to solve seems to be the same

^ [ANN] Ruby/Informix 0.3.0
226803 [gerardo.sant] Ruby/Informix is a Ruby extension for connecting to IBM Informix

^ Re: Ruby/Informix 0.3.0
226807 [efine145-nos] This is really great, because I want to use Ruby with Informix at work.
226808 [gerardo.sant] I'd love have your feedback about Ruby/Informix on HP-UX. Don't

^ Re: [QUIZ][SOLUTION] DictionaryMatcher (#103)
226825 [kbloom gmail] This DictionaryMatcher implementation implements a trie (prefix tree)
226884 [rossrt rosco] Here's my solution. Theres a bit more speed to be had out of it, but

^ Problem building mysql gem
226826 [michael webl] I've just switched to Fedora and am trying to do a "gem install mysql".

^ FileUtils.mv not working?
226828 [transfire gm] I'm trying to move a folder from the /tmp dir (accessed via Dir.tmpdir)
+ 226835 [twifkak comc] FileUtils.mv is a ::cp and an ::unlink behind the scenes. I'm not
+ 226841 [ara.t.howard] shouldn't you be using .cp_r?
| 226844 [transfire gm] well, i want to move it. of course I can cp_r + rm_r which is
+ 226851 [shyouhei tra] Seems fixed in 1.8.5. Can you confirm?

^ Re: [SOLUTION] DictionaryMatcher (#103)
226833 [efine145-nos] This solution uses a digital trie to encode the strings to search.
+ 226842 [kbloom gmail] [CODE SNIPPED]
+ 226843 [kbloom gmail] [CODE SNIPPED]

^ Fwd: Ruby Quiz #103: DictionaryMatcher
226838 [james graypr] ...

^ simple loops and recursion
226839 [ishamid colo] I'm a total newbie, and this is my very first message. I'm going
+ 226846 [efine145-nos] First of all, use of the term "recursion" is not correct here. Recursion
| + 226904 [ishamid colo] Thank you very much, Edwin, for your comments.
| | + 226920 [doog google.] Start by typing "help" on the Ruby command line.
| | | 226924 [gavin.kistne] The string representation (the output of the to_s method) for strings
| | + 226957 [slamboy gmai] I can only comment on point 3, as I'm doing the same thing you are (although
| + 226905 [ishamid colo] I find it interesting that, in its output, Ruby (and I guess other
| | 226912 [martindemell] When you interpolate an expression in a string, ruby first evaluates
| + 226909 [ishamid colo] Is this too naive/non-Rubyish for what you had in mind? I just moved
| + 226911 [ishamid colo] Is this too naive/non-Rubyish for what you had in mind? I just moved
| + 226914 [ishamid colo] I leave this as a exercise for the reader...
+ 226872 [dblack wobbl] Here's a rewrite that might give you some ideas.

^ Re: DictionaryMatcher (#103)
226847 [efine145-nos] Well, do we get the same results from the scan of the big file? Recall
+ 226877 [kbloom gmail] Yes, I also skip over the remainder of a word, so we should get the same
+ 227191 [kbloom gmail] Apparently, part of my problem was the use of the Enumerator object.
+ 227195 [kbloom gmail] Apparently, part of my problem was the use of the Enumerator object.

^ Looking for energetic and passionate Ruby on Rails developer (Telecommute OK)
226850 [narinder.san] We are a well funded startup in Silicon Valley that is tackling an

^ java classpath for yajb
226862 [elmar.schram] I'm trying to use a java class via yajb in Ruby on Rails.
226925 [tom infoethe] I think Paul said something about CLASSPATH in there...
226937 [paul stadig.] You have to configure YAJB with the JBRIDGE_OPTIONS constant.  There's

^ [OT] Re: Timestamp
226863 [pit capitain] Paul, what would you think to be a better separator, and why?
226893 [nospam nosit] Anything but a separator that depends on locale. A separate field, for
226981 [pit capitain] Paul, thanks for the clarification.

^ How to get data from html table
226865 [vikashkumar0] I want to store the values of a table in different variables, I have the
+ 226866 [peter rubyra] Record = Struct.new("Record", :name, :date, :name_again, :some_num,
+ 226883 [phasis68 hot] After saving the html table text to file 'w.xml',
+ 226891 [nospam nosit] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w
  + 226898 [peter rubyra] Record = Struct.new("Record", :name, :date, :name_again, :some_num,
  | 226903 [nospam nosit] You may not have noticed the degree to which the sample data varied from
  + 226988 [vikashkumar0] What will be right solution if some one wants to get the data from yahoo
    227040 [nospam nosit] / ...

^ Binding a specific IP address for Net::HTTP
226867 [  sg a34.net] I hope I'm not asking a question that has been answered
226890 [nospam nosit] AFAIK the only way to do this (absent the use of platform-specific, non-Ruby
226917 [  sg a34.net] I was referring to an option available with the wget utility on Linux

^ Appending to file in arbitrary position
226878 [tulsidas gma] part of a web app.
226880 [jcribbs netp] Open the file in r+ mode.  This is read-write mode that starts at the
226881 [tulsidas gma] I can't believe it was so easy, I've never even read the "r" section,
226888 [halostatue g] If you want this to be cross-platform, make sure you actually open it

^ telnet terminal issue
226882 [ac251404 ohi] Okay I am playing around with ruby and its telnet functionality and I
226889 [nospam nosit] The full Telnet protocol consists of hundreds of properties that the local

^ Ruby 1.8.5 on Mac OS X
226885 [doog google.] On Mac OS X 10.4.8, Ruby 1.8.2 is installed in /usr/bin/ruby
+ 226886 [pere.noel la] Yes "no prob" ;-)
| 226899 [doog google.] Thanks for the info about GEM_HOME.  I set up /usr/local/bin
| + 226907 [matt tidbits] What happens when you say "gem environment" at the command line? m.
| + 226910 [pere.noel la] I think you've installed rubygems using /usr/bin/ruby, the Apple's one ?
|   226941 [doog google.] Got 1.8.5 installed on Macintosh with gems.
|   226962 [pere.noel la] fine !
+ 226887 [cremes.devli] Doug,

^ how to debug segmentation faults
226892 [m_rozner yah] I am pretty new to Ruby although have a lot of experience in other

^ rubygems local install
226895 [andy.koch pc] This is part question - part comment...
+ 226897 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 226926 [andy.koch pc] Further Problems with this topic...
| 226980 [jeremy chaos] I installed rubygems to /data/rubygems and added this to my
| 227013 [andy.koch pc] Setting RUBYLIB was the piece I've been missing, thanks for the
+ 227005 [kbloom gmail] I have a system where rubygems is installed systemwide by root (so the

^ Vruby Question on Processing Keyboard Input
226900 [lrlebron gma] I am new to Ruby and even newer to vruby so bear with me. I have a
226994 [a99.googlegr] Does Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V already work "out of the box"? (I think
226997 [lrlebron gma] I wish it would. As far a I understand you have to write code to handle
226998 [a99.googlegr] started it, and there is an edit box in it and I can copy and paste
227009 [lrlebron gma] I found the script. Thanks for the tip. But the script only handles
+ 227011 [a99.googlegr] Could you post your code, or part of it?
| 227053 [lrlebron gma] After taking a closer look at the program I noticed that Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X
+ 227022 [nospam nosit] But Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and others count as keypresses, as input characters. You

^ Automating installation of gems on remote machine with Capistrano
226913 [runner berke] Greetings,
+ 226915 [jgbailey gma] You can use the "--include-dependencies" option. You will have trouble with
| 226919 [runner berke] Sweet, that's exactly what I was looking for.
+ 226916 [rtilley vt.e] Could you use the Unix 'yes' command?
+ 226921 [bauer.mail g] run "gem install rails"
+ 226922 [bauer.mail g] run "gem install rails"
+ 226938 [ezmobius gma] Hey Steven-
  227115 [runner berke] Ezra,
  227120 [ezmobius gma] Hey Steven-

^ Module, requires, and attr
226927 [donn cmscms.] I'm looking for the best method of coding.  I have module. "module
226930 [dblack wobbl] You don't need that setter method, as the "true" flag will cause both
226931 [dblack wobbl] Ignore the || there; I meant just = .
226932 [donn cmscms.] Thank you very much.  This is the kind of information I need to learn.

^ Help me design my exception classes
226934 [jbrains762 g] Being a Java programmer learning Ruby, I don't want my Java-based
+ 226940 [tom infoethe] Welcome!  Your JUnit book rocks.
| 226970 [vjoel path.b] Careful... that's a wide net to cast. It will catch Interrupt and
| + 226971 [tom infoethe] Hm, good point, StandardError probably is a better way to go.  I've
| + 226978 [jeremy chaos] class DRbError < RuntimeError; end
+ 227008 [lukfugl gmai] You're on the right track. I'd use the same model you've got going in

^ Mocha and ActiveRecord
226944 [jbrains762 g] I've been using Mocha, which I rather love, to help me test-drive some
226984 [jamesmead44 ] What we tend to do in this case is stub the collection method itself i.e.
+ 226985 [jamesmead44 ] BTW - it's probably better to use the Mocha mailing list -
+ 227694 [jbrains762 g] That's not bad. I think I'd rather stub the collection than sorry about

^ [ANN] ontok-geocode 1.0.1 Released
226946 [drbrain segm] ontok-geocode version 1.0.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] google-geocode 1.2.1 Released
226947 [drbrain segm] google-geocode version 1.2.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] geocoder-us 1.1.1 Released
226948 [drbrain segm] geocoder-us version 1.1.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] metacarta-geoparser 1.0.2 Released
226949 [drbrain segm] metacarta-geoparser version 1.0.2 has been released!
227038 [ben bleythin] No fix for
227058 [drbrain segm] Hrm, I think I fixed that in 1.0.1 but lazily forgot to announce the
227064 [ben bleythin] Cool, thanks.  I saw the new release and installed it, but I'd forgotten

^ [ANN] yahoo 1.1.1 Released
226950 [drbrain segm] yahoo version 1.1.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] yahoo-search 1.1.1 Released
226951 [drbrain segm] yahoo-search version 1.1.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] yahoo-geocode 1.1.1 Released
226952 [drbrain segm] yahoo-geocode version 1.1.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] rc-rest 2.0.0 Released
226953 [drbrain segm] rc-rest version 2.0.0 has been released!

^ [OT] Hoe is awesome
226955 [drbrain segm] Can you release 8 projects in 45 minutes?

^ net-amazon-s3 0.1.0
226958 [ryan wonko.c] Howdy folks,
227129 [gilesb gmail] Hey, that's awesome, I'm working with S3 too. I just modified the

^ Has anyone successfully configured Cedet for emacs for ruby?
226959 [darkintent g] I am trying to activate "intellisense" in Emacs using Cedet.  Has anyone had
+ 227103 [zdennis mkte] I didnt configure it, but it was working out of the box with Ubuntu Edgy...
+ 227104 [zdennis mkte] I do have a bunch of RoR stuff for Emacs installed though, so that may be doing something for me...

^ how to write file before EOF
226960 [siva 360in.c] how to write a file before its EOF
+ 226973 [nospam nosit] You do understand that if you write to a file at an arbitrary position, it
| 226983 [siva 360in.c] thanks for suggestion
| + 226996 [TimHunter nc] You'll have to make a new file. Copy the old file contents up to the
| | 227004 [znmeb cesmai] It depends on how big the file is and how lazy a programmer you are. For
| + 227019 [nospam nosit] 1. Read the entire file.
+ 226976 [neoneye gmai] irb(main):001:0> File.open("test", "a") {|f| f.write('a') }; IO.read("test")
+ 226977 [gabriele.mar] If you mean appending data to a file (not inserting data in the
  226986 [pere.noel la] This one works also on win* ?
  227016 [nospam nosit] Answer number one: why don't you find out by doing an experiment? Surely you
  227028 [pere.noel la] Nope, others will test on win*, the question was to prevent some prob,
  227043 [nospam nosit] Not a chance. Never happen.

^ Login IP remote in the logs Log4J
226965 [miguelpuicon] application that uses the "Log4J", which I want to know is that
226974 [nospam nosit] The answer depends on information not provided. What kind of application is
227035 [miguelpuicon] The application is "Critical Path" and is a Mail server in the Linux
227068 [nospam nosit] And you are aware that this is a Ruby newsgroup, yes? And that different

^ IP remote in the Log4j
226966 [miguelpuicon] application that uses the "Log4J", which I want to know is that

^ looking for advices building ruby-app/X-platform
226968 [pere.noel la] i do have a project right now which should be able to work under two

^ error when attempting using trying to install a gem and querying remote gems
226992 [Zach.Rowinsk] I just began starting to use Ruby-- and programming in general-- so
226995 [jason indeli] FWIW, I've seen the same behaviour on my NetBSD ruby install, 1.84 with

^ callbacks
226993 [gaurav.v.bag] I was just going through mailing list posts i found word "callbacks" .
227000 [ramalho gmai] A callback is a callable object passed as an argument to a method.

^ Typing 'Input' on Displayed Text
226999 [wood_yee12 h] using an older 'template' on the checkout registers which had info
+ 227002 [u.alberton g] You can do this sort of "fancy text terminal" in Ruby using libraries
+ 227095 [wood_yee12 h] you run the program, you have the 'questions' already displayed on the
  227113 [nospam nosit] In that case, learn how to design graphical user interfaces. They come in

^ Is ruby a viable corporate alternative?
227012 [MisterPerl g] Our team uses Perl for almost 100% of our projects, as we have for the
+ 227014 [tom infoethe] Yours,
| 227015 [gavin.kistne] What do you need to accomplish with your programming? How important is
+ 227017 [julesjacobs ] Maybe you could do a match: one group uses Ruby other group uses Java
| 227024 [sam powersou] Except for the folks using Java. =)
+ 227018 [shortcutter ] Maybe they are sensing that they are behind the Perk camp already and
+ 227020 [Rob AgileCon] I'd point to the 300+ that actually made it out to the RubyConf in
+ 227021 [pat.eyler gm] [background deleted]
| + 227023 [bitdoger2 ya] ...i realy recommend you read 'from jave to ruby' by bruce tate...and
| + 227032 [chen_li3 yah] What is the name for the one in Columbus?
|   227037 [pat.eyler gm] the columbus.rb
|   227131 [greg.kujawa ] Interesting. I live in Columbus, Ohio and didn't realize there was a
|   227133 [dblack wobbl] David
+ 227094 [guido sohne.] I would say Ruby is a viable corporate alternative. It has cut down my
+ 227137 [kbloom gmail] I can't really answer any of these specific concerns, but I can say that I
| 228616 [MisterPerl g] Thank-You Ken and everyone- these are VERY enlightening, empowering
| + 228621 [shortcutter ] Be careful, no cure has been found so far.  Everybody who starts
| + 228646 [david vallne] [insert rant about how TIOBE is pure, unadulterated bull here]
+ 227138 [kbloom gmail] Consider yourself warned that Ruby doesn't have any native compiler (like
+ 227170 [boss airblad] Some anecdotal evidence: as of RailsConf 2006, 65% of the 20 No Fluff
| 227171 [richard.conr] I am not sure what you mean by *corporate* alternative, that term in
| + 227180 [rtilley vt.e] you, >you will have to curtail your ambitions or research the problem
| | + 227194 [znmeb cesmai] Are you referring to ActiveState when you mean "Windows support?"
| | | 227202 [rtilley vt.e] No. Things like Mark Hammonds win32 packages for Python that add a huge amount
| | + 227280 [greg.kujawa ] This is exactly the situation I still find myself in. Perhaps 80% of
| + 227206 [wilsonb gmai] I've done some Ruby GUI apps on Win32, and distributed them across a
|   227224 [richard.conr] This is solid advice for any kind of Windows development. Windows
+ 228627 [christopher.] I am a professional software tester, and I started my career by reading

^ double mail from bulkmailer gem
227025 [bitdoger2 ya] require 'bulkmail' <<<true

^ [ANN] slave-1.1.0
227026 [ara.t.howard] SYNOPSIS
227063 [tim.pease gm] Does Slave work on the Win32 platform, or is this a UNIX only gem?
+ 227076 [cremes.devli] Slave is UNIX only since it relies on fork(). I've looked at the
+ 227078 [ara.t.howard] what is this "windows" you speak of?
| 227246 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I think it might be what these GNU folks are talking about
| 227270 [ara.t.howard] that's __awesome__.  more humour in docs i say!
+ 227079 [ara.t.howard] in all seriousness i'd be happy if it could be made to work - have a look and
  227088 [tim.pease gm] I think Daniel Berger is your man for getting this to work on Windows.