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^ WEBrick GET/POST problem
226556 [thedcm gmail] I need to write a servlet that will handle both GET and POST stuff, for

^ simple ruby proxy
226564 [moore.joseph] I'm trying to use a ruby program to grab html outside of my domain and
226572 [interfecus g] OpenURI can be used to open files. A script like this would be a major
226580 [moore.joseph] Ok, I'm still having some trouble getting this to work. I looked at the
226590 [KDr2 163.com] Maybe an apache server with mod_ruby installed is what you needed,

^ [ANN] VimMate 0.6.1
226565 [guillaume.be] A new version of VimMate is now available: Version 0.6.1.

^ VFS, Starkits and Starpacks
226569 [oleg.barenbo] I am new to Ruby.  So far, I am really enjoying the language.  But, I am
227101 [vjoel path.b] If you just want to package a ruby app that doesn't contain native

^ Problem reinstalling mysql gem
226582 [michael webl] I had to reload my system and am trying to bring up ruby on my kubuntu
+ 226583 [cjwoodward g] If you are running on osx you probably have the compile problem listed
| 226586 [michael webl] Good try, but I'm running Kubuntu Linux.
| 226587 [cjwoodward g] Ahh k,
| 226649 [michael webl] Getting the error out seems to be a problem. It tells me where it has
| 226677 [stefan mahli] Try to install the Ubuntu-Mysql development packages. I guess it is
+ 226770 [ezmobius gma] Hey Michael-

^ where to put data for a render partial rails
226589 [nephish gmai] Hey there,
227330 [mattrose fol] This would be better answered on the rails mailing list.  My guess

^ FastCGI unlimited spawning
226594 [sombreroisla] We're having an issue with lighttpd / ruby / fastcgi and don't know

^ syntax error
226600 [pere.noel la] $ /opt/local/bin/ruby myscript.rb
+ 226603 [nospam nosit] Show us the code that caused the error. It is obviously a real error, but it
| 226606 [pere.noel la] #!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
| 226627 [nospam nosit] file = "test.wav"
| 226632 [pere.noel la] OK then we agree...
| + 226672 [nospam nosit] We agree that the line should not have produced an error. We apparently
| | 226682 [pere.noel la] NO i won't do that why ?
| + 226690 [allergic-to-] Rather than copy/paste with the UI, can't you save the code in question to
|   226691 [pere.noel la] Nope ;-)
+ 226613 [rossrt rosco] The error you're seeing isn't from Ruby - it's your shell trying to
  226618 [pere.noel la] that's really odd and new to me, i tell you i'm working with, at least

^ regexp working with mixed lines endings
226601 [pere.noel la] Hey all,
226604 [nospam nosit] / ...
226617 [pere.noel la] <snip />
226630 [nospam nosit] \r\n
226637 [pere.noel la] OK, thanks, i'll try that asap.
226673 [nospam nosit] If you read a file that is part text and part binary, DO NOT filter line

^ [Mac OS X] having three ruby versions installed
226602 [pere.noel la] on my box running Mac OS X (Tiger the latest) i do have three ruby
226605 [nospam nosit] Figure out what your search path is and symlink the desired Ruby version
226616 [pere.noel la] i don't understand, if the desired version is the first hit in my search
226629 [nospam nosit] The point is to know which version you are executing. If you only want to
226636 [pere.noel la] I desagree totally about what you said.
226666 [nospam nosit] You can't disagree that your system isn't working as it should. If that were
+ 226681 [pere.noel la] the prob doesn't come from the shebang, it is specific to ONE script, i
+ 226683 [pere.noel la] ok for jruby itself i could do also a symlink.

^ coding practise
226608 [sempsteen gm] First of all sorry for my english.
+ 226611 [gareth.adams] I don't know too much about amicable numbers, but I can answer the first one...
+ 226624 [nospam nosit] It returns true if provided with a key that is present in the hash.
| + 226643 [sempsteen gm] Thanks for your replies Gareth and Paul.
| | + 226644 [sempsteen gm] this also does two method calls
| | | 226663 [nospam nosit] if(result = hsh[id])
| | + 226658 [gavin refine] The first didn't work due to the very low precedence of the 'and'
| + 226685 [shortcutter ] As others have pointed out if Hash#[] returns nil you do not know
+ 226656 [vidar.hoksta] Because you won't know if a "nil" result from Hash#[] means that you
  226689 [allergic-to-] It also allows for good code readability - 'has_key?': It's pretty
  226692 [sempsteen gm] ok, i get it.
  + 226700 [louis.j.scor] Also, depending on how you created your Hash, the default value might
  + 226715 [allergic-to-] Seriously, I'd say in your above example that the class that
    226717 [sempsteen gm] Yep, now i know that my Hash example is a different matter.
    + 226722 [nospam nosit] Use my previously posted code as a starting point, the one that uses a
    | 226723 [sempsteen gm] Thanks Paul.
    | + 226724 [sempsteen gm] i did it, thanks again!
    | | 226760 [nospam nosit] Usenet is a door that swings both ways. This thread may last decades in
    | | 226768 [sempsteen gm] class AmicableNumbers
    | | + 226777 [nospam nosit] This is very inefficient compared to creating a hash of all sums of
    | | + 226855 [shortcutter ] Just let me note this: doing heavy calculations in constructors feels
    | + 226758 [nospam nosit] I am certain you can improve on my code. There are a number of efficiencies
    + 226759 [allergic-to-] Looks like Paul has given you the answer (which I appreciate, since I

^ How to get a list of Gems?
226612 [tesla.nicoli] I need help in gettng a list of gems. When I use
226614 [lopx gazeta.] gem list --remote > list.txt
226615 [tesla.nicoli] Duh! what a dummy I am !

^ Calling methods from within singleton class
226626 [pergesu gmai] I'd like some clarification on the following simple examples.
226725 [george.ogata] This defines a `foo' method on instances of Foo's singleton class, namely Foo.

^ Old RCRs now available for reading
226639 [dblack wobbl] David
+ 226657 [cdcarter gma] David, I am getting 500 errors
| 226660 [dblack wobbl] Try again.  I've fixed some hard-coded junk.
+ 226659 [gavin refine] ...

^ Gem update question.
226645 [stevedogers ] Running on Win XP BTW.
226735 [o.renaud lap] This happens when the gem contains a C extension. The gem can embed either the

^ question about partials and logic in rails
226662 [nephish gmai] lo there,

^ [ANN] Poisson 0.1
226668 [turnip turni] # gem install poisson

^ [ANN] win32-service 0.5.2
226670 [djberg96 gma] The Win32Utils Team is happy to announce the release of win32-service

^ Fwd: [Flickr] Your Photo Upload Failed
226675 [gilesb gmail] Am I the only person who gets Flickr upload failure messages every

^ Re: [Flickr] Your Photo Upload Failed
226678 [lukfugl gmai] Yes, I got one just like that when I posted yesterday as well.

^ Strange Error with parseexcel and classifier...
226679 [appleman gma] So I get this strange error when I have the follow two gems in the same
226686 [appleman gma] To recreate the error, you can run test_parser.rb that is part of the
226687 [appleman gma] I wasn't able to figure out why it was happening, but I was able to

^ Re: Where can I find an Hpricot gem?
226680 [renard nc.rr] On Nov 22, 9:27 am, "Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality"

^ Re: ruby and list comprehension
226698 [TimHunter nc] This question comes up from time to time. You can search the archives of
226699 [louis.j.scor] added   = new_data.reject {|i| old_data.include? i }
226701 [noone nowher] Because Ruby's select() returns a value, not just a boolean like in Smalltalk,
+ 226806 [jameshcunnin] I found this while web searching for the same thing recently; I can't
| + 226809 [dblack wobbl] added = new_data.select {|x| not old_data.include?(x) }
| | 226823 [jameshcunnin] I should have clarified. In your example there's no difference, but the
| | + 226824 [jameshcunnin] Er, "your" meaning "Brad Tilley's".
| | + 226856 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> (1..25).inject([]) {|a,x| a << x**2 unless x % 2 == 0; a}
| |   + 226857 [Sky.Yin gmai] I've always thought list comprehension is just a bunch of
| |   | 226873 [twifkak comc] Yes. :)
| |   + 226871 [jameshcunnin] That's fair enough, but I think list comprehension is clearer than
| + 226853 [martindemell] for x,y,z in product 1..40,
| + 226961 [gavin refine] Maybe I don't comprehend comprehending, but why the result/each instead
|   + 226964 [jameshcunnin] The same.
|   + 226990 [shortcutter ] This could go into Enumerable instead.  There is no special Array
+ 226858 [robert.dober] OT of course ;)

^ Re: DictionaryMatcher (#103)
226702 [kbloom gmail] One of the unwritten rules of Ruby Quiz is to do whatever seems

^ site_ruby
226706 [dan-ml dan42] Can anyone explain what the site_ruby directory is for? Why use that directory
226711 [transfire gm] Well, that's a good question. One point is that /usr/local/lib/ruby is
226720 [robert.dober] Ahh I failed to notice, well I realized that apt-get was not going well with
226801 [mgreenly gma] It's possible to mix the two just fine.

^ Ruby/Rails on Gumstix
226707 [znmeb cesmai] For the past couple of weeks, I've been playing around with Ruby on a
+ 226751 [gilesb gmail] I love those little things. I don't have any yet, but I'm planning to
| + 226753 [gilesb gmail] ooh, I think I figured out the input device. it'll just be some kind
| + 226773 [rasputnik gm] I thought that was just a bluetooth controlled flyer.
| | + 226778 [znmeb cesmai] They also have both ccache and distcc, so it's perfectly feasible to
| | + 226982 [gilesb gmail] No, there's an element of theatricality required, and serial cables
| |   + 226989 [rasputnik gm] Oh, absolutely - I was raising an eyebrow at the cluster idea, not trying
| |   | 227074 [gilesb gmail] well...I know that according to Google they're bigger than an apple
| |   + 227007 [znmeb cesmai] I have not benchmarked them on Rails yet. For non-floating point
| |     227072 [gilesb gmail] those are kind of unusual requirements.
| + 226776 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah, there's a link to the flocking helos on the Gumstix website. I
|   + 226852 [rasputnik gm] The MMC slot is just for storage (you can't plug NICs into it) - use
|   + 226979 [gilesb gmail] yeah, I think the project even predates the Rails hype -- just a possible use.
+ 227086 [vjoel path.b] I was using ruby on gumstix for a wireless networking testbed earlier
  227136 [znmeb cesmai] I'll have to look at the makefile -- it may be static by default.
  227140 [vjoel path.b] Check your ext/Setup. Lines beginning with # are not linked statically.

^ Re: gem query finds gem, yet require fails [SOLVED]
226708 [grzm seespot] I was able to install the postgres bindings by explicitly calling

^ Timestamp
226709 [sr.sakhamuri] How do i add two time stamps
+ 226710 [sr.sakhamuri] My timestamps are HH:MM:SS,nnnn format.. I mentioned wrongly before...
| + 226714 [KDr2 163.com] So what do you want to get?
| | 226716 [ljz asfast.c] I think it would be more like this, which is a perfectly meaningful
| + 226781 [dblack wobbl] You might find it interesting to look into some of the date/time
|   226784 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 226721 [nospam nosit] Saying what? Please paste the code and the exact wording of the error
  226728 [sr.sakhamuri] Sorry for not being clear; I am trying to work on merging subtitle files
  + 226756 [allergic-to-] Those appear to be durations, not time stamps - you want to add 24 min,
  + 226757 [nospam nosit] Break it down for us. What does ",nnn" signify?
    226762 [dblack wobbl] David
    226767 [nospam nosit] Milliseconds, then, since they appeared as three-digit integers.
    226780 [dblack wobbl] Actually the whole thing (44,12 or 23,555 or whatever) is one float,
    226785 [nospam nosit] / ...
    + 226786 [hal9000 hype] It does seem odd, but I've seen so much oddness come from committees
    + 226789 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure what the distinction is between doubting and finding it
      + 226798 [hal9000 hype] Haha... there are many things that I don't doubt but find
      + 226813 [nospam nosit] Okay, fair enough. I don't doubt that Bush is president, but I find it hard
        226879 [dblack wobbl] Yes, I see :-)
        226894 [nospam nosit] / ...

^ checkbox
226712 [chandrahasan] I am working out for assigning the check boxes to the new entries in a
226719 [nospam nosit] 1. What GUI interface library are you using? There are dozens.

^ Problem while installing RMagick on Mac OS X
226726 [laurent.bois] I've got a problem when installing RMagick from the source.
226737 [TimHunter nc] It looks like you're using the version of Ruby that comes preinstalled
226745 [laurent.bois] Thanks..in fact i dropped the same message on the RubyForge RMagick
226755 [TimHunter nc] Hmm...i see your post now. I get an email copy of everything that's
226800 [laurent.bois] Everything is fine now..ruby 1.8.5, ImageMagick and RMagick work fine

^ GTK TreeView
226727 [patrick erdb] i've started to write a small GUI with GTK. A lot of thinks work fine,
226732 [o.renaud lap] column = Gtk::TreeViewColumn.new("Foo", renderer, :text => 0)
226918 [patrick erdb] thanks for reply. Your code works fine. I'm also able so sort the

^ find index of first non zeo value in array
226731 [josselin wan] array = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 21, 0, 0, 0, 0,
+ 226733 [o.renaud lap] Le dimanche 26 novembre 2006 15:00, Josselin a ˝─rit
| + 226734 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | 226736 [dblack wobbl] No, I'm wrong; that leaves c == a if there's no non-zero element.
| + 226738 [james graypr] => true
|   226740 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|   226741 [james graypr] Well, it only walks the Array once.  The other way walks it once for
|   + 226742 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
|   | + 226750 [martindemell] Seems to be a general symptom of everything being optimised to run C
|   | + 226765 [nospam nosit] When you post MIME content in a plain-text Usenet newsgroup, people using
|   + 226744 [twifkak comc] Meh... talk schmalk...
|   | 226963 [gavin refine] Hrm, I assumed that using #each_with_index would be speedier, since
|   | 227001 [twifkak comc] Hrm, that is odd. I assure you it was purely by accident that I picked
|   | 227010 [gavin refine] My totally uninformed guess is that it has something to do with more
|   + 226748 [rossrt rosco] $ ruby9 -ve 'p [0,0,0,15,0].index { |e| e > 0 }'
+ 226739 [phasis68 hot] array.index((array-[0])[0])
| 226864 [praddyjindal] Not a generic way, but pretty good for this specific problem.
+ 226761 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> require 'enumerator'
| + 226763 [twifkak comc] sub 'inject(nil) {|pp,(x,i)|', 'find {|x,i|'
| + 226896 [w_a_x_man ya] array.inject(0){|i,e| if e>0; break i else i+1 end}
|   226901 [w_a_x_man ya] array.inject(0){|i,e| break i if e>0; i+1 }
|   226902 [tim.pease gm] Using a regular expression ...
|   226975 [caldridge gm] Just saw this..
+ 226972 [caldridge gm] # uber_nasty_for_laughs.rb

^ ANN: RuPy Ruby & Python Conference 2007
226743 [katarzyna.by] we would like to invite you to one of the biggest Ruby and Python
226747 [saleem.a.ans] This is a really great news for both Ruby and Python lovers!!

^ Re: RuPy Ruby & Python Conference 2007
226752 [ptmcg austin] Oil and Water Conference
226764 [efine145-nos] You forgot the Alcohol and Firearms Convention.

^ RoR: model on basis of a view on a LEFT JOIN?
226766 [harm.hoekstr] I want to make a RoR webapp and on one screen the user should see
226782 [cschneid col] Assuming you have a model called Product, and a model called Rating

^ How to re-name a file  from Ruby script
226769 [chen_li3 yah] I have a folder containing many files with format
+ 226772 [znmeb cesmai] I don't see anything in the code that actually renames the file on the
+ 226774 [stefano.croc] filename is only a ruby string, it has no relationship with your filesystem.
| 226779 [chen_li3 yah] Stefano,
+ 226775 [matt tidbits] You're changing a variable called filename but you're not also talking

^ Two Advanced Ruby Performance Questions
226783 [sunny cityma] First, I am a Ruby newbie but am an experienced developer of highly
+ 226790 [znmeb cesmai] Have you looked at Nitro or IOWA? There are some extensive descriptions
+ 226816 [efine145-nos] This post may be stating the obvious, but here goes anyway... I hope I
| + 226821 [vidar.hoksta] True, but the original poster indicated he's looking at a database
| | 226831 [efine145-nos] I guess I gave the right answer to the wrong question :)
| | 226845 [sunny cityma] Before I go on, I thought I should note that Vidar Hokstad is
| | + 226849 [znmeb cesmai] There is one stable implementation at the moment, Ruby 1.8.5 "stable
| | | 226860 [sunny cityma] To M. Edward
| | | + 226870 [fred 82ask.c] As far as threadedness goes, I believe activerecord can be used thread
| | | + 226874 [znmeb cesmai] From what I've seen posted on the list, plus my own profiling of the
| | | + 226908 [joevandyk gm] It's an opinion of the Rails developers that processes are the new
| | + 226854 [jan.svitok g] It is said that method call overhead in ruby is pretty high, partially
| + 226829 [znmeb cesmai] I'm not sure this is at all "stating the obvious". Still, the OP hasn't
+ 226906 [joevandyk gm] Ruby classes are created/loaded once at run-time.
+ 226936 [ezmobius gma] Yes this is entirely possible in ruby. You can easily pre load all
| + 226945 [botp delmont] # http://www.kuwata-lab.com/erubis/
| + 226987 [sunny cityma] Frederick, M. Edward, Ezra, J-Van, Eric
| | 227098 [ruby muerman] I know you don't intend to use Rails, but there's a
| | 227149 [sunny cityma] Thanks for the recommendation. The website looks to be some more of what
| | 227300 [ezmobius gma] Hey Sunny-
| | 227545 [sunny cityma] Thanks for the detailed reply.
| + 227121 [gilesb gmail] Hey Ezra, this is an awesome e-mail, are you going to blog it? Can I?
|   227126 [ezmobius gma] Hey Giles-
|   227127 [gilesb gmail] Sweet! I think that book will be EXTREMELY popular by the way. It's
+ 226954 [drbrain segm] [edited slightly]
| 226956 [caldridge gm] 1) How many users will there be?
+ 227257 [khaines enig] It depends a LOT on what your are doing in that 100ms, but in general,