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Where to get the latest 1.7 snapshot
22647 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I went to one of the ftp mirrors

[ANN] JRuby Beta 0.2.0
22655 [jpetersen@un] A lot of the builtin methods and classes are now implemented. The parser
22665 [ballabio@ma ] Jan,
22669 [jpetersen@un] Java 1.3.

ANN: Ruby-GConf 0.1
22658 [nconway@kl m] I'm pleased to announce the release of version 0.1 of Ruby-GConf.
22664 [erik@ba fo s] This is great news.  Are you using defs to autogenerate the code?
22688 [nconway@kl m] No, all the code is written by hand. For this particular package,

RE: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)        You are added automatically
22659 [jberard@di g] help

Ruby/Tk  How to set a text mark
22660 [alwagner@tc ] Can you help me to set a text mark?
22663 [nagai@ai ky ] A text index must be String.
22672 [alwagner@ua ] Thank you, Hidetoshi.  That's just what I needed.  I'll let you

Announcement: PCSC-ruby 0.1
22661 [toni@an s. t] PC/SC Lite is a Smartcard development architecture for most

Exception handling in c
22666 [vrabel@bu nc] is there another way, how to handle exception in c, apart of the rb_rescue?
+ 22667 [decoux@mo lo] See
+ 22673 [pbrannan@at ] Generally speaking, you don't need to actually catch the exception; in
  22675 [decoux@mo lo] Except if ruby is embedded in an application and in this case it just
  22678 [pbrannan@at ] Assuming that by "crash" you mean "segfault," the application will only
  22705 [decoux@mo lo] Just look at PL/Ruby and try to understand why I use rb_protect().

blocks in C??? (and hi guys)
22670 [mikkel.bruun] first, the question...
22671 [decoux@mo lo] rb_iterate(), you have in README.EXT

SV:  Re: blocks in C??? (and hi guys)
22674 [mikkel.bruun] Thanks a lot...
22676 [decoux@mo lo] Well, here an example, the method Tt#foo receive an object and call
22720 [mikkel.bruun] thanks alot...

Problem in Installing Windows Ruby 1.6.3
22677 [billtj@z. lu] I want to install the latest Ruby version for Windows that is available at
+ 22685 [Stephan.Kaem] Would reinstalling 1.6.2 be a possible way for you?. If memory serves
+ 22696 [bobh@hs da o] ...
  22767 [billtj@gl e.] Thanks for all the responses.  What made me worry about the 1.6.5
  22781 [ptkwt@sh ll ] The 1.6.5 Windows installer worked fine for me just now.  I even ran some

Is 'define_method' being made public?
22684 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Is Class#define_method being made public in 1.8?
22727 [matz@ru y- a] I don't think so.  It reminds you that dynamic addition of methods are

Gtk::Text connect_signal key_press_event eat keystroke?
22689 [phlip_cpp@ya] In Gtk I want to handle a keystroke, and then remove it from the food chain.
+ 22690 [nconway@kl m] My guess is to connect to the "insert-text" signal; according to
| 22704 [nconway@kl m] Okay, I implemented Gtk::Obkect#signal_emit_stop -- there was an
| 22716 [phlip_cpp@ya] Ja! Both changes are in. Keystroke eaten.
+ 22691 [ned@bi e- om] What about signal_emit_stop() or emit_stop_by_name() ?

22694 [tobiasreif@p] does anyone know of SVG libs?
22695 [martin@ma si] I haven't used or investigated this, just remembered hearing about it
22703 [bobgus@mc .c] Adobe has a plug-in SVG viewer which I have used. You need to agree to a
22706 [tobiasreif@p] Thanks both of you for your replies.

ruby on NEC sx5?
22707 [  ele@sm .c ] Has anyone tried to compile ruby on a nec sx5 (super-ux 11.1)?
23061 [zickzack@ma ] With

database access from cygwin?
22708 [DEL_THIS@po ] Is anyone using any of the database drivers from cygwin? I have been trying to
+ 22714 [alan@di ik t] I've had Postgres running, although never interfaced to ruby. (It was
+ 22717 [neumann@s- i] I've tried MySql, Oracle and DB2 with success.
  22734 [DEL_THIS@po ] I have been trying to build mysql-ruby-2.3.2a under cygwin on win98SE. I did
  22763 [horibo@gm .d] During my installation, I've got the same problems ( including the
  22790 [DEL_THIS@po ] Where might I find this HOWTO?
  22796 [rtarpine@ho ] =Ryan Tarpine

Slashes in regexp
22709 [chris.morris] ruby 1.6.3 (2001-03-19) [i386-cygwin]
+ 22710 [nat.pryce@b1] You're not escaping the \ character in the string literal, so the string
+ 22712 [tobiasreif@p] irb(main):001:0> 'test\page'.scan /\\/
+ 22718 [wilbert@os f] I'm not quite sure, but I think between "" a \ should always be escaped.
+ 22721 [sean-ruby-ta] re = Regexp.new(/#{Regexp.escape('\foo\bar')}/)

Ruby/Tk: Hiding text in TkText
22711 [alwagner@ua ] I need to hide several columns of text on the left side of a
22715 [alwagner@ua ] Please ignore above post.  I discovered how to do it: I assigned

Net::Netrc module?
22713 [djberg96@ho ] Just curious if there's already an interface to the .netrc file.  I

Some general questions about Ruby
22719 [Axel_dot_Van] I just started learning Ruby.. and the book didn't
22722 [phlip_cpp@ya] Being tutorial-style questions, we suggest you write a page on the Wiki
22792 [Axel_dot_Van] But then the portability of Ruby-programs are limited

REXML: problem with Attributes.[]=
22723 [slumos@un v.] I'm not sure whether I'm confused.  Shouldn't the output of the
+ 22756 [ser@ge ma e-] Yes, it should.  I'll check into it; thanks.
+ 22800 [ser@ge ma e-] Dang.  This is a bug that crept in with the improved Namespace support in

RubyConf notes
22724 [chadfowler@y] I spent some time doing a fairly
22759 [billk@ct .c ] Thanks for taking time to write this up!  Much appreciated.

RubyConf M&M pictures
22725 [wconrad@ya n] The M&M, an escapee (or hostage, if you believe marketing) from the Opnix.com marketing department, has returned to Phoenix and posted his RubyConf pictures to http://www.mischievousgeeks.net/rubyconf.html.  Enjoy!
22728 [hipster@xs a] Thanks for the pics, it's nice to be able to put some faces to the
22729 [phlip_cpp@ya] Agreed. Their text on the 'net and in books sure sounds a lot smarter

Optparse latest?
22726 [buter@CW S. ] Hai,
22732 [maki@in c. o] # download URL in RAA is invalid??
+ 22735 [Stephan.Kaem] It's valid. But tehe version is 0.8.3...
+ 22819 [buter@CW S. ] This does not seem to work, only version 0.8.3 is available, but even
  22990 [nobu.nokada@] Really?  I could download the tarball correctly with wget.
  + 23458 [buter@CW S. ] Ah. I see. Since http://member.nifty.ne.jp/nokada/archive/ did not show
  + 23458 [buter@CW S. ] Ah. I see. Since http://member.nifty.ne.jp/nokada/archive/ did not show

ANN: XP-Day, London, 15/12/2001
22730 [nat.pryce@b1] ...

HOWTO compile MySQL/Ruby for Cygwin
22733 [neumann@s- i] Regards,
22854 [DEL_THIS@po ] I have followed the HOWTO, but still no luck. Some details: I didn't build
22982 [neumann@s- i] Well, that what I tried at first, too. But this doesn't seem to work.
23185 [DEL_THIS@po ] Okay, thanks. I will try that and then get back to you. Thanks.

File::SEPARATOR for W2k?
22736 [chris.morris] I was under the impression that File::SEPARATOR is platform specific. I
+ 22737 [chris.morris] Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
| 22738 [chris.morris] Ah, it's cygwin that's confusing me, isn't it? Sorry for the noise.
| + 22739 [cboos@bc -t ] Not really noise... I'm afraid!
| + 22740 [decoux@mo lo] no,
|   22744 [chris.morris] Christian
|   22746 [decoux@mo lo] On DOSish system there is File::ALT_SEPARATOR which is "\\", nil for other
+ 22747 [usa@os .a t.] Windows API recognize both `/' and `\' as path separator.
  22748 [chris.morris] Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
  + 22749 [decoux@mo lo] cygwin is not considered as a DOSish system :-)
  + 22750 [usa@os .a t.] I think it's moot, too.

Yet another thought on widget toolkits
22741 [list@ch om t] I am less than familiar with the subject of binding a language to
+ 22745 [chris.morris] IIRC, the VCL still exists for native Windows. If you use CLX, then your app
+ 22754 [neumann@s- i] There is already a Delphi/Kylix binding for Ruby.
  22798 [info@ch om t] Hmmm, so it is already there.  Is it not as good a solution as it
  + 22803 [mchahn@fa el] For my own use, I've just ruled out GTK, X11, and FOX and started using
  | 22879 [list@ch om t] A proposal to the mantainers: what about moving Apollo in the RAA from
  + 22806 [bobhicks@ad ] Yet another cool solution. The site looks like it is VCL (Windows) only

[ANN] texml.rb 0.3
22742 [Pierre-Charl] Available at: http://purl.org/net/home/pcdavid#texml.rb
22869 [stesch@no sp] This seems to be pretty useless.
22955 [Pierre-Charl] No it's not. :-)

ruby-mode.el: error in font-locking
22743 [kamphausen@n] Dear Ruby-Community,
22937 [matz@ru y- a] Your example works fine on my box (Linux, Emacs 20.7.2, ruby-mode 1.35).
+ 23005 [jobeicus@ho ] ok i've got one that i came across the other day....
+ 23714 [kamphausen@n] sorry for the delay - I'm following the group via google only.

Teaching children to program using Ruby
22751 [jjthrash@po ] I'm considering teaching a young person (13-year-old) how to program using
+ 22753 [dblack@ca dl] Have a look at Pete McBreen's RubyConf presentation.  He talked about
| + 22755 [chadfowler@y] I didn't post it yet.  I only posted a description of
| + 22829 [jweirich@on ] During the discussion of Pete's talk at RubyConf, the idea of turtle
|   + 22831 [chadfowler@y] Can you tell us a little about the Ruby BoF?
|   + 22832 [chadfowler@y] Also have a look at
|   | 22846 [matju@sy pa ] sorry for duplicating your mail... (i posted the same thing 15 seconds
|   + 22834 [avdi@av i. r] Would somebody mind enlightening me as to what "turtle graphics" are?
|   | 22836 [rtarpine@ho ] A simple picture-drawing language used to introduce children to programming.
|   + 22845 [matju@sy pa ] I'm using a listener widget (a frame of textbox+textarea) instead of irb.
+ 23229 [csawtell@pa ] Although it's not Ruby, my son - then 11 - and I have had some success playing
  23234 [ned@bi e- om] And then there's ToonTalk (www.toontalk.com) which looks like a very

22752 [niko.schwarz] it's a nasty traite of mine that, whenever i see something new and
22762 [icculus@gm s] Agreed. I saw a mention of the language at Slashdot some time ago and
22785 [niko.schwarz] yep, the hardest problem i currently see is the lack of documentation (java
+ 22791 [jpetersen@un] Do you know the Book at http://www.rubycentral.com/book/index.html ?
| 22820 [niko.schwarz] now i do =)
+ 22795 [icculus@gm s] Think it wont work without the quotes around the filename... See Jan's

Creating variables with dynamic names ?
22757 [icculus@gm s] I am somewhat new to Ruby, coming from about 10 years of Perl programming,
+ 22758 [julian-ml@be] var_name = "myVar"
| + 22771 [avi@be a4 co] Although that will work in IRB, it won't work in general, because
| | + 22783 [robert_linde] I prefer to save variables in a hash table.
| | + 22799 [icculus@gm s] Was just going to post that indeed it does work, and then I realized I was
| + 22794 [icculus@gm s] This looks great, thank you Julian!
+ 22760 [ned@bi e- om] The usefulness of this is quite limited, unless you're writing an interactive
| 22793 [icculus@gm s] I dont think the usefulness is limited at all, obviously the code isn't
+ 22826 [jweirich@on ] Others have pointed out ways of doing this in Ruby.  I thought I would
  + 22827 [decoux@mo lo] Well, not the right mailing list for this, but I agree with you. The only
  + 22842 [matju@sy pa ] Well, I have to say that Mark-Jason Dominus is a nice and cool person and

ANN: RuEdit - introspective Ruby editor
22766 [phlip_cpp@ya] RuEdit is a Ruby programmer's editor with a built-in macro language.
+ 22770 [ned@bi e- om] And VIM now has Ruby as a macro language as well, allowing the same kind of
| + 22772 [avi@be a4 co] I would also like to embed Ruby in SciTE, when I get some time - anyone
| + 22775 [jim@fr ez .o] Where do we get info on this?
| | 22778 [ned@bi e- om] Sorry...
| | 22802 [benoit.cerri] believe
| + 22780 [ptkwt@sh ll ] How does one access this feature in VIM?
|   + 22782 [ned@bi e- om] *if_ruby.txt*   For Vim version 6.0.  Last change: 2001 Sep 03
|   | 22821 [harryo@zi wo] That's all very interesting, but a lot to take in :-).  Does anyone
|   | + 22941 [benoit.cerri] unfortunately I don't know that there are that many, recently on the
|   | | 22942 [feldt@ce ch ] I'd also appreciate if someone could post some examples of how Ruby
|   | | 22961 [pplumlee@ce ] Those who experienced the AmigaDOS shareware editor UEdit would have far
|   | | 22971 [feldt@ce ch ] I was a pretty competent Amiga programmer but seem to have missed
|   | | 22988 [pplumlee@ce ] Well, insofar as Tk IS a GUI abstraction layer...
|   | | + 22989 [feldt@ce ch ] Ok, but I meant another layer... ;-)
|   | | + 23015 [nagai@ai ky ] Is it same to tixNoteBook widget on Tix extension?
|   | |   23058 [phlip_cpp@ya] Uh, I'm sure you never heard this question before dude, but...
|   | |   23136 [nagai@ai ky ] phlip_cpp> > Please get 'tcltk-ext' package from RAA,
|   | |   23171 [feldt@ce ch ] You might want to check out the FOX widget FXEditor which is a
|   | |   + 23189 [pplumlee@ce ] So if we sort these goals into biz priority...
|   | |   | 23191 [feldt@ce ch ] Definitely. It looks like most any MSVC++/etc app on Windows. Don't know
|   | |   | 23200 [ljohnson@re ] FOX is not supported on MacOS and probably won't be anytime soon. It's one
|   | |   | 23224 [phlip_cpp@ya] Greetings Lyle.
|   | |   | + 23226 [niklas@ka i.] See
|   | |   | + 23232 [ljohnson@re ] Greetings.
|   | |   |   23254 [phlip_cpp@ya] Sorry, dude, but if Google.com don't reach it, I don't read it. ;-)
|   | |   + 23664 [pplumlee@ce ] This editor was last maintained in 1999, and its README file begs one
|   | + 22967 [ned@bi e- om] Well, what do you want to do?
|   |   + 22998 [benoit.cerri] or
|   |   + 23014 [harryo@zi wo] I guess that's the problem. I don't have anything specfic at the moment
|   |     23245 [benoit.cerri] Don't know how myri works but I'd say its probably easier to do it without
|   |     23609 [ned@bi e- om] Well, here's my first usage of Ruby inside of Vim. It implements a state
|   |     23626 [benoit.cerri] to
|   + 22812 [nvivek@ko ar] cheers
|     22843 [benoit.cerri] kind of
+ 22866 [niko.schwarz] i followed all the instructions, and ruby-gnome is installed, but i dont
  22881 [pplumlee@ce ] My file CVS/Entries lists it, so I probably checked it in.
  22952 [niko.schwarz] ,----[ Entries ]
  22960 [pplumlee@ce ] These are probably ruby-gnome entries or something.

emacs  auto-insert (was Re: ruby-mode.el: error in font-locking)
22768 [W.L.Kleb@La ] Yes.
22777 [joe@vp p. et] see it here: http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyProgramTemplate
22797 [W.L.Kleb@La ] We went through that same step, but wanted to get tighter integration

How to Convert String to Regex to Perform Exact Match
22769 [billtj@z. lu] Is there any easy way to convert a string str to a regexp reg so that the
+ 22773 [ned@bi e- om] Regexp.new(str)
| 22784 [billtj@z. lu] Thanks for all the responses to my question.  However, they do not solve
| + 22787 [hal9000@hy e] Exact Match
| + 22788 [joe@vp p. et] reg = Regexp.new(Regexp.escape("abc.de"))
| | 22954 [in6x059@pu l] Since a perfect was sought '\A' and '\z' should be added at the
| + 22789 [mchahn@fa el] MakeRegExp doesn't handle special chars?
|   22962 [billtj@z. lu] Thanks a lot for all the replies.  Based on all the inputs, I conclude
|   22965 [rtarpine@ho ] The Ruby Application Archive, linked to from http://www.ruby-lang.org
+ 22774 [mchahn@fa el] Check out MakeRegEx in RAA.  It will take any list of words and generate a

Ruby as embedded application scripting lang
22776 [hal9000@hy e] People just posted about RuEdit and VIM using
22801 [kevinbsmith@] email client for a couple months. It's (very) rough, but

Ruby and HomeSeer
22779 [hal9000@hy e] I'm an enthusiast of a piece of home automation software

Ruby/Tk hangs on cygwin
22804 [DEL_THIS@po ] I have just started learning ruby/tk and I like it. However, under cygwin/win98,
+ 22809 [alwagner@tc ] probably need more specific details of your problem.  I run Ruby/Tk on both
+ 22811 [hal9000@hy e] cygwin/win98,

[ANN: OpenSSL 0.0.3]
22807 [rokosm@kl ka] .... is ready for download.

brace block oddity(?), curiousity
22808 [mjbjr@be ud ] Just curious...
22810 [hal9000@hy e] Here's basically what is happening.
+ 22814 [mjbjr@be ud ] Ah, yes, my fault.  I forgot about the one legit instruction per line.
+ 22822 [harryo@zi wo] If I were a bit more clever (hmmm ... a lot more clever), I'd try to patch
  + 22825 [decoux@mo lo] How do you distinguish these 2 cases ?
  | 22912 [harryo@zi wo] Another good reason for me not to be hacking the interpreter :-).
  + 22839 [mjbjr@be ud ] Same here, but more importantly, for me, it's easier to see the matching
    22847 [mchahn@fa el] x.each with {|i| doit}
    22848 [dblack@ca dl] I'd rather see backslashes :-)  Besides,
    22850 [mchahn@fa el] Yes, x.each with do |i| ... end does look awful.  That is why I suggest the