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^ Add a zero on single digit numbers
225695 [mind2motion ] Using DateTime.now.min I often get single digit numbers like "7".
+ 225696 [TimHunter nc] check out DateTime#strftime.
+ 225699 [ben bleythin] num = 7

^ Recent RubyForge downtime
225701 [tom infoethe] Just wanted to post about the recent RubyForge downtime.  Basically it
+ 225869 [jwells serva] service, and I think that the same goes for everyone who uses ruby on a
| 225892 [tom infoethe] Many thanks!  Rest assured that no one is more unhappy than I when I see
+ 225873 [vincent.four] Not a BigNum ? I'm very disappointed ;-).

^ wsdl2ruby error
225708 [snacktime gm] I'm trying to use wsdl2ruby on the Netsuite wsdl but get this error.

^ Re: Curb 0.0.1 - New ruby libcurl bindings
225717 [srobertjames] Here here!
+ 225729 [zimba.tm gma] Thanks ross !
| 225776 [rosco roscop] It depends on what you mean. Theres still some work to do integrating with
| 225813 [zimba.tm gma] Thanks Ross, this is exaclty what I was looking for. I'll try the lib later out.
+ 225775 [rosco roscop] Yeah, I've seen so many requests that I felt guilty sitting on it any
  + 226200 [srobertjames] We do our dev on Windoze as well as Linux - when's Windows targetted
  + 226327 [srobertjames] We do our dev on Windoze as well as Linux - when's Windows targetted

^ Continuous Integration for Ruby projects
225718 [srobertjames] I'm planning on setting up a Continuous Integration server for a Ruby
+ 225723 [ndrsbngtssn ] There is DamageControl, which was written in Ruby. Unfortunately it is
+ 225732 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Largely neither, but you may want to checkout,
+ 225828 [jared-richRM] I prefer CruiseControl, but use the test-report project to have your
  226476 [srobertjames] How did you hook it up to rake - doesn't it support ant only?  If you

^ Missing required 'path' module?
225722 [mike thekenn] I hope this is the coorect list to post this type of query to. If not please let me know to where it should be directed.
+ 225724 [nospam nosit] Please show us your code and the specifics of how you are storing and then
| 225728 [mike thekenn] class GropeController < ApplicationController
+ 225730 [kijmail gmai] Hey Mike,
| 225734 [mike thekenn] Thanks Kevin,
| 225838 [drbrain segm] If you installed 1.8.5 from source and didn't have yaml something bad
+ 225806 [drbrain segm] No, you're missing irb.

^ How to put array into variables
225735 [lcalje gmail] I tried to put an array into variables like this
+ 225736 [vincent.four] b = "aaa bbb"
| + 225737 [lcalje gmail] thanks a lot!!!
| + 225949 [kallen19918 ] b = "word1 word2"
|   226021 [wmwilson01 g] Seems like the long way around...
|   226022 [wmwilson01 g] Actually, to be more clear
+ 225936 [evgeny.zisli] a,*b = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]
  225939 [bruno exceli] a, b = *[1, 2, 3]

^ Any HPC on Ruby?
225738 [Diego.Viraso] I was wondering if someone here has had any experience in programming
+ 225779 [znmeb cesmai] There are people doing this -- head over to
| + 225793 [logancapaldo] Yep
| | 225820 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmmm ... someone a while back was looking for a way to deal with 60 GB
| + 225962 [Diego.Viraso] have something to read for a while. :)
+ 225829 [vjoel path.b] This is a good approach. You can do all the mundane stuff (files, ui,
| 225870 [Diego.Viraso] I am interested in Computational science, but so far all my experience
+ 225845 [crb002 gmail] I am trying to port mpi-ruby to bluegene. I do combinatorial

^ gem update for additional gem servers?
225740 [d454d web.de] when I install gems from another gem server than rubyforge a 'gem
225835 [jim weirichh] Rubygems has no memory of what server a particular gem was installed
225840 [drbrain segm] Shouldn't rubygems remember which gem repo (source) holds which
225951 [jan.svitok g] As I mentioned in my other post [1], it seems that --source allows

^ rICQ
225743 [abrokodabra ] Kind time of day!

^ Re: [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Literate Ruby (#102)
225744 [kbloom gmail] Here's my solution #1 which uses email style quoting. In my quest for
225745 [kbloom gmail] Here is my solution #2.

^ [ANN] ruby-stemp - Secure tempfile extension for Ruby
225752 [cian gmail.c] I've just released ruby-stemp, a secure tempfile extension for Ruby.

^ Fwd: [QUIZ] Literate Ruby (#102)
225753 [james graypr] ...

^ Ruby screen scraping
225754 [cgallagher g] I'm looking at creating a ruby script that will firstly access our
+ 225755 [malvim gmail] If you want screen scraping, I would tell you to look at why's
+ 225757 [dan fluentra] For HTML scraping I recommend scrAPI.
| 225759 [cgallagher g] thanks guys I'll look into both of them.
| 225761 [peter rubyra] Something along the lines of
| 225762 [cgallagher g] Thanks for the help.
| 225763 [peter rubyra] require 'open-uri'
| 225765 [cgallagher g] wow, thanks for that code.
| 225766 [peter rubyra] Welcome :-)
| 225770 [cgallagher g] ah thats great.
| 225796 [cgallagher g] OK that code all works great but i have one last question :)
| + 225807 [peter rubyra] Hmm this is hard to tell just by this example. If you need ALL <p>s,
| + 225826 [nospam nosit] array = page_content.scan(%r{<p>(.*?)</p>}m).flatten
|   + 225832 [james graypr] I hope you're not arguing that HTML should be parsed with simple
|   | + 225848 [nospam nosit] / ...
|   | | 225885 [james graypr] Starting out by looking for a library that does the hard work for you
|   | | 225945 [nospam nosit] IMHO yes, when it doesn't solve the problem at hand. This is obviously a
|   | | 225955 [james graypr] But if you use an already developed parser, you gain all their work
|   | | + 225957 [cgallagher g] Turns out I actually ended up abandonning HTree and the rest. I used
|   | | | 225964 [peter rubyra] table = XPath.first(doc, "//table[@class='index' && @width='100%']")
|   | | + 225984 [nospam nosit] Yes, all to the good, if the feature set is needed and if the target
|   | + 225849 [peter rubyra] Hola,
|   |   225850 [nospam nosit] / ...
|   |   225853 [peter rubyra] Then you are right of course. I guess the problem is in the definition
|   + 225876 [gabriele.mar] Gabriele Marrone
|     225940 [nospam nosit] Yes, I've just been converting all my site pages to XHTML, so I encountered
+ 225760 [peter rubyra] Once you have the page (open-uri if you know the URL exactly, or
+ 226040 [jeff.barczew] Chris,

^ Scheduled RubyForge outage
225758 [tom infoethe] RubyForge's hosting provider will be installing some new hardware and

^ format a float number with specific number of decimal point
225769 [oscarlok sab] May I know that how to format a float number with specific number of
225771 [ dak gnu.org] irb(main):039:0> print [123.456789, 123.123321].collect {|x| format("#{x} to %.4f\n",x)}

^ newbie: pipe
225786 [clonmelog ya] Im pretty new to programming in general and ruby is only the second
+ 225788 [ dak gnu.org] It is declaring an argument to a block.  If you have never seen it
+ 225794 [lcalje gmail] LuCa
  225824 [Smgspices ao] It is  declaring an argument to a block.  If you have never seen it

^ The last evaluated expression for this method?
225787 [avishek.sen.] class Array
+ 225790 [ dak gnu.org] No.  The last evaluated block of self.each would be
+ 225791 [stefano.croc] The last evaluated expression is not yield, but [1,2,3].each, which returns
+ 225792 [logancapaldo] x.each { } by convention returns x. In other words, it's as if

^ test content string with regex
225789 [lcalje gmail] c = "1234AA"
+ 225797 [jared-richRM] because of this
| 226020 [wmwilson01 g] Saying it's a "gotcha" makes it sound like the behavior is wrong.  Some
| 226028 [dblack wobbl] I don't either, but I've reluctantly had to accept that it's faster
+ 225800 [stefano.croc] Even when there's no match, String#scan returns an array, so your is always
+ 225846 [shortcutter ] What exactly do you want to check?  If you want to make sure that a string
| 226027 [dblack wobbl] unless /\D/ =~ c
+ 225847 [shai octava.] (i think) the reason you always get OK, is because the if c.scan always

^ Is there a hook that is called whenever an instance variable is assigned?
225795 [jeremy chaos] I'm developing an editing application with full undo/redo, so my
225808 [sander.land ] I'm not aware of any hooks for instance variables, but as long as
226002 [jeremy chaos] Nice!  My mind boggled a little over "if m[-1] == ?=" but I get it
226054 [ruby muerman] If you grep through the mailing list for "Observing changes in object

^ newbie: How do I use Ruby on Rails to accept XML, parse it and store in a database?
225798 [wchfilms gma] but I still can't quite wrap my brain around how to do what I want, and
225804 [wchfilms gma] And of course if Ruby on Rails makes no sense for this , let me know
225809 [sambient gma] You may want to check out the pdf , Web Services on Rails, it's from

^ Soap project. RubyCLR vs Jruby vs Soap4r?
225803 [snacktime gm] So I have a couple of weeks to write an application that will
+ 225816 [stephen.dunc] Java if you want to reconsider the JRuby route.  Though, at least on
+ 225819 [znmeb cesmai] Hmmm ... you have very little experience with SOAP, yet you've accepted
+ 225821 [dsledge appr] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 225883 [tomp earthli] I have limited experience with soap4r, but my current assessment is
+ 225963 [greg.kujawa ] Soap4r is a nice package for working with SOAP in Ruby. I used it for

^ backticks asynchronous?
225810 [gilesb gmail] sorry, dumb question possibly, I just want to make sure. if I call
+ 225811 [logancapaldo] Right, ruby will wait for the process to complete.
+ 225825 [nospam nosit] That depends on what you put between the back-ticks.
  + 225827 [slamboy gmai] Sorry, reading this email reminded me of my project.  Say I wanted to do a
  | 225833 [vjoel path.b] t0 = Time.now
  + 225839 [gilesb gmail] well, that's probably it. the command I'm using is a very long,
    225841 [gilesb gmail] ok never mind about that last post. it does appear to be pipe commands

^ DateTime is not a Date?
225812 [sam powersou] So, I was playing around a little in Ruby and noticed that |DateTime| is
+ 225818 [Smgspices ao] So, I  was playing around a little in Ruby and noticed that |DateTime| is
+ 225834 [bauer.mail g] It seems that on line 1261 of date.rb (inside the DateTime class), the
| 225875 [sam powersou] Thanks for that link... Someone else brought that line to my attention
+ 225863 [shortcutter ] First of all this method is a singleton method of instance Date and

^ Re: Literate Ruby (#102)
225837 [camerooni gm] It's amazing how complete some of these solutions are -- it's clear to

^ Thanks for the ideas (Re: Rails view as PDF... suggestions?)
225842 [jbrains762 g] This is just a follow-up. I found a neat tool online, from FyTek, called

^ Ruby Gnome Glade, how to change cursor
225844 [mdurham peop] I 'think' I've looked everywhere for info on this. I want to change the

^ rubyforge & mirrors
225855 [reiff public] I apologize in advance if this is a typical newbie question and has been
+ 225856 [vincent.four] Well, if you had read the (recent) postings, you would have come
+ 225862 [jan.svitok g] gem install --source
| 225890 [tom infoethe] Yup, I'd suggest using the mirror listed here, which is rsync'd whenever
+ 225889 [tom infoethe] Yup, RubyForge has been spotty lately.  Here's a post from yesterday
  + 225900 [reiff public] Thanks for everybody who replied. I got it working now and have my first
  | 225903 [tom infoethe] No offense taken; I know it's frustrating to try to install something
  + 225913 [tom infoethe] ===================
    225953 [jan.svitok g] Just an idea: what about issue a new version of sources gem with all
    225956 [tom infoethe] Another tricky bit is that currently if someone wants to stop serving
    225959 [jan.svitok g] It could be enough for the 'removed' server to serve empty index, if
    225994 [tom infoethe] Yup, not a bad idea at all...

^ Dao language 1.0 beta is release!
225860 [phoolimin gm] After a few months' effort, I have finished the implementation of Dao
225908 [ jupp gmx.de] ơץ
225932 [phoolimin gm] Glad to see you in the list again ;-)

^ Integrating BLT with Ruby
225868 [lynchnco pat] I posted this once before but am unable to find the previous posting by
225931 [nagai ai.kyu] Please tell me the result of [ruby-talk:224292] with

^ How to use this search engine
225871 [lynchnco pat] I'm a bit confused on using this search engine...
225872 [farrel.lifso] This is really not a forum, it's a web frontend to the Ruby Talk
225886 [lynchnco pat] I just want to know how the 'search' works...somehow my posting are

^ How to translate a VBA code into Ruby script
225877 [chen_li3 yah] I need to use WIN32OLE to do some Excel automation. I read some
225880 [jan.svitok g] require 'win32ole'
+ 225894 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you very much. I think I am on the right track now.
+ 225926 [benjohn fysh] newbook=excel.Workbooks.Add

^ i have a problem with ruby
225884 [abood_mix ho] i'm beginner in ruby
+ 225888 [gustav rails] Hey
| 225893 [abood_mix ho] thank you very much
+ 225895 [shortcutter ] Your Windows is probably configured to associate "*.rb" with "execute

^ Symbian UI which has just being powered by Ruby
225887 [enogrob gmai] As Sony Ericsson has just bought Symbian UI(see

^ Re: Sony Ericsson buys Symbian UI which has just being powered by Ruby
225891 [enogrob gmai] ...just correcting the title to

^ Cannot override #== with mixin, was help with patch to ruby-core
225897 [robert.dober] I have sent a little patch, defining HalfOrder, to ruby-core in order to get

^ Spreadsheet module tests fail
225901 [wmwilson01 g] I'm trying to use the spreadsheet/excel module by Daniel Berger, but
225918 [djberg96 gma] First, I no longer maintain this package.  It's now maintained by
225943 [wmwilson01 g] Well, I realized that 0.3.5 was out, however, I could not find a way to

^ Create array of hash values
225909 [drlelon yaho] [#<Contact_List:0x2607150 @attributes={"contact_id"=>"4"}>,
+ 225911 [peter rubyra] result = x.inject([]) {|a,h| a << h.values[0]; a}
| + 225914 [peter rubyra] Sorry I have overlooked a little detail... My solution would work if the
| + 225915 [james graypr] Any time you see inject() used as it is above, the intention was
+ 225912 [kbloom gmail] irb(main):001:0> {1=>2,3=>4}.values
+ 225916 [shortcutter ] Actually it seems you rather have an Array of Contatc_List instances.
+ 225917 [kbloom gmail] Sorry. I should look at the code you have before I respond.
+ 225919 [rosco roscop] Assuming Contact_List (aside: why an underscored class name?) has an
| 225925 [Rob AgileCon] Well, the OP asked for easy and what's easier than Symbol#to_proc
+ 226043 [jbrains762 g] contact_lists.map { |each| each.attributes["contact_id"] }
+ 226205 [atoz.cd goog] c_ids=[]
+ 226333 [atoz.cd goog] c_ids=[]
  226335 [michel.casab] c_ids = my_hash.values.collect{|value| value.attributes['contact_id']}

^ DBI and cursors?
225910 [kbloom gmail] I'm writing a program to run through large numbers of records in a
225921 [nakohl gmail] Do you mean reusing a SQL statement to increase performance?
225924 [nakohl gmail] (Sorry, hit send accidentally before finishing ...)

^ Inserting multiple rows from array
225927 [drlelon yaho] job.id = 1 and contact_ids = [4, 8]
+ 225937 [nospam nosit] 1. Create an array of records, each a field array containing the job IDs and
| 225941 [drlelon yaho] A little more code would be helpful.  The database is MySQL and the
+ 226042 [jbrains762 g] contact_ids.map { |each|
  226047 [rubytalk eac] contact_ids.map { |num|
  226385 [zdennis mkte] multi-value insert statements. It goes up to 40x faster then current

^ [ANN] MasterView rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine - Release 0.3.1
225933 [jeff.barczew] MasterView is a rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine plugin that

^ Ruby help - controlling stdin, stdout
225938 [jmdjmsmith m] OK, I have a main Ruby program, which i would like to be able to execute
226001 [eegreg gmail] There is a good chance that you are taking the wrong approach to
226004 [jmdjmsmith m] I am creating a rails application that allows users to create ruby
226133 [eegreg gmail] watch out for security issues... there is no a sandbox in the latest

^ (Simple?) Why is my rescue clause not catching an exception?
225944 [weyus att.ne] All,
225947 [shortcutter ] rescue catches StandardError by default only and the exception thrown by

^ ruby-prof on amd-64?
225954 [dan fluentra] has anyone had any success getting ruby-prof working on amd64 linux?
+ 225958 [jan.svitok g] ...
| 226066 [dan fluentra] Thank you for taking the time to reply, but that thread doesn't actually
+ 226341 [efine145-nos] Daniel,
  226356 [dan fluentra] Until now, not really :-)
  226390 [efine145-nos] I'm glad it worked for you :)

^ File descriptors
225960 [ejsglobal ya] I'm trying to code a script for replacing an application which takes
225965 [shortcutter ] This is not possible.  You can only read from stdin and not stdout.
225978 [ejsglobal ya] (snif)
226006 [vidar.hoksta] Robert is half right and half wrong (on POSIX compatible platforms
+ 226071 [ejsglobal ya] Thanks, Vidar! You solved half my problem. Now all I'd need to know is
+ 226206 [shortcutter ] Thanks for elaborating!  Actually I was not aware that you can do this.
+ 226332 [shortcutter ] Thanks for elaborating!  Actually I was not aware that you can do this.
  + 226241 [vidar.hoksta] I'd restrict that to say that the convention is to do this if your app
  + 226355 [vidar.hoksta] I'd restrict that to say that the convention is to do this if your app
    226923 [ejsglobal ya] Thanks to both of you, for your interest and for your help.