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^ Re: RubySSPI - Enabling NTLM proxy authentication on Windows
224793 [charles.rope] Wow, Justin, thanks so much, this is a godsend. I just tried installing
224816 [jgbailey gma] Glad to hear it worked for you! If you are adventurous enough, there

^ waiting for multiple child processes to finish
224794 [martindemell] Why does this not work (it waits for each process to finish before
224799 [farrel.lifso] The join in the first solution forces the thread (and forked process)

^ classes within classes
224804 [jan.aerts bb] I'm trying to create a little library for drawing my data using SVG. One
+ 224806 [jan.svitok g] 1. pass the picture (it)self to the Track constructor and then query
| 224810 [jan.aerts bb] Thanks for your swift reply, Jan.
+ 224809 [ara.t.howard] this is not true - ruby __always__ passes references (unless you are
| 224812 [jan.aerts bb] Thanks. You really made that easy for me...
+ 224822 [shortcutter ] Why don't you just add a member "container" or "parent" to the Feature
  224830 [bulibuta gma] why can't you just use inheritage and mixins? would that generate a worse
  224857 [david vallne] se

^ [ANN] directory_watcher 0.1.1
224817 [tim.pease gm] A class for watching files within a directory and generating events
224840 [tanner.burso] What were the reasons for creating this, as opposed to an extension of Ara's
224852 [tim.pease gm] dirwatch is very awesome code. It is a great ruby application that

^ Modelling Unique Collections in Rails/SQL
224826 [email acgree] I'm puzzelling over how to model *for want of a better description*
224853 [david vallne] Ick. Somehow, I prefer SQL as a notation for relational data models
224899 [email acgree] Obviously not the answer I was looking for.

^ Sun Opens Java Under GPL
224827 [charles.nutt] If you haven't heard about this, you haven't been paying attention :)

^ Columbia Maryland Ruby Codefest meeting schedule for November and December
224828 [jeffwaltzer ] The AgileMaryland Ruby codefests is continuing on through the rest of the

^ [Pbm] Compiling ext/openssl ruby 1.8.5 on Linux
224829 [robert.dober] the problem just seems to elude me -and Google for that matter- whatever I
224868 [matz ruby-la] Show us your ext/openssl/mkmf.log to identify the problem.  I doubt
224903 [robert.dober] Thx for your quick reply, I did not now about mkmf.log, there is really not

^ IE events and conflict with VB6 DLL
224835 [djmj12 gmail] I've written a ClickRecorder class that monitors the "onContextMenu"
225168 [djmj12 gmail] ...

^ Global dynamic method definition
224837 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
224842 [gavin.kistne] Class variables are shared between a class and all its subclasses. You
224843 [gavin.kistne] Depending on how much you've simplified it, you might see if the
224848 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"

^ Re: directory_watcher 0.1.1
224838 [kenosis gmai] And this would be available from where Tim?
224839 [tim.pease gm] RubyForge
224841 [drbrain segm] Or just use Hoe and run rake release.  Drops an email.txt ready for
+ 224844 [vjoel path.b] Are you saying rake release has the same effect as drinking coffee?
+ 224854 [tim.pease gm] remembered to include information about where to find the new release.
+ 224883 [ara.t.howard] okay - __that__ is cool!
| 225004 [drbrain segm] No.  Also, the first line of email.txt is the subject.
| 225031 [ara.t.howard] sure, but
+ 224884 [tim.pease gm] $ rake --dry-run release
  224998 [drbrain segm] Sorry, rake announce (which also drops a news item on the project

^ IHelp 0.3.2 - View the documentation for an object
224846 [ilmari.heikk] IHelp lets you view the ri documentation of an object from Ruby.

^ Coffee === hoe # => true (Was: Re: directory_watcher 0.1.1)
224849 [drbrain segm] Hoe is like coffee in that it prevents you from making the mistakes
224855 [tim.pease gm] One implementation that has since been removed.

^ undefined method `string'
224858 [steve foowor] require 'rubygems'
224860 [david vallne] Because soup.a is nil?
224861 [gavin.kistne] This means that the return value of "soup.a" is nil. Nil is an object in
224864 [steve foowor] Perhaps, but soup.a gives me actual results other than nil.  ".a" is a
224871 [gavin.kistne] Surprising. Can you provide the contents of the sample document where

^ Re: Nitro + Og 0.40.0
224862 [shevegen lin] I recall being on the IRC channel quite some times. :)
224870 [james.britt ] Hal Fulton's new edition of The Ruby Way has a section that discusses

^ parsing unknown options
224865 [stefano.croc] I'm not a ruby expert, so forgive me if the answer to my question is
224882 [nospam nosit] This time, the answer really is obvious.
224890 [vjoel path.b] I don't recommend it unless your syntax is simple or you like writing
+ 224920 [stefano.croc] Thanks for the answers. I decided to take an approach similar to
| 224964 [ara.t.howard] begin
| + 225016 [stefano.croc] Thanks for pointing this out. It's exactly what I was looking for, and I
| + 225089 [shortcutter ] Thanks!  Learn something new every day.  I believe OptionParser to be an
|   225160 [jeremy hineg] I've been using OptionParser a fair bit.  You can count me in if you
+ 224961 [nospam nosit] My point is that a software solution shouldn't be any more complex than

^ DBF file library analyzed and rubyfied on rubyist magazine
224866 [dsisnero gma] The site http://jp.rubyist.net/magazine has an ongoing code analysis and

^ Ampersand entities
224867 [ktalanet yah] How can I convert from utf-8 to HMTL ampersand entities and from HTML
+ 224869 [david vallne] iconv from UTF8 to UTF16, add up the two bytes, pray it wasn't a
+ 224877 [tomasz.wegrz] UTF-8 to HTML convertion is trivial.
| 224898 [ktalanet yah] Thanks to everybody. I will try your answers tonight at home.
+ 224897 [pgquiles elp] str = '€'

^ Does anyone know what's broken about ftools?
224872 [weyus att.ne] All,
224892 [wilsonb gmai] ftools operated by adding features to the 'File' class. That's a
+ 224893 [djberg96 gma] In addition, I've experienced the exact same problem the OP describes -
+ 224937 [ecbearden gm] Is there another option for File.compare()?

^ [ANN] RMagick - Watermarking Images with the shade method
224876 [TimHunter nc] I've just uploaded the latest in my series of articles about using

^ Ruby on win32 cannot handle certain filenames
224879 [japgolly gma] This is my first post in any one the ruby forums :)
+ 224930 [halostatue g] You're correct.
+ 224952 [nobu ruby-la] Do you use Japanese version Windows?  Those methods use "OEM
  224968 [halostatue g] Sort of. FindFirstFile is used, not FindFirstFileW (which returns a

^ Ruby libraries / archives
224880 [robertlaferl] How does everyone create, organize and distribute Ruby libraries?
+ 224886 [TimHunter nc] ...
+ 224918 [transfire gm] And tar.gzip/zip + setup.rb for manual installs.

^ IRB - Switching "comment mode"
224891 [shevegen lin] I've been trying to solve this thing on my TODO list for some time

^ http://www.indianfunlife.com/ptnr.php?u=copyright
224894 [mba.piyushgu] now u dont have to pay for sms packs
225032 [david vallne] And so it begins.

^ is there any curl like lib in ruby?
224895 [yuesefa gmai] I am not sure if there is any curl like lib in ruby. thanks
+ 224896 [jpywtora cal] Well there is ruby-libcurl, ruby bindings to libcurl
+ 224905 [peter rubyra] Open3.popen3("curl --proxy #{proxy_addr}:#{proxy_port} --max-time 20
| 224948 [srobertjames] It's a big shame that ruby lacks curl bindings.  There's http-access2,
+ 225092 [tristramg gm] Good question!

^ capitalize bug?
224906 [meddurenos f] I'm a new member here, though I use and enjoy ruby for about three
+ 224907 [jan.svitok g] @nom = wnom.gsub(/_+(.)/, '\1'.upcase)
+ 224908 [angus quovad] The parameters to gsub are: 1. a regex, 2. the result of '\1'.upcase
| 224911 [spoooq gmail] foo = "do_it_now"
| 224912 [angus quovad] Inside the block...
| 224915 [spoooq gmail] Now you tell me ;)
| 224916 [angus quovad] Context is all :).
+ 224913 [spoooq gmail] This is clearer... the dollar vars are assigned properly inside the block.
  224917 [meddurenos f] thank you for all the explanations guys.

^ MSN protocol lib for Ruby ?
224909 [nj jugware.b] I am building a community site in RoR and I'd like to give my users the
225444 [bob.yang.dev] You can try this "mmsn" a msn lib, you can search it in rubyforge.

^ Immediate, Immutable, Singleton etc
224919 [gareth.adams] I've heard these terms used in various places, just wondering where I can find
+ 224922 [peter rubyra] Hmm, generally the GOF[1] book is quite good on these things - it is
| + 224923 [peter rubyra] Sorry, it's the GOF book that can be found on the web, not Joshua Bloch
| + 224928 [jeff schwabc] GoF doesn't teach code design.  It documents design patterns.  It's most
+ 224943 [coder68 yaho] Gareth,
  224951 [james graypr] This term is often used with Ruby in a different manner.  In Ruby a

^ What's up with File.ctime?
224921 [pbailey bna.] I need to notate the date/time attributes of files. I'm using File.ctime
224924 [jan.svitok g] Perhaps dir/ls shows mtime? Try checking mtime/ctime/atime to see
+ 224925 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Jan. Actually, I figured it out for myself. Looking deeper into
| 224929 [jan.svitok g] Well, I thought ctime = creation time ;-) Now I've learned something as well.
| 224931 [gwtmp01 mac.] the 'change' referenced by 'ctime' is a change to the inode (or
+ 224940 [hgs dmu.ac.u] ls -lu  ;# => atime
  224950 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, you guys. Nope, I'm on Windows. Yes, "dir /t:a" is probably the

^ Re: turn 0.1.0 Released
224926 [chad spicyco] I posted a patch to the tracker and did a ultra quick write up on my
225008 [chneukirchen] You may be interested in test/spec,

^ ruby indentantion
224933 [euoar yahoo.] I have just started with ruby, and something that I have observed is
+ 224934 [spielmann co] indentation with 2 spaces is a non-written standard in Ruby. I use 2
| 224941 [shiwei1.zhan] To Robert: This sort of things should be casual,  it's just habit. You might
+ 224935 [rtilley vt.e] I use 2, 3 and 4 depending on who I'm working with an what I'm working on. I
+ 224936 [djmj12 gmail] I'd say it's mostly a personal preference thing. I started using
+ 224939 [dblack wobbl] I use 2 spaces, which is the Ruby tradition and custom.  I don't think
+ 224944 [transfire gm] This is just an guestimation but I think Ruby went 2-space because the
| + 224973 [gavin.kistne] What about 'class' or 'module'? Don't you indent inside of them?
| | 224975 [dblack wobbl] I can't wait for an editor plugin that indents based on the length of
| | 225011 [chneukirchen] Emacs       does that   when     using    text-mode.
| + 225040 [matz ruby-la] The real reason of 2 space indentation is that it is smallest
|   + 225049 [m_goldberg a] Some eyes are not as good as others. I have impaired vision. Even two-
|   | 225157 [rubyeu yahoo] Even while I don't have any problem with my eyes, 2 spaces is also hard
|   + 225061 [transfire gm] And a smaller memory footprint to go with it (since tabs are
|     225077 [seb projects] Which good reason is this?  Are they dramatically more memory intensive?
|     + 225096 [M.B.Smillie ] They're dramatically good at breaking formatting, is what they are.
|     | 225104 [zimba.tm gma] I'm lazy and don't like tabs so I use 2 space chars :)
|     + 225097 [nospam nosit] Over time, for better or worse, tabs have come to mean eight spaces in
|     + 225124 [james graypr] Using spaces is the only way to guarantee they see the same content
+ 224991 [m_goldberg a] Use whatever indentation looks right to you, and don't let anyone
| + 224994 [james graypr] At the risk of being labeled a bully, "When in Rome..."  ;)
| | 225001 [dblack wobbl] That's what it's really about: that there is a traditional coding
| + 224996 [rtilley vt.e] I agree. Use what you like on your personal projects and of course follow your
+ 225038 [david vallne] I'd go out and blame blocks for using only two spaces. Since you tend to
+ 225105 [ jupp gmx.de] - - the length of an average token
+ 225106 [alder.green ] I'm working simultaneously on several Ruby and Python projects.

^ lib - generating a list of random number
224942 [josselin wan] I try to generate an array of N random numbers in range between 2
+ 224945 [ara.t.howard] n, max, min = 42, 10, 6
+ 224947 [shortcutter ] I am not sure I understand you here.  What does "sue" mean here?
| 224976 [josselin wan] sorry sue => usage.... typing mistake...
+ 224965 [nospam nosit] They are very easy to use, but first you have to decide what you want to do.
  + 224974 [gavin.kistne] I think Josselin meant "use".
  | 224978 [keynan howe.] srand refers to seed rand
  | 225068 [josselin wan] thanks a lot ! got it ...
  + 224977 [josselin wan] thanks
    + 224980 [khaines enig] Use ruby-doc.org
    + 225009 [nospam nosit] / ...

^ thread deadlock issue
224946 [ara.t.howard] can anyone interpret this
+ 224959 [shiwei1.zhan] I am interesting in this. Would you provide us your abridged program codes
+ 225007 [drbrain segm] FOREACH_THREAD_FROM(curr, th) {
  225030 [ara.t.howard] so, this seems like a bug.  the thread in T state has made a call to 'sleep' -

^ Is 2.0 Integer or Float?
224949 [srobertjames] x = 2.0
+ 224953 [james graypr] => true
+ 224955 [szymon.rozga] irb(main):001:0> 2.0.class
+ 224962 [nospam nosit] That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to
+ 224966 [tim.pease gm] class Numeric
| 224971 [gavin.kistne] class Numeric
+ 225010 [gwtmp01 mac.] Maybe it is just me, I don't have a lot of experience with floating
| 225012 [wilsonb gmai] IEEE floating point can store an exact representation of any integer
| 225013 [james graypr] I'm pretty sure Lua uses floats for everything, for exactly this reason.
| 225014 [vjoel path.b] How does that work? Is there an 11-bit pattern that signifies "use the
| + 225017 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| + 225019 [sander.land ] 53 bits is just the mantissa size.
|   + 225026 [vjoel path.b] Ok, so they aren't doing anything exceptional with the format. There's
|   + 225028 [phurley gmai] But depending upon how the "integer" was generated, it may still make
+ 225228 [nospam nosit] / ...
  225407 [dale.martens] Sorry to join this conversation late, but to me this is a strange
  225433 [nospam nosit] / ...
  225600 [dale.martens] Yes, you can store integers in floats. This is usually done with the
  225610 [dale.martens] I agree that storing integers in floats is possible as long as you only

^ Installing
224954 [dipen001 hot] se.Now I am having trouble with installing ruby and freeride. I downloaded =
224988 [olsonas gmai] Dipen -
224993 [none none.co] Thank you Drew. I seem to like SciTe as well. I think I will use that from

^ Help installing
224956 [dipen001 hot] I have just started programming in Ruby as part of my University course.
224957 [rtilley vt.e] You might try using the bundled scite editor. I've found it to work well on
224969 [none none.co] Will do!

^ Net::HTTPS client certificate authentication
224958 [jebarker gma] I'm trying to authenticate with an apache web server using client
225020 [snacktime gm] Doesn't sound like the private key is actually in controller.pem.
225091 [jebarker gma] If Firefox can successfully authenticate with the certificate but Ruby
225170 [snacktime gm] That's not quite how it works.  The certificate contains the public

^ Ruby <-SWIG-> C arrays
224960 [saveez hotma] typedef unsigned long uInt32
+ 225100 [alex deletem] It looks like you require some typemap here to convert a ruby array of integers to a C array of longs. You probably want %typemap(in), which mangles Ruby function/method params to something that the C function can digest.
+ 225114 [kou cozmixng] In <2250e499a84aaf577be46b5e5ffd238a@ruby-forum.com>
  225131 [roys mindspr] Note that RARRAY(x)->len is going away in future versions of Ruby.  Use

^ Gruff: How to combine two charts in one image
224970 [cschlaefcke ] I´m playing around with gruff and wonder if it´s possible to combine two
224979 [mguterl gmai] I'm not sure about Gruff supporting it directly, but using RMagick you
224984 [cschlaefcke ] Hmm, sounds complicate. Could you provide an example?

^ Convert singel dimention array into grid
224981 [ruby-forum g] I have been learning ruby for the past week and am completely hooked.
+ 224982 [peter rubyra] require 'enumerator'
+ 224983 [dblack wobbl] require 'enumerator'
+ 224985 [tim.pease gm] Let the golfing commence!
  224987 [dblack wobbl] require'enumerator'

^ Installing Ruby
224986 [none none.co] I have had trouble installing Ruby version 1.8.5. This is supposed the

^ Northern Virginia Ruby's user group meeting 11/15/06
224990 [tom infoethe] For those in the northern Virginia/DC area, there's a Ruby user's group

^ backtick subshell
224992 [noah.easterl] What subshell does ` (backquote) use to run commands?
+ 225005 [nospam nosit] $ irb
| 225018 [noah.easterl] I don't think it's using the $SHELL variable to choose which shell to
| + 225021 [nwiger scea.] How about
| + 225022 [rakrok gmail] $ ruby -e'`ps -ef | grep rakrok`'
| + 225029 [noah.easterl] Ok, from skimming process.c in the ruby source, it looks like it's hard
| + 225093 [nospam nosit] No, The $SHELL variable should be an accurate report of the shell in use. It
+ 225006 [matt tidbits] puts `echo $SHELL`
+ 226498 [powlow gmail] On Solaris it does seem to just use the sh shell. I tested it out with