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^ newby question
224625 [euoar yahoo.] Sorry for the too elemental question (don't know if this is the right
224631 [phurley gmai] There is some overlap, but in general usage, use :: to access names
224671 [david vallne] ew
224781 [euoar yahoo.] - "::" constants, and module methods
224783 [dblack wobbl] "::" for constant paths

^ redefining a method using Module#include
224626 [me mikehogan] How can I redefine Array#[] using an included Module?  Here is my
+ 224676 [jan.svitok g] If a class defines a method, it has higher precedence than methods of
+ 224687 [transfire gm] There are a number of ways. To be clear you are asking for code inject

^ Re: the name of Matz
224630 [furufuru ccs] [. . .]
+ 224645 [robert.dober] It might be fun though if you could give a pointer to the "correct"
| + 224652 [gabriele.mar] He introduced himself in the podcast found here: http://
| + 242731 [ruby.hardwar] You can hear the pronunciation here but it did not have proper names.
| | + 242739 [dangerwillro] Very simple.
| | | 242744 [boss airblad] Reminds me of the way George Bernard Shaw illustrated the
| | | 242795 [rick.denatal] One thing that Japanese has over English is VERY regular
| | | 242808 [ snk gna.org] Such is also the case with the syllabic languages of India and
| | | + 242812 [ snk gna.org] script[2]. Interestingly, it seems there are also parallels in the
| | | | 244230 [ruby.hardwar] Harry
| | | + 242889 [matz ruby-la] Wow, I didn't know that.  Thank you for information.
| | |   242920 [rick.denatal] I've also heard that there are certain linguistic similarities which
| | |   + 242954 [robert.dober] I would take this information with care,
| | |   + 242965 [dangerwillro] No, there are none. Japanese has a strong relation to Korean. Both
| | |     243011 [rick.denatal] Well it appears that there are at least some linquists who beleive
| | |     243019 [robert.dober] Interesting stuff Rick
| | + 242754 [robert.dober] I was posting this about the pronunciation of "Ruby" not "Matz".
| + 242801 [ruby.hardwar] Huh?
|   242830 [robert.dober] I believe you, maybe I miss-posted, but I fail to remember, no problem at all.
|   242831 [robert.dober] I wanted a link to a wavefile (which I got BTW) as the Mirriam Webster
+ 242796 [martindemell] Interestingly, this is the same 'a' used when transliterating Hindi -
  242837 [dangerwillro] That's simple. English is an amalgamation of many disparate dialects

^ Why won't my FXRuby widgets update?
224633 [graham_stoke] Anybody out there faced this ? (the code below is actually just the core
224754 [vjoel path.b] I think your diagnosis is right. Your ruby code is never giving Fox a
224778 [graham_stoke] Joel, thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction - this indeed

^ Create local variable in Binding after it's creation
224634 [christian su] Is it possible to create a new local variable in a binding after it's creation?
224635 [ mfp acm.org] You can create it, but you won't be able to use it directly.
+ 224637 [christian su] Ah, I see. Thanks.
| 224646 [ mfp acm.org] Both
+ 224644 [robert.dober] maybe one should suggest a different approach to OP.
  224650 [ mfp acm.org] (Just to be clear, "this" == semantics of  eval("local_var")).

^ gem query finds gem, yet require fails
224638 [grzm seespot] I'm setting up a secondary machine to run tests. I've run into a
224932 [grzm seespot] Any ideas at all on this? I'm really stuck. Or perhaps how to make
224938 [jan.svitok g] [I don't know anything about neither OSX nor postgres gem]
225048 [grzm seespot] Thanks for confirming that. Good to have a second opinion.
225138 [jan.svitok g] Glad to help. Try googling for other compiled gems' problems on OSX -

^ regular expression too big
224639 [peter.schram] I have a regex of about 70000+ words concated with '|' that I'd like to
+ 224640 [jeff schwabc] You could optimize the regex a little for size, e.g. by factoring out
| + 224642 [peter.schram] Thought of that.
| | + 224648 [rosco roscop] Irrespective of whether regex the best solution for your needs, it seems
| | | 225608 [brabuhr gmai] [~]$ ruby foo
| | | 226280 [brabuhr gmai] $ ruby long_regex_test.rb
| | | 226302 [caldridge gm] #would_never_do.rb
| | + 224659 [jeff schwabc] Good for you.
| | + 224999 [chneukirchen] I'd be very interested if you could post some benchmarks comparing
| | + 225596 [brabuhr gmai] "Converts a list of words to a regular expression with minimum
| |   225602 [brabuhr gmai] In a little bit of testing here, it goes to long after about 8,000
| |   225604 [brabuhr gmai] Of course, that isn't the best sample of words to test with.
| + 224647 [louis.j.scor] This doesn't really help with the actual question of getting past
+ 224696 [kbloom gmail] Maybe a trie would be useful?
| 224699 [kbloom gmail] On one more thing: to implement substring search using a trie, when
+ 224703 [nospam nosit] It appears you are trying to match a word against a list of words. Yes? From
| 224712 [peter.schram] reveal the
| 224771 [nospam nosit] If you are going to compare strings to strings as well as strings to
| 224803 [kbloom gmail] hashes useless for the kind of comparison he seems to want to perform.
| 224819 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 225414 [peter.schram] Sorry, my fault.
| + 225441 [neoneye gmai] Is it exact word matching?
| + 225460 [nospam nosit] You are not being very clear. Do you mean to match entire words, letter for
|   225573 [peter.schram] no its a substring match kind of /hello/.match("dear customer id like to
|   + 225607 [gilesb gmail] there's got to be a better way to do this. I recently attempted to
|   + 225669 [nospam nosit] / ...
+ 224710 [neoneye gmai] if you have many words to check for then consider using a
| + 224739 [kbloom gmail] The only reason I didn't suggest that is becuase it can have false
| + 224832 [kbloom gmail] (Bloom filters were invented by Burton Bloom, who is not even remotely
+ 224825 [gabriele.mar] I friend of mine told me to suggest you to system() a perl script
  224833 [james graypr] Just a tiny style related suggestion.  I would use any?() instead of

^ Help with correct syntax in win32ole and excel
224643 [chen_li3 yah] I want to use win32ole to do some automation with excel. Here is a line
224666 [jan.svitok g] Try prefixing it with something. I've found at [1] that they refer to it as
224681 [chen_li3 yah] if I change this line
224708 [doktormadsen] Excel.XlChartType.xlLine won't work the same way in Ruby as in Visual
224713 [chen_li3 yah] Many thanks to you all.

^ Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
224664 [james graypr] ...

^ Help convert a Perl user to the Ruby Way.
224665 [seb projects] I've been working on some Ruby projects using the Rails framework
+ 224669 [david vallne] In Ruby, only instance variables are autovivified to nil, and that by
| + 224672 [james graypr] $ ruby warning.rb
| + 224678 [seb projects] @registry unfortunately is not within my command, though yes I did
| | 224701 [nospam nosit] Let's say we have an instance variable named "hash" that we are not sure has
| | + 224704 [tomp earthli] Strictly speaking, doesn't it mean "if 'hash' is nil (or false),
| | | + 224706 [fxn hashref.] Well, in that case there's only one assignment indeed, because a
| | | | 224755 [tomp earthli] Good point.  I confused the ref with the hash.  I'll shut up again,
| | | + 224770 [nospam nosit] Yes, and a good clarification. I was addressing the intent of the line, not
| | + 224851 [gavin refine] hash = hash || {}
| + 224682 [robert.dober] agreed but see JEGII remark about warnings
+ 224677 [dblack wobbl] In Ruby that won't work (as you've seen), specifically because [] is a
  224686 [seb projects] I think we actually tried @registry = Hash.new {|h,k| h[k] = [] }

^ RubyGems Issue
224667 [skillet3232 ] i have successfully installed gems on my winxp box.  when i type in

^ RubyGems Issue
224668 [skillet3232 ] i have successfully installed gems on my winxp box.  when i type in
+ 224670 [matt tidbits] What happens if you say require instead of include? m.
| 224674 [skillet3232 ] Matt, my apologies.  i did do
+ 224673 [TimHunter nc] Don't you mean "require 'rubygems'"? The "require" method causes a file
  224679 [skillet3232 ] Timothy, that is what i actually did, i just articulated it wrong.
  224683 [TimHunter nc] Probably you're doing nothing wrong. When "require" returns false it
  224684 [skillet3232 ] thank you very much.  that result is not intuitive (especially since
  224692 [phurley gmai] FYI, the reason for this (I am guessing) is that you (or more likely

^ Where is attr_accessor located?
224688 [mariano.kamp] I am a bit confused. I get different responses when asking RI and
224693 [rosco roscop] Kernel.is_a?(Module)
224714 [mariano.kamp] charset=US-ASCII;
224732 [ mfp acm.org] Module.is_a? Class                                             # => true
224765 [mariano.kamp] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Re: testing whether a process has completed..
224690 [jmdjmsmith m] IO.popen("ruby my_program.rb", "r+") do |f|
224691 [phurley gmai] This varies by platform a little, what os are you using?
224723 [jmdjmsmith m] Windows. Any help would be great.. any ideas?
224845 [jmdjmsmith m] Whats happened to my helpers?
225302 [j.smith cs.u] I'm not sure how to do this directly, or if this is even possible in
225333 [j.smith cs.u] I refuse to accept that this is not possible in Ruby (although I still
225338 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Is what you want possible in another language?  It might help
225353 [j.smith cs.u] I'm not sure, have never had to do this before
+ 225360 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Oh well, it was worth a try...
| 225369 [j.smith cs.u] I just thought this must be possible because the command prompt knows
| 225373 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Are you sure it is not actually held in a buffer?  What platform
+ 225364 [ara.t.howard] yes.  it's impossible on every platform in every language to do in a reliable
  225377 [j.smith cs.u] yes.
  225403 [ara.t.howard] ah - you cannot possible do it then.  threads and io and webservers will 100%

^ Test::Unit runner for HTML output
224694 [srobertjames] Is there a Test::Unit runner for HTML output?  I'd like to keep this
224727 [tim.pease gm] Take a look at test-report.
+ 224758 [juapdiaz gma] How i install ruby at Ubuntu and like i use apache as ruby?
| 224757 [juapdiaz gma] my msn is mivalecita2006@hotmail.com
| 224814 [tim.pease gm] test-report is a gem.  You can install it using this command ...
+ 224759 [ruby bencurt] There is also Tesly Jr.: http://junior.tesly.com/

^ HTML table to matrix with WWW::Mechanize
224695 [adam hinchli] I am new to ruby and am trying to scrape a website table into a matrix,
224700 [nospam nosit] / ... snip code listing

^ Re: VCR Program Manager (#101)
224715 [demetriusnun] Here is my solution (I extracted the Numeric extensions into a separate
224775 [petru.severi] You can find my solution below. The main trick is the order of programs
224823 [dale.martens] Here is another similar solution. It may not be as efficient as others.

^ need a new Ruby book?
224721 [stu thompson] Back in 2001 or so I took a look at ruby...downloaded ruby for my
+ 224730 [znmeb cesmai] Well ...
+ 224736 [TimHunter nc] I'd say yes, assuming you can afford the $30 it takes to buy the new
+ 224737 [pbooth nocoi] I did the same thing. My first book was shelfware for four years. What I
  + 224744 [znmeb cesmai] Yeah ... some combination of ri, rdoc, pdf writer, ferret, hpricot and a
  + 224790 [james2mccart] I second these. Davids book is the best IMHO for getting to grips with
    224802 [stu thompson] ho, hum...I was looking to save a buck and now you all have me wanting
    224808 [znmeb cesmai] You can  start now  with David Black's "Ruby For Rails". It's quite

^ IRB: Arrow keys not working (neither Insert, home, etc)
224734 [anibalrojas ] I have Ruby 1.8.5 installed in Ubuntu 6.06 (Kernel: 2.6.15-27-686 )
224769 [nospam nosit] Is this your first exposure to Ruby and/or IRB? Did you have Ruby 1.8.4
224772 [grzm seespot] It looks like IRB might not be compiled with readline support. I'm
224773 [mudbuilder g] it can be caused by either readline or console reasons

^ [ANN] November Phoenix Ruby Group Meeting
224735 [james.britt ] The Phoenix Ruby Users Group will have its November meeting this

^ Getting initialization status from "foo = Class.new"
224738 [rodney.brown] I have a class I've made that the initalize method searches for a file
+ 224740 [hhausman gma] How about raising an exception?
+ 224746 [TimHunter nc] Generally when the initialize method fails it should raise an exception.
+ 224914 [shiwei1.zhan] I think you intended that your program flow could be controled directly by

^ Ruby floating point behavior typical of other langs??
224741 [bradjpeek gm] The second edition of _The_Ruby_Way_ has an example similar to the
+ 224742 [wilsonb gmai] Yep. This is pretty standard.
| 224745 [w_a_x_man ya] There was a personal computer that had a language in ROM
+ 224761 [nospam nosit] / ...

^ Re: TTF/Ruby, first release!
224747 [mblondel gma] project since the company will never use it itself. So the licence is
224748 [halostatue g] I probably won't be using it for about six months or so (non-open

^ help learning arrays _Thanks
224752 [jamison2000e] =0A=0AHi I=A2m learning arrays from a book. I have learned the=0Abasics of =
224768 [peter rubyra] OK. So the variable 'list' points to an empty array. So far so good.

^ returning keyword
224753 [srobertjames] What is the "returning" keyword?  It's usually used with a block, but I
224756 [wilsonb gmai] It's not a keyword; it is a method added by the ActiveSupport library.
224767 [srobertjames] Thanks.
+ 224784 [transfire gm] def foo
+ 224785 [dblack wobbl] Hang on a second.  I know that there's a vogue for snideness and
+ 224801 [ara.t.howard] nothing clever about it afaikt - made sense instantly: it's a factory method.
  224807 [srobertjames] I still maintain that this is clever code.  Every new (pseudo)keyword
  + 224811 [ara.t.howard] that is a reasonable thing to say - imho you'd need something like this to do
  | + 224815 [dblack wobbl] Wow, you must feel very strongly about this :-)
  | + 224863 [david vallne] 't
  + 224927 [louis.j.scor] It's not a new keyword though, it's simply a method and a very useful
    225053 [botp delmont] #     module Enumerable

^ [ANN] hoe 1.1.4 Released
224760 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 1.1.4 has been released!
224782 [stephen.dunc] I just tried to use hoe for the first time.  Or, rather, sow.  Running
224792 [ryand-ruby z] As I've said before, this is a TERRIBLE forum to report problems like

^ [ANN] ParseTree 1.6.1 Released
224762 [ryand-ruby z] ParseTree version 1.6.1 has been released!

^ apache not loading plugins
224763 [bignollo gma] rails.
224774 [jan.svitok g] Although I don't know the answer, here are few hints how to formulate

^ [ANN] ruby2ruby 1.1.1 Released
224764 [ryand-ruby z] ruby2ruby version 1.1.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] Nitro + Og 0.40.0
224777 [george.mosch] New versions of Nitro (Web Application Framework) and Og (Object
224859 [david vallne] I've always meant to look at Nitro, except... I can't for the heck of it
224900 [george.mosch] -g.
224901 [hal9000 hype] James did a great job on that. I didn't change much.
+ 224902 [george.mosch] Hal,
| + 224910 [ms pccl.info] Yep, got it right here :)
| + 225047 [hal9000 hype] No... it escaped.  ;)
|   + 225078 [george.mosch] Will get it from Amazon, thanks :)
|   + 225146 [paul plsys.c] Very true.
|   + 231078 [the.mindstor] Is it available in e-format, as I am the owner of the 1st hard-copy
+ 224989 [james.britt ] Well, my contribution pales next to the  volume of detail you assembled.

^ beginner's question about passing arrays as arguments to methods
224779 [gigaday goog] I am doing a little script that builds an array (called darray) of all
224780 [farrel.lifso] You're not actually passing the array around whenever you call
224786 [gareth.adams] Hopefully that makes sense, but if it doesn't, imagine tying a long piece of
224805 [hhausman gma] -Harold

^ Ruby and COM
224787 [saveez hotma] Is it possible to use a COM component library in Ruby? The COM consists
+ 224791 [jan.svitok g] It's possible if it is normally registered in the system, i.e. you are
+ 224796 [djmj12 gmail] Yes. For example...
+ 224797 [djmj12 gmail] Yes. For example...
| 224798 [djmj12 gmail] Oops... the name of the database should not be inside quotes!
| 224800 [saveez hotma] Patrick,
| 224813 [wilsonb gmai] If you don't have Visual Studio (which has a graphical COM browser),
| 224820 [saveez hotma] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/TypeLib/{...}/version_number
| 224821 [wilsonb gmai] Are you able to use this COM object from other
| 224824 [saveez hotma] The COM object can be used from visual basic 6, so it should be possible
| 224831 [wilsonb gmai] In Visual Studio 6, what does the COM browser say that the full name
+ 225195 [XX.XmcX XX.X] DLL... or Exe, or Exe + other extensions, or etc.