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Using qtruby with qtdesigner query
224096 [nigel@wa pz ] I've recently started experimenting with qtruby and have decided to
224129 [richard.j.da] You need to use the Edit -> Slots menu in Qt3 Designer to bring up a
224244 [nigel@wa pz ] Works for me, thankyou.

Ruby Shipping Gem Setup
224104 [pj@bo md si ] I'm new to the list, and found some posts on this topic, but never any

[ANN] Ruby-VPI 11.1.0
224109 [ snk@gn .o g] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create

224115 [daiello@sy p] please remove me.

[ANN] MasterView rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine - Release 0.3.0
224116 [jeff.barczew] ...

224117 [shyguyfrenzy] Alright, can somebody point me to a guide that doesn't leave me all
+ 224119 [nospam@no it] There is a lot of free, terrific information available to help you learn
+ 224122 [vihanpandey@] ...
| 224124 [shyguyfrenzy] Once again, I think you all kindly for your quick response to my "quick"
| + 224149 [shortcutter@] I do not know whether you can - actually I never bothered to try it out.
| + 224151 [hgs@dm .a .u] You have just defined a method called self.  This will confuse
| + 224164 [david@va ln ] You're skipping past concepts, trying to get working code without
|   224197 [rossrt@ro co] Much like the growing trend of programmers trying to (t/pr)each English.
+ 224156 [richard.conr] It explains the complete basics. Assumes little on the part of the

Can not download plugins for jEdit (help!!)
224118 [billjosephso] any plugins. I go to Plugin Manager, and select Download
+ 224130 [a99.googlegr] I think, a better forum for jEdit related questions is
+ 224174 [stephen.dunc] I've had this happen.  Try to go to your settings (global settings, I

[ANN] hoe 1.1.3 Released
224120 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe version 1.1.3 has been released!

[ANN] ZenTest 3.4.2 Released
224126 [ryand-ruby@z] ZenTest version 3.4.2 has been released! Between this and today's Hoe

Another quicky, sorry.
224131 [shyguyfrenzy] Ok, I'm doing the examples from
+ 224132 [vihanpandey@] ...
| 224137 [shyguyfrenzy] I'm using irb to get a feel for it yah, I'm probably going to have start
| + 224141 [vihanpandey@] ...
| | 224142 [peter@ru yr ] Heh, 10:15 AM here (Europe)
| | 224143 [vihanpandey@] ...
| + 224159 [spoooq@gm il] If you find you are always doing chmod +x on files with
+ 224135 [peter@ru yr ] I guess the problem could be here: (in Person.initialize)
| 224139 [shyguyfrenzy] Also, there's a typo on the page that I was completely missing.
+ 224138 [peter@ru yr ] Ah, OK, i scrolled down and there is the correct definition of Address

Autoload problem in 1.8.5
224152 [han.holl@gm ] I encountered a problem in 1.8.5, or at least in ruby-1.8.5-4.fc6 from
224176 [david@va ln ] Could this be related to the recurrent FXRuby load bug? If so, it's
224184 [han.holl@gm ] It has nothing to do with FXRuby.
224186 [lyle.johnson] What David was trying to say (I think) is that a change was introduced
224193 [han.holl@gm ] @@ -7017,12 +7145,11 @@

[ANN] TTF/Ruby, first release!
224155 [mblondel@gm ] I am pleased to announce the first release (version 0.1) of TTF/Ruby,
224595 [halostatue@g] to convince your employers to relicense this under Ruby's licence,

thousand ways to rome
224157 [damngoodcoff] i am new to ruby and i am wondering how many more ways (and what ways)
+ 224161 [spoooq@gm il] "hi, you, guys".split(",").map! { |x| x.strip }
+ 224162 [bruno@ex el ] "hi, you, guys".split(',').map { |word| word.strip }
| + 224165 [has.sox@gm i] ...
| | 224169 [damngoodcoff] good timing to you first two guys;)
| | 224171 [spoooq@gm il] use map! instead
| | 224173 [robert.dober] ...
| | + 224179 [has.sox@gm i] ...
| | | 224196 [robert.dober] ...
| | + 224183 [spoooq@gm il] you are absolutely correct, my mind is rotting from weeks of sitting
| + 224170 [spoooq@gm il] Your version has no side-effect on the array, so it's not exactly the
+ 224229 [kero@ch ll .] words_array = separated_words.split(/, /)
| 224243 [shortcutter@] And yet another one
+ 224235 [dblack@wo bl] separated_words.scan(/[^\s,]+/)
+ 224301 [john.carter@] My favourite cheat is....
+ 224344 [cparticle@gm] Chris,
  224384 [damngoodcoff] i forgot to mention that the comma seperated list comes from a text_area

select_list WATIR codes..
224166 [csamigroup@g] I have something funny going on with my WATIR. code.
224167 [csamigroup@g] <select name=leftsegments multiple size=8>
+ 224172 [csamigroup@g] I did some addtional testing, and i think the problem has something to
| 224224 [christopher.] ...
+ 224203 [djmj12@gm il] I suspect the trailing newline character; "\n", is what's eating your
+ 224204 [djmj12@gm il] I suspect the trailing newline character; "\n", is what's eating your

224178 [david@va ln ] For all those that have problems understanding how subscribing and

Array question
224180 [peter@ru yr ] def f(*args)
+ 224181 [has.sox@gm i] ...
+ 224182 [farrel.lifso] f(*a)

Re: Modifying Time with DPrecision to work with Runt
224187 [Mlipper@do t] None that I can think of.
224267 [wrighty@gm i] Good to hear!

[OT] Constructive Criticism (was Re: Quicky.)
224190 [james@gr yp ] I find the abusive tone of this message equally unhelpful.  There no

Kudos to all Ruby creators/enhancers/users
224199 [donn@cm cm .] I can't stop myself from using 15 minutes of my work time to express my
+ 224205 [leslieviljoe] Look at ArrayList. I think C# is the best of the RAD GUI languages,
| 224206 [leslieviljoe] Just saw Qt4 with Ruby bindings... maybe the wait is over!
| + 224223 [felipecpg@gm] You can play with some of the array manipulation features you mentioned
| | 224270 [david@va ln ] LINQ is an abomination, and a marketing scam to make Transact SQL coders
| + 224266 [david@va ln ] No win32 maintainers. WOE.
+ 224265 [david@va ln ] Ruby Array !=3D C# array. Ruby Array =3D C# ArrayList. (Sort of.)

[SUMMARY] Bytecode Compiler (#100)
224201 [james@gr yp ] I'm very glad this quiz came along, because I honestly had no idea what

Best way to parse email recipient lists?
224208 [shanti@br fo] Hey all,
+ 224280 [ruby@di in o] Shanti,
+ 224286 [ara.t.howard] require 'tmail'

Ruby on Rails - Multiple Controllers in a page?
224209 [griffin.kev@] I am building a site, and I wish to populate the navigation dynamically
+ 224210 [glenn.gillen] a) Have the controllers load the data from the relevant sections into
+ 224214 [gustav@ra ls] Hey
  224219 [griffin.kev@] Thanks guys,
  224288 [gilesb@gm il] Don't use components!
  224507 [david@va ln ] ing-in-rails
  224597 [carl.lerche@] Yeah, use components.... if 15 seconds per request is acceptable.

too greedy of a regexp
224211 [bitdoger2@ya] i have a regexp: /(^BillHead(.*))(^Bill_End(.*))/m that's too greedy for
224217 [jan.svitok@g] /(^BillHead(.*?))(^Bill_End(.*?))\n/m
224232 [shortcutter@] I would also remove the last .* because that likely eats up the rest of
224242 [bitdoger2@ya] => ["", "BillHead", "\nfoo\nbar\n", "BillEnd"]

Ruby and threads: a VTK example
224215 [saveez@ho ma] There is a ruby wrapper available for vtk which works, more or less,
224218 [rossrt@ro co] I don't have any of this stuff installed, so I'm guessing, but couldn't
224221 [saveez@ho ma] ?> winthr = Thread.new { iren.Start() }
224230 [rossrt@ro co] Well, it looks like something in the library is blocking the calling
224234 [saveez@ho ma] Ross,
+ 224237 [rosco@ro co ] True.
+ 224341 [nagai@ai ky ] What is your OS ?
  224366 [saveez@ho ma] The OS is WinXP, I have also tried IRB with eclipse as an external tool
  224505 [nagai@ai ky ] I'm sorry, but I have no idea. If I had, I didn't make irbtkw.rbw.;-)

Mac OS X SSL Certificates Path
224220 [james@gr yp ] Does anyone know the directory or file I could feed to OpenSSL via
225538 [verno@ma li ] There is /usr/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt but nothing similar in
225540 [james@gr yp ] Yeah, Mac OS X stores its certificates in the Keychain I learned.  No

use new net/smtp in ruby 1.8.5 (SMTPS support)
224227 [mmalaidini@g] I'd like to use the new net/smtp library in ruby 1.8.5 because it

Re: First Posting
224233 [shortcutter@] Kind regards

BLT -- integrating into Ruby
224238 [lynchnco@pa ] BLT is a very nice graphics package. Does anyone know how to integrate
+ 224263 [m_goldberg@a] require 'tk'
+ 224292 [nagai@ai ky ] 1. Install BLT for your Tcl/Tk.
+ 224314 [ng@jo nw on ] <quip>
  224325 [martindemell] martin

Re: QtRuby 1.4.7
224239 [richard.j.da] mardigras rdale 165% find . -name qtguess.pl.in -print
224275 [shea@nu l. e] Sorry to be so stupid, but then what? Do I run them individually?
224329 [richard.j.da] Yes, 'perl qtguess.pl' and then 'perl generate.pl'.

Spliting a line and passing the results
224245 [seanhussey@g] I'm not quite sure what the best way to go about this is.  I have a
224248 [jcribbs@ne p] Well, if #update and #new are looking for the variables in the same
224256 [shortcutter@] Or even
224258 [seanhussey@g] Wow.  Now THAT is what I'm talking about.
224272 [seanhussey@g] Actually, let me step back.  This is really good, but what if I wanted
224278 [jan.svitok@g] KEYS = %w[ name id phone color temperature dog password ]
224302 [seanhussey@g] That's fantastic.  Thank you!
224323 [shortcutter@] I am not sure what you actually gain with this - unless of course your
224364 [seanhussey@g] I guess I'd just rather not depend on the order of the fields in the
224368 [shortcutter@] Not to me.  The order of fields must be taken care of by the /parsing/

Overwriting the Integer class for method succ! (instead of just succ)
224246 [pjvleeuwen@g] A little thing that is bugging me is that I don't know how to do a
+ 224247 [ara.t.howard] it can't be done in ruby.  there are many thing which can't be done in java
+ 224250 [phurley@gm i] The short answer is what you are trying is impossible. Ruby variables
+ 224251 [rmagick@gm i] ...
+ 224257 [james@gr yp ] count+=1
| 224264 [pjvleeuwen@g] Thanks all! I became so much wiser now. I gues I didn't find this
| + 224276 [TimHunter@nc] I think it's because this behavior is considered to be part of Ruby's
| + 224277 [jan.svitok@g] If you know a bit of C, it's pretty interesting to read the ruby
| + 224285 [lopx@ga et .] Nope, since Fixnum is an immediate value (variables are copied - not the
| + 224377 [shortcutter@] You cannot do this (even in C) because Fixnum is immutable.  Every
+ 224385 [pubsub@ru yi] The rubyish way to do

can't seem to write to a file properly
224249 [pbailey@bn .] Can someone help me diagnose what's going on with my script? Part of it
224252 [adam.shelly@] #{totalpages.to_i}\nshowpage\n")
224260 [pbailey@bn .] Great. Thanks, Adam. As often happens, I was making my life complicated.

Re: [OT] can you rubyfy this?
224262 [david@va ln ] o?od
224343 [robert.dober] ...

[Ruby Newbie] Reading in a file generated by df
224273 [lovell.mcilw] I'm here at work and was hit with a very interesting problem. My boss
+ 224279 [stefano.croc] I'd say your code is correct. I tried it myself, and it works. I use
+ 224309 [vihanpandey@] ...
  224315 [nepentherepr] Why create the file at all?

Can't get eval to reference $1, $2, etc
224281 [nwiger@sc a.] Ok, so I have this array of pairs that control file movements, for
224282 [nwiger@sc a.] Answered my own question (of course)... here's a way to do this by using

Re: the name of Matz
224289 [joeat303@ya ] Related to this subject, is "why" his first name or family name? And how
+ 224294 [wilsonb@gm i] The underscore represents the intake of breath before speaking his name.
+ 224296 [matz@ru y- a] I've heard that it's his REAL first name.
  224297 [ben@bl yt in] For what it's worth, I've heard that too.  There was a Discussion on
  224298 [hal9000@hy e] I heard that it was "based on" his first name -- Wyatt
  + 224299 [joeat303@ya ] why is his first name eh? Then would it be "Mr. The Lucky Stiff" or "Mr.
  + 224304 [ara.t.howard] it's here hal, that we disagree!  ;-)

Trying to get pack to work with the * template character
224290 [jchahn@co .n] Ok, here's a snippet of my code.
+ 224311 [gavin@re in ] I know very little about #pack, so I can't help you there. However, I
+ 224360 [tim.pease@gm] Correct me if I guess incorrectly here, but it looks like you want to
+ 224486 [rosco@ro co ] As Tim said, ruby does include a base64 library which will probably do

Minimizing the Risk of Deploying .NET Applications
224291 [gazmcgheesub] <humor value="cheap">

accessing caller's binding implicitly
224300 [ben@bl yt in] As part of my IRB shell history hack (shameless plug[1]), I need to be
+ 224303 [dblack@wo bl] Do you know about Binding.of_caller by Florian Gross?  I'm not sure
+ 224306 [transfire@gm] Unfortuately not. The binding-of-caller hack is "out of order" last I
| 224353 [james@gr yp ] 2Bof%2Bcaller
+ 224376 [rubyfan@gm i] Ben,
  224379 [ben@bl yt in] It might work, but it brings up another problem, namely that I'm trying

Ruby/MySQL/Rails timeseries QN
224305 [pbooth@no oi] I'm starting an application that will create, persist, query, and

win32/process question
224310 [joevandyk@gm] # start notepad
224312 [joevandyk@gm] I guess I should note that this is after I require 'win32/process'
224326 [phasis68@ho ] Refer to http://msdn2.microsoft.com/fr-fr/library/ms686722.aspx,
+ 224374 [joevandyk@gm] Fantastic, thanks!
+ 224375 [joevandyk@gm] So, if I use Process.create to create a new process, and I want to
  224419 [phasis68@ho ] You cannot close the hanle if the process is still alive. You can use
  224421 [joevandyk@gm] If I use Process.waitpid in a thread, all the other threads seem to
  224426 [phasis68@ho ] require 'win32/process'
  224433 [joevandyk@gm] Thanks -- I'll try that.  I'm not exactly sure what those functions do

unit testing with uncertainty
224316 [martin.anker] good floating point values for optimization problems. I have several
+ 224317 [farrel.lifso] Could you make use of assert_in_delta? It's in Test::Unit. You can
+ 224324 [mikewoodhous] You can use a predetermined random number sequence (or sequences) for
  224369 [martin.anker] If I used a predetermined random number I cannot make much changes in

Dynamic Modules
224319 [sur.max@gm i] ...
224333 [ruby@an hr p] } We can dynamically include a module in a class as...
224334 [sur.max@gm i] ...

[ANN] FastRI 0.1.1 (fast+smart ri docs searching): configurable search strategies
224328 [ mfp@ac .o g] FastRI is an alternative to the ri command-line tool. It is *much* faster, and
224338 [scoopr@ik .f] Excellent work. Works perfectly on my osx box.
+ 224413 [ mfp@ac .o g] Sure, I'll implement it; it will probably be in 0.2.0. I always hated that
+ 224414 [ mfp@ac .o g] =====

[ANN] Ruby-Lang.org in Korean, Polish and Spanish
224330 [blaumag@gm i] The official Ruby language website is now available in English,
+ 224337 [hgs@dm .a .u] Yes, and the fact that they've had to commit to keeping this stuff
| 224354 [james@gr yp ] I don't think this is much of an issue, since the site redirects
| 224356 [hgs@dm .a .u] Oh, didn't notice that for obvious reasons.  Nice idea.
+ 224371 [ramalho@gm i] I'd like to contribute to the Brazilian Portuguese translation. If you

Rails vs. Asp.Net politics
224331 [leslieviljoe] I have the deciding vote in a new (rather large) web app we need to
+ 224332 [peter@se an ] Well you could sell it as a good CV move for them. In the end they will
| 224336 [leslieviljoe] I think so, although in the backwater of South Africa, very few people
| 224402 [nithiaji@gu ] All I can say is that you're not looking at my bookshelf :) From
| 224410 [leslieviljoe] Wow, I have searched this backwater as best as I could to find other
| + 224430 [jameshcunnin] Best,
| | 224461 [juapdiaz@gm ] ...
| + 224519 [nithiaji@gu ] I'm mostly a Java programmer (yes, I know, the Dark Side :), but I
|   224520 [juapdiaz@gm ] ...
+ 224339 [lkmlists@lu ] How about picking a small slice of the app and doing two week-long
| + 224340 [sur.max@gm i] ...
| + 224346 [leslieviljoe] Great idea!
| | 224355 [tanner.burso] ...
| | 224357 [leslieviljoe] Ah thanks, I am already using Castle ActiveRecord.
| + 224586 [masukomi@gm ] remember if you want it to be fair choose different parts of the app
+ 224358 [matt@te hn r] ASP.NET limits you to running on Windows.  Rails runs well on Windows,
| 224493 [david@va ln ] Which few people actually need. It's a requirement to be evaluated as
+ 224359 [ruby@an hr p] } I have the deciding vote in a new (rather large) web app we need to
+ 224370 [richard.conr] I am scratching my head here, but isn't there some project out there
+ 224372 [lynchnco@pa ] Good afternoon,
+ 224373 [bauer.mail@g] If you'll still be developing and deploying on a Windows box, you can
| 224387 [leslieviljoe] I have looked at RubyCLR but it seems really green. I have not gotten
| + 224391 [GENIE@pr di ] For RubyCLR, have you tried the gem?  I installed the gem a couple weeks
| | 224396 [leslieviljoe] Probably with the older version of Ruby? I just updated the
| | 224881 [GENIE@pr di ] I run Ruby 1.8.4 on Windows
| + 224462 [juapdiaz@gm ] ...
+ 224498 [david@va ln ] Playing devil's advocate, if the rest of the team only really knows C#