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^ first time
223646 [jasaugusto g] # guide

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 11.0.0
223650 [ snk gna.org] Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create

^ Book wanted: Metaprogramming in Ruby
223653 [ news jay.fm] I'm an old-school, procedural programmer.  I skipped C++ and Java, and went
+ 223654 [wilsonb gmai] I agree that that would be a book worth writing.
+ 223659 [Bil.Kleb NAS] FWIW, at Agile 2006 Martin Fowler mentioned he
| 223826 [znmeb cesmai] Actually, if Martin Fowler wants to write another book, he should expand
| 223830 [ola.bini ki.] But concurrency in Ruby is still green threads, so that would have to be
| + 223835 [james graypr] Well, there's Ruby non-blocking IO methods.  There's also the
| | 223876 [Fdavis usban] I'd love to see an Advanced Ruby book targeted towards experienced
| + 224228 [kero chello.] I've done concurrent Ruby processes, with System V IPC shared memory (to
|   + 224255 [james graypr] I've very interested in a text that covers NArray decently.  Are
|   + 224295 [znmeb cesmai] As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I want! Erlang or Termite
|     224380 [rubyfan gmai] So how are Erlang lightweight processes implemented?  I thought that
|     224392 [ola.bini ki.] Erlang processes are usually implemented with M:N-threading.
|     224452 [znmeb cesmai] I haven't been able to dig into the core of Erlang, but the
+ 223740 [cdcarter gma] A good basic walkthrough on meatprogramming can be the little section in
+ 223756 [rubyfan gmai] We do need an advanced Ruby text.  I think a lot of what it would
  223757 [james graypr] I've tried to translate a fair portion of the Higher Order Perl
  + 223761 [ryco gmx.net] I second the request for a book on metaprogramming.
  | + 223762 [matt technor] I thought the request for a book on meatprogamming in Ruby was quite
  | + 223787 [Eric.Armstro] +1 on both counts.
  |   223816 [david vallne] Umm, please no. I'd prefer a coherent in-depth text, preferrably one
  + 223798 [gilesb gmail] I found this very handy.

^ Virus alert when compiling ruby stable 2006-11-05 with mingw
223656 [jasaugusto g] This is my 'first time' in this mailing list, although I use Ruby since
223666 [drbrain segm] You should send this email to your anti-virus software vendor.  I
223708 [jasaugusto g] In fact the avirus version i'm running is free :-)
223712 [ryand-ruby z] Or in the virus detection software... either way, it isn't a bug in

^ array sorting question
223657 [gilesb gmail] I have an array of arrays. the interior arrays can be of any arbitrary
+ 223662 [gilesb gmail] ok, cancel that, this is not the tower of hanoi, this is splitting an
| + 223669 [kevin.olbric] Actually, it's not even that.
| + 223673 [gavin refine] As shown in my solution, I think the better answer is sorting the full
|   223799 [gilesb gmail] wow, both these solutions look better than what I have, and I don't
|   224313 [gilesb gmail] you know, both these solutions, while much prettier than my code,
+ 223672 [gavin refine] main = (-4..12).map{ |i| (0..i).to_a }

^ FasterCSV question
223665 [reid.thompso] rthompso@jhereg:~$ cat pipedata
223671 [james graypr] Luckily, it's a trivial format you shouldn't need FasterCSV to

^ DateTime.strptime NoMethodError
223674 [moisi_fr yah] I've just upgraded my ruby version from 1.8.2 to 1.8.5 and I got a
223713 [jan.svitok g] try adding require 'date'

^ chats
223676 [robert.mccor] I'm looking for an extension/plugin/whatever you call it (I'm new to
223695 [TimHunter nc] This list is a general Ruby mailing list. The Ruby On Rails list is a

^ [ANN] RDoc2PDF 0.1
223677 [alexg kuicr.] RDoc2PDF installs a very basic PDF generator for RDoc. The output is

^ Multi-line variable
223678 [wanted gmail] $var = <<<END
223679 [farrel.lifso] irb(main):001:0> var =<<END
223681 [wanted gmail] Thank you very much :)
223689 [jan.svitok g] <<identifier   - interpolated, goes until identifier

^ [ANN] Mechanize - 0.6.3 (Big Man)
223682 [aaron_patter] Mechanize version 0.6.3 (Big Man) is now available.

^ Script to run Focused Specs/Tests
223684 [brian.takita] For all of you non-Textmate users, I made a script that will run focused

^ need ruby run like php in apache
223687 [axgle 126.co] I hope that run index.rb in apache like php index.php without rails
223723 [jameskilton ] Any reason you don't like Rails? I see 'rails's url rule is not good', what
223727 [wilsonb gmai] I assume he wants the file extensions on the end, so that when he
+ 223768 [david vallne] I could've sworn mod_ruby had an Erb handler of some sort to handle
+ 223774 [david vallne] Also, on that note: http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI.

^ [ANN] RSpec 0.7.0 Released
223690 [dchelimsky g] The RSpec Development Team is pleased to announce the release of RSpec 0.7.0.

^ Get Stock Quote
223693 [vikashkumar0] class RubyStock
223697 [clsnyder gma] You need to add the correct tags to your code - the tags are listed
223998 [vikashkumar0] Thanks it really works for me

^ Paths, gentleman, paths
223698 [lutzky gmail] I have this bit of code in the beginning of an application I'm writing
+ 223699 [shortcutter ] Dir.chdir( File.dirname( $0 ) ) if File.basename $0 == 'main.rb'
+ 223790 [david vallne] h=20

^ Win32ole & Adobe Acrobat Reader
223701 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
223705 [znmeb cesmai] For one thing, don't your backslashes need to be doubled?
223744 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
223749 [cohen.jeff g] filename = "myfile.pdf"
+ 223804 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
| 223806 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
| 223808 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
+ 223888 [jan.svitok g] won't work because when first parameter is quoted it is the title of

^ New Ruby Video & Ruby Search Engine
223704 [google deepv] We've put together a fast paced entertaining video on Ruby on Rails
+ 223706 [jimfreeze gm] charset=US-ASCII;
| 223724 [leslieviljoe] And RubyAware is probably a "Source" of Information, not a "Sorce".
+ 223728 [tim.pease gm] It looks like you're just wrapping carrot-search with some HTML tables
  223754 [robert.mccor] i agree- that search is stupid!  but thanx for the carrot search - i didn't
  223785 [chris.colema] they spelt source wrong too

^ Include and Extend Again....
223707 [has.sox gmai] I must be really thick with this because I cannot get my class to behave.
223709 [jan.svitok g] class AClass
223710 [has.sox gmai] Well that works a treat.  I changed the class definition to
223711 [jan.svitok g] IMO your problem is the first issue - the Object and Class

^ New Haven Rubyists to Meet in New Haven for November meeting
223714 [novakps gmai] Amazingly, the New Haven Rubyists will actually meet inside the city

^ ODBC Error
223715 [lrlebron gma] I am running a ruby script to import some data into an MS SQL Server
223907 [cbonde stofa] There's a very handy ODBC reference on

^ Kinda quiet
223716 [patrick pksp] Is it my imagination, or are things getting really quiet in this forum?
+ 223717 [phlipcpp yah] All the fuss is on various forums discussing individual Ruby projects.
| 223718 [rtilley vt.e] The problem is that posts made from ruby-forum (like the one you just responded
| 223733 [vincent.four] That's pretty bad. Would someone know the reason why ?
+ 223794 [collinsj sea] It's quiet because emails from the mailing list aren't coming through.

^ migrating my ruby gems
223719 [bitdoger2 ya] ...i would like to upgrade to my large gem collection are
+ 223722 [jan.svitok g] rename c:\ruby to c:\ruby-182
+ 223776 [david vallne] =20

^ [ANN] Missoula Ruby Users Group Gathering
223720 [jgarvin.list] The Missoula Ruby & Ruby on Rails Users Group is gathering once again on

^ unsubscribe
223721 [nalhawash ya] unsubscribe

^ Ruby script auto-closes at completion
223725 [zhkbaq gmail] I am a newbie. I am trying to run some small ruby programs to learn a
+ 223726 [jameskilton ] Don't run it from Explorer.
| 223731 [jan.svitok g] even just 'your_script.rb' or 'your_script', provided that ftype, PATH
+ 223734 [cohen.jeff g] Sounds like you're double-clicking the .rb file in Windows Explorer in
| 223765 [zhkbaq gmail] i have ruby installed in the c root. and the file is not in the c root.
| 223782 [cohen.jeff g] First of all, installing anything to c:\ is not recommended on Windows.
| 223793 [zhkbaq gmail] i did use the ruby one click installer. i just removed it ....where do
| 223827 [jan.svitok g] Just install it in the default location (c:\ruby). It's just not worth
| + 223884 [zhkbaq gmail] I just installed ruby again with the admin password
| + 223915 [david vallne] With ubiquitous abstract path name libraries, this strikes me as very sad=
+ 223763 [david vallne] =20

^ (none)
223729 [markhowardjr] #unsubscribe

^ Ruby ODBC SQL Server Errors
223732 [luis f1netwo] I have a ruby script that inserts data into a SQL Server Express
223742 [rubytalk ben] I asked Christian Werner about this in the past. He told me that these
223746 [lrlebron gma] Thanks,

223736 [pgattphoto g] As a first exercise with Ruby, I am going through the Pickaxe book and
+ 223767 [david vallne] OMFG. That's a -huge- XML file. Probably all of my MP3s together would
| + 223769 [aaron_patter] I would give it a try on a document that large.
| + 223770 [jeff dark-li] Actually, I recently had to rewrite an xml parser to go stream ( SAX )
| | 223771 [shyguyfrenzy] I wish I had the foggiest idea of what you guys were talking about.
| | 223778 [david vallne] Wait... You chimed in on an unrelated thread with a "I don't understand
| + 223772 [support chil] Is that a mistake?  Out of curiosity I took a look on my wife's computer
| | 223775 [mvette13 gma] If you want speed, look at libxml-ruby. It is many many times faster than
| + 223773 [james graypr] This is off-topic but I have a theory that it's possible using a
|   223779 [david vallne] So it does, my bad.
+ 223786 [paradisaeida] Best to lean towards a database approach when you get to large files.
  223788 [david vallne] He's not the one creating the file. So unless you can persuade Apple to
  223789 [pgattphoto g] Assuming I go with the Ruby pull parser, how do I use this in my code.
  + 223791 [david vallne] Generally, you should have some layer between XML input, and processing
  | 223893 [pgattphoto g] I am still not sure I get it, could you explain a little more?
  | 223903 [support chil] I tested the Chilkat XML parser (an in-memory DOM) on a 21MB XML file
  | 223939 [pgattphoto g] It's getting to about the 1000th file and doing its job, but then
  | + 223952 [support chil] If you want, send me your test code + file and I'll have a look...
  | + 223954 [pgattphoto g] Figured it out.
  |   223964 [support chil] Thanks,
  |   223993 [glenn.ruby g] Is the rexml website down or is it just me?
  + 223792 [support chil] I created a sample program to parse the iTunes XML using

^ From Ruby: Calling a DOS batch file, waiting for it to finish
223738 [glenn.ruby g] Help!
223739 [glenn.ruby g] Forget it - think I've just figured out the system call does just that

^ Help ruby started acting strange
223741 [cparticle gm] Hey all,
223748 [jan.svitok g] 1. scan returns array of arrays, therefore you have to call
223752 [cparticle gm] Thanks I was not aware that scan worked that way I'll have to adjust to
223760 [jan.svitok g] It should work without it, and it works for me without the to_s. Use p
223764 [cparticle gm] Thanks Jan apparently I was looking at a junk message.  This only goes

^ Re: RSpec 0.7.0 Released
223747 [transfire gm] actual.should == <value> #passes if actual == <value>
+ 223750 [wilsonb gmai] This already works, actually. :)
| 223751 [dchelimsky g] It does, but that's because of  the current underlying implementation.
+ 223753 [dchelimsky g] That's hilarious! You've missed a lot of history. No offense. We went

^ [ANN] South East Michigan Ruby Conf
223755 [phurley gmai] See http://www.rubymi.org/ for detailed directions. I'm buying pizza

^ Eclipse Ruby Development Tools debugger problem
223758 [bcparanj gma] I followed the instructions in this article on how to setup RDT in
224036 [nico nico-la] try this link

^ Re: [OT] Help ruby started acting strange
223780 [david vallne] I don't think I could bear looking at this for five seconds without

^ simple mix-in example
223781 [pedro.mota g] can we consider this is a mix-in newbie example ? We are giving a new
+ 223783 [m.fellinger ] I wouldn't call it Mixin, that could give some conflict with the concept of
| 223784 [pedro.mota g] Thanks. Done ;)
+ 223795 [kbloom gmail] Yuck.
  223802 [pedro.mota g] thanks, this was really just a very simple test in wich i controled the

^ require_gem scoping issue?
223796 [makenai gmai] I'm running into a weird problem with rubygems and using
223800 [makenai gmai] Hm.. nevermind. I'm a fool. A foolish fool. I just found the following

^ Struct.new and symbol with question mark
223797 [ snk gna.org] Why isn't the Struct class smart enough to detect a question mark at the
+ 223877 [m_goldberg a] It doesn't work because :bar? isn't a valid symbol literal. The
+ 223881 [djberg96 gma] It could have been made smart enough, but certain people decided that

^ [ANN] Swiss Ruby User Group Meeting, 9.11.2006
223801 [jcfischer.li] The Swiss Ruby User Group will be meeting on Thursday 9.11.2006 in

^ CGI and POST/PUT URL Variables
223805 [trevor geekg] I encountered a strange problem when trying to write a cgi script to
223995 [david vallne] =2E
224057 [trevor geekg] I had my suspicions after I posted the question, so thanks for confirming

^ RubyConf2006: my presentation
223807 [ko1 atdot.ne] I posted to yarv-dev-en about my presentation on RubyConf 2006.
223837 [Rob AgileCon] -Rob
223840 [Rob AgileCon] Sorry, I didn't notice that was from 2005 until I'd sent it.

^ The way to restrict a ruby program to just once occurrence on a windows box?
223809 [glenn.ruby g] I'm rewriting a vb app to ruby (in about a quarter of the code!).  If I ran
+ 223828 [glenn.ruby g] Never mind, solved it (unless anybody knows a better way).
| 223833 [murray.steel] Is it some kind of GUI app?  I don't know what toolkit you are using, but I
| 223849 [james.adam g] You could also take a leaf out of unix tradition and simply write a
| 223904 [glenn.ruby g] I thought that, the problem being what if the other ruby program crashed
+ 223832 [djmj12 gmail] Though not very "elegant", here's one approach...

^ extract info from pdf doc
223810 [ivor rails.c] A friend is building an application that will have files of a very
223812 [hannes.wyss ] ivor
223813 [ivor rails.c] thanks a mil!

^ rex & racc vs. ruby-lex & ruby-yacc
223814 [ryandhanks g] I'm new to lex and yacc and trying to use one of their ruby derivatives to
+ 223815 [ryandhanks g] p.s.  it's my understanding that ruby-* requires flex and yacc, while rex
| 223924 [jan.svitok g] Maybe Antlr and/or ragel could be useful, though I don;t know anything
+ 225362 [luke madstop] I made my decision a long time ago (at least 3+ years), and I don't

^ Modifying Time with DPrecision to work with Runt
223817 [wrighty gmai] I'm currently trying out Runt for a project at work where we want to

^ dividing an array
223818 [rtilley vt.e] Say I have an array that contains 144 strings. I want to divide the array into
+ 223819 [jan.svitok g] require 'enumerator'
| + 223823 [dblack wobbl] I wish there were a nice way to do this without the temporary array.
| + 223829 [shortcutter ] require 'enumerator'
+ 223820 [fxn hashref.] require 'enumerator'
+ 223822 [farrel.lifso] require 'enumerator'
  223824 [pit capitain] require "enumerator"
  223825 [farrel.lifso] That's pretty cool
  223834 [pit capitain] Farrel, it was you who found the important method Enumerable#enum_slice.
  223842 [shortcutter ] Definitively!

^ ruby and SQLite3
223821 [rajasekar98 ] I'm just a beginner in Ruby.
223892 [sigma.kappa ] Using SQLite with Rails is a little bit tricky. But really just a little
223979 [rajasekar98 ] Thanks for ur reply.
224073 [sigma.kappa ] Well, know that I've read your database.yaml it might also be due to
224158 [rajasekar98 ] Thanks for ur reply.
224261 [sigma.kappa ] Well, if you use the same DB all over, you end up using you production

^ [OT] the name of Matz
223831 [bh izb.knu.a] I saw the full name of Matz, ruby creater, on the web [1]. However, I
+ 223839 [matz ruby-la] FYI, My family name is Matsumoto.  I don't see family-name-capital
| + 223970 [dido.sevilla] By the way, I never seem to have seen Matz's name in Kanji.  His name
| | 223973 [matz ruby-la] The above Kanji rarely reads "Yukihiro".  For curious, mine is
| + 223975 [twifkak comc] (or, oh, say, "Matsumoto")?
| | 223978 [matz ruby-la] Ah, I was asked same question at the last RubyConf.  The official
| + 224216 [bh izb.knu.a] Of course I know that almost all speakers using English as mother
| | + 224284 [matz ruby-la] I can't speak for him.  You have to ask him.
| | + 224307 [dido.sevilla] Actually, it seems to be a fairly common convention used by many
| | | 224603 [halostatue g] I would personally expect Byung-Hee to be from Korea, given the email
| | + 224318 [knu iDaemons] It is just a local convention and I spell my name so just because I
| |   224342 [robert.dober] <All confusing stuff deleted>
| |   224440 [twifkak comc] The current thread contains 42 matzes, 23 Matzes, 16 Matsumotos, 15
| |   224585 [robert.dober] Amazing what a witty answer one can get for one's stupid question, Great Fun
| + 224469 [jwkenne attg] It isn't usual, but is useful in reference material where the reader may
+ 223896 [ jupp gmx.de] Talking about conventions one should keep in mind that ruby-talk also
  223940 [gregory.t.br] MASUMOTO!!!  ;)
  223941 [gregory.t.br] Not only was I yelling, I was also spelling Matz's name wrong.
  223961 [matz ruby-la] And it was my classmate's family name.  Really.
  224236 [jameshcunnin] We might hope that his name was not Yukihuro?