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^ SV: Stockholm RUG?
223427 [ndrsbngtssn ] Not a real Ruby user group, but there is a Rails community that meet

^ Re: Unable to write to file... (example from "pickaxe book",
223432 [chen_li3 yah] Do you think this script work?
+ 223435 [wardies gmai] It fails because "in" is a reserved word in Ruby and cannot be used as
+ 223444 [rforum gmail] As is no (I blame lack of caffeine and/or sleep); but with "do" inserted

^ [ANN] ActiveRDF 1.0
223436 [benjamin.hei] It is our pleasure to announce the 1.0 release of ActiveRDF, available

^ Execute a file on read?
223442 [eddieroger g] I am toying around with the concept of dynamic configuration files for
+ 223445 [max.afonov m] You want Unix fifos (man mkfifo) coupled with a Ruby program that opens
+ 223450 [halostatue g] File.open("foo.conf", "wb") do |cf|

^ http.get call works, but then fails when using debugger
223443 [jnjortn sand] Can someone tell me if I have found a bug or am doing something wrong
223451 [jan.svitok g] This is probably normal behaviour. Run your script with -w or -d

^ Accessing a hash -- Beginner
223452 [donsdx gmail] I want to access a hash via a gets command.  A simplified
+ 223453 [dblack wobbl] Do you want to set a hash key, or retrieve a value using an existing
| 223481 [donsdx gmail] I want to access the hash, then print part of the contents.
+ 223455 [shortcutter ] There is not a single Hash instance in your code.  Also "test" is not
| 223480 [donsdx gmail] Robert, thanks for the response.  Part of my problem is I
+ 223456 [pubsub rubyi] The trick is that you want the variable named test, while the return
  223457 [pubsub rubyi] p eval('exit')
  223482 [donsdx gmail] Thanks Tom.  I will skip eval for now.  I am going to repose
  223483 [donsdx gmail] I think I did a poor job of communicating my problem.  I do
  223485 [marshall.jim] You could stick (or create from the beginning) those hashes into another
  223521 [donsdx gmail] Excellent, Jim.  That's what I will do.

^ REXML ... performance & memory usage ...
223458 [jeff dark-li] Wow ... I am trying to use REXML to parse through an 8.8Mb xml file ...
+ 223459 [pubsub rubyi] If having a pure ruby parser is not a requirement and you're on *nix,
| + 223463 [jeff dark-li] I had to make two fixes to the source to get things to compile
| | + 223467 [twifkak comc] WOW.
| | + 223469 [support chil] Jeff,
| | + 223490 [rossrt rosco] It's a good job I try to keep up with happenings on ruby-talk :) Thanks
| + 224189 [pbattley gma] I can vouch for that. I changed a bit of slow code from using REXML to
+ 223465 [david vallne] =2E
| 223489 [shortcutter ] I would not necessarily call that premature optimization.  If these
+ 224089 [tomasz.wegrz] magic/xml has extremely convenient stream parsing interface.
  + 224093 [jeff dark-li] Thanks for the tip, I'll have to take a look...
  + 224128 [marcus.brist] Back in the world of j... there are these libs (nux and dom4j and
    224160 [david vallne] *groan*
    224195 [rossrt rosco] Dammit! Another six-hundred quid down the drain...

^ [ANN] systemu-1.0.0
223466 [ara.t.howard] NAME
223535 [robert.dober] Looks great Ara as always.
223555 [ara.t.howard] ooops!
223563 [robert.dober] Robert

^ Command line parameters testing..
223471 [rapparna hot] I'm using Runit to write unit test for a class that takes command line
+ 223486 [nospam nosit] By typing the Ruby script name and then the arguments. Perhaps a bit more
+ 223492 [jan.svitok g] Passing arguments to your class instead of runit: (actually I don't

^ How to simplify "a.instance_of? classX or a.instance_of? classY "
223472 [stephane.wir] I would like to know if there is a way to simplify this code
+ 223473 [ezmobius gma] ].any? {|cls| object.instance_of? cls}
+ 223479 [gavin refine] case object
| 223493 [fred lacave.] LIST = [ WSDL::XMLSchema::ComplexContent,
| 223507 [gavin refine] Very nice.
+ 223484 [transfire gm] If any are subclasses of the other's then use only the superclass.

^ VERBOSE and "warning: Insecure world writable dir..."
223488 [bantu SKASUJ] I've just got very popular -- as I guess from google hits -- warning
+ 223502 [ara.t.howard] $VERBOSE = nil
| 223505 [bantu SKASUJ] Yes, indeed, I was curious how to set the variable to nil, gee...
| + 223512 [ara.t.howard] then you have the answer
| | 223541 [david vallne] Hmm. Is $VERBOSE thread-local?
| + 223513 [ara.t.howard] google is your friend
+ 223510 [gavin refine] There are also other answers, if you continue Googling. The first page

^ Redefining a class
223491 [robert.dober] Recently we had a thread where we talked about redefining a class.
+ 223504 [ara.t.howard] c = Class.new{
| 223526 [robert.dober] Actually I am very disappointed that you cannot read my mind Ara ;) it would
| + 223528 [dblack wobbl] Don't forget that several years ago, Matz deprecated POLS :-)
| | 223530 [robert.dober] And you think we ought let him get away with that ;)
| + 223542 [david vallne] If you redefine the class at times, it's hardly constant. Personally, I
|   223562 [robert.dober] Actually clear  like  water, I was wrting stupid things, it is only
+ 223531 [twifkak comc] $ ri remove_const
  223533 [robert.dober] How could I have missed that one!!!

^ uninitialized constant HTMLTree (NameError)
223495 [vikashkumar0] I am working on windows environment, in my code I am using,
+ 223508 [gavin refine] You need to require the library with HTMLTree in it.
+ 223691 [vikashkumar0] The above error is resolved by adding require 'html/tree', but a new

^ mod_ruby postgres
223496 [parragh dayk] I'm trying some code with mod_ruby where I make a postgresql connection.

^ Re: openssl for general purpose data encryption in Ruby
223499 [jan.svitok g] I'm not doing it ('cause I just don't need it ;-). Anyway I think it
223501 [support chil] portability w/ block symmetric encryption algorithms (specifically AES, but it

^ behavior of substitutions with sub
223500 [tammo tammo-] I have seen a somehow strange behavior with Strings and the sub-method.
223503 [shortcutter ] That's easily explained: the string you hand off to sub is interpreted
223602 [tammo tammo-] Thanks for you answer. That makes sense.

^ Add dynamic instance methods in a controller class
223506 [luc.juggery ] I have a problem while developping an application using rails.
+ 223511 [gavin refine] ...
| 223545 [luc.juggery ] Thanks a lot, I have post it in rubyonrails-talk.
+ 223514 [gabriele.mar] @main_sections.each do |section|

^ Problem with  rubygems
223509 [chen_li3 yah] Pinging http://gems.rubyforge.org [] with 32 bytes of

^ How could I do this search using .scan - I am a newbie
223515 [sba5414 yaho] I am new to ruby and I have been search and pulling my hair to do this
+ 223517 [chen_li3 yah] irb(main):001:0> line='bat rat cat mat pat'
| 223519 [sba5414 yaho] Thx for ur help....but this is just searching for 'rat' isn't it?
| + 223520 [caldridge gm] puts %w(bat rat cat mat pat)[1]
| + 223522 [chen_li3 yah] I assume you read a big file called test.txt  with many lines in this
| | 223524 [chen_li3 yah] Typo,should be written as "columns on each line are separated with \t
| | 223532 [sba5414 yaho] dude thanks so...much...I was trying so hard....trying to do this....ur
| + 223523 [mguterl gmai] IO.foreach("foo.txt") do |line|
+ 223518 [mike stok.ca] You might want to look at String#split, e.g.
+ 223559 [robin nibor.] ARGF.each_line do |line|

^ DRb: nested remote objects?
223527 [fxn hashref.] I have followed a couple of intros and played around without luck. Given
223529 [fxn hashref.] Nevermind, I opened drb/drb.rb and saw the comments there. For the

^ Accessing instance vars in a block?
223534 [joeat303 yah] img.write(self.path) { self.quality = @quality }
+ 223536 [ezmobius gma] It looks like maybe ImageMagick is using instance_eval inside that
| 223571 [david vallne] <mad-rant>
| + 223580 [dblack wobbl] But instance_eval takes a block; it's not a special context, but just
| | 223592 [david vallne] My point is that with instance_eval, the block doesn't close over its
| + 223642 [wilsonb gmai] This is basically just a Ruby implementation problem. I'm reading
|   223647 [david vallne] ck
+ 223537 [joeat303 yah] This works but...yuck!
  223547 [gavin refine] No reason to use a global. Use a local variable as Ezra suggested.

^ (none)
223538 [skimua gmail] unsubscribe

^ [ANN] RingyDingy 1.2.0 Released
223539 [drbrain segm] RingyDingy version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ Rakefile sound effects
223544 [phlipcpp yah] Suppose I wanted to play a WAV file each time any Rakefile tasks all
+ 223546 [jan.svitok g] I suppose you can check the result code/errorlevel that rake returns,
+ 223550 [david vallne] For dirt-simple, bundle mplayer and shellout to it. Not exactly a
+ 223565 [hhausman gma] ... snip
| 223588 [vasudevram g] 1. try 'cat'ing the WAV file to the sound device - maybe something like
| 223596 [david vallne] Except they won't work. /dev/dsp and /dev/audio take only very specific
+ 223603 [phlipcpp yah] I need to light a fire under this thread.
| + 223608 [twifkak comc] Er... no, but I'll try & help anyhoo.
| + 223613 [david vallne] ably=20
+ 223614 [Mail Jonas-H] maybe with bundled (parts of) sdl - but then you would need to offer
  223616 [nalhawash ya] Yes, what about pc-speaker? any interface to that existing in ruby?
  223675 [phlipcpp yah] "Bad Zoot" is mission-critical here.

^ RE : Rakefile sound effects
223548 [guillaume.be] rake && echo FINE || echo BAD

^ trap and multiple occurences
223551 [Philipp.Tapr] I am kind of new to ruby so forgive if this is really stupid...
223552 [gabriele.mar] This is not just a ruby issue, it's the way signal handlers work.
+ 223568 [shortcutter ] The way I'd probably do it is to set up a Queue and have a reader thread
+ 223576 [Philipp.Tapr] Thanks for the explanation and the link.

^ how to know if i am in a module or in the main script ?
223553 [stephane.wir] with ruby, it's possible to check if I am in the main script or in a
223554 [stephane.wir] Here is a way to find if a ruby file is a module or the main script.
223557 [gavin refine] Yes, that is a very common idiom used by many Ruby programmers to
+ 223572 [david vallne] Coincidentally, an idiom I don't like. Let libraries be libraries,
| 223586 [jeremymcanal] I don't know about Ruby, but many times this is used in Python libs to
| + 223594 [david vallne] By cluttering the file internally with code not related to its main
| | 223759 [tomp earthli] Ah, but is laziness not one of the cardinal virtues?
| + 223599 [james graypr] This is a good point in that this in not Ruby specific.  I've seen
+ 223597 [stephane.wir] Thanks

^ Re: systemu-1.0.0
223558 [gavin refine] There's a scene in Total Recall where the cabbie says to the prostitute

^ [ANN] uri-relative 0.0.1
223560 [mental rydia] So, okay, guys.  I'm trying to get better about this release early/often
223623 [mental rydia] Hah!  Well, I feel dumb.  URI::Generic#merge and URI::Generic#route_to

^ Accessing .xml files through rubyzip
223561 [graham_stoke] Can anyone please suggest an approach for handling a .zip archive which
223581 [vasudevram g] Check the Ruby standard libraries. I know this is possible in Python -
223582 [support chil] 1) Assuming you have the .xls file in-memory, how do you load it

^ [ANN] Ruby-VPI 10.0.0
223564 [ snk gna.org] Version 10.0.0 (2006-11-05)

^ How to match last word?
223569 [vipeak gmail] I has a script to match 'Transfer dbf to SQLServer', the last
223578 [shortcutter ] Program
223584 [vipeak gmail] It worked!

^ how to got a preview of a web page
223570 [yuesefa gmai] for example i want to have a method which just like
223575 [david vallne] def preview_of(url)
223585 [mtrier gmail] David is correct. It's a problem I've spent numerous hours on.  All

^ maching input and output xmlsimple
223573 [hborda comca] I'm using xmlsimple to change values opn configurations files and it
223579 [david vallne] If you're using xmlsimple in the first place, odds are the format of

^ Re: [OT] how to got a preview of a web page
223577 [david vallne] Also, type properly please. Grammar Nazis Anonymous thanks you for

^ Modal dialogs in Gtk
223583 [ramsayw1 com] Can anyone explain why my modal dialogs are not freezing the screen?

^ chats?
223587 [robert.mccor] I'm curious - as a newby- where to find existing code snippets that I
+ 223591 [david vallne] 1. You seem to have written this as a reply to a thread with another
| + 223604 [robert.mccor] where do I start a topic?  I only saw where to subscribe and it
| | 223617 [david vallne] Any mailing list post is an email to that address. If it's a reply to a
| + 223605 [robert.mccor] sorry hit the send button before i was done replying...
+ 224269 [james graypr] Page 533 of the Ruby Cookbook has a slim but functional chat server
  224274 [keith audiob] The code for (most) O'Reilly books is available from the "examples"
  224283 [robert.mccor] cool i'll try these.

^ mechanize: 400 Bad Request
223593 [a99.googlegr] and the page returns:  "400 Bad Request"
223664 [aaron_patter] Can you turning on logging, and forward that to the mechanize mailing
223685 [a99.googlegr] I'll try it this evening (because it is a private job). Logging is done
223766 [aaron_patter] agent = WWW::Mechanize.new {|a| a.log = Logger.new("some_file.txt") }

^ Re: Bytecode Compiler (#100)
223595 [camerooni gm] The simplest way I found to do this problem was to let Ruby do the

^ Fwd: Solution to Ruby Quiz #100
223598 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [Fwd: mod_ruby postgres]
223600 [parragh dayk] sorry for the repost, but still have no solution, but really would like
223638 [collinsj sea] <snip code>

^ Magic method instantiation
223610 [x11 arturaz.] def text_field_tag(*args)
223639 [daniels pron] I would guess because you're using the variable args twice - the fact

^ Problem with Thread's memory (possible bug)
223611 [vshepelev im] Some time ago I've started thread named "Memory crush somewhere in Socket"
+ 223632 [drbrain segm] First of all, try to reproduce in Ruby 1.8.5.
| 223634 [vshepelev im] Unfortunately, I can't do it easy.
+ 223683 [matz ruby-la] First, mere 1.9 does not mean anything.  Specify the date.
  223688 [vshepelev im] Sorry :(
  223702 [matz ruby-la] Much better.
  + 223703 [vshepelev im] Yukihiro Matsumoto (matz@ruby-lang.org)
  + 223737 [vshepelev im] Yukihiro Matsumoto [mailto:matz@ruby-lang.org]

^ Ruby mode
223612 [nalhawash ya] '("\\bdef[ \t]+[a-zA-Z_]+[a-zA-Z0-9_]*[?!]?"

^ New to Ruby
223615 [nalhawash ya] Abort trap
+ 223618 [david vallne] A) What hello example?
+ 223637 [TimHunter nc] Welcome to Ruby!
+ 223640 [Mail Jonas-H] I can recommend this guide to update your ruby version on your Mac.

^ T-shirts from Euruko 06 conference
223620 [m94asr gmail] we have some t-shirts left from Euruko.

^ Ugly code - suggestions?
223621 [gabriele.mar] I'm writing an ANSI color codes parser which gets a string with text
+ 223655 [eegreg gmail] couple of ideas for you- didn't this out though
| 223658 [dblack wobbl] The reason is that you might have more than one ;\d+ sequence, and the
+ 223686 [shortcutter ] anyway, still bold\e[33;32;31m"
  223692 [gabriele.mar] Cool!

^ Net::IMAP
223622 [tallison tac] How do you get a list of the folders available?
223626 [drbrain segm] You want #list.  Read RFC 3501 [1] 6.3.8 if the Net::IMAP
224287 [mattrose fol] actually, the LIST command returns the hierarchy separator, as well,

^ Ruby.extend Javascript
223624 [transfire gm] Doing some Javascript coding today and started to wonder about it's
+ 223636 [lopx gazeta.] Javascript is a prototype based language where prototype is a template
+ 223644 [david vallne] It's the expected way of doing things in prototype-based OO - a class
  223652 [eegreg gmail] there is already a prototype library you can try out
  223660 [transfire gm] Marcin, David, greg thanks for the feedback.

^ [ANN] uri-relative 0.0.2: the "I'm an idiot" edition
223625 [mental rydia] Briefly, I've dropped my own resolution and relativization methods in

^ ruby http proxy
223627 [snacktime gm] This isn't really a ruby specific question, but it is written partly

^ Does gem rdoc have a way to include additional html files in the output?
223629 [jeff.barczew] I would like to include custom html in along with the generated html from my

^ [ANN] FasterCSV 1.0.0 -- The "Sorry it's late, Ara" release!
223633 [james graypr] FasterCSV 1.0.0 Released
+ 223730 [ara.t.howard] rock on james!  thanks for letting this into the wild.
+ 223944 [gregory.t.br] Congrats on a 1.0 release James!  Great work.  And Ara, your additions rock.

^ [ANN] FastJSON 0.0.8 Released
223641 [brian.takita] Version 0.0.8 of Fast JSON has just been released.

^ Comercial web application with Ruby on Rails
223643 [agamazapata ] I have to develop a new application with Php and Mysql, before that i
+ 223645 [david vallne] *developed interest :P
+ 223651 [TimHunter nc] Check out www.rubyonrails.org, The Ruby On Rails website. It has a list
+ 223696 [jeremymcanal] And, yes, it can be hosted on Bluehost. :)
+ 223735 [cohen.jeff g] This is not the Rails mailing list, this is the Ruby mailing list.