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^ Send me your rubyconf presentations!
222981 [ryand-ruby z] I've hosted the last 4 years worth of rubyconf presentation materials

^ Re: simple smtp server
222992 [Brian.Hartin] I second the question. :)
222997 [gavin.kistne] smtp
+ 223026 [garbagecat10] I've written SMTP servers several times in Ruby and in C++. You're not too
+ 223072 [mmalaidini g] As far as I understand the Net::STMP class is related to client side

^ Puzzling over why ri can open the std ruby/ri .yaml files, but raw yaml can't
223011 [eric.promisl] If I run <<ri Abbrev>>, no problem.
+ 223019 [eric.promisl] Simple workaround...
+ 223023 [ryand-ruby z] Because you need to load/define all the classes it is trying to
| 223028 [eric.promisl] Thanks, Ryan,
+ 223024 [ mfp acm.org] $ cat ri-problem.rb

^ Re: Compiling C++ module for Ruby
223012 [pbrannan atd] There is a rule in the generated makefile for building .cxx files using
223271 [china thewri] But that wouldn't help run the C++ compiler during extconf.rb. How
223280 [pbrannan atd] You could redefine try_link (or TRY_LINK) and try_compile, but that will

^ Re: Managing Hierarchical Tree-Like Data
223017 [poopdeville ] Here's a good algorithm for constructing a formal concept lattice.

^ [ANN] San Diego Ruby Brigade Meeting: November 2, 7:30pm, UCSD Campus
223020 [pubsub rubyi] The San Diego Ruby Brigade is holding its monthly presentation-style

^ regex capture and assign... in one line?
223021 [jashmenn gma] Question, I've been using Ruby for a while now and I have a perlism I
+ 223022 [phurley gmai] foo, bar = "foo123".match(/(\w+)(\d+)/).captures
| 223025 [cordeiro cer] ...
| + 223029 [gavin.kistne] irb(main):001:0> str = "foo123"
| | 223073 [gavin refine] And if you use this a lot, and can include your own mini-library stuff,
| | 223076 [gavin refine] Er, of course '~' shouldn't be listed in the above, since it is an
| + 223032 [dblack wobbl] The problem with using captures in a single line like this is that if
+ 223110 [boss airblad] m, foo, bar = *"foo123".match(/(\D+)(\d+)/)
+ 223195 [w_a_x_man ya] str = "foo123"

^ Rails install problem???
223031 [heller deeps] sauron.deepsoft.com% rpm -qa | grep ruby
223042 [nwiger scea.] I hit this too. The ri/rdoc are separate rpms for CentOS. Use yum to
+ 223046 [tmac easystr] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 223055 [heller deeps] OK, I installed irb (I could not find any RPMs relating to 'rdoc').  Now

^ Nonblocking IO read
223035 [srobertjames] How can I perform a nonblocking IO read?  That is, read whatever is
+ 223038 [ara.t.howard] it can't be done.  search the archives, this sort of thing almost always
| + 223045 [tomp earthli] That's what the Unix read() function does ("man 2 read"), available
| | + 223050 [srobertjames] In the interests of promoting creativity, I'll ask the question without
| | | + 223062 [tomp earthli] Have you tried simply reading from them?  When the command
| | | | + 223065 [tomp earthli] D'oh! (typo) That should have been
| | | | | 223549 [srobertjames] Yep, that's how I came across this problem initially.
| | | | | 223556 [ara.t.howard] check out systemu
| | | | + 223146 [shortcutter ] Actually this is not correct: if there is a lot written to stderr then
| | | |   223182 [tomp earthli] I guess I can see that, though I can't think of a program that I'd
| | | |   + 223185 [ara.t.howard] did you check out my recent post (switched subjects) - it takes a suprisingly
| | | |   + 223190 [shortcutter ] A typical pipe buffer size is 4k which can get filled pretty fast.
| | | + 223163 [garbagecat10] I think part of the problem here is that on Windows, functions like _pipe()
| | | + 223166 [ara.t.howard] maybe
| | + 223051 [ara.t.howard] it blocks.  the OP wants a non-blocking call.  eg
| | | 223154 [gabriele.mar] I thought Ruby internally uses non-blocking I/O in order to avoid
| | | 223167 [ara.t.howard] try this on windows
| | + 223066 [john.carter ] At a very deep level (last time I looked) thread animation and IO met
| | + 223067 [borud-news b] [Tom Pollard <tomp@earthlink.net>]
| + 223048 [srobertjames] I'm running an external command (using popen4 - yes, it is available on
| | 223052 [ara.t.howard] so, basically you want to timeout on a read right?  in unix you can just use
| | 223057 [srobertjames] Not very attractive...
| | 223059 [ryand-ruby z] returns non-nil if input available without blocking, or nil.
| + 223061 [borud-news b] [ara.t.howard@noaa.gov]
| | 223071 [ara.t.howard] but it's archaic compared to event driven frameworks like
| | + 223083 [garbagecat10] Ara, I'm curious to know why you think the usage of nbio is archaic or
| | | 223093 [ara.t.howard] it's exactly things like eventmachine that make me say using nbio is archaic -
| | | + 223094 [garbagecat10] Thanks for clarifying, Ara. Having put a lot of work into domesticating nbio
| | | + 223566 [vidar.hoksta] The problem is that all of these "powerful abstractions" are
| | + 223237 [borud-news b] [ara.t.howard@noaa.gov]
| + 223567 [vidar.hoksta] I have a messaging middleware server running right now that is
+ 223080 [garbagecat10] Are you having an interactive conversation with the process created by

^ still more relentless non-repetition
223039 [gilesb gmail] ok, I have this Rails code which I want to make more Rubyish.
+ 223041 [twifkak comc] I'm too lazy ATM to read the whole thing and make a design
| 223043 [gilesb gmail] ah yeah, that's a good point, SQL injection attacks.
| 223047 [dblack wobbl] It's not so much SQL injection as eval injection.  Imagine if
| 223053 [gilesb gmail] true, that would also be very bad.
+ 223049 [ara.t.howard] do you really want to search twice here if tracks is called twice?
| + 223054 [gilesb gmail] **that** looks like the way to do it.
| | 223070 [wilsonb gmai] ActiveSupport has a helper for this already.
| | 223081 [gilesb gmail] thing.constantize.find_by_contents(term)
| | 223091 [gilesb gmail] OK. here's what I have.
| | 223194 [ruby muerman] "Track".tableize => 'tracks'
| + 223056 [dblack wobbl] nil is considered blank by blank?, so you only need the one test.
|   223058 [ara.t.howard] just putting my abhorrence of container methods defined on non-containers on
+ 223332 [david vallne] A) All benchmarks lie, -especially- ones people use to pimp their own

^ [ANN] PuneRuby Ruby Group Meeting for November
223044 [satish.talim] See http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/puneruby/ for more information about

^ Net::LDAP connection semantics problem and nested blocks.
223060 [ld ldaley.co] I am working with the Net::LDAP library to communicate with active
223079 [garbagecat10] What LDAP operations are you performing here?
223648 [ld ldaley.co] In the particular case when I hit the problem, it was an attribute
223700 [garbagecat10] In regard to the design decision in the library: it's essential to be

^ How to hide dos prompt?
223063 [vipeak gmail] I want to run a ruby script on windows hiding dos prompt ,because
223068 [halostatue g] You can only hide the DOS prompt by using rubyw.exe (there's no
223103 [vipeak gmail] lib.rb
223104 [vipeak gmail] $stdout=open('h.txt','w')

^ RDoc XML not generating method list?
223064 [jeremymcanal] I'm trying to get RDoc to spit out an XML file, but all I keep getting
226481 [ljredpath gm] Has anybody had any luck with this? I'm having the same problem on OSX,

^ variable access through self
223074 [msoulier dig] I've seen a lot of examples in Rails code where they're accessing what appe=
223078 [johnwilger g] That is correct.
223115 [Rob AgileCon] And you're also apparently a bit confused about what's really happening.

^ Re: Fuzzy Time (#99)
223077 [camerooni gm] That part of my code is kind of obsfuscated, but what it actually does
+ 223099 [hungrylist g] I choose my offset through a dedicated class (WanderingWalker) that
| 223116 [tomp earthli] That's interesting.  The insight I had, after trying my first two
+ 223197 [tomp earthli] Yes, I see that now.  (Thanks for the correction.)  I think it's an
  223287 [gavin.kistne] Following is my (very late, but short) submission.

^ Probabilistic BDD?
223084 [robert.feldt] I'm playing around with BDD la test/spec and foudn that I need to
+ 223086 [robert.feldt] Some decision has to be made if setup code should be run before each
+ 223089 [ben iagu.net] I think that the example you give is not appropriate for testing rand(), and
  223096 [robert.feldt] I don't want to test RNG's; that was just the smallest possible
  + 223136 [wilsonb gmai] def something_run_a_bunch_of_times
  | 223155 [robert.feldt] Yes, I'll probably keep my own set of test/spec extensions for now.
  | 223243 [chneukirchen] I would add these methods to the test/spec distribution, but I don't
  + 223138 [znmeb cesmai] Speaking of numerical test suites, do you happen to know of any test

^ DRb callback when objects are unmarshalled, on the client?
223100 [philippe.lan] charset="us-ascii"
223102 [sylvain.joye] (this is theorical knowledge based on what I read in the drb source code)

^ ruby programming best practice
223105 [xrfang hotma] As a dynamic language, Ruby is much more flexible and easier than other
+ 223111 [farrel.lifso] There's a number of ways to handle this. If the array is possibly
+ 223153 [matt tidbits] If my goal is that I just want skip the step if it can't be done, I like
| 223210 [xrfang hotma] My question is: is there a way to find out these spots in my program, like a
| 223216 [nospam nosit] / ...
| 223339 [david vallne] er, a
+ 223196 [erikveen gma] (array.pop || '').split(',')
+ 223244 [richard.conr] Use Unit Tests.
  223349 [david vallne] <rant> <!-- Hide the women and children. -->
  + 223360 [james graypr] I quit reading right here.
  | 223369 [david vallne] or
  | 244483 [raff_uk hotm] Im looking for Ruby Programmer to work in Bratislava/SK.
  + 223370 [znmeb cesmai] By the way, testing can only show the *presence* of defects, not their
    + 223371 [phlipcpp yah] Is there _anyone_ here who didn't know that already??
    | 223372 [znmeb cesmai] I don't really know. Invariably, someone will post a question about
    | 223407 [phlipcpp yah] At this point in the discussion, those who advocate relentless testing often
    + 223397 [rtilley vt.e] If it is not present, is it not absent?
      223402 [mike stok.ca] As long as you can guarantee that you are testing for all possible

^ Re: I am noob
223107 [fred 82ask.c] Why's poignant guide to ruby is a good read
223159 [smartgpx gma] See -

^ C API: Get the error associated with a RUBY_EVENT_RAISE event.
223112 [port001 gmai] I'm using rb_add_event_hook() with the RUBY_EVENT_RAISE flag, and I'm
223121 [pbrannan atd] The last exception raised is stored in ruby_errinfo.

^ File I/O
223113 [namepipe gma] I have some text to be written to a file.
+ 223114 [peter rubyra] You can use
| 223117 [jeremymcanal] open("file.txt", "w") do |fd|
+ 223118 [rosco roscop] You're never closing the file, which is why it's empty (your writes are

^ Gtk::FileFilter
223119 [ramsayw1 com] Can anyone explain to me how the Gtk::FileFilter work in a
223137 [akbarhome gm] Haven't use Ruby Gtk, but I have use pygtk. Because python is ruby
223201 [ramsayw1 com] Multiple adds did the trick.   Thanks...

^ ./miniruby runruby.rb bin/rdoc --fmt=html does not work
223122 [usenet-09200] I can't make the html documentation with rdoc during the build.
223124 [usenet-09200] With debug and without line-numbers I get

^ what is wrong with this Rakefile?
223123 [oguz ce.yild] I just cant see what I do wrong. I have *.crb.cpp files in the crb

^ variable pointer
223126 [akbarhome gm] @c = "donal"
+ 223128 [halostatue g] No. Variables aren't pointers or locations; they're labels for
+ 223129 [vshepelev im] akbarhome (akbarhome@gmail.com)
+ 223131 [dblack wobbl] It was recently noted on the Rails mailing list that something like
  223133 [ara.t.howard] can you show an example?  are you saying that activerecord avoids apparent
  223135 [dblack wobbl] Here's an example from a program which models Ideas; each Idea belongs
  + 223140 [ara.t.howard] holy cow that is pure evil!
  + 223141 [wilsonb gmai] I must be missing something. Isn't this how virtually all Ruby code works?
  | + 223142 [james graypr] f.bar = "new string"
  | + 223143 [dblack wobbl] I'm not modifying an object in place, though; I'm doing a new
  | + 223283 [matt tidbits] I had to do a double-take as well, so here's an example for the rest of
  + 223245 [jeremy chaos] Yikes!  How is this even possible?  Somehow the method is changing the
  + 223257 [rsanheim gma] Wow, that looks nasty.  Can you point me to the releveant thread in
    + 223259 [dblack wobbl] It's called:  belongs_to nonintuitive results with assignment?
    + 223263 [Rob AgileCon] Why is this so hard to understand?  Rails isn't really doing anything
      + 223273 [dblack wobbl] No, that's not what's going on.  ActiveRecord is doing something quite
      + 223274 [rsanheim gma] This is the issue.  I understand how assignment methods work, really I

^ parallel tasks with rake ?
223134 [quixoticsyco] I was excited to switch my makefile system to rake, but I just noticed
223139 [wilsonb gmai] How does Make figure out which jobs can be run in parallel? In my
223144 [quixoticsyco] The Make program figures it out from the dependency graph.
223147 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Would marking it as a .PHONY help?  I see little advice in the GNU
223169 [quixoticsyco] $ make -j4 && make install
+ 223172 [james graypr] I bet the pieces of this could be written up as a fun Ruby Quiz or
+ 223181 [guillaume.ma] In the current implementation, is the dependency graph explicitly built

^ [OT] Re: [ANN] bfts 1.0.0 Released
223148 [cameron.mcbr] ok, since this thread has veered it's head toward SCMs, I'm also

^ [ANN] RubySSPI - Enabling NTLM proxy authentication on Windows
223150 [jgbailey gma] All,

^ Re: bfts 1.0.0 Released
223152 [djberg96 gma] Ryan,
223165 [ryand-ruby z] If I do, and you are happy with the merger, will you delete yours?
224972 [djberg96 gma] Sorry for the late reply...

^ Re: RubySSPI - Enabling NTLM proxy authentication on Windows
223157 [djberg96 gma] As I mentioned off-list, I'm curious if this can be used with DBI or
223161 [jgbailey gma] When I put this together, I learned that the NTLM authentication

^ Re:
223164 [dmjmusser gm] unsubscribe

^ fatal flaw in popen4 on windows? [WAS] Re: Nonblocking IO read
223170 [ara.t.howard] not only is that true but, afaik, it's why popen4 cannot even work on windows!

^ Question about the Set class, XOR, and arrays
223176 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.5
+ 223178 [ryand-ruby z] It is the way it is implemented... subsequent 5's will toggle it on
| + 223179 [gavin.kistne] Looks like a bug due to Set#^'s implementation that assumes that the
| | 223226 [knu iDaemons] I'll commit the following fix which I think is smaller and faster.
| + 223188 [djberg96 gma] Done.
|   223261 [jeff schwabc] In what way is this a bug?  I'm not aware of set theory saying anything
|   223293 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):009:0* [1,2,3] & [2,3,4]
+ 223180 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):009:0> (0..10).each {|n| p Set[1,2,3] ^ ([3,4]+[5]*n)}
+ 223183 [nospam nosit] Are your irb entries above copied directly from the display? Or is this a

^ Ruby in emacs
223186 [dmitry.peski] Is there anyone using Ruby and Ri in emacs?
+ 223228 [ryand-ruby z] Don't expect the author to be reading ruby-talk. You should file a bug.
+ 223240 [parragh dayk] I have the same problem with emacs 2.1

^ bayesian classifiers in ruby?
223187 [gilesb gmail] I'm researching existing Bayesian classifiers in Ruby -- it looks as
+ 223189 [rf.oodanaw s] I have used Bishop to classify the 488 articles of the Project of
| 223301 [gilesb gmail] I'm hoping to develop yet another spam filter. in that sense I can
| 223308 [comp.lang.ru] that in my spam/email filtering. ifile is abandomware at the
+ 223191 [w3gat nwlaga] want I can email you the source.  It works with about a 95% accuracy.
  223300 [gilesb gmail] Definitely! That would be very cool.

^ Net::HTTP.get2 failure when using debugger
223192 [jnjortn gmai] Can someone tell me if I have found a bug or am doing something wrong

^ Annoying If/Else behavior in SciTE
223193 [olsonas gmai] Currently, when using SciTE, my if/else statements are formatted like
+ 223324 [david vallne] =46rom a cursory glance at ruby.properties, the SciTE autoindentation
| 223331 [gavin.kistne] While this is true, if you open a new SciTE document (without saving it
| 223353 [david vallne] You could comment out the lines in ruby.properties for the
+ 223409 [chris.hulan ] I get the impression to get smarter behavior you'd have to implement a

^ Ruby origins
223198 [mik uk-playe] been given the task of presenting a short perentation on Ruby on Rails.
+ 223199 [Gennady.Byst] I will share a secret with you -- GOOGLE ;-). Searching for "Ruby
+ 223200 [wilsonb gmai] Takahasi-san presented on this topic at RubyConf this year.
+ 223389 [lutz.horn gm] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  223543 [mik uk-playe] Thanks, I had seen a couple of those but hadn't found the informit one.

^ counter
223202 [lhandelsman ] Pretty new to ruby (and programming but am getting better).
+ 223203 [Gennady.Byst] $stdout.sync = true
| 223206 [TimHunter nc] printf doesn't
+ 223204 [gabriele.mar] This isn't language dependent, and there isn't a "standard" way which
+ 223387 [lutz.horn gm] You can set the varibale $\ (the output record separator for the print
+ 223438 [patrick pksp] 1.upto(50) {|index|
  223440 [lhandelsman ] Thanks guys, I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes.
  223448 [patrick pksp] Sorry about the lack of explanation for the code snippet in my previous