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^ A few questions
2224 [Andy Toolshe] A couple of questions have come up that I need some input on.  These
+ 2225 [matz netlab.] Yes, it's for statically linked extensions.
+ 2227 [c.hintze gmx] A few questions
  2231 [andy Toolshe] Then why does this file exist?  Solely for static linking?
  + 2232 [andy Toolshe] ...
  | 2233 [andy Toolshe] Many thanks!
  + 2240 [c.hintze gmx] Yep!
    2243 [andy Toolshe] "yes", apparently!  Thanks for clarifying it.

^ Misleading IO error message
2228 [schneik us.i] ./oops.rb:9005:in `open': No such file or directory - /w/x/y/z
2229 [schneik us.i] ((I'm resending this because the previous message was automatically
+ 2235 [schneiker ju] Guess I was reading the error message when I typed that. Just in
+ 2244 [matz netlab.] Ok, wrap the filename by `'.  But current implementaion puts exception
  + 2252 [h.fulton att] May I suggest a possible better solution for this
  | 2253 [Dave thomase] Nice one!
  | 2255 [schneik us.i] I sent two follow-up notes to my original note on this topic, both
  + 2258 [schneiker ju] (Errno::ENOENT)
    2265 [matz netlab.] Oops, yes, I meant *before*.

^ DBC in Ruby
2239 [h.fulton att] Thanks for asking, Andy...  :)
2242 [andy Toolshe] Excellent!  Best of luck.

^ setter() for local variables
2241 [decoux moulo] Do it exist a way to define setter() method for local variables (like for
+ 2246 [matz netlab.] No.  And none for contents of Arrays neither.
+ 2247 [decoux moulo] No, I don't think because this was just an example. I can store Hash or
  + 2249 [matz netlab.] How about using finalizers.  It's hard to use finalizers from Ruby,
  + 2250 [decoux moulo] I'll try this, Thanks
  | + 2259 [matz netlab.] I've got another idea.  How about making marshaling wrapper for DBD.
  | + 2261 [decoux moulo] if (dbst->marshal)
  |   + 2294 [matz netlab.] Something like this
  |   + 2295 [decoux moulo] This mean that the whole database is in memory (and not on the disk), no ?
  |   | + 2296 [matz netlab.] def []=(k,v)
  |   | + 2299 [decoux moulo] I must do the same for def [], in theory, i.e.
  |   |   + 2307 [matz netlab.] Hmm, I didn't know bdb supports transaction.
  |   |   + 2326 [decoux moulo] It can be written like this (well if I can write it :-))
  |   + 2358 [decoux moulo] I just need to write this, no ?
  |     2366 [matz netlab.] Hmm,
  + 2251 [decoux moulo] I've forgotten to say : I've replied by private e-mail.

^ DbC in anything but Eiffel
2248 [geldridg pro] [Eiffel/DbC/Paper] Eiffel-like Assertions and Private Methods in Smalltalk

^ Hashing
2254 [mrilu ale.cx] Hey,
2260 [matz netlab.] No specific reason.  `dup' is preferable.

^ Multiple assignment of pattern match results.
2256 [schneik us.i] Is there a somewhat more elegant and efficient way to do multiple
+ 2257 [mrilu ale.cx] I think it's time for String.scan(pattern[, limit]), like split.
+ 2264 [matz netlab.] a)
  + 2271 [schneik us.i] the
  + 2277 [mrilu ale.cx] On a) I agree. It's nice, even tough x.match(re) might look better for
    2297 [matz netlab.] The former, seriously.

^ [Q]: _id2ref broken?
2262 [c.hintze gmx] a long time ago I remember you have teached me the usage of
2305 [matz netlab.] These codes are basicly doing same thing.  The real difference is not
2316 [c.hintze gmx] Ah so! Thanks for explanation.
2329 [matz netlab.] I was trying to be as gentle as possible not to make you feel bad.

^ ruby-man-1.4: missing files
2263 [hgs dmu.ac.u] etc.html
2306 [matz netlab.] The answers for the questions are both `yes'.

^ Adding method to Object -- Why doesn't this work?
2268 [h.fulton att] Greetings, fellow Ruby enthusiasts.
2273 [Dave thomase] Perhaps.. ;-)
2274 [h.fulton att] Thanks much, Dave!
+ 2275 [andy Toolshe] The rest of just act asleep :-)
+ 2278 [Dave thomase] A there are two kinds of singleton method. (Actually there aren't,

^ Adding method to Object -- Why doesn't this work?
2269 [h.fulton att] Greetings, fellow Ruby enthusiasts.

^ Adding method to Object -- Why doesn't this work?
2270 [h.fulton att] Greetings, fellow Ruby enthusiasts.

^ Apologies for multiple messages
2272 [h.fulton att] It appears that I posted my previous message

^ Re: DBC in Ruby < Sather
2276 [mirko.nasato] Great!

^ Ruby Lang Ref Manual 1.4 Question: $= & is nil not false?
2279 [schneik us.i] ============================================
2280 [Dave thomase] Not quite. falsity (?) is 'nil' or 'false' (or the deprecated
2293 [matz netlab.] Actually, request for the comparison methods with casefold flag is

2281 [mrilu ale.cx] Me too! I've thought about usefulness of invariants and method conditions
+ 2283 [Dave thomase] There are a couple of things about DBC that make it both incredibly
| 2284 [h.fulton att] Well, I would have thought 1 was harder than 2. But the
+ 2292 [decoux moulo] A stupid question, I know nothing about DBC (sorry) but it's not best to

^ comp.lang.ruby voting
2282 [mrilu ale.cx] Seems like we're off now (from comp.lang.misc). But I'm sure Conrad will
2288 [schneiker ju] For starters,
2289 [mrilu ale.cx] My my, I truly deeply sorry. At first I was  copying only the head

2285 [thucdat hotm] I vote YES on comp.lang.ruby

^ custom type system?
2286 [yashi yashi.] # I'm Cc'ing this to ruby-talk, so someone, who knows ruby and Gtk+
2290 [schneiker ju] Well, I know even less at this point, but since I just started using
2291 [schneiker ju] be

^ ANNOUNCE: CFV (call for votes) on comp.lang.ruby
2287 [schneiker ju] OK future comp.lang.ruby fans, here is your big chance!
2304 [matz netlab.] I did.

^ Re: DBC
2298 [andy Toolshe] My Rube-Goldberg attempt used tracefunc to hook into the dispatcher,
+ 2300 [h.fulton att] See below.
| + 2301 [andy Toolshe] As with most things, we found it from digging :-)
| + 2302 [Dave thomase] What you need is a good English language book on Ruby with a complete
|   2303 [h.fulton att] *grin* *sigh*
+ 2308 [matz netlab.] The tracefunc may be a performance killer.  I'm not sure whether using
  + 2310 [andy Toolshe] "D"esign "B"y "C"ontract.  Best description is probably in
  | 2325 [matz netlab.] Thank you.  OOSC is the book always stays in my bookshelf.
  + 2311 [Dave thomase] Design By Contract. Bertrand Meyer (of Eiffel fame) coined it to
    2313 [schneik us.i] Is this a (greatly amplified) derivative of what Edsger Wybe Dijkstra
    + 2314 [Dave thomase] Dijkstra's emphasis was on proving the correctness of algorithms, and
    + 2324 [geldridg pro] [.. Design by Contract (DbC) stuff ..]
      2327 [schneiker ju] Their more recent reports are in PDF, so they apparently don't get indexed

^ Question about attribute writers
2309 [Dave thomase] class Fred
2315 [c.hintze gmx] Question about attribute writers
+ 2317 [Dave thomase] True - I asked the wrong question. Rather than asking "is this the
| 2318 [c.hintze gmx] Hmm difficult thingy here, I think. I would never assume that
| + 2320 [mrilu ale.cx] Agreed.
| | 2322 [c.hintze gmx] Aargh! My English, my English ... I really have to try to improve
| + 2321 [Dave thomase] The reason to make it use the method call is to decouple the use of
| | 2323 [c.hintze gmx] Okay! I agree. But I would not do this! What you mention I would only
| + 2328 [schneiker ju] If you run with -w and want to get rid of warnings, I think you should do so
+ 2319 [mrilu ale.cx] I can't expect it even if I somebody says there's a trick in here.

^ Function of Array.filter surprises me
2330 [mrilu ale.cx] I don't expect Array.filter to do task of Array.replace_with!.
2331 [matz netlab.] I have to admit `filter' is not a best name; some proposed `collect!',
2352 [mengx nielse] Would convert/convert! or transform/transform! be better that collect/filter?
2353 [schneik us.i] # >
2354 [quinn euro.u] filter also makes sense to anyone who's used any language other than smalltalk
+ 2355 [schneik us.i] # > # >
+ 2356 [matz netlab.] I think you mean `select' or `find_all'.
  + 2357 [schneik us.i] # But if you guys feel OK for collect!/map!, I sould seriously consider
  + 2359 [quinn riyal.] [ matz ]
    2439 [mrilu ale.cx] Since I started this thread I feel I have some responsibility to

^ Ruby-Python fusion?
2332 [mrilu ale.cx] Usually I give some time for news to settle before I pass the word, but
2334 [manamist whi] Please quote it with headers.
+ 2335 [mrilu ale.cx] It's a little tedious for me since I have should go into taskbar, execute
+ 2336 [schneiker ju] I don't have a Ruby program that cross-correlates spelling and grammatical
  + 2337 [mrilu ale.cx] Well, before this get out of hands I thereby claim the start of this
  | 2338 [mrilu ale.cx] I meant it was sent yesterday, not that it will be resent next year :).
  + 2342 [matz netlab.] I thought my English ability and opinion upgraded unconsciously, maybe

^ Current ToDo-list?
2333 [mrilu ale.cx] Is there any up to date todo-list for Ruby and related projects?
2341 [matz netlab.] Static one is included in 1.5.x sourcecode, which can be obtained by

^ Patch: Debugger help
2339 [mrilu ale.cx] I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing here, but correct me how I should

^ ANNOUNCE: Ruby/GtkGLArea 0.9.0
2340 [yashi yashi.] A new version of Ruby/GtkGLArea 0.9.0 is now available.

^ DBM.open and SAFE
2343 [decoux moulo] I can open a dbm file with $SAFE = 4, it's normal ?
2345 [matz netlab.] Yes, you can open dbm iff the path is untainted.

^ rb_catch 
2344 [decoux moulo] How work rb_catch ?
+ 2346 [matz netlab.] Oops, it's a bug.
| 2347 [decoux moulo] It's a patch for 1.5, no ?
| 2350 [matz netlab.] It's for 1.4.4.  Sorry, I should have released it earlier.
+ 2348 [decoux moulo] For 1.4.3, no ?
+ 2349 [decoux moulo] Same problem with rb_throw()

^ BigFloat
2351 [shigeo tinyf] I prepared documentation about BigFloat.

^ Re: bug database
2360 [crouton duel] Should we re-implement some BTS(Bug Tracking System) by Ruby itself?
2364 [kikutani gal] Sounds good.

^ crontab
2361 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I want to have a program that may be run between certain times.
+ 2362 [DDouthitt cu] although it doesn't account for conflicting entries (MonTueFriNone -or- AllWeekday, etc.)
| 2363 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.  I can build on that to do similar things for the other
+ 2365 [gotoken math] ...
  + 2367 [hgs dmu.ac.u] AUTHOR
  | 2368 [gotoken math] No, because it had interested me.
  | 2369 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you anyway.
  + 2370 [clemens.hint] again you have done a fine piece of work! Playing with it I have found
    + 2371 [gotoken math] Every changes in your patch are right and reasonable!  I'll apply it
    + 2372 [matz netlab.] Shouldn't Crontab::Error be a subclass of StandardError?
      + 2373 [c.hintze gmx] Oops! Ehrm ... ahh ... yes, I think. I have overseen ... <blame>x3 ...
      + 2374 [nakahiro sar] It is my fault that parts of discrepancies between expectations in debug.rb.
      + 2387 [gotoken math] Exactly!

^ Marshal: Want string out, but want depth specified?
2375 [hgs dmu.ac.u] @encoded = [Marshal.dump(@decoded, , depth)].pack("m")
2378 [matz netlab.] Because you can't omit the second argument.
+ 2405 [quinn envy.u] So, when are we going to get keyword args in ruby? :)
| 2415 [matz netlab.] In Ruby 1.7.  Development would be started in summer hopefully.
+ 2421 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I tried this because I can omit the second and third arguments together.
  2422 [matz netlab.] Could you submit a problem reproducing script and precise error
  2423 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, in the mean time I took out the explicit depth spec, so I could get

^ Iterator into array
2376 [Dave thomase] Given an iterator method, how can I get the results expressed as an
+ 2377 [c.hintze gmx] Iterator into array
+ 2379 [matz netlab.] def iterated_values(method, *args)
| 2384 [Dave thomase] Do you ever sleep ;-)
| + 2385 [mengx nielse] Maybe
| | 2386 [Dave thomase] That would be nice, although it would have to be something uglier such
| + 2399 [matz netlab.] Sometimes.  I slept all day long today.  I've got a cold.  Don't stay
|   2401 [Dave thomase] Agreed, which is why we'd need a new syntax to distinguish the
|   2404 [andy Toolshe] Agreed!  We could add bells and whistles until Ruby starts to look
|   2444 [schneiker ju] Well, I think Dave's intended capability is not just another bell and
|   2449 [matz netlab.] Although I agree with Conrad about feature-rich, Dave's "collecting
|   2450 [Dave thomase] This is another dumb idea, but...
|   2451 [matz netlab.] It's exactly what block argument does, I think.
|   + 2452 [mengx nielse] I wonder how many more chars one would really type compared to the conventional one.
|   + 2454 [Dave thomase] Doh.
+ 2380 [kjana os.xax] If your iterator is defined on a collection includes Enumerable
  2381 [Dave thomase] def fibUpTo(max)
  + 2382 [mengx nielse] If I understood correctly, you could use  'iterator?' to
  | 2383 [Dave thomase] True, but that then means that every iterator would have to implement
  + 2388 [c.hintze gmx] But I could not imagine how it should work! Look onto your 'fibUpTo'
    2389 [Dave thomase] My suggestion (actually, it's less than a suggestion, it's really just a
    + 2391 [schneiker ju] Well, something like this [seems, sounds] like a [generically good, good
    + 2392 [matz netlab.] I don't think it's possible, since some methods work both with and
    + 2393 [matz netlab.] I don't think it's possible, since some methods work both with and
    + 2394 [c.hintze gmx] Is this the post with the method* proposal? Excuse me, but I do not
      2395 [Dave thomase] I agree - it wasn't a serious suggestion, just playing with ideas.

^ Could missing 'end' be reported better?
2397 [mrilu ale.cx] I'm not sure one could easily parse, or moreover report, this error better.
+ 2398 [matz netlab.] # notice how indentation goes.
| 2402 [mrilu ale.cx] I see, and hopefully understand too :). But what I would like to see from
+ 2400 [c.hintze gmx] Could missing 'end' be reported better?
+ 2403 [hideto-i rr.] I tried the next code...
  2410 [h.fulton att] No... this isn't Python. :)
  2411 [Dave thomase] Actually, _could_ this one happen? Right now can anything appear after
  2412 [h.fulton att] Well, I am not aware that it would break any Ruby
  + 2413 [Dave thomase] No more than (say) the -w flag - if someone wanted the additional
  + 2414 [matz netlab.] It won't work with if/while/while/until modifiers.
    2420 [hgs dmu.ac.u] def thingy
    + 2436 [mrilu ale.cx] I agree that reserving these as keywords would not make the language worse.
    | 2441 [quinn envy.u] Uh, I hate to "me too", but I rather liked Dave's idea of just improving the
    + 2446 [schneiker ju] Well, I put this as, "the ever-helpful Ruby parser could then save you time

^ State of CFV?
2409 [c.hintze gmx] it is late here in Germany/Berlin now, and I think I want to ask a
2416 [thucdat hotm] Keine Ahnung. Aber nun verstehe ich warum Du Dich often um Deinen Englisch
+ 2418 [h.fulton att] Also muessen wir alle auf deutsch sprechen?  :)
+ 2431 [c.hintze gmx] thanks for your nice letters to me. I was very astonished to see your
  2434 [h.fulton att] I didn't think that post went through.

^ String expansion of class variables
2417 [Dave thomase] You can expand global and instance variables in strings without the
2419 [matz netlab.] Thank you.  I applied this patch and committed 2000-04-10.

^ Testing - posting errors
2424 [h.fulton att] This is only a test.

^ Testing - posting errors
2425 [h.fulton att] This is only a test.

^ Re: Returned mail: Host unknown (Name server: host not found)
2426 [thucdat hotm] Dear all,
2427 [matz netlab.] I think somebody made mistake on forwarding (plus misconfigure on