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[ANN: RubySSL project 0.0.1]
22221 [m.rokos@sh c] I've just started with RubySSL (OSSL) - it's bind of OpenSSL to Ruby.

ruby-gtk: freq of mouse events: linux vs win nt
22225 [mrp@cr .c no] i'm using ruby-gtk in a paint-like program.  on a 400MHz linux machine

Segmentation fault with callcc
22242 [Klaus.Spreck] The following program runs in an infinite loop
+ 22243 [decoux@mo lo] a = [1]
+ 22245 [matz@ru y- a] I fixed it September 29.  Fetch the latest snapshot, please.

Less than 4 days now...
22247 [hal9000@hy e] Is everyone ready for the
+ 22252 [ljohnson@re ] You bet. According to recent posts, Britney Spears will be making a special
+ 22254 [ryan@ry nf y] Got my t-shirt and everything! (http://www.parseerror.com/ruby-shirt.jpg)
  + 22255 [hal9000@hy e] Ryan,
  | 22256 [ryan@ry nf y] Yes, I was thinking of the Superman angle also. Shirt #2...
  | 22265 [bobhicks@no ] the superman-pentagon is a cool idea!
  + 22270 [msassak@sp a] What's the deal? Is this a _real_ (as in going to be mass produced) Ruby
    22299 [andy@to ls e] But she won't be wearing the T-shirt (or anything else, for that matter...)
    22300 [feldt@ce ch ] For us who unfortunately won't be able to go to RubyConf does anyone know
    + 22301 [armin@ap ro ] That would be terrific!
    + 22306 [hal9000@hy e] Live webcam *is* a cool idea...
    | + 22307 [rich@in oe h] Will there be a live Internet connection???
    | + 22310 [Dave@Pr gm t] until you find out just how much the hotel charges for a net
    | | 22316 [toddg@ma l. ] Dave -- I'm in Dallas right now working at a video post-production
    | | + 22320 [Dave@Pr gm t] attendee to set up and manage a video camera during the proceedings.
    | | | 22347 [feldt@ce ch ] Hal's got the tripod, Jim a cam, Todd can handle the conversion and I can
    | | | 22351 [toddg@fo bo ] Nope.  VHS, DigiBeta, BetaSP, & 3/4".  Think pro shop.
    | | | + 22352 [avi@be a4 co] The most important thing is going to be audio - are the talks being miked
    | | | + 22354 [jim@fr ez .o] I can easily convert from Hi8 to VHS. However, that does
    | | |   + 22355 [feldt@ce ch ] Latter step: DivX at www.divx.org is one Codec that might do the trick. I
    | | |   | 22357 [toddg@fo bo ] Much as I like the performance of DivX, the problem remains that it has
    | | |   + 22356 [toddg@fo bo ] All I need is a Hi8 cam with relevant outs.  If there's anyone in the D/FW
    | | |     22358 [rich@in oe h] I have a Hi8 Digital camera.  It can record 2 hours per tape (the problem with MiniDV is the tape size <1hr).  I can bring it.  Hi8 Digital is not as high a resolution as MiniDV, but I don't think that will be a major issue ;-)  I also have a Dual G4 Mac I can use to do a decent job of video production (subtitles, credits, etc).  Nice thing is the camera connects to the Mac via 1394 (firewire) so the video stays pure digital.  I unfortunately don't have the Apple Superdrive so I cannot make a DVD, but I can produce QuickTime, Mpeg or AVI (or back to tape).  I can either attempt to produce it, or forward the tapes to Todd for (professional) production.  Either way.  I will bring the camera and a good number of tapes.  Having multiple cameras is not a bad idea BTW...just in case.
    | | |     + 22360 [Dave@Pr gm t] Having been the victim of a wedding video, I'm wondering if we need a
    | | |     | + 22362 [rich@in oe h] OK...I know this is REALLY geeky, but I have realjukebox on my laptop and can record directly to MP3.  Recording at 56kbs is about 49MB/hour (I have 8GB free).  If the conference is mic'ed we can record using line-in.
    | | |     | + 22366 [avi@be a4 co] <g> I've actually had to cut a wedding video that had no audio
    | | |     + 22378 [tobiasreif@p] tape size <1hr).  I can bring it.  [...]
    | | |       22403 [csawtell@pa ] There is absolutely no way I can attend in person, so I'd love a RealAudio
    | | |       22404 [toddg@fo bo ] All your media needs are belong to us.
    | | + 22346 [feldt@ce ch ] I can be the poor bastard... :-)
    | + 22313 [jim@fr ez .o] I will bring my Hi 8 camera if you like.
    + 22341 [Stephan.Kaem] Whatever the type of documentation might be - I'll be glad if there is
    + 22345 [joe@vp p. et] Sorry to hear that you won't be there Robert. I was looking forward to
      22350 [feldt@ce ch ] Yeah, its too bad. I really thought I could make it. Well maybe next

raa2xml.rb: RSS/XML converter
22251 [maki@op n- e] and output it in RSS or XML(original format).

[Newbie] Switching from Perl : suffling
22257 [damien.wyart] Dear All,
+ 22259 [Dave@Pr gm t] How about something like
| + 22261 [damien.wyart] Wow !
| + 22262 [niklas@ka i.] That code in fact results in a slightly biased shuffle. The easiest
| | + 22264 [kero@d4 50 u] This biased one seems to pop up everywhere again and again :)
| | + 22288 [Pierre-Charl] One of my teachers once showed me this method, which I find quite
| |   22290 [nfrykholm@rs] [Pierre-Charles David]
| |   22291 [Pierre-Charl] Yes! How stupid of me...
| + 22268 [Plate@Ps ch ] This is a Fisher-Yates-Shuffle
| | 22317 [damien.wyart] Nice. Thanks !
| | 22318 [dblack@ca dl] s/o/k/g in that last line, I think :-)
| + 22343 [damien.wyart] Sorry for my dumbness, but I find something strange : why are the
|   22349 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ruby leaves the line terminations on when it reads. We specified a
+ 22260 [joe@vp p. et] regards,

Expat, merging subtrees
22263 [tobiasreif@p] the following works with NQXML.

Fuzzy string match upgrade needed
22271 [pplumlee@ce ] The source below my signature compares two strings for a "good enough"
22293 [billk@ct .c ] I like regexps.  Can't help it - I'm addicted.  . . . So, fresh aglow
+ 22294 [billk@ct .c ] Also, with the 'tokenizer' version the following
| 22296 [joel.neely@f] I'm just a wet-behind-the-ears Ruby newbie, but isn't this
| 22298 [decoux@mo lo] No, this is more
| 22401 [phlip_cpp@ya] Da!
+ 22321 [pplumlee@ce ] Perfect, dude! Thanks!
+ 23359 [phlip_cpp@ya] Thanks! Now for a tweak...
  23430 [kjana@dm la ] Tokenizer = /-?\d+(?:\.\d+)?(?:e(?:-)?\d+)?|[a-zA-Z]+|(?:-(?!\d)|[^\d\s-])/
  23437 [pplumlee@ce ] /Muchisimus gracias, senior/

Hi 21/f...Anyone Interested?  7652
22278 [mhpgow@po ev] 21/f Bi-sexual...nude pics on my site if you would like to see more about me check it out, maybe we can meet sometime?

Re: Hi 21/f...Anyone Interested?  3765
22281 [pcbutts1@ya ] A brunette!

iowa & fastcgi
22283 [nigelb@en sb] A little while ago there was talk on this list of iowa & fastcgi. Is anyone
22285 [avi@be a4 co] Michael Neumann's patch is available at

Project proposal page at Wiki? (VTK)
22284 [feldt@ce ch ] If I don't remember incorrectly there is supposed to be a page at the Ruby
+ 22324 [masa@st rs g] I am also very interested in the Ruby interface to VTK,
| 22348 [feldt@ce ch ] Its actually already one out there at
+ 22328 [Dave@Pr gm t] There's http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?WouldntItBeNiceIf

ruby idiom for m/regexp/g (i.e. 'gmatch')
22286 [billk@ct .c ] What might be a common/kewl ruby idiom for Perl's
22289 [matz@ru y- a] String#scan
22292 [billk@ct .c ] Woohoo ! ! ! ! !

What's wrong with these Arrays?
22287 [   jr@eo .d ] I'm working on a script that are supposed to analyse the logfiles from my
+ 22302 [neumann@s- i] tempArray.push(tempVar.dup)
| 22303 [   jr@eo .d ] Bingo! - thanks :)
| 22308 [neumann@s- i] MySQL supports this, but the Mysql-DBD do not (yet).
| 22309 [   jr@eo .d ] Oki. I'll manage without. And in the meen-time I can try to figure out
| 22312 [ana.marques@] _______________________
+ 22304 [Dave@Pr gm t] What happens if you use
  22305 [   jr@eo .d ] It did :)

Possible GC bug?
22295 [xm@bo ot v- ] While trying to find out why my ruby program has memory leaks I found.
22314 [matz@ru y- a] Since Ruby's GC is conservative, some garbage object may survive GC,

22315 [szegedy@or u] The ruby search (namazu) seems not to find any message between 12596 and
22370 [sinara@bl de] I re-build the data base of Namazu.

64-bit Ruby under AIX 4.3
22319 [szegedy@or u] I am trying again to compile 64-bit Ruby under AIX 4.3 using VAC 5.

Problems with net/https :(
22323 [geniusj@bl e] I'm having issues using net/https (https.rb revision 1.5)..  I have the
+ 22368 [aamine@mx ed] This may be the version problem between net/http and https.rb.
+ 22369 [aamine@mx ed] One more point... please send the error message if it does not
| 22379 [geniusj@bl e] There isn't really an error message, it just times out (I have a timeout(30)
+ 22421 [gotoyuzo@no ] Hmm, I guess the first get2 block will fail and the second
  22422 [geniusj@bl e] I'm not sure what you mean..  The first get2 block succeeds while the second
  22444 [gotoyuzo@no ] Sorry.  In last message I want to explain the difference of

blocks with min and max
22325 [ms@ia ta e. ] I don't know if this has been raised before, but I'd like to be able to
+ 22326 [Dave@Pr gm t] Or even the more general case
| 22331 [matz@ru y- a] I think this intrduces another hidden status, which is hard to handle,
| 22333 [Dave@Pr gm t] If a collection has specific collation rules, then keeping it with the
| 22365 [matz@ru y- a] Hmm, trade off.  How about using singleton method?
| 22367 [Dave@Pr gm t] I went down that route too, but isn't the comparison between the
| 22371 [matz@ru y- a] You're right.  Hmm.
+ 22329 [matz@ru y- a] Enumerable#min and #max already work like the former, i.e.
  + 22334 [ms@ia ta e. ] To belabor the point a little, by 'attribute' I don't necessarily mean
  + 22340 [matju@sy pa ] Then how would this translate to the latter way?
    22342 [niklas@ka i.] largest = collection.max {|obj| [obj.foo, obj.bar]}
    22344 [matju@sy pa ] Good. By the way, when will Array include Comparable ?
    22363 [matz@ru y- a] They won't.  Arrays are not comparable in general.  They are
    22372 [matju@sy pa ] When will you remove Array#<=> then?
    22373 [matz@ru y- a] I won't remove it.  This is the best useful compromise.

include vs. extend
22327 [pbrannan@at ] The recent talk about mixins recently has made me curious.  I have a
22330 [matz@ru y- a] Choose the former, it's the best.
22332 [pbrannan@at ] N = 1000000
+ 22338 [matt@li ke .] You didn't claim that the difference in speed is important, but I'll
+ 22374 [matz@ru y- a] I don't know.  If I'm right include and extend create same structures,
  22382 [rich@in oe h] I do not understand the internals of Ruby, I'm going of intuition...
  22384 [decoux@mo lo] yes,

64 bit Ruby successfully compiled under AIX 4.3
22335 [szegedy@or u] It turned out that the strange errors occured at the compilation of Ruby

22336 [qute@im ge d] I need to be able to specify an useragent when I use net::http.
22337 [jjthrash@po ] http = Net::HTTP.new(host, port)

Odd SyntaxError - using 1.7.1
22339 [bobgus@mc .c] I am trying to use gemfinder-1.9.6 with the current cvs version of Ruby
+ 22353 [jweirich@on ] I've not tried the 1.7.1 series yet.
| 22359 [bobgus@mc .c] I'm pretty sure that the SyntaxError is due to a change in parse.y from
+ 22364 [matz@ru y- a] Sorry, I will fix this soon.

Windows Profiling
22361 [eli.green@co] Greetings.

Question on 'if' expression
22376 [robert_linde] The following was done on Windows 2000, Ruby 1.6.4
22377 [matz@ru y- a] Yes. it's legal.

native threading...
22380 [anany@ec .v ] I was just wondering when we were likely to see native threading for
22386 [matz@ru y- a] It's almost impossible for the current implementation (due to

Bug in ruby-mode.el: More than one class in a file
22381 [kamphausen@n] Dear Ruby-community,
+ 22387 [matz@ru y- a] Hmm, it runs fine on emacs 20.7.  XEmacs bug?
| 22388 [kamphausen@n] Sorry,
| + 22396 [kero@d4 50 u] Reproducable in emacs 20.7.2 (progeny linux).
| + 22434 [kamphausen@n] I just fiddled around with the ruby-imenu-create-index defun in
+ 22428 [edsin@sw s. ] I have looked at it and it appears to be a little bug there - if class
  22452 [matz@ru y- a] Thank you!

how do you capture a command executio error like "command not fou nd"
22383 [cbroult@sa i] ...
22397 [Dave@Pr gm t] If you don't mind being system-dependent, you can just use

Re: [Newbie] Switching from Perl : shuffling
22385 [damien.wyart] When testing with small files, I notice that there is "nil" displayed

Rite time?
22389 [rich@in oe h] What is the timeframe (roughly) of Rite?
22392 [matz@ru y- a] "Future". ;-)
+ 22395 [info@mj is d] is there a timeframe for Ruby 1.8??
+ 22399 [toddg@fo bo ] Would it help if we left and came back later?
  22417 [matz@ru y- a] The two biggest jobs that keep me busy are

22398 [logross@sc o] Is there a digest version and, if so, how do I subscribe?
22418 [matz@ru y- a] The list server has digest (bundled) mode, send a message to
22419 [msassak@sp a] I'd be more than willing to... what format / style do you want?
+ 22420 [gnhurst@hu s] I'm sorry. I originally volunteered for the list summary, but am no longer
+ 22430 [henning@ik o] Python community has a really nice leight-weight weekly summary of
+ 22431 [henning@ik o] (sorry this was the intended formatting)

Is there something like a functor in Ruby
22402 [Stephan.Kaem] I'm writing some numerical routines like the bisection method to find a

list comprehensions alike Python ???
22405 [info@mj is d] a few days ago, I bought the "Python 2.1 Bible"
+ 22406 [avi@be a4 co] a = (1..10).map{|x| x*x}
+ 22407 [feldt@ce ch ] $ irb
  + 22408 [info@mj is d] thanks. very short :-)
  + 22411 [paul@Ac iv S] [0, 4, 16, 36, 64]
    + 22412 [avi@be a4 co] arr = (0..10).collect{|x| x*x}.select{|x| x.even?}
    | + 22414 [avi@be a4 co] Oops... I was assuming the existence of even?.  Oh, well.  x %2 == 0 then.
    | + 22415 [avi@be a4 co] And I got the select and collect backwards... don't mind me. ;-)
    + 22413 [feldt@ce ch ] irb(main):001:0> (0...10).select{|v| v%2==0}.map{|v| v*v}
    | 22427 [neumann@s- i] irb(main):001:0> a=[]; 0.step(10,2) {|i| a<<i*i}; a
    + 22416 [ms@ia ta e. ] A couple of ways spring to mind.
    + 22423 [ballabio@ma ] How about
      + 22424 [gnhurst@hu s] irb(main):006:0> l=[]; (1..5).each{|x| (1..5).each{|y| l<<[x,y] if x+y<5}}
      | + 22425 [feldt@ce ch ] Might it be useful with Range#*?
      | + 22439 [vjoel@PA H. ] require 'enum/op'
      + 22429 [pixel@ma dr ] haskell could be
        + 22435 [neumann@s- i] Haskell even has infinite or circular data-structures.
        | 22436 [pdcawley@bo ] Ghod. Thought for a moment you said 'infinite circular data
        | 22448 [neumann@s- i] Ok, but a circular data-structure is somehow "infinite".
        + 22440 [vjoel@PA H. ] Using the standard "inject" (see pickaxe, for example), you can do the

DNS Lookups - returning more than one A record
22410 [johnston@me ] I'm trying to write a bit of code that checks to ensure that the contents

Digest in 1.7.1
22426 [feldt@ce ch ] I see that SHA1 has made it into 1.7.1 in Digest::SHA1 and MD5 has moved

OSSL opinion
22432 [rokosm@kl ka] I'd like to ask if anybody had seen my Ruby-OpenSSL project (OSSL)?
22433 [feldt@ce ch ] Just did. I'm not very familiar with SSL but been looking for a good
22441 [ser@ge ma e-] I totally agree, although I'm straying from the original topic.  This is
+ 22445 [feldt@ce ch ] Ehrm, my brain doing some rehashes of its fading memories...  ;-)
| + 22446 [toddg@fo bo ] Wherein an on-line discussion, a person who posts a long screed on Greek
| | + 22447 [pdcawley@bo ] Nope, I think you nailed it.
| | + 22453 [feldt@ce ch ] After some sleep I feel much better now thank you. :-)
| |   22474 [toddg@li ux ] I didn't think your post was out-of-line at all.  And please forgive me if
| + 22462 [joel.neely@f] <ROTFL>
| + 22475 [ser@ge ma e-] Oh, yeaaaah.  Man, it's been a long time since I've seen that.  Now I know
|   22554 [nfrykholm@rs] I agree, it is horrible, but in all fairness you probably end up with
|   + 22555 [feldt@ce ch ] Out of interest could you elaborate on what the things noted below
|   | 22558 [nfrykholm@rs] The idea is that Java specifies an API that is independant of the
|   | 22561 [feldt@ce ch ] Thanks, very clear.
|   + 22566 [rich@in oe h] I agree about plugable cryptographic service providers!
|   | + 22571 [ ser@ef .o g] This would be better, although even Crypto.new "Blowfish" would be good,
|   | + 22573 [feldt@ce ch ] In line with Nat's recent post this is unnecessary. From what I understand
|   |   22579 [nat.pryce@b1] It gets more complex than that with crypto.  Not only do applications have
|   |   22583 [feldt@ce ch ] Ok, I sort of had a feeling I was venturing out on unknown water... ;-)
|   + 22570 [ ser@ef .o g] Yeah, I know... I had to use an explicit factory in REXML.  What I really
|     22572 [nat.pryce@b1] In Ruby, a class *is* a factory, because it is an object.  As long as you
+ 22449 [tobiasreif@p] I was doing the port of the Electric XML Java
  22450 [tobiasreif@p] I'll try it out.

22437 [list@ch om t] The macros to access ri output from within emacs load it into a new

[ANN] Lapidary 0.2.1
22438 [ntalbott@ro ] Lapidary is a unit testing framework for the Ruby programming language.
22477 [matt@li ke .] Using Lapidary, is there an easy way for teardown() methods to know if
22589 [ntalbott@ro ] It's easy to add for yourself (beware; untested code ahead)...